Maps Detailing Bizarre Anti-social Programs Ideology

The GOP and the Conservative convention this week complained bitterly about ‘socialism’ in the US.  Both the GOP and DNC lie about this ‘socialism’ which is one of the strangest, goofiest forms of ‘socialism’ in the world.  We do know for certain that Wall Street enjoys a most envious form of state financial protections that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators correctly call ‘Welfare for the Well-heeled.’


I grew up in the south and this emphatically included Texas, my childhood memories of that place has some rather fond memories of being disgusted with the open racism of Jim Crow Texas.  One thing is certain: the places where the GOP is the strongest is the same place that hates social services the most…and are, coincidentally, the same places more people are receiving government benefits!  So, why do they hate this system that benefits them the most?


The dire poverty of the ‘right to work’—like a slave—states is noxious and spreading as the entire US government system is bent on dropping working wages to poverty levels in all areas so as to compete with all the foreigners who export their goods to our nation while locking us out of their own economic systems.  As if, when we are very poor, collectively, why, trade will balance since we won’t buy much of anything from anyone…or each other!


Now I have assembled a series of maps that show the bizarre world of the anti-socialist ideologues and explain why they have this strange belief system:  Where Americans Most Depend on Government Benefits – Interactive Map –


So, there is a direct correlation here between the Mississippi valley states, the Southwestern states and Palin’s proud Alaska.  They have a much greater proportion of wealth from federal financial deals and support programs for families.  Now to look at three minority populations that particularly irritate the right wing anti-socialists: from the US CensusScope: Census Data, Charts, Maps, and Rankings



The GOP hates ‘Obamacare’ which copied Romney Care:  Affordable Health Care for America Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Election maps

States Obama carried in 2008:


The representatives in various election districts voted for Obamacare even the supposedly right wing state of Arizona.  Only mainly Phoenix and the areas next to Vegas voted against it!  This is due to the Indian/Hispanic demands.  Ditto, the border of Texas along Mexico voted for Obamacare.  But looking at the above election map for the last election, both Texas and Arizona, overall, voted for McCain, not Obama.


Generally speaking, the heavier the concentration of minority blacks, the more anti-socialist the white GOP voters.  Racism lies at the core of ‘conservative values’ because the imagining of oneself as inherently superior is increasingly valuable the poorer one grows.  This dynamic is very strange and sad but it happens: if one has little left of dignity or value, imagining one’s skin color is of great value is a balm, the feeling of superiority while wearing rags is what shocked me when I was a child and moved from very liberal Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to the heart of Texas in 1956.


Here is a really funny map showing which states overall gain in Federal dollars overall:  Give Up Blog

All the proud GOP states that sneer at the ‘socialist’ coastal states are mainly…freeloaders!  Naturally, they always conveniently overlook this small detail.  The blue states vote DNC and get more than they give but all the rest which are white are people pulling the socialist wagon.  Texas is the main except to the freeloader states and this is probably due to oil revenue tax money.  Little Rhode Island pays over 10% in taxes than they receive in payments back.  And they have no oil wells.


The GOP Congress that is now the Do Nothing But Whine Congress (except when AIPAC rolls in and then both parties stand on their hind legs and beg to get a bribe) is profoundly unpopular.  Congressional Performance – Rasmussen Reports™ reports that 70% of the people think all of Congress stinks.  And it does stink!  Attempts at voting for someone new leads to it stinking worse and worse.


This is mainly due to campaign financing going haywire and being a nonstop bribery machine that has pried the levers of power from the voters and transferred them to lobbyists of every kind.  Since this naked bribery is for people with money, voters lobbying for things that help voters is nearly suffocated to death at this point.  If Congress thinks that divide and conquer will work in the teeth of economic distress, they will eventually discover the downside of all this: social riots, turmoil and uprisings.

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33 responses to “Maps Detailing Bizarre Anti-social Programs Ideology

  1. I doubt if the dreaded NYT [see ‘Crimes of the Times’ blog] will
    figure out how to get people jobs!
    Nor is it likely to note that 1 IN 2 BLACK MALES IS UNEMPLOYED.

    Check the COTT blog for an eye opening experience.

  2. Did I miss something with the Chart? Detroit is 88? % Black, Is it too small to appear on the AfroAmerican Chart?

  3. DeVaul

    That’s a great set of maps.

