The Taliban Strike Back While The Iran Oil Boycott Begins To Collapse

NATO recalls advisers following Kabul shooting – YouTube

All hell has broken loose in Afghanistan this week.  The NATO preoccupation with turning Iran into some sort of boogeyman and painting Syria as an evil kingdom cruelly killing demonstrators, is now killing…demonstrators!  How unusual!  Hypocrisy has no mirrors.  The Taliban have slipped into one of the most secure places in Kabul and shot two fairly high ranked US officers in the back of the head and then got away, successfully.


Just as the Taliban killed off all the bin Laden assassination team, we get a tit for tat game going with people who embrace the ideology of assassination.  Why are we so infuriated when they do this baffles me.  This is our chosen form of warfare, after all!  WE want this.  Israel loves assassinations.  We think we are just too damn cool when we sneak in and shoot unarmed people while they are in bed with their wives.  The Taliban come into our offices during the day and shoot only armed military occupiers!  So, who is the more moral force?


The Taliban, of course!  They know this, the entire world knows this.  We did everything illegal with the bin Laden assassination whereas the Taliban assassinations are attempts at taking down military targets, not housewives or children.  Our record for killing children while mowing down our targets is ugly and counterproductive which is worse: it is stupid.  It makes us look stupid.


Here is a screenshot from the BBC showing what our military occupying force looks like.  This guy is a brute, turned into one by the Pentagon that wants them all to have virtually  no hair and no facial hair unlike nearly all Afghani males.


Then, our soldiers dress in this mud/stone wall design clothing that looks like a boy’s nighties with the booties.  The Afghanis all go around with no helmets on while our soldiers must walk around with their guns tucked under their chins which telegraphs…WE ARE SCARED TO DEATH!!!!  Oops.


This is fatal with the Taliban who are not scared at all.  They look at us while crouching on the ground or standing on a hillside, like lions examining a herd of thundering water buffalo.  They wait patiently for an opening, a weak link, a slow lumbering buffalo and then slyly slink closer and closer and then pounce.  Water buffalo are very dangerous animals, by the way, they will turn and charge if you don’t kill them immediately.


But they are still…buffalo, not hunting lions.  The Afghanis neither fear us nor respect us and the way we dress, our hair style choices and our physical bad shape negates the impression we strive to give of being the world’s best military, conquering heroes, all.  Instead, we look like well-grazed water buffalo.


Here is a sad video of how our empire has rotted.  Once, we built many ships.  The world’s #1 ship builder was the US when this particular ship was created:  SS.America / American Star – YouTube

SS America (1940) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


We still loom large but our hull is full of rust and holes.  We are aground and unable to be towed out again because we think being stuck in some terrible bleeding mess is OK, we can afford to spend a trillion dollars, trooping around like a herd of bellowing cows while being picked off systematically by Taliban tigers.


This is IDENTICAL to Vietnam.  Afghanistan NATO Staff Recalled Following Attack At Interior Ministry


The two American service members were found by another foreigner who went into the room, according to the Afghan official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to disclose details about the shootings. They were shot in the back of the head, according to Western officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose the information. Authorities were poring over security camera video for clues, the Afghan official said.


Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid identified the shooter as one of their sympathizers, Abdul Rahman. He said an accomplice inside the ministry helped Rahman get inside the compound to kill the Americans in retaliation for the Quran burnings.


Now, our pathetic EU allies are screaming and running for the exits.  Call them ‘the Zebra herd’.  Zebras run with water buffalos.  They get some cover and can squeal and stampede when lions attack and lions do like eating zebras.  But the zebras are increasingly unhappy as the water buffaloes storm from one lion’s den to the next.  So, Nato recalls staff after two officers are shot dead


Here is the sub-headline at the Guardian in England:  American officers killed at Afghanistan interior ministry as death toll in Qur’an riots reaches 28.  

But look at this headline on the same front page:  Syria clashes leave 28 more dead.  We are supposed to feel indignation and anger that Syria’s government has killed people who are rioting and attacking the government.  How DARE the government resist popular anger?  HAHAHA…even so…Syrian rebels confirm receiving arms from West – Tehran Times.  This is Iranian news but other Middle Eastern countries have covered this story, too.


One place the US doesn’t care if civilians are butchered is Yemen:  Yemen swears in new president; bomb kills 25.  Three less than either the NATO killings or the Syrian military killings so I suppose we shouldn’t be all that upset, no?


