Anonymous Drives Breitbart To Early Death

Before it could be removed, I took screenshots of AndrewBreitbart (andrewbreitbart) on Twitter account.  Wow.  Look at his last tweets which he did very,very late at night:

ADDED LATER: Not ONE media outfit is reporting what this crazy man was doing last night before he was hauled through the terrifying Gates of Death to talk to Libra who examines all humans exiting their lives here on our dear earth.  The story I am breaking is probably the first report on the true actions leading up to this man’s death due to being hyper-excited during the darkest hours of the night.  Many people die ‘when the nip tide goes out’ and 3am is the most dangerous death hour of the night cycle.  Who knows how many hours this guy was tweeting before his body finally collapsed due to lack of rest and too much freaking out?


Note how his last conversation was with: Anonymous, the loose group of hackers who dig up dirt on various entities they feel ought to feel some heat such as corporations or right wing warmongers.  Here is some more of these conversations:

He was freaking out about some video information which is rich since this guy loves to play the ‘gotcha’ game.  ‘If you put Andrew Breitbart along with Glen Beck on a guillotine’ is one of the funnier ‘last words’ to a doomed man.  Here is what Rauhauser is referring to in the tweets:  The True History Of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser.  Evidently, Breitbart was threatening Rauhauser’s consultation business by running dirty stories about his personal relatives.

Bart’s last tweet was 2:25 am.  The man was stressing himself out, big time.  Probably literally foaming at the mouth as he ran on and on his last night on earth.  He died by his own blogging sword, this guy.  One thing I try to do is laugh at even unhappy things.  So many people love to torment themselves online.

This guy loved tormenting other people and he was pure dirt.  He didn’t battle on clean ideological grounds, he went straight for the garbage dump to dig up trash.  He was a dumpster (I wrote ‘dumbster’ first!) diver from hell.  Well, about his premature death caused by him freaking out due to talking to people he abused in the past and of course, the Anonymous crew that specializes in computer dumpster diving…the guy died by falling into a trap he devised long ago to get others.

Sick transit into your own ingloria, Breitbart.  Word of warning to all bloggers: eat well, exercise a lot and laugh more.  Your health will suffer, otherwise.  I work outdoors most of the day,  most of the year (except for this winter, being stuck inside).  I spend more than 6 hours a day outside, working.  And don’t tweet: twitter is for hyperactive children who should be put to bed.  It is really bad for one’s sanity.  I don’t twitter at all.

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48 responses to “Anonymous Drives Breitbart To Early Death

  1. JT

    I never heard of this guy.
    But it seems he should have taken Elaine’s advice and take a break from hating.

  2. JT…since his death its Elaine whos ‘doing the hating’, yes?

    EMS, ‘his guy loved tormenting other people and he was pure dirt.’
    He did expose ACORN for what it is, yes?

  3. JT, The Occupy movement fast became one more pawn of Soros.
    Wake up.

  4. I wonder how much Cholesterol he consumed daily.
    What he weighed.
    I believe he was adopted so his familys med history is obscured.

    Whites attacked in Oakland and other places by the Occupy Movement. Some of these Occutards are pure scum.

    The Whites were protesting Black violence in South Africa . Who are the racists here, eh?

  5. emsnews

    90404: riots happen for many reasons. OWS didn’t control who hung out there. Blaming the movement for some stupid things people did who wandered in and out is wrong.

    Also, the ‘spawn of Soros’ is pure silliness. Stop it, please, you make yourself look like a rube.

  6. JT


    I googled that acorn stuff.
    Not sure it is what it seems.

    Whites attacked in Oakland and South Africa?

    How about this.
    “Taxing the rich heavily and more equal income distribution and free quality education especially in todays environment of structural change due to globalisation is the best way to ensure a safe and stable society.”

    “Taxes are the only way to return some of the money flow back to ones own economy and prevent it from flowing to tax havens and to investments in developing economies.”

    Unregulated free market economy failed 4 years ago.
    Totally and miserably.
    The swing went too far and now we have to swing it back.

