This Election Is All About The Coming Apocalypse

Ron Paul could easily win the Presidency if he wasn’t from Texas and against birth control and social security.  The other GOP flock are rabid warmongers who want Wall Street to be very, very rich and thus, are hopelessly incapable of winning the next election.  The anti-socialist ideology of the GOP coupled with anti-civil rights ideologies has isolated the party that was once the party of tariffs and barriers and sober banking, not inflation.  


The alteration of the ideology of the GOP has been happening steadily during my entire lifetime.  Comparing Eisenhower with the present flock of GOP candidates shows a severe deterioration in the morals, beliefs and thinking processes of the Republicans as they try to keep the born again Christian/Wall Street moguls/Zionist ethnic cleansing alliance alive.


In previous years, the ONLY thing to unite them all was tax cuts coupled with wild government spending leading to doubling and tripling the national debt every four years.  This began with Ronald Reagan who cut taxes while merrily ignoring the budget deficits.  Again: this is in very stark contrast with the conservative, careful financial dealings and rhetoric of President Eisenhower.


One of the horrors of the utter corruption and failure of conservatism which is pretty much totally dead today, is how the GOP leaders endlessly talk about how great Ronald Reagan, a man who sold the Presidency to the Japanese export Daimyo for $2.5 million in bribes, and there is zero mention of Eisenhower who enforced Supreme Court rulings in the south about school integration.


Furthermore, Eisenhower was one of the last Presidents who didn’t take any bribes when leaving office.  He was not one penny richer when he retired and he retired not to some massive mansion in some resort area or built a huge mansion and took in mistresses, no, he returned home to Kansas.  A modest home, a simple life.  The last of the models of ancient Roman, pre-empire political sages.


Since then, it has been Caligula’s Rome for all our Presidents.  They have to have private jets and get rich ‘making speeches’.  Before Ronald Reagan ran off to Tokyo to collect his bribe money, Presidents were not expected to be paid millions for yapping to a bunch of rich people.  Now, all politicians who have power of some sort to peddle do this.  The Clintons grew very rich, doing this.  In particular, Zionist operations richly reward their servants who have in general, turned our entire country into a machine for enforcing Israeli objectives.


This election has turned into a faux-religious debate.  Zionism is barely mentioned and certainly not covered by our own media owners who are going to DC next week to conspire about how to turn this coming election in favor of Israel’s goals, not American goals.  Meanwhile, the media happily covers stories of the Christian sects fighting each other:  Evangelist Calls Obama’s Religion Into Question


Graham, who is the son of Billy Graham and the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Obama “has said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is.”

“All I know is I’m a sinner, and God has forgiven me of my sins… you have to ask every person,” he said about whether he could say for sure that Obama is indeed of the Christian faith.

However, when asked about GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s religion, Graham gave a much more concrete answer.

“I think so,” Graham said when asked if he believes Santorum is a Christian. “His values are so clear on moral issues. No question about it… I think he’s a man of faith.”


This infantile belief that god (whatever this creature may be) forgives them their ‘sins’ causes most American Christians to be arrogant, ill-tempered and cruel.  Jesus loves THEM and forgives THEM because they know the magical formula that is a perpetual ‘get out of sin free’ card.  The GOP patting themselves on the back for being ‘men of faith’ is typical of arrogant, prideful people.


I was raised to be a Christian and actually read the Bible.  I recall that Jesus had this thing about arrogant religious fanatics who thought they were superior to everyone.  He told his own people to put it under a basket and not boast about how much god loves them.  He was against public praying.  He disliked priests.  He wasn’t a racist and was against the brewing religious war which finally destroyed the Holy Land not once but over and over again the following 1,500 years.


When we see politicians going around telling us who is a ‘real’ Christian and who isn’t, we should not use them to represent the general public.  The GOP is being torn asunder by religious fanatics who hate each other’s forms of Christianity.  The only thing these right wingers agree on is civil rights: they are against this.  They don’t want it for children, women or despised racial or ethnic or religious groups.  They want PRIVILEGES and this corresponds with Wall Street wanting tax cuts and privileges, too.


So this unholy alliance rolls onwards.  But the tax cuts have created a society that has obscenely wealthy people at the very apex and extremely poor and increasingly antisocial masses at the bottom.  The killer of ‘marriage’ isn’t gays who long for this, it is the offshoring of jobs, the repression of unions and the collapse of the finances of the lower half of the population.  They can’t get married, they can’t afford it.


