Magna Carta Was Mainly For Armed Barons And ‘Free’ Cities

One of the funniest things, I think, is the solemn love of the Magna Carta.  This document is rarely read and often poorly understood.  Since I descended from British barons, the amusing and cruel side of this document is much clearer in my own mind.  We were mean bastards!  Big time!  Nobles who were…ignoble.  We forced a weak king to hand over considerable powers…over peasants!  Yes, they were the big losers thanks to this revolt of the ruling elites.


This document is in the news this morning and it reveals very clearly how our new elites are running things into the ground, doing as they please and writing laws that benefit them and their projects while stripping the peasants of nearly everything, making most of them much poorer.  And yes, we have ‘peasants’ in the US except they are not attached to land or anything.  Actually, at least 50 million of them are excess peasants and the elites wonder how to get rid of them aside from putting massive numbers of them in prisons.


The actual documents are treated like Catholic saint’s remains.  We are to subscribe to these documents religious awe and magical powers.  But is isn’t magical if we read the thing!  Restored Magna Carta to go on display in Washington | The Raw Story


Billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein bought the document — one of only 17 existing copies of the Magna Carta — for $21.3 million at auction in New York before giving it back to the Archives on loan…The document, which was previously on loan to the National Archives in Washington, was put up for sale in December 2007.


Rubenstein, co-founder of the private equity fund Carlyle Group, also donated $13.5 million for the manufacture of the new showcase, a multimedia kiosk explaining the importance of the document and a new exhibit gallery.


Carlyle Group has had the Bushes and Cheneys involved.  They worked hard to pass laws that would benefit it and destroy our economic system.  One top requirement of ALL these hedge funds is the necessity of offshoring their profits and avoiding taxes.  So they used the Queen Elizabeth islands offshore the US to hide their wealth from a government which they, themselves, run.


Since 1980, using all sorts of self-beneficial laws, they have stripped away many restrictions on moving money offshore and created an economic system and a tax system that is causing the government to go bankrupt.  The reason why King John was in trouble was high taxes on property (which includes humans) to pay for wars in France and to ransom the now-dead King Richard the Lionhearted who traveled many miles out of his way when leaving the Middle East to fall into the hands of the very handsome Duke of Austria, Frederick the Handsome.


The battles in France were purely dynastic.  The king of France and the kings of England doing this were all half brothers with the same mother.  They, naturally, hated each other.  The barons who revolted were not patriots as we know the term.  They even were willing to place King Louis of France on the English throne just to stop the fighting which was bleeding them white.


The Magna Carta is all about self-interest of the elites.  As is David Rubenstein – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rubenstein grew up in Baltimore, and graduated from the college-preparatory high schoolBaltimore City College and then from Duke University magna cum laude in 1970. He earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School in 1973. From 1973-75, Rubenstein practiced law in New York with Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Prior to starting Carlyle in 1987, with William E. Conway, Jr. and Daniel A. D’Aniello, Rubenstein was a domestic policy advisor to President Jimmy Carter and worked in private practice in Washington, D.C.


Rubenstein is among the group of American billionaires who have pledged to donate more than half of their wealth to philanthropic causes or charities as part of The Giving Pledge. He has made large gifts to Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard UniversityJohns Hopkins University, and the University of Chicago Law School. He is a trustee of Duke, where Rubenstein Hall is named for his philanthropic gift to the school.[6] In 2011, he also donated $13.6 million to the Duke University Libraries in support of renovating the university’s special collections library.


In 2012, he donated $7.5 million towards the repair of the Washington Monument.


Repairs to the Washington Monument should be from our government, not rich guys.  The privatization of public systems is roaring ahead as the elites take over all systems and sell them off.  They forced the government, for example, to sell off the Magna Carta to them!  We get to ‘borrow’ it back temporarily.  Isn’t that sweet?  The ‘charity’ here is like so much of the charity of the very rich: it makes things they use very nice but does nothing for the rest of us.


So, they fix up and even plate with gold, things they either visit, use, need or want while public services are eliminated and public goods are sold to the highest bidder.  The more we sell off, the more taxes are cut to the rich so this forces us to sell off even more public goods, assets and systems!  The schools endowed with tax-free money in Rubenstein’s case are already grossly oversubscribed while public schools from kindergarden to junior colleges, languish.


