Big Muslim Brotherhood Victory In Kuwait Election

As democracy appears more and more in Muslim nations, the marriage of nationalism with Islam continues its relentless growth.  This should surprise no one.  One way to provoke a retaliatory action is warfare: the US has dragooned NATO into seemingly endless wars against Muslims and this, in turn, is causing a fast rise in Isalmic power.


Just as stars are born when two galaxies collide, religious wars only cause more religious fanaticism.  This is why true liberalism which believes that all religions are legally equal and which fights racism, ideological discrimination in the law and other repressive things dies when religious fanatics start wars.  The US is in the grip of Zionists who are religious bigots who are also racist and they have an alliance with US Christian groups to expand religious wars.


This is a total failure.  The US is anxious to flee Afghanistan as our craven NATO allies, alarmed at all these wars, seeks to exit already.  The US defeat in the hands of barely armed Islamic believers has shattering effects far and wide as we see in this news:  Islamists sweep Kuwait polls | World | DAWN.COM


 Sunni Islamists, including Salafists, took 23 seats compared with just nine in the dissolved parliament, while liberals claimed only two places against five previously, according the official results.

And no women were elected, with the four female MPs of the previous parliament all losing their seats…Only two of 13 former MPs who the public prosecutor questioned over corruption charges were re-elected, and the rest either lost or did not contest the poll.

…Speaking after his victory, new opposition MP Obaid al-Wasmi warned all “corruption files will be opened,” including claims that hundreds of millions of public funds were stolen.

“I tell the decision-makers that the Kuwait of tomorrow will not be the same as of the Kuwait of yesterday,” said the outspoken independent opposition figure.

“The law will be applied to all, and those who do not want the law to be applied to them should leave Kuwait,” the professor of law told cheering supporters.


This is quite revolutionary!  The US rescued the sheiks back in Gulf War One.  Crude propaganda was used by Bush Sr. to lure us into feeling sorry for the oil-soaked elites of Kuwait with made up stories about mean Iraqi soldiers dumping babies out of cribs.  This, of course, was designed to tap into the fetus/infant emotional triggers of the born again Christians who hate adult women but love fetuses.


They recently thought they scored a big coup with stopping funding for breast cancer examinations for poor women by Planned Parenthood.  Rick Santorum Opines On Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Planned Parenthood Decision that abortions cause breast cancer which is ridiculous but a typical ‘Talibanist’ response to health needs of adult females in the US.


Women all over Muslim nations are losing a grasp on future civil rights thanks to the many US ‘liberations’ which involve butchering women and children mercilessly while denying social services to them and riling the men into a bloody fury.  While proclaiming the rights of women, we steal everything we can or abuse anyone we want which has single-handedly undone a great deal of pro-women’s rights efforts of the last 100 years in Muslim communities.


Supporting corrupt dictatorships is not liberalism.  ‘Liberal’ Democrats do this just like repressive Republicans.  I can detect hardly one iota of difference between the tactics and strategies of both parties and I suggest this is due to AIPAC bribes and threats.


Minority Shiites who form about 30 per cent of the native population saw their representation reduced to seven MPs from nine, with four of them from Islamist groups.

Under Kuwaiti law, the opposition, a loose formation of Islamists, nationalists and independents, will not be asked to form the new cabinet because the premier must be a member of the ruling family appointed by the ruler.


The Shi’ites have good reason to revolt.  The US supports various revolts like the one in Syria but not Shi’ite revolts, anywhere.  In Iraq, the US goofed when it discovered that the main allies for occupation there were…the Shi’ites who are friendly with Iran.  This is why the entire matter of fighting Iran is so hopeless.  The US has been outplayed here.


Like in Kuwait, the ruling elites who are in the pay of or who own the US government have fake elections and then refuse to let the Muslim Brotherhood run things so we see stuff like this:  Protests against Egyptian junta spread after football massacre



On Friday protests against the Egyptian military junta spread all over the country. The protests are a response to the pro-regime football riots in Port Said on Wednesday, when 74 supporters of Egypt’s most famous football club El-Ahly were killed and several hundred injured.


