Japan Contemplates New Meiji Dictatorship Revolt

Areas near nuclear plant may be unlivable forever, gov’t says is the latest news from one of the most dysfunctional first world nations, Japan.  My cat loves to watch Japanese anime with me, by the way.  This one is  Kaasan Mom’s Life.  The Japanese people are a wonderful people but their system creates leaders and elites who run roughshod over nearly everyone and everything on earth, reckless, corrupt and inhuman…very much like our own elites, here.  Fukushima is certainly a turning point in Japan’s history and will cause political changes…not always for the better…in the future.  Japan is overdue for another revolutionary/reactionary change.  Which will it be?


Some people thought I was exaggerating when I lamented that portions of eastern Honshu Island would be uninhabitable forever back when the first reactor blew up.  Well, I was alas, right.  I would far rather been proven wrong!  The people who lived there were mostly farmers, fishing clans, teachers and healthcare people and small business owners all living fairly ‘small’ but important lives, close to nature.


Unlike the bulk of the Japanese population which shoved themselves into one main city, Tokyo, they seemed to enjoy their rural, green, natural society that was quiet and slower than the big mega-city to the southwest.  Now, that idyllic life they all led is dead…forever.  This is truly a tragedy of great proportions.  Their homes are basically strewn with salt and covered with cement, in some cases, in reality.  For TEPCO is going to cement 73,000 sq meters of seabed off Fukushima ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Here is by far the best comment about this news written by a poster there who I have trusted for information in the past.  He lives in Japan and has a lot of technical knowledge:

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    zichiFEB. 23, 2012 – 12:58AM JST

    The area is inside of the seawalls or breakwaters. The area is the port area of the compound. It will involve the use of solidified soil from bentonite and cement.

    TEPCO link


    According to TEPCO, soil and sand sampled from the seabed around the water intakes for the No. 1 to No. 4 reactors have been found to contain up to 1.6 million becquerels of radioactive cesium-137 and cesium-134 per kilogram. High levels of radioactive materials have also been found in samples collected near the intakes for the No. 5 and No. 6 reactors.

    Another link with video.


    Having read the document from TEPCO, I would say this is a correct action to take.

    The land infil is also a good suggest but would also need some modification of sea water intakes. The work would take longer and maybe in the end TEPCO will also do something like that too. The height of the breakwalls still need to be increased in height because another tsunami will remain a constant danger, especially with TEPCO stating it will be more than 10 years before they try to recover and remove the melted fuels.

Japan cements over every problem, of course.  In this case, they have to do it for the same reason Russia had to do it at Chernobyl: it is the only miserable, barely useful solution to a nuclear plant explosion!  That is, bury it and pray the cement holds!  Due to this, I repeat: we cannot have nuclear power anywhere on earth.  We are hopelessly incapable of fixing things if any of these terrible devices blow up.  Imagine the center section of the Hudson Valley being a Death Valley—forever!  If the Indian Point plant were to blow up?


This major natural water and transportation point which is surrounded by mountains and high hills were closed forever, upstate New York will be mostly cut off from NY city…forever!  And if the wind is blowing mainly from the northwest as it mostly does, upper Manhattan will be uninhabitable…forever, too!  This is totally and utterly unacceptable chances.  Even if there is a 1% chance of a blow up, the results of this is 100% forever uninhabitable.  Ergo: the only acceptable odds are zero.


Here is the official USGS Measures Fallout from Fukushima in US NADP Precipitation Samples

We have some of this crap up here where I live and many cows graze.  California was hammered.  I should have a right to object to nuclear power in any country on earth due to my lands being right in the path of the prevailing winds of the northern jet stream.  Polluting my water with radioactive material is very much a violation of my own personal sovereign rights.


Not content with merely polluting the entire planet and of course, really drastically polluting both Japan and the Pacific Ocean, the Japanese politicians are busy banging their war drums while using the US as their mercenary soldiers.  Picking really stupid fights with both Koreas and China, they show nothing but arrogance and a tin ear for diplomacy:  Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor’s Nanjing massacre denial ‹ Japan Today:


Tokyo’s outspoken conservative governor Shintaro Ishihara on Friday said he agreed with the mayor of Nagoya’s statement that the 1937 ‘rape’ of Nanjing by Japanese troops never happened.

