EU And US Tighten Screws On Own Economies With Oil And Banking Boycott Of Iran

Increasingly self destructive and rash, the Zionist/US alliance is rapidly driving the entire world into a deeper recession with high, high oil prices.  The relentless push for yet another oil war against Muslims is fueling global energy inflation and destroying our own economy faster than it is destroying Iran’s economy.  Today, the Iranians, unlike the Saudi people, get to vote!  Imagine that!  Their choices for candidates may be as limited as our own, alas, but they are a ‘democracy’ every bit as we are.  The destruction of all economic systems in the West in order to harm Iran is astonishing as we see in yesterday’s news.


With Libya, the EU and US simply stole Gaddafi’s money.  Iran has been a lot smarter and warier so they don’t have many billions parked in the EU or US.  So, to kill Iran’s ability to earn profits selling oil and buying goods, the Jews cooked up yet another scheme to tweek the international banking system so Iran can’t do business:  Banking’s SWIFT says ready to block Iran transactions | Reuters


SWIFT, which has never cut off a country before, has been closely following efforts in the United States and the European Union to develop new sanctions targeting Iran that would directly affect EU-based financial institutions.


The EU seems determined to commit suicide.  Already, Europe’s brave confederation is floundering on the rocks and will sink like all thosse Italian cruise ships.  Here is what SWIFT is about


SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed, certainty and confidence. More than 9,000 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 209 countries trust us every day to exchange millions of standardised financial messages.


The Chinese were not asked if they would like to see this happen.  Nor Russia.  Many leaders of non-Nato countries are now looking hard at this ‘system’ to see if they can trust it and they can’t trust it.  Once trust is lost, it is gone forever.  This move to manipulate joint systems used by international trade to unilaterally attack one member without votes or input from non-Zionists will cause one major thing to happen: anti-Zionist communities will start their own system up and use it, cutting out the EU and US.  Then, we have a dual system running out of China, not the EU.


The EU strove for years to be neutral so they could be used for international banking business and trade issues.  But the US has forced its allies to play this insane game that is highly unpopular in Europe and to keep the US happy, the EU officials hold their noses and do as our government, run out of Tel Aviv, orders.


Destroying decades of financial planning systems in order to destroy Iran is insanity.  Yet, I see no hint of this slowing down which is actually funny.  The US and EU seem determined to kill international free trade.  Not people like myself, they are doing it, putting their own gun to their own heads.


As the push to isolate the world’s #4 oil export power, the price of gas shoots upwards.  What a shock!  But the average American isn’t told this by the US Knesset politicians or the President or god forbid, our Jewish-run media.  All conspire to keep that nugget of vital information out of the news.  Gas Prices Inspire War Of Words: Obama, Dems Take On GOP


“Anybody who tells you that we can just drill our way out of this problem does not know what they’re talking about, or they’re not telling you the truth — one or the other,” Obama said at an event held in New Hampshire to tout his energy policies.


He noted that, in fact, oil production in the United States has hit its highest level in eight years, that more rigs are operating in the U.S. than in the rest of the world combined, that more than 400 drilling permits have been granted since the massive BP oil spill, and that for the first time in 13 years, oil imports account for less than half of all U.S. oil consumption…Obama also renewed his request to end $4 billion in tax subsidies that the oil companies still receive every year, even as they’re reaping record profits. The GOP was quick to attack that as well.


The article goes on and on about the rise in prices with nary a mention of the elephant in the room.  This is self-inflicted and no politician is willing to break the conspiracy of silence to warn Americans that war talk about Iran plus this oil boycott is the direct and main cause of our gasoline price hikes.  This fraud is treason.   We are never going to be bombed by Iran.  Even Israel won’t be bombed by Iran.  But Israel…they have a good chance they will bomb anyone and everyone including us, if they think this will gain them another inch in Palestine.


