Fake US Bonds Turned Into Real Money Via Swiss Loans

A year ago, the blogsphere got all excited over the Italian arrest of some US bond smugglers.  All sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories instantly appeared which I believed was pure bunk.  I said back then, these things were fake and it turns out, yes, they were counterfeits.  Now, even more of these bonds are being discovered in a Swiss bank vault as well as in Italy and they all come from a former UK colony in China, Hong Kong.  


I figured these were pre-WWII bonds left behind when the war engulfed Hong Kong and then they were lost inside a bank and I think that when they were found again, due to the primitive nature of how bonds were printed back then, reproducing these was easy as falling off a chair today.  They could not be redeemed in the US anymore since the government here keeps a record of these bonds but instead they were used to get loans from EU banks.


Italian police seize $6tn of fake US Treasury bonds |


The securities, dated 1934, were held in three large trunks stored at a Zurich trust company. It is believed to be the largest ever seizure of fake Treasury bonds. US officials in Italy confirmed that the bonds were counterfeit but declined to comment further.

According to the Italian authorities the bonds had been transported from Hong Kong to Zurich in 2007. The police said the plan was to sell the bonds to a developing country, either directly or through an intermediary.

Fake Treasury bonds are a popular mafia scam. They can be used as security to open lines of credit before the fraudsters take the money and disappear.

How many loans were given to these crooks?  Looking at the number of fake bonds, it had to be well over a billion.  The entire lending system has been so prone to fraud, it is over a trillion.  This ‘fake money’ is money that had zero intention of being paid back over time.  The fraudsters would get a loan, default, the banker would then get the bonds, try to turn them in to the US Treasury which would then inform them, the bonds were fakes.


Since last year, the EU police and the Secret Service have been hard at work to warn banks and to catch the criminals.  All bond/money systems must have tight controls or they run into infinity due to either banking fraud, government fraud or criminal operations at the bottom.  Keeping a sane, careful banking system is life and death for any society.


Many Americans, spoiled rotten by free, easy credit based on poorly understood capital systems, have allowed themselves to be systematically looted and defrauded by various crooks within the government and the banking system.  The system has been so rotted away by bribes and malfeasance, virtually none of these criminals is being punished with prison time, for example.  So the frauds continue.


Reforming the system is difficult if the media supports the criminals defrauding the nation.  This laggardness in our media is what is most troubling.  The EU press is much harder on the bankers than the US media.  Even so, the shocking thing for me is how the various EU nations that ignored reality and rang up huge debts are blaming Germany who didn’t have a housing bubble (deliberately) for their woes.


The debt Derivatives Beast is what they all now fear.  If Greece, Italy and Spain all default on their debts, their bonds become nearly worthless and this, in turn, will destroy the capital base of all the banks holding these things which will then cause a further collapse in lending which in turn, leads to a decline in commerce and production:  ECB Bond Exchange Spurs Likelihood of Greek Default Swap Payout – Businessweek


As much as $3.2 billion of default insurance may be trigged if the CACs are used because all investors would be bound by a majority agreement to accept a proposed debt restructuring. ECB officials previously rejected the possibility of a credit event triggering swaps, arguing it would encourage traders to bet against indebted nations and worsen the crisis…


The introduction of the clauses doesn’t in itself trigger default swaps, though using them does, according to rules of the International Swaps & Derivatives Association. David Geen, ISDA’s general counsel, declined further comment.


These stupid swaps are a fraud.  Note that NO ONE KNOWS what will happen next.  Note the highlighted sentence here: IT MAKES NO SENSE.  It is an insensible sentence.  It is insane.  Just mentioning a swap is dangers and can trigger a collapse!  They do NOT want to SWAP ANYTHING—ever!  It is dead last in ‘Things we want to see.’  Why is that?


Swaps are a fraud!  They pass on the poison to someone else and that person, say, AIG, will then instantly die and this causes a further collapse because, if the person who bought the rights to this swap won’t pay up the losses so the losses stay that way: a total loss.


