NATO Attacks On Pakistan Backfire Big Time

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I get emails from Pakistan and one of them is from this political group of liberal Muslims there.  ‘Let’s build Pakistan!’ is certainly a fine slogan and attitude.  But that country is rife with violence and the US contribution to all of this is nearly entirely negative.  Worse, like in say, Egypt, the US funds the military there so it is out of the control of the citizens, for the most part.  I do hope that Pakistan can find a way out of its present bind!  But alas, we are seeing things becoming much more violent, not the opposite.


First, a dark reminder of the trillion+ debt dollars the US rang up so far in Afghanistan and Iraq:  US to Spend Over $6.5 Billion in Iraq Next Year.  This is mainly money for our military/industrial corporations that ‘privatized’ the Pentagon and the minute this happened, the Pentagon has been on a non-stop warmongering jag.  Duh!  No wars=lower profits!  So this nasty ball has to keep on rolling and to make profits greater and greater, the wars have to be larger and longer.  Duh!


The British empire, a dottering lion barely able to rouse itself for a pussy-cat’s meow, has finally decided to stop the very unpopular war in Afghanistan, an old client state:  Taliban paid £100 a month to stop fighting – Telegraph.  Now, this is coming from a government demanding draconian cuts in social welfare programs for British subjects!


The strategy has been designed to encourage rank and file Taliban to stop fighting and instead return to their communities with “dignity and honour”.

More than 2,700 insurgents have been reintegrated into mainstream Afghan society since October 2010, with 800 now described as “showing interest in leaving the Taliban”.
Of those, about 90 are from Helmand, where nearly 400 British troops have been killed and more than 5,000 injured.

The reintegration policy has already produced some startling results. In northern Afghanistan, about 900 former Taliban have left the insurgency and violence has decreased by 30 per cent.


HAHAHA.  They, unlike our government soldiers, fight for loot!   We can pay them to go home again.  But we can’t bring our own soldiers home since the billionaires who run our privatized military/industrial complex don’t want them to EVER come home.  Period.  No, they will be dragged from one war to another, the world has infinite possibilities to go to war and each will be fully exploited!


Lesson#1 in going to war is, never go to war against allies:  Anger Grows in Pakistan Over NATO Attack.    Pakistan official: NATO attack kills 24 Pakistani soldiers.  Oops!  Another goof by the ‘bomb everything that moves!’ gang.  I surmised, when we illegally invaded Pakistan to assassinate bin Laden, that this would make things much, much worse for US soldiers in Afghanistan and would shove Pakistan into China’s lap:  China backs Pakistan on Nato attack from Xinhua News, of course.


If the State Department wasn’t run by Netanyahu, we would have had semi-sentient beings there, ready to explain simple geopolitics based on historical facts of the past.  Of course, since the epics of Homer and the Old Testament of the Bible, we know that you do not attack allies.  Period.  It always leads to bad stuff happening.


Of course, Pakistan retaliates: US Must Vacate Suspected Drone Base.  I have explained in the past that any dope looking at a map can see that alienating Pakistan while being bogged down in Afghanistan is suicidal.  But of course, did Napoleon look at a map of Russia before invading?  No.  Did Hitler?  No, again.  Did the Kaiser?  Nope.  Seems that people who are insane look at a map of Russia and think, ‘This is a piece of cake, the country doesn’t look THAT big!’


Now, blame is being passed around.  Someone is responsible for screwing up Pakistan completely.  So, the Pentagon decided, it was our allies in Afghanistan!  Source: Afghan Soldiers Called in Deadly NATO Airstrike which is funny because I suspect this was deliberate, not accidental!  To be double sure, the Pentagon also says, in typical neo-Nazi fashion, NATO: Attack on Pakistani Soldiers ‘Self Defense’.  All nations invading neighbors or distant lands always claim, this is in self-defence.  No matter how many thousands of miles away, it is self defense.


Of course, after killing soldiers of an ally, a NATO chief tweets condolences to Pakistan.  I wonder what it said, ‘2 Bad, FK up, XXX sht happ.  wuz self D.’  Yup, just the perfect diplomatic response.  A tweet.  Couldn’t NATO send a cyber card with snowflakes on it?


