GOP Screams About Sex And Guns While Both Parties Scream For More Wars

Panic is setting in with the Republicans this week.  They have been scared by Ron Paul pulling in good numbers in early primaries so they have resorted to the usual tricks to derail talk about the Pentagon and war and the destructive effects of free trade on lower working class and now middle class jobs.  So they are back to talking all the time about God and sex.  The Snake in the Tree of Life wins again!  Mixing up pulling triggers on guns with pulling sex triggers is pure Freudian psychology.  


The GOP knows that many people living in say,Tornadoes Alley are terrified by their God.  This thing has a thing about sex.  It hates most forms of sex except a very constrained sort which allows it to have sex with unmarried women named ‘Mary’ but we are all supposed to have one form of sex dictated by this strange god.  So, people who are scared of this God that has some odd sexual beliefs have to restrain themselves mightily to have only the sex this thing likes to have MINUS having premarital sex with virgins named ‘Mary’ of course.


How odd a religion Christianity has become!  The entire idea of gods having sex with detached females is ancient.  Virtually all previous gods did this and so of course, the Christian god did this, too.  But then a proscription was laid upon all women following the woman who had sex with this god: they are all strumpets if they have sex with anyone. Worse, they should be punished.  The lone exception to this iron rule is the woman who had a baby with this sexphobic god.  As she was gradually elevated to co-goddesshood status with this peculiar god, all women who had babies out of wedlock were dropped into hell, they were all Venuses who are pagan evil!


We are supposed to be too polite to say openly to Christians that their fearsome loving God happens to be a sex pervert. We are supposed to be all solemn and careful when talking to say, Opus Dei – Finding God in daily life fanatics, for example.  Watching a bunch of wild fanatics screaming about sex during the waning days of the GOP primary case forces us to look directly at this God thing and see what it really is: a vicious woman abuser.


When I was a child, I was given a book about the Minoan Empire and the mystery of why it vanished.  I immediately fell in love with that society and to this day, if I had to be transported into the past, it would be to ancient Minos.  I even get along with cows with huge horns.  My second choice would be Ptolemy Egypt, the place where an educated Cleopatra could discuss philosophy and science with Greek scholars.  And it also had a HUGE library, too.


This week, storms flatten Henryville, Indiana and a host of other small towns in the Bible Belt.  To this day, many believe that worshipping their chosen ‘God’ will save them from horrors like this.  Only, it doesn’t.  NO god or goddess saves us from anything because…they ARE these things that plague us!  The very ancient people understood well that gods and goddesses are all about caprice (chance) and the mighty forces of Mother Nature.  Whittling this all down to a god that worries about our sex lives took many eons of effort.


This ‘mouse’ born of mighty natural forces that endanger us is sad and yet very much how our self-centered brains operate: many humans INCLUDING BUDDHISTS worship…humanoid godlings.  That is, even if a Buddhist claims they worship this system of non-being, the channel they use, the images they use, the words they use are all about a mythological human being!  The GOP right now is engaged in this massive religious warfare against fellow Americans and foreigners based on the belief that their conception of ‘what is a god?’ is all about sex and guns.  This is beyond bizarre.  It doesn’t even have the Jewish excuse about preserving tribal identity.  This is all about a generalized rage coupled with primal fears that the church leaders fan rather than relieve.


So, in the news this week is Rush Limbaugh screaming at Sandra Fluke, a young lady going to a Catholic university who wants birth control healthcare insurance.   Obama made a rare call to her so Limbaugh screamed about her having ‘So Much Sex’, her parents should be ’embarrassed’ (AUDIO).  This is a drug abuser who has led a very sybaritic life and who has virtually no virtues at all, getting all red-faced over young hussies having sex.  Of course, he lusts for them, nonstop, and probably has a very perverted sex life just like so many Catholic priests indulged in while lecturing us about sex.


Here is another pervert screaming about sex and guns:  Romney: Obama mandated contraception so he might take your guns too | The Raw Story



A man at an event in Fargo, North Dakota asked the candidate how he would “protect our right to the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms.”


“I like all the amendments,” Romney replied. “And I like the Second Amendment. And I like the Constitution. It is my blueprint and I will protect the right to bear arms in this country for any lawful purpose — self protection, hunting, what ever purpose people have. I have a couple of guns myself. Shotguns, that is.”


“I know there will be an attack on the Second Amendment, just as there was recently attack on the First Amendment,” the former Massachusetts governor asserted. “Obamacare is interpreted by this administration to say, for instance, to the Catholic Church that they have to provide to the employees — let’s say universities that are in the Catholic Church — they have to provide to them sterilization treatment free, contraceptives and morning-after pills. And that violates the conscience of the church, the conscience of the individuals. And fortunately, there is an effort in Washington to stop that, to reverse that.”