This happens with the bond frauds in Europe run by the Mafia and the Chinese gangs: they vanish.  So anyone who lent to them ends up with nothing.  This, in turn, makes them poorer.  The banks holding fake bonds discover they are worthless and this is a huge loss for them.  They can’t be sold.  They can’t be traded.  They can’t be held.  They are fake and the ‘real’ money created as loans are now in the economic system and cause even more inflation.


Greece is suffering greatly but refuses to figure out what went wrong:  Staring into the abyss: Faced with losing her job, a Greek woman threatens to jump to her death in a desperate, despairing nation where hungry families are queuing at soup kitchens.  Here is a story about the grasshoppers being very, very angry with the ants.  They whine, ‘Why save?’  Why pay back loans?  Why now party forever to infinity?’  Europe is in dire need of lazy spendthrifts | Fabian Lindner


The tale goes like this: while Greeks wasted their time on the beach drinking Ouzo, Germans implemented painful economic reforms. Indeed, in the 2000s Germany deregulated its labour markets, reduced real wages to increase competitiveness, shrunk the public sector, cut pension entitlements and implemented a debt break into the constitution. After almost a decade of dismal economic growth and heavy belt-tightening, Germany has negotiated the 2008 global economic crisis successfully almost without employment losses, has since grown strongly and now registers the lowest unemployment rate since 1991. If southerners would have just followed the German model, the whole crisis could have been avoided.

Actually, Germany’s good performance in the 2008 global economic crisis and after is hardly due to belt-tightening but to the adoption of a large fiscal expansion package in the crisis and generous government subsidies for companies to safeguard employment. That such a pragmatic strategy could also help today’s eurozone crisis countries has not even been considered by the government. Having supposedly had good experiences with austerity itself, Germans believe the same bitter medicine could lead even lazy Greeks to economic success – if only wholeheartedly applied.


The element left out of this analysis is why this British writer is a fraud: Germany rebuilt itself WITH ITS OWN CAPITAL!!!  Back when the euro was worth $0.80 to the dollar, all of Europe exported to the US, our citizens happily went on holidays in Europe and Europe sucked down huge amounts of US wealth.  Then, the tables turned when the US began running really immense government debts under Bush Jr.


Suddenly, the euro shot up to over $1.30 to the dollar!  Suddenly, Greeks could take a fistful of euros and tour the world!  English tourists could be lower class, on welfare and fly off to Asia for fun in the sun.  Euros flowed out into the world all over the place because they were worth much more than dollars!  The US visitors to the EU dropped off greatly and exports to the US fell.


Now, the pigeons are coming home to roost.  The euro is still immensely stronger than the dollar and so is the yen, by the way.  Anyone in Japan or the EU can buy luxury items and visit foreign lands with impunity but…fewer and fewer citizens have any money to spend!  Most are rapidly falling into severe poverty!  Spain Protests Labor Reforms As Hundreds Of Thousands Take To Streets (PHOTOS): riots, rebellions and labor stoppages rise.  But the euro is strong and the rich don’t want to see any of their wealth and power seep downwards.


The average German is NOT rich. But has been thrifty and the German industrialists have been most careful to not play Pharaoh unlike in the UK or US.  In Japan, the elites are simply in hiding and say nothing in public, do nothing in public and lay low or are leaving the country due to Fukushima.


Meanwhile, the US and EU media has to mention the obvious: our NATO invasion is a total disaster.  And it unleashed a heroin epidemic across the planet:  Heroin production in Afghanistan has RISEN 61% | Mail Online



Some 15 per cent of Afghanistan’s Gross National Product now comes from drug-related exports – a business worth up to £1.6billion each year, it was claimed…The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that the 2006 harvest was around 6,100 tons, 33 times its level in 2001, a 3,200 per cent increase in five years.

Of course, they blame the Taliban for this.  Forgetting that the Taliban suppressed opium production before the NATO invasion.  Which backed opium dealers who were warlords driven out by the Taliban.