In downtown Cairo thousands of workers and youth tore down the wall erected by the army in Mohamed Mahmoud Street during the last clashes in November and surrounded the Ministry of Interior. They called for the downfall of the regime and the execution of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the leader of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) junta.
Fierce clashes between heavily armed Central Security Forces (CSF) and protesters continued during all of Thursday night and continued on Friday. The CSF attacked protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets to prevent them from storming the ministry. Reportedly one protester was killed by a pellet and over 1,400 were injured.
In the port city of Suez, security forces fired live rounds into crowds of protesters attacking a police station. Reportedly at least two were killed and many others injured. Protesters also attacked shops and destroyed the façade of the Suez Canal Bank. Police forces cordoned off the Suez state security headquarters and a compound of the justice ministry with razor wire.
In Alexandria, the funeral of 23-year-old Mahmoud El-Ghandour, the founder of the El-Ahly Ultras fan club in that city, turned into a demonstration against the junta. Protesters marched towards the military’s North District Command and chanted against the SCAF.


Note how each stage of the Egyptian revolt gets more and more violent.  This is typical of all revolutions.  The invasion and occupation of Libya was not a revolution, it was an invasion.  But Egypt isn’t held by foreign troops, the military is a mercenary operation that is doomed to failure.  It is a matter of time before radical, nationalist Muslims take over by force.


The arrest and detention of foreign ‘democracy’ agents is just one step towards the eviction of all EU/US operatives there which should surprise no one.  Even innocent groups will be tagged as treasonous due to the CIA using such operations for cover of covert activities designed to overthrow governments.  The US does NOT want the Egyptian generals, all of whom are traitors to their  nation and working, like our Congress, for foreigners.  The US wants them to stop the Muslim Brotherhood!  Which is POPULAR unlike the military generals.

Al Jazeera kindly shows us who is opposing Putin.  One major group are…the communists!  HAHAHA.

Rival Putin crowds rally in Moscow – Europe – Al Jazeera English

The Muslim brotherhood and even the communists can be quite popular for people because people want socialism to some degree.  Yanking away this useful system leads to violent reactions in most sane places.  Here is the GOP plan to kill the little socialism we still have:   The Path to Prosperity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Medicare: Starting in 2022, the proposal would end the current Medicare program for all Americans born after 1956 and replace it with a new program (still called Medicare) of somewhat voucher-like “premium support payment” and would increase the age of eligibility for Medicare:[7]

  • Starting in 2022, the age of eligibility for Medicare would increase by two months per year until it reached 67 in 2033.
  • After 2022, the current Medicare program ends for all people who have not already enrolled. People already enrolled in the current Medicare program prior to 2022 would continue to receive the program. New enrollees after 2022 would be entitled to a premium support payment to help them purchase private health insurance.

The four Republican members of Congress who voted against the bill were Walter B. Jones, Jr.David McKinleyRon Paul and Denny Rehberg.

Ron Paul voted against this GOP bill.  But only because he thinks it is way too generous.  I will get Medicare but not my children if the GOP has their way.  Ron wants me to die if I don’t have a million dollars to pay for a doctor.  Ron Paul compares Social Security and Medicare to slavery | Raw ..Ron Paul: Medicare & Medicaid “Unconstitutional” : Senior Housing …Ron Paul tells Piers Morgan only ‘honest rape’ merits abortion | The Raw Story.  Note that he is insane when it comes to rape.


I often prayed to various goddesses to make anti-abortion males pregnant.  But alas, this never  happens so I can only hope these people get run over by drunk drivers or something painful.  Tit for tat.  Way too many women died of desperate, illegal abortions in the past.  NO Republican can ever serve in the WH as far as I am concerned based on this issue.


Last, I see that today, the Washington Post which had open forums which were fun to read and post in since 80% or more of the comments were tearing up WP editorial positions or talking about Zionism and how evil it is, are now going to be censored and monitored like the NYT forums which have gotten to be dead in the water lately thanks to censors.


The huge differential between what the less literary public thinks and people who like to write comments at newspaper sites (CNN comments are minimalist and poor in quality thanks to years of censorship there, I posted there eons ago when it was interesting) is huge.  As we approach yet another war, it is necessary to prevent comments about this.


Both left and right comments at the WP were mostly antiwar with Iran.  The common ground of the Ron Paul people with the antiwar left is a powerful thing except…well…the socialism thing…the Ron Paul people can’t support even the Nazi form of socialism which dooms them on the right.  Hitler was smarter than that, he just wanted to make socialism handed out only to the ‘master race’ just like Israel does today in its homeland stuff.

