EU Is Not Saved–And More Police Brutality Against OWS In US

The riot in Oakland has reverberations.  The police have probably brain damaged an Iraqi war vet and this reminds me so much of how Israeli Jews take care of anyone protesting apartheid policies: they brutalize and even kill demonstrators after provoking a riot by attacking them, usually, at night.  The scheme for clearing out demonstrators at night is now failing since Occupy Wall Street’s denizens are hip to these plans and are now actively resisting this.

Thus, the need to kill someone.  The aim is to create sufficient fear, they won’t demonstrate anymore and then the status quo can roll merrily onwards, unstoppable.  This gives the illusion that people think the status quo is OK.  This implies consent.  If consent is gained via brute force, this doesn’t matter so long as the media cooperates and covers up the brute force or blames the victims for causing it by existing or not moving fast enough when ordered about.

Olbermann Calls On Mayor Of Oakland To Fire Police Chief Or Resign! – YouTube

Oakland Protests – live coverage of The Shooting As Police fired upon unarmed American citizens. !! – YouTube

Occupy Oakland: Iraq war veteran in critical condition after police clashes:  The shooting of tear gas canisters straight at demonstrators came out of Israel.  They discovered this works great as a weapon if the big canister hits demonstrators in the face.  So, in Oakland, they aped this process.  People have died in Israel and the West Bank when the IDF shot straight into people’s faces or chests!  Everyone knows this is fatal just like we know that tasers kill hundreds of people across the planet every decade.


These things, the tasers and tear gas, were designed to not kill.  They, supposedly, were to subdue or disperse people.  Instead, they are used to kill.  And when the police and authorities notice these things kill, they don’t stop, they just merrily continue to kill people while claiming, they don’t want to kill people.  The police who shot deliberately the demonstrators in the face should, like the cop who maced those unresisting young women in the face, be arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


The Occupy Wall Street citizens are angry about the attempted murder of a peaceful demonstrator in Oakland so we are now seeing NYC protesters march to support Oakland brethren.  Far from being intimidated, our mainly youthful protestors are all fired up.  They know they are in the right and they know that what they are doing is necessary and I say, bravo to them!  They give me hope that people won’t just lie down and die so as the super-rich can be richer.


It is absolutely no surprise to me to see that the #1 issue bothering many demonstrators are actually two very connected issues: the need for an expensive education to get a job and the lack of jobs which are connected to trying to pay off the loans when you finally get a job, maybe!  But in general, You will never pay off college.  Instead of bailing out the bankers, we should bail our our children!  I want this!  What parents don’t want this???  When I went to school, it was cheap!  Now, it is hideously expensive.


I was against saving homeowners who dumped a trillion in debt on their homes by refinancing their debts, using their dwellings as ATM money making schemes.  I thought that was extremely stupid when they did this and it remains stupid.  It should have never been done in the first place.  But our children need to go to school.  They have to have this service.  I am for taxes paying for schools because this improves our nation, makes our communities stronger, etc.  Whereas, the refinancing of debt to take advantage of a rise in value in one’s home was all about speculation and irresponsible finances.


Many parents took out more debt to pay for their kid’s college education.  That would have been totally unnecessary if we had the sort of financing for colleges we had when I was in college.  So, reforming how we run our education system is very important.  The ‘for profit’ schools have sucked up more than 50% of college financing loans and these are often total scams and that should be eliminated entirely.  Our colleges AND our trade schools should all be run by the taxpayers.


Then there is Europe, the EU is the world’s #1 economic ‘nation’ but isn’t a nation, it is a loose confederation of often hostile states.  The US is a collection of states, too, and they are often extremely hostile but so far, speak pretty much the same language (though the integration of legal and illegal aliens is collapsing as the US encourages people to hang onto their previous language!).  The US has a national government, of sorts.  Although it has been hijacked by ethnic groups and has ceased operating very much on behalf of the citizens.  And the rich hijacked it, big time.  And are internationalists, not nationalists.


