Italy Luxury Cruise Sinks On 100th Anniversary Of Titanic

Luxury cruise ship aground off Italy; 3 dead – CBS News

We just saw a Titanic moment in Italy.  The same day France loses AAA in euro downgrade along with much of the EU group, Italy, a floundering economy, has a major luxury ship sinking.  Just as the Titanic heralded the mega-Titanic sinking of the entire British Empire, so does this event.  It is also, ironically, nearly exactly 100 years since the Titanic.  The capitalist/luxury system which can run only by crushing the working middle class, has a HUGE gash in the hull.  In the GOP primaries, the richest candidate, a cruel luxury man from the top of the ship, is snarling at the people working in the steam room and the third class passengers.


Even though less than half of the GOP voters support him, Romney has decided he is already won the race and has dropped any pretense of being a normal American and instead, has decided to openly channel his inner Marie Antoinette:  Romney: Income inequality is just ‘envy’ – Jan. 12, 2012


“You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare,” the leading Republican presidential candidate said Wednesday on The Today Show. When asked if there are any fair questions about wealth distribution, Romney replied, “It’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms and discussions about tax policy and the like.”


Quite.  How dare these pesky peasants irritate him!  Huff.  Worse than the colonials, the darkies.  Rich people talk about taxes and wealth distribution in gentleman’s clubs over a good drink and a fine dinner!  Not yelling in the streets, throwing rocks, setting buildings on fire!  The rich don’t talk about tax policies, they DICTATE these to the rest of us.  When they need political cover for bankrupting our empire while filling their own pockets, they go about telling everyone that NO ONE will pay taxes.


Just like in Japan!  In Japan, the rich are very, very rich and the middle class is deteriorating, the working class is virtually quite literally dead.  For the last 30 years, the rich Japanese overlords refused to pay taxes and in the last 20 years, thanks to ZIRP lending, the government gets to run up debts virtually without any overhead costs.  But the principal balance has gone totally haywire there.  Today Japan is rapidly sinking because they cannot add infinite debt forever!


Ergo: taxes on everything imaginable are shooting upwards suddenly.  The present government is openly talking about a 25% VAT (value added tax).  Ruthless taxing of the very rich?  No.  Taxing everyone who has to eat and survive?  Yes, the people who talk about taxes in well-padded, triple pane window, penthouse rooms have figured out how to deal with Japan’s debt problems!


Romney should have zero chance of getting anywhere near the White House if we had a sane society.  But there is still room for fantasy and bribes and he will talk about how everyone should pay the same tax on income and no tax on profits, of course.  He will plaster the planet with ads screaming about how he will make us all millionaires by not paying any taxes and the solution to our problems is to destroy the social safety net.


Which is happening in Europe.  Europe will literally explode into ethnic and religious warfare as people realize they are on a sinking ship and like in Italy yesterday, the captain has given no warning, the ship listed to the right too fast and most of the lifeboats couldn’t be launched and the first class passengers on top have been helicoptered to safety while the people in the lowest levels of the ship drown.


The Romney/Gingrich bellowing battle on the airwaves is causing many funny things to happen.  As the attacks on Wall Street grow on the Gingrich side, he has been warned off:  Gingrich Calls for Withdrawal of Anti- Romney and Bain Ad.  The ad in question is actually a documentary which is most interesting and cuts to the chase, namely, the offshoring of our jobs, the breaking up of unions and the theft of retirement funds:  Watch: Devastating anti-Romney film surfaces “When Mitt Romney Came To Town”


Produced by a former top Romney strategist, the film focuses on people turned out of their jobs at four of the many companies Bain Capital essentially looted, tapping into the popular discontentment with Wall Street to label Romney a “corporate raider.”

The companies — laundry equipment maker UniMac, electronics maker DDI, toy store chain KayBee Toys and office supplier AmPad — were all purchased by Bain and liquidated, “killing jobs for big financial rewards,” the film explains.