Hysteria is proving a great tool for oil speculation as the market spins out of control:  Oil Rises to $110 on Report of Pipeline Explosion – but that story proved to be a hoax so Brent falls below $125 as Saudi supply fears ease.  Americans aren’t told the truth about Saudi Arabia: a war with Iran will mean not just an end to the flotillas of oil tankers out of the Persian Gulf but maybe the wholesale destruction of all Saudi and maybe Iranian oil fields, too.  THAT would bring us well over the Hubbert Oil Peak and straight into the Valley of Darkness in no time flat.


“If the United States doesn’t broadcast determination all along the road, both in sanctions and in the threat of military action, Tehran is liable to mistakenly understand from this that 2012 is a lost year for the international community, so its nuclear program can advance as usual,” a senior Israeli official told Ha’aretz.


“At the moment,” the official continued, “largely because of the administration’s contradictory messages, the Iranians assume that nothing military will happen before the U.S. presidential elections in November. They believe the administration fears an attack because of the danger that gas prices will rise, and that Israel won’t move without a green light from Washington. Iran is under more pressure than before because of the sanctions, but absent a unified and determined front against it, it won’t change its mind about the nuclear issue.”


The Jews running Israel know perfectly well, they are causing world oil prices to shoot upwards.  They know Obama knows this.  Our media knows this, too.  The conspiracy of silence over here is criminal.  The Jews know this, too, yet can’t help themselves.  Zionism drives them to drive us all into destruction because it may gain Israel one more Palestinian olive tree on the West Bank.


On Monday, Netanyahu will meet President Barack Obama in the White House for a game of diplomatic poker, where the greatest gamble of all will be right on the table: an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations. Each of the two players will try to push the other to act. Netanyahu would prefer to see the American superpower, with its vast range of military capabilities, pulverize Iran’s nuclear project.


Every American should be up in arms over this.  The Jews want US to die for THEM!  This is totally deadly for all Jews since eventually, even Christian right wingers will figure this out and raise a call to kill all Jews!!!!  This upsets me because my own family is Jewish.  A minority of the Jewish community is freaking out over this because like myself, they can see the end result.  Jews mainly do not serve in the US military.  Ever since our laws about dual citizenship were changed so citizens here can serve in alien armies, patriotism in Jewish communities here have collapsed.


The Pentagon’s Jewish population is mainly civilian ‘advisors’ put in by the US Knesset working with Mossad.  They are appointed.  They are detached from the overall military community which, incidentally, hates Muslims a lot (thus, is why we are losing all our occupation attempts in Muslim lands) but also doesn’t like Jews.  They are mainly right wing Christians and US citizens who can’t find factory jobs anymore.  A lot of rage wells up in these ranks and it isn’t focused on killing Jews…YET.  But will eventually move into that direction, too.


The wars where Jews push our Christian soldiers into dying are increasingly unpopular with the rank and file here.  They aren’t totally dumb: they are learning how to use the web to learn the truth and it is leaking out, bit by bit.  Right now, the US right wing fascists are all Zionists. But only because they want to legalize ethnic and religious cleansing here.  It is a very temporary alliance fraught with hellish implications in the future when it is doomed to fall apart as the Christian right moves onwards to implement the Apocalypse in Israel.


For three years, Netanyahu has been preparing for this very moment. During this period, he has chalked up for himself a diplomatic coup that initially was seen as unimaginable: He has managed to turn the superpower’s political agenda upside-down – from “Palestine first” to “Iran as top priority.”


He turned EVERYTHING upside down here.  Our nation is seen internationally as the slave state of the Israeli Jews and Netanyahu is a dual citizen who can vote here and donate money in elections which he does: our money which our DC Knesset votes for him whenever he demands it.


However, the prime minister’s greatest achievement has been to persuade the international community that Israel intends to bomb Iran and has the capability to do so, and that Israel intends to plunge the entire Middle East into a war that will cause gasoline prices to skyrocket. The combination of threatening declarations and briefings, especially from Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and long-range training missions conducted by the Israel Air Force has shown the world that Israel means business.


The above statements are from the Israeli news services which are read across the planet since many people need to know what the real rulers of the US plan to do.  Israel means business and the business is war.  The Zionist dream has turned into a total nightmare which the Bible accurately predicted, alas.  Here is some news from France that should scare the Zionists: BBC News – France election: Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest.  Mobs are attacking him now.