Diplomatic sparks flew earlier this week when Takashi Kawamura said he believes only a “conventional fight” took place in Nagoya’s sister city of Nanjing, instead of the well-documented massacre of Chinese civilians.

China says 300,000 people were killed in an orgy of murder, rape and destruction when the eastern city—then the capital—fell to the Japanese imperial army, and the incident has haunted Sino-Japanese ties ever since.

Beijing lodged a formal complaint over the denial and Nanjing officials said they were freezing twin city activities in protest.


Rape of Nanking Part I Atrocities in Asia Nanjing …

There is tons of photographs and eyewitness accounts by foreign diplomats, aid groups, etc. detailing the horrors of that event.  The Japanese military even strafed the US rescue ship that took out our diplomats and citizens in the wake of this hideous and obvious rampage of rapine and murder.


I said years ago, the worst thing the US did was let Japan off the hook after WWII because we were anxious about communist freedom fighters in China and terrified of the Soviet Union.  So we let the Emperor of Japan who was deeply involved in the prosecution of the war and thus, the war crimes.  And we didn’t force the Japanese to pay reparations when Japan grew richer and richer.


To this day, Japan refuses to pay direct reparations to former sex slaves, for example.  The leadership feels no guilt for their many, many war crimes.  The Japanese empire was doomed even if they were to win WWII: they were so rapacious and cruel, they couldn’t possibly hold onto any territories they took over.  Just like we can’t hold onto any Muslim nations we invade.  Gunman kills 2 Americans inside Afghan ministry: this news just came in.


The burning of the Korans so the Taliban in prison can’t read them anymore was pure insanity and of course, an insult to all Muslims and now the parts of the Afghani government that are our ‘allies’ such as this raging policeman, are attacking us.  We have to flee soon.  Just as we fled Iraq.  Like the Japanese, we feel no shame and are now plotting to ‘save’ the people of Syria who are revolting in a tribal warfare situation similar to Libya.


And we are threatening Iran, too, and probably will bomb a nuclear reactor and…create a deliberate Fukushima there in the hopes of making parts of Iran forever uninhabitable, too, I fear.  This insanity has to stop.  But won’t because both the US and Japan feel superior to everyone on earth and thus, like mad gods (read the Bible to see how destructive and vindictive proud gods can be!  Not to mention nearly all myths of other religion’s gods!) we will slog onwards, alienating, abusing and killing here and there and everywhere.


This bully-boy arrogance is infecting the US very strongly.  Here is the latest example from the more rabid Christian right wingers who are the core of the Republican party:  Rep. Sullivan apologizes for comment about ‘killing’ senators | The Raw Story


“I supported the Paul Ryan budget and sent it over to the Senate,” he said at a town hall meeting. “Now I live with some senators, I yell at them all the time, I grabbed one of them the other day and shook him and I’d love to get them to vote for it.”

“You know but other than me going over there with a gun and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat.”


This is in the wake of one Democratic representative from Arizona being shot multiple times in the head and is now no longer in Congress though the poor woman is still alive.  The GOP huffed and puffed and claimed their constant talk about murdering Democrats and liberals didn’t egg on assassins.  They even had the audacity to claim, they don’t egg on assassins.


But here they are, less than a month after the latest victim of assassination left Congress due to her wounds and they are back, braying about murdering anyone who opposes their fascist doctrines.  Then there is the Jewish publisher who openly called for Mossad to assassinate our President so he could be replaced with a more compliant Zionist puppet!  He is still free, too.  He should be in jail.


Universally, fascists are coddled.  This is why Hitler was allowed to run amok.  The elites were scared of communists so they let this raving maniac take over Germany.  Japan went fascist before Germany.  They had this ‘democracy’ but it was only right wing parties.  So the government churned at a high rate with one prime minister following the other with the military assassinating or intimidating anyone who won the election and wasn’t fully facist.


The main thing the military wanted back in the early 1930’s was the right to invade and destroy China.  One prime minister had to hide in his maid’s closet to avoid rampaging soldiers in his mansion and then was smuggled out with the dead bodies.  Japan is sliding into the exact same problem today.  The reign of each minister is shorter and shorter and more and more unpopular.  Ozawa says he may have to form new adminstration if Noda dissolves lower house.


