Why All Big Empires Die: NATO Is Rapidly Collapsing As It Widens Many Wars

The final death of Hail Britannia, Britannia rules the seas: Britain could not reclaim the Falklands if Argentina invades, warns General Sir Michael Jackson.  Britain has virtually no navy and worse, no merchant marine.  This island nation, unlike Japan, decided to kill off its entire naval history and is now a nation dependent on other naval powers to exist, to eat, to have nearly everything since it barely produces anything at all.  It is still a pirate empire with banking scams scattered all over the earth but anyone can invade with little trouble (HINT- HINT).  The dying US empire protects the sd remains of this once-vast naval empire.


The US is the world’s biggest naval empire, we earned this via WWII.  Yet, even while the WWII vets slowly die off of old age, the US naval empire is teetering on the edge of annihilation and will exit the world stage probably during my own lifetime.  While laid up due to the operation on my heel, I read many books.  Each one had something to do with the rise and fall of great empires.  It became obvious how this process works and why it works.


The US, like a number of great naval empires, grew slowly at first and then very suddenly became absolutely immense due to the collapse of rival empires.  In our case, it was the post-WWII collapse of our imperial allies, Britain, France and China so that when we defeated the other rival empires, Germany, Italy and Japan, into the vacuum the US and Soviet empires were suddenly sucked and they nearly split the entire planet’s power structure between them.


Both became very suddenly much, much more powerful and much, much bigger.  The struggle for global power between the two winners of WWII was called the Cold War and was seemingly won by the US empire which suddenly became even more bloated.  And then promptly keeled over and is now dying rapidly.  That is, it is going rapidly bankrupt trying to rule the world.


Last night, for example, I read about King Charles XII of Sweden of Sweden who inherited a good-sized, wealthy empire built during the very violent religious wars of Protestant versus Catholic rulers that made the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries one of the most vicious in European history.  Charles  XII inherited one of the most advanced military  machines at that time.  He then used it to meddle in everyone’s affairs and expand his empire.


Being a very good general and extremely energetic, he ran from one victory to the next.  His poor people lost family members or never saw husbands or sons as they vanished for years on end while taxes went up or the king sold off future revenues to bankers for cash.  The economic welfare of his empire was hollowed out as he became quite addicted to having military solutions to all problems.


Like the US today, he sold off state properties or trade rights or other concessions to fund his endless wars.  He finally decided to invade Russia and take Moscow and thus, stop Peter the Great, a very dangerous, smart, and extremely vicious ruler.  So he marched rapidly into Russia, shoving Peter’s forces aside until the giant ruler of Russia decided to personally supervise things and then…in typical Russian fashion, he drew King Charles XII deep into the Russian winter which is more vicious than Swedish winters on the southern coast there (due to the vicinity of the warmer ocean) and Charles XII’s poor army froze nearly to death and with spring came the coup-de-grace with Peter annihilating the entire Swedish army except for a handful that escaped into Muslim Ottoman Imperial lands.


Russia then turned around and tore the entire Swedish empire to shreds.  It never ever came back and this is another story: many empires, when defeated this way, cease to exist and if they do make a come-back, it takes more than three centuries.  All of Sweden’s victories was worthless.  All the deaths and spending on war led to Sweden being one of the poorer, weaker countries on the fringe of history.


Let’s go to that perennial empire of delusions, France: at the exact same time the madcap, empire-hungry King of Sweden decided to bash his skull on the walls of the Kremlin, King Louis XIV was the most powerful emperor in mainland Europe.  The King of Spain was watching his own empire implode and with the War of the Spanish Succession, Spain became the toy of France, power leaking out of the rotting hull of the Spanish empire.


King Louis XIV had excellent generals, the most modern army and navy in Europe and went from victory to victory and France suddenly swelled in size and the taxes on the people were ferocious and the government was rapidly going bankrupt and the King was a megalomaniac and couldn’t stop and when he died, France teetered on the verge of bankruptcy.  The British general, the Duke of Marlborough, was hired by the Dutch traders to take down the King of France and was energetically doing this when the wars were suddenly ended by the King of France’s heir.  Or rather, the Duke who ran things during the infancy of the new King of France.


When Peter the Great visited France after King Louis XIV finally keeled over dead, he noted two things: the capital and Versailles were very, very fancy and rich but the peasants were as poor or poorer than his own peasants.  He wrote home that this was a very bad thing and Russia should avoid this.  But he died relatively young (after beating his own adult son and heir to death, thus leaving a baby as czar who was feeble and helpless!) and the dream of reforming Russia’s economic social systems died, too.