The EU has plunged off the economic debt cliff and now is fixing this via cutting back on nearly everything and forcing everyone to cut back as much as possible so of course, their economic system is collapsing.  This is the problem with all debt bubbles: they cannot expand forever so when they collapse, they do this very suddenly and viciously.  The negotiations to fix Greece have been semi-successful so Banks lead strong gains on resurgent FTSE 100 after EU leaders agree haircut for Greece after marathon summit but this celebration was totally premature as Europe’s grand rescue plan hits snag in bank talks for the simple reason, the bankers didn’t want to take a 50% haircut.


European leaders appeared unable to bring together all the parts of their promised grand plan to contain the debt crisis on Wednesday night, despite progress on key elements, as they struggled to persuade banks to agree to bigger losses on Greek debt.


So they came up with a solution of sorts:  Analysis: Euro zone debt deal tackles symptoms not cause


Banks agreed in principle to a 50 percent reduction in the face value of their Greek bonds and leaders said they intended to increase the firepower of their financial rescue fund to 1 trillion euros ($1.4 trillion).


But nearly 35 percent of Greek bonds is in the hands of public institutions such as the European Central Bank (ECB) and is not subject to the mooted writedown. As a result, Greece’s debt would still be an eye-watering 120 percent of gross domestic product in 2020 — exactly the level of late 2009.


So, most of the bonds won’t change at all.  And the Greeks know what is happening next so they are Sending their savings to Switzerland!  Wealthy Greeks stashed 200 billion euros in Switzerland and the little people are stashing their money under the bed or buying gold in preparation for fleeing Greece.  Just like in the stock market crash/currency crisis of the Great Depression, people flee their home states.  Inside the US, people fled places like Oklahoma for California.  States tried desperately to stop citizens from entering and the system nearly collapsed here.


In Europe, during the Great Depression, the question was, who to loot?  And the answer was, ‘Jewish minorities’.  Then, ‘every neighbor.’  This led to WWII.  WWII was a massive looting operation.  People were enslaved and worked to death by the victors in various battles and it ended with nearly all of Europe and Asia a smoldering ruin.  The US entered WWII as the only solvent, sovereign wealth nation!  Think about this for a minute. All the military empires that went on looting expeditions were defeated by the sovereign wealth power.  Which today, happens to be China, not the US nor EU.  NATO is broken.


Here is a hilarious story that was written by a reporter who has no idea how economics work (not that many people seem able to see the obvious, either!):  EU banks to hike capital buffers by June


By the end of June, the banks will need to have a 9 percent core tier 1 capital ratio — which measures how much good capital a bank holds compared with its risky investments.  The bank recapitalization is an important first step in the grand plan Europe needs to pull the continent back from the brink and prevent another global recession.


The Libya looting expedition will not produce enough loot to save the EU banks.  True, they did confiscate at least $25-30 billion Libyan wealth accounts.  Maybe, $100 billion.  But this is a far cry from the $1.4 trillion needed to bail out the EU.  Even looting Iran won’t give enough.  Looting Saudi Arabia will bring in another $350 billion but that isn’t enough.  The need for loot is like an itch to the military.  They tempt the rulers to use that solution to this trouble.


The EU banks need ‘core tier 1 capital’ which is a very funny thing since there is a huge, immense debate over ‘what is capital’ which as raged for um…about since a book called ‘Das Kapital‘ appeared 150 years ago!  Defining ‘capital’ has been a messy, messy business.  Much of what passes for ‘capital’ has turned into ‘debt instruments’ and of course, stocks.  And then there is FOREX accounts that hold raw ‘money’.  Money, by the way, is another financial thing that is hotly debated.  Right now, all it is ‘pieces of paper and or numbers on a computer somewhere’ and has only a tenuous connection with reality which is why it threatens constantly to fly to infinity and then collapse to zero.


(Tier 1 capital) is composed of core capital,[1] which consists primarily of common stock and disclosed reserves (or retained earnings),[2] but may also include non-redeemable non-cumulative preferred stock. The Basel Committee also observed that banks have used innovative instruments over the years to generate Tier 1 capital; these are subject to stringent conditions and are limited to a maximum of 15% of total Tier 1 capital…


Each country’s banking regulator, however, has some discretion over how differing financial instruments may count in a capital calculation. This is appropriate, as the legal framework varies in different legal systems…


…In Basel I agreement, Tier 1 capital is a minimum of 4% ownership equity but investors generally require a ratio of 10%. Tier 1 capital should be greater than 50% of the minimum requirement.