    This may be off topic, but it reflects the thinking of your typical white upper middle class investor, and how ignorant of history they are:

    “In all other commodities (except silver), inventories represent a few months of production. Other commodities can even have “gluts,” which usually lead to a price collapse. As an aside, this fact makes gold good for money. The price of gold does not decline, no matter how much of the stuff is produced. Production will certainly not lead to a “glut” in the gold market pulling prices downward.”

    From an article at the Silver Bear, which is increasingly churning out what I feel are neo-nazi type articles. This new student of Antal Fekete and former conman who sold out in 2008 (just in time — caveat emptor!) shows that he has read no real monetary history at all, but then day traders and software company ceo’s rarely do.

    The flood of gold and silver from the New World caused massive inflation in Europe and caused the “price” of gold and silver to collapse. “Price” being defined as what gold and silver could buy, as in food, shelter, mercenaries, whatever. Gold could not buy as much as it could prior to the opening of the mines in the New World. Same thing happened with the silver discoveries in the Wild West. I believe our government bought the silver just as a price control method.

    “The price of gold does not decline, no matter how much of the stuff is produced.”

    What idiocy! It also shows his true intent: he wants gold as money. Everything else he says is just to create the illusion of knowledge and authority on monetary affairs. I stopped reading at the above line.

    I skipped down to his bio and photograph. Another worthless parasite who makes money by “doing deals” in paper markets and wants a return to Wild West capitalism. Typical. I wonder if Fekete is proud of his new student?

    Libertarians are hypocritical liars. They do NOT want an end to laws and regulations, only those laws and regulations that protect buyers, whom they defraud by selling them worthless crap. I have yet to hear a libertarian utter the phrase “seller beware”, and call for an end to any and all laws which would hinder or prevent a defrauded buyer from extracting immediate retribution from a seller who defrauded him.

    Now THAT would be a true libertarian world, but no “libertarians” call for it. Like Jews, bankers, and aristocrats, they want to be above the law.

  4. Ok Devaul,

    Ill call myself a Lib [ertarian] and say ‘BEWARE,SELLER, BUYER BEWARE’!!!!


    ‘One thing is certain: the places where the GOP is the strongest is the same place that hates social services the most…and are, coincidentally, the same places more people are receiving government benefits! So, why do they hate this system that benefits them the most?’

    What about Atlanta and Detroit? Where are they in terms of receiving
    Govt Benefits? Or Baltimore? Or Camden NJ?


    ELAINE: Much of the Midwest handouts are to farmers.

  5. DeVaul

    I can speak for Kentucky, which according to the map is almost all white (plus a huge population of Mexican farm workers). Eastern Kentucky is all white except for African doctors who come there to help as a means of becoming US citizens. White doctors do not care about poor people. Rand Paul will never practice medicine in Eastern Kentucky. He is above the hillbillies and set on a course to further his father’s dynasty. Deeds matter.

    When I drive to the rifle range out in the boondocks, I see Palin and Newt signs everywhere. No Ron Paul signs, although the gun range safety officers are for Ron Paul mostly. They are unusually kind to me, a Deaf person, and are not above writing things down for me to understand. They are actually more decent than most educated people, but they are also easily mislead by the same. They cannot live their lives and also fact check every lie that comes at them from all sides. I feel sorry for them.

    The rich, in their leisure time, concoct the lies, knowing full well that most Americans will spend time with their families and trades rather than exhaust themselves investigating every scheme the rich perpetrate on them. This is why there should be no rich people. What is the saying? Idleness breeds evil, or something like that.

    What little good comes from the tiny efforts of the rich and powerful to present themselves as “philanthropists” (sp?) is dwarfed by the collective good that comes from the efforts of many poor people working together to improve our world.

  6. Vengeur

    “Racism lies at the core of ‘conservative values’ because the imagining of oneself as inherently superior is increasingly valuable the poorer one grows.” Dearset Elaine: If there was not a single Black, Hsipanic or other minority in the U.S., I would STILLL be a conservative. I don’t need to compare myself to some other race or group to define myself as a conservative. Because I would still STRIVE to be honest, thrifty, self-reliant, compassionate and generous to those less fortunate than me. You apparently base your biased views of conservatives on the high profile Phonies who masquerade in American politics and media , and of course you LOVE to fling the ad hominem accusation of racism , which is as vile an insult as calling a black man a n-gger.