Pakistan didn’t tweet back, ‘X die MF sht’.  No, Pakistan Cuts NATO Supply Lines After Alleged Border Attack .  Won’t sell them gas, either.  So, Drivers carrying NATO supplies through Pakistan fear attacks after Afghan border closed which should surprise no one since this is what happens when you attack an ally over and over again.  They attack back.  Duh!  Carl von Clausewitz probably didn’t even try to explain, ‘Do not attack your own allies,’ because it is so blatantly obvious, what would happen next.


The Afghan war will be twice as expensive now, no surprise to me and a joy for all millionaires and billionaires who run our privatized Pentagon.  Meanwhile, as the US wails about Syria, destroys Libya and kills in Yemen, our allies in Kuwait arrests activists for storming parliament.  Like the Egyptians and Pakistanis, they want democracy.  Saudi Arabia’s despotic, fat rulers threw up their dinner when they heard this news.


Back to our bosses in Israel:  Hamas: Israeli threats won’t stop a unity government:


At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom (Likud) criticized the Palestinian Authority for engaging Hamas, saying such moves disturbed any chance of jump-starting the defunct peace process.  Speaking to Army Radio, Shalom said that despite Israeli efforts to renew the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority, the political reconciliation between the historically rivaling Palestinian factions shows their disinterest in reconnecting with Jerusalem.


“We are at a critical point today,” Shalom told Army Radio. “Israel is trying to renew the peace process, but the Palestinians refuse any direct contact with us.”


So, of course, Israel to Cut Off Power, Water to Gaza if Unity Govt Formed.  Israel’s favorite talking point has been, the Palestinians are divided so we can’t negotiate with them.  When this suddenly seemed to change, the Zionists freaked out and they freak out all the time, all over the place, over the smallest things.


But the US dutifully went to Abbas and threatened him with poverty and pain so he backed off:  Faced With Israeli Threats, Palestinians Shelve ‘Unity’ Govt for now.  But the writing is on the wall that the Jews built to pen in the natives: morals matter and the Zionists have none.  The US continues to be the willing slave of the Zionists but as the proposed budget cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid fall like an ax on the head of the US bull, there will be rage and it will be directed at whoever is running our government.


Last of all is this nasty story about the US/EU looting expedition into oil-rich Libya:  Libya’s Economy Faces New Tests After Gadhafi Era : NPR


In their 2007 book on the Libyan economy, authors Waniss Otman and Erling Karlberg call the Libyan worker under Gadhafi “one of the most protected in the world,” adding that Libyans have a “subsidy mentality” and a “job-for-life outlook which has ill-prepared Libyans for the more aggressive and cutthroat world of competition.”


Ali Tarhouni, Libya’s acting finance and oil chief, says he hopes the new Libya will feature a smaller government and a larger and freer private sector, but he has no illusions that it will be an easy transition.


“The challenge here is that this is a welfare state,” Tarhouni says. “What makes it challenging is that right now the level of expectations of the people are very high, and that the government will deliver even more rather than less.”


And that, in a nutshell, is what we are all being offered: nothing.  Nothing at all.  Except misery and being tossed to the wolves who get to choose who to devour.  Yes, this is highly unpopular.  Europe is erupting in rage over this proposition.  The Egyptians are not rioting for cuts in social services and higher expenses for going to school, either.  Indeed, I detect not one social movement for less social services in any country on earth.


The Libyan people will probably try to rise up but they will discover that aliens in the US and EU own their military which will ruthlessly shoot them dead if they try to OWS at home.  Heck, we can’t even do that here, all the mayors have jointly worked with Homeland Security to end our own desperate attempts at trying to move Congress to think about the people, not the military industrial mega-millionaires.  Some of whom happen to be running Congress.

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11 responses to “NATO Attacks On Pakistan Backfire Big Time

  1. Occasionally suffer fools: you man learn something of value. But never argue with them.

  2. “The challenge here is that this is a welfare state,” Tarhouni says. “What makes it challenging is that right now the level of expectations of the people are very high, and that the government will deliver even more rather than less.”

    Well, who the hell wants a government that delivers less than more? And you know that what you used to have will end up in the pockets of profiteers abroad and a few fat cats at home?

  3. Plove

    Afghans close NATA highway permanently. Cut to Plan B.

    Nuremberg re-ups for Zionazis.

  4. I love those tweets, lol. How bout:

    Big O to our foreign Dictator… “dinner tonite? U bring the barrel, I’ll provide the pork.”