Now, the famous center is going down in flames: young people graduating from college now have such huge debts, they, too, can’t get married.  If two young people with $50,000 in debt each get married, both of them now owe $100,000 in debt which makes it fiscally impossible to buy a home, buy a car or have children.  Sexual freedoms and gays aren’t killing families.  Wall Street is the murderer.


Here is holy roller Ricky at it again:  Rick Santorum Defends Satan Comments


The former Pennsylvania senator made waves last week when he said Obama subscribes to “some phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible.” Later he insisted he was attacking the president’s worldview, not his faith, and believes he is Christian.


Virtually all of the powerful Christians have a phony theology.  The big church organizations are totally phony.  They rushed out and tried immediately to harness the power of the State to use intimidation, abuse, murder and every possible law, to expand their power over people.  They became enforcement arms of various empires and kingdoms.


Then, they suck up money via ‘tithes’ for example that are not voluntary but a tax collected by armed thugs, for example.  The State rulers loved this and had lovely alliances with various religious factions that exploited the ‘moral power’ of believers in order to crush them, impose on them and enforce state rules on them.  And above all, collect taxes.


Jesus was, if anything, a communist.  The earliest Christians were certainly communists.  Paul even discusses how to enforce the communist ideology of the early church by forcing new members to share their wealth with the poorer members of the cult.  As for Satan: this is a mirror.  The magic mirror of the soul shows us that Christians today often are much more attracted to the violent murdering Jesus of the Apocalypse which is…the Antichrist.  The more they say Jesus loves them while acting totally at odds with the Jesus in the Bible, the more they are bringing us the Apocalypse which is the religious warfare Jesus that hates humans and will wipe us all out.


They cannot see this.  They are blind to this because they don’t want to actually read the Bible and understand the true meaning of the last book which is all about religious bigots fighting each other and then destroying all humanity.  They think, they can recognize ‘Jesus’ and what is he?  A guy that forgives them no matter how hideously they behave!  A guy that loves them if they praise him, pet him and kow tow to him.


Scared of looming religious warfare tearing the nation apart, the other religious fanatics who want the status quo to continue are desperate:  Religion And Politics Don’t Mix, Major Religious Groups Tell Presidential Candidates


The call has been endorsed by 14 major Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh organizations, and asks candidates to:

  1. Attempt to fulfill the promise of America by seeking to serve and be responsive to the full range of constituents, irrespective of their religion.
  2. Conduct their campaigns without appeals, overt or implicit, for support based upon religion.
  3. Reject appeals or messages to voters that reflect religious prejudice, bias, or stereotyping.
  4. Engage in vigorous debate on important and disputed issues, without deliberately encouraging division in the electorate along religious lines, or between voters who characterize themselves as religious and voters who do not.


So, will they go to the AIPAC meeting next week and pray that the Jews there don’t start WWIII?  Will they turn on the Israeli ethnic cleansing machine and demand it stop?   Will they demand money from the top 1% that funds most TV ads, stop?  Will they demand Congress respond to ALL Americans and not just Wall Street and Israel and oil barons?  Will they demand the media be fair when reporting on the religious wars waged by Zionists?


The Zionist wars are joined hip to shoulder with the anti-Christ religious fanatics in the US to create a massive religious war with the Muslims who are being radicalized deliberately.  Examples abound: in Afghanistan, the US runs this prison for Taliban rebels.  To fix them but good, the prison staff decided to burn books that irritate the Christian invaders: the Koran!


This supposedly was to stop the Muslim prisoners from being agitated from reading their holy book!  Today, riots are raging all over Afghanistan due to this sacrilege.  Why on earth did the Americans do this?  Well…we turned our nation into a religious warfare machine.  We are not out to win any hearts or minds: we are out to intimidate, torture and destroy Muslims.  We have temporary alliances with say, the Saudi billionaires who love Wall Street and hate fellow Muslims.


But we hate them emotionally.  We can’t wait to steal their money and the Saudis, who have attacked us in the past, will be dangerous enemies in the future.  Right now, the corrupt rulers use our country as servants of their family but they are doomed to be overthrown by outraged Muslims who are being radicalized, not liberalized, rapidly due to this incessant warfare with Christians and Jews.


The US should be above all this, not the chief driver of religious warfare.  Our Constitution was all about avoiding religious warfare.  Religious warfare is uniquely destructive: it goes for total annihilation of all other believers and since this is a mental state, finding the nonbelievers ends up with the Spanish Inquisition, an institution our Founding Fathers totally loathed.


