Israel Gets Full 100% Funding From US Knesset Congress

Israel didn’t have to send out Mossad assassins to kill Obama this week because he gave them more billions in free money to spend.  Whew!  Safe for another year!  Meanwhile, at Davos, the billionaires are scared.  Surrounded by heavily armed military, they talk about how their system has failed and the Chinese are taking over.  Dummies, all.  As for prosperity being around a distant corner, IMF cuts global growth forecasts which doesn’t surprise me.  Credit bubbles are very hard to fix if they pop.  Very hard.


The Federal Reserve has decided to buy even more bad bonds from the top 5 derivative bankers so they can be ‘capitalized’ (i.e.: pretend they have capital savings) and thus, lend more money.  To do this trick (i.e.: run banks with no savings) the Fed: Rates will remain unchanged, no rate hikes likely till late ’14.  We are caught in the same ZIRP trap Japan is mired in.


Of course, the credit bubble here was at least 5 years  long and I said years ago, the recovery from all bubbles is longer then the bubble itself by about double so it would take at least 10 years to recover from this one.  Note how the Fed keeps pushing the turn around date further and further into the future.  Back in 2008, they claimed it was a minor blip not the Hindenberg exploding.


Meanwhile, as the US Army to cut number of brigades; but of course the assassin robot rocket program is expanded as JBLM’s Stryker likely not affected, the US is going to cut combat brigades by 80,000 soldiers.  Each one of these gets paid money and has a job and so, of course, the US cannot afford this whereas robot assassins make money for the very rich who produce these noxious and utterly useless machines.  They are useless because all they do is rile up the Muslims into attacking here, there and everywhere and hatred of the West is spreading like the plague.


You win wars by winning hearts and minds not mindless killing in the most cowardly way possible.  I stumbled across this site that is rather darkly amusing, run by the Afghan resistance:  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.  Here is a sample of their headlines:  6 puppet killed and wounded as convoy hits IEDPuppet police officer shot dead in Lashkargah cityRoadside bomb near Kandahar airbase hits US tankBlast in Paktia kills Paktia kills 4 US-led invaders, 2 invaders killed and wounded as mine detonates on patrol.

Then there is this article in the Taliban site I find rather grimly amusing or rather, they find grimly amusing: Diapered U.S. soldiers.  It seems that the US is demanding NATO trucks carrying diapers for soldiers be released by the Pakistan military!  This minor detail is typically destructive:  the NATO troops are cowards too scared to take a piss outside of their vehicles for fear of the mighty Taliban warriors.  This dovetails with the stupid video of US soldiers pissing on dead Taliban warriors which makes our troops double cowards in the eyes of the people we want to violently subdue.


You can’t intimidate the world’s most persistent warriors by pissing in you pants or pissing on them when they are finally killed in battle.  This is one of a million reasons why we lost the war taking over Afghanistan and our retreat will be quite ignoble.


So, while the war in Afghanistan rages on with more soldiers dying in the last year than previous years, while the GOP screams we have no money for Americans suffering from tornadoes and hurricanes and floods, the US to Grant Extension of $3.8 Billion in Loan Guarantees to israel — News from


The Obama administration told Israeli officials this week that the U.S. plans to extend for three years $3.8 billion in loan guarantees to Israel…The recommendation, they promised, would receive wide support from both parties in Congress and would be approved without issue in the near future…“We consider the loan guarantees as preparation for a rainy day,” a senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official said. “This is a safety net for war, natural disaster and economic crisis, which allows Israel to maintain economic stability in unstable surroundings.”


In other words, our Congress Knesset is handing over money to the Jews (NOT Israeli Muslims or Christians!) as a safety net so they can be safe in war, NATURAL DISASTERS and ECONOMIC PROBLEMS.  Meanwhile, the GOP, for example, hates giving money for natural disasters or economic woes.  They scream that we don’t need a social safety net or protections from Mother Nature’s whims!  We should just pull our selves out of these things alone and unaided. But not Israeli Jews!  They get money from Congress, no strings attached and any amount they deem they need, whenever and without debate!


This week, with no information from our own media, we learn that Abbas Confirms: Israel Peace Talks Over.  Evidently, when Bush Sr. threatened to cut the free flood of US tax money to Israel in order to force them into peace talks before the Gulf War I, there was active discussion in Tel Aviv about having US stationed Mossad agents run an assassination (open door, using a Muslim as the killer) but this was squelched and the Prime Minister of Israel who did the negotiations as requested by the US was instead, assassinated by a Jewish terrorist.


Today, for obvious survival reasons, Presidents quail when the leader of the Jews comes here and stalks around the White House barking orders.  Congress was bought off long ago and anyone who rocks the Zionist boat is capsized and defamed by the media (ever see Carter in the news anymore?).


The Jews who run much of NYC from top to bottom have some pie on their face because this actually made the US news after Europe and Israel and all Muslim Africa and Middle East knew about it:  NYPD Admits Using Anti-Muslim Film for Training Nearly 1,500 Officers.  This dual citizen-made propaganda piece patterned off of Nazi propaganda films (though it did lack the comparison of Muslims to rats that the Nazis used) was run on continuous loop at the training academy.


