World Trade And War Issues Should Be Top Topics This Election

The uproar over the looming election for President of the US Knesset government is in full bellow as the media and politicians who service Israel unite to try to stop him, we get struggles to see if we can be distracted by side issues.  War and peace: this is the #1 issue facing our nation.  Our looming bankruptcy is directly tied to our wild war spending, for example.  Social Security will cease to exist if we persist in warmongering all over the planet.  Our diplomacy is in tatters because it no longer does smart diplomacy, it is nonstop threats of war interspersed with actual attacks.


The nightmare of our present situation is clear as day when we look at what is happening in Israel:  While America shuts down fire houses, cuts infant nutrition, US subsidizes Israel army sushi courses | The Electronic Intifada

Demobilized soldiers will be able to study Asian cooking this year at the government’s expense, as part of an effort to reduce the number of foreign workers employed as cooks in Asian restaurants by training Israeli professionals to replace them.


The main funding for the IDF comes from Uncle Samuel in DC.  These people firmly believe that the US public is a golden goose that lays daily golden eggs which can then be shipped overseas.  Our value as a nation is seen as a golden goose which can support infinite imports and the offshoring of nearly all jobs.  Congress, rather than fighting these people, is working for them.  So, whenever Israel wants something of ours, they get it.  This is a minor but telling example.


As US soldiers go insane like the man who murdered and then died on Mt. Rainier in Washington, as they struggle to find jobs which are hard to get since many of these have been sent overseas, we see our tax dollars supporting the welfare and future employment of Jewish soldiers in Israel!  This should infuriate all vets in the US except virtually none of them will ever hear this news.  Only by searching foreign news services online can one find these stories.


It’s shocking for two reasons – one is the xenophobia that is rising to astonishing heights in Israel: not even the cooks of foreign cuisine can be foreign (I’ll come back to this) – but because of what it says about how Israel is using US military aid at a time of drastic cuts and austerity for American citizens.


And yes, one of the ‘distract everyone’ ploys this winter aimed at eliminating the only antiwar candidate, Ron Paul, is ‘racism’.  This, from a gang that enthusiastically supports rank racism in Israel.  The debate should be about this racism.  It is hyper-important since it has infected our nation fatally.  The idea that ethnic cleansing is OK is a terrible evil that can turn the US into an assorted collection of hate-filled states engaged in vicious civil wars where people of various tribes or beliefs battle each other for physical territory.


The inability to discuss pressing, important issues afflicts our NATO allies in Europe.  Deeply Divided  : New Greek Government Runs Out of Steam – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International


Instead of getting down to business, they are absorbed in policy wrangling that seems absurdly trivial given the scale of the tasks they face. At a cabinet meeting last Thursday, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos and Transport Minister Makis Voridis of LAOS fell out over a draft law to accelerate amicable divorces. Marriage, Voridis argued, was “a central component of our value system” — therefore LAOS could not agree to the law. Papademos remained silent.


This is so like the US!  We have had many debates about the sanctity of marriage even as the institution crumbles under the feet of gay-hating Christians.  In many countries, it is disappearing entirely.  But it is a social force, not a political issue!  Saving ‘marriage’ is like saving someone who is a drunk.  No one is really interested in saving the Victorian-style marriage because they mostly hate it!  Virtually no politician worried about divorce hesitates for one minute to divorce their spouses and run off with a new edition!


So why bother even worrying about it?  The loss of jobs, unfair taxes on families can impact marriages and be important for political discussion but only if this means talking about why the upper 1% of the NATO countries is suddenly so filthy rich while the middle class which is the marrying class, is perishing!  Marriage isn’t dying, the ability to be married is too expensive!


The transitional government started out with a lot of goodwill from the Greek public, but it has lost that trust in record time. When it was formed, some 48 percent of Greeks said they had confidence in the government — but only 26 percent still do today. And the proportion of Greeks who distrust Papademos has surged to 65 percent from 38 percent. Almost four out of five Greeks now think their country is heading in the wrong direction.


Public sentiment is unlikely to be improved by the publication of the private assets of the country’s 572 leading politicians. It’s no surprise that party leaders and members of government are well-off — all lawmakers have had to disclose their finances for years.
But attention has focused on 11 politicians whose 2009 asset statements reveal that they withdrew substantial sums from their accounts, and who are refusing to say where the money went.


