Israel Screams For Iran War While EU Falls Off Economic Cliff With US

International corporations, financiers and Bilderberg-type secret conspiratorial societies of rich people have worked hard to make themselves incredibly rich and incredibly powerful only to destroy their own world they created.  This is what happens when unbridled greed teams up with total power: it destroys its own self.  We are watching aghast as rich people who run our media here and who control Congress have pushed everyone not just off the economic cliff but the war cliff. That is, they are pushing as hard as possible to start a ruinous war with Iran and egging on China to wage open economic warfare with us using guns and them using a mountain of US debt and dollars they hold.


There is no way to avoid this because our very rich know that the only way to keep in power is to ‘obliterate’ rivals as that charming Jewish newspaper owner demanded.  I go back to him all the time for he illustrates the evil of official assassination systems: it is OK to assassinate, good to do this and necessary, too!  And it spreads like a cancer.


That is, our very rich are assassins.  They love this power, they celebrated the robot assassination of an American citizen who committed no crimes except he said or wrote things the US disproved.  So he was assassinated.  Iranian scientists are assassinated because they work for the government there, for example.  The same year the US and Israel screamed that Iran was plotting to assassinate a Saudi royal family member, we celebrate assassinating Iranians.


Our government has been hijacked by bankers, rich people, foreign governments and corporations and US voters come in dead last in the line up for ‘What shall we do for YOU?’ line in DC.  We vote them in after watching zillions of TV commercials sponsored by rich people or foreigners or dual citizens who don’t like America all that much and then we vote dutifully for them and then get nothing in return.  Nothing at all.


So even if the war in Afghanistan is highly unpopular, it goes on relentlessly.  If more than half the nation is against a war with Iran, all the available (Ron WHO???) candidates are pro-war with Iran with the media applauding them.   Here us the latest news about foreign bankers who go to Davos and Bilderberg meetings, stealing our government and using it against us:  Bailed-out RBS spends millions on Washington lobbyists | Business | The Guardian



According to the documents, the bank spent $4.13m from October 2008 to December 2011 on lobbyists as it tried to influence three different areas of legislation…


…The money has been handed over despite calls from ministers for RBS and other banks that have received taxpayers’ handouts to refrain from hiring public affairs firms.


It comes amid criticism of the decision to give the bank’s chief executive, Stephen Hester, almost £1m in a bonus this year.


Where are the headlines here???  I don’t see them!  Of course, there is a reason for this: Americans are not supposed to know that foreigners run our government for their own purposes.  I do notice when reading comments about Israel’s hamfisted moves to hijack our democracy that unlike 10 years ago, today  most people are against the Jews milking our government for money and weapons while shoving us into endless wars with really enraged Muslims.


The comments today run 7-1 against Israel even in the NYT comments section.  The naked warmongering while presenting us with only warmongering Presidential candidates is rattling people badly.  True, Ron Paul was artfully eliminated via simultaneously not reporting on him existing and suddenly a rash of very, very negative stories would come  out and one would imagine that he was the only racist in the GOP.


One funny news story from the Royal Bank of Scotland is this:  Stephen Hester: ‘Even my parents think I’m overpaid’.  Absolutely, he is overpaid, given a million dollar bonus while running this bank that is bankrupt!  All these guys are grossly rewarded at the top while at the same time, they work tirelessly to cut wages, services and pensions of everyone else.  This is a zero-sum game the rich are playing.  They can only get richer by making all of us poorer.


At Davos, while plotting to hatch even more anti-Muslim wars, Europe told to build bigger firewall due to it going off the economic cliff and into a special hell the European people should recognize (WWI and WWII should clue them in somewhere!):



Some critics have said it is perverse that the IMF, which is financed partly by developing countries, should be aiding wealthy Europe.


”Europe has to be making more effort; otherwise, I don’t think developing countries will want to pay more for the IMF,” said Motohisa Furukawa, the Japanese official responsible for economic and fiscal policy.


The firewall, known formally as the European Stability Mechanism, would have a lending capacity of €500 billion ($620.2 billion) when it begins operating in July, replacing a temporary fund.


My, my, wasn’t it just 2 years ago, the US was talking about giving second world nations and third world people $50 billion for global warming (and where is my $50 billion to retrofit the US energy systems so we all have German-level of solar panels???) and the Copenhagen meeting was promising huge taxes on Europe and the US to hand out goodies to everyone?


