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US High Gasoline Prices Due To Exporting US Gasoline To EU

Gasoline Price History

A brief look at this gasoline price index shows us that we are in a volatile state where the price of gasoline will jerk around quite a bit depending on how many oil-exporting countries the NATO regime wants to threaten plus the relative value of the dollar versus other currencies.  What we see today is something rather ironic: the US oil producers are importing oil from Mexico, Canada and using oil from home fields to refine and then…EXPORT.  This way, they make better profits overseas just like our manufacturing powers are doing and this causes inflation at home plus we have the burden of ever-higher trade deficits since we import a lot of oil to refine and then sell.  A lose/lose for Americans but a win/win for international oil merchants!  Who own our government every bit as much as AIPAC.  And both work in tandem, choosing which Muslim oil exporters to attack next. Continue reading


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Israel Is Hellish Even For Jews Due To Jewish Bigotry

As Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia work feverishly to destroy Iran, all three nations are falling apart due to internal hatreds and the many, many contradictions of policies.  For a bunch of heavily armed nuclear powers that invade other countries or racist nations that persecute religious minorities or economic powers interested in only expanding themselves at everyone’s expense, this trio of destroyers want the entire planet to attack lonely Iran and destroy it like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  But this game is coming to an end due to internal strife in these three repressive regimes. Continue reading


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As I Predicted Two Years Ago, China And Japan Form Powerful Currency Union

As I showed clearly for years now, logically speaking, Japan has more reasons to be united with China in both military and economic matters.  It was only a matter of time, when this EU-type union would come to exist.  Well, as I predicted for quite a while, Japan SECRETLY made many moves towards this union while putting up a display of military power for the US to fool us into thinking, they were great allies and not someone ready to divorce us and marry someone else. Continue reading


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Ron Paul Versus CNN Gloria Borger And Her DC Lobby Husband

The Jewish media mavens spent a very busy Xmas eve attacking Ron Paul and then crowing that they drove him off from being interviewed, oh, isn’t he a terrible man?  I was rather drugged up this holiday and couldn’t write about this pressing topic but now have reduced the medicines sufficiently to be able to write again.  All one has to do is look under various biographical rocks to see why CNN, a branch of AIPAC, chose to use the hired Jewish hitwoman, Cynthia Borger, to attack this menace to Jewish exploitation of the Pentagon and Congress. Continue reading


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The Christmas Catastrophe

In the history of the Western European and American religious cycles, Easter used to be the biggest event.  But ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Christmas took over that position and has grown to monstrous size.  This is due to it being a major ‘gift-giving’ entity.  Retailers have created a monster that is the major focus of nearly all economic activity overall.  That is, a huge hunk of our economic sales situation revolves around Christmas sales.  The economy reels from one Christmas to the next with a hysteria/depression annual cycle that has unhinged our economy from any sane activity and turned it into a lopsided lurching monster that is highly unproductive and stressful. Continue reading


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Surgery A Success But Aftermath Extremely Painful

The operation was a success.  But terribly painful.  I am home now but can’t walk at all.  I have to keep my left foot constantly elevated.  Which means little mobility for the next week.  After that, I can use crutches as well as the wheelchair.  This temporary disability makes me a bit more aware of the towering adjustments and difficulties people who are disabled face every day.  Thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, disabled people gained many more justified rights and changes in how things are done so they can be part of society. Continue reading


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A Cold Day In Hell (Heh, My Operation Today)

Today, the surgeon will try to fix my broken Achilles tendon.  When I was a child and read about poor Achilles whose only weak spot was where his mother gripped him on the ankle to dunk him in the magic power brew, I thought it was very odd that being hurt there would lead to him being killed.  Well, doing anything with a severely damaged Achilles tendon is nearly impossible!  No wonder the poor guy couldn’t even limp away from his attackers!   Continue reading


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