Religion is closely associated with insanity.  Humans can hallucinate.  We also have a very powerful brain that can think anything and unfettered, does exactly that.  Logic is not our strong point at all.  Fantasy is.  We are not like many animals (I dare say, ALL other animals) in that we cannot see reality reliably.  We have this big forebrain that interferes with reality, big time.


Our evolution is all about using our brains to survive the horrors of the Ice Ages and the sudden, dramatic warming sessions that periodically interrupted these difficult survival sessions.  We can remember things.  We can project into the future.  And since the future is scary, we use magical thinking, mental manipulations to control nature and change the future so we can survive.  Paradoxically, this same brain created the conditions leading to religious warfare (and the communism/capitalism ideology of the 20th century was a religious war, not logical).


Throwing off the chains of magical thinking leaves humans thinking they are naked in the storm.  Science is no shelter since it always turns into a ‘religion’, too.  One has faith and beliefs and listens to the ideology and changing this is difficult as we see when reading the biographies of any of the great theorists like Darwin.  We feel secure when we have faith in some set beliefs.  I see this in the ‘alternative’ community that believes in say, aliens from outer space coming here to make pretty designs in farm fields or flash lights over cities, etc.  An army of prankish alien teens having fun, pulling our legs.


Whatever the belief system such as the concept that the universe is moving away from each other, is hard to overturn when incoming data clearly shows that all galaxies are falling towards other galaxies.  To this day, I see no hint of understanding that this is bizarre in a belief system that everything is moving away from each other.  Yet, no one dares to challenge the theology of the cosmologists.


It is ten times worse in religions since one cannot debate even the most infantile points without tripping violent triggers in believer’s brains.  They go crazy.  And this is what the GOP has become: crazy.  And the Democratic machine is going mad, too, pursuing Zionist money while screaming about human and civil rights and how evil racism is.  This is insane!  As well as stupid and dangerous but money talks and crazy beliefs are fun until they cause bloodshed.

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25 responses to “This Election Is All About The Coming Apocalypse

  1. mistah charley, ph.d.

    Ike retired to Gettysburg, PA

  2. mile

    was vthere even a peep in the debates last night about the 6 percent interest the fed gets on every dollat it creates…or the forcing of savings into markets by a “private banking ” group that buy and sells stocks for private profits……….trust..?

  3. Jake

    Mike, these services are provided for your protection. Stop asking so many questions

  4. Urban Roman

    @mistah charley,

    Stop clouding this rant with facts! You’ll harsh Elaine’s buzz!

  5. Paul S

    Elaine: calling these GOP “Christians” arrogant and ill-tempered is true, but it isn’t the complete picture, imho. I don’t claim to have a special insight, but I do have some first hand experience seeing these folks in action. Probably the biggest belief these folks have is that God rewards good christians with wealth, financial wealth. How convenient for them. But there is a flip side to this belief as well. This type of “I am a good christian because I am wealthy” Christian also believes that the poor are poor because they are not good christians. Net result? These supposed “Christians” do not feel any need to have even the slightest bit of compassion for the less fortunate. And they don’t. This type of “christian” has always been around.

  6. steve Murgaski

    Obama’s response to the ‘controversy’ about his faith reminds me why I admire him.

    “The White House has shrugged off the attacks on Mr. Obama’s faith.

    `“I did meet with the president this morning and amazingly he didn’t bring this up,” Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, told reporters on Tuesday. “This president is focused on doing the things that he believes the American people elected him to do.”’

  7. adam mateyko

    Yes its a replay of the Roman propaganda of the Flavian caesers back in 74AD onwards:

    Which carried on via the Pontif Maximus line and annointed kings of Europe onto the empires of the continent, including the British Empire hence the USA today.

    And the Venetian banksters, being the facilitators of kingly wars now puppetmasters of the world; rode along as parasites right into the current mess.

    Money has no morality and the love of money/power is the ultimate corruption machine.

  8. JT

    “The former Pennsylvania senator made waves last week when he said Obama subscribes to “some phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible.” Later he insisted he was attacking the president’s worldview, not his faith, and believes he is Christian.”

    US presidential elections are weird.
    We have a christian party here and they never, I mean never bring religion to any conversations.
    It would be considered very distasteful.

    But we are all heathens here.