Well, oil wars, that is what happened!  The mask of ‘global warming’ slipped and the true wolves emerged.  ‘Wealthy Europe’ is working hard to make itself as bad off as Japan.  Both Europe and Japan have gone big into ‘creative destruction’ (WWII) in the past and this suicidal impulse is quite powerful, believe it or not.  Why would a society repeat the same mistake over and over again?  Thoughtless impulse.


Euro zone leaders are more focused on dealing with what they see as the more immediate danger of a Greek default, and less on testing their taxpayers’ patience by increasing the size of the firewall.


This statement is a lie.  It is totally false. It makes zero sense.  Looking from the side, what I see is EU leaders focused on invading oil producing nations that sell to them!!!  They are maniacally focused on this.  Not in public but behind the scenes.  It is the one and only thing they think about: using NATO to take over the Middle East again so they can exploit the natural resources there, mainly oil.


The whole ‘global warming’ thing is a fake front designed to drive NATO citizens into paying higher taxes on increasingly expensive oil so this money can be used to invade oil pumping nations so the super-rich using NATO power can be richer.


The US is not stopping oil burning.  It is stepping up oil stealing.  The corporations that own DC have joined up with Jewish terrorists of AIPAC to brew constant wars with a succession of oil pumping nations in the Middle East.  To do this, they need the US and EU citizens to be scared of ‘terrorists’ and ‘assassins’ while NATO is cover for both aimed at Muslims.


An interesting thing happened at Davos:  IMF’s Lagarde calls for Japan, U.S. debt cut targets.  HAHAHA.  The US could easily do this, all we have to do is stop stealing oil and protecting Israel, Europe and Japan.  Japan can cut its debt by heavily taxing its rich industrialists and traders and encouraging unions plus fixing the antiquated and evil school system that seems to be quite destructive at this point.


The US is falling towards bankruptcy and we are talking about the gulf between the very rich and the rest of us so of course, the GOP will run a warmongering multi-millionaire Wall Street gnome while the DNC has a much poorer minority President who is surrounded by a wall of rich Wall Street Jews who want wars…naturally, the NYT has a huge story about Will Israel Attack Iran? –



In recent weeks, Israelis have obsessively questioned whether Netanyahu and Barak are really planning a strike or if they are just putting up a front to pressure Europe and the U.S. to impose tougher sanctions. I believe that both of these things are true, but as a senior intelligence officer who often participates in meetings with Israel’s top leadership told me, the only individuals who really know their intentions are, of course, Netanyahu and Barak, and recent statements that no decision is imminent must surely be taken into account.


After speaking with many senior Israeli leaders and chiefs of the military and the intelligence, I have come to believe that Israel will indeed strike Iran in 2012. Perhaps in the small and ever-diminishing window that is left, the United States will choose to intervene after all, but here, from the Israeli perspective, there is not much hope for that. Instead there is that peculiar Israeli mixture of fear — rooted in the sense that Israel is dependent on the tacit support of other nations to survive — and tenacity, the fierce conviction, right or wrong, that only the Israelis can ultimately defend themselves.


Comments about this noxious article that is totally one-sided are hugely against a war with Iran.  Big time.  People are finally getting rather alarmed about this.  The EU thought, if they played along with our Netanyahu President (Obama is the doorman, not the President) nothing bad would happen because the oil from Libya would be put in huge storage tanks and then would make up for the loss of Iran’s oil.


Then, Iran trumped the EU by suddenly boycotting Europe!  So there is an oil shortage.  Remember: the EU leaders have howled about how evil oil is.  They should be happy their people get little oil from now on.  Polar bears will be safe and quite happy.  The people of Europe will be very unhappy but who cares?  The elites care only about happy Jewish Israelis, not the rest of us.


This article clearly says, the guys who run the US plan to attack Iran illegally.  They hope to drag us in which is why, this very same week, the Pentagon suddenly announced they are launching a decrepit ship, the USS Sitting Duck, to the Persian Gulf.  There is zero reason to do this except to manufacture an international event after ‘terrorists’ sink the ship.  Naturally, Iran will be blamed.


So, as the Washington Post, the NYT and all our TV media pushes hysterically for us to go to war yet again, we have hilarious articles like this one at the WP:  Angry about inequality? Don’t blame the rich.  Again, 80% of the comments to this crude use of statistics to prove that there is no income inequality are yelling at the WP to stop being so stupid.  But the Post has to be ‘stupid’ because it is run by rich people who want to control us and they are desperate to pretend they have nothing to do with the present mess.


