Ron Paul’s Favorable Ratings Highest Of All GOP Candidates

Ever since 1990, the US mainstream media has worked hard with the two monolithic political parties to screw up all our elections via bad reporting, unfair coverage, outright lying by all parties and owners of the media and in general, behaving like this is the Soviet Union with all our choices ending up being virtually the same where it really matters.  True, we get small variations: on civil rights of various levels or reduction of rights and birth control issues and maybe even how our children go to school.  But the essential parts, foreign policies, war and peace, world trade: we have zero say and no choices.


Here is a classic example of the media owners manipulating their own reporters.  In this case, the reporter tells the truth but doesn’t control the headlines and probably follows dictatorial rules about talking about Ron Paul, that is, he makes headlines only when being savaged for being a racist (ahem…as if this is unusual for GOP candidates!) and if he makes some error or mistake.  In this story, he is shown to be the strongest candidate against Obama but look at the goofy headline:  CNN Poll: Romney’s likability fading – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs


In the new survey, 54% of Republicans said they hold a favorable opinion of Romney, while 67% said the same in January. Among all Americans, 34% described the candidate as likable, down from 41% last month.


So far, OK.  Yes, the more we see the more we hate the dude.  No wonder, he is 100% pure unadulterated Wall Street gnome at its worse!  Duh!  No one likes this sort of critter!  Now on to the REAL news that is buried deep inside the story and carefully concealed from the headlines:


Texas Rep. Ron Paul and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich received positive reviews from roughly half of all Republicans.But those numbers declined when Americans of all political affiliations were surveyed. In that case, Paul came in at 42%, ahead of Romney and Santorum, and Gingrich’s favorable rating fell to 25%.

That leaves only one presidential candidate in the race with a national favorable rating above the 50% mark: President Barack Obama.


So, Ron Paul, the candidate the media savages or ignores in alternating terms, happens to be…nearly as popular as Obama!  Not only that, he roundly beats the GOP rivals!  Big time!  But he isn’t totally popular there, hardly so.  The entire GOP leadership hates his guts.  So does the media owners.  The crossover votes for Ron Paul are huge whereas they barely exist for the others!


The main reason so many people are favorable for him is due to his antiwar stance.  This is a huge factor because the Democrat running for office is a warmongering monster!  We would have a choice if Ron Paul were to run and the media owners are nearly uniformly for war with now, Iran and any future Muslim state they choose to target.  The targets are endless and will cause the US to go down in flames over time, fighting for Israel.



Desperately, the government entities owned by the elites are trying to cut the budget:  Budget ax falls on armed pilot program


Obama’s proposed 2013 budget cuts in half funds for the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program. The current budget of $25 million a year — which goes for such things as conducting background checks, training the pilots, and periodic gun proficiency tests and retraining, in addition to administrative costs — would be cut to $12 million.


One of the few sane and fairly cheap things we can do to protect ourselves is being dumped but NOT things that our ruler, Netanyahu, wants!  No, whatever Israel wants, Israel gets:  ‘Congress ready to increase Israel defense funding’ « The Ugly Truth


“It has nothing to do with the Israeli missile defense program and everything to do with curbing the defense budget in every way possible,” said one aide to a Democratic member on the House defense appropriations subcommittee.


He said Congress would be increasing the missile defense aid once it reviews the budget and determines its own funding levels. The administration budget serves as a blueprint, but it is Congress’s version that is voted on and signed into law.


“Funding for US-Israel missile defense will continue to rise despite the budget request,” he said.


Though the administration’s request for missile defense monies has dropped somewhat in recent years – from $121.7m. in 2011 to $106.1m. in 2012 to 2013’s $99.8m. – during each of those cycles, Congress has consistently increased the final allocation.


The aide predicted the 2013 figure would be in the neighborhood of the record $235.6m. slated for 2012, meaning Congress would be adding at least $100 million to the current figure.


Traditionally, Israel has waited to see the president’s budget request before seeking additional funds on Capitol Hill. Another Congressional aide said that if the Israelis once again asks members for more missile defense funding, “without a doubt they would get it.”