Israel’s control of our entire government has insured that we are all now paying through the nose for oil due to a significant strangling of world oil supplies by NATO and everyone on earth who are supposed to deny Iran any oil profits.  This hike in world oil costs is killing our economy and destroying Obama who might even lose the election due to this insanity:  Obama: Opponents are ‘rooting for bad news’ on gas prices – The Washington Post


The political dynamics are muddied by the Iran factor. In their debate Wednesday, the leading GOP presidential candidates vowed to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Yet the rise in oil prices recently has been augmented by the tightening of U.S. and European sanctions on Iran and its oil exports.


Some Democrats are also urging Obama, who has pressured other nations to curtail purchases of Iranian oil, to protect consumers by releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as he did during the Libyan conflict last summer. Most presidents are reluctant to tap the reserve without a dire emergency, and many experts believed the release last year had a fleeting impact on gas prices.


The oil reserve can’t make up for Iran not selling oil!  DUH!  It won’t bring down prices since this boycott is INTERNATIONAL not just the US.  This stupid game is like us punching ourselves in the nose in order to punish a kid we want to beat up but the teacher won’t let us.


The rivals for world power are having a field day with our stupid boycott:  West seeking to change governing system of Iran: Putin.  Russia is a major energy exporter and has the EU in a grip that is similar to when a lion takes down a zebra: jaws on the neck.  The EU is scared to death that Russia’s energy delivery might develop some technical problems.  Ahem.  Strangle, choke.


Unlike Iran, India went ahead and created its own nukes illegally.  The US tried to punish India but now gives India anything it asks.  So…India to continue buying Iranian crude.  HAHAHA.  A big poke in the US Eye.  I could see this coming from afar: India, unlike the poor EU, doesn’t want to commit commercial and economic suicide.  Neither will Japan that got permission from the water buffalo to import Iranian oil, too.


Seeing that this is all a total farce designed to punish the EU and US citizens by freezing them to death or making them all use bikes instead of cars, the Turks have changed their minds about the Zionist boycott, too:  ‘Iran sanctions not binding for Turkey’.


Speaking of the devil, Tel Aviv is no haven for asylum seekers – Opinion – Al Jazeera English


But Bayu adds that overt racism in Israeli society has become common, “People are attacked on the streets. People are not allowed to rent houses to African refugees.”


But as the government rails against African migrant workers, it imports workers from East Asia – primarily the Philippines and Thailand – to make up its imperative cheap labour force. Since Israel lost Palestinians as its reliable source of low-paid, exploitative labour due to the country’s policy of separation, it has granted hundreds of thousands of temporary work permits to those non-Jewish immigrants who can afford the expensive work permit and agency fees.


Furthermore, Israel is one of the only states in the world that actively campaigns around the world to increase immigration, offering incentives to Jews who immigrate to the country.


And…the Zionists want all of us to have open borders while building really big walls longer than the Great Wall of China to keep out those dirty non-Jews.  This is so sad and one-sided and it is turning the Jewish community into a ghetto.  True, the poor Palestinian natives are in a ghetto inside this insidious European-style ghetto!  But the Jews are trapped in there, too.  This week, the Supreme Court in Israel decided that the Haredim who are the religious right wing fanatics driving Israel into fascism, are no longer exempt from military service.


This means, they will have to join in patrolling this super-ghetto, too!  Instead of staying home and spawning as many children as possible.  Oh, the agony!  The differences between them and the Taliban is so narrow as to be indistinguishable.  Their rage at this welfare queen lifestyle ending is enormous.  I expect riots.  Maybe 28 of them will be shot just like in Afghanistan or Syria, etc.  A bloody business.  We really haven’t evolved that much from our African veldt wandering eons ago.

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26 responses to “The Taliban Strike Back While The Iran Oil Boycott Begins To Collapse

  1. NATO..Is it at Occidental Observer that it states NATO has killed 60 000
    in Libya recently?

  2. alex lemas

    Better still, its like drinking poison and hope the other guy dies.

  3. Peter

    Not much difference between any religion’s fanatics is there?

    I maintain scratch the skin of any “believer” and you will find a fanatic under the surface because what they believe in is superstition and not logic and reason,so they can be dragged into any stupid idea.

  4. seraphim

    The Brits came to Afghanistan. The Russians came to Afghanistan. Neither of them was welcomed and have been eventually driven out. What makes the Americans believe that they are welcome? When they came to “liberate” Afghanistan, some people shook their heads and mused that it would became a second Vietnam. The have been of course laughed at.

  5. billibaldi

    At least the Americans can claim ignorance over Afghanistan. Us Australians and Brits should have known better. The Khyber pass was the northern limit for the British empire because it was too expensive to campaign beyond that point, 10Billion aus$ later, what a waste.

  6. Being There

    Oh dear, looks like the plan isn’t working so easily. While we try to level the world to make it all safe for McDonald’s the reality of flattening the world isn’t working smoothly–reality never does.