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39 responses to “Big Muslim Brotherhood Victory In Kuwait Election

  1. Clueless

    You want revolutionary, this IS Revolutionary!

    Finally, signs of real intelligence, not the rehashed fluff of mental masturbation.

    Time to get on the bus people, its getting late…

    “The Coming Age of Internetocracy”:

  2. Clueless

    The Poles just got their PM to freeze ACTA with huge civil demonstrations in below -20°C weather. You got to hand it to them.

  3. Clueless


    ELAINE: Thanks for the news from Poland! Love the video!!!! 🙂

  4. steve Murgaski

    The idea is to end the old Medicare program, and replace it with a new program which will also be called Medicare? That’s more orwellian than Orwell was.

  5. Clueless

    BTW Maestra, assuming you are 100% and Ron Paul is a plant/tool/asswipe of the 1%, who then is a viable representative of the 99% in the next election?

    From where I sit that is not even a shallow bench, it is a non-existent one. Amerika ist tief in der Scheiße

  6. steve Murgaski

    Just as a side note, an economics professor explained in yesterday’s NYT why the US doesn’t need to stimulate manufacturing. She doesn’t mention the trade deficit/balance of payments deficit. Typical western-economist short-term thinking, and ignoring of what other countries are doing. Nothing but the here and now. (Why do these people get payed, when any idiot could stand on a soapbox and say “What’s happening is dictated by the market, and the market is always right, so what’s happening is always right. End of story.”)

  7. seraphim

    Does not sound a bit strange (to say the least) that behind the “fight of Syrian people for democracy and blah, blah” is the…Muslim Brotherhood? That “analysts speculate Hamas leader in exile Khaled Meshaal’s goal is to take a pragmatic approach to Palestinian statehood”? That he “began to look intriguingly as a rival (to Ismael Hanief – the man of Iran)”? That he intend to move the headquarters of Hamas to Jordan or Qatar? That he is ready to “suspend the jihad against Israel”? That Hamas is “embarrassed by ties with Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President, and his Alawite minority, with roots in Shiite Islam? And that Mr. Matti Steinberg of Haifa University reckons that “The Muslim Brothers don’t want trouble with Israel from Gaza while they are consolidating power in Egypt, which will take several years. Meshaal is accommodating himself with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt”. Here you are. What goes around, comes around. Hamas is a creation of the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood is a creation of British Intelligence. They opposed Nasser with CIA and MI6 support (who can remember the Suez crisis?), they opposed President Hafez al-Assad who, in 1973 introduced a secular constitution for Syria, declaring the country “a democratic, popular and socialist state”. Since 1976 it carried out hundreds of attacks in Syria “generously supported by Israel and Jordan”, ended by the “massacre” of Hama in 1982.
    Hmmm, conspiracy theories!

  8. Caryl Johnston

    Elaine, I don’t like Santorum either but his remark on the abortion-breast cancer link is correct. The abortion lobby can’t stand that this information becomes known. The Komen Foundation backed down, which shows they are ideologues in the end.
    Here is the science:

  9. JT

    “Do not rock the boat our rat is sick.”
    Writer – Dimitry Bykov

    United Russia is the right wing party of Russia.

  10. DeVaul


    Are you the one who recently delivered profane comments here under a new name? It sounded to me like someone who was pissed off that their hero was a traitor and that the evidence was mounting daily. To answer your question about who to vote for, it is simple: don’t vote, or write in the name of someone you respect, like Ralph Nader or whoever. Voting legitimizes a system that is illegitimate. That’s why the Soviets imprisoned those who refused to vote. You have more options than you think.


    Your in depth analysis of a tiny section of the Middle East is the best proof I can offer that George Washington was right about not getting entangled in foreign affairs. This is none of our business, and if we withdrew all our men and junk from that area, we would not need to know which warlord is after what and who he plans to stab in the back. We could just leave a few ambassadores over there to listen and observe only. We already know what they would tell us: that everyone over there wants to kill each other and take over everything. No need for us to be involved at all.

    The army can be put to work here, trying to repair what is left of our own personal moonscape.

