Congress Works Only For AIPAC, Not US Voters

Propaganda works.  Repetition of information replaces original memories with new, often fake memories.  The famous book, ‘1984’ explains the process for this replacement of memories with media memories.  Thinking ‘outside the box’ is very difficult and the trap there is, when people try this, they often fall into a different memory-warping propaganda regime that does the exact same thing.  We see today in the news many stories about our Congress, the world and the economy that is filled with misdirection, rewriting historical facts and ignoring important details.  I try to overcome this by using one of the best tools available: history.  This is our best guide, the past illuminates the future.


First is this interesting article about ‘memory’:  Why we forget –

..A study conducted by Linda Henkel in the Department of Psychology at Fairfield University tested whether showing people photos of completed actions — such as a broken pencil or an opened envelope — could influence them to believe they’d done something they had not, particularly if they were shown the photos multiple times. Participants were presented with a series of objects on a table, and for each object were asked to either perform an action or imagine performing an action (e.g., “crack the walnut”).

..One week later, the same participants were brought back and randomly presented with a series of photos on a computer screen, each of a completed action (e.g., a cracked walnut), either one, two, or three times. Other participants were not shown any photos.

..One week later, they were brought back to complete a memory test in which they were presented with action phrases (e.g., “I cracked a walnut”) and asked to answer whether they had performed the action, imagined performing it, or neither, and rate their confidence level for each answer on a scale of one to four.

..The results showed that the more times people were exposed to a photo of a completed action, the more often they thought they’d completed the action, even though they had really only imagined doing it.


Oddly enough, memories of vivid historical importance are the ones most likely to be submerged by edited ‘memories’ produced by the media and others.  People can’t remember exactly what happened due to this action of retelling and retelling stories.  Leaving out important details is part of this ‘retelling’ which is why people live more like simulacrums of themselves when it comes to public memories.  That is, we are free to remember personal details of our own pasts but collective memories of big events are heavily edited by being retold over and over again.


One place that is very heavily edited by people in power is our own government and how it acts.  Here is an example of how a mainstream media outlet, from an organization which, just 22 years ago, used to let me appear rather frequently when Ted Turner owned it:  Can we lock Congress out? –


Maybe the 9% are those pleased when Congress made history in August after waiting until the last minute to compromise on a budget deal, which led to the first downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor’s.

Or possibly the 9% were impressed when House Democrats and Republicans joined together in a rare moment of bipartisanship a few weeks ago and voted in favor of a resolution by a whopping 396-9. Affirming that our national motto is: “In God We Trust.”


I’m at the point that when I hear about a king in a foreign nation dissolving the legislature in his country, I almost wish our president could do the same.


Note how, when the writer had to think of times Congress is united, he picks this case?  It is, of course, a silly thing Congress did.  I also wonder why any sane person would trust ANY gods in the first place.  They are notoriously fickle (read the Bible very carefully to see many examples of this!).  As for dissolving Congress: it is dissolved.  It comes to DC for one reason only: to vote for whatever the lobbyists want.


And a critical lobby is AIPAC.  Congress votes nearly 100% for whatever AIPAC wants!  No question about this.  I call our Congress the Junior Knesset for this very reason. When it comes to Americans, there is dissension and a refusal to act.  When it comes to Israel, Congress only asks, ‘How high do you want me to jump?’  This is nearly totally hidden from the voters by the media.


Even though Congress’ approval rating had fallen to 21% at the time of the November 2010 congressional mid-term elections, the inherent advantages of incumbency for members of Congress are so powerful that still 87% of incumbents in the House and 90% in the Senate won re-election.


How brainless can this writer be?  Of course, 90% of Congress is reelected because once you get in and vote for AIPAC, the media ceases attacking, campaign donations pour in so long as the Congress person votes for Israel funds and a red carpet rolls out.  Lobbyists for the very bloated military/industrial complex has the same effects: if Congress votes for spending on wars, all is well.  Especially if the wars are aimed at Muslims.


Here is a fine example from today’s news:  U.S. Welcomes Afghan Approval of Long-Term Military Presence –  Obama and the DNC and Boehner and the GOP both totally support continuing to bleed the US dry in Afghanistan.  How insane is this?  Occupation of Afghanistan is unpopular.  The majority of Americans oppose this. Spending even more billions on top of the trillions lost already is highly unpopular.  Yet, Congress is perfectly fine with this expensive occupation.


It doesn’t matter how many of us oppose these things, if the Israeli and military/industrial lobbyists want something, they get it on a golden platter.  If we need something to stay alive, suddenly, even a doggie dish with leftovers is too much and Congress says, ‘No.’