They didn’t make it happen, they didn’t save only themselves and they are making things worse, they claim.  But who owns our politicians?  We don’t.  Who orders them to pass many bills that make things better for the rich and cut services to the rest of us?  Who pulls the strings?  Why didn’t the WP tell the news about the Royal Bank of Scotland manipulating our government to pass laws that benefit their foreign holdings while hurting US citizens?  Eh?


Japan is much worse!  At least 10 groups dealing with disaster kept no detailed records of meetings ‹ Japan Today.  Several days ago, it was a scandal that the top government group didn’t keep a record of meetings.  Now, we learn that NO ONE kept ANY records!  The government announced that they would write up a summary of what happened at all these dozens and dozens of meetings.  But they have no notes!  Readers in Japan noted that they will simply make up stuff and call it a summary.


Well 50% or more of our government is secret.  It used to be around 30% when I was younger and it is now rapidly approaching 100%.  Obama promised to be more open than Bush but AIPAC slapped him on the side of the head and the international bankers handed him some bribes and he changed his mind.  He said, ‘Yes, master, you are right.  Hit me again with that whip.’  Sad, isn’t it?  Pathetic.  But then, the real slaves are the US citizens who vainly vote only to see nothing happen.


And here is a sad Update on Fukushima: from the excellent people at Fairewinds Associates, Inc:  Cancer Risk To Young Children Near Fukushima Daiichi Underestimated


And last of all: Japan losing its manufacturing edge to South Korea ‹ Japan Today: even the Japanese media has noticed the obvious.  Japan is no longer the cutting edge for anything except a window on the future where robots roam a blasted landscape looking in vain to find some form of human life.

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22 responses to “Israel Screams For Iran War While EU Falls Off Economic Cliff With US

  1. It’s all simply bizarre. I am not so certain Europe is actively pushing for war with Iran etc for oil. Yes, Britain and France were active in Libya, but what sense does it make for Germany for example? Britain is and remains the flea on the rump of the Empire but some other European nations to me seem to be simply moving along with any push from Israel/theUS/theBilderbergers. Weak leaders trying to stay above/outside it all while double dealing under the duvet with Israel and the US and the Gnomes and leaving the ‘dirty business’ to Israel and the US.

    WWII is still within living memory for a lot of Europeans but it looks as if we are marching blindly against a new global war on behalf of Israel this time. Then again, looting is the ‘standard’ response in times of economic distress and the Western economic model is completely on the rocks. It’s not only the people’s money that is on the line but they money of the rich elite as well. Guess war it is.

    Also, I wonder what the US bribed Turkey with since they suddenly started to play ball again for the ‘home’ team.

  2. CK

    The last time Israel went on the offensive against a neighbour, they got their asses handed to them militarily and were reduced to population and economic war crime bombings on Beirut. While all the eyes are are Iran and listening to Israel bloviate about the Iran Nuke Bomb Missle thingies, I would look for Israel to do something dumb against Lebanon again or Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon came through the recent economic depression quite comfortably, and the Riviera of the Eastern Med is once again improving its economic situation.
    Syria may be having an actual real revolution but my cynicism says that this is more american colour revolution stuff — not anything home grown and freedom loving. On that same note, Egypt is shutting down US sponsored “NGOs” and stopping the entrance and exit of their personal, somewhat like Russia did last year and again this year. Not a bad idea for any nation that wishes to remain sovereign to remove american NGOs and american based religious Missionaries ( also CIA fronts ). Venezuela has had remarkably fewer problems since it expelled the missionaries prosletyzing its populace. Honduras on the other hand — damn shame.

  3. DeVaul

    “Also, I wonder what the US bribed Turkey with since they suddenly started to play ball again for the ‘home’ team.”

    Yeah, I would like to know the answer to that too. Turkey has no reason to help Europe. What did we offer them? Vienna?

  4. CK..when and where was ‘last time’?

  5. CK

    Lebanon 2006.
    The Israeli military has not mounted any invasions of sovereign states since.

  6. Aussie

    Re: Israel Screams For Iran War While EU Falls Off Economic Cliff With US

    Elaine, is on the money.–and-it-suits-israel-that-we-never-forget-nuclear-iran-6294111.html

    “…The Israeli President warns us now that Iran is on the cusp of producing a nuclear weapon. Heaven preserve us. Yet we reporters do not mention that Shimon Peres, as Israeli Prime Minister, said exactly the same thing in 1996. That was 16 years ago. And we do not recall that the current Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in 1992 that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1999. That would be 13 years ago. Same old story….”