HAHAHA…so, instead of imposing the Basel I accords, they are making this WEAKER, not stronger.  So banks only have to hold 9% tier 1 capital rather than 10% tier 1 capital!  Not only that, do note that at least 15% of this ‘capital’ is actually ‘innovative instruments’ which is gnome-speak for ‘crappy derivative games that have no basis in any sane reality’.  That is, it is worthless as ‘capital’ because it has no value aside from the gnome community’s need to cover up the fact that they outsourced much of their real capital to China!


And what is ‘capital’?  Karl Marx had this brainstorm: it is LABOR when added to COMMODITY MATERIALS and then advanced via cooperative actions into producing GOODS that can then be sold in markets or sustain societies.  It is not stocks, it isn’t bonds, it isn’t printed paper money and above all, it is not gold.  It is labor added to materials. Kill off labor and you have no capital.  All the gold in Midas’ coffers couldn’t buy him a drink of water because it turned to gold.  That is, eliminate labor from capital accumulation via cutting wages and accumulating all wealth at the top and voila: capital vanishes.


Right now, the top 1% put their capital to work in Asia, mainly, China.  The Germans managed to keep their capital at home and they did this by protecting their manufacturing base.  Both nations, China and Germany, are the chief capitalist nations on earth.  The rest of the EU, the UK and above all, the US are all debtor nations with no capital or their capital is dwarfed by their debts as is the case in the US.


People really think this whole thing is now over.  It isn’t over for the simple reason, the EU can loot Germany’s capital base but they can’t look China’s capital base.  Even so, European Debt Deal: Markets Rally Because It Could Have Been Worse.  The ‘worse’ part will get worse because all countries are now frantically cutting public and private debt as fast as possible.  They must do this to create ‘capital’ since the game of using debt as capital has collapsed.   Neither Germany nor China are holding toxic levels of debt capital.  They hold industrial/manufacturing capital which can be systematically destroyed by the EU and US via currency collapse and defaulting on debts.


Here is the gnome, Peter Schiff and an audience of fools laughing about how the US cannot pay back China (or OPEC or EU) so we may as well default on our debts and isn’t this hilarious?

HAHAHA…right!  The Chinese 50 Year plan is for exactly this: the US drown in debt to China.  When this goes into default various things will inevitably  happen.  The US dollars in Chinese FOREX accounts will flood the planet killing EVERYONE’S banking systems, totally and completely.  Dead as doornails.  All FOREX accounts will nearly zero out except for those holding…hang onto your panties: yuan!  China will be the Currency for everyone to hold, not US dollars.


Then, our 1,00o foreign bases will be trying to pay the locals for food and the right to exist with dead dollars.  They will demand yuan.  All our bases will be evacuated or like in ancient Rome or the collapse of various other empires, the poor soldiers will have to find their own way home or become citizens of wherever they are stuck.  They won’t be able to fly home, will they, if their money is worthless?   All traders and travelers will be stuck, too.  The top 1% will be Chinese servants unless they hold yuan which I bet, they will.


Everything at home will collapse.  Millions of Americans will die.  This will be immensely ugly.  We can’t choose to default only to China.  Money doesn’t work this way!  Why was it so hard for Europe to agree in this bail out?  Because if just ONE person says no, everything goes into default.  This is why Democrats offer to cut $3tn off deficit.  This is to impress the Chinese, not the Tea Party.


The US may wish China refuses our default.  But what if China FORCES a default?  Japan, teetering on the edge of total destruction, will cease to exist as an economy.  They will rush to China and beg to be embraced.  They will end up with nothing, nothing but radioactive dust, if they don’t run to China.  Already, they are thinking about doing this, anyways.