  9. emsnews

    Hooray for heathens! Let’s all get drunk! 🙂

  10. ‘ Meanwhile, the media happily covers stories of the Christian sects fighting each other: Evangelist Calls Obama’s Religion Into Question’

    I call many things about BHO into question, and can relate to doubting all

  11. steve Murgaski

    I’m trying for a third time to read the first Left Behind book. It’s easier going than the first two tries were.

    Some proverb tells us to `listen to the voices of your enemies, because that’s God talking to you.’ Maybe so.

  12. JimmyJ

    Julian Barbour proposes a Machian view of the unviverse, where dark energy is not necessary. Part of the idea posits that different parts of space have different rates of time due to gravity, much like GPS satellites run their clocks faster than the earthbound clocks they sync with, counterintuitively. So telescopes peering a light that’s travelled through these disparate regions average the speed of light and miscalculate the age of the light source, mapping the sources at the wrong distances. The miscalculation looks like dark energy. Dr. Barbour has gained some respect over the years but he’s still a maverick in this view of the universe.


    ELAINE: Correct. The fabric of space/time is warped in odd ways and not at all a flat surface with direct cause and effect. We see things where they aren’t due to this warping of the path light travels.

  13. JT


    This is the program for the Christian party here.
    They are against gay marriage in churches but that’s about it.

    They get about 4-5% of the votes here every year.
    I think we are about 90% heathens here.

    This made me laugh:
    “Tradition conserves nature
    We must return to the culture of old ecological traditions, modest life style, lasting goods and frugality. ”


    ELAINE: In my story today, I talk about stability at the community level and why this is not just good but life and death. The NYT talks haughtily about how restrictions on businesses and services are evil, not healthy.

    I am happy to see the Finnish people choosing the other road. I wish I had my small village back with its stores and services which have all been vacuumed out by world trade and US lack of restrictions on big businesses.

  14. Alstradomus

    Elaine, your definition on “Christian” sounds very familiar to my February 5 posting on your story dated February 4 ” OK to massacre Palestinians”. Steve Murgaski, remember when you read the “Left behind” series note; the primary money sponsor to Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins was Edgar Prince, billionaire father to Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater now Xe. The naive approach to the apocalypse is centered around the Rapture, which deceives people into not making any preperations for the upcoming hard times, because they are going to be magicaly taken to glory. My personal studies do not include this theory(that’s right like all end times thought, mine included, it,s all THEORY). “Where the search for the truth is conducted with a wink and a nod where power and position are acquainted with the grace of God these times are a famine for the soul but for the senses it’s a feast so I wait for the Sun ( Son) looking east.

  15. emsnews

    Blackwater, now Xe (ahem: Illuminate alert!) has been directly responsible for our loss of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Their brutal, vicious behavior is designed to make Muslims hate us just like Mossad and Israel work tirelessly to make us as unpopular as possible in Muslim countries.

    China gets to pick up the pieces, of course.

  16. Alstradomus

    Blackwater Xe the NWO version of the SS. Early Christians wer most definely ” Commonists”, Acts 2: 44 and 45. When the hard times begin groups of people will band together in this same spirit to ride the storm out.

  17. seraphim

    I just watched the first part (A New Adam) of a weekly six parts series about “God in America” which the TV Guide introduces as: “a sweeping history of religion in America and how has impacted on public life”. It promises to be great viewing, informative and well made. It is a pity that it would drag for so long, but you can sense the direction in which it moves. It shows how the “New Christianity” took shape in America and why it became something completely different of the Christianity of the Old World, in actual fact of what Christianity is. The Puritans believed that they were the “New Israel” escaping the shackles of “Pharaoh” and entrusted with the same mission as Moses’, to conquer Canaan and wipe out the heathen. They were all worshipers of the wrathful vengeful “God of the Armies” of the Old Testament. “Israelitism” actually shaped America. The “God in which they trust”, the “God who blesses America” is not the humble Christ who overturned the tables of the money changers who were polluting the temple and drove them out of the house of God because they had turned the house of prayer into “a den of robbers”. It is not the God whom we humbly thank for His providence for us, asking to forgive our trespasses and make us again “citizens of the Paradise”, praying for the fallen that God may save them as well, but the God we demand to give us riches and power and the right to punish the “sinful”. It is the God for whom the money changers want to rebuild the Temple Bank that the Christ demolished, the Golden Calf.