There is this increasing union of the far left and far right with both going after Zionists.  This should scare everyone since it is a harbinger of what will come next.  Way back when I was still young, I warned the Zionists that their noxious dream would lead to the destruction of Jews all over the world because it is all about ethnic cleansing.


I accurately called Naziism the natural outgrowth of Zionism.  To this day, anyone who draws the obvious conclusion is attacked for being an ‘anti-semite’.  This tactic taken by Jewish fascists isn’t going to stop the problem: Naziism is all about one group seeking to physically annihilate all other groups.  And this is the Jewish dream in the Middle East: they can’t annihilate all Muslims without making the place too toxic for anyone to live in so they want the US to do this for them without using nuclear bombs.


This means, our troops have to invade and be slaughtered as they are being picked off in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Yesterday, more angry Afghanis assassinated more US troops.  The NATO troops, working for Israel, can’t patrol even Kabul anymore.  They are trapped inside the Green Zone in Iraq and can’t even bring in enough chicken wings to party anymore.  This failure is due entirely to Zionism and how it encourages Christian troops to hate Muslims.

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39 responses to “EU And US Tighten Screws On Own Economies With Oil And Banking Boycott Of Iran

  1. Being There

    The smashing of FDR

    Both parties are responsible for destroying all the great protections against depression that FDR instituted. Once such law was: the Commodity Exchange Act that was designed to stop wild speculation on everyday necessities, ie corn, soybeans oil and gas.

    Enter wild speculation to drive up the price of oil to end the tiny speck of growth we’ve had.–Say good-bye to that.

    Well, let’s go back to the future, my friends, cuz we’re headed for a big depression and what fixes depressions–War, of course–Or that’s what our elite believe.

    It will end Obama’s presidency one way or the other.

  2. The Zionists are pulling the strings of everyone. Muslims and Kurds, Afghanis and Persians and Pakistanis and Iraqis and Syrians etc (and playing on the ancient hatred between the Shias and Sunnis), Christian endtimers, the people of the US and EU (the military bludgeon they use to attack Muslims). And not only ethnically but also economically through manipulations through Wall Street, the City of London and bribes of the political processes in many nations and the manipulation of international trade systems (as Elaine interestingly points out above).

    How on earth they imagine that all of that will end well for them is just insane. When people get tired of having their chains janked they will react and do so decisively. It won’t matter one bit if Israel yells “Holocaust” or “Anti-semitism” until they are blue in the face, that is another card they have played too many times.

  3. @Being There

    Obama’s presidency ended when he capitulated to the Zionists. If he has one iota of a spine left he needs to show “Bibi” that he isn’t a complete tool, but… not holding my breath.

  4. Being There

    In response to your assertions that this all the fault of Zionism, I have to fine tune the point a bit. Let’s look at the big picture and not just make the Israelis the bogey-men—’cause we are the ones waging a global military-financial war. We have 111 military bases around the world and giant TBTF banks, WTO, IMF to accomplish military and financial hegemony globally.

    We go from country to country putting them into debt through loans we know they can’t pay and then siphon out their public sector through privatization by outsiders. It’s happening here through Sovereign wealth funds owned by wealthy Arabs. Silently without a word from our media our highways and parking meters have been given over to these funds through Morgan Stanley Chase in no risk funds. Meaning they are guaranteed a certain $ of profit every year. They never take a loss–see the pattern?

    I am no fan of Zionism and assert that what the Israelis are going for is knocking out opposition in Syria and Iran to their manifest destiny to overtake Palestine and have access to natural gas in the Mediterranean.

    GB and the US created the state of Israel in a hostile environment as their satellite in the mid-east. It is our creation and yes, indeed we do fund it.

    Israel has their influentials in place through AIPAC and the Neo-Conservatives. I understand that, but when you blame the Israelis for our form of global corporate communism–I have to take issue with that. Let’s put blame where it belongs. We are playing minority report against all those we consider to be an existential threat to transnational corporations and the fiat currency. Then we call it “spreading democracy”

  5. melponeme_k

    “Obama’s presidency ended when he capitulated to the Zionists. If he has one iota of a spine left he needs to show “Bibi” that he isn’t a complete tool, but… not holding my breath.”

