Volcanic Sunrise This Morning: Many Volcanoes Alter Climate This Cycle





I took this picture at sunrise today.  This shows the high volcanic dust and gases in our atmosphere.  It is growing greater, not being reduced.  This is due to several volcanoes in Russia and some in Africa, injecting matter and gases into the high stratosphere.  These are not huge eruptions but rather, much more dangerous persistent eruptions.  Some of the greatest climate changes that have happened in the past probably were due to these sort of persistent, ongoing eruptions, not one-time explosions like St. Helens.

Here is a picture of yesterday’s sunset.  Again, the high volcanic materials are diffusing the light.  This picture was taken long after the sun set and these sorts of lingering sunsets which illuminate the sky all the way to the zenith are signs that there is increasing amounts of volcanic matter in the atmosphere.  This, in turn, has a huge impact on the weather.  Huge!  Cannot be exaggerated, if one experiences quick changes in temperature or rainfall (especially snow), this is often the agent at work.


Far from being a planet that has a stable temperature, a stable sun or stable anything, this pesky planet earth is very variable indeed.  And one of the main agents for this variability is our many, many volcanoes.  Here is a video of the latest major eruption going on in Africa:  Nyamuragira volcano erupts – YouTube


Evidently, this is not a cone eruption, it is a rift eruption.  These sorts of eruptions don’t make a lot of smoke or dust but rather, are huge injectors of gases into the atmosphere.  The issue of gases in the atmosphere seems to be the #1 issue for the Bilderberg people who run the G7 nations or many climate scientists who worry about us getting too warm.  But then, humans do impact the environment but the fact of the matter is, we are in an Ice Age cycle…even now!  And we should  never, ever forget this.


For volcanoes eject gases but also other things that bring the temperatures down, not up.  Which volcano erupts spewing what is something humans have zero control over.  There are a group of people online who have fallen for stories about HAARP that are beyond ridiculous. No, HAARP doesn’t cause earthquakes, volcanoes nor hair loss in senior citizens.  This is all Mother Nature at her busy-body best.  She loves change, she demands change and she forces evolution to move out of stasis and into dynamic systems.


That is, this is very  much a living planet and then there is the sun: it is the ultimate master of the temperature here.  So, due to lack of understanding why we have been having long, long ice periods, we are being told, the sky is falling, and we are all doomed in the next five years unless we stop modern civilization:  World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns | Environment | guardian.co.uk


“The door is closing,” Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency, told the Guardian. “I am very worried – if we don’t change direction now on how we use energy, we will end up beyond what scientists tell us is the minimum [for safety]. The door will be closed forever.”.

Every month now counts: if the world is to stay below 2C of warming, which scientists regard as the limit of safety, then emissions must be held to no more than 450ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; the level is currently around 390ppm. But the world’s existing infrastructure is already producing 80% of that “carbon budget”, according to a new analysis by the IEA, published on Wednesday. This gives an ever-narrowing gap in which to reform the global economy on to a low-carbon footing.


So…this is why NATO invaded Libya and Iraq!  To stop the oil!  HAHAHAHA.  Nope,  it was to steal the oil.  The ‘civilized’ nations ganged up on two petty dictators to kill them and many of the citizens dwelling in close proximity to all this evil oil, and then, NATO nations which host an army of screaming scientists then went off and merrily pumped this evil oil and then BURNED this evil oil so we can fly corporate private jets and heat massive palaces of the very rich, many of whom belong to the Bilderberg gang!


HAHAHA.  I think I will die, laughing.  The reforms being demanded are to make a million Fukushimas.  Yes, nuclear power will save us from destruction.  Except, as Japan admits they can’t stop the nuclear process there or clean it up in the next 30 years…which is ridiculously optimistic since Chernobyl hasn’t been properly cleaned up in this length of time!  As the government burns radioactive materials and then dumps them unceremoniously into Tokyo Bay, I am astonished that any sane person will suggest we save ourselves in this insane fashion.


Fukushima Disaster BBC Report on Children and the Protection of Power Plants 24 Oct. 11 – YouTube

I have yet to see even one ‘we are doomed!’ global warming person at the top of society, reducing their own miserable lives to a ‘carbon neutral’ level.  I lived in a tent for ten years.  On a very cold mountain.  If these clowns are truly concerned we will all die, why aren’t they dumping cars, heated homes, air travel (HAHAHA, and not go to those luscious global warming meetings in the Caribbean????) and live like our primitive ancestors, at one with nature?  No, they want other humans to do this for them.  The entire ‘carbon trade’ scheme was a trick designed to allow the elites and rich  nations to consume energy like crazy and above all, travel at will, while at the same time, feeling all pious because they bribed someone else to cut back and live without these glorious, fun things!