  18. emsnews

    My own ancestors were the very first to come here. They were, when they came to England, vicious Norse raiders. When they finally ended up here they were…still vicious Norse raiders! They just didn’t worship Odin. The worshipped the Jewish tribal raiding God, Yahweh.

    End of story.

  19. Shawntoh

    Elaine, have you ever done a psychological profile on this God, Yahweh?

    Looks like folks who are worshiping this “God” who could be characterized as a “disorganized serial killer”–along with some other rather interesting quirks.

    This guy has an interesting profile here…

    My last question is, how could we do an intervention on this “God”? 🙂

  20. DeVaul

    I noticed that the burning of the religious books was done at a US airbase. I am not surprised. The airforce is filled with religious fanatics who feel invincible, unlike the footsoldiers who must confront the Taliban on a daily basis. I am sure this book burning incident was deliberate. I have a cousin who was in the airforce. They hate muslims and believe they are evil.

  21. I am touched by how this Left Behind thing shows an amazing desire to be taken seriously. The heroes of it are people who took the bible literally, and were considered freaks and fannatics even by their own families. So it’s a story about biblical prophecies coming true literally in our own time, and all these former freaks being suddenly vindicated and respected. You can imagine its appeal to some people, and it’s human of them to like it.

  22. Alstradomus

    Hey let’s hear it for the American spirit,,in our hearts and our minds we truly endear it,,so why does my soul find cause now to fear it,,should I be possessed by the American spirit? So I sought it’s origin, from whence that it came,,of it’s glorious story and it’s rise to fame,, and what I uncovered seemed incredibly odd,, Can we really call ourselves “one nation under God? We sow at our wills, but what do we reap? when success is so valued, and morality so cheap,, We have been given the chance to enlighten all others, the whole world over our sisters and brothers,,But first we must fight to protect our sweet freedom,, as for love and forgiveness, we really don’t need’um,, The one thing we need is all that we want,,and to a starving world our excess we’ll flaunt,, So let’s just keep on going in search of that “thing” on our merry-go-round to grasp the gold ring,, and when it all crumbles and we ask Him why,, He may just respond, You didn”t even try

  23. mark1147

    “Their brutal, vicious behavior is designed to make Muslims hate us ” — elaine @ #16 above.

    Back in 2006 I had several conversations with a young Egyptian airforce officer (fighter pilot) training here in the U.S. Sure, we talked geopolitics, old Cairo gossip, and all that — but as we got more open with each other, he admitted great puzzlement at only one thing about the USA — why are our troops so needlessly cruel? (He was reflecting on numerous, well publicized incidents in Iraq — several of which were directly instigated by U.S. contractors, e.g. Blackwater/Xe and the horrific sieges of Falluja.)

    I certainly had no good answer for him, but his question gave me a lot to think about, both then and now. It seems to me that the U.S. military of today has been a good deal more bellicose as a micro-culture than it was in the Vietnam years (when I served 2 years in the Army). Of course the military back then had tried inculcating a gung-ho, relentlessly blustering ethos of we’re-all-noble-warriors-so-kill-kill-kill-for-mom-&-Jeebus-&-apple-pie, but most of us draftees just weren’t buying it — we just gave it lip service and grudging acquiescence, ANYTHING just to gut it through the time we were the military’s property and then OUT and free again. But the all-volunteer military of today seems to have drummed this cruel attitude very deeply into its members, who obviously have gone about living it (and depriving the designated “enemy” of his chance to live his ethos).

    I suppose that’s what an effective killing machine-cum-fighting force does: make its members aggro to the max against a designated enemy. But I also remember this, too, from my long-ago days in uniform: the jungle-green armor/tanks being brought back from Vietnam in 1973 or so were all being repainted in desert camouflage months before the first Arab Oil Embargo.

    So the next-generation “enemy” was chosen well in advance! The program of instilling brutal, vicious behavior came some years afterward.

    Apologies for this trot down Memory Lane.

  24. emsnews

    Remember Rambo? We lost to the little brown peasants so we made a movie popular about this belligerent stupid Queens drunk running around Vietnam, single handedly squashing those infuriating peasants!

    Note that today, our insane right wing flies these stupid ‘POW MIA’ black flags. That is pure insanity. The younger than Vietnam war generation grew up on this pap and are very angry and think that we are the home team when we invade countries and butcher even more brown, small peasants.

    Then we got suckered by bin Laden into invading Afghanistan: the home base of all ferocious small brown peasants…die Urbauern der Welt.

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