    The man’s life was threatened quite publicly by a media zionist. And that threat was not by accident. It was a sign that it assassinating him is a viable option.

    Because of that, I’m no longer surprised that Obama makes the decisions that he does or that he has now aged 25 years in just 4 short years of presidency.

    But on the other hand, does he think the big bribe at the end worth the destruction of his entire country?

  6. DeVaul

    Here is the link that went missing at RT the other day:

    The meeting is all about Iran, as well as everything that will happen in the next year for us, but we will not be allowed to listen in.

    This Bibi nut is a complete psycho who cannot get enough power, so he will force the destruction of everything — just like Hitler did. If Israel fails to destroy Iran, Bibi will disown his own people and claim they all deserve to die because they failed him — just like Hitler did.

    I too have noticed Obama’s hair has turned gray. Will he betray us this weekend, or say “no” to endless war? If he says “no”, he will need to go public with his plea because he has no allies anywhere in the government. This will guarantee he will be assassinated by Mossad.

    Does he want to be America’s first black president who was also assassinated because he refused to destroy our country for Israel, or will he still cling to the dream of a tropical island retirement?

    If I were him, I would choose the former for two reasons: 1) No matter what he did prior to his assassination, he will always be remembered as a martyre and national hero, and 2) Tropical island retirements are not usually given to non-whites.

  7. melponeme_k


    He has two young children to think about as well. I have no doubts they are being threatened as well.

    If he went public and told every piece of truth about what is going on now to us, he may have a chance to avoid assassination. But suffering in silence isolates him. It gives the fascists the ability to destroy him and keep all their secrets safe as well.

  8. CK

    A few days ago in another thread, drones were part of the conversation.
    Here is the latest little thing drones can do.

  9. Elaine, Whats yr opinion on Peak Oil?

  10. Being There

    I still don’t understand why you all think O is a victim of “zionists”. Don’t you think the military complex plays war games 24/7 on their super computers?

    They know damn well what they’re doing.

  11. emsnews

    Their war games SUCK. Wars run on economic systems. If that system is in ruins, the rest doesn’t matter, it is all about fighting desperately to lose like say, Japan.

    The Iranians know that they may suffer to some significant degree but the US is going to go up in flames…internal flames. Already, I see many fewer cars on the road and a lot more desperation and anger as prices here are $4 a gallon already. I live in Big Truck country.

    They are unhappy and happy to hate a black guy but they were sucked into a high energy price vortex under good old white boy from oily Texas, too. They can’t figure out what went wrong.

    Being told that Muslims are causing this is great fun for a very short while.

  12. Paul S

    Elaine: have you noticed that a number of Mossad chiefs have left Mossad because they don’t like Netanyahu’s policies? What do you make of many in the IDF who are opposed to a military strike on Iran? My impression is that a military strike on Iran is unpopular, even in Israel.

  13. Wu Wei

    Elaine, Iran is not a democracy, all the candidates that the Iranians can vote for have been selected by Ghameini. He is the supreme ruler of Iran and their democracy is a farce, a puppetshow (so is Western “democracy”, don’t get me wrong). I have been to Iran for four weeks last Februari and it was really enlightening, literally every Iranian that I have met told me how they hated their government and are actually hoping for America to invade so that the current regime comes to an end.


    ELAINE: And all polls show that 80% of Americans hate Congress and at any given time, 60% hate whoever is President!!!

  14. Being There

    Iran has sweet crude low hanging fruit–just ripe for the oil transnationals to run the global theater for a few more years.
    Iran wants to trade oil for gold or other currencies and bypass the fiat dollar–that’s more about what we are in it for. BTW–Libya also wanted to trade with North Africa without dealing in fiat dollars.

    The Israeli army is against a war with Iran–what does that tell you?

    If we do this it’s not for Israel’s sake–but it will be over for Obama–maybe he wants out–who could blame him?