When a government lasts less than six months, we are in grave danger of fascism.  I know from reading comments of non-Japanese workers in Japan, one thing they hate the most is all the sound trucks and loudspeakers of the fascist parties that go around the place, bellowing about the Japanese empire.  Most try to view these as some sort of joke but they are deadly serious.  They don’t have to gain votes to gain power, all they have to do is shift things in favor of the corporate entities who really rule Japan giving them an excuse to take over totally with a dictatorship.


And this fascist dictatorship is right around the next corner, too!  Osaka mayor’s call for a ‘dictatorship’ strikes chord with voters


“What Japan needs most now is a dictator.”


Toru Hashimoto, a lawyer and TV celebrity-turned politician, was quick to add when he made that widely publicized remark last year that a Hitler-style dictatorship was neither desirable nor possible given Japan’s democratic checks and balances.


Rising voter support for the boyish-faced Hashimoto, 42, who was elected as mayor of the major western city of Osaka last year after serving three years as governor of the broader region, mirrors the sagging fortunes of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.


Noda’s ratings have sunk below 30 percent in the short time since he became Japan’s sixth premier in five years last September.


Bush Jr. openly talked about how much easier it would be if he were a dictator.  He added an evil chuckle to his ‘joke’.  I called for his impeachment due to this being videotaped so we had proof.  Just as you are arrested if you joke about hijacking when on a jet, if anyone in the Oval Office openly talks about how he or she prefers to be a dictator should be arrested, too.


Japan has no checks nor balances today. It has paralysis.  The voters, like increasingly in the US, have fewer and fewer choices and most of these are fascist A or fascist B.  The left has been either driven out or driven mad.  For example, if Fukushima happened 30 years ago, US liberals would be united with Japanese liberals in fighting the nuclear power industry.


Today, there is zero unity with many liberals scared of global warming and wishing for more nuclear power so we are very divided about the catastrophe in Japan.  Most wish it would just melt away and cease troubling us!  Any sane person would understand, rendering large parts of the planet uninhabitable forever (in the long run of expanding these nuke plants) is a stupid solution to mere planet warming.  Which is worse???


In Japan, the liberals are, like in the US, disconnected from the laboring class.  Passively sitting idle while these people are literally dying from their social conditional deterioration, no solutions are being offered that can motivate the workers to rise up precisely because many liberals happen to like many aspects of the status quo today even as the fascists sharpen their knives and take advantage of working males in particular, egging them into attacking liberals who care about polar bears and not scruffy guys drinking beers after work.


But his party is finalizing its national platform and Hashimoto has made clear that agreement with it will be a litmus test for candidates seeking his backing.


The document is being called the “Eight-point plan written on a ship” after a reformist blueprint written by 19th century samurai Ryoma Sakamoto, a popular historical figure who played a leading role in overthrowing Japan’s feudal government.


Sticking with that theme, the party’s name means “Restoration Group,” a deliberate reference to the 1868 Meiji Restoration that opened Japan to the outside world and began a process of modernization.


The party’s main demands include the direct election of the prime minister and reform or abolition of parliament’s upper house which has become the stumbling block for new laws passed by the lower chamber and is blamed by many for Japan’s political stalemate. Both changes, though, need hard-to-enact constitutional amendments.


 The Parliamentary system was devised by European city fathers to curb the power of the barons.  They elevated the powers of the royal families while keeping a financial noose around the king or queen’s necks so they wouldn’t overtax or bankrupt the cities.  Little interest in the workers much less, the peasants, the systems has checks and balances that are for the city elites who are mainly capitalists and the royals and their many relatives who are landed gentry, basically.


The US system also doesn’t allow us to vote directly for President!  The US Supreme Court even arrogantly said, we have no civil right to vote for President and thus, there was zero reason to count the votes in Florida!   Who cares?  This was accepted by both political parties to my great rage.


Not that popular leaders are a nostrum!  This can lead to dictators, too.  The Constitution was written in such a way that it would preserve the power of the land holders who owned slaves or controlled resources.  So it prevents popular voting as much as possible.  Japan and the US will end up with dictatorships if the situations deteriorate further.


