30% Berlin, NY Students Smoked Pot

Here is the front side of this huge billboard in our community, on Rt. 22 in Upstate New York.  The goal, I presume, of this campaign is to discourage students from smoking pot.  I don’t see quite how this would work since to me, it looks as if a fair hunk of the students do smoke pot!  But what is hilarious for our tiny community is the other side of this billboard:


HAHAHA…ahem.  Once upon a time, I did this sort of thing.  That is, was a hippie chick who smoked pot.  If we had this sign around my school back in the good old days (1966, 1967) I would have been elated and we would have held our ‘Smoke-Ins’ at that point of interest.


Berlin High isn’t crowded.  It has one of the smallest graduation classes in the state and the buses cover many miles of back country roads buried in deep snow in winter.  Yes, it looks an awful lot like winter in these photos since we were buried in considerable snow the other day, during October, no less.  Here is a website from Germany that boasts, their city is much bigger than our town (hahaha!): BERLIN IST GRÖSSER ALS NEW YORK

This cuts short the pot growing season here, of course!  Berlin doesn’t need to import pot.  It grows perfectly fine here.  Virtually no more farms exist these days.  When I first came here, 20 years ago, there were many small farms.  Americans probably don’t remember the various programs to ‘save the small American farms’ but these were tossed aside with the open door to free trade gambit so almost all the farms, large and small, perished, one by one.


So this is how most farms here today look:

New England was once famed for its patchwork quilt of forest, fen, farms and colonial clapboard towns.  Now, it is definitely dying.  If one does go forth to see the lovely fall foliage, one has to also notice all the dereliction, too.  The shuttered stores, the abandoned barns caving in further and further with each snow fall, the broken windows, this is becoming more and more like Detroit which is collapsing back into open but derelict farmland again.

There is the huge Seagrott greenhouse complex for sale!  We often joke in the village, this should be purchased by Mexican drug cartels.  They could then use illegal aliens as cheap labor and…everyone understands what is going on.  The greenhouses closed because it was cheaper to fly in flowers from Mexico and Central America than to grow it here.


Growing pot in Berlin is easy: drop the seeds here and there, along paths or rivers, or in the many multiple abandoned places and then harvest it as one wishes.  Back when I first came here, the military was used, before 9/11, to hunt down local potheads.  Once, when my husband and I were working in the garden, a military helicopter hovered overhead with a machine gun aimed at us.  Of course, I complained, later.


The fact is, thanks to bin Laden and his pals, we are no longer patrolled at all.  The local sheriff once had an office in the center of our tiny town.  Now, that, too, has been withdrawn.  We have zero patrols here.  When the locals act wild and someone bothers to call the cops, they do show up, some time later.  Once, when a man was acting up with a shotgun, they even brought in a helicopter, too.


But in general, we are now being neglected and therefore, left to our own devices.  So, our students take advantage of this.  No surprise to me.  I remember when Mt. Shasta was first scouted out by pot growers way, way back in the mid-1960’s.  We called it ‘The Magic Mountain’.  It was pretty deserted back then.  Today, it became a thriving pot growing center with the sheriff taxing the pot farmers.


Seems that Obama, the fake liberal, is crushing this market:  White House Rejects Petition To Legalize Marijuana.  Forcing it back into the hands of the Mexican cartels who then hike it back in again and thus, the ball keeps on rolling.  Even our pot growing has to be offshored.  This means, the profits move out of the country, making our trade deficit even worse.  I believe, this ads at least another $5-10 billion or more to our trade deficit.


So, be an American Patriot!  Bring home our pot production!  Berlin waits for the good days to return!  Bring home all the jobs, even the pot jobs!  Thank you, everyone.

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8 responses to “30% Berlin, NY Students Smoked Pot

  1. phil

    Mt. Shasta not doing so well these days.

    Chemtrails aerosoled the place with aluminum powder so thick, solar panels are down to 50% efficiency.

    Lightning jumped 8X into the bargain.

  2. payAttention

    High schoolers like to smoke pot, stunning. Maybe you don’t want to deal with what is going on around you every day, and that is actually understandable. However, the CDS nightmare that you have been writing about just got scary. The insurance simply refused to pay to holders of Greek CDS because a 50% loss is not an insurable event. To my mind, the CDS market has just imploded. Today, the governor of New Yersey has been discovered to have used his clients money to cover his bets on Italian interest notes. If every penny of the management’s personal assets is not clawed back to cover the unmargined investors – read pension funds, you are better off hiding your money under a rock. Which by the way is what gold does. While you keep harping on it, you do not really understand the big picture. The people burying gold are not hoping to make money or to even recover their money. However they do know that gold is not going to zero under any circumstances, and when the MF Global shenanigans are considered, that is plenty.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, the CDS market has taken a huge hit today. And yes, gold never, ever goes to zero but…it is confiscated. Trust me on that number.

    And yes, it is impossible to be ‘half-bankrupt’. Bankruptcy, once triggered, is always total.

  4. Urban Roman

    The billboards are INVITING kids to smoke pot!?

    I mean, it isn’t possible to join the “have never used” club, is it? So they must be asking kids to join the other club!

  5. emsnews

    That is how I would have seen it when a reckless youth. 🙂

  6. tfoth

    For anyone that wants to be distracted from various mundane atrocities by five minutes and 43 seconds of rock and roll:

    Don’t step on the grass sam

  7. Steppenwolf Ja!

    John Kay (born Joachim Fritz Krauledat, 12 April 1944, Tilsit then Germany, today Russia) is a German-Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist known as the frontman of Steppenwolf.

    In the Evacuation of East Prussia in early 1945, in harsh winter conditions, his mother first had to flee with the baby boy from the advancing Soviet troops. In 1948, the two also fled from Arnstadt in the East German Soviet occupation zone to resettle in Hanover, West Germany (as recounted in his song “Renegade” on the album Steppenwolf Seven)

  8. Excellent post. I didn’t know the New York State side of New England was that far gone. I was in Eastern Massachusetts with family this past Labor Day and there it’s a whole different ball of wax: seeming prosperity everywhere.

    Yes, Obama is stupid not legalizing Marijuana. But politically smart (police / sherriff’s union and the law enforcement-industrial complex).

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