I was going to post the video here but it was cancelled by You Tube.  It is an excellent video.  It will hurt Romney a lot.  Of course, the big media bosses love Wall Street and hate paying taxes so they will not be vigilant in covering the Romney story.  How, exactly, did he get filthy rich?  Ah, that is a huge question.  The same goes for former President Clinton.  He left the house, nearly bankrupt and in less than five years, was a multimillionaire, too.  He basically sold himself to Wall Street.


Click here to see a stupid Romney ad:  The Morning Plum – The Plum Line – The Washington Post



* Romney rolls out Bain pushback: With the above in mind, take a look at the new ad the Romney campaign is now running in South Carolina. It represents a retooled response to the attacks on his Bain years, and it focuses heavily on the jobs created at companies restructured on Bain’s watch: Second, the new ad airbrushes out of the picture the private equity side of Bain where the company made enormous profits off of restructurings that led to mass layoffs, as his campaign has been doing from the start. The ad deals with this part of the record by claiming that Bain “invested in struggling businesses,” implying that its role was entirely salutary.


And third, the ad again makes the ludicrous claim that raising questions about the Bain years constitutes “putting free markets on trial,” an argument that has been rejected by many leading Republicans.


Lean and mean: this was a boast common to the Wall Street/warmongering gangs who have run our own ship on the rocks.  As the US sinks into the deep blue sea to join previous wrecks of former empires, we can clearly see how abuse of the staff, abuse of the third class passengers and reckless speed, reckless sailing by the captain trying to keep up with demands of the first class passengers…we know the end of this story, don’t we?  From Arkansas where Ohio and Michigan industries moved so they could easier kill the unions:  Cooper Tire workers speak on struggle



Doug Graham, a worker with 20 years at Cooper, added, “It’s going back to the 1930s. I lost $30,000 a year when they changed working hours and eliminated overtime after eight hours of work. We’re working 12 hours a day. People fought and died for the eight-hour day and now it’s gone.
“My dad was a coal miner, and I was born and raised in southern West Virginia, in McDowell County. He told me stories of how the miners had to fight for everything they got.”
Tom, with 22 years, said, “It used to be a union—now they’ve made it a business. We’re all divided. The young guys are not getting a pension. Soon they are going to be the majority in here. Then the company will offer them a small raise if they vote to get rid of our pension.


This is EXACTLY what happened in Japan!  Japan became a first world nation, briefly, but autoworkers there had to live in dormitories and send their wages home to their small farming villages which all died off and now the heart of Japan has vanished and the refugees have clustered in the cities.  The workers there never got to really join the middle class like they briefly did in the US.  Now, US workers must work overtime with no pay and a half.  They have fewer vacations and pensions are rapidly vanishing.  Will crushing the workers entirely cause the US Titanic to sail further?


The answer comes from the mouth of history: Nope.  Won’t happen.  Britain managed to limp along after WWI and even expanded greatly.  But was so feeble, it took little to shove off the cliff for good.  The only reason Britain survived WWII was due to the US and that is the only reason they survived.  After WWII, desperate to resume their empire, the Brits tried to cling to all of their multiple colonies but uprisings caused this to finally end miserably, too even after the US tried to impose imperial rule on French and British colonies.
Back to Mitt the Knife, more videos:  Mitt Romney Challenged on Lobbyists – YouTube

Mitt Romney meets dying medical marijuana patient. – YouTube

The snarling, snappish behavior when confronted about his lies about lobbyists is most interesting.  He was grilled by an AP reporter and I wonder if the reporter who seems intelligent and well-versed, still works there.  You can bet, there are moves to get rid of this pesky reporter.  One trick is to have one of the pro-Wall Street media owners to invite him to join them and get a fantastic pay raise.  Then fire him over some silly excuse and then he can’t get any more jobs.  I have seen the happen, personally, to more than one reporter!


Lying is very easy if there is no one to expose the lies.  Romney has been struggling hard to disguise who he really is.  His slip of the tongue when he proudly announced that he loves to fire people is just one example.  He tried to explain away his viciousness by saying, we ‘fire’ insurance companies when they don’t ‘please’ us.  But no one I know talks that way!  We always say, we ‘changed’ our coverage and generally, not because we want better but far more often because we can’t afford it!