Then there is our own self-inflicted damage: Iran.  OIL FUTURES: Brent Hovers Near 8-Month High In Choppy Trade.  The Iranians looked at poor Greece and today, announced that they were going to be kindly to that poor nation and instead, cease selling oil to Britain and France.  The Iranians are not stupid.  They know that if they disarm, they will be butchered by the NATO leaders.  So, they turn the screws bit by bit as we try to do the same.


They know that any hike in oil costs will harm the West, BIG TIME.  They know that time is on their side, not ours.  As we struggle with a multi-trillion banking fraud mess, the last thing we need is high oil prices.  But since our corrupt system is run by a bunch of crazy Zionists, they shoved us off the cliff and now we are in economic free fall, with high oil prices hammering societies from top to bottom.


The US press doesn’t mention much about the deep freeze Eurasia is in:  Frozen to death as fuel bills soar: Hypothermia cases among the elderly double in five years | Mail Online


The statistics from the NHS Information Centre show that three-quarters of hypothermia cases are among the over-60s, and the increase in admissions has been the highest among this age group.

In 2006/07, there were 633 hypothermia admissions among the over-60s, rising to 1,396 in 2010/11. This is a rise of 120 per cent. There have, however, been increases across all age groups.

Among adults aged 15 to 59, cases have risen by 54 per cent to 276. There were 50 hypothermia cases among children aged 14 and under, a 22 per cent increase.


Yes, this is the Global Warming plan: to freeze northerners to death!  Getting rid of the elderly is easy: don’t give them any inflation protection (ZIRP rates on savings is theft especially when prices of things needed to survive shoot relentlessly upwards).  Iran isn’t intimidated by NATO as Iran warships enter Mediterranean via Suez Canal.


The war with Iran is insane because everyone is getting assassin drones:  Asian firms move into drone market.  Yes, as I predicted, Asians who are geniuses at making things very, very small, are at it with drones.  And yes, China’s drones will surpass US drones in no time flat.  Remember the Cold War?  Every advance we tried, Russia either beat us or came in close second.  EVERY TIME.  Without exception.


And unlike Russia, China is the richest sovereign wealth nation on earth with a huge workforce and an immense body of college graduates and scientists which we have to import just like we imported Russian scientists!  Here is a sad article about how US citizens can’t get university jobs in mathematics because the Soviet ones are so superior:  Fall of communism hit US mathematicians hard.


And our brave space program which we were so proud of is dying rapidly even as we spend more and more on Muslim wars we can’t win in the end:  Big NASA Budget Cuts to Slash Mars Missions, Experts Say.  Everything here is being cut to the bone:  Federal funds for health testing at beaches to be eliminated.  So what, if Americans die?  Who cares!  Netanyahu shrugs his shoulders.  He is coming very soon so the top CIA official is over in Israel telling his boss what we are going to do next for him and his gang.  Yup.  Filling him in on the next hit which is Iran.


Recently, the Jews learned it may take 100 jets flown by Jewish men to bomb Iran.  They don’t want to do this, of course.  They want us to do this so the mad push to war rises as the US media dutifully fans the flames of religious warfare yet again.  Recently, the FBI lured a Muslim man into wanting to blow up Congress.  Why do Muslim citizens hate Congress?


Well, we are in this stupid religious war which will spread if the media fans the flames enough.  Eventually, it will be the Christians wiping out both the Muslims and the Jews and then turning on each other.  The one thing our Founding Fathers feared the most will happen: religious warfare tearing apart the nation and bankrupting the country.


Ron Paul wins Maine county caucus and cut Romney’s lead to razor thin while in another poll, Ron Paul would best Obama in Iowa general election matchup.  They are neck to neck in Iowa and I would suggest this is the hidden antiwar vote.  Rick Santorum In 2008: Mainstream Protestantism Fell Out Of ‘World Of Christianity’ shows us that Ron Paul’s rivals are extremely dangerous for the US and mindlessly cruel.


