NBC Secret Briefing With McCaffery Is Leaked To Greenwald

Someone at NBC leaked a power point talk given by Gen. McCaffrey as he privately briefs NBC execs on war with Iran – Salon.com.  Greenwald is now antiwar even though he stupidly backed both the Afghan war AND the war against unarmed Iraq back when they were first launched.  I am glad he finally figured out he was conned into wars.  Many Americans were led, by our media, to believe that gas would be cheap after we invaded Iraq.  My own father in law came to me in intense excitement and joy back then, yelling, ‘You were wrong to demonstrate against the Iraq war!  We will have cheap gas now!  I am so happy.’


Well, I warned him back then, gas would be a lot more expensive and guess what: I was right.  Now, the same stupid promise was given for the Libya war.  Did gas get cheaper or more expensive?


Obviously: more expensive!  Now, the drive to war with Iran is making gasoline much, much more expensive and if there is a full blown war, our economy will sink like a rock to the nether regions and millions of Americans will suffer in our automobile-mad world.  Our economy just might grind to a total halt.  And the beloved global trade, fueled by oceans of diesel for ships, will sink without a trace, too.  If nothing else, we will have intense inflation much worse than back when the Arabs ran their oil boycott against us.


Mc Cafferty is a retired general who works for private businesses that are our military/industrial complex.  They want war because it means more Wardaddy profits for them.  He wants to be a multimillionaire so he goes to our media owners and top staff, many of whom are Zionists, to tell them how he and his warmongering money buds will push the US into WWIII.  All in the name of denuding the wealth of Muslim oil export powers, of course.


And if the Saudi royals imagine they are immune to this process, they are fools but then…they are fat fools anyhow.

So, the #1 risk to the US isn’t bankruptcy as our military/industrial Wardaddys all run off with high profits and higher cost overruns, selling high tech weapons to all and sundry especially Israel, while not paying taxes.  This is bankrupting our government.  The #1 danger to our security is too much debt burden leading to bankruptcy.


The #2 risk is a war in the Persian Gulf.  This will cause our nation to go bankrupt as it destroys world trade profits, drives up the cost of oil to the stratosphere and causes the collapse of the US dollar as we frantically print money to buy oil that is hideously expensive while oil dealers demand gold.


Mexico stopping its stupid War on Drugs will make us SAFER not in more danger.  If we stop this dumbest of wars, we, too, will be safer.  Right now, bullets fly everywhere and drug addicts have to steal stuff to pay for their high-priced highs.  I say, give addicts whatever they want until they either do their Darwin best and die or they figure out this is very stupid.


Now comes the dumbest parts of this power point presentation: the rest of the economic situation.  The delusional thinking of the top 1% is on full, arrogant display here.  According to the warmongering lunatics from the asylum in Pentagon, we are on top of the world, not the world’s poorest sovereign wealth nation (yes, we are THE #1 loser of sovereign wealth!):

Here it is, again and again: the US exports a lot!  They always leave out the ‘but we import twice as much!’ part.  Germany exports a lot.  And imports a lot less.  Ditto, China.  Both are the #1 and #2 sovereign wealth nations on earth although Germany is being bullied by reckless borrowers in the EU into throwing away all this wealth they saved.  The EU will blow apart when Germany, not Greece, departs.  Merkel is already in greatest trouble with her own voters on this issue.


Yes, we export lots of food.  We are like ancient Egypt: we export food to Rome.  Rome then gets to party until the Germans force them to pay their debts.  The US exports tons of food and imports more gallons of oil.  The oil now far overruns the value of food exports.


I am glad that the general admits we wasted $1.1 trillion so far in our war against unarmed Iraq and a ragged army of enraged Muslim peasants in the mountains of Afghanistan.  This foolish venture has been a total loss and we didn’t even get to steal all of Iraq’s oil for free, either.  A lose=lose gambit that drove up our national debt significantly.

HAHAHA.  This graph shows clearly how Germany shares the wealth and ditto, Canada whereas the US doesn’t.  Our GDP is twice as high as China and four times higher than Germany and six times higher than Canada but our per capita wealth is barely ahead of Canada and Germany!  The concentration of wealth here is astonishing.  As if NBC’s owners aren’t hyper aware of this sitting in their office high above Manhattan!