Sudden empires collapse rapidly.  All of Louis XIV’s victories led to nothing for France.  The huge external empire, like Spain, ceased making the main empire richer since all the good parts were sold off to speculators and toadies so the King could raise arms to fight imperial battles and the gap between the rich and poor yawned like a Grand Canyon leading directly to the French Revolution.


In that situation, Napoleon was identical to the previous King of Sweden: he was a great general and very energetic and power-hungry and he couldn’t stop fighting.  Finally, fatally, he decided it was a smart idea to ape the previous King of Sweden and invade Russia.  With identical results: total failure.  The balloon of imperial pretensions collapsed nearly instantly and all those poor soldiers fighting for France died for nothing.


Empires that grow suddenly can die suddenly.  Slow accretion empires tend to have more staying power.  If there is a power vacuum, an empire can suddenly bloat with few battles and this means, they don’t go instantly bankrupt but rather, can sail along merrily for an astonishingly long time like say, Britain did.  A fair 200+ years as an empire is a fine thing only if that empire has very clever diplomacy and above all, is careful about wild spending and allowing a huge gap between rich and poor.


The income gap problem is huge.  No empire lasts very long with very unhappy peasants and with the very rich growing fat and lazy as they suck down everything and live in vast palaces and shut out the cries of the people for mercy and help.  A country, an empire like this is easily defeated in war.  The weak, demoralized population makes poor soldiers and people who hate their rulers are usually anxious to overturn them.


Economic empires are the same: when a group of people gain control of great power they can either be nice to everyone and insure all are cared for and there is a good society with jobs, industry, good care of the lands, careful stewardship. Or they can loot everyone, refuse to pay taxes for their own military power and make the gap between themselves and the rest of humanity as huge as possible.  This ‘greed is good’ method of rule has one end: the guillotine or death at the hands of other empires coming in to loot.


Here is a Video of Argentina’s answer to the British Parliament’s statement that they intend to keep the Falkland Islands forever: Argentina President: Britain is a crass colonial power in decline.  She said, terms of this are not negotiable.  Mr. Cameron wants the islands to be British territory, ‘Full stop, end of story.’  As if he can stop history.  Of course, Britain would demand the US do this for them.


NATO, like the entire EU structure, suddenly doubled in size when the Soviet Union fell.  Now, the EU is teetering on the edge of total implosion brought on by simply growing much too fast and…military adventures!  Yes, NATO ceased being a defensive operation and has joined the dying US empire in attacking and then invading distant lands all over the planet, nearly all Muslim.


This, in turn, has excited great energy in Muslim populations who hate the Europeans and Americans as infidels and the more NATO slugs these angry Muslims, the madder they get and the more they fight and the battles are now endless, every year, and extremely expensive.  And the oil held by these nations is taken off world markets leading to very high energy prices across the board (they all go up together, more or less!) so the economies of ALL the NATO countries is now in greatest distress.


So…what does our Pentagon talk about in hushed whispers?  Why, going after…RUSSIA!!!! Talk about insane: Russia warns USA of Nuclear World War 3 over Islamic Republic Of Iran – YouTube

Russia is half the size it was under the Soviet empire model.  Its influence is three times smaller than in 1970.  But it is much stronger.  Russia is no longer going bankrupt.  Russia sells energy products so the sudden tremendous rise in the value of energy has made Russia much, much stronger.  NATO decided very stupidly to surround Russia with hostile bases after promising not to do this and now Russia is very energetic and angry and we know from history, this will end very badly for Europe.


Then there is China: after paying history’s dues and being exploited, butchered, pounded into the ground and weak for 300 years, China has reorganized itself, had a revolution, like Russia, and then the collapse of the revolution, like Russia and now is stronger than ever before and is growing more powerful each year as both China and Russia pile up credit while NATO goes deeper and deeper into debt.   Both will rule the planet in due time and the US hopes to stop them by military means, aka, WWIII using nukes.


This stupid idea can lead to mass destruction of all humanity and then the entire planet has to start from scratch again with the major empires of today being a dangerous nuclear radiated ruin.  Naturally, Japan would cease to exist or be habitable.  The hundred+ nuclear power plants in Europe and the US will make habitation of both continents very difficult or rather, we will see many odd mutations in these places for a long time.