The reason why both parties are not unhappy with things is revealed with the ‘debt reduction’ talks failure:  Debt supercommittee members brace for failure – The Washington Post


On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) blamed the committee’s failure on Democratic reluctance to cut into popular programs such as Social Security and Medicare. “Our Democratic friends were never able to do the entitlement reforms,” Kyl said, arguing that Democrats were the roadblock to a deal. “They weren’t going to do anything without raising taxes.”


Calling Kyl’s remarks “patently not true,” Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) accused Republicans of blocking the committee’s work by demanding an extension of George W. Bush-era tax cuts and refusing to consider significant tax increases on wealthier people. “We didn’t come here to do another tax cut to the wealthiest people while we’re [asking] fixed-income seniors to ante up more, people on Medicaid who are poor to ante up more,” he said.


You see, there are AUTOMATIC cuts already embedded that are activated if there is no agreement.  So, by not agreeing, this automatic reduction is set into motion to steamroller over Americans at home, not foreign interests.  True, the Pentagon will see some very minor cuts!  But this is mere theater: these cuts will be rescinded once our Junior Knesset resumes its operations again.  Both parties will vote to increase Pentagon/Israel spending again while the cuts to Social Security and Medicare will throw the elderly into an early grave.


Meanwhile, the pro-Israeli Congress members continue to attack Americans who are upset with the present status quo:  Rep. Joe Walsh: Veterans at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests are anti-American | The Raw Story.  Congress has actually acted in treasonous ways and proof is easy to find.  Cutting services at home while increasing spending on wars we don’t support is treason.  Cutting services while increasing spending on a parasite foreign nation is treason.  Opening our country to a flood of foreign export goods is treason.


Here is a revealing story.  Iran doesn’t menace America. It does annoy the fat, brutal, vicious despotic king of Saudi Arabia and of course, Netanyahu so, Will Congress take Iran diplomacy off the table? – The Hill’s Congress Blog


Eighty-percent of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed on to the “Iran Threat Reduction Act” (HR 1905, sec 601) which would prohibit U.S. government employees in any “official or unofficial capacity” from contacting anyone who is affiliated with the Iranian government and who “presents a threat to the United States or is affiliated with terrorist organizations.”


As New York Times columnist Roger Cohen wrote, “loony schemes like the Orwellian ‘Iran Threat Reduction Act’ before Congress that would make contact with Iranian officials illegal only foment a dangerous jingoism.” The bill would heighten the threat of war by decreasing the likelihood of a diplomatic resolution of the conflict with Iran, which would give hardliners in Iran greater incentive to race for a nuclear weapon in an effort to deter a U.S. attack.


So, a bill that supposedly will cripple our already quadriplegic State Department further is EXTREMELY popular in Congress?  Why is that?  Do note that the Hill can’t tell us this information!  So, the bill will ‘heighten the threat of war…with Iran’?  Well, duh!  That is the entire reason AIPAC demanded all of Congress pass it!  The Congress has been heavily bribed by these foreign interlopers so of course, they complied with this demand that we pave the road to war.  Israel wants this and demands this and the Junior Knesset delivers.


Suddenly, people who refuse to talk to each other when the topic is saving American citizens are shouting in unison.   Here is the real marching orders from Israel:  ‘Time has come’ to act on Iran, Israel says.  So far, Israel boasts about being the only democracy in the Middle East but it is a neofascist state and increasingly, is aping Nazi Germany.  Here is one example from thousands, from today’s  news:  Israel Shuts Down Radio Station for Criticizing Regime — News from


The Communications Ministry said the Hebrew-language broadcasts were illegal because they were “economically damaging” to other local radio stations…“A radical leftist station that becomes an instrument of incitement must not be allowed to broadcast to the public,” Danon insisted, saying that one of the employees of the station once expressed support for Palestinian statehood in an on-air discussion.


Not just censorship but demands that the radio cease competing with right wing stations!  This is called ‘creeping fascism’ and since the EU and US support this in Israel, it surprises me not even slightly to see this happening increasingly in the EU and US.  Suppression of public debate is very big.  Occupy Wall Street managed briefly to break down this wall of imposed silence but its message is greatly muted by being rewritten by our media.


Police brutality does bring shock of recognition, though.  The recent pepper spraying of peaceful demonstrators in Davis, California, did shock the government enough to back off.  Slightly.  But the dismantling of all the OWS camps moves onwards, relentlessly.  Once gone, the media will retell the story over and over, warping it more and more as time passes until it vanishes.


But the inspiration for our OWS camps has been violently suppressed as infuriated Egyptians demand their foreign-owned government resign and allow real elections:  Egypt: 22 killed as thousands continue Tahrir Square protest though it may be over 34 people killed at this point.  Our media and Congress has made a big, big thing about Syria killing demonstrators but note the lack of interest in the deaths in Egypt this time around.