The EU bail out is going to fail because Greece and the others don’t want to change.  They had it ridiculously easy so far:  Italian MPs in fist-fight over pensions – Telegraph


Mr Bossi has objected to plans to reform Italy’s generous pension system, crippling the government’s attempts to convince the EU that it is serious about embarking on serious structural reforms to kickstart the moribund economy.


In a television interview, Mr Fini claimed that Mr Bossi’s opposition to a pensions overhaul was linked to the fact that his wife had retired on a generous state pension at the age of 39 from her job as a teacher.  Italy’s complex and outdated pensions system allows some state employees to retire unusually early.


Italy and the other warm states had this easy retirement policy which is bankrupting them.  This isn’t mere socialism, this is parasitism.  In the US, the right wing hates ‘parasites’ and yet, makes it nearly impossible for poor women to access birth control or get abortions.  This insane urge to force pregnancies and then whine about women needing social support afterwards is characteristic of the US right wing which has very little connection with reality.




State systems are easy to loot as we see  here:  10 Are Arrested in a $1 Billion L.I.R.R. Disability Scheme


The Times articles reported that virtually every career employee of the railroad was applying for and receiving disability payments, giving the Long Island Rail Road a disability rate of three to four times that of the average railroad. The Times found that retired railroad employees who had successfully claimed disability were regularly playing golf at a state-owned course without charge — another perquisite of their disability….Another defendant, an office worker for the railroad, who also collects more than $100,000 a year in pension and disability payments and complained of significant neck, shoulder, hand and leg pain when standing for more than five minutes, was seen under surveillance shoveling heavy snow and walking with a stroller for a long period of time, the person said.


And a third person, who receives more than $75,000 in payments annually and claimed to be suffering from severe and disabling back pain, went on a 400-mile bike tour around New York State, the person said.  The defendants face a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted.


The Times kindly published my reply to this story:  176.

Elaine Meinel Supkis
Berlin, N.Y.
October 27th, 2011
10:18 am

Dear NYT: my husband was disabled severely at work, he worked for the State of NY. I had to stop working to take care of him. He is mobile and can even pick up objects but is brain damaged, pretty badly. So, he is prematurely retired, gets SS disability and…we are poor! I have to go off into the woods to cut down trees for firewood because I can’t afford to heat our house.

This summer, while doing this (I am 62 years old) I injured my foot which now has to be operated on this month. We don’t have to dive into dumpsters for food…yet. But our income is now below the poverty line due to our pension not pegged to the real inflation.

The RR workers have a much nicer disability plan than state workers and I envy them. I wish we had just $30,000 a year! That would be twice what we have now!













Yes, I found out that I have to go under the knife in November due to a serious injury that has pretty much crippled me.  This is going to be rather hard since I take care of my husband, his family and my ex-husband.  I shovel and snow plow everyone’s snow all winter long and provide them with firewood or take them to the doctors.  I clean houses for them, fix houses and do other chores, shopping, whatever.  And soon I can’t do this.  And we are not rich.  Not anywhere near rich.  Not even middle class.  We do own property due to my hard labor in the past and a refusal to go into debt as much as humanly possible.


No vacations, no fun stuff, no goofing off for me, it was all work, work, work and now, we struggle with inflation which is a silent thief.  All income systems run by our government are indexed to inflation which is why inflation statistics were deliberately rigged to hide real inflation.  I don’t buy flat screen TVs.  I buy food and fuel.  I can’t buy even a cheap flat screen TV.  So its price is utterly immaterial to me.


But fuel!  Big time!  Same with food.  I usually grow some of my own food but being crippled this summer prevented even this though I do limp around with a chainsaw, trying to make firewood.  It is going to snow today and I have less than half of what I need this winter.  And this is harsh reality:  many readers here are under great stress for exactly the same reasons!  We are all in this disaster, together!


Just as rich people in Greece are putting their wealth in Switzerland, all the 1% guys are doing the same thing: hiding their wealth in various ways.  While leaving the rest of us to drown.  They don’t care if the US defaults!  They have alternative plans!  But the rest of us should not be laughing, no, not at all.  Ask any Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.  I don’t see them laughing.