This is a stupid ending, a dumb solution to economic problems brought about by over-extended empires!  When Spain and Portugal suddenly discovered stone age and copper age societies in the New World, they easily overran these and took as many valuable commodity resources as possible, enslaved everyone and then enslaved Africans to work on plantations (as did the English in the Caribbean and North America)  and Spain became very rich, decided to fight all over Europe in RELIGIOUS WARS and died thanks to these very stupid wars.


And our Founding Fathers, worried about history’s lessons, tried to avoid all of this with a deliberately divided government.  The last thing they wanted was religious warfare!  And…they kept slavery so there was this immense gap between rich and poor in the slave states…and this was stupid, too.  A disaster that nearly destroyed our country less than 100 years after the Revolution.


And is still a major problem.  As we lose the ability to form unions, wages are going down, ‘Right to work’ laws from the former slave states are taking over union states and the US workers are more and more like peasants in imperial France before the French Revolution, Russian workers before the Russian Revolution and we see a pattern here, no?


Not that people at the top can figure this out!   They see only victory in the future, and more wealth for them and less for the rest of humanity and frankly, they don’t care to read history or learn harsh lessons from the past.  They think they are geniuses who have found a magic way of being extremely powerful and totally greedy.  And this is beyond sad, it makes the Goddess of History (aka: the Norns, the Furies and all the other dark, bloody, terrifying goddesses that see the future) extremely amused.

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50 responses to “Why All Big Empires Die: NATO Is Rapidly Collapsing As It Widens Many Wars

  1. floridasandy

    i hope people are paying attention to the fact that japan had a negative trade balance.

  2. This is a little off-topic, but I was at Steve Keen’s Debtwatch website, watching an embedded youtube discussion, when Steve made a reference to David Graeber’s book, “Debt: The First 5000 Years.” It appeared to be interesting and seemed to be compatible with a lot what Elaine is saying. Has anybody read it and can recommend it?

  3. Charles XII was in love with his military style of life, he cared nothing for the “tedious” job of actually taking care of his nation and make it prosper for his subjects. Militarism is a curse that hollows nations out morally and financially.

  4. DeVaul

    Wow. That’s some history. I never knew Sweden made a bid for Moscow. Who’s left? Norway? Britain and America invaded northern Russia. What about Spain?

    It is hard to believe so many Swedes kept joining up for this clown’s military adventures. Don’t nations ever run out of men? Where do all these soldiers come from after losses in the tens of thousands? This has always baffled me.

  5. After one particularly bloody battle, Napoleon reputed said, “Oh, no problem – one night of love in Paris and you can replace everybody.”

  6. CK

    Because their are always useful idiots who prosletyze for this idea:
    Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
    Which comes from Horace who stole it from some greek who borrowed it from some other poor propagandist for his sacred sand.
    “My country right or wrong” ring a bell?
    I pledge allegiance to a piece of bunting, not to my God or my family or my own life but to a bunch of bunting. And people stand up and swear and aver to this every day; and you are baffled that their is always more willing kibble for the dogs of war?

  7. Caryl Johnston

    Bravo, Elaine. With your reference to the Norns you are a true “seeress”:

    22. The Norns

    The Norns
    Stand behind the corner that we turned
    When, in the modern norm, we left the Fates
    In their cave spinning mystery-fleece –
    Our fate was shorn, we were forlorn;
    We went shivering into history.
    The times were cold.
    The North was full of snow; the Norns
    Warned us long ago about becoming warm.
    We went on doing and as we did, to seize –
    Our fingers fumbled at their yarn, entangled
    As it was with what their seeing sees.
    Thus we divided up our world,
    Doing and blaming those who did, and nothing was undone.
    Our hands untwisted threads of fate, as we decreed;
    We split the threads of grain to serve our fateful need –
    To fission thus seemed to us inborn. Long forsworn
    Was the habit of spinning with the Norns –
    Those habits, had we worn them some,
    Might have weathered us through some nights of storm.
    But we were grown; we’d let nothing from behind
    Rasp out weird reminders in our time; we coldly bore
    Janus two-faced into the living mind. Classic lore
    Was an unsuited and outworn
    Past — now is free-born!
    This flickering thought became the conflagration-font
    In which we moderns struck . . . self-lit,
    With flames thrown against the darkened front
    Where the Norns stand and sit and stand and sit,
    Eyeless-eyed and snipping threads . . . a telling stunt!
    History came and went. We never found
    The bottom of the river we kept going down,
    The river that would always wind its way
    Despite? …. Because of? …. What we would do or say.
    The roots of the river are a tree beside the Well …
    Tell the good that we would do! — O tell it, tell!