The media’s favorite candidate for the GOP race is a multimillionaire hedge fund monster.  He is exactly what is wrong with our society.  The questions about his wealth, how he has actively destroyed US jobs and is destroying our finances is a pressing issue.  Yet, it is barely mentioned here.  In Greece, it is increasingly a huge issue!  So, the politicians fiddle a wedding song while the masses burn the barricades outside.  Let them eat a wedding cake!


The recent earthquake to shake Japan has caused more problems at Fukushima:  TEPCO says water level in tank at Fukushima nuclear dropped due to quake – The Mainichi Daily News



Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said on Jan. 2 that the level of water in a tank for the No. 4 reactor at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant dropped “abnormally” after an earthquake measuring up to 4 on the Japanese scale of 7 struck the Kanto and Tohoku regions on New Year’s Day.


According to TEPCO, the water level in the tank drops about 1.6 centimeters per hour under normal conditions due mainly to natural evaporation. But after the earthquake on Jan. 1, the water level was dropping by eight to nine centimeters per hour.



Every time they assume things are under control, this happens.  Japan is a stupendously unstable geological entity.  It should never, ever had even one nuclear power plant.  Not that the US is that much better, we did the same thing!  Corruption is rife in the Japanese nuclear arena just like here:  Nuclear safety panel received donations from industry: report ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion



Almost a third of commissioners and examiners at Japan’s nuclear safety commission received donations from the country’s nuclear power industry, the Asahi Shimbun reported Sunday…The donations totaled about 85 million yen, the daily said…Haruki Madarame, chairman of the commissioners, received 4 million yen from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries between 2006 and 2009 when he was a professor at the University of Tokyo before assuming the commission’s post last April, Asahi said.


The issue of energy systems is one that attracts a great deal of violence, corruption and game playing in politics.  All systems need energy to operate.  Everyone involved in supervising or educating people about nuclear power who accepted money from the nuclear power corporations should be arrested for accepting bribes.  The Japanese people should wake up and demand a revolutionary change in government, too.


But they have given up.  They recently overturned the one-party rule of the one party to only see the identical policies of the party that replaced it.  Same as we see here.  In the EU, the issue of energy and pollution has led to con artists playing the global warming fear game.  Several have been put on trial and Six jailed in EU-wide carbon tax conspiracy | Business | Deutsche Welle | 21.12.2011



The men, aged between 27 and 66 and from Germany, Britain, and France, were found to have evaded around 300 million euros ($391 million) in value-added tax (VAT) between August 2009 and April 2010. Using a so-called carousel trade, buyers imported emissions permits inone EU country without paying VAT and then sold them to each other, adding tax and keeping the difference.

“The convicted were fraudulently involved in tax-evading trades. … They have brought the carbon market trading scheme into disrepute,” said Judge Martin Bach in the Frankfurt district court on Wednesday.


They were buying and selling essentially nothing.  So naturally, this being a perfect ‘Emperor with no clothes’ moment, it was irresistible to collect profits from this nothingness.  The carbon trading scheme is a scheme and can never have any reputation to disrepute.  It is, by definition, a scam.  Global warming may be real but this solution is not real.


One last thing today:  Mexico, eyeing end of China duties, wary on trade | Reuters.  Reuters doesn’t allow us to quote them so all I can say is, the free trade machine will now roll over Mexico.  Mexico, like Japan, has thrived on one way trade with the US but this meant signing on to the WTO rules.  So now comes the Dragon.  This year is the Chinese Year of the Dragon.  And it will continue to uncoil and take over things.  And the Mexicans know this and fear this.  And can’t stop this.  Talking about marriage won’t do the trick, either.sunset borger

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30 responses to “World Trade And War Issues Should Be Top Topics This Election

  1. Old Ari

    America is close to a “Rubicon”, moment. One can imagine a Civil war waging with all three sides deploying drones. I am betting that the winner will still call himself the “President”, But ” President for Life”, he will be. With the abolition of “Habeas Corpus”,, and Concentration Camps, with the Mexs and Redskins heading for the Furnaces first.

  2. Plove

    How the UN uses environmental initiatives to control USA city councils:

  3. JT

    Did Psychopaths Take Over Wall Street Asylum?

    “He says the unnamed “they” seem “to be unaffected” by the corporate collapses they cause. These psychopaths “present themselves as glibly unbothered by the chaos around them, unconcerned about those who have lost their jobs, savings and investments, and as lacking any regrets about what they have done. They cheerfully lie about their involvement in events, are very convincing in blaming others for what has happened and have no doubts about their own worth and value. They are happy to walk away from the economic disaster that they have managed to bring about, with huge payoffs and with new roles advising governments how to prevent such economic disasters.””