So, no money for US pilots to stop ‘terrorists’ but endless and increasing funds for Jews to run their terrorist state.  Naturally, they put all this on our debit bills owed to international bankers who happen to often be of this same tribal affiliation.  Fear of being assassinated by Mossad agents is a strong whip in favor of voting to increase US tax dollars being used to protect the home base of this part of the US ruling elites.


The warmongers running the WP have a funny editorial about how Obama should attack the Chinese who are here to do business, chastising that atheist nation that favors no religion and wishes to give religions a hard time,:  Talking to China about religious freedom – The Washington Post


The more pressing question is whether Mr. Obama — who may be beginning a five-year official relationship with Mr. Xi — treated human rights as a central matter of concern in the bilateral relationship, or as a box to be checked in a dialogue centered on economic and geopolitical issues. We believe it is essential that U.S. policy toward China focus on the need for political reform, because without it, the country is less likely to remain stable, or peaceful toward its neighbors, during Mr. Xi’s planned decade in power.


What the hell?  HAHAHA!  So, Obama should worry about China having social problems?  And worry about China being ‘peaceful’?  HAHAHA.  Unlike the US, China and Iran have not been invading anyone in the last several decades.  Iran hasn’t invaded anyone in the last half a millennium.  And CHINA needs political reforms?


Our system is totally corrupted.  Totally out of control.  We get to vote and then lobbyists steal our representatives and have them do many things we hate, fear or loathe!  This has to stop and no one is stopping it, the Supreme Court recently made this much worse.  As our government that doesn’t represent us goes careening off a cliff, we are helpless.  We get to watch it from close up and can’t stop the process.  We desperately need reforms here!


So why is the WP demanding Obama stick his nose into the Dragon’s private home affairs while the same WP demands we commit even more war crimes, torment Muslims living on the other side of the planet and of course, the WP won’t cover Ron Paul’s antiwar positions at all because they are conspiring to prevent us from having a choice in this election between a pro-war/pro-torture/pro-assassination President and Ron Paul!


And here is what the other, crummier candidates in the GOP think:  Santorum: Birth control ‘harmful to women’.  Talk about insane!  I wish I could implant a uterus in that man and then let him have the fun of birthing when you don’t want to have more children!  Teach that clown a lesson.  What is this, Iran?  Saudi Arabia?  Shall we wear scarves or veils, too?


And he is a warmonger, of course.  A religious fanatic who wants the Apocalypse, another reason to vote for Ron Paul who at least is sane part of the time!  Better than raging insanity all the way to Bedlam.

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36 responses to “Ron Paul’s Favorable Ratings Highest Of All GOP Candidates

  1. US pilots are a dying breed, why spend money on training them for survival conditions when they will be sitting inside bunkers somewhere remote controlling drones? The drones we see now are like the Sopwith Camel and Fokker planes of early WWI. In a few drone generations there won’t be any manned fighter planes. Also, I bet a lot of the new drone pilots are women.

    The US/NATO just decided to build a new Drone base on Sicily.


  2. CK

    Not to mention how much cheaper and how much higher performance you can achieve in a fighter plane if it doesn’t have to carry all the crap necessary to keep the meat bag alive. With a human in it, a plane is lucky if it can pull 5 g’s continuous without offing the pilot. Remove the human from the plane and fly it remotely, the plane can pull as many g’s as necessary for as long as necessary. There really is no reason to have pilots in fighter planes or in bombers or in ground attack speciality planes. They may still be useful in heliocopters uses for air sea rescue; but for the rest of military aviation they are a waste of space.

  3. CK

    Damn that Ron Paul. He doesn’t believe in killing the pre-born or the born.
    He doesn’t think what you do in your bedroom or your smoking room or your kitchens or your libraries should be his business or the governments. He does believe that you should be allowed to make your choices, and enjoy the consequences of those choices.
    And if he should become the president, he could revoke all those national security memos, and executive orders and pull the troops back from anywhere he wishes because the Commander in Chief can do that during a time of war. Treaties someone is going to warble — treaties are revoked every day.
    Getting legislation passed to do away with a bunch of stupid federal bureaucracies, cutting all foreign aid and such would be difficult; but he would have the veto for stuff that violates the constitution.
    Getting legislation passed to revoke NDAA, Patriot etc etc; not going to happen — too many well connected people ( think Chertoff ) supping at those hog troughs