I despise anyone who thinks a god loves them.  Gods don’t love anyone.  They are truly self-centered and out for their own interests, not altruists wanting to help us.  If they were, we would live forever in the Garden of Eden!  But no, they want to torment us, tell us how to live in capricious ways and punish us forever if we screw up or talk to the wrong god, etc.  A demented cosmos indeed.  Santorum is a Catholic and he truly believes ALL Protestants will burn in hell.


Romney believes that anyone who doesn’t believe in his bizarre sect will burn in hell, too.  Ergo: we can’t trust any of these guys.  The more they claim to be believers, the more suspicious we should be since ALL of the Christian sects believe anyone violating their pet beliefs and rituals will all burn in hell forever!  Ugh.  Ron Paul has carefully kept his religious bigotry off the stage this election and should be praised for his restraint even though I bet he secretly believes that god loves him and hates me (I am an animist/nature goddess sort).  I thank him for not stirring the toxic pot of religion and war.

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16 responses to “Fake US Bonds Turned Into Real Money Via Swiss Loans

  1. Urban Roman

    Any Swiss banker who accepted those bearer bonds should have his/her Swiss citizenship revoked and be exiled to Belgium.

    As Max Keiser pointed out last year when this story came up, all they have to do is phone over to Treasury and verify the CUSIP on the note. “Hello, Timmy? I’ve got this $500 billion note with serial number blablabla … is that in your database? What, you never issued any $500 bill notes? OK, thanks.” And that would be that.

    There was an amusing image of one such note floating around last year where it was from a series dated in the ’60s some time, and the little graphic thingy was the space shuttle!

  2. @Urban,

    And how much do you think the “side order” for the bankster(s) to accept the bonds was?

    An Italian told a story of a Spa in Italy that found itself with a very strange extra tax for €100.000,00. They went to the tax authorities to complain and sure enough, the tax was a “mistake”, but… the authorities found out that the Spa was supposed to have a certain size parking lot, according to regulations. Four years and endless strange mishaps and delays later the bill for the parking lot ran up to €400.000,00…

    The mafia will have it’s “due”.

  3. Theres a picture of the ‘mother box’ those bonds were ‘found’ in. You can see where they have brushed on some , what i would guess, is milky acrylic solution to age the appearance , you can even see the paint cans in the background. Also the type face used looks modern to me. As an added touch there is a back story about some prewar gold being stored at the 9/11, nice.

  4. Please, no more about micro drones , they only have 4 mins to get get me and don’t travel very fast.

  5. I thought the same things about bankers who’d accept a piece of paper from 1934 as collateral for a loan, without checking it out. Stupidity that extreme can’t be free. I wonder what sort of ‘collateral’ Bernanke is accepting these days.

  6. seraphim

    One should not loose sight of the fact that all “Judeo-Christian” sects are avid readers of the Book of Revelation which they take literally and all expect and strive to bring about the “end of times”. All are hellbent to destroy the old corrupt world and rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. The war against “Antichrist” is their staple food. The Church never took the Apocalypse literally (at least in the East) and “persecuted” as heretics those who did. It was when the resistance of the Church was crushed by “freedom of belief” that those sects reemerged and spread their murderous insanity all over the world so that there are now millions of people who await the ushering in of the “Kingdom of God”. They are also convinced that they will not suffer anything because they would be “raptured” to Heavens where from they would enjoy the spectacle of the wicked going in flames. The trouble is that they are voters and that one can do nothing against them because of “freedom of religion”. Watch out for the annual meeting of AIPAC when the king comes to whip the war frenzy of end timers.

  7. “The US press doesn’t mention much about the deep freeze Eurasia is in: Frozen to death as fuel bills soar: Hypothermia cases among the elderly double in five years | Mail Online”

    Robert Felix of iceage.com talks about what’s happening in Europe and Japan, with the unusual cold and snow. Felix starts at about 30:00:

  8. You write: I despise anyone who thinks a god loves them. Gods don’t love anyone. They are truly self-centered and out for their own interests, not altruists wanting to help us. If they were, we would live forever in the Garden of Eden!