  7. Devaul, some libertarians do go all the way with it. They think you should be able to buy justice. Get rid of the police, and just have private security firms selling violence to the highest bidder. In that world it’s find to cheat the poor, but very dangerous to cheat the rich.

  8. I’ve suspected for a long time that Karl Marx would be a libertarian, if he were alive now. He saw that the poor needed to be completely destitute before they would organize a real revolution. That was his idea of progress. The capitalists would bleed the workers more and more, until finally the workers would have nothing left to lose and would overthrow the whole system. Governments, with their welfare-state policies, have been getting in the way of that for a hundred years. They do just enough redistribution to keep the poor from really hitting bottom, which keeps post-poning the revolution Marx predicted.

    I wonder if Ron Paul would be glad to have the vote of committed marxists (if there still are any committed marxists).

  9. CK

    “which is as vile an insult as calling a black man a n-gger.” Not really, calling someone is a racist just means that person has won an argument with some random disingenuous white liberal. Racist once had a sting to it. It meant that a person was economically irrational ( it meant you would cut off your wallet to spite your income ). Racist has gone the way of anti-semite, no sting left, just vague exhalations; all that is available when the facts are against the true believer.

  10. CK

    If you wish to give your money or your vote to Dr. Paul he will not refuse it.
    He won’t necessarily agree with whatever position you might hold on some question or another; but if you wish to contribute he will accept and use your fungible fiat dollars.

  11. JT

    Maybe it’s the language?

    “Consistent with my hypothesis, I find that speakers of languages with little to no grammatical distinction between the present and future (weak-FTR language speakers) engage in much more future-oriented behavior. Weak-FTR speakers are 30% more likely to have saved in any given year, and have accumulated an additional 170 thousand Euros by retirement. I also examine non-monetary measures such as health behaviors and long-run health. I find that by retirement, weak-FTR speakers are in better health by numerous measures: they are 24% less likely to have smoked heavily, are 29% more likely to be physically active, and are 13% less likely to be medically obese.”

    You english speakers think that tomorrow never comes.

  12. hiker1

    What thoughts do you have on illiteracy; the Giveup blog posts a report taht the souther states have high illiteracy; in your view what accounts for high illiteracy in the southern states?

  13. billibaldi

    @ JT, that there article is some powerful food for thought.

  14. JT


    There is hell to pay for our monetary games
    There will be hell to pay for our monetary games

  15. billibaldi

    @hiker1, there is no real simple answer to your question. I would invite you to compare Cuba with the USA. in regard to life expectancy, literacy and child mortality. Cuba does this with a GDP one third of that of the USA.

    Interestingly Cuba does this with “the handicap” of Spanish and a racial mix similar to Mississipi.

  16. emsnews

    Cubans are not fat thanks to our illogical and irresponsible boycott. Any nation wishing to export to the US has to join this boycott. It is IDENTICAL to the one the Jews are running against the Palestinians.

    And so it makes the people there stronger rather than weaker in this paradoxical way we can’t stand to think about.

  17. emsnews

    About education: ALL communist nations do ten times better than the US because they actually believe the peasants can learn and they use all the tools of the state to insure this. They need to produce scientists and others like crazy to compete with the West.

    The US, on the other hand, imports former peasants taught in the lower grades by communists and then pays them handsomely for staying here. Their children or grandchildren still do better than the average American…but by the third generation, are just as unteachable.

    The seeming inability to teach poor children in the US is the fault of our capitalist system that doesn’t really want them to learn much of anything and the key thing here is, they import scientists and tech people so they don’t think they have to bother with educating their own peasants.

    Thinking about ourselves as peasants is the first step towards true liberation. Pretending we are a free people is delusional.

  18. CK

    “About education: ALL communist nations do ten times better than the US”, then after the peasants are educated they overthrow their communism and become crony capitalists; except for the North Koreans.
    Thinking that you are first a victim of somebody is a way to stay a victim of everybody. Chaining your identity to your yesterdays is a grand way to stay where you were yesterday. And if you stay where you were, those who don’t desire to stay there with you will move ahead and you will be looking up at someones ass as they pass you and eventually you will need a telescope to see their grandchildren; but you will have your ancestry and your victimhood to keep you almost warm, almost fed and almost able to vote your resentment. Show me your scabs and your emotional scars oh victims of the world, unite and weave your chains stronger.
    It takes three to teach, a willing learner, a competent explainer and stuff that holds the interest of both. There are many who do not wish to learn…let them do what they wish with there time. There are many in classrooms taking up air and waiting for retirement, let them go. Let teaching become renumerative, and make the entry requirements a lot higher. Put the life into the topics. Currently, the centralized govt. holds the reins, you teach to the standardized tests of NCLB. Education is neither necessary nor required in the Bismarkian Model that the USA loves. Warehousing and transitioning youth from one prison to the next.
    “Pretending we are a free people is delusional.” Thinking that you are part of a group is irrational, think of yourself as a free person then make yourself one.