  4. Paul S

    @CK: Wouldn’t transitioning fighter aircraft from manned to unmanned create a whole new set of vulnerabilities? It seems obvious to me that any potential enemy would target the drone bases instead of individual aircraft? I would think creating drone ‘bases’ would require a massive defense system built around them, requiring a huge investment in ‘human assets’ to protect the drone base(s). Does the US have the capability of even doing this successfully? I doubt this, considering the US track record for “victory” in Iraq and Afghanistan, just to name the two most recent examples. My personal view is these warmongers/ruling elites have played too much “World at War” on their Xbox 360’s. In between watching re-runs of the series “24”.

  5. DeVaul

    “And if he should become the president, he could revoke all those national security memos, and executive orders and pull the troops back from anywhere he wishes because the Commander in Chief can do that during a time of war.”

    Quick! Someone tell that to Obama! He is our war leader and does not even know it! He ran on the anti-war ticket, like Ron Paul. Someone needs to tell him he is more powerful than all of Congress, the Supreme Court, AIPAC, Israel, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi Bank, BoA, the CIA, FBI, DHS, MIC, NATO, and perhaps even the entire world!

    Wishful thinking that has no chance of coming true is kind of sad. It is better to try and think of something you CAN do rather than what someone else “promises” to do (unless circumstances suddenly change, which they always do).

  6. CK

    @Paul S. Yes. Zillions of fiat dollars for new drone base protection measures. More zillions to buy the material and fasteners and tools from China and India. I believe that this can be classified as a win win. Currently meat bags who become pilots cost millions/pilot in training to fly planes that cost billions. Construction laborers can be contracted, video gamers are self trained again a win win. ( drone bases do not have to be big, just a drones do not have to be.) ( or they could just launch the drones from the current world girdling air base system that already has all those marvelous protections already in place. That would be a lose-win on the profits picture.
    I found this site today and it is pertinent. That is a fully working drone ( MOBEE ) the size of a couple of pennies and weighing at most a few grams.
    The drone and its base can be printed on a 3-d printer.
    Or for a real drone spying in private hands today:

    @DuVaul: Obama knows. He is a war monger as well as the current commander in chief. How many divisions has the supreme court?

  7. DeVaul

    “How many divisions has the supreme court?”

    They don’t need any. They just have to sign off on Ron Paul’s impeachment, which Bibi will demand… and get.

    You need to let it go. Ron Paul had many chances, but always chose the safest route. He is no Ralph Nader. He will not keep his promises.

  8. CK, you’re leaving out the best part. When the out-of-work pilots start clamoring for government benefits to feed their families with, it’ll only take a few drone operators at Langley to pacify them all from the air.

    Or the government could fund some programs to retrain them for productive work. Not Ron Paul, though.

  9. Concerned Liberal

    So your choice this election cycle is between war warmongering Goldman Sachs Candidate D or warmongering Goldman Sachs Candidate R.

  10. DeVaul


    Only your choice is that. We do not live in the Soviet Union, yet, so we have the choice of saying “no” to all the criminals shoved in our faces by the ruling elite.

    There is no law that says you must vote for anyone. If you want to excersize your privilege to vote and cast a vote for one of the candidates ordained by the ruling elites, you may do so.

    The right not to vote for members of criminal syndicates is an important right. I suggest you not belittle it, since we may soon lose even that right.

  11. DeVaul

    Here is what the AIPAC meeting will be all about:

    Iran refused to take all the bait we put out, so now we must initiate an attack. That will require an excuse and a sneak attack on their air defenses. Israel will set the date and we get to take the blame.

    Will Ron Paul and his supporters storm the meeting and demand to know what AIPAC is discussing with our entire government present? I doubt it.

  12. mile

    just read that Putin ended the 6 percent created currency debt in Russia by ending the central bank, and the lifespan average that had fallen to 56 started to climb..?

  13. Ziff house

    Micro drones are a fake , batteries run out in minutes .
    Drone bases? It would really be a space war, satellites.