    The Garden of Eden was lost, but it’s experience is being recovered by Christ. Witness Lee wrote the book Ten Lines in the Bible which explains this very well. God’s love for me, is the basis for faith in Him, which I supplement with virtue (arete, which is Greek word #703), and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. Self control is largely a matter of a decision for chase (hagnos) communication, speech, and action. Hagnos is Greek word #53 and is found in Phil 4:8, (whatever is pure), 1 Tim 5:22, (chaste from sin, that is doubt), 1 Peter 3:2, (pure conversation), and 1 John 3:3, (clarity, like water or light).

    Shlomo Sand wrote The Invention of the Jewish People, communicate that there is no archaeological record of the Jewish people in Palestine at the time the Bible alleges that they were there. I do not dispute with him, I simply believe the Bible on faith, without any corroborating physical evidence, as I must believe that God is, and is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek him.

    I conclude by relating that I have no hate toward anyone, even though one in my neighborhood, hates me and is in my face continually. He has no genuine conscience. His consciousness is only that of the tree of good and evil, and not of the tree of life. He is a lost soul. Perhaps, God will redeem him too; that is God’s business, not mine.

    In am going to write in today’s article, The ECB By Changing The Rule Of Law Asserts Itself As The Euro’s Sovereign Authority, that God’s Judgement commenced with fears of a European Sovereign Debt Crisis, which turned the Euro, FXE, lower on December 5, 2011, as S&P placed its long-term sovereign ratings on 15 members of the eurozone on “CreditWatch” with negative implications.

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ, is a book which communicates God’s Judgment. In the first three chapters, Christ judges the churches.

    In Revelation 6:1-2, Christ judges the world, “Christ opened the first of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.”

    Thus, the Judgement of Christ, commenced with a Eurozone coup d etat. Ad this started the Beast Regime of Neoauthoritarianism to rise to from the profligate Mediterranean Sea countries of Greece and Italy, to replace the Banker Regime of Neoliberalism, Revelation 13:1-4, which is the same as the ten toed kingdom of regional global governance, Daniel 2:31-33.

  9. Paul S

    I have been reading the comments here concerning the End Times, especially as they are outlined in the Book of Revelation. All these End Timers seem to ignore the fact that even Jesus does NOT know when the End Times will begin–with the Rapture. Jesus says that in so many words IN THE BIBLE! I can’t recall the quote verbatim, but the quote goes like this, “Only the Father knows the Day and Time.” Meaning, of course, the day and time of the beginning of the End Times. If you are an End Timer, how can you ignore this quote? How can you use current events and think they point to the coming Rapture? Most importantly, how can you ignore Christ’s own words about how even Jesus himself doesn’t know the day or hour of His Final Return to Earth? A fiction writer couldn’t make this s#it up.

  10. melponeme_k

    The garden of eden was something altogether more commonplace than anything the bible portrays it to be.

    It was merely a nice watering hole with tall trees in Africa. And the local apes lived near it.

    You know what happens to apes that don’t fit in with the tribe? The others drive them out and throw poo at them.

    Thats what happened to our ancestors. We were forced out of eden by taking the poo walk of shame.

  11. The irony seems lost on Elaine that she spends just about every third post raving about how much she hates Christians. But, supposedly, this is because they hate her.

    Christians are taught to love all, and even pray for those who persecute them.

    I love Elaine’s economic and geo-political analysis, but her religious opinions are unhinged.

    Just a fact check: Catholics do not believe that all Protestants will burn in hell, and Mormons don’t even believe in hell.

    Get a grip, Elaine. I am calling you to account for your own hateful speech and thoughts.


    ELAINE: HAHAHAHA…how can you tell such blatant lies? Of course, the Catholics think Protestants will burn in hell and ditto the other way!!! I grew up inside this religious belief system and remember what I was taught and years of debating with Christians ‘Who goes to hell?’ always ends with admissions that only very special people who have the correct ideology get to go to this strange concept of ‘heaven’.

