Moody Will Do Mass Downgrade Of Banks And Countries

This epic crash of the G7 credit and banking systems has pulled under all the alliances that were fed into this system so we see the entire European banking and government spending credit systems head towards disaster while the US and Japan sink ever deeper into a null-factor negative system where everyone has to devalue their currencies vis a vis each other while the price of oil shoots upwards, causing further grief and difficulties…made worse by demands to terminate Iran’s oil business.


The downgrading of debt continues and surprises no one.  Of course, the reason this is happening is due to the previous credit bubble itself!  When Japan had a monumental credit bubble in the late 1980’s, we see clearly that this is still a huge problem with Japan mired in this negative credit system for 20 years.  The EU credit bubble is not as great as Japan’s wild exuberance but it was grossly overgrown and more insidious:  Moody’s warns may downgrade 17 global banks, securities firms | Reuters

Down 3 grades:


Credit Suisse (CSGN.VX)

Morgan Stanley (MS.N)

Down 2 grades:

Barclays (BARC.L)

BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA)

Credit Agricole (CAGR.PA)

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE)

HSBC Holdings (HSBA.L)

Goldman Sachs (GS.N)

Down 1 grade:

Bank of America (BAC.N)

Nomura (8604.T)

Over 40 Spanish and Italian banks were degraded.

From April 1, 2009:  THE DERIVATIVES BEAST AND GOLDMAN SACHS | Culture of Life News


These graphs here which were in all previous OCC reports is now gone!  They kept other graphs but not the ones I really liked, naturally!  They do have this graph from the last quarter’s report:


We see that HSBC has been ditching its derivatives positions while JPMorgan has increased its position.  Goldman Sachs has been diminishing the growth rate of its position but it still is increasing in size.


Gold and precious metals are all up, these contracts are for one year or less, that is, short term speculation.  Iran evades US sanctions by paying with gold – which shows the utility of gold: the empires of the EU and US working with the corrupt and very cruel, despotic and repressive Sunni regimes, has imposed a financial boycott on Iran so they are buying things with gold.


Gold is a reserve of known value to be used mainly in times of war and unrest.  It is durable, can’t simply be burned or ripped up and it is easy to carry compared to its value in weight.  A few ounces go a long ways in a world where all the major trade empires are devaluing their currencies due to an international trade war that is now raging nearly out of control.


Here are some of the top US derivative contract holders with the banks in trouble and being degraded next week in red:


Here is an EU report about the crisis that tries desperately to explain the housing and government credit collapse but can’t figure out any solution except to crush the workers and savers and then make them all pay dearly for this mess:  Alert Mechanism Report 2012 En



This Alert Mechanism Report (AMR) marks the first step in implementing the newsurveillance procedure for the prevention and correction of macroeconomic imbalances (hereafter called the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure – MIP). This report also contains the final design of the scoreboard of indicators (presented in Table 1 and Section 2).  Surveillance to prevent and correct macroeconomic imbalances under the MIP is a new instrument of the strengthened framework for economic governance in the EU. It was adopted as part of the so-called ‘six-pack’ governance package which also provides for asignificant reinforcement of surveillance on fiscal policies. Surveillance on macroeconomic imbalances under the MIP forms part of the “European semester” which takes an integrated and forward looking approach to the economic policy challenges facing the Union in ensuring fiscal sustainability, competitiveness, financial market stability and economic growth.


MIP: HAHAHAHA…so, the world’s top elites want to have macroeconomic controls!  More and bigger and presumably, better!  The gross failure of all the dominant imperial systems was due to it not being a big enough imperial system with some kindly emperor at the helm, no?  HAHAHA.  We live and never learn.


What this is all about is dictatorship: who gets what is the question here!  The elites who drove us all off the economic cliff want more power.  They then solemnly swear, they will be prudent and careful.  But we know from present experience, they are not prudent.  They are terminally greedy!  They want this, they want that and we better give it to them, or else.


The recent orchestrated invasion of Libya is the most recent example: NATO bombed, then hosted an invasion/uprising and then stole all the central bank holdings that were overseas and then seized the oil wells and are now draining the oil into NATO countries while Libya, one of the nations with the best life statistics in Africa, goes into chaos, death and destruction.  Gangs run riot, shooting, kidnapping and torturing and then, of course looting.  Things are getting worse and worse and NATO simply shrugs and moves on to the next looting victim.