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20 responses to “EU Is Not Saved–And More Police Brutality Against OWS In US

  1. Andrew Rakich

    Agree with most of what you say here. For me the generational rip-off feels particularly profound. I’d left school in NZ aged 14 to explore alternative horizons, and went back aged 19, picking up again at 15 year old level by correspondence school, and carrying on right through to PhD. Now if I’d stayed in the system I would have completed my basic degree for free, fully subsidized by the Govt., but as I started 4-5 years late I was just in time to be among the first NZ kids who had to pay for their basic degree (had Departmental scholarships paying for my M.Sc. and Ph.D.).

    Now all these baby-boomer kids who had things pretty good all of their lives, when in political power and feeling the ecomomic pinch, seemed to be willing to screw their own and other’s kids (and parents) so they wouldn’t have to pay so much themselves to keep basic services running. In NZ, not a single person who voted to inflict fees on university stuedents in the late 80’s/early 90’s, had had to pay such fees themselves.

    Bloody Hypocrites.

  2. adamm

    Dear Hypocrites,

    And dogs in the mangers et al. Welcome to the jungle of wild predatory so called capitalism. But do not worry, the law of karma and the universal law of yin and yang will trump over all manmade hallucinations.

    Just as the earth does not circle the sun in a big ellipse….the ancients knew this… but progresses thru space following the sun’s path at 240km/s:

    So all flat earth thinkers, open your minds to alternatives to the current system of ponzi bankster political economy. And solutions via warfare.
    Or magical thinking…..

  3. Wow, so much happening so fast. Eric Cartman would be proud of the thug police beating up the hippies in NYC. Will NYC be the 1st Metro area to burn? Or will Detroit? Flip a coin and see which one comes up….

    Maybe both at the same time?

  4. Sorry to hear about your health issues/economic issues, Elaine. I’ve been telling close friends to expect to see conditions get as bad or worse as our grandparents saw during the Great Depression.

    Personally, I don’t like to tell people how bad I believe it will get because I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news.

  5. floridasandy

    our children don’t need to go to school. they would be better off being entrepreneurs. here are some billionaires who never graduated high school-

    richard branson
    carl lindner, jr
    francois pinault
    kirk kerkorian
    amancio ortega

    and we have heard the names of many college drop outs who became very successful.

    the government wants more people to graduate school in debt because it gives them more control. you see how passive the liberals are now about the wars and how obama can do ANYTHING because they want those government checks.

    it is totally logical that successful people don’t need the government- therefore the government discourages success. why do you think the government is bringing in so many illiterate foreigners right now?

  6. MikeM

    Wowza! Very few understand the tight bonding/brotherhood U.S. Marines exemplify. I’ve just spent a couple of hours reading of some U.S. Marine reactions that the Occupy Oakland fiasco has unleashed.

    I’m going to leave my opinion out of this post, but I will recommend that this aspect of the Occupy Movement be watched carefully, as it could be a game-changer..

  7. Paul S

    Maybe a little off topic here but I’d like to comment on it. The WHOLE business of student loans. One thing has been overlooked it seems. State Land Grant Universities have for a long time gotten taxpayer subsidies. And somewhere along the line the whole purpose of this subsidy was lost. A logical thinker would assume that because these Land Grant Universities were being subsidized, they could ALWAYS provide an affordable education. After all, the #1 reason for taxpayer support for Universities was the notion that a college education provided a general good. That concept was quickly thrown out. Instead, what college students have gotten were–year after year after year–above inflation level tuition/fees increases. Where was/is the accountability? Our honorable politicians decided to take the money from University lobbyists and to hell with the original intent of taxpayer support for Lanfd Grant Universities. I suggest that Universities must be FORCED to justify their existence. If the only thing they can produce is graduates with heavy student loans and poor job prospects, quite obviously this should change. If I were in charge, I would remove funding for Universities and put it into more useful skill acquisition with a focus on employability. A healthy economy is good for everyone. An economy where huge numbers of graduates have to move back home and work low-paying jobs SHOULD be unacceptable to everyone–except the University fat cats sponging off the taxpayer.