    All in the name of financial and military hegemony. Let’s wipe out all religions and have one for the world and which one will that be, I wonder.

    Yes the big picture is as David Rockefeller once said.”Nations should be decoupled from the resources.” is the operating ideology along with globalism and Milton Friedman’s Shock Doctrine. There are pipelines being built throughout the Asian plains and that’s why we’re there. We are being treated the same way in this country as the ropes tighten around the former middle class.

    We can only wonder what the next line of propaganda will be tried to tell us about people and societies we know nothing about. In the meantime huge tax-payer money is being poured into these adventures while some privatized contractors are getting super rich and powerful.
    Just another realm in which corporate communism is being fueled.

  7. DeVaul

    Hmmm…. logic and reason. Let’s see…

    Man is a Reasoning Animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute.

    – “Mark Twain, The Lowest Animal,” 1897

    The only very marked difference between the average civilized man and the average savage is that the one is gilded and the other is painted.

    – “Mark Twain’s Notebook”


    ELAINE: My grandfather adored Mark Twain and I have all the collected works. That man was FUNNY as hell…and observant, too. A great writer!

  8. Paul S

    Did anyone else watch Hillary Clinton scolding Russia and China over Syria, saying they supported murderers? Does this repulsive woman have ANY concept of the word hypocrisy? The nation that (officially) thinks waterboarding isn’t torture has the nerve to take the ‘moral’ high ground? US ruling elites–like Clinton–must be completely oblivious to how foolish they sound, to say nothing of the complete hypocrisy of their statements. It seems the Taliban aren’t too impressed and they have guns–and the willingness to use them–so maybe the US should learn a lesson. But that’s doubtful.


    ELAINE: Yes, I was going to write about that this morning but ended up with doing a host of computer tech stuff with my dear husband who was being driven totally nuts trying to figure out how to access this and redo that. My son doesn’t live here anymore and he is the accredited tech support guy! Damn!

    Anyways, the hypocrisy of the screaming Valkyrie is always darkly amusing.

  9. DeVaul

    “…because it was too expensive to campaign beyond that point…”

    There is no point for any modern society to be in Afghanistan, ever, except for one thing: opium (Britain used opium to destroy China). That is all that is there. The poppy fields were replanted immediately after our invasion, but not nearly as fast as the the Libyan Transitional Council created a central bank before they had a single new law on the books — or any books at all (the bank was necessary for oil transactions and payment of mercenaries). Poppies need to be grown and cared for over many months. Banks and new money — shazaam! — there they are.

    We could have assassinated Obama (Osama bin Laden —yes, it is easy to mix up names!) many years ago using the same kick-ass, no-holds-barred Navy Seal Team 6 that everyone is yapping about and fawning over without any invasions or the loss of 10 trillion dollars (the real cost of these wars so far).

    You know, I think Elaine is right. I think they are all dead. Modern custom is to bring them back and have parades and show off our victorious heros, like Rome did, or at least have them on TV talking about the daring raid. Instead: nothing.

    I was freaked out last night be something I just cannot understand. I was watching old Batman and Robin shows with my wife and daughter when, at a party for millionaires, an old lady in the background points out Bruce Wayne’s great grandfather in a painting holding a football and says: “They tapped him for Skull and Bones.” (Other person): “No, dear, he founded Skull and Bones!”


    Why is this on a Batman and Robin cartoon from the early 60’s or 70’s?

  10. Joseppi

    “US says it’s steadfast in rebuilding Afghanistan”

    The reason we are going to remain steadfastly in Afghanistan is because of the opium crop for morphine.
    The ongoing death process is slow and drawn out, therefor, the dying US empire needs an ample supply of morphine to alleviate the pain and suffering from the agony of imperial ideological death.

  11. Being There

    Interesting point, Joseppi. Yes there is the liquidity for the international banking system laundering drug money, but as I mentioned before its all about “Piplinestan” as Pepe Escobar of Asia Times online would say.

  12. emsnews

    The Bank of England was…opium. Oscar Wilde used to joke about that…

  13. DeVaul

    Oh man! Did I really write Obama’s name there? I guess I am just too tired to comment today. Did not sleep well last night. Actually, two nights in a row. Sorry about that typo. I’m surprised storm troopers haven’t arrived here yet. Or maybe it was the sleeping dust from the Penquin’s umbrella.

    Mark Twain was my favorite author. Still is. I used the huge collection of his works at the library in Marburg to practice my vocabulary for the law school test many years ago. I had no idea he had written so much. In America, we only see his most popular works in a single volume or set maybe. He had vast collections of writings, and all of them were hilarious.

    He and Sherlock Holmes were the only books by my bed during my life. Both fell apart years ago, so now there is nothing. No time to read much and no ability to read much now. Glad I read them when I could.