We let them get rid of the past US/Israeli dictator.  But they are simply seeing a revolving door as the government of Egypt cannot be the Egyptian people any more than the US is allowed to run itself.  In the US, our media pushes us all apart from each other while simultaneously, herding us in a mass formation, to do things bad for ourselves.  That is, they want whatever Israel wants but don’t care so much about other matters.  Otherwise, the media would be attacking Congress for paying attention to Iran, rather than our budget crisis!


The Chinese dragon continues to grow more powerful.  Back when the Chinese bureaucrats came to live with me in New Jersey and learn about history and finance, I had them read the Kennedy book, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers‘ and they figured out that industrial power trumped banking power.  That is, when it comes to survival, the nations with the most energetic and deep industrial base wins.


The US top 1% tells us that banking power is real power.  Which is a naked lie.  To protect the bankers and enrich the speculators by destroying our own industrial base is the road to ruin.  But our media tells us, this is the golden road to wealth.  But forgets to tell us, it makes only 1% wealthy, the rest of us have seen a deterioration in finances.  Meanwhile, this news interests me since Japan moved a lot of its auto production to China and other Asian countries:  Toyota aims to sell more than 1 mil. cars in China in 2012 – The Mainichi Daily News.


Toyota colonized the US, too.  But still imports more cars here than it produces here.  But in China, all the cars they sell there have been produced in China.  I explained to the Chinese years ago, if they lure in factories from foreign powers, once they are established in China and the Chinese learn the skills for running and designing these things, they can then KICK THE OWNERS OUT.  And this IS the Chinese plan for the future.  I know this for absolutely certain.


Apple moved its factories from the US to China so look at this news:  AFP: Apple accepts payment in China’s yuan currency.  Yes, the Chinese are now beginning to buy more Apple products than Americans.  Once Congress is finished destroying our own economy at home, we won’t be buying too many Chinese/Apple imports, will we?  But that won’t matter to international corporations who will simply depart from the US forever when this happens, no?  Of course.

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20 responses to “Congress Works Only For AIPAC, Not US Voters

  1. There’s some satisfaction in telling the truth, isn’t there?

  2. I appreciate your insights and spot on observations.

    Those that are looking closely enough at current events and know the history, can see what’s going on. The others either don’t want to see, or are invested in a counter-narrative. Are we winning the hearts and minds, or are we just preaching to the choir?

  3. JimmyJ

    Crawford “Crof” Kilian has a good column about the Occupy movement, where he discusses the imposition of narrative on the largely unfocused movement by special interest groups. Here at “The Tyee”, a Vancouver BC based webzine:

    Jerry Pournelle also discusses that topic at his Blog, reminding us that,

    “It’s a very old political tactic used by both Communists and Fascists between the wars among other times: let someone else draw a crowd, then go exploit the attention.”

    Dare I say that Jerry is less forgiving than Crof about the movement.

  4. Claire Voyant

    For the clearest message about OWS and the campus pepper spray, these pictures are worth a thousand words (and a few good laughs):

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  6. mile

    i wondered what would a jury do to a sniper who stopped the pepper sprayer in his act…..? think i might as juror vote negligent homicide…..non prosecutable murder….???????????????? not just a technicality? self protection.?

  7. Why do the Repubs need AIPAC?
    Why do conservative DEMS vote for its wishes?

  8. HonoH Tron




    (一)因發現、命名、使用而取得的「原始權利」 (Inchoate Title)。

    (二)根據「大陸架公約」第二條規定: 「海岸國有行使發掘大陸架與利用其天然資源之主權權利 (Sovereign Rights)」 而取得的「主權權利」。


    第一步,收回原始權利 (Inchoate Title)。 釣魚台最早是由中國人發現、命名和使用的。據史籍記載,自從一四0三年至一九六九年這五百年間,中國人自由來往釣魚台,視為家常便飯,並且留下大量文字紀錄。近三十多年來,日本政府突然宣佈釣魚台為其治下領土,不許中國人自由往來釣魚台,剝奪了中國人五百年來自由來往釣魚台的權利,這不但違反國際法理,而且違背人類公理。


    第二步,積極行使主權權利 (Sovereign Rights)。美國總統杜魯門於一九四五年九月二十八日發表的有關大陸架的一項聲明指出:「美國政府認為大陸架之底土及海床所有天然資源,由土地連接國家行使管轄權,是合理及公正的。」根據該項聲明精神,聯合國於一九五八年簽訂了《大陸架公約》(Continental Shelf),其中第二條規定:「海岸國有行使發掘大陸架、與利用其天然資源之主權權利。」


  9. CK

    To the spoiled belong the victories.
    In the future you can count on the Vlad the Impaler® Rotisserie© ( not yet released to 3d printing) to handle even your most obese parasitic neighbour.

  10. Jason & Dana Hegna

    We refer to the advantage-takers of any nationality as the Sophisticated Advertisers as they understand human-nature and manipulate it for profit.