    Their names are Urd, Verlandi, Skuld –
    Do they ever speak? The Tree is by the well of Urd,
    But she is not the wisest, she sees what has been heard,
    The past and present of yesteryear. Go ask Verlandi –
    In leaves she hears what’s stirring now, most uncannily
    She takes from Urd and Skuld an equal share.
    You dare
    Ask Skuld what will unfold. You go out there,
    And find her leaning forward in a frowning form;
    You stand, you ask, you hope, maybe she’ll be listening –
    You speak, you say the words, they blast out like a horn
    Though you were only whispering . . .
    And silence fell upon this Norn
    Though you would swear she spoke! Then were you torn
    From that dream, and from that place you awoke,
    And never again did you hear it: her thread is scorn,
    And she can cut it underneath the tree of shade
    Quicker than a razor-blade.
    No more. That tree is bare
    And the Norns who guarded it are gone into the air
    That subsists between us and the earth we’re on.
    In the darkening paths and blinded eyes
    Left us by the vanished Norns, we see the fate
    Of history getting colder. And no escape.

    from my collection, Indulge Me Once (www.lulu.com)

  8. unwelcomeguests.net is currently reading Graeber as a serialized audiobook. And methinks Mr. G borrowed a few interesting things from Margaret Atwood’s 2008 Massey Lectures on debt. Cheers.

  9. emsnews

    Both Napoleon and Charles XII had this thing called ‘the draft.’

    Bleeding a country dry has definite bad side effects, big time. The US doesn’t need all that many humans now that we are entering the age of Very Expensive Robot Killing Machines but all they do is make everyone we fight hate us a lot (we are seen universally as cowards) and…they bankrupt any nation trying this method.

  10. steve Murgaski

    I wonder if the Pentagon gave up on the space-based weaponry? They were all excited about it ten years ago. (And even 30 years ago.)

  11. melponeme_k

    I’ve read about Charles in a Peter The Great biography by Robert Massie.

    His whole ego and war campaign was fueled by an early success where he won a battle against greater Russian numbers. Many Russian soldiers ran away at that point. But as Peter pushed them on and trained them further that happened less often and of course, they used the terrible Northern weather as an asset.

    History points to the US breaking upon the shoals of a horrific Russian winter in the future. In the process, we’ll probably lose Alaska. It’s inevitable now. Since we will be too poor to fund any kind of army for border protection. We can’t afford it now. Hence all the illegal criminals pouring through the borders.

  12. DeVaul

    This is true. Our real army is on the other side of the world, and there is actually no army stationed here in America. Any kind of border defense would have to fall to militia-type frontier guard regiments composed of volunteers, and they are not professional soldiers.

    I cannot believe anyone joined the National Guard after Vietnam. Did they not understand they were joining an international strike force? I think most did, since they did not protest their depolyment overseas.

    The Suez Canal was closed by Egypt so that our nuclear sub could go through unmolested on its way to the Persian Gulf along with one more destroyer. I guess they will offer themselves up as targets…. but not in Egypt.

  13. DeVaul

    Well, after watching another brutal arrest of a guy in pajamas in an OWS camp, maybe we do deserve to be invaded. We should make sure that the fat cops with the electic guns are on the front lines, but I am guessing they will disappear when confronted by real threats.

  14. While the eyes of Americans are focused on the rag-wearing “terrorists,” Russia and China get stronger, while we get weaker. Thanks to the media of and for the elites, we have no idea that the barbarians are at the gates.

  15. melponeme_k

    “We should make sure that the fat cops with the electic guns are on the front lines, but I am guessing they will disappear when confronted by real threats.”

    They are terrified by the “Russian”/American Mafia now, they’ll never be able to face off Russian military. Those “cops” are only good for beating on law abiding, docile citizens. It makes them feel like tough men.

  16. Great post overall, but I have two points to add:
    1 – The USA Founders were mostly smart enough to know that slavery would cause problems, they just failed to realize how little time they had. Jefferson said that blacks and whites would never be able to live together in peace. But he was too tired of revolution to insure that blacks would be deported.

    2 – John Bagot Glubb had a lot to say about the life-cycles of empires.