  11. seraphim

    De Vaul

    So many people all over the world would like to see the back of the US boys who urinate on them. But who would then defend the “only democracy” in the Middle East?

  12. JT

    We had presidential elections here yesterday.
    The right wing Niinistö won the Green candidate (openly gay too) 73-37%.

    That is a video of our new president this morning shoveling snow at his home.
    No bodyguards, no nothing.

    Peace and income equality is a marvellous thing.

  13. CK

    “But who would then defend the “only democracy” in the Middle East?”
    Iran is doing a fair to middlin’ job defending itself.

  14. CK

    Lebanon defended itself so well that since 2006 Israel has not invaded them.
    ( Lebanon is a democracy too as is Turkey, Pakistan and possibly Egypt)
    Not that democracy is all that wonderful a system of government but it is a fine system for repression and censorship.

  15. Duski

    “Peace and income equality is a marvellous thing.”‘

    JT, exactly. I just wonder why is it that elite, richest people always seem to want for more? If they get their way, they lose much of their freedom… eventually.

    People are absolutely silly.

  16. Duski

    About options:,_2012

    Plenty to choose from. Just try to find a way for most of USA to vote other than Reb or Dem… good luck with that. Although both parties try all of their might to lose all support all the time.

  17. seraphim


    According to its supremo, the “only democracy in the region” surrounded by brutal, murderous dictators hellbent to its destruction is also capable of defending itself. But in a far and big and powerful land millions of people who read their Bible know that a greater danger looms over the “only democracy”, the hordes of Gog and Magog ensconced in the vastness of the Empire of Evil called Rosh. They would come to do battle at Armaggedon, and guess where that is. The millions of concerned endtimers will vote for a saviour. And then those who were not already raptured to heavens will enjoy thousand years of merriment.

  18. seraphim

    Ah, I forgot. The filthy hordes will be led by the Antichrist himself, whose real name is Poo Tin (he is a bit Chinese, look at his face) against whom brave people led by a tall billionaire brave bitter cold in order to stop him.

  19. CK

    Which video game is that from?

  20. CK

    There is equality and then there is reality:

  21. emsnews

    The CIA and Mossad both love to think they control things like al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood but these groups are biting back in their own way, big time.

    Especially the MB: they know the value of patience and keeping a good grip on real power (hint; the ‘Arab Street’ which the US and Israelis mock all the time).

  22. Clueless

    @ De Vaul: I do not post under other aliases. If I want to say something I say it, you should know that by now.

    BTW, Ron Paul is not my hero. He is the best on the bench, assuming Maestra is wrong. If she is right, well then, all the more reason to get on the bus. Actually, you have no choice, either that or die the slow death…

  23. seraphim


    There is no video game. It is all in the newspapers, blogs, books.
    And yes, CIA and Mossad (and MI6) do not “control” MB. They manipulate it. How is it that they became so vocal against Russia and China, that they ask, no they demand, for boycotting Russian and Chinese goods, attacking embassies. For when attacks against the oppression of Muslims in Russia and Xinjiang (with a little aside in Tibet)?

  24. Plove

    Breaking news: Pakistan will support Iran in WWlll.

    Whoopee, the Israeli Dog & Pony War gets really serious.

    I guess we could retreat and let the economy go bust.

    And rout out the traitors with pitchforks.

  25. CK

    @JT: That is indeed a reality, the profit to be had in the privatized prison industry is huge. Can’t really blame the suppliers for supplying prisoners to create those profits. It is even more a reality if you do a breakdown by race.

    @Plove: I have a chinese import pitchfork.
    @Sera: I misread your snark, apologies.

  26. CK

    Additional to JT:
    Last year in Pennsylvania, three judges were convicted of sentencing minors to private prisons for cash payments from the prison owners.
    I do not believe the prison owners were even arrested for successfully bribing the judges.
    4000 convictions overturned, that is 4000 slaves freed.

  27. CK

    I am wrong it appears only one judge has been convicted, so far.

  28. floridasandy

    considering you voted for obama, i am not going to take your evaluation of the other candidates seriously.

    ron paul is the best candidate out there, which is precisely why he won’t be elected.

    if america picks obama again, america deserves obama and everything that comes with it.