  19. JT

    It’s not that hard.
    Music is math.

  20. JT

    It seems like a popular topic nowdays.

  21. emsnews

    Finland is a socialist state.

    It is also small, like say, Singapore. That is, small populations have a greater likelihood of being one extreme or the other whereas, a huge population flattens distinctions. It is hard for people to understand. Comparing the students of say, Finland with say, Connecticut, would be fairer. And the differentials would be much smaller, of course.

    Also, most people in Finland speak their own language whereas in the US, for example, we have millions of legal and illegal immigrants. Another differential.

  22. emsnews

    Finland’s population: 5,259,250

    Ethnic groups: Finn 93.4%, Swede 5.6%, Russian 0.5%, Estonian 0.3%, Roma (Gypsy) 0.1%, Sami 0.1% (2006)

    Language: Finnish (official) 91.2%, Swedish (official) 5.5%, other (small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities) 3.3% (2007)

    age: 0-14 years: 16% (male 429,450/female 414,570)

    Roughly 1.5 million are in school, about 21%

    Mass: 6,587,536, 21% of whom are of school age.

    So, comparing Finland with say, Massachusetts would be roughly similar.

  23. DeVaul

    I lived in West Germany as a student, and I was confused a lot about the use of present tense verbs when the speaker was actually talking about the future. One could only know the difference by context, which is often the same in American Sign Language, which only has simple past, present, and future, and none of these direct indicators are used all that much. Context usually determines everything, which is why the main topic appears at the beginning of a sentence in sign language (day, week, month, year, time of day, mutually known incident, etc. always comes first or second though).

    I wonder what happens to a linguistically “weak present/future” culture that suddenly finds that all its money is worthless or gone and everything they had been told was a pack of lies?

    Any recent statistics on that?

  24. Joseppi

    Baby Boomers are the ultimate Socialists – Boomers are redistributing the wealth of the future generations to themselves in the present.

  25. JT


    Here we start school at 7 years of age.
    Spend 20% less time in school per week.
    Spend 3000 dollars less per student and still pay for a healthy free school meal.
    And get far better results.

    And there are a lot of immigrants nowdays, they try to distribute them evenly to all schools.

    It is a good system.
    Many things do not compare and could not be applied to bigger countries but the school system is very good here IMO.
    Canada is extremely good too and that’s a big country too and pretty much similar to US.

    Better to put people to school than to prison.

  26. JT

    The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.
    – Karl Marx –

  27. emsnews

    As we see with the statistics, Finland is much more uniform in population and religion than Mass. for example.

  28. JT


    There are quite a few schools in Helsinki area where 30% of the students are from: Afghanistan, Bosnia, India, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam.
    Those schools still are within 5% of the top scores.

    It just is a good system.
    Flexible, cheap, decentralized…

  29. emsnews

    That is true. But still, the numbers of immigrants from non-Norse lands is less than 10%.

  30. JT


    personal, dropout percent is 5%, no child left behind, early prevention, 90% of kids get some sort of personal special teaching while in school….

    and we take the worst of the immigrants there are, no selection process like in Canada.

    It is good system IMO.
    One of the best things we have here.
    Far better than in Norway or Sweden btw.

  31. JT


    Norway has the Bismarck style system btw.

    They spend 50% more on education compared to Finland.
    And they are way down with their scores.

    I that Norwegians are smarter than finns, but they have a worse school system.

  32. emsnews

    You may be right about that. The Finnish schools are more like suburban rich NE communities like the one I used to live in when in New Jersey. Lots of intellectual freedoms and good teachers go a long, long ways!

  33. JT

    In that video there is some stuff about immigrant schools here.
    Get everyone to a certain level. everyone, no one left behing.

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