    ELAINE: That would mean deporting his own close relative, a slave he took to bed with him at night!

    Deporting the slave labor: and pray tell, who would labor in the hot sun for free or service the lords in their mansions??? Deporting the people who build a nation: the Gulf oil lords do this all the time but they are pure evil.

  17. seraphim

    Talk again about the “lessons of history”. Sweden attacked Russia twice, with the same results. And the Poles tried their hands,several times. Napoleon tried with the result of Russians offering the French the “bistro”. Hitler, don’t even talk about. Before that there were the Mongols, Genghis Khan, it looked more serious. The result? Vladivostok, Sakhalin (which gave us Yul Brynner).

  18. ‘floridasandy
    January 30, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    i hope people are paying attention to the fact that japan had a negative trade balance’
    Japan has borders, allows 6000? immigrants a year
    its people are nationalist…………………..however

    The USA is doomed

  19. Clueless

    @Seraphim: No one learns from history. If that were true then we would be energy self sufficient, poverty free and war free. Only when man learns to control his mind and rise above the passions, thus becoming a “real” human, only then will we get past the misery-go-round of stupidity caused by inflated egos and stunted emotional midgets. We have a long way to go. I suspect we shall destroy our civilization a few more times before it is ingrained in our DNA to evolve into a more spiritual mindset.

  20. Clueless

    Japan’s more immediate problem is its dwindling and aging population. Once the global shysters agree to forgive their phony loans and Ponzi schemes, and reset the system Japan will recover. Their people are disciplined and have a deep inner strength. Getting yor head chopped off for making a mistake, over many centuries, has bred discipline and resilience into their psyche, an advantage over cultures with entitlement issues.

    That said, they do need to step up their sex lives. It won’t be enough though. They will have to allow large migration of people and create conditions for overseas Japanese to come home. Much like Idia did with their NRI’s. Further, they will have to lower the cost of living in order to stimulate family growth. A tall order.

    All this assuming the next great quake doesn’t wipe out a good portion of their population.

  21. Plove

    Black History Professor, Tony Martin (Wellesley College), talks about slavery in America.

  22. Clueless

    Watch the great George Calin say, “They’re never gonna learn!” Start at 3:15

  23. Just an interesting historical curiousa. In 1610 a Swedish-Finnish army (+ mercernaries) led by Jacob de la Gardie actually invaded and held Moscow for a brief while. The Tsars were weak back then but a hundred years later Peter the Great sorted things out for the Russians.

  24. Pingback: This looks like a job … for Pasha Glubb! | Reserve Currency

  25. seraphim

    In fact the action of De la Gardie took place in the context of an alliance between Sweden and Russia against the Poles in the the so called Polish-Muscovite War of 1605-1618, which led to the installation of the Dynasty of the Romanovs (1613), who routed the Poles.

  26. DM

    “Debt: The First 5000 Years.”

    Just a few chapters into it. Very interesting so far (and well written). Grab a copy.

  27. http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/israel-s-never-ending-holocaust-1.409942

    Very interesting story showing the psychosis of Israel. This worship of the Holocaust is being stoked and used deliberately by the Zionists imo. The Fight or Flight instinct is the strongest instinct we have, and it is being used to manipulate whole populaces. They are using the same technique to brainwash Americans as well with all the propaganda and Homeland security bs etc.

  28. DeVaul

    RT says that the US mothership will be outfitted by a no-bid contract and that any delay in overhauling it will be considered a threat to national security. This is the same ship that sat off of Libya during our invasion there. I guess it is pretty big and carries a lot of troops.

    After reading about the War of Continuation in Finnland, it dawned on me that preparations for outright war usually take several months. Generals have to meet and coordinate their strategies and tactics and agree on things beforehand. Those targeted would be well advised to pay attention to this.

    I do not think it is wise for Iran to do nothing while we build up an invasion force. At least they know what is coming, unlike Stalin, who was caught by surprise. Iran has every right to strike first now because if they wait for us to launch a sneak attack, they will not be able to defend themselves as well.

  29. The US/Israel are already waging war on Iran. The terrorist attacks, sanctions etc are warfare. If the US was under a similar attack the missiles would already be landing.

    Yes, it takes a long time to prepare warfare, even “blitzkrieg”/Shock&Awe. It took months to prepare for GWI and GWII. The US will have three carrier groups to the Strait of Hormuz come March.