Of course, this ‘trade’ won’t be voluntary at all, it will be enforced via violence and degradation. The hapless populations forced to trade modern civilization for poverty will be doing this at the muzzle of a gun a la Gaza strip, not voluntarily.  Their rulers will collect the bribes from the rich countries which is why they were so pleased with the carbon swap trades in the first place.  Then, the evil rulers doing this will still get to jet all over the planet with the Bilderberg gang and their own people will walk everywhere and in the cold regions, freeze to death due to no more heat being allowed.  Oh, if you heat your home, you are causing global warming, see?


Here is an interesting graph showing the eruptions of the last 30 years:  Nyamuragira – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The important thing is, how many volcanoes are erupting at the same time and…how big the eruptions.  We see that in the early 1980s (and this was true in the 1970s, too) that there were many eruptions at the same time in these pulses of eruptions.  That is, volcanoes seem to enjoy each other’s company.  Or, more likely, what happens is, when we have many eruptions it is due to major fault movements which causes volcanoes to rearrange their own furniture in response to plates shifting into new positions.


Note that from the early 1990s, after Pinatubo blew up, there were few eruptions.  The nadir of these eruptions was during the late 1990s and into the early 2000s.  There were smaller and fewer eruptions.   This graph ends with 2003 when hysteria about global warming was rising due to things getting warmer again.  But since 2006, we reentered a cycle of frequent eruptions.  These are happening on several continents: Eurasia, Africa, South America and beginning to happen in North America.  Not to mention, all the mid ridge islands that are erupting  now.

Here is a half million year temperature graph that clearly shows that we should fear ice ages:  Temperature Change History | PlanetSEED

Make no mistake: we see, over and over again, the interglacials are very, very brief and the cold spells get longer and nastier.  We see, also, that the ice ages get to their very lowest point when suddenly, viola!  It warms extremely fast, like lightning.  The shift from cold state to warm state is invariably quite sudden and doesn’t happen as the ice warms up slowly, it happens when the ice is at its zenith.  Then, BANG, it all shifts into a totally different gear and then declines nearly as rapidly.  We also see from this graph that this particular warm spell we are in isn’t so hot compared to previous warm cycles!  Another very alarming fact.


The news about erupting volcanoes is very bad along the Russian sector north of Japan.  The Alaska Volcano Observatory – Current AVO Reports.  The Kamchatka volcanoes are nearly all waking up in the wake of the gigantic Japanese earthquake event.  Here is a satellite image of just a few Russian volcanoes in this chain:

56°38’N, 161°19’E; Elevation 3,283 m, the dome elevation ~8,200 ft (~2,500 m)

Explosive-extrusive eruption of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 32,800 ft (10 km) ASL could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

Strong seismic activity of the volcano was registering all week: probably ash plumes rose up to 25,600 ft (7.8 km) ASL on October 29, and less on the other days. According to visual data, strong fumarolic activity was observing at the lava dome on October 29 – November 01; clouds obscured the volcano in the other days of week. According to satellite data, gas-steam plumes containing small amount of ash were extending for about 93 mi (150 km) to the east and south-east from the volcano on October 31 and November 01-02. A big thermal anomaly was noting over the lava dome all week.KIZIMEN VOLCANO (1000-23)
55�08’N, 160�19’E; Elevation 8,151 ft (2,485 m)
Activity of the volcano is gradually decreasing but strong ash explosions up to 32,800 ft (10 km) ASL could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.

Moderate seismic activity of the volcano was registering last week: numbers of volcanic earthquakes were changing from 12 to 36; a magnitude of volcanic tremor was 0.3 mcm/s. According to video data, a gas-steam activity of the volcano was observed from October 28 till November 02. Clouds obscured the volcano on the other days of week. The large lava flow continues to effuse on the eastern and north-eastern volcanic flanks – incandescences of the crater of the volcano was noting in a dark time all week. A thermal anomaly was registering over the volcano all week at satellite images.