  14. adam mateyko

    WWII and Bretton Woods the US dollar becomes dominant in world trade.
    1972 Nixon shoved off gold standard due to DeGaul calling in gold dollars.
    1974 Yom Kipur war required to get USA into MEast as hegemon.
    1980’s get Iraq to fight with Iran in bloody 8 year war of attrition.
    1990’s dump Iraq for failing to conquer Iraq, sanctions to starve kids.
    2000’s invade and take over Iraq, then Afghanistan… not conclusive.
    2010’s dump Egypt, remove Libya, try to overthrow Syria and Iran.

    All part of the empire plan : but wait there’s more: not just slicing and dicing it also spreads misery to EUROland as the EURO experiment and EUROmoney is contrary to Empire rule ie Social Contract post WWII and EUROmoney for oil.

    In Europe and America … No Retirement! Just Sufferin’

    Next the collapse intensifies, a war with IRAN and then the Romneyites head to heavenly blessings with the 144 000 others! Hallelujah!!! Pass the amunition…. sinners.

  15. JimmyJ

    Latest US Gallup poll (Feb 2-5, 2012): Americans Still Rate Iran Top U.S. Enemy

  16. DeVaul

    I read that at Russia Times. Amazing, isn’t it? The power of propaganda. They even have clowns out in NYC putting on puppet shows to demonize Iran in public.

    Are Americans tired of war or not tired of war? Who knows? We cannot get any reliable info, and people seem to change their minds as soon as the TV does. Why don’t they just turn it off?

    I now firmly believe that the media moguls could convince Americans that Lichstenstein is a threat to our national security and must be nuked pronto — if they wanted to.

  17. larry, dfh

    I don’t know if
    is true, but it’s funny.

  18. have a bad sense of humor..its not funny to me.

  19. Jay Dorian

    Interesting about Batman and Robin. Heres a link

  20. Being There

    Your list is really telling and it reflects the new ideology of globalism and free markets(which are anything but) If you read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine the rise of Disaster Capitalism you will see that your list works perfectly with the agenda of the Milton Friedman Chicago School of Business and subsequently all the think tanks and universities.
    This started with overthrowing Allende in Chile as their first “laboratory” where Friedman worked through the Nixon administration for the sake of multinationals.
    It’s about creating debt for profit for the banks and then going in (like in Greece) and turning all public domain to private interests for pennies on the dollar.
    It’s about destroying and building up in your image. So far in the last 4 decades this has not worked anywhere, but they will keep doing this because it puts money in their pockets.
    Yes, it’s happening here too. Rampant privatization, hollowing out the middle class and creating nothing of value. We stopped creating wealth and monetize everything

  21. Being There

    There’s nothing new under the sun. In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare referred to the polity as the rabble. They went along with whoever spoke last.
    Does give you an idea of what’s going on now.
    “Tell the Govt. to keep their hands off my social security”!

  22. DeVaul

    @Being There,

    Yes, you are right. Twain had a comment about that phenomenom also:

    The thug is aware that loudness convinces sixty persons where reasoning convinces but one.

    – “Mark Twain, Is Shakespeare Dead?”

    Today I had a thought that I had had many times before, but only noticed it this time. I was thinking about how bizarre the current crop of presidential candidates seemed, but I had that same thought four years ago, and perhaps eight years ago (with Osama being the rare exception, although I still think he is a gangster).

    I predict, based on this, that in 2016 the crop of candidates will be even more nightmarish and even more brazen in their search for bribes, and in 2020 we will reach our absolute nadir, when the candidates openly swear allegiance to China and claim the other candidates are “anti-Chinese”.

  23. Paul S

    A US/NATO spokesman in Kabul, responding to the attack at the Interior Ministry, warned that the shootings at the IM will not go unanswered. I’m sure they won’t go unanswered. I’m also sure that if NATO wants to escalate the violence in Afghanistan, the Taliban stands ready for a counter-response. I can hear those drones warninng up right now.

  24. kenogami

    What should worry the Pentagon brasses who care about the soldiers in Afghanistan is if the Zionists starts a war with Iran, Pakistan will cut off all supply roads to Afghanistan (they are already cut to some extant) and Russia will cut the air space to Afghanistan. The 100000 NATO soldiers will be caught in a trap like sitting ducks there and out of food and ammunition: they will be slaughtered. The scumbags Zionists and US politicians don’t care one bit about the young soldiers there who have been brainwashed and don’t understand much.

  25. emsnews

    And don’t forget the duckies sitting in that small, enclosed pond called the Persian Gulf!

  26. Jaws7

    I have read interesting and observant comments. There is nothing I can add. Thank You for the education.

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