  7. Clueless

    The Story of the Wankers

    Wanker No. 1: This guy tries to break Euro apart, fails and when told Germany IS going to run the show, reacts with “No way” & “We never agree”… Then it dawns on him that Mother England is NOT part of the Euro thus its bugger all to do with him!

    Suddenly the Wanker sees the writing on the wall and that “the City” is about to get cut out of the deal & left to wilt on the vine… Watch Britain suddenly come up with new banking regs, that they said they would never agree to!

    Wanker No. 2: This most landed Wanker is abandoning ship. As I said before the smart (greedy) money knows where the action is. This is no loyal subject but a rat jumping the sinking ship — a very good indication of the reality of the situation.

    Finally, the Royal Wanker: Andrew friend to convicted sex offender, and pompous deal maker for the Crown, takes a jibe at the EU, telling entrepreneurs that Britain ‘unlike them it is open for business’. And he boasted it had another huge advantage – its own currency, not the ailing euro. Speaking like a used car salesman show how desperate the Brits are, no one listens to them anymore…

    And why should they, when the Limeys are in the dodo for over a Trillion and counting. My guess is much more ( This is a MUST read,

    I expect that due to all this and more England will eventually scamper fully into the EU fold, after all, the Windsors are really closet Germans, eh?

    Either that or settle for Glory in history books…

  8. DeVaul

    I just read at that mostly politicians in Israel and Washington are railing for war with Iran, and that the intelligence agencies and military branches are warning in private that the whole thing could end very badly. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I am sure that our military will just follow orders. What else have they done?

    So, bribed politicians, bankrupt bankers, and religious fanatics are the main instigators, with the CIA and Mossad simply following orders. Wow. It is scary to live in a modern day nazi Germany, especially one that is controlled by a small group of foreigners with an agenda that has nothing to do with us.

    Actually, Israel launched an air strike against Syria in 2007 and destroyed a nuclear reactor lab or something, causing mass pollution. According to American domestic laws, this would be an act of war and invasion if done to us by anyone else, but if it is just foreigners, it doesn’t count.

    What scares Israel the most is that the day when they can attack other countries with impunity might come to end if one were to have a nuclear weapon and the willingness to use it. Israel alone should be immune, in their minds, and that is why they are hysterical about Iran. Iran probably does not even have the ability to attack Israel. It is their ability to repel an attack by Israel that enrages the religious fanatics there.

  9. Plove

    Whilst the Chosen People gossip about “fast-kill” in the ME, they are slowly killing the yeomanry here in Amerika … AFAP.

  10. “and then we vote dutifully for them and then get nothing in return.”

    I refused to vote last time and will not vote this time. What’s the point?

    “There is zero reason to do this except to manufacture an international event after ‘terrorists’ sink the ship.”

    And you’re not the only one who knows this. But what has “being awakened” actually done to help us, the common people? Will public sentiment against this move change anything?

    “Japan is no longer the cutting edge for anything except a window on the future where robots roam a blasted landscape looking in vain to find some form of human life.”

    Yes, the future may look bleak, considering human nature is what it is, but the Creator will not allow us to destroy ourselves completely. We will however, unleash nuclear or biological or chemical agents that will bring us to the very brink of extinction. I’m sure of it. Our days are numbered I’m afraid.

  11. seraphim

    It looks that the modern Zealots have reached the same height of delusion like the ancient ones. They believe in their invincibility, God himself protects them (they are the chosen people after all). The same belief led them to oppose the Babylonians, against all the counsels of the prophets not to. First temple gone. They opposed the Romans against the counsels of the priests. Second temple gone. They rebelled again against the Romans against all odds. Jerusalem gone along with the whole of Judea. They wanted to rebuild the Temple with the aid of the Roman Emperor Julian (when he was going against Persia) but went up in flames. Who said that people learn from history?

  12. Clueless

    Shockuhzulu: “I refused to vote last time and will not vote this time. What’s the point?”

    This is the point. We all need to grow bigger cojones. We need to become THAT sheep.

  13. Regardless of your opinion of any of the forces in the USA/EU or ME there’s no doubt in MY mind that Iran want 100% enriched uranium. They want it for one or two of the following:

    1) Their own nuclear arsenal
    2) Supplying to their terrorist puppets worldwide

    Iran has sponsored the murder and oppression of civilians across the world, including their own people, look at any Iranian video from 2009.