    Now it’s time for smart people, peace and love.
    We do not want the 1930’s back.

    This has to be handled better than back then.
    No black shirts, no racial hate…

  7. JT


    The smarter business people in the US have figured out that without a middle class and a stable society they have no customers or business left.
    Buffett says he could pay more taxes as do many others.

  8. CK

    So you make an income and you spend it on what is beneficial to you. And the money goes round and round and everybody involved is better off.
    You make an income and before you get any of your income, along come some men with guns and they steal part of your income. They give it to themselves and their friends. And you are worse off as is everyone not a suckup to the people with the guns.
    Why it’s almost enough to make you refrain from making a stealable income.

  9. JT


    Or without unions you make less and less.
    Capital takes everything tax free to Caymans, BRIC investements and stock market.

    The you try to make ends meet and notice that there is no more good paying jobs and high unemployment
    And not even the strong consumer market that the Chinese are so interested in.
    Then even the import jobs and home construction jobs start to vanish.
    Banks go banktrupt and you give the 4 000 0000 000.
    Which they put to Caymans, BRIC investements and stock market.

    With taxes you can get even a little bit back to your own economy.

  10. JT

    sorry 10 000 000 000 000 or how much have we printed so far.
    It does not trickle down unless you use it in your own country.

    It circulates longer if you recycle the money through taxes a bit more.

  11. Being There

    The best thing I’ve heard in a while is William K. Black interviewed yesterday by Bonnie Faulkner on Guns and Butter. It’s an hour long and well worth your while. Black was in Reagan’s administration and helped deal with the criminality of the Savings and Loans debacle and receivership.
    It explains some of the history of our financial system and how it went off the tracks and of course the theoclassical economic theory that rationalizes global institutional fraud.

    “The Greatest Bank Robbery Ever” with William K. Black.

  12. I can see how Libra pays back Andrew Breitbart.

    “You shall be reincarnated as a cockroach, many times. Each time, one of the people you hurt will step on you, crushing you instantly. Starting with Anthony Weiner.”

  13. @CK (post 8) And that is how military dictaorships collapse, or get overthrown.

  14. Being There

    reincarnated as a cockroach…..VERY Kafkaesque

  15. @CK (cont.) And that is why Germany is so prosperous, and why China seeks to follow them.

    When the tax money taken is cycled back into the economy for public good, the masses are content and don’t mind paying taxes.

    But when they “boys with the guns” spend it on themselves, and enforce laws unfairly in favor of large institutions public and private, what do you think is going to happen? History is absolutely clear on this!

  16. JT


    Then the US army choir goes to sing in Tianmen Square?


  17. JT

    Heh, I looked it there is a US army choir and found this.

    “US Army Chorus performing “Battle Hymn of the Republic” on White House Lawn for Pope Benedict”


  18. DeVaul

    CK is a diehard libertarian, “free market” (never existed) idealogue who thinks that all humans will follow this philosophy and do the right thing always within the libertarian framework. It never happens and never will, but you cannot tell that to someone who has internalized this philosophy.

    Libertarianism, communism, capitalism, faschism, will always be used by the few against the many. Always.

    Socialism, on the other hand, cannot be used by the few against the many, which is why they hate it so much, I guess. The rich NEVER call for more socialism. Never! That tells me it cannot be used by them.

    Buffet was bailed out by our government, and although he claims he can be taxed more, he does not pay any of his lobbyists to push for higher taxes on himself or the rich, nor did he pay back the bailout money he received.

    He is a deceitful clown who hopes not to end up on the end of a pitchfork.

  19. Jake

    Breitbart was deep into the obama fake birth certificate drama and had announced that he would be releasing evidence against obama.

    Today Sheriff Joe from AZ announced the BC WAS a fraud. Apparently he had talked with Breitbart last night shortly before his death.

    May be more to the story here than you allude. How about a more in depth examination of the facts than laying it off to video games

  20. Gawker covered the beginnings of this story back in 2010.

    It’s a hilarious read.