This is a sad graph.  As we slide towards military dictatorship, people love the military…AND HATE CONGRESS!  Why is that, pray tell?  Well, Congress funds the military without debate while screaming at each other when any pennies go to anyone else.  Note that people don’t trust NBC, either.  Less than the New York Times!  HAHAHA.


Banks: oopsies!  Even so, the banksters are more popular than our corrupt Congress.  Which is owned by lobbyists like AIPAC and military/industrial warmongers.  We are definitely racing towards a dictatorship as is Japan.


This is too funny: why hasn’t NBC done a story about the 400 illegal nuclear warheads in Israel????  Everyone knows about this except the vast majority of passive American news consumers who, incidentally, don’t trust the news guys anymore, anyway.  Note that the Jews also have and therefore, plan to use illegal chemical and biowarfare weapons!


So, why isn’t the US demanding Israel sign the nonproliferation treaties?  And have inspections of their massive arsenals?  Why aren’t we pushing hard to disarm Israel?  This latest push for war is most odious since our leaders all know who is the real criminal here: Israel.  But Netanyahu is coming this weekend to give his marching orders to our intensely unpopular Congress.


By the way, Ron Paul who is barely a blip now in the End of Times primary of the GOP voters, is running neck to neck with Obama in national polls.  This is entirely due to his antiwar stance, I would suggest.


Even as all our leaders except Ron Paul and most of our media except a few online outfits race to a confrontation with Iran that will destroy us, not Iran, we see Tensions Raise Specter of Gas Reaching $5 a Gallon (New York Times, a huge Zionist war machine operation):


The prospect of such a price increase underscores the political and economic risks that Western political leaders must contend with as they decide how to address the Iran situation. A sharp rise in the prices of oil and gas would crimp the nation’s budding economic recovery. It would also cause big political problems at home for President Obama, who is already being attacked by Republican presidential candidates over gas prices and his overall energy policies, and for European nations struggling to deal with the Continent’s debt crisis.


The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, told a House committee on Wednesday that rising global oil prices were “likely to push up inflation temporarily while reducing consumers’ purchasing power.” He maintained the Fed’s forecast that the nation’s economy would grow 2.2 to 2.7 percent this year.


HAHAHA…Bernanke has a 100% record of being wrong.  His forecasts are like a weatherman saying it will be cold with snow when it is summer and roasting hot.  Our recovery is dying due to the Iran oil boycott.  It is killing us now.  Our economy’s ‘growth’ will be pure inflation.  Meanwhile, the government is pretending there is still no inflation which is insane but who cares?  No one trusts the bankers or the government anymore and it is easy to see why.


On Wednesday, Tehran offered Pakistan, which has been suffering power shortages, 80,000 barrels of oil a day on an easy payment plan. It also offered to accept gold rather than dollars for payment from any dealers hoping to get around the Western restrictions on the usual financial channels for buying oil.


And this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a Congressional committee that the administration was working hard to persuade India, China and Turkey, which represent more than a third of Iran’s oil export market, to reduce their purchases.


So, Hillary is going around trying her damnest to make this even worse?  HAHAHA.  Netanyahu is proud of her.  She is very obedient.  China and Turkey have no desire to commit suicide so that Saudi Arabia and Israel can be happy.  They also see that the US is being driven out of not just Afghanistan but Iraq, too.  The Iraqis won’t let the giant US embassy staff get their chicken wings anymore.  This is definitely a siege!  HAHAHA.


Whoever sticks by Iran will be rewarded with gushers of Iranian oil.  The US has cut off the EU from this oil and the EU is hurting, badly.  As for the gold for oil: this is the future.  The Iranians are desperate because, like Cuba, they are being forced to starve and go without.  Due to the US being vicious.  But note that Cuba hasn’t fallen after 50 years of this garbage.