These war criminals want to run the global economy entirely so they can ‘fix’ it?  We may as well ask the Yakuza and Mafia.  Would probably get better results.  Here is a graph from the Elites Run Macroeconomic Systems Report:



Household indebtedness is closely linked with housing market developments:

growth in credit to households and house price increases went hand in hand during the decade preceding the crisis. The house price cycle in the EU was particularly pronounced, with an average cumulated growth in prices of over 40%. For example, house prices more than doubled during the period of upswing in a half of the Member States.


Moreover, in around two-thirds of Member States, the average pace of real house price increases exceeded 6% annually and in some cases the average annual growth rates were as high as 20% to 35%. While the lengthand the speed of this expansion has shown significant variations across countries, house prices peaked in a vast majority of Member States in 2007/2008. Expectations of continued house price increases also facilitated increases in size of the construction sector. Indeed, high residential investment went hand in hand with the increase in house prices for many Member States, like Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


Housing credit bubbles are easy to see.  All we have to do is note the rate of growth in value.  6% a year is very much ‘hockey stick graph’ territory.  In just 10 years, it shoots to the moon suddenly and then blows up.  An annual growth rate of 35% a year is insane and obvious.  But what a joy, while it happens!  All bubbles are champagne fun!  This is why stopping these out of control bubbles is so difficult.


Especially for the rich.  They love to see things suddenly rise in value!  They encourage this.  They need this for their sense of infinite greed.  This is why they always, always fail to stop bubbles.  What is needed is strict banking laws.  We had this for a while but no one like these because it stopped people from making fortunes on idle speculations.


Here is an elite banker telling us the obvious theft that is going on:  Mervyn King: helping savers would push Britain back into recession – Telegraph


The Governor was speaking amid growing public and political unease about the impact of the Bank’s emergency measures – pumping £325 billion of new money into the economy and Bank rate at a historic low – on savers and pensioners.
Those policies have cut the returns on savings and annuities to record lows. Saga, a campaign group, estimates that more than 1 million pensioners have retired with permanently lower retirement incomes because of the impact of the Bank’s quantitative easing programme.
Savers have also been hit by high inflation, though the bank predicted that inflation will fall back to 1.8 per cent by the end of 2014, easing the recent squeeze on household budgets.


Japan has had ZIRP rates for decades now.  The savers of Japan have been hammered into the ground.  The government still pretends they are selling government debt at ZIRP rates to the elderly but this is a naked lie.  The Bank of Japan like the Federal Reserve, lies about inflation which is enormous for the elderly who get hammered by vast hikes in food and fuel, while life savings makes no headway against the theft of inflation fueled by the central banks and government spending causing inflation.


How on earth is ‘inflation’ in England going to drop by 2014?  First, England has to say no to all oil boycotts, especially Iranian oil.  This is killing the elderly in the US and England and so far, our rulers don’t care, quite the opposite: they feel the elderly are freeloaders but dare not say this in public.  In Japan, they are beginning to say this in public!


As the biggest imperial complex, the NATO/Japan/US system disintegrates and collapses, China will take over the helm.  They, too, have elites.  And looting.  And greed.  But so far, are not suicidally interested in looting China and enriching other countries and forcing the Chinese people to die in distant religious wars.  I wish we were led this way, too.  But gnomes rule us and they don’t give two figs for any of us.sunset borger

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19 responses to “Moody Will Do Mass Downgrade Of Banks And Countries

  1. Joseppi

    The Yellow Menace returns……

    China central bank in gold-buying push

    The World Gold Council believes China’s central bank made significant gold purchases in the final months of 2011, contributing to a surge in the country’s imports.

    While the European Central Bank engages in a three card monte card trick to stay in the game by protecting their banking cohorts…

    Two euro zone sources said that to avoid the problem, the ECB would swap its bonds for new ones ahead of the private sector debt swap, which would allow it to stay out of the debt deal.

  2. CK

    The Yellow Peril:
    Many man smoke, but Fu Man Chu. Skoal y’all.