  14. Clueless

    @ DeVaul & CK: Here’s my contribution to the Paul – Obama discussion:

    It would be interesting to see if Paul is the real deal, or just a more finessed version of Hope, for the Superbowl.

  15. Plove

    Drones are great in the desert and barren lands, but not worth much flying over ground covered by trees.

    The trick is to kill the trees.

  16. Clueless

    Actually drones are already passe, the future is swarm technology. Watch and learn. As for batteries, these will be the least of their problems.

  17. emsnews

    And…CHINA is manufacturing drones starting NOW.

    Yes, the stupidity of drone warfare is painfully obvious: we made using these to invade countries illegally, a rational part of warfare while not declaring war.

    Our use of these in Pakistan and Iran is dangerous for us in the extreme because what if China produces billions of these things (and they can and will) and then have them appear all over the US, killing people, blowing up things and of course, targeting our nuclear power plants?

    The military doesn’t think things through to the bitter end. They always assume we will have the high technology.

  18. Clueless

    I understand what you are saying Elaine, but I have a strong suspicion the US lilitary industrial complex is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack in terms of tech and kit. Unless China comes up with technology that is game changing the gap is next to insurmountable.

    You keep saying that the US has exporteding its industries. This is true, but not it’s military industrial base. Why? Because that is really all the Empire needs behind the veil. It can go anywhere, and take anything it wants. It just spins a beautiful narrative for the choir and voila! Iraq, afghanistan, Libya, and soon Iran.

    There are three industries America will maintain at all cost to dominate. Military, Media and Banking. I think this is self explanatory.

  19. melponeme_k


    Israel is selling off all our tech to China. This is a bid by them to allow themselves to survive after the US falls. They hope an appreciative China will allow them to still be the bully boy on the Middle Eastern block.

    That won’t be the case. Now that we are in peak oil time, all the Middle East’s oil resources are needed by a growing China. The last thing they need is a country stirring up religious insanity in the area.

  20. DeVaul

    Russia lost its huge military/industrial brain trust when it went bankrupt. When our pentagon engineers and designers are told that they will be paid… in about 9 months, they will slink down to the local Chinese embassy or consul and ask if there are any jobs for former high-tech military engineers in China… that pay money. They might also drop in passing that they have “specialized knowledge”.

    Weapons engineers have to eat too (as well as heat their suburban pools).

  21. CK

    @Clueless: Drones for individuals. 22nd century 2nd amendment. They can have my drone swarm when they can tear the controller from my cold dead hands.
    Arduino go ahead google it you know you want to. Drones are so cheap that even detroit can afford them.
    Sorry Ziff micro drones are not fantasy, battery life is increasing even as battery size and weight diminish.
    The battery improvements are coming from China not the USA.

  22. CK

    @Steve: Your grasp of history is precise. The Bonus marchers got the generous government lead treatment many years ago, and history always repeats itself.

  23. Paul S

    One point about drones. They can be used anonymously. Any country , using a Drone aircraft, could attack a foreign target while publicly denying any knowledge or involvement in the attack. And who could prove it either way? Iran could possibly do this, knowing the US is going to attack them anyway. Then again, the US, because of its warmongering, has created ALOT of enemies.

  24. Sorry Ck, they must be fake , i fly some related technology myself, battery life is 8 min max , yes some day it might improve, we hope, even if it doubles its still not as long as is portrayed. Also bigger batteries weigh more.