His use of the word, ‘fire’ is due to his attitude problem.  He really enjoys firing people and then imagining them suffering while he rolls in dough.  Here is a story of a  New York Wall Street hedge fund owner going insane because a waiter handed him the bill for the very expensive meal and he didn’t want it, he wanted it put on his charge account:  Enraged millionaire CEO allegedly breaks waiter’s finger | The Raw Story.  So he punished the semi-slave.  The Wall Street gnomes are furious this year due to Occupy Wall Street.  The movement has been diluted by winter’s storms but new movements will arise just below them, not the liberal, let’s all be nice people but from the hard core laboring classes who suddenly can’t drive their gas guzzling hulking pick up trucks to the local saloon anymore.  They will be hunting and they have guns.


The Mitt Romneys of the world, the Wall Street venture capitalists all think these guys will follow their lead but this is impossible since the one thing these guys want is a GOOD job, not working overtime for free and living in dorms and having no families.  Marriage in the lower classes has imploded.  This is VERY BAD.  When the poverty class gave up on marriage, no one really cared.  But now, the former middle working class has given up on marriage and this is a social disaster that will reverberate for generations.  Even the white collar middle class is giving up on marriage.


Japan has a low divorce rate but this is more due to having a worse and worse marriage rate.  Young people are not getting married.  They can’t afford it.  And in the US, the educated class is now being shoved deeper and deeper into debt before going to work so they, too, cannot afford to buy homes or build families.  This school debt is a total disaster!  And is one reason the housing market will never recover.  We need young people with credit to buy houses!  If they are $100,000 in debt for school costs, how on earth can they qualify to buy a house?


Europe is sinking and the US has a huge hole in its own hull.  And the very rich have a solution: throw half of the people overboard and let them all drown.

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33 responses to “Italy Luxury Cruise Sinks On 100th Anniversary Of Titanic

  1. Urban Roman

    None, NONE, of the candidates nor incumbents are equipped to understand that the Reaganomics cargo cult will not bring prosperity. I wonder which of them are simply naive, and which of them are cynically repeating the chant of “tax cuts” with a full understanding that all they are doing is feeding at the trough of kleptocracy?

    The talk of reporters, and their abject lack of curiosity, reminded me of this article I read yesterday:
    … it seems the editor had no idea that his readers might want the news organization to do any fact-checking …

  2. Peter

    Hmmm..exponential unlimited growth on a finite planet strictly supported by fossil fuels which peaked on 2005.What’s not to like.
    I believe we are now seeing the limits to growth…starting in the financial system which could only generate growth in the last 40 years by printing money,leveraging,and all the other nasty fractional banking scams
    Batten down the hatches,there’s a storm coming.

  3. I’ve worked on ships like this. They are so huge it is difficult to imagine something can go seriously wrong when you are onboard, but they are deathtraps if it does. The crew needs to be hyper alert at all times and very professional.

  4. emsnews

    I love the sea and boats but these things are boring, they look as if you are in a mall crossed with a casino and usually are exactly that, and there are two places I hate a great deal: malls and casinos!

  5. Steve Murgaski

    I think the Mitt Romney documentary is still on YouTube. It’s a good explanation of how corporate raiders work. Maybe Romney just needs Julia Roberts to come in and convince him that getting rich by destroying companies is the wrong approach. 😛

  6. @Elaine,

    Yeah I couldn’t stand it, drove me crazy to be jailed in one of those things for 10 days on end. Only managed four runs of 10 days, even if the salary was very good. Not my kind of life… A lot of people had a “second” relationship on board as well to go with the one they had on shore :/

  7. emsnews

    Trapped is the right word. I have hitch hiked all over the planet, walked, swam or took trains or rowed boats all over the place, rode horses over mountains and deserts. Never, ever would I want to go on one of these boats. Yuck. No adventures, either. Except the poor passengers of this tub that just sank. Looks like maybe 70 people perished. So sad.

  8. Gavin

    Elaine is back!!!!!!

  9. Melponeme_k

    As a temporary a few years back, I was assigned to work at a big financial company in the maintenance department. I would take messages on what was going wrong then hand them in for the maintenance manager to assign people to fix.