    A few years ago, I had most of my finances in accounts at 2 of the big banks. Today, not a penny in any of the big banks banks. A little research will uncover banks and credit unions of small size that are within your area. If each of you disengage from the large banks, each of you will increase your financial security. Transfer your savings first as you will not be losing anything in interest. After your savings have been transferred, determine what the minimum you need in checking is and keep that in your checking. Use cash for everything that you can. And when you do use cash, ask for a discount for cash. Most merchants are stuck with a 3 to 5% rake off the top on credit and debit card transactions. No reason you should not get that same discount for cash. Some Merchants may tell you that they can’t do that. Thank them for their time and ask them to recommend a competitor.
    Another thing, you will often read advice about how to nurture and maintain your credit rating. The only time you need the credit ratings is when you are borrowing money to pay for something large ( cars, houses) You will be told that closing lines of credit and closing credit card accounts will harm your credit ratings. If you are over 65, it pretty much doesn’t matter now does it?
    Debt free is a wonderful feeling. Debt Free cash in pocket, incrediblely good feeling. And when you are debt free and have cash in pocket and accounts in a or several small local instution(s) … tell me again why the fashions and foibles of GS or BofA or the other TBTF banks is of any worry to you?

  3. DeVaul

    Here is a really funny and thoughtful article about bankers and banking:

    Finally, something worth reading over at the Silver Bear, and from a mainstream columnist no less. He writes for the Guardian. I am surprised they let him write this article. Maybe they thought it would be regarded only as humor or satire.

    Banking laws and regulations do nothing but give credibility to a criminal undertaking masquerading as a productive industry. Bankers do nothing. They loan money that is not real or earned or saved for projects they know very little about and care even less about. They mostly talk on the phone and “do deals” that they know are illegal according to existing laws, but they have a legal department that takes care of that for them by litigating the matter far beyond their own natural lifetime. All banks are Wildcat Banks, regardless of how many laws are passed saying otherwise.

    Here is what I see bankers doing: they give others permission to DO something. This permission is in the form of a paper that the holder can show others to let them know he has permission to do whatever it is he wants to do. It is like a royal warrant from the king. “Hand over the materials in the name of the king!” “Transport this to there in the name of the king!” “Create this and make it available to those who also carry royal warrants in the name of the king!”

    If money were redesignated as “a royal warrant from the king”, then at least it would make sense. It might not be fair or just, but it would not be deceitful, and bankers would be seen for what they are: royal magistrates. As magistrates, they would have no excuse to reward themselves with huge bonuses at the expense of the king, and would probably be executed for it.

    The current system makes no sense at all, which I think is why it needed several generations to grow into fruition, as the first generation would reject it if it were dumped on them all at once. In fact, it was rejected many times in the past by the first generation it was dumped on, and I believe the unproductive financial parasites who our society idolizes finally understood this.

  4. adam mateyko

    Well here is my view:

    its not corporations but the Rothschild interests that are at the heart of the current finance mess etc in the world.

    Here are the links so you can see for yourself: It should be noted that many of these banks imploded have been rescued and drag down their countries. More to come in France, Spain, etc.

    The links:

    The official website:

    Many of the banks were taken over by the govts who were then sucked dry and its still a mess getting worse.

    IE AIB:

    IE RBS:

    IE ING:
    just type in “ing bailout” into google and you will see its multiple bailouts…. ongoing/failures etc.

    SCOGEN SANTANDER and COMMERZBANK are getting continuous bailout funds from their respective French, Spanish and German govt overseers….. etc etc etc.

    Type in “nameofbank bailout” into google and you will see its multiple bailouts…. ongoing/failures etc. Applies to US banks ie BoA, CITI JPMORGANCHASE and all the rest…. also. The biggest swindle in the history of the world is going on right now.

    This video give the lowdown:

    I watched this on the ipod last night and it was very informative of the situation: no law and the battle with the banksters is now OFFICIALLY LOST:


    One to watch. There are 2 other videos in this 3 some. You can access them from the above link.


    The WIKI:


    An article:


    A couple of historical essays:



    The first one is a good overview of the long range historical context.

    The second one is a forward looking current view of what MIGHT happen. And this is called “conspiracy theory”…hahaha… pretty factual..