  21. CK

    I always enjoy the ability others have to develop pigeonholes in which to stuff folks.
    I will tell you this. I am self employed. Have been for many decades.
    Stealing does not increase wealth. Taking from you to give to someone else does not improve you or allow you to improve yourself or your life.
    I have no problem with unfettered trade between individuals.
    I have no problem with a well armed society.
    I dislike parasites.
    Socialism is what the English have, the english bankers love it. Any ism is useful against the masses. A bit of study of Antonio Gramsci would be useful if you wish to discuss the uses of socialism against the masses, he and Trotsky were the theoretical underpinnings, unfortunately for Trotsky, Stalin has a better grasp of iceaxe politics.
    As anyone who wishes to look can see, the current and recent past american administrations have indeed not recycled the taxes to the ” deserving poor” they have used it to feather their own beds and kill the random muslim. As the debts come due, their is little left to steal. The bankers bonuses don’t face the taxman’s grasp.
    If you believe in the necessity of a government then you are a moral accessory to theft and murder. If you take money from the government you are taking stolen goods. They did not produce that wealth, they might move some of it around among various beggar groups and bosom buddies.
    There will be another A Breitbart along any minute; they are a sturdy american flower.

  22. So you think Drudge will be the next one to die of a heart attack?

  23. JSmith

    Elaine: “OWS didn’t control who hung out there. Blaming the movement for some stupid things people did who wandered in and out is wrong.”

    That’s always been the major problem for The Movement generally, hasn’t it? 45 years or so ago another Movement with some earnest types who wanted to change the world for the better was run into the ground by a bunch who just wanted to burn things down and break stuff.

  24. JSmith, check info online about Van Jones. and his possible role in the 90s LA riot.

    Devaul yes Buffett has had lotsa help! Didnt he bail out some Corp circa 1998 and had he not THE WHOLE GAME WOULD HAVE

    JT…Buffett has been very ‘tight’ with his money, to family and charities. Hes no angel. I read 2 books about him.

    Elaine I dont mean to aggravate. If im a rube so be it.

    I was going to post a long piece on AB. ill do so at Kunstlers instead.

  25. JT


    I didn’t think he was an angel.
    And nobody wants to give a cent voluntarily, but some of those bastards get second thoughts when they get old.
    The ones that are not total psychopaths, which most of them are of course.

    Socialism is funded by debt.
    I doubt it can go on forever.

    This is the best video IMO:

  26. Jt, I will give a listen to this …
    heres what I was looking for, I think.

    Long-Term Capital Management – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    1 Founding; 2 Trading strategies; 3 Tax avoidance; 4 Downturn; 5 1998 …. 1998, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Berkshire Hathaway offered then to buy out the fund’s ..

    Warren Buffett gave Meriwether less than one hour to accept the deal; ..

  27. JT


    “There’s a divorce between the interests of major corporations and of society.”
    “Who benefits? The major corporations and their shareholders.”

    Small businessmen and self employed people are decimated when the middle class vanishes.

    You should attack the right enemy.
    It is not your country, the problem is free trade, globalisation and corporations.

  28. DeVaul

    Socialism is funded by taxes in modern societies. I saw it in Germany before they went for Reagon’s bullshit. The fact that nearly everyone had a decent living made life rather pleasant there despite the weather.

    Be careful when you refer to the “deserving poor”, as putting that in quotations allows people to speculate as to whom you are talking about. The folks over at Stormfront would love to get rid of the “deserving poor” also, as they believe the blind, the disabled, the deaf, the mentally ill, the sick, the infirm, etc. deserve nothing.

    Also, as a self-employed potter, I was run out of business before I could even get off the ground despite making some of the finest pottery in town. Why buy handmade pottery from a local potter when you can get boatloads of it from Walmart direct from China? Forget quality. Price is all that matters to those who want everything.

