Northeast US October Snowstorm


Here is a picture of my house I designed and built (literally, by hand, myself and family members) over the last 20 years, taken last week when the forest here was turning gold and red in the fall.  It is still fall but now this is what it looks like:


It is still October.  We had 5″ of snow which is no record, Lake Storm  on October 13, 2006, was far, far more snow in Western New York.  This was a ‘lake effect’ storm whereas the storm last night was a generalized snow storm, half a month later.  Of course, getting snow before Halloween is always annoying and reminds us that Old Man Winter hasn’t been defeated by Global Warming.  Not by a long shot.

Alaska Volcano Observatory – Current AVO Reports

56°38’N, 161°19’E; Elevation 3,283 m, the dome elevation ~8,200 ft (~2,500 m)

Explosive-extrusive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 32,800 ft (10 km) ASL could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

Moderate seismic activity of the volcano continues. According to seismic data, probably ash plumes rose up to 26,200-34,400 ft (8.0-10.5 km) on October 13-18. All three seismic stations do not work by technical reasons from October 19 till present. According to visual data, hot avalanches were observing at the lava dome on October 13-16 and 20. Ash plumes from hot avalanches rose up to 19,700 ft (6.0 km) ASL on these days; strong fumarole activity was observing too. Ash plumes extending about 46.5 mi (75 km) to the eastern directions from the volcano were noted on October 14 and 16, at the satellite images. A big thermal anomaly was noting over the lava dome all week. ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ


This volcano has been pumping out ash for several months.  As it does this, we have more rain and snow and it has been raining and snowing a lot in our part of the planet.  We are very affected by volcanism in both Iceland and Siberia/Alaska.  I have been frantically preparing for winter this last several months based entirely on the knowledge that there is a fine veil of high atmospheric dust that will cause lower temperatures and more snow.

Here is the view at sunrise.  And my poor puppy dog, Akamaru, has still only her summer coat so she had to wear her snow coat in order to do her ‘thing’ outdoors.  She isn’t very happy about the sudden appearance of snow.  True, she knows snow really well but this didn’t stop her from being unhappy.

One of the cats, Crockett, the youngest who only saw one winter so far (Fluff has seen 20 winters and shrugs them off, going to lay in the sunroom) followed me outdoors this morning.  He carefully walked from one footprint to the next, meowing.  He then followed me back inside.

The weather service didn’t predict a snow storm, just a dusting of snow in the mountains.  Instead, the entire region got snowed up and this is no problem, thank goodness, since the sun is shining bravely and the snow is melting.  This storm is just a kindly reminder that Winter is coming and it isn’t going to be all that warm at all and so we have to expect to be cold and this means making more CO2 burning energy to stay alive, no?


The difficulties of global warming is exactly this: to survive in the north, either we must have much more global warming or to survive in the north, we have to burn stuff to stay alive.  Of course, I fully endorse technology that makes it more prudent with heating houses, my home has a very sophisticated solar natural heating design and if it is below zero, the sun rooms warm up the house very nicely.  But we have not that many sunny days out here!  It is often very cloudy.


So we burn stuff.  I even burn coal.  No one has figured out a system that avoids someone burning something, somewhere.  If I used electrical heat, this would have to be generated somewhere, somehow, for example.  Building sane houses in the north which has solar orientations instead of building these windows facing in random directions, would be a huge step forwards, for example.


As heating technology improves, it is very nice, too, but retrofitting is expensive and of course, I government loves things like CO2 derivatives markets but is helpless when it comes to simply giving us aid in upgrading systems.  That is, I wish I had a full solar array!  Don’t have it, can’t afford it and the government only gives money to the Big Guys who then screw up everything.  I want solar arrays on every roof, not in huge, controlled concentrations far away.


This means, we pay for our solar arrays by paying the same amount we do for present electricity only…this pays off the solar array over time, making in free in less than 20 years!  Imagine that!  Well, it isn’t happening.  And of course,  now, the government will say, there is no money for this, we spent it all bailing out the bankers, bailing out the billionaires.  Bah, humbug.