    Never mind the crazy Christian end timers and Iranian Shias. The crazy aggressive Zionists with their nukes scare the bejeezus out of me.

    Here is an older story of when the US gave Israel the capability to fire nukes from Submarines. Lunatics.


  30. DeVaul

    In the past, I thought about leaving, but there seemed to be nowhere to go. Canada will become a US protectorate or satellite state. It will lose its sovereignty. Mexico is a madhouse, and most countries now have their own form of police states anyway, assuming they would even allow a deaf person to enter their country so they could monitor him.

    I think the era of great migrations is over for now. The end of the age of oil will force people to stay put until they learn to travel without oil again, and then they must face the overpopulation problem, which is everywhere now. Their search for Lebensraum will not be so easy in the future, but many may try it out of desperation.

    I can personally see two possible major conflicts in the future: an Arab/Turkic invasion of Europe from the overpopulated areas of the Middle East, and a Chinese invasion of the US west coast. They could dump 100 million men there and not really care if they come back or not since they cannot feed them. I don’t see Russia invading anybody. They don’t have enough people now. Same with Europe.

  31. DeVaul

    I read some quotes from Ann Rand over at the Ol’ Woodpile website. She seems quite insightful. How did she get such a bad reputation? I have not read any of her books, but I see people regularly critiquing them — usually in a negative manner, and usually about economics.

    Can someone tell me what she did to become so hated?

  32. @DeVaul:
    Ayn Rand’s personal life was pretty unusual.
    Michael Prescott used to be a huge Ayn Rand fan, then soured on it.
    Here is his explanation:

  33. http://michaelprescott.net/hickman.htm

    has links to some of his other criticisms of Ayn Rand. I should have linked that page first.

    @Christian W: The Yanks who gave Israel nuke subs weren’t lunatics, they were just bribed enough to violate their duty to their country.

  34. Re: Ayn Rand, I made it a few hundred pages into the Fountainhead a few years ago, before giving up. The overall message of it, repeated again and again, was that social conventions are stupid; the individual who sticks firmly to his beliefs, against all adversity, will eventually achieve great things. (The great things he achieves might not be recognized as great by the herds of brainwashed, conventional thinkers; but that doesn’t really matter.)

    I could see it appealing to a certain kind of teenager. But reading it as an adult, you should look at the magnificently independent main character and think “But at some point he was a baby, right? Somebody else changed his diapers and cooked his dinners, before he became this paragon of individualism?”

    Apparently not. Her boy never took no help from no one, and now he don’t owe nobody nothing. So he tells them all to go to hell, and carves out his own life in his own way, and doesn’t give a damn whether the people around him admire him or fear him or hate him. He just pursues his one god-like dream, and succeeds in ignoring all the rest.

  35. DeVaul

    Thanks! Very interesting. I wonder if her “individualist” became the model for Ronald Reagon’s “rugged individual”?

  36. melponeme_k

    “I wonder if her “individualist” became the model for Ronald Reagon’s “rugged individual”?”

    Yes. Reagan was part of the Chicago Economic school crowd. A great many of them were Ayn Rand worshippers. Free Trade and Libertarianism were all birthed by Rand’s Objectivism.

    As far as all her groupies are concerned they are only doing good work because their greed sustains society. The rest of us who are not greedy deserve nothing except death. That was her philosophy and that is what the parasitic elite really believe.

  37. seraphim

    Why people did not like Ayn Rand?
    Could be that she was in fact Alysia Zinovievna Rosenbaum, born in Russia, sympatehic to the Revolution and then turned “neo-con” after settling in USA?

  38. DeVaul

    I never took economics in college. I tried to attend a lecture in Econ 101 at Marburg, West Germany, but I left after 5 minutes. I told my friend Ashish, from India, that this crap was for the birds. It made no sense to me.

    Most of what I know about economics I learned in just the last 7 years, after I stumbled upon Elaine’s site in 2005, I think, and some other sites after I bought some silver dollars to give my son when he lost a tooth (Tooth Fairy). I noticed a plethora of ads about “what is money” and so on, so I became interested and started reading up on it. Throughout all that, I kept running across the term “Ayn Randians”, which I could never figure out. It seemed to be applied to almost anyone who was not liked.

    I do believe in individual rights, which I think a republic protects the most, but not in “individual rights above the common good”, which is what a lot of people want. That never works except for a few, who become filthy rich at the expense of everyone else, but Americans still dream of becoming that one in a million lucky person, so they go and vote for criminals like Mitt and Newt. Too bad we cannot post their photos on the internet as being accomplices to multiple acts of fraud and criminality.