    Libertarianism and free trade destroyed my business, along with thousands of others. China does not gave a damn about libertarians, which is why it is so successful as a nation. Philosophies that don’t make money are tossed out the door over there. They learned their lesson long ago.

  29. ‘Small businessmen and self employed people are decimated when the middle class vanishes.’
    Actually most self employed and small biz ARE the middle class, so how could they remain when that class ‘goes to China thanks to Clinton and the Congress/Senate’?

  30. Claire Voyant

    Great rude visualization of Andrew Breitbart in Hell here:

    Hilarious commentary from him, as always.

  31. Urban Roman

    A few dots here.
    1. ACORN was Mr. Obama’s cause back when he was a “community organizer”.
    2. A few years back, ACORN guy (can’t remember his name and too lazy to look it up) took busloads of folks to the *homes* of the Wall St. banksters to protest their antics in the (still ongoing today) fraudclosure crisis. Nice neighborhoods in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and/or New York. The news stories quickly died down.
    3. Breitbart and his weaseley chums pulled that stunt “exposing” ACORN.
    4. Without much further ado, ACORN folds the folding tables and chairs, puts them in the closet, strikes the tent and disappears. Mr. Obama is now all, “ACORN who?”

    IMO Breitbart was simply employed to put on that little piece of theater. The folks who live in those nice homes in PA, NJ, DE, etc. just hate it when the riff raff invade their neighborhoods, and they have ways of getting even without starting a police riot and messing up their lawns.

    Maybe the dots aren’t even connected, what do I know. I don’t really have any inside information about them.

    Supposedly our Texas Guv’nr tweeted “RIP `O Mighty Warrior!”, but a different Rick Perry quote came to my mind …
    “Adios mofo”

  32. Urban Roman

    Oh, and Stranded Wind my old friend (well, I don’t actually know you personally) — take care of yourself. Take a couple days off, get some rest.

    Then go back to work, there are a lot more where he came from.

  33. Urban, How much Govt money was Acorn getting?
    In order to ‘help’ people who could not afford to make payments into home ‘ownership’?

  34. JT


    I did not think he was a nice guy or an honest guy.
    None of us are.

    But some individuals, that are not totally psychopats get second thoughts when they are about to die.

    There are many kinds of rich people.

    Psychos; Romney, Cheney, Bushes, Jobs, Trump, Rockefellers…

    And then your just corrupted by money types; Gates, Buffet, T. Boobe Pickens

    All of them propably did horrible things in their past.
    I’d say in general the people who actually make something themselves and are 1st generation rich are the ones who get second thoughts.

    You should not glorify the rich.
    And certainly you should not vote any of them to political power.
    But you should learn from the smartest ones.

  35. Andrew Breitbart was a psychopath; who died of a heart attach in the early morning hours.

    Some connect with Goddesses to develop conscience. Sirona Knight Body, in Mind & Spirit on page 144, writes on Maat and on Libra. “The important thing is to keep balance in your life and not let one aspect get out of balance. You can use affirmations to keep that in balance. Part of being with at peace with yourself is being true to who you are; otherwise you are rubbing up against the grain in frustration and stress. Try to keep your head about you when everyone else is losing theirs. Connecting with the Goddess can empower you, and help you stay sane in the modern world.”

    I think along the lines of John McArthur who writes in The Conscience Revisited. “Take time each day to inform your conscience by reading God’s Word. Never train yourself to ignore your conscience, but respond quickly to its warnings. And then cleanse your conscience through consistent confession as you seek forgiveness from those you’ve sinned against–whether God or others. Those things will strengthen your conscience so that you can enjoy the freedom and blessings of a clear conscience before God.”

    Psychopaths can be wealthy or poor, married or single. Yet many do live in poverty in low income neighborhoods. Being low income, and living in the inner city, many psychopaths run into me; they are busy bodies in other people’s business, particularly my affairs. They are people who have a sin nature of confrontation, as they come that way from the womb, or do not have psychological and emotional nurturing parents. Lacking intimacy in early childhood, and discipline and boundaries in childhood, they go on to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and not the tree of life. They have no true or genuine sense of right and wrong, they become Libra, they become Arete, and then define a neighborhood or realm in which they operate. They set them self up to be the social sheriff, that is the community overlord, continually confronting and being rude, until the police visit them so many times that they restrain themselves, or die, or are incarcerated for their anti social behavior.