Winter will stop the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the Northeast, of course.  And the media owners and the billionaires will laugh.  But then, spring will come, eventually.  Faster than normal, if there is global warming, but even if it doesn’t come so fast, it will come and the explosion of anger next year will be, I am predicting with great honesty here, MUCH bigger than this fall.  For there have been no fixes for anything.  The fix is, screwing the lower classes even more.  Some fix!


Pray for global warming!  We can’t afford to heat our homes, otherwise.  We shall freeze next year.  Remember, Congress cut HEAP heating money for the poor in the north last year and the year before and now are probably going to eliminate it entirely.  This is why global warming is life and death for those of us not living in warm places.  Trust me on this.

sunset borger

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35 responses to “Northeast US October Snowstorm

  1. Peter

    I found out lately when talking to my Sister and BIL that I am not allowed to question Global Warming!!!
    I would be a “denier”like those bloody Americans.
    (she lives in England) to the gas station for more diesel for my heater while I finish installing my wood stove.
    Put me down as another Northern hemispherer sp.? wishing for warmer weather.
    NIce pics….I’m a sucker for cats and dogs.

  2. Enjoyed seeing your animal companions.

  3. I moved to AZ from Illinois to enjoy global warming. It got so cold here last winter our pipes froze, and many had broken pipes. It kept the plumbers busy for a while. Snow is pretty if you don’t have to shovel it or drive in it.

    Will this be the winter of America’s discontent?

  4. JT

    I love these posts with autumn leaves, cats and dogs.
    Thank you…

    I’ve been waiting for a chance to light up my heat restoring fire place for the first time.
    It hasn’t been cold enought yet (no frosty nights so far).

    Live fire is the best thing (you feel safe, warm and it changes the air in your house…) CO2 I don’t care so much about 😀 .
    I wonder if the comforting effect of a fireplace is in our genes somehow?

    “Radiant heat feels similar to the warmth of the spring sun on your face. The feeling is enjoyable, but what causes it?
    Warm air is unable to penetrate the outer layer of the epidermis, which acts as an insulator.
    The answer can be found in studies conducted on the quality of the radiant heat emitted by stone fireplaces. This research has shown that gentle radiant heat from a stone fireplace is comfortable and enjoyable because the frequency of the thermal wavelengths of the human body and stone fireplaces are similar. On the other hand, the intense radiant heat emitted by hot metal surfaces is much shorter and more aggressive. It does not feel pleasant.”

  5. DeVaul

    Here’s something to think about:

    I received in the mail a solicitation from “The Friends of America” or something like that. They had calculated exactly how much money our government spends on the military down to the minute:

    2.1 million dollars a minute!

    They wanted to raise one minute’s worth of military spending for world peace, or something like that.

    My point is this: one minute of military spending could build 100 off-grid solar panel arrays (at 20,000 per house), 6000 per hour, and 144,000 houses could be outfitted with solar panels in just one day of military spending.

    At 10,000 dollars per on-grid solar array, the amount of homes that could be upgraded by the government doubles to 288,000 homes per day.

    Even if you take out all the money we borrowed from abroad since 1970, we could have outfitted every home in America with solar panels. Of course, there would be no super rich dudes or billionaires clubs in Congress, but we could have done it. We had the money, but not now.

    Some decisions are costly. Others are fatal.

  6. the sight of snow reminds me that it was in the latter part of the twentieth century, while living in a city in the northeastern united states, that i wrote the following haiku – i was in the late spring of my life then, now i am in autumn – but this is not a haiku about the circle of life, but merely a moment in time and space, never to come again, except inasmuch as it eternally recurs in its archetypicality – but enough of an introduction, here is the poem, to wit:

    white nights are bright nights
    snowflakes slant through street lights and
    muffle my footsteps

  7. William

    The back end looked like it was sinking, so I rotated it 7.3 degrees.

