Climate Warming Taxes Shoot Upwards In England: Queen Benefits

It seems everything gets smaller as one gets older: The Queen looks unimpressed with how much her fleet has shrunk since last jubilee | Mail Online

What interests me greatly is the disharmony over global warming, nuclear power and looming nuclear warfare between NATO and China and Russia.  As we see the NATO countries all falling off the exact same economic cliff, struggling to stave off disaster via ZIRP borrowing but seeing that crash and burn, one country at a time, the hysteria on all fronts grow thanks to Fukushima destroying the main Asian pillar of EU/US power.  And the fear mongering is rising to a howl on all fronts as nuclear-armed NATO brandishes its nuclear weapons at a tiny Muslim country, Iran.  And the global warming people are screaming, we are all doomed.  Wow.


What a holiday season!  Naturally, Americans thundered into Black Friday, howling mainly for electronic goodies from Chinese elves working for Santa Claus.  Hysteria and violence ensued as desperate customers, looking for huge bargains, trampled and wrestled each other in a mercantile zoo, savages wanting foreign, alien goods that mysteriously appears on our shores, in exchange for pieces of worthless paper.


The sales of gigantic TV screens so the masses and immerse themselves in the alternative fantasy world of entertainment was probably 30% or more of Black Friday sales.  Facing reality is hard.  But then, I think NO ONE is facing reality, we are all in a dream world here.  Fears of nuclear war, for example, has been thrashed to death thanks to NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s dictators screaming about Iran and only Iran.  Disarmament of the Great Powers has been utterly tossed aside in favor of ‘upgrading’ the nuclear arsenals so they are even more dangerous than before.


Now, this news really irritates me or rather, makes me laugh since I have discussed how fear mongering has utterly taken over the climate science field:  Study shows climate sensitivity to CO2 less than extreme projections


Many previous climate sensitivity studies have looked at the past only from 1850 through today, and not fully integrated paleoclimate date, especially on a global scale,” said Andreas Schmittner, an Oregon State University researcher and lead author on the Science article. “When you reconstruct sea and land surface temperatures from the peak of the last Ice Age 21,000 years ago — which is referred to as the Last Glacial Maximum — and compare it with climate model simulations of that period, you get a much different picture.”


“If these paleoclimatic constraints apply to the future, as predicted by our model, the results imply less probability of extreme climatic change than previously thought,” Schmittner added.


This information is less than I wished for, that is, the scientist in question here admits that the global warming data is based on very slender information about the past.  The attempts by global warming scientists at eliminating the Medieval Warming centuries and the following chill of the Little Ice Age was criminal.  Fears of being warm and seeing the oceans change the shorelines has swamped fears of another Ice Age which would tremendously change the shorelines, too, not to mention, make half of the northern hemisphere totally uninhabitable.


Bit by bit, the Bilderberg gang has let go of the insane dream of becoming even more filthy rich thanks to the CO2 carbon tax/derivatives game they cooked up in their hot kitchen.  Due to much of the first world nations going off the economic cliff, thanks to too many bubbles, Rich nations ‘give up’ on new climate treaty until 2020:


The eight-year delay is the worst contemplated by world governments during 20 years of tortuous negotiations on greenhouse gas emissions, and comes despite intensifying warnings from scientists and economists about the rapidly increasing dangers of putting off prompt action.


After the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009 ended amid scenes of chaos, governments pledged to try to sign a new treaty in 2012. The date is critical, because next year marks the expiry of the current provisions of the Kyoto protocol, the only legally binding international agreement to limit emissions…


…Developing countries are furious, and the delay will be fiercely debated at the next round of international climate talks beginning a week on Monday in Durban, South Africa…


…Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA), and one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate economics, told the Guardian: “If we do not have an international agreement whose effect is put in place by 2017, then the door to [holding temperatures below 2C] will be closed forever.”


This sort of fear mongering is beyond silly at this point.  By warning everyone, the door is closed FOREVER, this means, everyone will shrug their shoulders and give up.  That is, cease caring.  When I look at the past, what I see is this terrible rhythm of long, grinding, terrible Ice Ages punctuated by very sudden, inexplicable but very noticeable warm cycles.  But in the main, we are still very much trapped in this global Ice Age cycle, not a hyper-warm cycle.