  8. Urban Roman

    Oakland will be the first metro area to burn. California has always been ahead of the rest of the US, even though it is in the late time zone.

    We have lots of warm weather in Texas. Of course, the Zetas will be running the place in a couple years. I’m trying to lobby for a doomstead plan, but the SO won’t listen to me.

    (I’d come and help you cut firewood, but I’m as old as you are. You need somebody young. How many kids did you say you have? Recruit some of them.)

  9. Urban Roman

    And, I have a question for the world.

    Where is Jerry Brown in all this stuff? Wasn’t he all anti-war and solar-power and clean green hippy machine back in the ’60s? Why haven’t we heard from him?

    (apologies for sounding like a talk radio bobble-head, but somebody has to ask)

  10. Urban Roman

    Just watched your video.

    If you throw enough dimensions into that tensor, the entire universe reduces to a point in universe-space. I think the grand-unifiers have it pegged at 25 or 26 dimensions, but why stop there? Hilbert space FTW!

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t bump into any of the other points in universe-space 🙂

    (OK I’m going to stop drinking now and go to bed)

  11. Fla Candy:

    ‘why do you think the government is bringing in so many illiterate foreigners right now?’

    the govt is owned by the billionaires..
    if they didnt want wetbacks would not be happening
    The rich need govt….they own it

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  13. Pingback: Will The Rating Agencies Write Down Sovereign Ratings …. As A Result Of The EU Leaders Plan To Write Down Greek Debt And Leverage The EFSF? … The Seigniorage Of Diktat Commenced Today, October 27, 2011 « EconomicReview Journal

  14. Regional economic government is rising to replace sovereign nation states as sovereign authority.

    Traditionally sovereign nation states have effected seigniorage by issuing sovereign debt and this has expanded both the economy and investments. But with the EU leaders Crisis Plan and use Force Majeure to write down debts they are effecting a Eurozone wide political, economic, and financial coup. In as much as news reports relate that they are pleased with the efforts of the Italian President in beginning to press for structural reforms, pension overhaul and austerity measures, the leaders are now sovereign in Europe: sovereign authority is now in the hands of the EU leaders.

    The evidence is clear, cogent and convincing, that the EU leaders are now the sovereign authority. Bloomberg reports Prime Minister George Papandreou urged Greeks to support his efforts to revamp the economy after euro area leaders hammered out a new bailout package for the country and imposed deeper losses on bondholders. Read and weep, a new bailout package and deeper losses on bondholders, means the EU leaders are now the ruling authority in the EU.

    Leaders issuing diktat has replaced central banks issuing treasury bonds. The financial markets gave their faith to the leaders authority by rising strongly. The markets gave allegiance to the leaders. The seigniorage of diktat commenced on October 27, 2011 as the financial markets accepted the EU leaders plan for resolution of the European sovereign debt crisis, and the write down of Greek bonds by fifty percent, and as Prime Minister George Papandreou urged Greeks to support his efforts to revamp the economy.

    The European Leaders spoke, and a catastrophe was averted but not avoided. Sovereign Armageddon, a credit bust and global financial collapse, is now in abeyance, it cannot be avoided. Sovereign default is coming. The Leader’s decree took a bite out of credit default swaps today. Mike Mish Shedlock writes As a result of labeling 50% haircuts “voluntary”, Credit Default Swap contracts have proven to be useless when it comes to protecting against sovereign default. The serious implication is investors will need to find another way to hedge; Derivatives King Always Win.

    Neoliberalism was characterized by wildcat finance, a Doug Nolan term. But, Neoauthoritarianism is characterized by wildcat governance, as The Telegraph reports Italian MPs In Fist Fight Over pensions. Mr Bossi has objected to plans to reform Italy’s generous pension system, crippling the government’s attempts to convince the EU that it is serious about embarking on serious structural reforms to kickstart the moribund economy. In a television interview, Mr Fini claimed that Mr Bossi’s opposition to a pensions overhaul was linked to the fact that his wife had retired on a generous state pension at the age of 39 from her job as a teacher. Italy’s complex and outdated pensions system allows some state employees to retire unusually early.