    Nice pics. 🙂

    While you’re looking at Alaska, I’m fixated over the activity in Iceland, namely Katla, but also Hekla. For both of them, it’s just a matter of time … and Katla’s record earthquake activity the past 4 months (compared to past 20 years of on-line data) indicates like it is getting ready to erupt anytime now .. but until it does, it is always speculative. When it Katla blows, I suspect it may cause us here in New England to feel a chill from it.

    (Katla is in red)

    Combined 20 years of quake data …

  8. DeVaul

    I love winter. I always have. I used to climb the hill in front of my home in eastern Kentucky and sit on the knob and listen to the silence. I liked the feel of the cold stone on my hands and the wind on my face.

    About 20 years ago, I was standing in my home with its old windows that let the sunlight right through the ice crystals watching the morning sunrise and I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of the sun on my face when this popped into my mind:

    Sunlight gleaming
    Always streaming
    Patters on my eyes

    Sunlight gleaming
    Always dreaming
    Rays to other times

  9. Urban Roman


    I’m a bit surprised at your denialism. You have said that you understand science, and know the relationship between Earth and Sun and the Milky Way, etc.

    Greenhouse warming is a fact. CO2 makes the air retain just a little bit more heat than it otherwise would have. This fact has been understood for more than 150 years, and the effects are both calculable and measurable in the real climate. Whatever the effect of the volcanoes or cosmic rays or other factors, it is a degree or two warmer than it would otherwise be, and climate scientists expect the trend to continue.

    Another change from the CO2 burden we are placing on the atmosphere is to acidify the oceans. A tenth of a point decrease in its pH will destroy all kinds of critters who are perfectly adapted to the way it was for the last hundred thousand years.

    With that said, of course, *financial fraud will not cure it*. A determined effort to transition to renewables might mitigate about a third of it, but people will be people and I am not optimistic that anything will be done until Mother Nature does it for us.

    … We may not like her solution.

    Oh, and that’s a nice house! Are those skylights or solar panels on the south-facing side of the roof?

  10. Old Ari

    We had an old ginger tom, a refugee, from the wild life. He loved to follow us, when we went skiing (crosscountry), walking in the ski tracks.(Almost due north of you Eileen) So much the same weather.

  11. phil

    Gracious, but the global warming fraud gets tedious.

    Earth temps have been dropping for the last ten years. Even earth
    below ground temps are dropping. Wake up FCOL.

    We had intense chemtrails over my neighborhood today. This effectively eliminates any chance of rain due to clouds of aluminum nanoparticles sucking up moisture like crazy into the prevailing winds. Later, HAARP energy
    waves will hit these clouds, causing the moisture laden aluminum particles to coalesce, and then rain, or snow, on folks down below.

    Well, “so what’s a little snow or rain”, you may well ask … before you’ve tested the soil for electrical conductivity, and checked your plants and trees for leaf damage, parched bark, funny fungus and moss … maybe checked some fallen trees for rot and such.

    Ahh, the magic of aluminum. Who knew?!

  12. Alex Yam

    Damn that’s one huge house to be built by yourself, only someone with an engineering mind can pull that off.

    Ever thought about using one of the rooms for vertical hydroponic growing? I heard they are much cleaner and easier than growing veg on soil.

  13. Urban Roman


    Your buddies over at HAARP are doing a crappy job.

    There’s too much rain and snow up north, and the southwest is too hot and dry.

  14. Phil……………..tell us more..
    Over LA I see streaks in the oh my!

    And wheres the figures on cooling?

  15. phil

    @Urban Roman

    HAARP is well-pleased with droughts in Texas, floods in the Missouri River Valley, and earthquakes in Turkey.

    Scalar energy is better than gold. Much better.