    The snobbery and nastiness from the “Brokers” was horrific. Simply because I was in “maintenance” it gave these people the go ahead to treat me as if I was brain damaged and useless. And the complaints! Most of them about smelly garbage cans.

    The general atmosphere led this department to be abusive to one another. It was horrible.

    What I also saw as a Temp, Sweatshops. All around Macy’s department store and the former “Ladies Mile” are sweatshops. They are filled with Asian, South American and Eastern European women who barely speak english and have no rights. A majority of them are run by orthodox jewish men. Before I could drop off orders from different fashion companies, they would have to inspect me from peep holes just to make sure I wasn’t an INS agent.

    I worked in a big clothing company in Human Resources. And I saw forms from all over the country. People in former industrial states, trying to eek out a living in mall jobs, which were the only jobs left to them. That was the first time I realized that the majority of people in the US, when the states go broke, will be thrown into poverty.

    ‘They are filled with Asian, South American and Eastern European women who barely speak english and have no rights. A majority of them are run by orthodox jewish men.’
    Jews are usually for immigration to USA…
    and Israeli- americans can have dual citizenship.

    Amwrican Apparel is owned by an Israeli…they post pro immigration signs
    around LA.


    Off topic, but…

    If you don’t act you will lose.

  12. Paul S

    Elaine: I’ll bet you $10,000 Romney is the GOP nominee. How about it?LOL

  13. floridasandy

    all the government has is class warfare in its defense, so the media runs with it, and so do the liberals.

    but who is actually being selfish?

    i hope people remember, though, that the government takes every single penny it gets from the private sector-so when you ask for bigger government you are asking to take from ALL your fellow citizens one way or another. the government can and will do it by rule of force if necessary, as we see in greece and other failing big government countries. since the government is in bed with big business, they will steal the money through inflation and a lower living standard for all americans, until they figure out a way to successfully tax everyone more.

    don’t fall for the encouraged destruction of the private sector.

  14. JT

    “The Public Prosecutor in Tuscany, said that the captain abandoned the ship Friday evening at 23.30, while the last lifeboat with passengers left Concordia at 3.00 a.m.”


  15. floridasandy

    it looks like the captain was a leaver, not a fighter.

    in the meantime, americans need to think long and hard about what their government is doing. this is interesting, is it not?:

    when do americans get any say in what their leaders do?

  16. JT


    “ANSA quoted Francesco Schettino’s sister, Giulia, as saying her brother called their mother, 80-year-old Rosa, at five in the morning, saying “Mamma, there has been a tragedy. But stay calm. I tried to save the passengers. But for a while, I won’t be able to phone you.”


  17. emsnews

    It is a grave crime for the captain to leave first. In the olden times, this would lead to execution. Quite ugly, in the presence of the other captains as a learning device. Body left hanging high to be picked apart by the sea gulls.

  18. melponeme_k


    New York City. True Story. I have no reason to lie about the scared women at their separate tables with an overseer to make sure they never spoke to one another or me. The peep holes were true. As well as who ran the sweatshops. Look at pictures during the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, it still looks the same today.

    I considered calling the INS about these places. But I hesitated because of those women trying to make a living. The fact that everyone would probably know I blew the whistle and that I would have been blacklisted from every temp agency never entered my mind. But I see the irony now and how I was in the same boat as all those exploited women.

  19. JT


    I think it still is a pretty severe crime.
    That guy will spend years in jail.

  20. Phil Morrison

    Intrade Political Exchange figures Romney is a prohibitive favorite to win the nomination with Ron Paul in second place and Gingrich third.

  21. Dr. Detroit

    Some cruise haters on the blog today. I like cruises. Unpack once and see the world. I just did a 3 week cruise to Australia and New Zealand. Worth every cent. My plane ride over their was more dangerous than the boat. In fact my car ride to the airport was probably the most dangerous part of the trip.

  22. JT

    “The Costa Concordia apparently didn’t even send a mayday.”


  23. JT

    “Italian Coast Guard Commander Francesco Paolillo told the Ansa news agency that Coast Guard officers repeatedly urged Schettino to go back to his vessel and uphold his ancient duty to be the last to leave — but he refused.”