And Japan will be allowed BY THE US to use US dollars to buy Iranian oil!  Japan banks won’t be target of U.S. sanctions against Iran – The Mainichi Daily News.  HAHAHAHA, again!  How stupid a boycott is this?  Japan is supposedly one of the top world economic powers.  Yet, they have to beg for the US to let them buy Iranian oil or their dying economy will totally collapse, no?  Especially after Fukushima forced 40% of their electrical nuclear generation systems to shut down.


On top of this, Japan says it may cancel F-35 order if prices rise.  They can’t afford to buy our expensive military toys anymore, either.  The big export profit items are these things.  Not agricultural bulk goods.  If Japan cancels this, we will see a huge hike in US/Japanese trade deficits.  Namely, it will even be worse yet for the US.


Meanwhile, Senators Offer License To Strike Iran Nuclear Program even as Israel Sees China Ties Helping on Iran, Syria.  The Bloomberg article is all about how clever Jews are courting China…by giving them mostly US military high tech goods…and then China will assist them in their many wars against Muslims.  So clever! And stupid.  As if the Chinese will start wars with a billion near-by Muslims including those living in northwestern China!  No.


Last of all, once the US stopped saber rattling against North Korea, when the leadership there changed and China’s intense peaceful diplomacy there, we finally see N Korea Nuclear Envoy to Visit U.S. on Heels of Deal to stop the nuclear arms race there.  China doesn’t want a nuclear North Korea on its own borders and no one else does, either.


Note that China has not threatened North Korea with invasion.  They are COURTING North Korea and hope to open it  up, not isolate it further or boycott it to death.  This is smart diplomacy.  The US media will pretend this is all due to US diplomacy.  What happened was, the US was totally shut out of negotiations and this brought down the temperature a great deal.


So now there is hope.  The US putting screws on nations only causes them to be more hostile, not less.  A common diplomatic mistake, by the way, that ends in wars, not peace.  And the US thinks the solution for everything is more wars because we have turned into a hypermilitary state like the Soviet Union.  Sad, isn’t it?  We lost the Cold War in the end.

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16 responses to “NBC Secret Briefing With McCaffery Is Leaked To Greenwald

  1. Paul S

    The American people have a really strange relationship with Congress. They have had a very low approval rating of Congress for quite a few years now. So WHY is the re-election rate for Congressional incumbents so high? In a word, ignorance. The American voter very, VERY stubbornly believes that his/her member of Congress is great, but that everyone else’s MC is the problem. Part of this problem is explained by the voters ignorance of his/her members voting record, what their mc is ACTUALLY doing, not the drivel and pure BS that spews out of their mouths during the re-election campaign. The Founding Fathers knew that an informed electorate was vital to a Democracy.

  2. Gary

    Most Americans focus their rage only at the corporate bagmen/women who are our politicians and lobbyists—or at gays, enviros, the few real liberals left, union people or minorities.

    Most Americans are still loyal to and love their REAL authority figures who are in Wall St, corporate boardrooms, and the leaders of the Military Contracting Complex.

    Nothing will change until this love and loyalty is lost.

  3. DeVaul

    Man, do I hate being right:


    Obama must greenlight Iran attack or not be re-elected.

    There was another article at RT about how the upcomming meeting with Bibi would be all about Iran and nothing else, but it was pulled before I could copy and paste the url.

    Bibi will tell Obama that without US support for their attack, he will not be re-elected. Here is where we will see if Obama has even half a testicle left.

    If he says “no”, he might be able to grow a pair someday. Someday.

  4. Being There

    Paul S.
    Other problems we have in getting new politicians in congress:

    There’s also gerrymandering and the other problem is raising enough money to run for office and getting into the party apparatus.

    I know someone is going to run a green party ticket, but it’s very difficult to make a name for oneself in this political system.

    Even a name like Buddy Roemer couldn’t get his campaign off the ground and was never allowed to debate with the crazy group of Republicans who are running for President.

    It’s all about branding–like in advertising.

    I think Obama is going to be damned no matter what he decides to do with Iran. It’s like a tar baby and it’s there to ruin him.