  16. floridasandy

    love the pictures of your pets. dogs can really telegraph their feelings, can’t they? cats, of course, are more inscrutable. i will say that the snow looks beautiful in the picture, but glad i am not in it!

    the global warming scam is designed to get more money from the citizens with higher energy prices and stock market manipulation. even if it keeps snowing everywhere, it won’t stop that agenda.

    i see the government has another trick up its sleeve with new legislation:

    how many people feel a little anxious when they first see that headline?

  17. Urban Roman

    This just occurred to me:

    If those trees in the picture are all yours, you should claim carbon credits for them. And using banker’s logic, you should leverage it about 1000:1. With that, and credits for the 183 squillion tons of carbon you *didn’t* burn last year, and Al Gore owes you some major money!

    As an afterthought, you should also get a sizeable credit for your nearest nuclear plant, from which you do not require any energy, although it will eventually leak and explode like the ones in Japan.

  18. Joseppi

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures of your habitat.

    This proposal is the game changer that will accelerate the transition of power from the west to the east. This mechanism of issuing credit in Yuan is what you, Elaine, have been saying is how China will become the world’s new banker, and therefor will have the power to dictate the terms of international politics.

    Eurozone rescue fund tries to tempt China with bonds issued in yuan
    The head of the European rescue fund says it could issue bonds in yuan, as he attempted to tempt China into backing Europe’s bailout.

  19. DeVaul

    “And using banker’s logic, you should leverage it about 1000:1”

    Ha ha! That’s a good one, Urban. She could ream out Buffet in no time if she had the kind of time he has to wheel and deal on the phone all day.


    I saw that article too. It does not bode well for the internet, but I think that Elaine’s site would be safe for now. might get into trouble. They will go after the big sites first and then work their way down to people like Elaine until there is nothing left.

    The internet will go the way of the printing press. It’s a done deal. Blog while you can.

  20. FYI:
    Uturuncu Volcano In Bolivia Is ‘Inflating With Astonishing Speed

  21. Elaine…I went to PrisonPlanet site today…
    It had something about Michael Moore is a ‘useful idiot’ for the Zionists…
    His agent is Rahmbos brother….one controlling the WH, one trying to control Hollyweird…………………….
    I found this somewhere as I sleuth-ed:

    Mel Gibson….because he made a film about Jesus Christ, and they despise Jesus Christ. That’s why they put him through hell back in 2003 and 2004, calling him all sort of vile names, accusing him of all kinds of despicable motives and schemes, sending cops out to screen the movie for hate crime violations, using elected officials to intimidate studios into not touching the movie, and demanding that the US Attorney General lock Mel up for making the movie.
    These are the people who run Hollywood, New York and DC.
    Ari Emanuel is scum. He’s not worthy to even be in the same room as Mel Gibson. His father was a terrorist. He was part of the terrorist group that blew up a hotel killing 91 people.

    But because some terrorists are more equal than others, he was allowed into the United States where he became a doctor, and his wife became a “civil rights activist.”

    His son now heads up the most powerful agency in Hollywood, and one of his other sons, Rahm, is the de facto president who gives orders to the figurehead Barack Obama.
    But scum like the Emanuel’s are in charge now.
    They make up the DC-New York-Hollywood axis of evil, and what they’re doing to Mel Gibson is just a little taste of what they’ve got planned for the rest of us.

    If you want to know their ultimate plans, just read an account of the Communist Revolution in Russia back in the early 20th century, which was orchestrated by people just like Ari and Rahm Emanuel and their terrorist father and “civil rights activist” mother.

    [I found this at occidental spectator I think].

  22. phil

    In 1776, Adam Weishaupt (code named “Spartacus”), under the auspices of Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded a secret society called the “Order of the Illuminati”. Its expressed objectives being:

    The abolition of all ordered governments.
    The abolition of private property.
    The abolition of inheritance.
    The abolition of patriotism.
    The abolition of the family.
    The abolition of religion.
    The creation of a world government.

  23. emsnews

    It is snowing like hell tonight. I spent the day frantically preparing for winter…in October! No less! WOW. We are getting nearly 18″ of snow in this storm!!!!