    “Schettino, 52, was cooling his heels in prison Sunday when rescuers found the ship’s heroic purser, who put hundreds of passengers into lifeboats before he slipped, broke his leg and spent 36 hours trapped alone in the slowly sinking vessel.”

    Stubing is going to jail for a long time.

  24. JT

    These maritime laws should apply to bank CEO’s too.

    You and ALL of your wealth goes down with the ship.

    (They have this in Switzerland and Brazil).

    When will you arrest the CEO of Goldman Sachs?
    All of them former and present?

  25. floridasandy

    i have nothing against cruises, although i hope this is a warning out there for anybody thinking about taking a cruise-to find out where the lifeboats are, are there enough for all the passengers, who helps the handicapped, does the crew speak your language, evacuation procedures, where are the life vests, (and you know how to put them on) etc.

    not everybody could swim to shore in this one.

    some accidents are unavoidable, but preparation is not.

  26. JT


    And learn how to use the lifeboats.
    Which the crew of course could not use.
    (luckily there were a couple of german sailors as passengers who showed the crew how to operate the lifeboats).

    And Stubing was of course at the bar drinking with the ladies before this happened. So he was of course drunk.
    Now the only thing missing is that the “Captain” is not a captain at all but the son of a wealthy board member.

    Then we have the perfect example of what are leaders are like nowdays.

  27. JT

    “I never lost hope of being saved. It was a 36-hour nightmare,” said ship’s purser Manrico Giampedroni, 57, who was found as rescue teams probed the dark, cold corridors of the partially-submerged vessel, emboldened after finding a South Korean couple alive on Saturday night.

    As the search of the enormous cruise ship continued, Giampedroni emerged as one of the few heroes of the tragedy, amid reports that the captain and other crew members panicked and got into lifeboats ahead of passengers.

    Giampedroni, who joined the cruise company aged 18, had helped load passengers into lifeboats before setting off to search the decks for more passengers at around midnight, his mother said after speaking to him.”

    Seems that there was one sailor on board.
    40 years at sea maybe had something to do with this.
    Manrico 😀

  28. emsnews

    And that is the lesson: the purser, a lower officer, took the trouble and risked his life to save strangers! We have to demand our top officers save us, not shove us aside as they stampede towards safety.

  29. JT

    Go Manrico…

    “E’ un “marinaio” Manrico Giampedroni”
    “Il mare è la mia vita,”
    “Venti anni passati in mare,”

  30. JT

    “The transcripts reveal the mounting anger and frustration of port and Coast Guard officials as they began to realise the full extent of the disaster, despite the commander’s repeated insistence that the situation on board was “all OK”.
    When officials told the captain that there were reports of bodies in the water, the commander allegedly asked: “How many?”.
    A furious official in Porto Santo Stefano, on the Tuscan mainland, replied: “That’s for you to tell me!””

    “At 12.42am on Saturday, the control room in Porto Santo Stefano asked the captain how many people were left on the ship. The captain said there were about 100. In reality, the evacuation was still ongoing.
    In another tense exchange at 1.46am a Coast Guard official told Capt Schettino: “Go to the bow, climb up the emergency ladder and co-ordinate the evacuation.” “You must tell us how many people, children, women and passengers there are and the exact number of each category. Go back on board. What are you doing, abandoning the rescue?”
    Finally the commander said: “OK, I’m going.” But officials believe he did not return to the ship. A short time later he was on dry land, having left in a life boat.
    As the situation became increasingly chaotic, an official said: “Captain, this is an order, I am the one in charge now. You have declared ‘abandon ship’.” Francesco Verusio, the prosecutor in Grosseto who is leading the investigation, called the captain’s behaviour “inexcusable”.”

    Now why was Manrico a purser after 40 years and this Francesco pussy the captain after 11 years with the company.
    Poor choices.

  31. emsnews

    Good gods, it only gets worse and worse. But then, the TOP of the organization is rotted, too, no? As I point out today, Arison runs his operation like he is some international pirate. He used to have no legal controls over his operations until Congress finally passed a bill putting some legal restrictions on his operations just a few months ago.

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