    Despite the statement of leaders, the Greece has lost debt sovereignty. And its debt is not sustainable. The Greek people receive seigniorage aid from the Troika. The fiscal spending resource of the Greeks does not come from debt, but rather the sovereigns of the Troika. Because those in the EU, live in a currency union, and the leaders have sovereign authority with a plan and authority over debt, the debts of one nation are now the debts of all nations. All one one, living in debt servitude to the sovereign leaders.

  15. JimmyJ

    The flooding in Thailand especially around Bangkok has shut the worldwide computer hard drive manufacturing industry down completely. Prices of hard drives have doubled over the past month and stock is quickly evaporating. Luckily I bought one right before the price rise.

    The flooding demonstrates quite nicely how capital works. These items of extremely complicated high tech equipment still require cheap labour to assemble. So the facilities are all clustered here in Thailand and no where else at all, leading to this unimaginable situation of null worldwide supply.

    Flood damage has virtually destroyed the facilities, so price increases and lack of supply is likely to extend for many months. This will bring computer manufacturing to a virtual dead stop except where flash (Solid State Drives) drives can replace mechanical ones. In that case computer prices will increase as well since SSDs are smaller and much more expensive than rotating drives. If you are wondering what devices SSDs are in, think, Macbook Air, iPad, iPod and smartphones. Not cheap, certainly.

    On another note, I am sad to hear how desperate things are becoming for your family Elaine. I hope your foot injury is repaired and that you heal well. I suffer from a disability myself and it’s been a humbling experience having to adjust expectations along the way, especially when I’ve been living rough.

  16. DeVaul

    Thanks for that info on Thailand. I was amazed it has not been in the news for weeks now. My wife is from Thailand and her family lives in Bangkok.

    At night, the men get up as soon as it starts raining and march to the dykes and start digging. The monks join them and dig alongside them. The fishermen take their boats out into the river and point them upstream and then turn on the motors to try and propel the water downstream and out to sea. They are desperate.

    There are 9 million people in Bangkok, and I believe it is below sea level like New Orleans was. If the dykes fail, it will be a disaster. Everyone outside the city has lost everything as the water is directed towards them. The trees and forests that would have soaked up all the water from the plains were clearcut and now there is nothing to stop the water from reaching the city during heavy rains in the northern mountains and on the plains above the city. That is why they have the dykes now.

    My wife called her family. She said the people “fleeing” the city are actually people trying to save their cars by moving them to high ground and that there is already water inside the city.

  17. Did you say Greece?

    “The EU bail out is going to fail because Greece and the others don’t want to change”

    Well, I guess the black propaganda succeeded its objectives. With their “hero to zero in sixty seconds” scheme, global corporate media play their story: Global Crisis? Blame the Greeks! Global Collapse? Blame the Greeks! The EU leverages the 140 billion euro to 1 trillion euro, then to 5 trillion, using the German pension funds as collateral and then give everything to the banks as a gift? A nice deal: the banks first lose 100 million of Greek debt, then gain 5 trillion and everybody blames the Greeks!

    We seem to forget that the instigators of this story are our good friends, the IMF, the ECB, the Germans and their European Commission sidekicks ,aka the Troika (Sounds like a Russian mafia organization name and this is not far from the truth, believe me).

    It all begun with a series of articles on Focus, Der Spiegel and Süddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. After that, every German media suddenly reported the Greeks are lazy thieves, who live luxuriously “beyond their means”, at the expense of the German people.

    Remember who played a similar story in the past? Our good friend Adolf Hitler. The target was different back then, the Poles, Slavs, homosexuals and Jews. He introduced this game of collective guilt and demanded justified retribution. Now his successors in the 21st Century state that all Greeks are responsible for the (quite sudden) collapse of their economy and the threat this poses on everybody.