    If this is a harbinger for this winter, it is going to be brutal. I am so happy we took apart, rewelded and redesigned the snow plow this last summer, it was really worn out after the last three winters.

    But I don’t have even half the firewood I need. Now, I have to slog through fairly deep snow with the chain saw and a broken left foot. Gads, that is going to be fun, fun, fun.

    I just want one year of global warming. It would be delicious. Actually, due to high energy costs, I see people leaving our town, our region, left and right. One more super-nasty winter and bang! They all leave as fast as they can.

    My point is always this: humans adore global warming. Tremendously. Massively. It is a major force at work here and this is why most people aren’t all that alarmed even if they live in Texas which can be as hot as hell. They still prefer this to blizzards in the NE. Big time.


    Here’s a deep frozen scientists rather pastoral take on ice and cold. :p

  25. Elaine, have you realize the info i sent to you about bolivian vulcan ?

  26. Ziff house

    In my part of the world an early snow means a mild winter, hope it’s the same over there.


    ELAINE: It is October and tonight will be 17 degrees above zero. Not warm. In general, if there is lots of snow, it is warmer but it is all relative and depends on volcanic activity. Volcanoes make it both snowier and colder as Napoleon found out in 1812.

  27. JT

    You have to embrace the cold.

    “perkele ku on kylmä = godammit it’s cold”

    “scent of a woman at -20 C”

  28. emsnews

    HAHAHA. I should use that phrase here. Finland is lucky, in these videos has has far less snow than I have today in NY. I mean, to go to my garden shed to get out the snow rake, I had to wade in deep snow up to my knees! Last winter, I couldn’t even do that for the snow was higher than my waist!

  29. DeVaul

    Just saw your house on my mother’s laptop. (It is blocked at work). It is beautiful! You all did a great job. I wish I could do something like that.

    You live close to the great lakes, and that always means snow — deep snow, and fast, too. A little cold here in Kentucky for this time of year, so I suspect a cold winter as well.

    I just hope radioactive cesium is not falling on your house.

  30. Elaine What happened to your foot?
    “Now, I have to slog through fairly deep snow with the chain saw and a broken left foot”

  31. MikeM

    Awesome pic of your home, Elaine. With this weather, you must be especially proud considering the sacrifices and hardships you endured while building it over those years while living in a tent.

    We’re seeing some great colors here in the PacNW this year also…it appears our turn for cold weather/cesium laden rain is on it’s way, with a Siberian blast due in by this weekend.

  32. emsnews

    At least I am not be irradiated! As for my poor foot: I broke it while logging in the woods on the steeper parts of the mountain. This is how I heat the homestead.

  33. Martin

    Is that a real timberframe building?

  34. emsnews

    Alas, no. Originally, it was supposed to be that. I had a wood mill. I was processing the logs from the forest for the house. My husband was then made very ill at work and had to be hospitalized. He then had brain damage from this and I had to take care of him.

    So…building full frame house requires lots of other labor! I had to build the house virtually alone so this meant, using the ‘stick’ method instead. I didn’t even do it the right way! Instead of building a wall lying down on the platform, I ‘built in the air’ with one piece after the other, attached as they were assembled, standing upright!

    It was bizarre, to say the least, but worked. I had to also rig a way to bring sheets of plywood up to the roof by myself. Finally, someone came over to help me on half of the roof because that was too insanely difficult to do alone.

    The exterior wood was milled here from my trees. The curved pieces are from tree limbs cut into four pieces. The outside timbers are all screwed in to the main framework so the house has a lot of triangulation in the structure. All of this wood is hardwood, not pine.

  35. ‘shockuhzulu
    October 28, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    I moved to AZ from Illinois to enjoy global warming. It got so cold here last winter our pipes froze, and many had broken pipes. It kept the plumbers busy for a while. Snow ‘
    I hear folks paying 5k-10 k a year for AC in Arizona….

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