    I at least believe this is exactly what happened.

  4. floridasandy

    it is pretty obvious that diplomacy is dead in america, and that more war actions are on tap.

    i am blocked from posting on city data forum, but this would be a very good column to post there-since it addresses our future instead of our past.

  5. floridasandy

    our future is definitely going to include paying the global warming elites with a global warming tax, enacted on every country.

    even as it is freakishly cold here in florida this morning.

  6. Jake

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” —Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004

  7. JT


    The global warming hoax is a desperate attempt to monetize the problems that peak oil will bring about.
    And propably an attempt to fund renewable investments so that they are made sooner than they are economically sound.

    Same reason for all the action in the middle east.
    This is the final push for all the oil.

    So far it has been going pretty well for the US IMO.
    But push the Chinese too much and it’s WWIII.

    Saving energy and becoming poorer/having less freedom feels better when you are doing it in order to “save the world”.

  8. floridasandy

    i don’t see things going well for the US at all.

    have you seen the rising poverty rates, the rising unemployment, the rising food stamp usage. either all of these people are frauds, or the country is starting to feel some pain.

    instead of us invading countries to get oil contracts, (assuming that is true-which i don’t actually believe, by the way) why don’t we save the money we would have spent fighting the wars and killing our children (and other people) and actually buy the oil?

    there is no guarantee when we do a deal anyhow-look at what happened with venezuela when they seized the oil fields and settled recently with exxon?

    if we spent half as much time developing our own natural gas and oil resources we would have been a lot better off. personally, i think natural gas is the way to go-but this administration (curiously enough) wants to go with methods that have proven costly/non-effective in europe-windmills, solar, etc-along with their stupid cap and trade system-which is a total fraud.

    look at the connections.

    i think the whole point is to drag the developed countries down-aided and abetted by our own jackass in chief.

  9. JT


    “instead of us invading countries to get oil contracts, (assuming that is true-which i don’t actually believe, by the way) why don’t we save the money we would have spent fighting the wars and killing our children (and other people) and actually buy the oil? ”

    Not sure if anyone would accept dollars without some gun pointing anymore?

    The only way out of peak oil is pain, heartache and lowering the standard of living 80%.
    This is politically impossible.

    So we try the traditional way of inflation, stagnating wages and a great story of “saving the world”.

    There is no way oil can be replaced without changing the way everything works.
    We eat 11 barrels of oil per year.

    There is no alternative for current amounts of oil.

    This project takes decades of lowering living standards and developing alternative energy.
    And even in the best case scenario the current consumer economy is dead.

  10. JT


    “The proponents of the de-growth reckon that the term of sustainable development is an oxymoron. According to them, on a planet where 20% of the population consumes 80% of the natural resources, a sustainable development cannot be possible for this 20%: “According to the origin of the concept of sustainable development, a development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, the right term for the developed countries should be a sustainable de-growth”

    We have about 30 years to get fertility rates down in underdeveloped world and the oil consumption down 50% in the developed world.
    Not impossible at all.

    We should just take care that corporations don’t reap all the profits from the global warming hoax and do their part.
    And that we can keep the peace.

    I know for a fact that you can cut 50% of your oil consumption and not even notice.

    Natural gas is for farming equipment, heavy duty vehicles and construction.

    In the short term we will drive these around:

    And do this (Germany of course is leading):

    it is not the end of the world.
    But it is the end of the oil era and consumer economy.

    Baby steps and we should get started.
    And not let the psychopaths running corporations and banks take over.

  11. JT

    Magnus effect (that is in testing they have better stuff also).

  12. floridasandy

    if the euro has serious problems, i see no reason not to accept dollars-except for the fact that other countries can see that we cannot get our government spending in proportion to our growth (or lack of)-and that isn’t an oil problem.

    we are in a world recession, and our oil usage would be WAY down if it wasn’t for war.

    see the irony there? do you think that is an accident, or do you believe saudi arabia when they say that oil prices have to be maintained at a certain level to quell civil unrest.

  13. JT


    Well they are just recapitalizing the banks same as in the US.
    And Germany is just playing a little chicken with the piigs.

    And of course GS and Soros are making billions in the process.

    One would think that 10% inflation is exactly what is needed in order to take consumption down?
    And to keep the economy running?