    The French played the hand that the Greeks should never have entered the Eurozone in the first place, for they are the only ones that falsified their fiscal data to qualify for admision. First of all, are the Greeks the only ones? No, nearly everybody did this and EU knows it. Secondly, who aided the former PM Simitis, whose brother was a big shot in the German economics academia, to falsify the data? It was Goldman Sachs, who received around 20 billion euro as a reward and later invested on CDS’ against Greece. Thirdly, did you see any investigation being done about this? No. Either, it never happened or the EU covers up the fact that the plan was conceived to create markets for the German products, by lending the deficit nations of the European periphery at ZIRP rates, to buy like crazy. Then, when they got hooked to debt, the banks immediately changed the interest rate to, let’s say, 6% and at the same time betting on CDS’ for the demise of their beloved customer’s economy.

    Finally, who falsified the data that led Greece to show higher debt ratio and force it to sign the Memorandum, forfeiting national sovereignty? Eurostat did: it’s German director, Greek minister Papakonstantinou (former employee of OECD) and Helstat director Ioannou (employeed by Goldman Sachs, while in office)!

    It also doesn’t matter that Germany plays Fuhrer at the expense of the Greek people, to whom it still owes at least 1.5 trillion euro as compensation for the War. This is the least they could do for the 1,000,000 dead caused by the German Occupation, for the Greek Jews died in the German concentration camps, or for the money and national wealth it stole from them 60 years ago and never returned it. So instead of having Germany owing money to Greeks, everyone in the corporate media world says it’s the opposite: Greeks owe money to the Germans for submarines that are not seaworthy, for a C4I system for the Olympics that cost billions and was never installed, for millions paid to Greek politicians by Siemens as ‘gifts’, for the secret loans that Greek ministers took from Deutsche Bank, for hidden swaps and CDS’ betting against Greece, that many notable European politicians signed with Dexia. Who the thief is, it is not very clear that much is it? One could say that takes two to have corruption, even if this corruption is for the noble cause of promoting German products and services. Thus Greeks must be looted for the second time to pay for their sins.

    Let us also ponder further on what does German politicians and industrialists (not the people) and their EU lackeys mean by “change”: Do they mean working more hours and having less breaks? Eurostat official facts prove this is a myth. Greeks work nearly, or more than Germans. They have the same holidays as Europeans. They earn much less than them. They cost less to welfare than Germans and French. So is there any real fact to base this ridiculous myth on? No, there isn’t, for the game is all about looting, raping and stealing, while shouting “thieves” at the same time. It’s fun! So, the “lazy Greeks who don’t want to change must all pay for their terrible sins against the God of Money” meme came to aid this business of invading a European country once again, becoming holy and justified.

    So It is now party, party, party like it is 1941. A Second German Occupation will solve everything, they say, even though it’s now called “technical aid”. New concentration camps (KZ) are planned for the land, which will make German products even more competitive to the Chinese. If you don’t pay for labor, capital is really cheap, thus the problem mentioned above is solved! German products and industries are saved. Germans are not…

    Nice plan, but they forgot something: Are they sure it’s going to work? Have they seen today’s images where the President of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias (Hint: Ex-companion to the current PM George Papandreou’s mom, Margaret) was forced to flee from a military parade in Thessaloniki, after a mob stopped all proceedings? Similar events have occurred everywhere today, and politicians were attacked. Today was the Ohi Day (The ‘No’ Day), the refusal to surrender to the Axis invasion in 1940. This led to the Greco-Italian War and ended with the Occupation of Greece by the Axis. Modern day politicians chose this exact day, to celebrate the Yes the government said to a new German Occupation. Imagine the rage that this arrogance created. This is only the beggining. A new Civil War seems to threaten the country.

  18. DeVaul

    “Enriched” uranium used in battle of Fallujah, not “depleted”:

    Sickening, and evil.

  19. phil

    Ooopps !! Court just ruled individual cops can be sued for misbehavior.

    NC Judge ruled cops are private entities … AND NOT PUBLIC OFFICIALS.

    North Carolina Police Warned To Put Their Personal Property Into Someone Else’s Name !

    The warning was issued in response to the recent ruling that upheld that the local Police Departments in North Carolina are classified as “private entities” and NOT connected to the state of North Carolina.….-a-game-changer

  20. emsnews

    That is crazy. On the other hand, funny.

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