What causes the most fear for me, since I live firmly in the glacier belt of all of these Ice Ages, is, the end of warm cycles is every bit as sharp and sudden as the beginning of warm cycles.  We still have nearly no clear idea why this is happening to our planet.  All I know for certain is, the expansion of the human brain began exactly the same time as these Ice Ages.  We are the direct result of the violent psychological and physical emergencies of the sudden onset of glacial eras.


More: if there was only one Ice Age, we would not have evolved so swiftly but would still be living like the earlier homoerectus humanoids.  The yo-yo climate imposed on the earth, unlike previous climates which were either much warmer or very, very much warmer than today, is quite unstable and at the same time, kept the climate and ecology shifting rapidly which pushes evolution to move rapidly, too.


Back when fears of global warming first rose, people who appealed to the Bilderberg gang to be saves from being too warm were told, nuclear power would save everyone.  This, despite Chernobyl, was the main push by the Bilderberg people.  But Fukushima has utterly destroyed this process.  The alternative energy systems proposed were all supposed to be sops to those of us who oppose nuclear power but it was never seriously pushed which is why we see virtually no solar panels put on any first world buildings during the recent building boom due to the bubble economy.


Now, I have been against huge solar/wind farms and much more for citizens to own their own power production systems.  Which is exactly NOT what the rulers wish.  The wind farm debate in England has taken a very, very curious turn indeed:  Wind farms are useless, says Prince Philip.  The royals of Europe are the heart of the Bilderberg gang.


It amuses me to see them and other people who pretend to be scared of a warm planet, howling with rage whenever their own plots suddenly spring up in their own Garden of Eden backyards.  The Prince isn’t against wind power, he is against it interfering with his vast private estates and hunting preserves!  Duh!  As I keep saying, I detect NO fear of global warming at the very top of the 1% of society.  This .001% which is the leftovers of the Norman ruling elites, care only about themselves.  Duh!  As per usual.


The global warming taxes are now biting the peasants of England very hard.  Rage over this is rising as these peasants are now being asked to basically freeze to death so that the world won’t be warmer.  Theidiocy of this concept is obvious to me but oddly invisible to the Bilderberg gang.  The Prince Consort and his hausfrau don’t mind wind energy because the Queen’s £38m a year offshore windfarm windfall  will make them both very rich because she owns the ENTIRE seabed surrounding her domains, not to mention, all the pirate banking coves offshore, too.  


Under new measures announced by Chancellor George Osborne last week, the Royals will soon get 15 per cent of the profits from the Estate’s £6 billion property portfolio, rather than the existing Civil List arrangement….Experts predict the growth in offshore windfarms could be worth up to £250 million a year to the Crown Estate. There are already 436 turbines in operation around the UK’s 7,700-mile coastline – but within a decade that number is set to reach nearly 7,000.


Prince Charles is a vociferous campaigner for renew­able energy sources such as these, but is opposed to turbines being erected on land – particularly near his own homes.

Eventually, cold peasants will flood into the streets, demanding more global warming.  You can’t freeze to death if it is warmer, obviously.  Given the choice between cutting back on energy to save the planet while freezing to death, most sane peasants would happily choose a much warmer northern hemisphere.  Of course, everyone could move into igloos.  But I don’t see people opting for that.  Meanwhile, suicidally, the ruling elites haughtily tell the peasants to Expect more gas price rises warns Energy Minister Huhne as he insists government will pin back the increase.


Families will pay £280 a year in ‘green taxes’ by 2020 to fund the shift to wind, solar and nuclear power, ministers admitted yesterday…Households currently pay £89 a year on their bills for the green energy drive, but this will increase every year to reach £280 by 2020, according to the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

.The ‘taxes’ will provide almost £8billion a year towards the £200billion cost of vast wind farms, nuclear power stations, a new pylon network, and to put up solar panels.