This is disgusting.  Imagine if a video showing all black people as criminals living in slums deserving beastly things happening to them with warnings that blacks intend to take over the White House…HAHAHA…actually, I can picture them doing this!


Three Occupy Members Arrested Blocking Boca Raton Bridge Outside GAIM ConferenceΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ

Don Carter, 24, of Longwood, Ana Rodriguez, 30, and Kevin Young, 27, of Miami, were taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest without violence, obstructing a highway, and a municipal ordinance violation. The trio linked themselves together with ‘lockdown devices’ scrawled with anti-greed slogans and lay down on the bridge, snarling traffic from roughly 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. before police were able to unlink and remove them.

The protest was “an attempt to disrupt the cocktail hour and to bring public attention to the list of ‘corporate criminals’ gathered in Boca” at the 2012 GAIM conference, Occupy Palm Beach said in a statement. GAIM, held at the Waldorf Astoria-owned Boca Resort on Camino Real, bills itself as one of the most important conferences of the hedge fund industry, with “over 75 percent of attendees…at the managing director level and above” and “investors who have discretion over $215 billion and over $8 trillion under advisement” — in other words, a lot of people squarely in the one percent.


I think we should all thank Occupy Wall Street for shaking up everything.  They forced the election to be about the economy and unemployment.  But with the media blackout of Ron Paul, talk about stopping our wars has been nearly totally eliminated.  I took a screen shot of huge demonstrations in Egypt.  They are agitating for economic justice and a better economy.  The same thing is happening more and more in Libya and the US sent 12,000 troops there to hold the oil fields so the EU can exploit these for their own benefit while attacking Iran.

Our diplomacy using mainly swords and guns is a total failure. As I predicted, Japanese FM seeks closer diplomatic ties with China due to raw economic necessity.  Japan still dreams of defying China in the military sphere but this is going to vanish pretty quickly when push comes to shove.  Meanwhile,  Japan’s central bank cuts growth forecast for FY 2011, 2012. More about that issue later!

Davos elite confronts crisis of Western capitalism | The Raw Story


“I think we have three to four years in the West to improve the economic model that we have, and if we don’t do that soon I think we’ve lost the game,” warned David Rubenstein, managing director of the Carlyle investment fund.


The 62-year-old billionaire has done very well out of financial capitalism, the US firm paid him a $134 million annual bonus this month, but he warned that the West needs to get its deficits under control and return to growth.


“If we don’t do that soon, when we are here in three to four years … the game will be over for the type of capitalism that many of us have lived through and thought was the best type of capitalism,” Rubenstein said.


So, this Jewish hedge fund creep thinks we are near the end?  Well, duh!  Thank you!  Great job, buddy!  Here is this rich creep keeping his wealth in offshore havens complaining about government spending while bribing Congress to hand over our money to Israel????  Yes, his ‘capitalist game’ may be over but this is due to him, not us.  And he imagines people won’t eventually figure this out?  Maybe even the Tea Party will figure this out some fine day!


Just the title of the debates captures the tone, with the first posing the question: “Is 20th Century Capitalism Failing 21st Century Society?”


The schedule includes “Fixing Capitalism”, “Has Globalisation Reached its Economic and Political Limits?” and “How Will the Eurozone Countries Emerge from the Eurozone Crisis?”.


While US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will ponder the challenges for the US economy, a sizeable contingent from emerging powers including India and South-east Asian nations will consider: ‘Is this truly the Asian century?’


Naturally, I am not invited. I would be as welcome as a cockroach.  Alas!  Even as they ponder their own doom, they think they can trick whole nations into biting the bullet while Israel gets fully funded so they won’t have any economic or military problems but hell’s bells, this was Japan’s deal with us, too!  We kept the Japanese Yamamoto ship of state afloat on a sea of red ink and US trade deficits and we protected them from China and Russia and in turn, they pollute the Pacific Ocean and buy virtually nothing of value from us!  Way to go!


And Japan is dying!  And the US will die, too!  And the Davos people care only about protecting their own wealth and power, not protecting the citizens of the various states they exploit.  The ‘leaders’ at Davos were imposed on people by the owners of the mass media propaganda outfits and the ancient regime ruling elites who survived the disasters they created called WWI and WWII.  And yet they plot WWIII, learning no lessons from the past.

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8 responses to “Israel Gets Full 100% Funding From US Knesset Congress

  1. Paul S

    Great commentary as usual Elaine. Let me ask you: what do you think the chances are that the US will attack Iran in the near future? Iran seems to be next on the Pentagon’s agenda. It’s amazing how much failure can slap these Pentagon warmongers in the face and it NEVER dampens their lust for more wars.