54�03’N, 159�27’E; Elevation 4,874 ft (1,486 m)

Explosive activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700 ft (6 km) ASL could occur at any time. Activity of the volcano could affect low-flying aircraft.

Moderate seismic activity of the volcano continues; according to seismic data, possible ash plumes rose up to 14,760 ft (4.5 km) ASL on October 27-30 and November 01-02. According to satellite data, ash plumes extending for about 81 mi (130 km) to the south-east were observed on October 29-30. A thermal anomaly was registering over the volcano was noting on October 29-31 and November 01. Clouds obscured the volcano on the other days of week.

55°58’N, 160°36’E; Elevation 9,455 ft (2,882 m)

Effusion of viscous lava flow at the dome slope continues. Small ash plumes from hot avalanches are possible. Ash and aerosol plumes could affect low-flying aircraft.

Seismic activity was mainly low last week. Strong and moderate fumarolic activity of the volcano was observing on November 02-03, and on October 29 and November 01, respectively; clouds obscured the volcano on the other days. According to satellite data, thermal anomaly over the volcano was noted on the satellite images from October 29 till November 02; a temperature of thermal anomaly over the volcano was slightly increasing last week. Clouds obscured the volcano on the other days of week. 


I am puzzled as to why the elites are trying so hard to scare people about ‘warming’.  When we get hammered by yet another very cold, very snowy winter in the north, people will become fed up with all of this business and care even less, of course, because no one in the climate hysteria community is talking about volcanoes nor predicting foul weather from all of this because it would upset the program to scare people into cease using precious oil which the rich want for themselves.


For what we are really entering here is not global warming but two things:  global overpopulation and the Hubbert Oil Peak.  The oil is going to run out.  Time to retrofit was yesterday.  Why didn’t we retrofit yesterday?  Well, because it was not in the interests of the rich to do this, they wanted TAX CUTS and a speculative bubble that would make them all filthy rich!  Now that we are at the peak and prices have increased tenfold, they are all screaming about Iran and planning to attack Iran and this is all about stealing Iran’s oil, nothing more.  And why?


So they can steal the profits from selling this oil to the rest of us while screaming at us, we have to stop burning oil!  And why did the world’s markets collapse this last three years?  Ah!  The price of oil suddenly shot up when the US attacked Iraq and then the country, instead of pumping oil to us, went into full revolt and we couldn’t move the oil very fast for a while!  Wars are making the price of oil go up and this creates inflation and cuts the ability of citizens to buy anything except survival materials and this high price of oil is making the international investment bankers very, very, rich and they want high priced oil in the future for this reason.


So…they have their back-up cards to play: global warming. Making people pay high taxes on energy to fix this problem means making the rich, richer.  They fight tooth and nail when anyone suggests taxing THEM!  No, they want energy taxes which bothers them, personally, not even slightly.  Taxing their investment profits, on the other hand, freaks them all out!  So…the greedy bastards push for expensive energy of any sort while demanding they not be taxed when they play investment games that drive up the price of all commodities and assets which, in turn, is inflation.


We are certainly stuck between some big volcanic rocks and some very hot places!  And what can we do about this?  Well, first of all, never let the rich panic us, watch what really scares them (taxes on their profits!) and then go for it.  Big time.

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11 responses to “Volcanic Sunrise This Morning: Many Volcanoes Alter Climate This Cycle

  1. Peter

    The banksters have made a civilization/society/economic system in which we have to pay to live on planet earth.
    How sick is that?

  2. It’s the same trick the Church used with sexuality. Make the most natural thing in the world the most henious sin (burning wood for survival), and exploit the resulting angst by offering redemption/ablation. Only the rich are going one step further and removing themselves for the loop. The Tax Carousel is only for the lower classes and merrily may it spin…

  3. And all these tricks, wars for oil/resources, corruption of politicians, economic manipulation, tax exemption etc. are part of the same agenda. The Bilderbergers know about Peak Oil and global overpopulation and all the ensulting problems. Yet their agenda is to retain the Garden of Eden for themselves as separate from the masses.

  4. Christian..what are you talking about?
    and Elaine:
    ‘There are a group of people online who have fallen for stories about HAARP that are beyond ridiculous. No, HAARP doesn’t cause earthquakes’
    What is yr op on HAARP?