    Look at for some quotes from Iranian leadership about it, I think it shows they are liars too

  14. The US has done all of the above.

  15. Alstradomus

    The new Temple (the golden calf) will be built by the London freemasons with William at the throne to set up the end of days scenerio. A new Pope will come into power as the prophecy of St. Malachy is fulfilled. The west coast mega quake will be induced by the May 20 2012 solar eclipse passing over Petrolia California ( formerly named New Jerusalem). All of this cannot happen until Israel starts WW III, and conquers its enemies and is declared by blinded Ziomasons to set up the false millenium. Mars retro in Leo, Saturn retro in Virgo, Jupiter Venus conjunct in Taurus just before the transit of Venus on June 6 2012 ( a Ziomason holy day). Read Psalm 19: 1-6, the heavens are declaring the truth , because the media is corrupted.

  16. emsnews

    No it won’t.

  17. N00b

    @ Thomas Jannsen,

    First response: So what. BFD.

    Second response: ROTFLMAO.

    Third response:
    Regardless of your opinion of any of the forces in the USA/EU or ME there’s no doubt in MY mind that USA wants 100% enriched uranium. They want it for one or two of the following:

    1) Their own nuclear arsenal
    2) Supplying to their terrorist puppets worldwide

    The US has sponsored the murder and oppression of civilians across the world, including their own people, look at any US video.

    Look at;;;; for some quotes from US leadership about it, I think it shows they are liars too.

    Fourth response:
    You know what? The Christians have The Bomb. The Jews have The Bomb. The Hindus have The Bomb. The Buddhists have The Bomb. Guess what? The Muslims have The Bomb, too–the Pakistanis, I do believe, have It. The US is foolish, short-sighted, and downright stupid to be antagonizing the Pakistanis. The Persian muslims will have it too, and then just MAYBE there will finally be peace in the Middle East. Yes, you read that right. Having lived through MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), I do believe that the world was better off when powers were balanced. Because then everybody has to think very, very hard about how they are going to treat other people.

    Incidentaly, guess who gave the Iranians atomic Information? The US did. It was the Republicans themselves, via Dwight D. Eisenhower and his “Atoms for Peace” program.

    Guess what else? The Laws of Physics are available to EVERYBODY. The US thinks that assassinating Iran’s nuclear scientists is going to stop them? No.

    So my advice: Take your hate-mongering bullshit and peddle it elsewhere, sister.

  18. emsnews

    Since the US and nuclear NATO insist on being aggressors nonstop (the invasion of Libya was the worst example, Libya was doing nothing when it was bombed from the sky)! So, all nations must have nukes for protection from NATO. All.

    Nato isn’t a peace keeping group or they would have invaded Bahrain. Instead, there is a NATO base there and it sat there and watched the ruling dictator clan butcher everyone mercilessly.

  19. Alstradomus

    As it was in the days of Noah; 120 years from origin of evil to cataclysm , so will it be in the days of the second coming of the Son of man, 1897 formation of the Zionist Congress to 2017, eclipse over Yellowstone August 21 at the heart of the lion. The 2010 Jupiter Uranus opposition on the date of the autumnal equinox with the perfect harvest full moon over the head of the fish of Pisces below the square of Pegasus ( the four square heavenly city of Jerusalem) may have been the beginning of a critical seven year period. At the midpoint of this seven years 2014 spring, a series of lunar eclipse of the spring Passover moon and the autumn Sukkot moon will occur in both 2014 and 2015. The last time this happened was 1967 1968 1948 1949 both matching notable dates in Zionist history. Maybe when the new Pope crowns William the new emperor of the new “Holy Roman Empire” in the new Temple in Jerusalem as happened in 800 AD with Charlamene Sir Issac Newton’s prophecy of the 2060 AD end of the age will be realized as accurate. William conceived in September 1981 Jupiter Saturn and sun at Spica in Virgo, born on June 21 1982 during a solar eclipse in the hand of Orion which began a 76 year Metonic series eclipse series centered in 2020 when Jupiter Saturn conjunct at the galactic center on December 21. There is so much we can learn from history and the stars “If we seek we shall find”.

  20. The only people who know for sure whether Iran is dangerous or not are its leaders, but it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

    Does Iran mean nuclear peace of nuclear war?
    You decide., #nuclearpeace or #nuclearwar.

  21. DeVaul

    The only people who know for sure whether Israel is dangerous or not are its leaders, but it is not easy to understand what they believe, know and intend.

    Does Israel mean nuclear peace and nuclear war?

    You decide., #nuclearpeace or #nuclearwar.

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