I would suggest to the elites, they have their own taxes hiked greatly to pay for this, not forcing the freezing peasants to pay for this.  Indeed, taxing the top elites at a 90% rate will do several great things: it will prevent them from inhabiting huge palaces, flying around on private jets and sailing their huge private ships, and whatnot.  It would also make the peasants  happier since they will see their own taxes fall.  And it would save the planet, too!  By cutting back on energy use by the very rich!  Who are, UNIFORMLY, energy hogs from hell.


After all, according to the scientists working for the very rich, we are all going to die if it gets two degrees warmer, overall!  So, if this is a dire emergency, the very rich should uniformly, across the entire planet including all the oil sheiks and rulers of third world countries which claim they are doomed by global warming, to fix this terrible thing!  HAHAHA.  In a rat’s ass, of course.  In England, it is obvious who is paying for a resumption of the Ice Age cycle:  Pay shrinks by 3.5% in real terms but gender gap falls below 10% for the first time while Families need to spend £25,000 a year just to break even as cost of living soars.  Back to the article above about how we are doomed if we don’t tax pesky peasants for using energy to stay alive:


(Lord Osborne) said: ‘By 2020, we expect household bills to be 7 per cent – or £94 – lower than they would otherwise be without our policies.


‘Britain’s homes will be cheaper to heat and light than if we did nothing.’ His claim is based on a controversial assumption that families will make vast reductions in their electricity and gas bills by 2020 – wiping out the £280 in green taxes. It also assumes there will be a large uptake of government-backed schemes for insulation projects.


The revelation threatens to spark a revolt from consumers, who are suffering the biggest and longest squeeze on living standards in more than 60 years.


Nearly universally, during the strong currency years in Britain and the rest of the EU, the peasants of all these Bilderberg-ruled nations loved going on vacation in warm places in Asia and the Western Hemisphere.  Very few went to colder places.  Humans love warm weather, beyond a doubt.  Now, being squeezed between a rock and a warm place, they are being asked to make huge personal sacrifices in order to make things colder, not warmer.  An insane proposition.  Meanwhile, 2nd appearance of La Nina may portend frigid winter for Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Murayama believes another factor that is expected to cause Japan’s temperatures to drop is the Arctic oscillation.


“Air pressure around the north pole is higher than average years, while the pressure around Japan is lower,” he explains. “This will permit large cold-air systems to travel southward. In December, there will be a conspicuous chill extending from eastern parts of Japan to the west. Average temperatures will be lower than normal years, with cold days alternating with warm ones, on a recurring basis.”


And to watch the tentacles of the Great Ice Ages in miniature action, watch this video:  BBC Nature – ‘Brinicle’ ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic.  Those poor starfish!

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32 responses to “Climate Warming Taxes Shoot Upwards In England: Queen Benefits

  1. Claire Voyant

    Climate change models may be way off, according to several recent studies.

    A French team measured the ratio of argon to CO2 in gas bubbles trapped in Antarctic ice cores. Argon is highly sensitive to ambient temperatures, and, when measures of the ratio are matched with other temperature records, the results provide a more accurate dating method to answer the question : “Which came first, CO2 build-up or temperature change?” Climate change models typically place CO2 build-up ahead of climate change — and in fact, attribute it as a cause — but the team found the opposite: warming preceded CO2 build-up, not the other way around. It took about 800 years for the warming to trigger a big rise in CO2, too.

    Another team criticized the common use of faulty economics to predict a huge rise in CO2 emissions by developing nations in coming decades, which the models say would trigger disasterous climate change. Since the forecasting used 1990 as a base year, the researchers used back-casting to show that the underlying assumptions were way off: CO2 emissions had actually risen at only a fraction of what was predicted, and methane emissions fell instead of increasing significantly — making the prediction highly suspect.

    No model has been able to replicate the sudden drastic changes in temperature and precipitation that have taken place periodically in Earth’s history. Evidence from ice cores, ocean sediments and other parts of the geological record shows that abrupt changes have repeatedly taken place. But the current generation of big, complex models still haven’t been able to simulate the sudden transition of the area now known as the Sahara from a relatively lush, vegetated steppe to a dry desert, a transformation which happened over just a few decades between 5,500 and 9,000 years ago, nor can they replicate how, nearly 56 million years ago when polar and equatorial temperatures were similar, rapid global warming abruptly occurred. Temperature records from the last Ice Age show extreme fluctuations of as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, occurring suddenly during the period, which the models cannot recreate.

