Japan Has More Earthquakes Plus Trade Deficit

Strong quake jolts eastern, northeastern Japan

Another big and this time, very deep earthquake has shaken Japan, this time, in the most dangerous trilateral zone where three major tectonic plates crash into each other.  This is the system that created Mt. Fuji which can erupt at any time now.  But Japan has been laid to waste already due to poor choices made by Japan’s leaders.  They made bad choices in the past and we know from history, once they choose to march off a cliff, nothing will stop them, not even the possibility of annihilation.  Today, I am looking at how Japan’s statistics are suddenly all turning to deficits or in the red.  This is a series of alarm bells going off in this cultural sinking ship.

In Japan, they recently had music awards and the group that swept all categories was this: Japan’s 2011 pop music scene in retrospect: Is this really what the general public wants? – The Mainichi Daily News  AKB48 – 少女たちよ (西武ドーム LIVE 2011) – YouTube

A bunch of high school girls wearing uniforms, mouthing ‘music’ while not actually singing!  And they are super-surgar-coated J-pop in its worst possible neo-wedding cake juvenilia.  This is a country that is literally dying due to lack of family formation, lack of maturity and lack of social responsibility and naturally, the most popular entertainers are childish giggling girls who pretend to be virgins and unaccessible.  More than one Japanese commentator is horrified by this.


The one place Japan is literally bleeding red ink in in population statistics:  Japan’s population decreasing at fastest postwar rate – The Mainichi Daily News



The estimated number of newborn babies in 2011 fell to a record-low 1,057,000, down by 14,000, while that of people who died in 2011 hit a record-high 1,261,000, up by 64,000, according to the survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


The industrial and financial samurai know this means bad stuff in the future.  But just like in WWII, they are paralyzed and unable to lift so much as one finger to stop this catastrophe.  The inability to form stable families is hammering the US.  We have illegal aliens flooding into the country and desperately having babies here because this makes them citizens.  But aside from that, the main baby producers here tend to be welfare families who see children as meal tickets.


But they are producing children increasingly unable to participate in any future economy here so they have created a social underclass of unemployable young adults who cannot get married.  Marriage rates in the black community have fallen to catastrophically low levels, for example.  Japan doesn’t let in foreigners hardly at all so the decline there is absolute, swift and gathering steam, not going away.


Here is an example of an article worried about if it is now OK to run trade deficits as well as record budget deficits at the same time since the US does this:  Trade deficit not necessarily problematic, but is for Japan – The Mainichi Daily News.  The answer is obviously, ‘No.’


More and more systems in both the US and Japan are going straight to hell.  Here is one of many, many examples:  World Bank, World Development Indicators – Google Public Data Explorer

Japan has been straight downwards while the US, due to the dollar being the world currency until this last week when Japan and China threw that overboard in Asia, so we had some slight stability trending downwards but now it is tracking straight downwards, big time.  But Japan is worse, it has no ‘up’ trending at any point.

Per capital GDP shares are going down for both the US and Japan.  In Japan, it has for a long time, the last 20 years after shooting upwards.  The recent rise in these stats isn’t due to Japan’s people suddenly getting more income but rather, the dollar falling drastically against the yen.  In general, both US and Japanese GDP shares are stagnant or falling.  We see this more clearly if both are tabulated in euros.

The US international bankers lied to us when they told us we could export our way to prosperity.  It ain’t happening.  It is obviously not happening and now, it no longer is happening to Japan.  Japan is now running in the red in trade just like the US and this, despite trying desperately to prevent any equal trade with us.  China is hammering Japan in world trade.


Then there is Fukushima.  Until Mt. Fuji suddenly and INEVITABLY erupts and it will erupt, Fukushima remains the daily nightmare of Japan.  Here is a horrifying interview of the head of Japanese military forces:  GSDF commander says he thought Japan done for as he faced Fukushima nuke crisis – The Mainichi Daily News



Q: Were you afraid of being exposed to radiation?

A: Since it was a totally unexpected mission, SDF members were extremely worried about it. The deputy commanding general who led forces in the disaster areas visited them first, confirmed the situation and reported to me with a smile: “There’s no problem.” This reassured members of the force, and allowed them to calmly carry out their mission. I received a report that a radiation alarm was constantly beeping while water was being sprayed from fire engines (onto the reactors). However, all those involved in the work were dressed in protective gear and managed their radiation doses, so I wasn’t worried much.


Yes, they fixed that problem by simply lying to the soldiers.  And the Japanese people, too!  This caused ‘calm’ but it was a deadly calm.  True, not  one soldier died today. But tomorrow is another sad story.  The pro-nuclear power people love to ignore the future and pretend ‘no one dies’ when people do die, painful deaths, but after the fact, not right away.


Q: Did you assume the worst-case scenario?

A: I arranged models on a map in the commander’s office without being noticed by my subordinates, and repeatedly simulated expansions of the evacuation zone to 100 to 200 kilometers from the power plant. At one point, I thought Japan was finished. We never use the phrase, “beyond the scope of assumptions.” We can’t respond to a catastrophe unless we place even the worst possible situations within the scope of our assumptions.