    Wall St. thinks they can avert a depression–trust me, we are so hollowed out— not ganna help. We are done.

  15. DeVaul

    “Elaine, Iran is not a democracy…”

    What a waste of breath and our time!

    Elaine did not say it was a genuine democracy, only that it was like “ours”, i.e. no real choices. Like EVERY democracy in the west AND east!

    Nitpickers rank just below hypocrits and have nothing to offer anyone at any time. They are a spectacular waste of natural resources.

    Personally, I would not allow them to post comments, as it wastes other people’s time. It does not even offer an interesting “off topic” piece of info, like, for instance: “It is raining outside.”

    There! I just gave everyone more real information than Wu Wei did.

    To follow up with an outrageous lie is like icing on the cake for him. No country at any time in history wanted to be bombed, invaded, raped, pillaged, and ruined so that they could have a new leader. Unbelievable.

  16. seraphim

    Being there, where actually?

  17. DeVaul

    “Hysteria is proving a great tool for oil speculation as the market spins out of control…”

    This is what Wu Wei does for a living. He is an oil and commodity speculator, in my opinion, and he will say or do anything to help bring about a war with Iran so that he can cash in on his commodity bets.

    Anyone who believes that Wu Wei can hang out for a month in Iran, a country under siege, yakking with Iranians who want to violently overthrow their government and not be arrested as a spy has lost their ability to reason. Period.

    No Iranian would be allowed to do that here, so I guess that means Iran is a freer country than ours. Whatever.

    What a spectacular way to lose all credibility. Keep watching those charts and graphs, Wu Wei. You might get the technicals right this time.

  18. Being There

    Being there, where actually?

    Seraphim is that a joke?

    You know there’s a book with that title written by Jerzy Kosinski and made into a film (Peter Sellers). It’s a satire about a half-wit gardener who’s at the right place at the right time at a fine home after someone’s death. People consider his simple words to be profound and he is taken in by the wealthy.

  19. DeVaul

    This is how close to official bankruptcy we are:

    “Air Force Gen. Norton Schwartz and Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told a Senate committee this week that between acquiring any more drones and maintaining upgrades and repairs on those and the ones already purchased, the military would practically go bankrupt. Gen. Schwartz says that the new plan will save the Pentagon $2.5 billion, but will also lead the Defense Department to let the $3 billion worth of surveillance drones already under their command to just collect dust from now on.”

    The air force cannot fly and maintain 3 billion worth of drones it just purchased from Northrup, who is “disappointed” that the air force will not be ordering any more. They consist of just 30 stealth drones. That’s it. They will be put into a hanger and left there. The Chinese will buy them later at a fire sale, along with all the other junk we cannot afford to maintain and run.

    When our multi-trillion dollar air force claims it cannot afford something in the 3 billion dollar range, you know the end is near.

  20. adam mateyko

    As a temporary visitor to this planet, I think they area ALL CRAZY! The blood lust and urge to destroy is wired into the brains, or many. Especially “leaders” who are classified as psychopaths. The system of evolution has run its experiment to a logical dead end for some branches, and these will be pruned as usual. Rather self pruned. Once that is done new branches will grow……….. ala Chauncy Gardener. Its not just the USA or UK or Israel, but the entire system that went wrong long ago, when kings arose as rulers and the real ruler; ie nature was banished from the daily conversation. But we are part of nature, not apart. So there it is, one part of the petri dish lording over the other part thinking it is doing great things.

  21. Being There

    De Vaul,
    Ever hear of economic determinism. It refers to having a huge manufacturing base in a country that has high employment and taxation in order to fund a big military.

    After decimating the tax base and giving cronies tax breaks while entering into 2 wars–and if that wasn’t enough to destroy the last standing “super power”, we gave China our manufacturing base. Could this be any surprise?

    We are post-industrial and service consumers–we are the great innovators…according to the economic whiz kids and Influentials at the think tanks-the talking heads on the TV.

    I’d say it’s working just fine–these guys won’t admit they went down the wrong rabbit trail.

  22. melponeme_k

    @Being There

    Our elites are in a bind now. But I wouldn’t count them out yet.