    All to say that there is much we don’t know about why the climate changes, and many factors that are either not included in the models, or not represented accurately.

    Certainly these flawed models give no reasons to force peasants to freeze!

  2. Urban Roman

    Did Al Gore ever send you that scrillion-dollar check for all the carbon your trees are capturing? And all the fossil- and fissile- fuel you don’t burn?

    … the check must have gotten lost in the mail …


    ELAINE: I am running to my mailbox down below, right now! 🙂

  3. Joseppi

    Likewise, if these scientific models on climate are incomplete, or flawed as some say, are we then exonerated from any possible culpability in continuing our flagrant CO2 societal flatulence?

    If this is so, I would imagine we are also granted absolution for continuing our feeding frenzy of consuming imported techno trinkets in exchange for sovereign IOUs.

    Americans are truly blessed with a God that is an obsessed sports fan giving all his attention to focus 24/7 on the big games and his anointed ones playing, while ignoring those lil’ planetary problems we doubting mortals in the bleachers are distracted with.

  4. Im in LA………It was hot today.
    Went to the beach.
    I want Global Cooling…but not TOO MUCH….

  5. ‘so the masses and immerse ‘
    do you mean ‘can’

  6. From what I hear UK has been in a depression for years.
    What info do any of you have?

  7. JDorian

    Looking at the opening article.
    Fitting that a German aristocrat should be given the highest British acolade of Lord High Admiral of the Navy.

  8. zip

    did you hear about this?
    a trial has been started, where over 750 persons are accused of the biggest theft of all times, over 1 trillion dollar…

    thecomplete info can be found here

    Click to access 11%20civ%208500%20Keenan%20Complaint.pdf

    or if not working

    Click to access aanklacht2311.pdf

    here some extra info

    is this real?

  9. zip

    to post above
    Is this the chinese dragon you are talking about?

  10. Alex Yam

    CO2 climate sensitivity ‘overestimated’

    Global temperatures could be less sensitive to changing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels than previously thought, a study suggests

  11. DeVaul

    Looks like Syria might be the flashpoint for a major war. Iran cannot be touched really. It is too strong, but Syria can be invaded and destroyed unless others intervene. Russia will lose its economic partner (arms sales) and bases for its warships in the Mediteranean, apparently, just as the Chinese lost their oil contracts in Libya.

    The pieces are already set. Our best aircraft carrier is in position to attack Syria, and Israel is right nearby. I cannot believe things will go down the same way as in Libya, though, since too many important countries border Syria, but who knows? One thing I do suspect: the West and OPEC want Syria destroyed because of its alliance with Russia. I cannot see any other real reason for so much attention to such a small country.

    Since Libya now lies in ruins, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can think that they will make money off of attacking Syria, but I guess a few do, and the “few” are the ones who make all the decisions now. Does Bashad have gold or something stored in Switzerland?

    This is insane, and yet I know it will happen. I have been reading up on the “Winter War” between Finnland and the Soviet Union. It was naked aggression to better the Soviet Union’s position in a future war with Germany. I wonder how many Arab countries America and Israel must knock off before they feel they are in position for the big one?

  12. Syria is being dismantled, among other things, because of it’s support for Hezbollah and it’s ties to Iran. Saudi Arabia and Israel have joined in an unholy alliance and Turkey has decided to take a big bite as well. Syria is already infested with Israeli/US Special Forces I’m sure. Like Afghanistan Syria is now an intelligence proxy war between various foreign factions. And like Libya the West and Saudi Arabia are arming various local tribes against each other to fuel civil war. They don’t care as long as there is no unity of purpose from the populace. Smashing Syria to pieces, like they did with Iraq, is seen as a worthwhile goal in itself.