  5. adam mateyko

    I can add this also…… Wir Kinder der Hölle und der Wille zur Macht

  6. emsnews

    Many an EU member is angry with German demands they be more German: save money, make certain you manufacture the stuff you use and work together to make a stronger society.

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  8. CK “Transfer your savings first as you will not be losing anything in interest. After your savings have been transferred, determine what the minimum you need in checking is and keep that in your checking.”

    Just today I opened a savings account at the credit union across the street from the BOA where I have been doing all my banking. I still will maintain my checking at BOA since it’s free and I have all my deposits and payments already set up there. But in case of a Banking Holiday, my savings will still be accessible at the local credit union, which is ranked very financially stable on the credit union rating services.

  9. CK

    I think you have made a smart decision.
    In case of a banking holiday, whatever payment arrangements you may have with BofA will be null and void. BofA will continue to accept any direct payments INTO your accounts, but payments Out Of your accounts will not happen. That would hold true of course for any banking establishment should a banking holiday eventuate.
    Pay cash where possible, pay cash where difficult, cash is nice stuff and paper cash deteriorates daily so paying with it at the end of the payment cycle is as good as it gets.

  10. DeVaul

    For all the talk about the Federal Reserve (and it seems to never end), I can only see one purpose behind it: a small group of rich men who owned banks in 1913 conspired to get the US government to stop issuing its own currency (which it did) and replace it with Federal Reserve Notes, which the US government must buy from the bankers with T-bills that pay interest to the bankers from US taxpayers. Previously, the US government did not have to pay interest on US notes it issued. The bankers tapped into the income stream from the recently passed Federal Income Tax and diverted it to themselves.

    The bankers can also print as much money as they want for themselves and also collect interest on money they loan to others, including the US government. That is why they could “loan” 16 trillion overnight without telling anyone. They have obtained the right to issue the “royal warrants of the king” that allow people to do things. Quite the scam. Everything else the Fed does, which is mostly mumbling arcane economic jargon at pointless meetings, is just smoke and mirrors designed to hide the scam.

    The most useless and corrupt institutions in our country are the ones the people think are the most important, and I am sure that’s deliberate.

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  12. Andrew

    @ DeVaul “Printing” is not exactly what is happening. It’s more like Keying In 16 000 000 000 000 and pressing ‘Enter’. And tada! 16 billion to play with, in the name of the Global Banker Emperor…

    @ emsnews Eleine, you seem to have a very romantic, one sided view of the Germans. As if Germany was only about Goethe, Marx, Engels and Nitsche and forgetting Mengele, Heim, Frick, Heinrich, Himmler and the SS-Totenkopfverbande gang. One certainly cannot condemn an entire people for the crimes of their fathers, for collective guilt is a Nazi German invention… We wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes again, would we? Like for example, assuming a collective guilt of all Greeks for their government’s adventures with heavy (mostly secret) debt, accusing them of “living beyond their means” and proceeding with social genocide and the physical extermination of a few million of them for punishment? This is a first in history, killing your own customers for buying your products! They are all scum I tell you!

    Germany is one of the brightest pillars of the human spirit, but this is only its Bright Side, the one everyone likes Germany about. However, if we dare to look deep inside the Dark Side of its collective soul, we will see a strange phenomenon occouring again and again throughout history: Demonic possession. This explains a lot about this crazy antithesis inside the German soul. Every now and then Germans are like the herd of pigs flying off the cliff, when the Legion demons fearing Jesus, escaped the possessed man and took refuge inside the pigs, thus leading them to their doom. Or so the story says (Mathew 8:31). And the bad news is that it is happening all over again. And Germans don’t understand that they are flying off the cliff, once more, dazed by the glamour of imperial dreams, full of economic prosperity on the expense of others sharing a common currency.Their own demons lead them there, not others.

    However, while looking at the profile of the average Bild reading, Merkel voting, heavy beer drinking, German supremacist metal worker and their black and white worldview, which includes the desire to punish every low-life dark skined southern European scum, both Catholic and Orthodox, whom they blame for the loss of their own wellfare system (while not looking up to the bankers and politicians), one cannot but shiver with horror while history repeats itself as a farce. We have already seen this play and we do know where it led before, don’t we?