The anti-Muslim wars are increasingly unpopular with a large segment of the population with Ron Paul’s main support with the younger voters due to this and his opposition to the War on Drugs.  The left has no candidate so far that they are endorsing although Rocky Anderson, a former Mormon, is running on a platform I support.  But the left isn’t going for him.  They are sticking mainly to Obama even though he surrendered to the Zionists back in 2009.

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10 responses to “Japan Contemplates New Meiji Dictatorship Revolt

  1. melponeme_k

    In Mandarin class I get interesting impressions in regard to the Koreas and Japan. From what I gather, in the rather diplomatic fashion in which they are spoken about, they seem to be considered fallen pieces from the mainland. That someday, they may be reabsorbed.

    Japan elites seem to be doing their best to force the whole nation to commit suicide rather than drawing closer to China.

    And of course, the elites whose families were involved in the Nanking horror most especially don’t want Japan aligned with China.

  2. DeVaul

    It is truly amazing to me that Tepco and the government were able to convince so many people that the area around Fukashima would ever be inhabitable at all for so many months — almost a year now. They even pretended to be digging up dirt and reburying it under playgrounds and other nonsense. It was all just a show.

    When a government, which is usually just a power group and their employees, has no real solution to a problem, they always put on a show, which is just a long, drawn out form of “spectacle” — the ancient way of distracting people and creating the illusion of immediate action. By the time the show is over, those who watched it with high hopes are now so disillusioned and filled with despair that they cannot summon the outrage and anger needed to bring about real change. They have been emotionally drained, which is the whole purpose of the show.

    I understand the purpose of the show. What I cannot understand is why so many who know it is only a show are still willing to participate in the production of the show while gaining very little from it.

  3. The two military officers that were kiilled were killed inside the most “secure” part of the military setup in Afghanistan; basically a fort within a fort within a fort. No wonder Gen. Allen went bananas.

  4. Joseppi

    One of Elaine’s favorite grips…..

    In the England the “non-domiciled individuals” law creates a tax free zone and the super wealthy are flocking to London…..


    Here we have the story of how Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide it’s debt while setting itself up for the chaos Greece faces today. It also reveals that the EU was culpable and one wonders if the fraud was endemic or was it a strategy to weaken member states to the point that their sovereignty is destroyed enabling the EU to take control…….

  5. Z

    @melponeme_k: The Chinese don’t consider Japan and Korea to be “fallen pieces of the mainland” so much as they consider them to be simply offshoots of an alleged Greater Chinese civilization. I’ve never met any Chinese who would even contemplate absorbing Japan (in fact most of them absolute loathe it and want nothing to do with it) and anyone who’s not a far-right extremist has already come to terms with the loss of Korean dependency, just as they have with that of the Ryukyu Islands (aka Okinawa), Mongolia and Amur. However, most are agreed that China should seek to have great amounts of influence over these two countries, without necessarily looking to gain sovereignty over them. Somewhat like China’s current relation with Singapore, I guess.

    Elaine, you often talk about how the Chinese are supposedly a very pragmatic people, but from what I’ve seen, their nationalistic feelings of wounded pride can make them behave just as insanely as the craziest US warmongers. I think most Chinese would actually welcome a fascist revival in Japan — deep down, they hunger for the satisfaction of revenge without the associated guilt of attacking a “pacifist” country.

  6. Urban Roman

    I guess we here in Texas can be thankful for the drought last summer.
    No rain = no fallout.

  7. emsnews

    And we had tons of rain here back then…but virtually no snow this winter which I am most grateful for because of being very crippled.

    My left leg will be free next week! I will begin really walking again! What a relief. I will be able to drive again, too. Climbing ladders again won’t be for a while but I am beginning to climb stairs two feet each step at a time! Hooray!

  8. Love the picture of the cat: We have two cats: One is a Maine Coon Cat– looks like the one in the picture… Is the cat yours? A Maine Coon? They are wonderful animals! VERY loving they are!… Patrick in ALbuquerque

  9. emsnews

    No, this is an ordinary cat. Was born in a hoarder house and rescued when very little. He is extremely affectionate. We did have a Maine coon cat many years ago. She died while being transported to her new home by my daughter. She was quite old by then.

    Ever watch a Maine coon cat fight a raccoon? They stand on their hind legs and throw punches!

  10. Congrats on your leg healing up. I go in tomorrow to see if I need any physical therapy on my left ankle. Been walking cane free for a few days now.

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