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Zombie Bank Bail Outs

As the US and Israel tightens the screws on the first world economies, the racket from Europe rises as the EU struggles to create ZIRP lending from their main central bank, aping the US and Japan.  Wars create inflation and the US is wracked with inflation in a ZIRP lending situation.  This leads to more wars.  And the ZIRP lending is also screwing up the floating fiat currency system, too.  The gambling games playing FOREX markets and derivative interest rate swap games are making the creation of money more and more wild, more and more detached from economic reality. Continue reading


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Iran Oil Boycott Bites US In The Rear

Everyone seems to agree, gasoline costs too much.  The US media now has a job running along side the perpetual drumming for more wars that cut off oil supplies is to lie about nearly everything.  But it is hard to hide the Iran problem: our oil boycott is fairly successful vis a vis the US and Europe.  Shhhh…don’t let the peasants know this! Continue reading


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Separation Of Church And State Makes Opus Dei Santorum Throw Up

Insult to WWII heroes: Graves of British soldiers smashed and desecrated by Libyan Islamists in protest over U.S. soldiers’ Koran burning | Mail Online

Angry Muslims in Libya destroy British imperial graves in retaliation for NATO guards trained in America burning all the Korans used by prisoners in Afghanistan.  The US will be driven out like Britain and other previous imperialist invaders.  The Afghani record for driving empires into destruction is long, very long.  Perhaps ‘eternal’ is the right word here.  The US is embroiled in a new election of our fake leaders who must obey AIPAC and yet, there are rumblings of horrors to come as the GOP candidates endorse ethnic cleansing by Jews while…discussing how much they hate the separation of Church and State.  Every Jew in America should be trembling in fear!  This, dear fellow tribe members, is aimed directly at YOU.   Continue reading


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The Taliban Strike Back While The Iran Oil Boycott Begins To Collapse

NATO recalls advisers following Kabul shooting – YouTube

All hell has broken loose in Afghanistan this week.  The NATO preoccupation with turning Iran into some sort of boogeyman and painting Syria as an evil kingdom cruelly killing demonstrators, is now killing…demonstrators!  How unusual!  Hypocrisy has no mirrors.  The Taliban have slipped into one of the most secure places in Kabul and shot two fairly high ranked US officers in the back of the head and then got away, successfully. Continue reading


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Japan Contemplates New Meiji Dictatorship Revolt

Areas near nuclear plant may be unlivable forever, gov’t says is the latest news from one of the most dysfunctional first world nations, Japan.  My cat loves to watch Japanese anime with me, by the way.  This one is  Kaasan Mom’s Life.  The Japanese people are a wonderful people but their system creates leaders and elites who run roughshod over nearly everyone and everything on earth, reckless, corrupt and inhuman…very much like our own elites, here.  Fukushima is certainly a turning point in Japan’s history and will cause political changes…not always for the better…in the future.  Japan is overdue for another revolutionary/reactionary change.  Which will it be? Continue reading


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Killing Jungles For Farming Kills Civilizations

Civilizations rise and fall depending on many things especially weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, poor financing abilities, foreign invasion by stronger entities, etc.  What is a constant is how they always rise and fall.  Failure comes on the heels of the greatest successes in many cases.  One thing in particular, any shifts in climate from either direction of warmer or colder leads to agricultural difficulties. Continue reading


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There Isn’t Enough Sovereign Wealth To Bail Out Entire First World Banking

Worst Sovereign Debt Countries Cannot Bail Out Global Banking | Culture of Life News

Europe is a confederation. Since it was a loose one, it grew tremendously after the fall of the Soviet empire.  It began with six members and was 9 members in 1973 after Nixon cut the US gold standard.  Today, there are more than twenty states with a host of others pending.  This confederation is now collapsing because it is a bubble and not a union.  All unions are created with a lot of bloodshed.  For some reason, this is how humans operate in general.  The EU is going bankrupt individually rather than, like the US, as one entity. Continue reading


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