  5. Claire Voyant

    We don’t have to go to Libya to find evidence of brutal citizen suppression

    In a series of coordinated attacks which shut down parks and public plazas all over America, OWS has been savaged for no other reason than that the movement scares hell out of the ruling elites and their little money scams. According to the infamous Mayor of Oakland, these ‘spontaneous’ shutdowns were carried out by mayors and cops in 18 cities consulting behind closed doors with the Department of Homeland Security on how to suppress citizen protests.

    But our system of government is supposed to prohibit the creation of a federalized police force. It forbids federal or militarized involvement in municipal peacekeeping. Clearly in the case of the “dirty hippies” vs. the corporate elites, these rules were bent, as always, in favor of monied interests

    The DHS can’t just act on its own initiative.
    It is answerable up a chain of command that leads directly to New York’s right-wing Representative Peter King, head of the House homeland security subcommittee, then to Congress, and finally to the President. Observing the chain of command leads one inescapably to the conclusion that pumped-up militarized police forces, encouraged by the DHS and with approval of Congress and the White House, used force against peacefully assembled citizens petitioning for the right to be heard and to have their legitimate interests represented.

    Since OWS is heavily surveilled and infiltrated, many are speculating that the movement’s emerging agenda has touched a political third rail. The OWSagenda calls for reinstating Glass-Steagall, and for eliminating egregious conflicts of interest that stink of the corrupting influence of filthy lucre. For example closing a little-known loophole that allows Congress to pass legislation affecting the profits of Delaware-based corporations in which they themselves are investors. Eliminating the ability of Congress to profitably massively by trading on confidential information learned in closed-door hearings.

    Gingrich-style inflated fees to lawmakers-turned- lobbyists are common knowledge. But the emerging awareness that congressmen and women are actually legislating their own companies’ profits is sure to spark public outrage.

    It is this knowledge that must be violently suppressed, say the 1%.

  6. Your hypothetical tweets were pure LOL!!! spot on

  7. JT

    You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss…

    “Executive Order 6102 required U.S. citizens to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, all but a small amount of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve, in exchange for $20.67 (equivalent to $350.43 today) per troy ounce. Under the Trading With the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended on March 9, 1933, violation of the order was punishable by fine up to $10,000 ($167,700 if adjusted for inflation as of 2010) or up to ten years in prison, or both. Most citizens who owned large amounts of gold had it transferred to countries such as Switzerland.”

  8. DeVaul

    Turkey allowed 600 Libyan mercenaries to cross the border into Syria to help support the “Free Syria Army”. They look like the same South American paramilitary men I noticed during the Libyan war. They do not even look or dress like Arabs.

    A Russian aircraft carrier battle group is heading to the Russian port in Syria. They will arrive in December sometime. I hope this will end an attempt to attack Syria by means of Nato, but who really knows what our insane leaders will do.

    Dictators, mercenaries, religious fanatics, bankers, aristocrats, admirals, missiles, warplanes, and spies all make for a super dangerous toxic mix.

  9. CK

    If you can believe the current received history, empires at their final blow off indulge themselves in multiple foreign distractions to keep the home province populace aroused and excited and patriotic.
    Iran and Syria will provide unwilling but acceptable blowoff distractions.
    And if you don’t like it, you can re-read the text of the latest senatorial masturbatory fantasy bill to passed, the USA ( 50 states, 1 captiol territory, and all the overseas colonies ) is to be considered a war zone. In an active war zone, the constitution does not apply, the federal state and local level of enacted laws is null and void, the bill of rights is moot.
    We can thank the lidkudnik Levin and the collaborator McCain for this. But really folks you can thank yourselves for this. You wanted this USA and you are getting what you wanted good and hard.

  10. emsnews

    Yes, they are debating a bill turning our entire nation into a war zone.

    Alas, this may come true, too! Yes, we spread the seeds of revolt to say, Syria or Libya but the real growth of these seeds will be here in the US, eventually. OWS is just a small gasp, not changing a thing.

    The armed uprisings are in the future. Once our government goes entirely bankrupt a la Russia in 1914. Or France in 1782.

  11. @Elaine: Actually the mayors didn’t work with Homeland Security proper but one of its non-profit, private-sector creatures: The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).

    And the billionaires’ Senate just passed the defense approporiations bill with all the domestic military detention provisions intact including the enormous loophole that will be the wet dream of the millionaire and billionaire owners of the private sector prisons and the prison construction and management firms.

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