    They think of themselves as supranational. That their company resources are strong enough to hold them up the same as countries do.

    They know that China knows this is how they think. They know that their manufacturing is in China to stay. So they will pretend to be Chinese. They will even pay Chinese Taxes. All the while they will educate their children in Chinese culture and Mandarin in order to create tangible social contacts in that world. They want to pervert Chinese government officials and Chinese business tycoons.

    And they understand the long game. After all they have been waiting to destroy the US since the last depression. All those years nurturing hatred against FDR in their hearts and hating us for loving FDR.

    China is playing a dangerous game now. That is why I’m truly curious to see how they will handle our “businessmen” after the US falls. The only thing that will stop them is a culling, French Revolution style.

  23. DeVaul

    @Being There

    I have been reading Elaine since 2005 and other fringe sites as well, and I have never seen the term “economic determinism” before now. Is it a new theory? It sounds like it describes an old system.

    Either way, I don’t think it will last long. I believe we have reached Peak Oil as well as peak everything, so the future I see is a post-industrial one. That is why I do not lament the loss of our manufacturing so much as it was driven mainly by oil, which will no longer be available. I do believe we should have a craftsman type economy supported by a larger agrarian economy, but without the slaves and the aristocrats. (This could be my form of “wishful thinking”, which I freely admit).


    I too have wondered what China will do with the former parasite class that comes out of the ruins of our nation. I would like to believe they would all be beheaded at the Chinese border, but this too may be “wishful thinking”.

  24. Elaine, I dunno if you are aware of this, Nor do I know if she spoke the truth but I thought id post it:
    British politician resigns for anti-Israel comments

    Jerusalem Post – 2 days ago
    By JONNY PAUL JERUSALEM POST CORRESPONDENT 03/01/2012 03:57 Party leader Nick Clegg told British Liberal Democrat Baroness Jenny Tonge to apologize or step …
    Highly Cited: Lib Dem Baroness Tonge quits party over Israel remarks‎ BBC News
    Opinion: Howard Jacobson: Tolerance shouldn’t stop us challenging hatred‎ The Independent
    Blog: Good riddance to Jenny Tonge and her anti-Israel poison‎ (blog)
    International Business Times – The Guardian
    all 107 news articles »
    BBC News
    A witchcraft scandal on our doorstep (blog) – 7 hours ago
    She’s based at Inform, Britain’s foremost academic cult-watching body, … Mehdi Hasan of the New Statesman sympathises with Baroness Tonge because he, too, …
    George Osborne tells of his warmth for CST and Israel

    Jewish Chronicle – 1 day ago
    And we welcome Israelis to Britain. Our coalition government has legislated on universal … took the opportunity to send a message to Baroness Tonge

  25. floridasandy

    we certainly did go down the wrong rabbit trail, but, then again, not everybody did-

    some americans got very wealthy off of these legislative actions, and continue to do so-and we all know that is no accident.

  26. Being There

    Absolutely, floridasandy

    That’s why they did it. And they will get eve richer the next go-round. Now that the banks got their way, they know we will continue to bail them out. It’s already $16T and counting.

    When I say we, I mean the nation and the leadership. Making those choices impoverish the country and eventually when we lose the fiat currency–we will be the biggest loser in the world-not to mention hated as well.


    Here is Hillary talking about TAPI (Pipelineistan). Isn’t it nice that the US gets to decide for others what they can and cannot do.

  28. Being There

    De Vaul,

    Economic determinism is basic economics terminology to describe social and political change determined by the economic forces of suppy and demand. It is discussed by Marx and rejected by many.

    Loosely, I used the term to describe the wealth generation through manufacturing base and taxation building whaht we call the military industrial complex.

    However, now we have to do big cut-backs and it will effect the military as well.

  29. @Being There: “When I say we, I mean the nation and the leadership. Making those choices impoverish the country and eventually when we lose the fiat currency–we will be the biggest loser in the world-not to mention hated as well.”

    When the US loses the dollar it will go the same way as Imperial Rome. Rome collapsed partly because it lost it’s tax revenue from North Africa.