  12. Justin, I also like EMS and her news but find it slanted to ignoring the
    Welfare state [ US Black males…well half are unemployed]
    and she ignores Obamas Muslim ties [He admitted he is Muslim]
    and the huge threat of Muslim Immigration to US .

    Mu Slime ‘culture’ [marrying 6 year olds who die while having sex]
    and all other Cultures are like Oil and water.

  13. I found this online so I cant say its 100% accurate……

    And Obama’s State Department and Justice Department meanwhile work to import more and more Islamic radicals into the USA under the UN “refugee” programs, also fighting against various State initiatives which would outlaw Sharia Law — which is Islamic fascist law.

    Obama once declared “The Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound”, imitating its inflection with a delightful grin on his face when being interviewed by Stephanopolos.
    His “Trinity Church” in Chicago is half-Islamic, allowing Muslims to use the facility on Fridays for Islamic praying, and it is probably the only “Church” in the USA which printed the Hamas Charter calling for the destruction of Israel into its Church Newsletter. That congregation, led by the vicious Rev. “God Da*m America” Wright is no place any decent human could attend unless terribly brainwashed.

    Obama does all he can to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into power across the Muslim world, just as he supported his Islamic buddy Odinga in Kenya even after Odina organized mass-murder of Christians in incendiary speeches which led to open riots — no apologies of course, he never does anything wrong.

    So Christians across North Africa will continue to be massacred in increasing numbers while Obama sends Billions of US tax money to the PA and PLO factions, who hate Americans and kill us, and the Jews, whenever they get the chance.

    Egypt now has “religious policemen” just like Saudi Arabia, and both Tunisia and Libya will follow, and this will happen in Syria also.
    Obama policies thereby betray women in ways that the stupid Bush only did in Afghanistan, by allowing their radical fanatics to push Sharia Law.
    His first foreign policy initiative was to give a speech in Cairo, where he demanded the Muslim Brotherhood to be present, even though they had murdered the peace-making Sadat, and had tried to kill Mubarak several times.

  14. emsnews

    The more religious wars we fight against Muslims, the more religious they grow. This is a natural dynamic. Ergo: when Christian reformers wanted to save the Catholic Church, the Church fought this tooth and nail all the way and so the reformers became equally violent and religious wars tore apart Europe for CENTURIES…all the way to WWII. Insane!

    And this is why religious wars are the most dangerous of them all. By far.

  15. LoquiVeritatem

    Justin is right.

    EMS: “Gods don’t love anyone…. if they did, we’d live in the garden of Eden.” Elaine, do you give your children everything they want and do everything for them, and keep them innocent (from the knowledge of good and evil) and make sure they always do what you want them to do?

    Of course you don’t. Why would you expect our Father in Heaven who loves us infinitely more than you’ll ever understand do differently than you? God loves us so much, he wants us to be free, which means we understand and can choose to do good or evil. In Eden, there is only good, and only God’s way. Wouldn’t you rather be able to choose?

    The truth is that Elaine has rejected God’s love with much hatred on her part, and instead chose to hitch her ride to creatures in the spiritual world she herself describes as demonic. Animist and nature type, yeah right. Try Lutheran minister in training who was “converted” from her particular Christian world-view when she botched an exorcism of a demonic spirit who didn’t want to leave a particular place.

    As someone who travels to the Outer Darkness, is it nice there? I’d much rather go to a place full of love, called Heaven. But it’s always our choice.

  16. seraphim

    Don’t be to harsh to Elaine. All she can possibly know of Christianity is just what circulates in America and it is not a pleasant sight. From the WASP to the buffoonery of the Mormons. Not excluding of course the real source of Protestantism, the self styled “Roman”-Catholic Church. That there exists somewhere else other Christianity is almost impossible to know due to the firewall erected around it by the Western “exceptionalism” of Jewish inspiration, essentially inimical to the Christ Jesus. Precisely by the unholy alliance between the Viking pirates and Jewish bankers, who started all religious wars. But she struggles to get over this. She does not yet realizes that the “animist” magick is a product of the same forces (as well as the “peaceful” muslims).

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