The barons who imposed the Magna Carta on the King of England were interested only in their own affairs.  Nothing in it is good for the peasants who are called ‘chattel’ here and it is no accident that it rhymes with ‘cattle’ and has only one extra letter!  The hedge fund owners who destroyed America consider us to be ‘chattle’ too which is why they don’t mind making our lives less free and more constricted.  And irresponsibly, they also drive us into war over and over again, wars in the Middle East in particular.


Here are various provisions in The Magna Carta 1215 which are either interesting or important to understand how ruling elites protect themselves from their victims:


33. All kydells for the future shall be removed altogether from Thames and Medway, and throughout all England, except upon the seashore.


48. All evil customs connected with forests and warrens, foresters and warreners, sheriffs and their officers, river banks and their wardens, shall immediately by inquired into in each county by twelve sworn knights of the same county chosen by the honest men of the same county, and shall, within forty days of the said inquest, be utterly abolished, so as never to be restored, provided always that we previously have intimation thereof, or our justiciar, if we should not be in England.


A ‘kydell’ is a fishing weir where fish gather and are easily scooped up.  The Crown claimed all streams, edges of the ocean, etc.  Even today, the Queen of England OWNS the entire shoreline of Britain.  This is true sovereignty.  All offshore windfarms, for example, pay royalties (ahem, think about that word for a minute!!!) to the Crown even today.


The Forest Laws put in place by the victorious William the Bastard (hahaha) meant no peasants could hunt but it also meant no barons could hunt without permission from the King.  If any King were irritated with a baron or lord, they would be denied hunting rights.  Since hunting put large mammals into the feast halls, this was very bad for the barons, etc, who loved eating venison and wild boar.


So, they wanted their hunting and fishing rights, big time!  NO peasant was EVER allowed to fish or hunt.  Period.  If the sheriff or bailiff of either the Crown or the barons were caught poaching, the punishment was severe.  The barons who wrote the Magna Carta were very irritated by being treated as poachers in royal forests that kept on expanding in girth.


20.  A freeman shall not be amerced for a slight offense, except in accordance with the degree of the offense; and for a grave offense he shall be amerced in accordance with the gravity of the offense, yet saving always his “contentment”; and a merchant in the same way, saving his “merchandise”; and a villein shall be amerced in the same way, saving his “wainage” if they have fallen into our mercy: and none of the aforesaid amercements shall be imposed except by the oath of honest men of the neighborhood.


This provision mentions ‘villeins’.  The barons weren’t concerned too much about the suffering of this human cattle, they were irritated that the King would use all sorts of trivial excuses to fine everyone including the barons in order to raise funds.  The baron’s stream of revenues was being depleted this way.  Now here are some of the parts of the Magna Carta that concerns the barons cutting off Crown control over their own fiefs and crimes:


18. Inquests of novel disseisin, of mort d’ancestor, and of darrein presentment shall not be held elsewhere than in their own county courts, and that in manner following; We, or, if we should be out of the realm, our chief justiciar, will send two justiciaries through every county four times a year, who shall alone with four knights of the county chosen by the county, hold the said assizes in the county court, on the day and in the place of meeting of that court.

21. Earls and barons shall not be amerced except through their peers, and only in accordance with the degree of the offense.

24. No sheriff, constable, coroners, or others of our bailiffs, shall hold pleas of our Crown.


Their ‘peers’ were fellow barons.  They wanted to judge each other not to be fair to anyone but to get away with things, even murder, by appealing to fellow barons for cover or support.  This is how they terrorized and controlled their massive peasant population.  So, even if they were extremely offensive, the victims had to go to barons who were just as cruel to beg them to stop one of their buddies!


Which is why medieval England was not free at all but enslaved by this upper class of local bullies who basically did as they pleased and passed rules, laws and regulations that made them happy and the peasants unhappy.  This document says that no local law enforcers can appeal the baron’s self-serving rulings to the King.  Note the inclusion of ‘coroners’ here.  These are the people who determine how people died!


54. No one shall be arrested or imprisoned upon the appeal of a woman, for the death of any other than her husband.


Isn’t this nice?  You can kill a woman’s son and she can’t bring charges!  At least, not against the barons.  Of course, barons killed each other too.  They kept up the duel, for example, all the way to the middle of the 19th century.  They loved dueling.  More than one Crown had tried to stop this.  Duels were exported to the US for example and raged onwards for generations here.


Preventing outraged women from demanding justice is what the Magna Carta is all about.  A bunch of wild, drunken, violent elite men resented any restrictions on their chosen, happy lifestyles.


46. All barons who have founded abbeys, concerning which they hold charters from the kings of England, or of which they have long continued possession, shall have the wardship of them, when vacant, as they ought to have.