    Finally, once upon a time, a long time before the Nazis, wasn’t it the Blond King who crossed the Alps every Spring on a white horse, entering Italy and looting, killing and raping the inferior southerners as punishment for their sorry existence and their terrible sins against God? This was the case in Europe for one thousand five hundred years, in one form or the other. It ended more recently, when Otto Von Bismark assumed his office. This sums up the German view of the world and of their neighbours: They are lands to be looted. Nothing has changed today, but the means, no matter how ‘civilized’ we have become or think we are.

  13. Clueless

    This one’s for you Elaine.

    Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness in Best Recovery Story

    The island’s steps to resurrect itself since 2008, when its banks defaulted on $85 billion, are proving effective. Iceland’s economy will this year outgrow the euro area and the developed world on average, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates.

    …the island’s households were helped by an agreement between the government and the banks, which are still partly controlled by the state, to forgive debt exceeding 110 percent of home values. On top of that, a Supreme Court ruling in June 2010 found loans indexed to foreign currencies were illegal, meaning households no longer need to cover krona losses.

    …it became clear back in October 2008 that the island’s banks were beyond saving, the government stepped in, ring-fenced the domestic accounts, and left international creditors in the lurch. The central bank imposed capital controls to halt the ensuing sell-off of the krona and new state-controlled banks were created from the remnants of the lenders that failed.

    Iceland’s special prosecutor has said it may indict as many as 90 people, while more than 200, including the former chief executives at the three biggest banks, face criminal charges.

    So yes, debt forgiveness works. No, collapse is not irreversible, in fact in this day and age it is short lived contrary to what they would have you believe. Can you imagine a banker not making money for 10 years? I can’t.

    Yes, the system works when it is allowed to default and collapse. Yes, people suffer, but equitably, and those responsible are held to account for their actions. Yes, pain is temporary, and recovery is an option. If you keep believing the lies and fear thrown at you by greedy banksters then you will never move in the right direction. And they will never fix your problem as they are too busy attending to theirs. On your dime.

    It comes down to the choices we make and allow to be made on our behalf. You can choose the Icelandic way, or stay with what you know best — the American way…

    If you choose the later, then stop complaining… you are really not hunting for bear, but are looking to get effed by one…

  14. emsnews

    Debt forgiveness ‘works’ only if you wish to live in a world where nothing can be lent in the future. That is…A LONG DEPRESSION. Iceland is not going to see growth in a long time since anyone who saves money or has capital will avoid the place like the plague.

    These sessions of ‘no capital’ can run for centuries.

    This ‘temporary pain’ is not so much fun. People are leaving Iceland looking for work and of course, this means taking jobs from some natives in other countries: a serious problem when depressions spread.

    If loans were jokes whereby people run up debts they have no intention of paying back, you get very long depressions (this is why South America was so poor for so many centuries, for example). This is what killed the Spanish empire: it went bankrupt over and over again. No one trusted it.

    Ditto, France. They fixed this by executing leaders who went bankrupt (the French Revolution) but that was a huge mess with long repercussions.

    England went bankrupt once. And vowed never to do that again. Virtually went bankrupt during WWI and was bailed out by the US and Germany was supposed to pay England’s war costs but finally refused, went bankrupt and so England went bankrupt…the second time in 500 years and is still paying for this because…

    The English decided bankruptcy is fun. Why bother being realistic when one can pile on debts and then toss it in the fire and have fun?

    This attitude problem is why we are going off a collective economic cliff: many nations declaring bankruptcy and refusing to pay debts leads to global financial collapse and can potentially cause a ‘End of Rome’ event whereby money vanishes and the value of property collapses and barbarian hordes overrun things.

    This goofy attitude about debts is EXTREMELY DEADLY. I paid all my debts even when it was very hard! I now am living debt-free and this was HARD but HONEST>

    The concept of ‘honesty’ when lost, is a terrible thing for any society. Beware of these easy solutions: they are actually the gates of hell.

  15. Clueless

    Au contraire Elaine, debt forgiveness works in a financial world that is equitable and balanced; a world that allows banks to collapse when they fail.