    Another psychopath will rise to take his place.

  36. Urban Roman

    90404, a lot less than AIG got. I’d say even less than 1% … that’s the way we roll in ‘Murruka, the 1% get 99% and the 99% get 1%.

  37. Yen, ‘Andrew Breitbart was a psychopath’, was he Violent?
    If not he was not a ‘Psychopath’.

  38. charlottemom

    I just don’t buy that this twitter chatter is what got Breibart dead. First of all, this twitter stuff is all still up on his website for the world to see, so there is no reason to believe this is meant to be swept under the rug. Who posted this? Where is the other side of exchanges…they are not included?

    I never bought that anon is an independent muckraking entity toiling away uncovering the truth for the people (countering another “muckracker” also toiling away uncovering the truth for the people) Hmm. Polemics, propaganda, or blackmail… or all of the above? Anon vs. Breitbart. Which team are you on?

    I happen to think anon (perhaps like Breitbart) is a sponsored outfit. Sponsored by whom, who knows? Perhaps “anon” was threatening to reveal Breitbart dirt as a way to “persuade” him to back down (from revealing something else)? Could be the reason for his “heart attack.” We’ll never know.

    For the record, I don’t like or trust info from either anon or from Breitbart. The “secrets” and “exposes” they peddle are meant to sway public but it is at best, selective truth.

    P.S. We’re still waiting on whitney houston’s cause of death, but this declared a natural causes immediately. Just saying

  39. @JT

    The US Army choir will sing in Tianamen square when invited by China.

  40. chop

    Andrew Breitbart

    I want to conclude this piece by stating I am quite curious what sorts of natural causes made a 43 year old collapse. As my friend commented…”He’s in decent shape and goes naturally yet Soros and Rockefeller look the like living dead yet they are walking and live to be 185yrs old.”

    Oh and by the way. He claimed to have videos that would expose banker puppet Obama. Don’t believe me? Take a watch. He made this statement 20 days ago. Then drops dead. At least they didn’t use a hot tub this time.

    RIP Andrew. I didn’t always agree with you, but you were a fighter.

    Rest up this weekend everyone. I think things are about to get crazy.

    Peace and wisdom,

    zero hedge

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  43. emsnews

    He died because he was running off at the mouth on twitter at 2:45 am. This means, he was up nearly ALL NIGHT. After running wild all day, all hyper about getting Obama. He talked to everyone about what a nifty nasty thing he was going to pull on Obama and then died of a heart attack.


    This is why Mother Nature culled him. He was a Darwin Award winner in the blogger/twitter sweepstakes.

  44. Re, comments 38 and 40. an autopsy is being done, results in 6 weeks.
    Alex Jones was on C2C last nite talking about Andrew.

    Lets see if the tapes he was to release on Barak the day he died are so Damning.
    If they are not, lets assume he died of natural causes.

  45. emsnews

    He keeled over dead because he was burning his candle in the middle and both ends at the same time.

  46. 43 is not so old, my grandad lived to 95 or so.
    I think the AVERAGE age in Japan is 40.

  47. emsnews

    Yes, Breitbart was both young and stupid. He had bad habits and the worst was being always angry and conniving.

  48. CK

    Go back 4 years to the democratic primary fight between BHO and HRC.
    Larry Johnson at the famous No Quarter blog had the tapes that would absolutely destroy Obama. Well he had seen the tapes. Well actually he had heard about the tapes from a believable source of his.
    As you no doubt recall, those tapes when they were played to the democratic party voters caused them to unaminously nominate Hillary Clinton for president and send Barrack Obama back to Chicago to resume his career teaching Contstitutional law.
    I smell a rerun.

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