13. And the city of London shall have all it ancient liberties and free customs, as well by land as by water; furthermore, we decree and grant that all other cities, boroughs, towns, and ports shall have all their liberties and free customs.


The barons wanted to put their own third sons in the Church and thus control the tithe.  The Church began as a social welfare system but that was long gone.  By the middle ages, it was a revenue stream for the elites who took over most of the Church positions of power.  The 10% tax was for the middle class to support the indigent and sick.  Instead, it was diverted to making the comfortable even happier.


So the Church went from sharing the wealth to concentrating the wealth!  And few peasants were allowed to participate in this process.  Advancement within the clergy was limited to the well off burgess families and of course, the nobility.  Controlling who gets to sit at the head of Christ’s dinner table was very important to the barons who had or hoped to have multiple sons or to park excess daughters.


Then there is the City of London.  Its power started here.  The City of London is, to this day, a separate entity from the rest of London and the nation.  The medieval precincts are subtle and powerful limits for Parliament.  The City of London always sided with the Crown in disputes ever since the Magna Carta.  The Cinque Ports also side with the Crown, too.  These ‘free customs’ operated like today’s free trade: they sucked all the economic wealth out of the hinterlands.


Because of the Magna Carta, the City of London grew to be one of the biggest cities on earth during the Middle Ages.  Today, it sucks out all the oxygen from the rest of the British economy and is the world headquarters for a slew of pirate islands that hide wealth from the rest of the political systems not just in England but the entire planet earth.


Here in the US, banking investors and hedge funds have grown extremely fat with wealth and were totally bailed out during the banking crash caused by themselves.  Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump’s Mitt Romney Endorsement,–a rich reality TV gnome who went bankrupt in the past and who makes his money on gambling addictions is endorsing the rich guy who offshores his wealth.  What a duo.


These gangsters run our nation which is why the S.E.C. Is Avoiding Tough Sanctions for Large Banks.  Like the barons of yor, the bankers want to be above the law, they want the privileges of the City of London.



At least Governor Cuomo (I knew his dad) is authorizing an investigation of these bankers so the NY AG Files Suit Against BofA, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo over electronic mortgage system.  Dozens of these guys should have gone to prison last year.  Instead, they skated off with all of their wealth which isn’t even being taxed.  While our government falls into a deep pit of debt and will be eventually destroyed.


In Russia, communism fell and the wealth of that nation was systematically privatized so now we see there, the same thing that is happening here.  Rich people want to run everything all the time:  Mikhail Prokhorov, a low-key billionaire, takes to Russian stump.  People vote for rich looters because they imagine some of this wealth will trickle down.  It doesn’t.


This is what happens to us: American Airlines Wants To Eliminate 13,000 Jobs, End Pension Plans.  Pension plans that appeared during the union power decades are vanishing.  The chattel is returning to cattle status.  The laws will cover the elites like a warm, soft blanket and will be steel chains on the ankles of the rest of us.  This is why the elections this year are so important: thanks to Occupy Wall Street, the conversation is about the 1% rich who rule us, and they can’t pretend they are ordinary people because they are not.


They control half of the wealth of the nation and aren’t happy with this.  They want total control of everything including the peasants.  Especially, the peasants.  And we should never forget this.

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12 responses to “Magna Carta Was Mainly For Armed Barons And ‘Free’ Cities

  1. DeVaul

    Wow. This was really instructive. I am at the point were I have no reverence for any documents whatsoever, and perhaps now I can actually understand George Bush’s complaint that the Constitution was nothing but a “(expletive) piece of paper”. As an American baron, he knew what it really was.

    All of these sacred documents were written by robber barons. They are not for us, but for them. In the law library where I work, the number of laws that protect peasants is tiny compared to the endless shelves of laws written by corporate lawyers and bankers. I may just photograph them and send them to Elaine for perspective.

    This is all part of the great unveiling for me. Ron Paul, “Mr. Constitution”, is in cahoots with robber barons, hoping to elevate his social status and that of his son. The constitution is just a scrap of paper that treated women, negros, children, and landless whites as “chattel”. America was just a continuation of European “divide and conquer” techniques, which is shown clearly in our past deeds, but not in our myths.

    Only the things we use to oppress each other have changed, but that will end with the age of oil, and we will be right back at square one. There is still a tiny ray of hope that once the oil is gone and the dust settles, we might choose a different path.

