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Bush Treasury Sec Paulson Lied To Public, Told Truth To GS Buddies

This news doesn’t surprise me at all:  that Paulson, while heading the Treasury under Bush, ran off to his hedge fund GS buddies to conspire to figure out how to profit from the looming credit bubble collapse.  The Federal Reserve and the Treasury have long been the private hunting preserve of the banking gnomes.  This should end because it is painfully obvious that their rule has been a farce and a failure.  They wrecked our economy, wrecked our banking system and wrecked our government.  Arrest them all.  Charge them with treason. Continue reading


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NATO Attacks On Pakistan Backfire Big Time

Welcome to 3rd National HRD Convention 2011

I get emails from Pakistan and one of them is from this political group of liberal Muslims there.  ‘Let’s build Pakistan!’ is certainly a fine slogan and attitude.  But that country is rife with violence and the US contribution to all of this is nearly entirely negative.  Worse, like in say, Egypt, the US funds the military there so it is out of the control of the citizens, for the most part.  I do hope that Pakistan can find a way out of its present bind!  But alas, we are seeing things becoming much more violent, not the opposite. Continue reading


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Climate Warming Taxes Shoot Upwards In England: Queen Benefits

It seems everything gets smaller as one gets older: The Queen looks unimpressed with how much her fleet has shrunk since last jubilee | Mail Online

What interests me greatly is the disharmony over global warming, nuclear power and looming nuclear warfare between NATO and China and Russia.  As we see the NATO countries all falling off the exact same economic cliff, struggling to stave off disaster via ZIRP borrowing but seeing that crash and burn, one country at a time, the hysteria on all fronts grow thanks to Fukushima destroying the main Asian pillar of EU/US power.  And the fear mongering is rising to a howl on all fronts as nuclear-armed NATO brandishes its nuclear weapons at a tiny Muslim country, Iran.  And the global warming people are screaming, we are all doomed.  Wow. Continue reading


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The Sudden End Of ZIRP Government Borrowing

Nearly 20 years ago, I was aghast when Japan dropped interest rates on government loans to near zero.  It makes no sense at all.  Even if Japan reduced ‘inflation’ to zero or negative territory, the value of savings still has to have some positive value.  Otherwise, capital flees.  Japan cynically sucked up the savings of the older generations but they are no longer feeding money into it due to harsh, real inflation.  Hidden from government statistics, just like in the US.  The ZIRP government borrowing system is in global trouble due to energy inflation costs and savings fleeing to better venues.   Continue reading


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Congress Works Only For AIPAC, Not US Voters

Propaganda works.  Repetition of information replaces original memories with new, often fake memories.  The famous book, ‘1984’ explains the process for this replacement of memories with media memories.  Thinking ‘outside the box’ is very difficult and the trap there is, when people try this, they often fall into a different memory-warping propaganda regime that does the exact same thing.  We see today in the news many stories about our Congress, the world and the economy that is filled with misdirection, rewriting historical facts and ignoring important details.  I try to overcome this by using one of the best tools available: history.  This is our best guide, the past illuminates the future. Continue reading


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US Voters Fret About Loss Of Power While US Elites Boast About Power

The US, an immigrant nation, has always had a problem with self-regard: we make up for our deficiencies by being boastful.  One of the worst aspects of this has been how we held ourselves as the perfect model for humanity while being anything but that.  Just as insecure Romans boasted about all roads going to Rome while ignoring the fact that all roads led the Vandals to Rome, the US insecurity drives us into lecturing the world about finances, economic systems, civil rights and ethnic cleansing while at the same time, we support the very policies we denounce! Continue reading


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Earthquakes All Over America

During the last two weeks, a number of earthquakes happened across the entire nation.  Indeed, this fall we have seen far more earthquakes than any time in the last 15 years that I have been observing this online.  I greatly appreciate the IRIS Seismic Monitor online maps.  I just clicked on that site to see that there was yet another 4.6 quake on the border of Washington/Canada region! Continue reading


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