    Treason. That is a serious accusation. We also observe their actions as such, and, stand with you, Elaine.

    Courage, Lady Yoobermentch. We need you – all 7 billion of us on this dying planet.

    For the future, Yoobie. For the future.

    Sincerely, Dana (and Jason)

  11. ‘Yes, the Chinese are now beginning to buy more Apple products than Americans’
    yes well Chindia has 3 Billion!
    and the last 100 million added to USA population is mostly third world!

  12. RobG

    Well well. The S Koreans react to the latest ‘free trade’. I thought US law required all diplomatic agreements be approved by Congress? You never see this in the US.

    Wall Street Journal:

    Lawmaker Kim Sun-dong of the Democratic Labour Party struggled with security guards after he detonated a tear gas canister Tuesday in Seoul’s legislative chamber to try to stop the ruling Grand National Party’s move to ratify a bill on a free-trade agreement with the U.S.

  13. JimmyJ

    Everything ok there, Elaine? Not like you to miss a few days unless there’s some family health trouble.

  14. Henry Hub

    I remember when Americans would not tolerate anyone putting the interests of another country before the interests of the USA. After all we executed the Rosenbergs for treason which is never mentioned these days. But today the US congress is totally controlled by a foreign country: Israel. This is incomprehensible to me. This is treason pure and simple. The fact that someone like Dennis Ross could operate openly inside the US government for years as the agent for Israel is beyond belief. When will this country wake up?

  15. emsnews

    Actually, I was tremendously busy getting ready for winter due to my operation being before Xmas. I have to do everything now, not during the winter, that is, things where I have to walk around, carrying stuff, etc. Like, firewood.

    Normally, I go into the forest and cut firewood much of the winter. Last winter, we had so much snow, I couldn’t do this after the New Year. This year, I won’t be able to do it at all.

  16. Jason & Dana Hegna


    Uh-oh. The ‘carry-trade.’

    I identify with you somewhat (similar age, do some of the wood-thing, usw.), and, am sure you are aware of the arbitrage re: your physical efforts.

    When preparing for winter (in a mountain valley in MT), I try to tell myself to focus on even the most mundane of tasks, and remember that “the better is the enemy of the good” regarding ‘efficiency and quality control.’

    In other words, careful with your trapezii!!!


    Dana (& Jason)

    P.S. I don’t really know hardly anything about econ and finc; I only began learning from you a couple of years ago.

  17. Clzwld

    ????? “due to my operation being before Xmas”
    Is this the foot operation? and what is it your having done?
    Reseting a broken bone?

  18. emsnews

    No, my entire Achilles tendon is no longer very functional and has to be surgically replaced. A tendon from my big toe has to be moved there. So there will be two cuts: one on the heel and one on the toe and then my foot has to be totally immobilized for nearly two months while my heel heals (couldn’t resist that double heel!).

  19. Paul S

    Elaine: you frequently mention the media and its control by AIPAC and the MIC. I was wondering what use, if any, do these corporate owned media outlets, such as Fox and The New York Times, CNN,etc, do with polls? This being the Presidential campaign season there are alot of polls and–me being the suspicious type–I can’t help but think at least some of the polls are skewed to give “support” to whatever the media elites want people to think. What do you think about this? Example: I find it hard to believe the “support” I read that Herman Cain has among Republican voters. For two reasons. Number one, Cain is a goofball with no experience in governing much of anything (of course that is true of “Dubaya” ), and two, Cain is black. Aint no way in hell Republicans are going to vote for a black man for President.

  20. DeVaul

    Cain has been replaced by Gingrich as the new challenger to Romney.

    Amazing, isn’t it? Those are the new headlines. Here is another:

    “Second tier GOP candidates soldier on in hopes of last minute surge.”

    This is an oblique reference to Ron Paul, who will not go away and keeps winning official polls, only to disappear after the aberration occurrs.

    All news reporters deserve to be hung by the neck until dead. They know full well they are passing on blatant lies, if not actually creating them, and those who feel their job is only to read lines from a teleprompter cannot simultaneously claim to be “giving us the facts”. They never bothered to look for facts.

    This is why American Indians refused to be assimilated into Jewish culture. The incessant lying was not something they had ever seen or experienced before, nor could they ever live that way. Like other non-Jewish cultures, they had no real way of dealing with it. No way of countering it somehow. War was the only option for them. Non-jews prefer physical death to death of one’s soul.

    This Jehova based culture of incessant lying has been going on for 5 thousand years, taking off like a wildfire 2 thousand years ago with at least two more major religions devoted to Jehova spreading everywhere.

    Just as the total meltdown at Fukushima has presented mankind with an unsolvable physical problem, Jewish religion presents mankind with an unsolvable mental and spiritual problem. A culture dominated by incessant liars cannot “solve” anything, and to think that they can is simply delusional.

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