    If you choose to pay your debt in a system that bails itself out when they make mistakes then you are Greek; an anal depository.

    If you choose to stiff the bankster that sold you a crock of worthless CDS’s rated as Triple A by American rating agency Ponzi schemers, you are an Icelander. Simple as that.

    If the table is square, I agree with you 100%. If it is rigged, then caveat emptor to both sides of the table. May the best bullshit win. That is fair.

    Oh and FYI, history was written by the winners. We know, at least I do, how they won. Which is why I believe only 30% of the drivel that passes for history. I have come to the conclusion that is why history keeps repeating itself, because the ugly truth never sees the light of day, thus no one learns.

  16. Clueless

    Here is how it is done in Iceland, Elaine. Something American capitalist democrats (corporate fascists) can amuse themselves watching from the safety and comfort of the candy coated fake US Democracy that bankers in America use to force people to honor their debts, something they are themselves above and bereft of doing.

    The former chief executive and chairman of the failed Icelandic lender Kaupthing Bank were indicted on Wednesday on charges of fraud and market manipulation.

    Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, the bank’s former chief executive, and Sigurdur Einarsson, the former chairman, are expected to stand trial at the beginning of March in Iceland, their lawyers said. The court hearings could last for several months. Both individuals have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    The indictments are the latest step by Iceland’s special prosecutor to investigate the executives behind the 2008 collapse of Kaupthing, which crippled the country’s banking system and paralyzed its economy. (

    It really is quite simple. If you want to pay your debts, honor your debts, then ask your government to make the bankers pay theirs first… Without a bailout. Either that or keep handing them them the KY.

  17. emsnews

    Iceland was totally happy to play the pirate banking island until it crashed.

    The Iceland bank bailout was wrong. Iceland isn’t Greece: Greece simply refused to tax itself (like Japan and the US) and ran up debts while running a trade deficit.

    But bankruptcy is pure evil: it leads to thinking one doesn’t have to pay up debts in the future and leads to general collapse. Morals do matter! I see it here all the time: let’s not pay it at all. Let’s party.

    Paying debts is a grim affair yet is doable so long as one avoids debts in the first place and has a plan for debts. For example: don’t always use up all your capital base. When the US and EU homeowners learned their properties were passively rising in value, many went out and got mortgages that took advantage of this windfall rise in value and then went on vacation, had fun with buying stuff and so on.

    Now, they have the pay the piper and the assets are losing value, rapidly. And they can’t recoup by selling it all off, either! A trap!!!

    CAUSED BY CHEAP CREDIT. Everyone refuses to pay debts=a collapse of society in astonishing ways we can see from history, ancient Rome being a prime hideous example.

  18. Clueless

    Again you avoid the real issue of the double standard. In a perfect world, the one in your mind, debt forgiveness would not be an issue as both lender and borrower practice the Golden Rule. Not so in this reality.

    Allow me to correct you, The problem was not caused by CHEAP CREDIT. It was caused by greedy, irresponsible lenders, who loaned money to poor people, to manipulate their growth numbers, money they could not afford, then leverage those loans, get AIG to certify the paper as Triple A+ and pass them off as CDS to unsuspecting investors. THAT is what caused the collapse.

    How someone like you can pass the buck to people who cannot even defend themselves, and who are for all intents and purposes, “indentured slaves”, is well, to my mind, incomprehensible.

    But then I realize you identify with them. Difference is you survived the ordeal of the grinder. Yet, you want them to go through what you did. Interesting.

    The banks should hire you for their Public Relations. Edward Bernays would be proud of you.

  19. emsnews

    Good grief! The people who sucked up this easy credit were often quite happy to do this because they wanted goodies! I KNOW THIS FROM WATCHING PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE!!!

    Many had not the slightest intention of paying it all back, they hoped to sell their homes at ever-higher profits and then move to cheaper places, for example.

    In a number of cases which I saw first hand, people DELIBERATELY went as deep in debt as possible knowing perfectly well, they couldn’t repay it and then happily went bankrupt and got to keep most of the goodies thus accumulated.

    Cars get confiscated as do houses. But few other items. So, people would just drop one thing and take up another. The blame for this bubble is EVERYWHERE and not some evil bankers alone. Not by a long shot!

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