  39. Plove

    Ayn Rand’s main squeeze back in the day was A Greenspan.

  40. Ayn Rand’s ideas fit well into a typically American style of myth. ‘Rugged individualism’ goes back a long way. Davy Crockett killed him a bear when he was only three, dontcha know? (He probably skinned it himself and made his own clothes out of the hyde, deducing the tanning process from first principles. That’s how he kept himself from freezing in the winter.)

    It’s a whole tradition. Sorrell and Son was its best pop representation in the 1920’s US, I think. Ayn Rand was pretty sophisticated by comparison, and not a bad writer. Just kind of repetitive and simplistic.

  41. CK

    Ayn Rand’s novels are all available in paperback.
    Most are available used.
    All are available in public libraries.
    Why not take a few hours, read them for yourself
    and come to your own conclusions about her novels.
    That is what she would counsel.
    Or you can just allow other folks to do your thinking for you; it’s the current merkin way.

  42. DeVaul

    Well, CK, if I had the time to read again, I would probably reread Mark Twain, or Voltaire, or perhaps Kennedy’s Rise and Fall of Nations.

    My interest in Ayn Rand is too limited to put off more important authors, but thanks for the suggestion.

  43. I have great respect for Ayn Rand as a fiction writer.
    I have little respect for Ayn Rand as a historian of philosophy.
    I warn people to avoid Ayn Rand’s example with respect to amphetamine abuse, adultery, and cult-like exploitation of the gullible. Ayn Rand went beyond narcissism to megalomania, and I warn people against megalomania.
    My point is not to revile a dead sinner, but to warn the living to avoid her sins.

  44. Clueless

    @ The Choir: Jim Sinclair reveals an impending undeclared default of 5 major US banks this week per the ISDA International Swaps and Derivatives Association. That is today or latest tomorrow.

    Of course, since the membership of the ISDA is made up of illustrious bankers of the 5 major US banks, this will be a non-event. However, it is important to understand that MF Global went belly up on the 50% haircut of Greek debt, holding paper sold to them by American banks (who account for 97% of ALL issued CDS’s). 97%!

    These idjits felt good selling shit to the EU’s, except now that of shit is raining down on their their heads. The EU’s know what they did and they will make them pay by giving the Greeks a 70% haircut. MF Global at 50% = kaput! At 70% lets see how far the fan flings the shite…

    However, judging from the exodus of the likes of James Cameron, and the sale of a lot of multimillion dollar real estate across the US by high profile individuals, the greedy money is in the know and is abandoning ship. Listen to the interview and learn. An extremely disturbing turn of events.

    It never fails to amaze me how everyone is held accountable for their mistakes except these vermin. Uncle Adolf was born a half century too early.

  45. Clueless

    The Choir might want to get a grip on the message hidden in this advert. After all, what’s the point in learning from history if you don’t do something with what you’ve learned? Time to get on the bus people…

  46. Clueless

    Even the crabs know better…

  47. The bible provides a progression of empires in Nebuchadnezzars’ dream of Daniel 2:31-45.

    Head of Gold. Nebuchadnezzar ruling Babylon;
    Chest of Silver. Cyrus and Cyrus and Darius ruling Merdo Persia;
    Belly of Bronze. Alexander the Great establishing Greece;
    Leg of Iron. Charlemagne ruling Rome;
    Iron of Iron. Tony Blair ruling the UK, and George Bush, The Decider, ruling America;
    Toes of Iron and Clay. The power of the two iron kingdoms began for the UK in the late 1700s, and began for the US in the late 1800s, is flowing into a ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, Daniel 2:31-33. This system is described by Daniel as beastly, Daniel 7:7.

    The ten toes being continually mixed in the iron of diktat and the clay of democracy, will crumble and give way to mankind’s final empire seen in Revelation 13:5-18, where the Sovereign, after establishing a middle east peace treaty, gains the upper hand and establishes a one world government, a one world currency, and global seigniorage, Revelation 13:17-18, where one will be required to take his charagma, that is his mark or tattoo on one’s person, which will be required to conduct any economic transactions.

    Perhaps one might enjoy my linked article

  48. emsnews

    So that is why everyone is tatooing themselves? 🙂 Well, I won’t do this.

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