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NATO Banking Mess Creates Global Insurrections And Wars

Cairo erupts in second day of violent clashes

Even as NATO desperately tries to find excuses to invade Syria, a country high on the Zionist list of control, the main excuse is, ‘Demonstrators are being killed,’ demonstrators in many countries controlled by NATO such as Egypt, have vast clashes, killing many unarmed civilians.  Egypt is now, as I predicted last spring, entering Stage II of all revolution: the moderate reactionaries who took over after the dictator was removes are still working for the top 1% and now the demonstrators are beginning to realize, they have to fight violently for control.  The victory of Muslim power groups, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, has driven the 1% to madness, so they simply decided to become an open dictatorship, again. Continue reading


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WWII Korean Sex Slaves Demand Justice From Japan

Unlike Germany, Japan never had to pay reparations for their crimes of empire.  The US decided early on to let this slide.  The Japanese crimes against the US was very small.  Bur against China and Korea, gigantic.  The communists who took over China were not allowed to collect reparations nor could the Koreans who were bitterly divided by the communist revolution thanks to Chairman Mao’s influence.  But today, Japan wants full relations with both countries.  But still cannot bear making good for past war crimes. Continue reading


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Ice Cold Canada Leaves Kyoto Accords For Sensible Reasons

My home encased in ice and snow this last week.

At this point in time, I consider the Kyoto Accords to be worthless.  They had no chance of reducing actual CO2 because they didn’t propose solutions to what is the real problem: over population in the warmer parts of the planet.  The practical action of the global warming program was simple: heavy taxes on people living in cold climates and a transfer of funds to hot places where the cutting down of rain forests is worsening year by year due to population pressure.  Instead of taxing people in hot places to fix a problem that would affect them the most, it went after people living in semi-Ice Age conditions. Continue reading


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Pakistan And Iran Attack US Over Illegal Drone Attacks

Iran claims its experts almost done recovering data from captured US drone which they plan to use in a lawsuit against the US aggressors-  According to the AP (which I am not allowed to quote extensively) ‘The officials spoke anonymously in order to discuss the classified program.’  This one line is particularly funny as well as depressing.  The entire spy drone/secrecy issue sounds so Soviet, I have to rub my eyes to see if I ought to write in Cyrillic rather than Roman letters. Continue reading


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Secret Report On Israeli Jews Creating One Way ‘Free Trade’ With The US

The very, very first ‘free trade’ deal ever made was secret.  It was with Israel.  It was pushed through Congress via Jewish financiers bribing our representatives so they would agree to what basically became one way trade with Israeli corporations.  That is, they exported to the US while the US exported nearly nothing to Israel except for military goods which were paid for by US taxpayers rather than the Israeli Jews who wanted these top-tier weapons.  On top of this, Israel stole uranium for weapons from the US. All of these deals and thefts were kept TOP SECRET to  keep knowledge of these things from the US voters.  The US media works, to this day, to cover up this information.  Therefore, the court push to force the US government to declassify trade information relating to Israel is not reported by our media.  They have ignored this information nearly totally.


For this is highly verboten in the US: to know of how all these incredibly crummy deals for us were pushed through, secretly.  And how, once pushed through, this opened the door to everyone creating identically incredibly crummy deals with us so that the US has now run perpetual, very huge trade deficits with nearly everyone we trade…and this isn’t ‘trade’ at all, this is one way exploitation of the citizens of the US who are seeing our lives significantly deteriorate as the years pass.


Up  until the secret trade deals that benefit only the Jews in Israel and their partners here, the US was against trade deficits.  We foolishly allowed this with Germany and Japan, the two empires we supposedly defeated in WWII but who were now seen as the bulwarks against communism, even with allowing Germany and Japan to run trade surpluses with the US, we fought furiously over the floating fiat currency values in various venues.  With the Bretton Woods negotiations, we mainly wanted them to make their currencies stronger, not weaker.


This way, we hoped to keep the Cold War business rolling along and strengthening Japan and Germany but not turning our own economy into a cesspool.  In the midst of these very tough negotiations over trade, along came a group of Jewish financiers who wanted privileged trade with the US and Israel designed to milk the US while protecting Israel.  So these geniuses came up with the ‘free trade’ scheme that worked 100% against US interests.  This theology has taken over our business schools and politics to the point, virtually no one dares go against it even as the numbers continue to show massive bleeding of red ink in this all-vital sector. Continue reading


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German EU Power Freaks Out US And UK

I have been very busy and increasingly disabled while preparing for my impending surgery next week.  On top of this, the internet and electricity was cut for a number of hours due to the recent snow storm.  Meanwhile, the planet earth continues to revolve on its axis and winter continues to sharpen its icicles and Europe seems to continue downwards, on an ever-steepening slope.  How bizarre is this?  One of the strongest currencies on earth until this fall has been the euro.  And this is exactly why Europe is prostrate.  The floating fiat currency regime, during unimpeded free trade conditions, always means the strongest currencies kill their home base economies!  Strength=fatal weakness.   Continue reading


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The Complex And Dangerous Geology of Fukushima

I have been kept busy going to doctors today, getting ready for surgery in ten days, so I came home finally, tonight, to write about Fukushima, yet again.  This event in Japan is a watershed moment for humanity.  Shall we endure a warmer climate or surround ourselves with thousands of nuclear power plants?  This is a pressing question which has one strong answer: no way in hell will we fix anything via nuclear power!  It is hopelessly dangerous and once it gets out of strict controls, it is amazingly destructive and hard to deal with, as we see in Japan, a first world nation, not a floundering communist state in collapse.  But then, Japan is a mercantile capitalist state going into collapse even before the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Continue reading


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