    As for Zioinism, yes no doubt the coorporate fascists, Pentagon, CoFR, the CIA etc etc etc are all in bed together, but the neocons (who are as far as I can tell uniformly Zionists) are the cutting edge behind the drive for war against Muslims. Not that other entities are exactly opposing the wars.

  30. Being There

    Yes, toward the end of W, the Neocons lost face over the summer 2007 skirmish, the Georgian–Ossetian conflict and the big-picture guys took over. People like Brzezinski, who is described as part of the trilateral.
    So Obama gets in office and tries to end Iraq and favors Afg. or “piplinestan”.
    What pulled the Neocons out of the mothballs again is the “arab spring” and the hothead Ahmadinejad, who just can’t help by call negative attention to himself. Now Israel, existentially threatened wants an excuse for a land-grab. Knock out Syria and Iran (Lebanon’s a mess) and ….WINNER!

    Because we have this theo-fundamentalist theory on economics, there is no other value than money we are left to fund both sides of each conflict we’re in, making lots of money for our privatized contractors, but suffering from mission creep. We have no strategies or tactics that will actually win the impossible wars.–tons of $$$$ are wasted and the nation gets nothing but deficits. China will soon want to collect.

  31. emsnews

    Our leadership’s strategy is to create WWIII: the Apocalypse.

    I AM NOT JOKING. This is their true plan. Religious warfare is like a volcano: when it erupts, it destroys everything around it. A volcanic eruption of wars of the three offspring of the same desert god will involve billions of people.

  32. Wu Wei

    DeFoul, Dutch people can get an Iranian visa with no problems whatsoever. As for the rest of your post, I’m merely telling you what Iranian people told me, don’t shoot the messenger. But yeah, I was baffled as well. It was the first thing I said, “hey, you do know that if America/Israel were to invade it would mean endless bombing, massive destruction and loads of Iranian civilians dying?”. They didn’t care, that’s how much they hate their government (read dictator Ghameini).


  33. DeVaul

    “They didn’t care…”

    Wow! Sounds like they might be politicians hoping to grab power at the expense of their fellow countrymen. Who were they?

    What was your visa type? Work visa? Do you work for Royal Dutch Shell? How did you come into contact with these people, of whom “all” wanted a foreign invasion? Were you an exchange student?

    You know, if I just told you that I had just spent 4 weeks in North Korea, and everyone I talked to wanted their leader killed and overthrown by Americans, and they let me leave the country unharmed, and I could come back any time I wanted to, don’t you think you would want some “cold, hard facts” to substantiate what I say?

  34. emsnews

    And the religious nuts who will bomb fellow citizens here will be quite happy to do this, too!

    And this is why religion is dangerous. Nearly 90% of America doesn’t like our own ‘elected’ government! This is a catastrophe Congress ignores as they go this weekend to kow tow to AIPAC and during the election cycle, run off to Wall Street for money for attack ads.

  35. I don’t think the elites are only religious end-timers. I think there is a perfect storm of various elements that have joined in to use the US military and economic oppression tools to dominate and rule the planet.

    It is just weird to see all kinds of oligarchs, despots (like the Saudi/Gulf dictators) lining up with zealots like the Zionists allying with Big Business, Wall Street, and the MIC etc etc etc

    The US coorporate looting machine has gone Global and joined forces with some really unseedy characters to join with those unseedy characters at home.

    Lt.Col Ralph Peters:

    “There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines …The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.”

    These people are simply fascists, and not so soft ones, they keep it all wrapped up in a Propaganda machine that ticks along to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars each year (the MSM and Hollywood etc). And they use Economic machinery and Military machinery to keep it all ticking along.

    All of this is an incredibly well tuned machine that doesn’t look to individuals to function smoothly but to the coorporate model, where roles are established but the personell are exchangeable.

    The US is simpy a fascist machine allying with other fascists overseas.

  36. WWIII is coming about because the US is losing the economic battle (thanks to it’s own inherent corruption) and is unable to accept that it’s status as the unchallenged Hegemon of the World is under threat.