  2. Eso

    Precisely my opinion, Elaine. But go tell it to the mountain. It is deaf.
    To take your argument one step further, we should think of our urban so-called liberal democracy as the flip side of an egalitarian democracy, which we have been denying at least for as long as the Magna Carta is in effect.
    I believe that a true democracy is possible only in a forested environment, when everyone of us has a tree to hide behind from which to enforce our rights, and the Roman legionnaire has no advantage over you or me. However, deforestation and increased militarism is one of the phenomenon coming along with our liberal and militasrist neo-capitalist democracy.
    Though I personally and mine suffered a great deal from the Communist Revolution, I contend that it was the last peasant or forest people revolution. Of course, Stalin made it go viciously violent due to his Enlightenment and urban influenced ideas of what democracy or egalitarianism is about. The American democracy has never been anything but an a dream of an “ideal” whose days are past as far as reality or realization is concerned. Yes, on occasion it worked, but mostly it did not. Today it does not work, and the reasons are plain to see to whoever wishes to see.

  3. steve Murgaski

    Thanks. I hadn’t read any of the Magna Carta before. The bit about women is amazingly blatant.

    “Repairs to the Washington Monument should be from our government, not rich guys.”

    Exactly. The idea of rich guys maintaining the monuments is very Roman. I wonder if the American elites have really thought through whether a modern state can be run like the Roman empire, or whether they just get off on the idea of being patrons, wandering around in public with gangs of clients, dispensing occasional patronage in exchange for being praised to the heavens.

  4. rps

    The biggest joke of these scoundrels the claim they are paying for repairs to the Washington Monument. This is a lie. They will receive a tax write-off/break and in the end the taxpayers pick up the tab for the repairs through the manipulation of the tax codes. Tax breaks for the few and tax increases for the 99%. These “do gooders” are really good at stealing from the public purse, and anointing themselves as saints.

    And charitable gifts from the wealthy are in reality another scam hidden under the cloak of Not for Profit organizations. The wealthy’s Ideological Trojan horse, Non-Profits are umbrellaed with special government tax exemptions. And serves the exclusivity of an elite members-only club that avoids paying taxes as the good citizens pickup the tab in increased taxes. In other words NPO charities is the elites gravy train. They are the beneficiaries of tax privileges, without indicative responsibilities to the community

  5. emsnews

    You are unfortunately right. I have written in the past how ‘charities’ are mostly tax avoidance schemes.

  6. DeVaul

    I can say as someone who works in a law library that there has always been an unusual amount of time and effort (billing, laws, regulations) devoted to these tax-exempt organizations and non-profit corporations, which always seemed odd to me since they were supposed to be about charity.

    I mean really. How many lawyers does it take to give away money?

    The deep interest in these type of organizations and their “tax issues” by our clients and the lawyers at my firm lead me to believe some years ago that they were not really charities at all, but clever tax avoidance schemes. I personally had to unravel a few of them and write legal memorandums on them to advise lawyers on what they were so they could advise their clients, who had run into trouble with the IRS.

    I have to give some credit to the IRS employees who spend years trying to unravel these monstrous entities and trace the winding paths that the money takes so that they can then finally outlaw it, only to see a new one pop up immediately from some New York law firm based in the Caymans.

  7. Jason & Dana Hegna


    One of my ancestors had a 3rd cousin (their grandfathers were brothers) who was one of the wealthiest merchants in the New World. And, off course, he – John Hancock – stood against *taxation without representation.* He had to pay the most taxes of anyone in the colonies!


  8. emsnews

    I am all for representation in the tax issue. Too bad, Congress listens only to people who can afford to bribe them. 🙂

  9. seraphim

    “We (the barons) were mean bastards”. Elaine, repentance is the beginning of the way to salvation.

  10. CK

    Only women deserve to be heard on the abortion issue. ( only women demand abortions)
    Only rich people deserve to be heard on the taxation issue. ( only rich folks pay taxes )
    What is good for the goose is good for the gooser.

  11. emsnews

    Last time I looked, poor people pay plenty of taxes and fees (try driving over a bridge sold off to a rich guy, for example!).

    And yes, women should have total power over their own bodies unless you want us to dictate what happens to male sex organs? *cough*

  12. CK

    Nope you can fondle yours and we will enjoy ours. That dictate thing is a recurring theme isn’t it.
    Poor folks don’t pay for bridges that they don’t have a car to drive over.
    47% of Americans pay 0 federal tax. Since they don’t pay they should have no say. I mean seriously folks citizenship is not a suicide pact is it?

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