    As for the US murder of the Pakistani soldiers in Pakistan. I wonder what that was all about. It has the feel to it of when Israel periodically murders UN personnel for no other reason than to show they can. Or maybe it was some kind of tit for tat for the downing of the helicopter with the Delta Force team on it not too long ago.

  13. Syria is being dismantled, among other things, because of it’s support for Hezbollah and it’s ties to Iran. ””’

    I’m not so sure liberated Syrians will be as pro west as you imagine, doesn’t seem to be happening in Egypt, ie demonstraters are actively anti Isreal

  14. I think the US is trying to co-opt the ”arab spring”, whether they are succesfull or not remains to be seen, They may be able to co-opt whatever gov., but the movements i believe are geniuine.

  15. @ziff house? Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that Syria is pro west at all. Rather, that it is Israel that hate the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Syria and Iran for their supporte of the Hezbollah, so this is a broad attack by Israel/SA/Jordan/Turkey/The US etc against the Shiite interests/opposition to Israeli/US etc designs on the region. It’s like a repetition of the Iraq/iran war – the US and Israel are only too happy to support Muslim blood shed and intra fighting. Pro west doesn’t even come into it as long as there is no united voice from independent Muslim nations.

  16. Remember those stupid “Colour revolutions” in the Ukraine etc. These were supported by the CIA/the Pentagon to ring in Russia. The West is doing the same in Libya and Syria and even Iran, only now they have dropped the colour part and is actively promoting with weapons and military training/leadership. Guess if a “colour” revolution is the “soft” approach the military one is the “hard” approach.

    Only this morning I see reports that France has sent military trainers to train Syrian “deserters” in bases in Turkey. Watch the propaganda campaign in the west that will hail the “Free Syrian Army” (think the Libyan NTC).

  17. JT

    They just want the tax money from energy.
    And the profits from carbon schemes.

    And they will fund only research that will support these schemes.
    Rich get richer and poor get poorer.
    It is that simple.

  18. “the Norman ruling elites, care only about themselves. Duh! As per usual.”

    So you’re saying that all the talk about God, Family, and Country is just that? TALK? But it’s worked so well all these years….

  19. Christian; i have to agree about intent as you say, but i’m still not convinced about the outcome. I can’t help but think those pro regime demonstrations are under duress. We can’t stand our leaders after 8 years imagine 40.

  20. Yeah, can’t think of anything positive to say about the Assad dictatorship really and I don’t doubt the need for a representative parliamentary system in Syria. But I think the West’s (not to mention the various Arab royalty) approach is hypocritical in the extreme and they have no more interest in an independent Syria than they have in an independent Egypt.

  21. emsnews

    Assad is a dictator. But then, we have a dictator here! Netanyahu!

    So, when does he get removed?

  22. I’d put the breaks on speculation about an imminent NATO attack on Syria since Russia is now sending warships to the region to better protect its interests there…

  23. WilliamMBoston

    Solar and wind may increase radically in usage, but they will still be just a tiny part of the total energy consumption in coming decades …

    Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2008

    Solar may have problems with EROI = energy return on (energy)investment, whereas wind is very attractive …

    Nuclear energy will remain a growing and important component of world energy production …

    Fukushima was preventable … although, the island of Japan, on the ring of fire, is a high risk place for building reactors. China, for example, has stated that its commitment to its nuclear energy expansion plan is unchanged.

    “If we do not have an international agreement whose effect is put in place by 2017, then the door to [holding temperatures below 2C] will be closed forever.”-Guardian (and above)

    Well, it is not fear-mongering in the estimation of the 98% of scientists who agree that human-generated CO2 is indeed nearing a tripping point, where once that threshold is crossed, an irreversible cascade of events will result in the inability of humans to stop a run-away climate change. From my analysis of the situation, I agree with them! And based on the politics of the situation and the choke-hold which corporations have on the world, I am sure Earth’s climate will hit the tripping point … since it is all tied in with economic “development” and “growth”.


    But, as some areas are devastated by global warming, other areas will benefit, to some extent.