  2. pulse

    I have yet to see you write about The Invisible Dragon in the Cave of Wealth and Death known as The Exchange Stabilization Fund. I believe he holds the keys to many locked up mysteries within the Halls of Empire.
    My first exposure to this entity came via Wizard Jim Sinclair ( who has mingled with the puppetmasters of Bilderberg/Davos ilk. Jim writes with confidence and experience.
    My second glance of this Dragon was through Eric deCarbonnel, great grandson of former Federal Reserve founder. Here is his lengthy and exhaustive video composition of facts and circumstantial evidence (lots of ancient news clippings, graphs and testimonials throughout, though spoken too quickly and blandly to enjoy the 5 video presentation) –
    Lastly, from the site of another Wizard, a contributor (who is a self-sufficient orchid farmer!) has offered a rather lengthy read regarding The Invisible Dragon – – scroll down to ‘Kaimu’s Sound Money – In The Land of Blood and Money’.
    I am confident the ESF is worthy of your critical examination, but don’t spend too much time admiring and detesting him – this Dragon is very tricky!

    Thanks for your wisdom,

    BTW, I changed computers and lost your e-mail addresses in the process. Can’t find it here, perhaps you were overwhelmed with nonsense?


    ELAINE: the picture of me above in the US flag dress has my email

    And I am going to write about the Exchange Stabilization history! Have it sitting there, ready to write itself. But my foot hurts if I sit up too many hours and it aches badly! The cast comes off in just SIX DAYS!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  3. DeVaul

    Some people said that the death of SOPA and PIPA would only result in other attempts to do the same thing: spy on us. Well, here it is:

    Goolgle will combine all info on users into one profile (file), and then a special software program designed for the FBI will analyse it. Only proprietary sources will be spared (the kind that the rich pay for with subscriptions and memberships). Open source (free to all) will be subjected to a fine toothed comb.

    The government and their owners have learned a painful lesson from the internet. They will now use it against us instead of outlawing it, eventually owning it outright. All they need is the right software.

    I suspected this would happen long ago, and I said that the best defense to this kind of spying would be the end of the age of oil. When no one can afford to turn on their computers, there will be nothing for the rich to monitor. The hardest form of communication to monitor is that which occurs face to face. The guests at Davos know this. That is why they fly across the world to be there in person every year.


    ELAINE: I just wrote about this today! Google is definitely changing rapidly into an information gathering thing gathering not data to share with us but TRACKING us when we access web sites by forcing us to sign in to see anything they are offering. Not only that, they now erase web pages I store in my private cache which happened today to my intense irritation.

  4. CK

    And in other reportage: Iran and India are supposedly negotiating to trade oil for rupees and gold. China and Iran are supposedly negotiating to trade Oil for yuan and gold. Russia and Iran are supposedly negotiating to trade oil for rubles and gold.
    Iraq under Saddam negotiated to trade oil for euros, a few days after those trades commensed Iraq was invaded and destroyed.
    If Iran were to offer to trade oil for Euros or Drachmas, DeutshMarks, francs and pesetas the US would invade and destroy.
    The important thing from the US governments position is that the Dollar keep its place as the ONLY acceptable instrument to balance the books in international trade. As soon as nations move away from the dollar, the dollar will move towards its intrinsic domestic value, of which it has none.
    The USA will willingly kill and kill and kill some more to keep that from happening.
    As some of you might be noticing, the US government does not much trust nor like nor respect the american people.
    If one can do so, it behooves one to start looking around for places that might be a bit less “american” to live ones life. Although most places that are not so “american”, are not too diverse either and “americans” might just be a bit to much diversity for some places. When the staying becomes idiotic, the non idiot moves along.


    The US has started to use high altitude balloons as spy techology platforms and, in the future, weapons platforms. Automated Killer Blimps will join the Assassin Drones, maybe even serve as mother ships. Wohoo!

  6. “I would be as welcome as a cockroach. ”

    Elaine, all the cockroaches there will be wearing suits.

    “And yet they plot WWIII, learning no lessons from the past.”

    I’m beginning to think that these Elites perceive war as a means of resetting the game. After destroying everything they are paid to rebuild it again. Besides, there’s always the added benefit of killing off many of the useless eaters.

    That the Jews are at the forefront of this warmongering tells you something of their deep insatiable greed and disregard for humanity. No wonder telling the truth about them is labeled “antisemitism.”

  7. emsnews

    Quite a few Jews are great humanitarians and they fight Zionism with incredible bravery. But not enough. The average middle class or working class Jew has to separate themselves from the Zionist elites who want to have ethnic cleansing, theft, and rape. They have to!

    Instead, just like us, they are lied to by their rulers who tell them, this will protect all Jewish people on earth, that is, stealing Palestine and taking over governments and running financial schemes that wreck whole nations is good for Jews because it will make them powerful, collectively.

    Instead, the rich ones are throwing the poor Jews under the wheels! This is the hardest lesson of all: helping Zionists doesn’t mean safety for the average Jewish person, it puts them in incredible danger.

  8. This betrayal of Jew to Jew has puzzled me, especially since much of their philosophy is saturated with superiority doctrines. Supposedly even Hitler was part Jewish, and historically was supported by the Jewish elite bankers. I guess in their quest for power, the elite zionists will sacrifice even their own if it suits their purposes. I don’t know how they can expect popular support though once their motives are exposed to the world.

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