Nigeria Going Up In Flames, Oil Will Go Up In Markets

Recently, Nigeria made the price of oil consumed by its own citizens shoot upwards tremendously. This, in turn, caused riots and dissension.  Now, it is getting very violent indeed:  At least 120 dead in blasts in Nigeria’s Kano – Africa – Al Jazeera English.

This comes on the heels of the Zionist push to cut oil flowing from Iran to zero.  So!  The price of oil will shoot upwards some more.  Saudi Arabia needs this because they had to spend an extra $24 billion placating irritated Arabs there.  The US and EU didn’t expect Nigeria to blow up this way, by the way.


The oil is still flowing but I am predicting it will become more and more difficult to suck out oil and ship it overseas in the not-too-distant future.  NATO is certain that after killing Gaddafi, stealing that oil was like stealing candy from a baby.  Stealing the profits was that easy: the big banks simply won’t hand it back to the Libyans.


So we have THIS news from that place:  Protesters attack NTC’s Benghazi headquarters.  They thought they would get Gaddafi’s loot.  But there is no loot.  It was looted by Western bankers who are the best, smartest and nastiest looters on earth.  There is no ‘goodies’ coming in and the oil is flowing to Europe and the money is flowing there and there is zero intention of letting any of this get into the hands of the Libyan public.


The ‘revolutionaries’ sponsored by NATO get some money to keep them holed up and quiet.  But the greater masses who had the best government possible considering this new alternative, one that educated the vast majority of the people, fed them and gave them healthcare, etc, is gone and replaced with raw ‘capitalism’ which is really raw since it is outright looting, not ‘capitalism’ at all.


All my news in this story if from Al Jazeera and that wailing Valkyrie, Hillary, has flown to France to demand the French stay in Afghanistan so…France ‘committed to Afghan stability’.  Which is funny since Afghanistan isn’t stable, hasn’t ever been stable and has no chance of being stable.  Using foreign Christian killers to rule Afghanistan is the definition of insanity.  True, the French ruled places like Algeria but were kicked out long ago.  Going back isn’t an option.


Neither France nor England can rule Egypt, either.  Muslim Brotherhood placed first in Egypt poll which is no surprise to me.  They will place first in Libya if there is ever an election, too.  Yemen parliament approves immunity law so their dictator can go.  The Muslim Brotherhood will take over Yemen, too, eventually, and it will probably split in two along sectarian lines unless the MB figures out how to stop fighting the Shi’ites.


The US and Israel tremble in fear that this might possibly happen.  The fat, corrupt and totally evil, cruel dictators of Saudi Arabia trembles in fear of this, too.  Iran is still a democracy even though it is as censored as the US.  What is really funny are articles like this in the mainstream media in the occupied USA: In South Carolina, a window on an ideologically polarized news market – The Washington Post


Here is my posting and I am reproducing it because an old, old online friend of mine posted just prior to me, quite accidentally:


10:41 AM EST

No mention of Ron Paul. No surprise. He is THE ‘online candidate’ and anyone interested in him has to dig it out, online since he has been occluded by the mainstream media.





One of the worst changes that have taken place in American society and politics in recent years is the loss of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time Rule. They stopped being enforced under Reagan’s FCC Chair Mark Fowler (an idiot — I know him personally), and then were actually rescinded just a few months ago by Obama’s FCC Chair, Julian Genachowski.

The reasoning behind getting rid of these necessary and wholly salutary rules is 180-degrees bass-ackward wrong. It involved the notion that there are now a sufficient number of broadcast outlets to ensure that all views are available. But making the views available was not the purpose of the rules. Instead it was to ensure that opposing views were actually HEARD by audiences, and the proliferation of outlets has only resulted in people gravitating toward broadcasters who disseminate views with which the viewers and listeners agree, and toning out the opposing views that those rules were in place to expose the audiences to.

Because these rules were rescinded, the result has been an increasing polarization of the electorate and the resulting dangerous governmental paralysis, as neither side learns of the points of view expressed by the other.

One of the two most basic things we need to do to fix what we all recognize as a badly broken system, the first being proper and effective campaign finance reform, is to reinstate these rules and enforce them with a draconian hand.




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7 responses to “Nigeria Going Up In Flames, Oil Will Go Up In Markets

  1. how unfriendly to Israel is Obama/hillary???

  2. Hey! You might not like Valkyries very much, but mentioning them in the same breath as Hillary is just shocking.

    More appropriate words would include:

  3. DeVaul

    I just saw on RT that Ghaza has a “Ministry of Tunnels”, and that most people there would die without the tunnels that bring in food and supplies on a daily basis.

    What a world we live in.

  4. Yeah, the Zionists have the Gaza population on a “calorie” count…

    Per the BBC:

    The Israeli authorities also confirm the existence of four documents related to how the blockade works: how they process requests for imports into Gaza, how they monitor the shortages within Gaza, their approved list of what is allowed in, and a document entitled “Food Consumption in the Gaza Strip – Red Lines” which sets out the minimum calorie intake needed by Gaza’s million and a half inhabitants, according to their age and sex.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, they are working hard, imitating the Nazis who didn’t open death camps instantly, they did this slowly. First, the ghettos, then the starvation then the transfer to the camps. The Jews know this perfectly well but think it is OK for THEM to do this. This is the definition of insanity.

  6. newoaktown

    wish you wd add fb n twjtter share buttons…

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