  29. emsnews

    We have little choice, do we? As for Ron Paul, I see his supporters complain about the GOP screwing with him and the GOP is screwing with him…but HE ISN’T LEAVING the GOP.

    He should run third party! Like we thought he would last time around when he pocketed the money raised for fighting the GOP and ended up supporting his ‘party’ which is NOT the Libertarians or anyone else but… the damn GOP.

    Sheesh. Even Lieberman had the wit to start his own party, didn’t he?

  30. DeVaul


    Sorry for impuning your honor. Won’t mistake you for a troll again.

    About this:

    “Actually, you have no choice, either that or die the slow death…”

    What do you mean by “either that”? Voting? Or leaving the US? (on the bus…) If the latter, where would we go?

    I assume I will die a rather long, slow death even in the Bahamas, assuming they would let me in to stay. Do you know of some place that would welcome Americans and protect them? I know of no place other than various watering holes for the uber-rich.

    I don’t think people, including wealthy Americans, understand that this is not 1933. The number of places you can move to freely are very limited, and they tend to be places where the rule of law has vanished or are violent hell-holes or both.

  31. emsnews

    Once upon a time, my ancestors (Normans) came rowing out of the far north to invade everyone thanks to the social and economic chaos following the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    Mohammed and his followers did the same from the opposite end of the Roman Empire. And then there were the horsemen of the plains of Central Asia who invented the stirrup and the spur…yes, violence and chaos also can bring huge changes and some celebrate this sort of opportunity.

    Those of us who are not planning to be barbarian raiders don’t like this possible future for obvious reasons.

  32. JSmith

    And you still support Paul? Even though he’s the crazy uncle of US politics?


    ELAINE: Eventually even you will learn how to read.

    Paul represents talk about antiwar stuff. The entire rest of the GOP runners and Obama are war, war and more war. If Paul were to run for President in the main election even as a third party candidate, he would move the discussion to ‘war OR peace’ rather than more wars and endless wars.

    Ergo: I support him in the primaries and wish he would run as a third party candidate. This will scare both the GOP and DNC goons.

  33. Clueless

    @ De Vaul: No sweat brother. About the bus, it is in reference to the adverts I posted a few back, about it being better when people move in groups — a take on how people can stand up against oppressive systems, an advert about taking the bus. So I use the phrase to imply one start thinking outside of the box, then acting on it.

    Leaving the country would be running away and not solving the problem. Staying and standing up, being heard, and more importantly, making oneself felt while moving toward a critical mass of like minded independent critical thinkers would be a step in the right direction.

    Bottom line, you can only get a result from thinking and analysis if you act on it. If you don’t then you are just another hamster on a treadmill to nowhere. Thus, the slow death..

  34. DeVaul

    I see. Thanks for the explanation. I was not familiar with that term. I cannot really “get on the bus”, but I have already decided to fight the system in my own way: by not cooperating or helping it. Hence, the reason I do not vote.

    I am also planning my future with full knowledge that the government will not be there to help me, so I do what I can now to make sure my family has a chance of surviving.

    It is like being on the Titanic. You know the first class passengers will get all the rowboats and even some crewmen to steer and row them away from the ship, but you do not stand around with the 2nd and 3rd class passengers waiting for some order that will never come. You go up on deck and, if you have to, make a raft from wooden chairs or whatever, and you try to use that to stay alive. I would probably also drink a bottle of fine brandy from the abandoned bar right before I jumped into the water to push my wife and daugher away on the raft.

    My death would be rather quick, but that’s better than sitting down in the hold with the lemmings, as you pointed out.

  35. STEVE [COMMENT #6]


    Christina D. Romer is an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley,

    and was the chairwoman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers.

  36. 90404, I agree. It takes a lot of education to train someone to think like that.

    CK, I read disturbing things all the time, and that NPR article about the judge still shocks me.

  37. JSmith

    “Paul represents talk about antiwar stuff. ”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. The only – and I mean the ONLY – time he makes any sense is when he’s talking about winding down the Empire.

    But there’s all the other stuff, where he sounds like a bull-goose loony. I can’t see it, myself. Ron Paul is too all-around round the bend for me. He’s like that … remember that guy that used to run for president all the time, back in the day??… ok, I have it now. He reminds me of Lyndon LaRouche.

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