A 200 km zone would have forced Tokyo to evacuate.  Since everyone at the top was lying to the people, who trusts their government?  The lack of interest in prying open the dark minds that are leading Japan to destruction baffles me.  Do the people there imagine someone is going to save them?  The answer is no.


Q: What do you think are some future challenges for the SDF regarding responses to nuclear crises?

A: We can’t conduct exercises for dealing with nuclear crises unless the government clarifies how far the SDF should be involved in responding to them. Nuclear accident response drills had been held in various parts of Japan but they were just a formality, because of the long-held myth that nuclear energy was safe. However, we should learn from the ongoing crisis and work out effective measures.


What sort of drills can they have?  We should have mass emergency evacuation drills where people living within a 50 mile radius of a nuke plant have to pretend they are leaving home forever.  Yes, FOREVER.  This should give them a realistic clue of what a real evacuation is going to entail.  Right now, I see the US doing zero mass evacuation drills and they are exposing people to terrible future dangers by refusing to do this.


They won’t do this because it would take exactly one drill to drill into people’s heads, the fatal error of nuclear power.  Once there is a disaster, this might mean the end of all of one’s life possessions, one’s community and one’s homes.  Period.  Japan is running in the red and so is the US and both country’s leaders want to dominate Asia which has got to be one of the stupidest plans ever hatched on earth.  Give it up.  Save ourselves, we and the Japanese people must focus on that.  It is literally life and death.

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9 responses to “Japan Has More Earthquakes Plus Trade Deficit

  1. reader

    7.0+ richter earthquakes 1980-2011

  2. Jake

    Great idea Elaine!

    Forget all the in-depth analysis and bring us more nubile asian females!

    Just like the american media…we NEED us some distractions!

  3. JimmyJ

    Speaking of nubile asians, a friend is ‘visiting’ a resort area in the Philippines, chock full of misogynist Western tourists and ex-pats along with desperately poor Philippinas looking for ‘stable’ gentlemen. It’s difficult to fathom the extent of self deceit in that kind of lopsided arrangement. But it’s not uncommon to find the justification of ‘helping’ the family, and ‘devoted women’. I bug my friend about the immorality of this. He agrees but goes ahead anyway. I could collect a lot of souls if I weren’t corrupt myself.

    Maybe in a few generations asian misogynists will be shopping in North America.

  4. Jake

    A few generations? I see white women already giving themselves to “rappers” and other of their ilk just because they see it in media that somehow it is “cool”, or whatever term is being used today.

    american women are just as stupid as american men, but they have that extra dimension of being vapid…at least the young ones.

  5. kenogami

    Canadian medical association blast Japanese government over Fukushima:


  6. WilliamMBoston

    Great news on new technology to save on transportation costs …

    You’ll love this one Elaine ….


    Nuclear trains, which can also double as portable nuclear power supplies.

    Well, it also mentions prior U.S. plans for nuclear powered cars and vacuum cleaners; but they were scrapped.

  7. WilliamMBoston

    @ Jimmy]
    I wonder if you intended to use “misogynistic” as it is defined: “reflecting or exhibiting hatred, dislike, mistrust, or mistreatment of women.”

    You saying your friend has that attitude toward Philippine women?

  8. WilliamMBoston

    Countries have to accept the fact that the policies, programs and social structures which they establish directly and indirectly affect the population growth rate. So instead of espousing some Catholic-like abrogation of responsibility for what the population growth rate will be, every country should accept responsibility for whether the population is increasing, steady or declining. China decided to radically reduce its population growth in MAO years and to today. Russia has just recently embarked on efforts to increase the population. It’s always quite easy to increase or decrease population growth by implementing fairly simple and basic changes to tax laws, social programs and patriotic appeals.

    On that note, another important facet of society for which every country should accept responsibility is their wealth distribution curve. Instead of playing stupid and naive (and Catholic-like) and pretend it is all just a wonderfully optimum outcome of free market forces, every country should (1) accept being responsible for what their wealth distribution curve is, (2) decide (democratically) what wealth distribution curve is most acceptable for the society and (3) accept responsibility for enacting and implementing programs, tax laws and policies which will bring about that wealth distribution curve.

    Regarding the wealth distribution curve, the U.S planners, under the influence of the greed of the most-wealthy, play the stupid “aw shucks, it’s just how free market forces have optimized it for the benefit of all” and “we can’t mess with free market forces.” That lie has to be exposed, as being a lie. And responsibility has to be accepted for deciding on what the wealth distribution curve will be.

  9. A few generations? I see white women already giving themselves to “rappers” and other of their ilk just because they see it in media that somehow it is “cool”, or whatever term is being used today.-Jake

    Racism much jackass? I find it curious that the ‘rappers’ you pejoratively accuse white women of defiling themselves with don’t qualify as actual Americans. Naturally free-will doesn’t play into any of these scenarios so white girls who “transgress” in this way should be ostracized (or worse?) like its 1955.

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