    Certainly the Christian fundies are eager and quick to fuel the flames, but I see them more as a dangerous shideshow.

  37. DeVaul

    John Michael Greer of the Archdruid Report is doing a series on the structure of empires and how they function right now, and I really recommend people read his weekly posts. It is very easy to understand how an empire works after he explains it in a rather objective, dispassionate manner. Next week he will talk about the coming fall of our own empire.

    As for the Colonel quoted above, I am not sure I would consider him a fashist, as he sounds more like a Roman general or Roman statesman. That is to say, he tells things as they are without any hypocritical surger-coating. Directness is not necessarily faschism just because it describes a system wealth accumulation that is quite old historically. To be honest, I am not really sure what faschism is anymore, especially corporate faschism, a term I see used more and more.

    On the other hand, Hillary, that warmongering bitch from hell, is definitely a faschist in my mind, as her conduct is totally deceitful, hypocritical in the extreme, immoral beyond all reason, and directed against those her allies and masters consider to be “subhuman”. I could be wrong, but she is to me a shining example of a faschist, although certainly not the only one by far.

    Bibi is also a faschist, as well as a part-time religious fanatic. He craves power more than religious purity, but will use religious fanaticism whenever it suits his need for more power without hesitation.

    “I think there is a perfect storm of various elements that have joined in to use the US military and economic oppression tools to dominate and rule the planet.”

    This is basically what the Archdruid Report is saying, that an empire consists of numerous “power centers” that compete against each other while also coordinating their efforts to loot everyone below them. The compexity of the system baffles so many that they cannot resist it effectively.

    That the average human is not genetically intelligent enough to understand the complex nature of how an empire works does not mean that we are stupid or sheeple, it just means that the average human brain was not genetically programmed to develop such evil systems, in my opinion.

  38. Again and again I see people talk about and analyze singular power centers, one at a time. It reminds me of people talking about an elephant one body part at a time. Here we have the big powerful trunk let’s analyze that one. Today we talk about the tail. Let’s discuss the left ear; the right tusk… yeew that’s a big pile of dung right there…

    But nobody puts all the pieces together and say, damn we have an Elephant here. Everybody pretends the situation is not so bad and there are always some qualifiers thrown in without ever acknowledging that the Elephant is a monster. It’s a NICE elephant, it is a WELL MEANING elephant, it’s the BESTEST elephant IN THE WORLD – it’s DEMOCRATIC you know. All the other elephants are mean and our elephant protects against the BAD elephants… puke.

    It reminds me what a leading neocon said early in the Dubya years: “We (the fascists/neocons/warmongers/reactionaries etc) will DO, and you (the liberals, free spirits etc) will TALK about what we do and wring your hands over it but you will not stop us”.

    And that is exactly what has been going on for 10 years. Lots and lots of talk and no action from the non-fascist elements of US society. The fascists have insulated their power magnificently and ruined any chance of a sane dialogue, because they have no interest whatsoever in sane dialogue.

    They are just out to steal, loot, dominate, murder to achieve their goals, limit and destroy freedoms and so on. Gather power and resources to themselves and kill, destroy, weaken anyone and anything opposing them.

    The liberal mindset is to share and have balance and harmony. The reactionaires don’t give a shit about that.

    So, the question remains, how do the non-fasists deal with the fascist problem in our midst?

    Forget the “democratic or political” process, it doesn’t exist any longer unless a new discourse outside of the GOP and Democratic party is born, if it even can be born anymore given the complete control the fascists have over the system.

  39. @DeVaul

    I agree about the problem with the word “fascism”. It is overused and doesn’t really apply – but we lack words and concepts that accurately describe the people and movements occuring in our time.

    It is a geniuous move by them that they haven’t defined themselves, making it harder to place them in a debate. Instead they wrap themselves in images such as the flag (US) etc and code words and phrases that speak to the emotional part of voters etc and wrap themselves inside the GOP or Democratic party bypassing the rational debate again; pretending their insanity is reality.

    It is all very thought out and masterfully implemented over a long period of time – rational insanity, guess it’s the worst kind of insanity.

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