  5. Eso

    I agree that the weather cycles are showing that we are entering an ice age. If it is a real one (and I do not doubt that it will be), one that overcomes all the pollution we have dumped into the atmosphere, no amount of oil pumped from the ground will keep the population of Earth warm. Traditionally, people kept warm by burning wood fires. I still heat my apartment (the rest of the house is closed for the winter) with wood. But the banks have put the people in debt slavery, and the people are cutting down their private forest lots to pay off their debts. In Estonia, 97% of the banks are Swedish owned; in Latvia still only 57%, but there are no politicians here who have the will to resist, because if they lose their job as professional liars, they will be in the unemployment line.

    The people of Earth (the Bilderbergers including) are in a most peculiar rut. All of us entumbed nihilists (?!) are waiting for a catastrophe, some are even hoping for it, but none is able to stop in from arriving, because the point of no return has been passed, and it is momentum alone that drives the locomotive forward soon to roll off the tracks and into the ravine. I am watching the motion toward a war with Iran from the sidelines with dumb fascination.

  6. The Black Swan

    @ Christian W. Sex may be the most natural thing for any species to engage in, but Carbon is the basis of all life on earth. Without Carbon in the atmosphere there would be no life. And now we are being told that Carbon is evil! The insanity of this is mind boggling. People are looking at us with a straight face and telling us that the basic building block of all life is the most evil and destructive force imaginable.
    Elaine, I have been a long time reader of your blog, but this is my first comment. I just want to thank you for being a voice out there, fighting against the insanity of this modern world. I am currently at a very Liberal, Green, Sustainable school and the close mindedness of the people here is shocking. I would be chased out if I even suggested Man Made Global Warming is a huge scam intended to enrich the 1% on the backs of everyone else. This is incredibly discouraging. Everyone has retreated so deeply into their camps (conservative, liberal, environmentalists, etc.) that manking has lost all reason. We just want to blame everyone for everything and never admit that we are all in this together. Death has no agenda, it is always coming for everyone. We need to embrace life, embrace love and embrace compassion. Discard all other agendas and diseases of the ego. Maybe then, we can start to dig ourselves out of this mess.

  7. melponeme_k

    The rich have a pretty good idea what will happen when crunch time comes which is why they are stacking the decks in their favor.

    The only thing that will stop this is a revolution. Not only that, it must be a world wide revolution that will stop the gangsters from running off to hide in other countries.

    The public must realize that there are a class of people that miss the world that was before the beheading of a queen and a rifle execution of a royal family. It is our duty to see they never get it back. Because it means our deaths.

  8. JT

    @christian w

    “And all these tricks, wars for oil/resources, corruption of politicians, economic manipulation, tax exemption etc. are part of the same agenda. The Bilderbergers know about Peak Oil and global overpopulation and all the ensulting problems. ”

    Sometimes I think about this too.
    How to wreck the consumer economy on purpose?
    – inflation of food and energy
    – destroying savings and pensions
    – lowering real wages
    – witholding credit

    And it looks like the race to grab the last of the oil has now started.
    Money printing no longer works, so now military force and coup d’états are the only option.

  9. Syria is the next target together with Iran. Syria will become a new Afghanistan, where intelligence services wage proxy wars, and various tribes, or parts of the population, will be armed against each other (like Lebanon, Libya).

    This latest “Iran is working on nukes scare” is typical. Iran may not even be working on nukes, but the media sure is catapulting the Iran+nukes idea into the minds of people. It is NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the human brain cannot think in terms of negatives, it does not understand it on an instinctual level. Do not think of a beer. See, the first image that popped into your mind was the image of a beer, not the absence of a beer.
    And it is useful to use such scares to distract from other issues, like Palestine seeking independence and recognition in the UN.

    And that is why the US/Israel propagandists keep saying Iran and nukes over and over again for years on end. It massages peoples minds and programs them to accept future propaganda, like the US was almost totally on board with stopping Saddam’s non-exist WMD threat, a threat planted in the minds by propaganda.

  10. emsnews

    Iran has to get nukes. It is literally life and death for them. No nukes=NATO destruction unleashed on the civilians. So, like all the Great Powers, Iran desperately needs nukes. Nukes is the only insurance that keeps out NATO raiders.

  11. JimmyJ

    Not sure if this was posted already as the news is a week old. A team member, Prof J Curry, accused the BEST (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature) colleagues of hiding data that showed global warming has stopped.

    2 graphs showing allegedly false and true data:

    Daily Mail article:

    Global Warming Policy Foundation article:

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