  25. And, a small gust of wind will finish the little fellows.

  26. CK

    @Ziff H: Yup they are currently not perfect. They are not fake. There current level of development reminds me of the TRS-80 of a many years ago ( or the Packard-Bell 386 that I bought in 1992 ).
    And given how technology is shortening the development time lines of all things, I doubt it will take much more than 3 years to make those little buggers the weaponized aerial equivalents of today’s top of the line computers.
    3-D printing is also in its infancy but it too is maturing most rapidly. Within a very few years, one will be able to fab just about any parts or things out of any useful material. Already 3-d printing works within tolerances of ten thousandths of an mm. SO:
    CK’s pictures 2022: Solar power supporting 3-d fabs making drone weapons for sale or barter to members of resilient communities. And other members also off grid making useful products for themselves and their society. All without a uniform or a gun or a badge anywhere around.
    All trading freely with like minded people and all resisting any attempts at coercion. Free Trade, as much local self sufficiency as the locality can create given the climate and soils and potable water, well armed and polite society.
    @Paul: most airplanes currently have national markings and IFF ( Identify Friend or Foe ) transponders. The markings can be overpainted and the IFF transponders reprogrammed any time the owning nation wishes. False flag attacks are easy to do today. The Drones will make false flag attacks easier and cheaper. When it comes time to have the persian gulf war, I expect Israeli aircraft bearing Iranian markings and using Iranian responding IFF to attack some not too useful USN vessel somewhere in the gulf. Not that that would be necessary, the USN has enough “Vincennes lite” captains looking for a bit of ribbon.

  27. Ziff house

    Drones fake or not , they are at this point a propaganda tool , people are unthinking about the reality.

  28. CK

    @Ziff: Ah, I was pointing out the potential for drones for individuals, now and on into the future. Surely they are a propaganda tool for the State right now. But anyone can learn to fly a drone, not anyone can qualify to fly an F-35 or a B-2 or an SR-71. It was said that God might have made Man, but Sam Colt made men equal. Since the days of Sam Colt, the equality of the individual against the state has diminished terribly; these drones will be a way to make man equal to his oppressors again. The reality is that every day drones get better, cheaper, deadlier, stealthier and more accessible to the individual.

  29. Ziff house

    Ck , interesting site, of course, even I have missed the point , the little ones are just prototypes for larger ones that can run on jet fuel . Mind, the fixed wings can just soar saving fuel, may not work for helis.

  30. emsnews

    And think: Asia has been very good at doing what? MINIATURIZING stuff! And we think they won’t be successful at doing this with drones????

    They also copy us. SUCCESSFULLY! Think they can’t copy this, very fast? One thing history has been clear as a bell: Asia is very good at doing both of these things. Anyone who imagines they will fall behind us in these matters is insane.

  31. CK

    EMS gets it. If the citizens of some nation decided that that nation had to have a nuclear navy with boomers and aircraft carriers for their national prestige, they would be a long way behind the curve on those items. The USA has 70+ years of hands-on experience and a culture that rewards and encourages this type of huge gaudy expenditure on useless things.
    Or a competitive manned airforce to go head to head with f-35 type planes; again even the most educated nation would be a long ways down the learning curve. But to put together an air force of swarming unmanned drone bomber killers — not so far-fetched and not behind the learning curves for any nation. I submit for your consideration the fact that american spending on industrial R&D has declined stupendously and steadily since 1969; while other nations are increasing their funding of same.
    Oh and another thing, these little buggers are stealth already. Without the need to carry some 200# meat bag with all the associated human support apparatus, the radar cross section of these little UAVs is hummingbird like.
    The ones already in service use engines that are muffled and baffled so they don’t sound like a screaming swarm of angry bees like most common RC planes. There is nothing in UAV tech that is high tech right now. Again I suggest that you look at the Arduino boards that are populating the civilian RC UAV.

  32. DeVaul

    I have no skin in this argument, but I remember a family friend telling us back in the early 90’s, I think, that her son had just completed his training as a fighter pilot for an aircraft carrier when he had a negative vision test. Pilots who take off from or land on aircraft carriers or something were not allowed to wear glasses, so he was reassigned to a different role. According to her, the government had spent over one million dollars training him to be a carrier fighter pilot. I was shocked.

    One can only imagine what it costs now.

  33. CK

    @Ziff H and EMS and DeV and anyone else who wishes to look:

    Free app for the design Google Sketchup
    @DeVaul some “heroes” are more expensive than others, it’s the nature of humaity.

  34. Elaine, A question for you, The Run Ron Paul website suggests and Economic Policy Journal suggest that the reason why Ron Paul has low voting results is due to corporate media bias. But I question is the issue greater? What other reasons are there for voters approval of Mit Romney and rejection of Ron Paul?

  35. emsnews

    Ron Paul and Romney are friends and cooperate with each other at this point.

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