    It seems to me that any oil producer nation gets their regime changed pretty fast after they announce sale of oil in any other currency except the dollar.
    (renimbi, gold, euro).

    US can stop it’s debts anytime it wants by raising taxes and giving more money to the unemployed.

    (I think this will be done eventually if you are smart, the jobs are not coming back.
    The people in their 40’s and 50’s that are unemployed are lost for life.
    You should focus on the education and jobs for young people.
    Or at least that’s my general life experience having seen one awful depression here in my country).
    And you should try to make your education system better also.
    It’s cheaper to put people to a good school than to prison.

    This is not the end of the world.
    (well it is if we manage to start wwiii 😉 )

  14. JT


    “we are in a world recession, and our oil usage would be WAY down if it wasn’t for war. ”

    well in the short term yes.

    eternal growth is returning only in paper (inflation).
    we will bump our head to the declining oil production every time recovery starts.

    at least that is what I believe is the general plan.

    it could be that it will not work at all.

  15. rps

    I’ve been to three different Chicagoland grocery stores in the past week and all the prices across the board have gone up minimum .10 cents an item to easily upwards for such as bakery items increased $2.00 to $6.97 for a entenman’s coffee cake. Doesn’t matter whether its grains, meat, milk products, produce…..all foodstuffs have skyrocketed. People don’t realize how very selective we are becoming in the purchasing of food, the snacks isle looks like a ghost town.

    I also went to an Carson’s, Old Navy and Marshall’s and they looked like the second hand salvation army store; lousy quality and workmanship and super cheap prices knowing the washing machine will turn the clothes into rags after one wash.

    US dollars are quickly becoming worthless. How much longer before people realize the treasury and Fed have stolen our labor and in return we are told to buy with worthless paper?

  16. emsnews

    A true story: in 1968, I was in high school and won a scholarship to go to school in Germany. I discovered that clothing there was much more expensive than in the US. They had huge tariff barriers to clothing! But the clothes were VERY well made.

    The German clothes I bought there lasted me for years and years before finally wearing out. They were well-fitted and well-sewn. I even wore real silk stockings there, they hardly ever tore, could be sewn up again and were warm, all qualities we don’t see in nylon stockings, for example!

    I loved it. But the flood of cheap clothes here has a very nasty downside, anyone watching the TV shows about hoarding often we see mountains of cheaply made clothing piled to the ceilings of US suburban homes. Horrifying, isn’t it? Wasteful and useless.

    Many women today wear things once or twice and then throw them into these immense piles of discarded clothing. They can’t toss them into the garbage because this is ‘shameful’ but wasting them inside the closet or all over the house is OK because ‘It can be used in the future.’

    We threw away our wealth buying mountains of badly-made clothing. This has got to be one of the stupidest things, ever, except for the equally big mountain of say, stuffed animals we also accumulated from Asia.

  17. JT

    Silly Germans.
    50% of all the world’s solar power.

  18. DeVaul

    According to RT, US troops are deploying to Israel for joint war games. I was wondering where the Kentucky troops were deploying to recently, but the news did not say where. It was odd, since we are leaving Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This is really bad news if it is true. Joint war games with Israel is nothing more than preparation for a major war. Hope it doesn’t happen.

  19. Iran is being squeezed just like Japan was. The US/Israel is just waiting for Iran to snap and get an excuse to attack. Here in Norway the tabloids have started to run stories about how “Iran threatens the US”. Complete BS of course, but they are exactly the same stories as popped up before the invasions of Iraq, detailing the military capabilities of Iran and it’s “threat” to the US military (which just happens to be infringing on Iran’s borders of course. But in thispropaganda world it is the victim that is the aggressor.

  20. Japan pre-WWII to be specific.

  21. floridasandy

    i got gas today and boy has it shot up in price lately.

    this will probably hit some people hard when they are trying to pay off their christmas debts.

    bye-bye illusion of economic recovery.

  22. floridasandy

    today’s news:
    At least 30 people have been killed after a US assassination drone launched an aerial attack on southern Somalia near the Indian Ocean coast as Kenyan fighter aircraft pounded another location in the south, Press TV reports.

    Somali tribal elders, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told our correspondent that the remotely-controlled aerial vehicle had fired several missiles at the town of Kuda from Kismayo, a strategically important port city on the Somali coast, located some 500 kilometers (310 miles) south of the Somali capital Mogadishu, on Friday morning.

    They added that 11 houses had also been razed to rubble in the strike.

