US Media Owners Gag GOP Debate Audience!

Newt Gingrich: Brian Williams ‘Wrong’ To Silence GOP Debate Crowd (VIDEO): this is too funny.  Right after writing the previous story about how the media conspired with the GOP elites (all rich guys and Zionists) to eliminate Ron Paul and cheat him out of a major victory in Iowa, comes this goofy story!


Gingrich didn’t argue with the media owners when they imposed the gag rule to the ravening audiences that cheer or boo at amazing intervals, thus showing true sentiment of the GOP (red in tooth and claw).  He let them neuter the audience but why did the poor saps sitting there go along with NBC’s ridiculous demands????  Have they no guts?  Are they all wimps?  Are they dumb?


Well, HAHAHA…I suspected all ‘Ron Paul’ supporters were pre-screened and kept out or they would have raised havoc each time the debate ‘monitors’ refused to talk to Ron or only asked him dumb questions (nearly always about race, not economics or war!).  No, now the balls have been cut off of the GOP audience, they may as well stay home and cry.  Boo-hoo-hoo.


What are they?   Men or mice?  Letting the rats order them around like this!  This is exactly how we lost many of our civil rights: the right wing, except for the Ron Paul faction, goes along meekly like sheep to the slaughter.  While waving guns and shouting about what he-men they are!  Sad, isn’t it?


Wake up, dudes!  You look pathetic.  Show some muscle, for crying out loud.  Yell!  The Occupy Wall Street people yell a lot.  They are very noisy and when told to shut up, they yell louder.  Tea Party, drink some coffee and wake the hell up for once!  And stop supporting lunatics.  sunset borger

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13 responses to “US Media Owners Gag GOP Debate Audience!

  1. JT

    Hey my tax % is bigger than Mitt Romney’s.

    A lot bigger.

    Is that a good thing?

  2. DeVaul

    The Guiness Book of World Records has listed my name with that of about 12 other Americans as paying less taxes than Mitt Romney, but the honor does not come with any monetary reward. All 13 of us will try for the Peace Prize next year. We feel our time is worth something.


    ELAINE: And your vow of poverty should make you the Pope, too. 🙂

  3. JT

    Here’s a thought from my neck of the woods.

    Make the dividens and stock market winnings progressive too.
    Salaries and income from stocks and dividens can be added together and taxed progressively.

    And make the first 12 000 dollars tax free complety.

    That is a way to make the rich pay and give the poor a chance.

  4. Joseppi

    Ah, we love it when Elaine is feeling good n’ feisty.

  5. adam mateyko

    Pon Raul??? never heard of him.. VonPaul? VonRon? Must be from another planet. Speaking of that, listen to this one; explains the current system well:

    Speaking of GOP death cults and etc. I wonder if Mitts belongs to the Saturn cult? Think so.

  6. melponeme_k

    We’ll be soon in the same boat as these poor women from Japan.

  7. Christian W

    Cool. Aren’t you proud of your elite fighting outfit the US Marines. To let this guy walk out a free man after obvious warcrimes is beyond pathetic. Basically it is a way to piss on the Iraqi people as well. People like this guy, his outfit, and the piss ants in Afghanistan will come home to jobs in law enforcement, security and basically anything to do with guns. And they know it is nearly impossible to convict police officers for anything as well. The brutalization of the OWS protests is only a hint of what awaits.

    Beyond creepy.

  8. Dave

    Not Ron Paul has been royally screwed by the establishment, everyone who shares his ideas has been screwed by the establishment. This has angered many, many people who understand this. There must be something we can do? I’m holding my breath and counting to ten. Maybe we could all turn on our water at the same time. Maybe we could all dial 911 at the same time. Maybe we could all report to the “see something, say something” lines at homeland security this violation of our civil rights. There are many easily formulated mechanisms for non-violent resistance which could be very effective and very disruptive which would entail little effort and little risk on the part of participants. Our new internet tools and social media could be used effectively to accomplish the organization needed to pull it off. I’m mad as hell and don’t want to take it any more. We need a mechanism to express our common distress. Elaine, I appoint you leader of the resistance, give us a plan of action.

  9. “Non-violent” resistence will have to go the way of the protests at Tahir square. The elites are not going to give up their power and their “beautiful” system without struggle.

    There will be no meaningful reform until the people have stewed in their misery for a long time. OWS is just the beginning cramps.

    Also there will be no meaningful reform until viable and tangible candidates for an alternative political discourse take shape.

    Ron Paul is too embedded in the old system to have a genuine feel of a reformer, he is an old cantakerous coot that has been involved in the current set up for far too long and his ideas are too narrowminded to appeal to a larger part of the population. Atm a large part of his support is out of pure desperation with the current ruler and people desperately want to throw spanners in the wheels of oppression.

    When the popular resistance to misrule reaches the unstoppable force of a Tsunami then there will be change.

    But note than one propaganda point for removing the count in Iowa to a secret location was to “prevent the OWS from disrupting the voting count”…

  10. DeVaul

    “ELAINE: And your vow of poverty should make you the Pope, too.”

    Is that why he runs around wearing an old shop rag? I never quite understood what he was up to.

    On a more depressing note, RT ran an article about how Google intends to consolidate all info on those who use its services, but it will not share this info with anyone… yeah, right. It will never give it to the government. Instead, all of its employees, including the geeky owner, will fall on their swords to keep the info private when the government demands it. How stupid do they think we are?

    Now, I must decide whether to use Google or not. Even search words are permenantly recorded. That’s unnecessary and means that they are already sharing info with the government. I guess when I want to read about history, I can type in directly, but I have a feeling Wikipedia will be taken out pretty soon.

  11. You must surf from behind Proxy servers to hide your tracks (if the Proxy servers can be trusted that is :p

    Google is indeed becoming far too powerful. These super-entities need to be broken up by anti-trust laws. As someone commented on this interesting article in the Guardian about Google’s latest scheme:

    “Google are becoming far too big and powerful.

    Google will soon know where you are (Google phones), what you are watching (Google TV & Youtube), where you live (Google accounts), what your house looks like (Google street view), who your friends are, who you contact via email (Google email) what you have purchased (Google Checkout), what you search for on the internet (Google Search), which adverts you click on (Google Adsense). etc. etc.

    Can you be sure that the information won’t EVER get into the wrong hands?”

  12. Someone commented on the use of IT technology to help bring about political change. Yes, but you have to be smart about it or your activities will just be easy to pick up, map out and spy on.

  13. emsnews

    I have had my phone tapped by the FBI and SS in the past. I once was so annoyed with one tap, I called DC and complained and then had an amusing time standing outside, watching them fix it, for example.

    Once, a phone guy fixing my line said, ‘Hey, someone is tapping your phone!’ That was amusing, too.

    YOU CAN’T HIDE. I refuse to hide which is why I was one of VERY FEW people online who used my real name. It is pointless to hide. You do things in their face, that is what one does.

    If there is social and political chaos then yes, people will conspire secretly and they can do this minus the internet, hell’s bells, we did this in the sixties all the time!!!! We used ‘letter drops’ (like tree holes, for example) and hand to hand leaflets (some which I designed traveled far and wide!) and other things.

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