  5. Z

    “HAHAHA. This graph shows clearly how Germany shares the wealth and ditto, Canada whereas the US doesn’t. Our GDP is twice as high as China and four times higher than Germany and six times higher than Canada but our per capita wealth is barely ahead of Canada and Germany! The concentration of wealth here is astonishing.”

    Forgive me for putting my ignorance on full display here, but how exactly would distribution of wealth affect GDP per capita? As far as I can see, those graphs only imply that there are many more Americans than Canadians or Germans.

  6. Being There

    This is no mystery. I suggested on the other entry today to check out Guns and Butter from yesterday:

    “The Greatest Bank Robbery Ever” with William K. Black


    Black explains it all to you.

  7. seraphim

    I loved “their Darwin best”!
    Don’t you get the impression that all pundits are on high? With Zio-drugs?

  8. billibaldi

    Israel – 187 000 active military on a population of 7 million!!!!!! Little wonder they need Uncle Sam. Without Uncle Sam writing cheques, the Israelis would be poorer than Greece.

  9. Z

    Culture of Life:
    “Greenwald is now antiwar even though he stupidly backed both the Afghan war AND the war against unarmed Iraq back when they were first launched.”

    I don’t believe that Glenn Greenwald was in favor of either of those wars, in particular the Iraq War. Are you confusing him with Robert Greenwald?


    (This is a different Z than the one that posted earlier in this thread)

  10. Z

    I’m not even sure that Robert Greenwald was for both of those wars. Who are you confusing Glenn Greenwald with? Do you have any links or anything to substantiate that Glenn Greenwald was for both the Afghan and Iraq Wars? He didn’t even quit his law practice until 2005 and I don’t believe that he blogged prior to that. Where do you get this information about Glenn Greenwald?


  11. Paul S

    @Being There: Good points. The current electoral system is rigged to give the incumbent a huge advantage. Of course BOTH Parties don’t want to change this arrangement. And certainly the Big Money Special Interests who fund them don’t want reform either. The voters are going to have to DEMAND change; ram it down the Democrats and Republicans throats. The Dems and the GOP both know that election reform would mean a loss of power for their respective Parties. This is why BOTH Parties fight tooth, fang and claw against election and campaign reform. And why it is so needed.

  12. emsnews

    Greenwald himself admitted to this just the other day at Salon.

  13. charlottemom

    McCaffery is not stupid and neither are the people he works for so I think this is one of two things: 1) position paper on how the network should present their war coverage (complete with passages on how it’s all Iran’s fault!) and/or 2) a fake-out “leak” meant to be released to and believed by stupid people, (complete with our “secret” and optimistic war plans). This paper is pure propaganda and of course, Elaine shredded it with the truth. Truth is first casualty of war, and that’s what I’m truly afraid of. Also the timing, couldn’t be be better for bibi’s upcoming visit. Chances are this paper is being served up at all the network outlets by their inbedded military “analysts.”

    These days, no one likes Greenwald, so it’s quite fitting that he was the blabbermouth. The “progressive” community doesn’t trust him because he writes objectively about Ron Paul. The right doesn’t like him because he’s a liberal! He seems to be doing more truth-telling lately.

  14. Z


    You’re right:

    I never knew that. Well, at least he admitted he was wrong and learned from it. His views are much different now. Most people take a position and then place an emotional investment in it becoz it is too much of a blow to their fragile egos to admit that they are wrong.


  15. Z

    A lot of the “progressives” don’t like Greenwald becoz his zeal for the truth is more important to him than supporting obama and the democratic party.


  16. What I have seen from Greenwald lately has been good.

    Americans need to step out of the Republican and Democratic charade and invent a new political discourse that actually means something. Forget libertarian credo’s and whatnot. All political discourse and terms and views of the last 30 years need to be dropped and reinvented with terms that have a meaning in reality. All the wells of political discourse that exist today have (very deliberately and with a lot of effort and money invested) been so thoroughly poisoned that the words and concepts are downright Orwellian (words meaning their opposite, or twisted beyond the point of absurdity). It is impossible to have a sane political discussion under those circumstances; the Amercian political discourse atm is a sick joke.

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