    Somalia is the sixth country, where the United States has used drones to launch deadly missile strikes. The US military has also employed the aircraft in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen.


  23. floridasandy

    pouring our money into helping kenya out wasn’t why he got elected, was it?

  24. floridasandy

    in the meantime, we have andy xie in china with this:
    china to rise as world financial center?
    The United States didn’t plot to supplant Britain as the international financial center. It happened because the United States replaced Britain first as the biggest industrial power and trading nation. Wall Street’s importance is a consequence of American industrial success.

    The most important economic development in the 21st century will be China’s rise as the largest industrial nation. I have anticipated this for a long time.

    Germany’s plight is a reminder that when profit sources and financial centers are disconnected, bad things happen.

    Germany amassed the world’s biggest trade surplus over the past decade, but its financial system has been woefully underdeveloped. So it has had to rely on London bankers to recycle money into other countries. Naturally, London bankers can screw Germany; they’re even paid to do so.

    A decade or two from now, as a result of this mismatch, Germany may become a poor country.

  25. On going currency debasement by the world central banks has finally had a major consequence. Today, June 5, 2011, was a pivotal day in financial history, as all forms of fiat wealth, that is currencies, stocks, commodities, and bonds, turned lower in value, while gold increased in value. Bad central bank credit policies have destabilized all fiat financial instruments, especially global financials, IXG, and world treasury bonds, BWX. Diktat is rising as a form of money, which is driving the world into regionalization for security and stability. A Global Eurasia war will be waged in Syria and Iran.
    Fears of sovereign insolvency and banking insolvency turned currencies, stocks, commodities, and bonds lower today.

    World Currencies and Emerging Market Currencies traded lower.

    The trade lower in Germany’s Deutsche Bank, and Spain’s Banco Santander, lead European Financials, lower, which turned World Financials, lower. Spain, Italy, and lead Europe, lower.

    Falling currencies turned the world’s mining stocks and the world’s mining and steel ETFs lower. Energy stocks also turned lower today. Natural resource investing became more unprofitable due to falling currency values. Debt deflation and exhaustion of central bank credit, is causing an unwinding of carry trade investment and stimulating derisking out of natural resource stocks worldwide.

    It is the world central banks’ bad credit policies that are making money bad — Bad money is destabilizing the world economically and politically. The investment, political and economic tectonic plates are shifting, and an authoritarian tsunami is on the way.

    Seigniorage, that is moneyness, will no longer come from banking and national governments, but rather come from the diktat of regional sovereigns. Currencies are now sinking, and global financial derisking and deleveraging is underway, with the result that the new dynamo of diktat is driving economic and political action. Political capital is replacing investment capital. The seigniorage of fiat money, is being replaced by the seigniorage of diktat.

    Regional global governance is rising to replace sovereign nation states, as nations loose their debt sovereignty. Life in the Euro zone will be characterised by collectivism, as statism rises to govern all.

  26. emsnews

    The stitches came out two days ago and today, for the first time, I didn’t have to take really powerful pain killers! It is like waking up, literally. I feel so much better!

    Thanks for covering information that developed yesterday (I couldn’t post anything, in too poor physical shape)…yes, the issue of ‘what is money?’ and ‘is free trade good?’ and ‘should Iran have ANY sovereignty at all, it being a Muslim oil pumping nation?’ are big issues!

    And Iran has the right to control half of the Strait of Hormuz! It is its waters! Big time. The US has zero right, it is acting as a goon for Saudi Arabia and other nations along the Gulf which oppress and persecute Shia populations.

  27. steve Murgaski

    “Mexico, like Japan, has thrived on one way trade with the US”

    I just want to add the caveat that it’s the rich in a country who thrive under free trade, not the population generally. It’s nice if you own a transnational company, because it lets you exploit cheap labor wherever you want. But ordinary Mexicans would be better off if they could develop local industries, just like ordinary Americans would be. Free trade makes that much more difficult.

    It seems the way to thrive is to first develop domestic industries, *then* open up somewhat to free trade so they have markets to export to. You can continue to give your exporters an edge by keeping the currency low (by building up foreign currency reserves). But there should also be a strong enough, and incorruptable enough central government to keep the exporters producing at home, to create domestic jobs.

    I’m glad you’re doing better Elaine.

  28. Concerned Liberal

  29. emsnews

    I have been over 24 hours without pain killers. I can’t imagine being addicted to the stupid drugs but they are necessary when in my condition. But what a relief to be free of being dopey. A most unpleasant feeling.

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