    Florida disappears under the ocean … Nevada & SW USA cremate … Russia benefits as huge expanses of frozen tundra become fertile farmland, and the arctic becomes a trade route, as well as an energy bonanza. Upperstate NY gets warmer … I guess that counter-balances somewhat for the uber-$trillions losses of coastal cities due to epic flooding. Plusses and minuses. Unfortunately, with huge percentages of humans and their mega-cities on coastal areas, the minuses will swamp the pluses. Nonetheless, it does not appear likely to be an extinction event for man. Just a catastrophe of epic proportions.

    In fact, if the human race can stop the Zionists and their zombified band of rabid neocons from bombing and slaughtering and waging war on every country which agrees that the Palestinians have some rights to self-governance, dignity, basic human rights and unfettered use of the land to which they have ownership rights (caveat, 1967 borders), then perhaps more attention and financing can be given to mitigating the coming disasterous effects of global warming … since that job will require a worldwide herculean effort in terms of planning, employment and resource allocation.

    And I agree with you Elaine, better to be basking at Jurassic temperatures than to be buried under miles of ice … and if it were not for man-induced global warming, yes, the ice would be approaching.

  24. Urban Roman


    Your assertion is ridiculous. Fukushima was *inevitable*.

    It’s like saying Humpty Dumpty was an invincible superhero in leotards.

    Humans do not have a 500 year attention span, nor do they usually build things to last 500 years under nuclear-reactor conditions. Sooner or later, every single one of these Mark-1 ultraslow fission bombs will break down if not shut down in an orderly fashion.

  25. Urban Roman

    And shutting one of them down in an orderly fashion takes ~20 years, and costs maybe four billion dollars. This factoid we have from Switzerland, which has decided to do the right thing.

  26. emsnews

    Humans deforestation of rain forests is caused by people cutting down trees and overpopulation. The forests in the cold, cold north are growing, not shrinking. Ergo: stop the human overpopulation in jungles and voila: global warming will be fixed.

    But I see virtually no proposals that are realistic about stopping the massive human population surges in warm places. The only reason cold places still attract people is due to jobs and better social services still in the north but that is fading fast, too.

    Florida: it is an insane place to live, easily swamped by hurricanes. It has a history going back millions of years of being alternately swamped by oceans and then reemerging since NEVER have the oceans been at a ‘steady state’.

    It is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Freezing me to death won’t fix what is fundamentally wrong with Florida.

  27. Urban Roman

    Arrhenius felt the same way, Elaine.
    He published some of the earliest speculations on the effects of CO2 on weather, and concluded that it might help with Sweden’s miserably cold climate.

  28. JT


    “It is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Freezing me to death won’t fix what is fundamentally wrong with Florida.”

    Nor will the european master plan of sending tax money from energy users to India/China for investments.

    Seems to me the european master plan is making things worse not better.

  29. Uk ..poor freeze:

    180 pensioners died every day as a result of cold conditions during the 2010-11 winter months in England and Wales.

    The annual ‘Excess winter mortality’ report found that an estimated 21,800 people over the age of 65 died as a result of adverse conditions, on top of the average mortality rate for the same period of time (4 months from December 2010 to March 2011).

    Over-65s accounted for 84% of the overall 25,700 ‘excess’ deaths during the winter months.

    “The numbers of excess winter deaths are a disgrace,” said Michelle Mitchell, charity director of Age UK. “We like to think of ourselves as a civilised society which protects the most vulnerable but the numbers of older people who do not survive the winter here is far higher than most European countries where the weather is far colder.

    “These deaths are the tip of an iceberg of illness, misery and anxiety which grips Britain every winter,” she added. “The Government must do more to tackle fuel poverty and ensure that housing is better insulated.”

    Latest estimates from the Hills Review suggest that 4.1 million homes in Britain are living in fuel poverty – being forced to spend over 10% of household income to keep a “satisfactory” heating condition. Fresh concerns have also emerged over the rise of energy prices over recent months as EDF, British Gas, npower, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy and E. ON have all hiked prices- taking the average household energy bill up £161.

    “Many of our poorest pensioners, families and disabled people, put their health at risk by having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table this winter,” said Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus. “This is one of the most pres

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