“But this is a president, I agree, who is attacking the principles of the Constitution: the First Amendment, the Second Amendment and there will be more. And by the way, the Tenth Amendment is the one most constantly under attack.”


Romney’s advisors probably assured him that if he connects sex with guns, he would hit the bull’s eye of deep Freudian fears buried inside the skulls of the average tornado/earthquake/hurricane-plagued midsection of the US voting populace on the right.  When I was a child and read about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, I marveled at how she could go all over kingdom come and not be raped.  For I was raped when only a child.


Dorothy couldn’t traipse all over a fictional Kansas today for fear of being raped at gunpoint.  I knew a fine lady who was contemplating divorcing her husband so he cleaned his gun while it was loaded and shot her dead or that was his excuse he gave to the DA.  Back then (40 years ago) this was basically legal.


This week in the heartland, One dead, 4 wounded in Ohio school shooting while ‘Joshua Smith, 14, shoots mother Tamiko Robinson to death as she slept’ in another place there.  So, those of us who live in the Heartland of America, supposedly the finest place on earth, live with tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and being shot dead or raped at gunpoint and the solution the GOP has is for us to pray for mercy from their god that runs a place called ‘hell’ which evidently is mainly for people who don’t like this god.


These murderous males and psychotic females of the GOP connect guns to nearly everything:  Gingrich: You can’t put a dead deer on a Volt is a typical example.  Even as the GOP destroys the economic power of males to build families and stay out of debt, as ‘he-man’ jobs are either offshored or given to cheap illegal alien workers, as the men lose all ability to be responsible adults, the GOP does promise them they can kill people and other living things.  This is power!  Yup!


These gun-totting he men are supposed to rev up their SUVs and Monster trucks and go hunting.  Only, they increasingly won’t be able to afford this.  I hunt, by the way, and my husband and I have shot dinner while sitting on the porch with the dogs at our feet.  The deer come right to the front door.


The gun-totting, he man driving a huge gas guzzling monster is a dying breed.  And the wars for oil are killing him off.  In more ways than one since he is the main one being tapped to die in these wars as well as pay higher and higher energy costs.  This is also why the GOP is screaming for more religious wars with angry he men Muslims who carry guns and bombs:  supposedly, if the he men driving monster trucks and using guns to rape women here are sent there, we will have cheap oil.  This, in a nutshell, is the GOP position.  This is why the GOP is outraged at Muslims for them getting angry every time a Christian soldier insults or abuses them or kills their family members not to mention, raping women.


Naturally, cutting off US females from getting abortions after males have unprotected sex with them and this includes male gods, the Florida House passes 24-hour wait for abortions so women and throw up for another day due to morning sickness and think more about how evil she is in the eyes of gun totting monster truck driving god fearing males who…all want to have unprotected sex with her.


The Democrats are in the pay of Zionists so Obama heckled over Iran war threat – News from USA Today


“Use your leadership!” a woman yelled at Obama. “No war in Iran!”

“Nobody has announced a war, young lady,” Obama responded to applause.

“But we appreciate your sentiment,” the president added. “You’re jumping the gun a little bit there.”


Yeah, we antiwar, anti-male god wanting to control our sex lives and tell us who gets to live in the Middle East, we are ‘jumping’ Obama’s guns.  He has many guns focused on killing Muslims which is why he and Hillary are both screaming about Syria’s dictator killing Muslims.  Hey, that is OUR job, not his!  We and only we get to butcher millions of Muslims. God told us this and we have guns and are freaking out about sex at the same time!


Secondly, Obama shows how totally the Zionists have bribed and coerced him: you don’t demand no wars when there are already wars.  You do it BEFORE there is a war, not when it is too late and millions of Muslims are slaughtered.  As for ‘Nobody has announced a war’:  what???  The US Zionist media has been slavering for a war for ages!  They want wars with virtually all Muslims except for the cruelest and most anti-wonmen’s rights Muslim dictators: the House of Saud and its various outliers.


Syria is very liberal compared to these dictatorships.  Women in Libya had many more civil rights than women in Saudi Arabia who have virtually none.  Women in Iran are far, far freer than in Saudi Arabia!  Does Obama talk about that?  Do any media mouths talk about that?  Of course not.  They want more ethnic and religious warfare which is why the US supports the Hamas uprising in Syria.  This is all about tribal politics there, not women’s rights or any good things, it is all part of the ‘break up every country into tiny fragments’ game all imperial powers play.


Paranoid as ever, Israel unveils sophisticated shelters in Tel Aviv as they prepare to shove the US into a major war with Iran that will lead to oil exports from Saudi Arabia reaching anyone.  Zionists who run our Congress and news media are not preparing us for this war, we are supposed to go about our business until someone blows us up.  But Israel will be ready!


Here is more proof that a bunch of evil anti-women’s rights monsters are attacking everyone:  Qatar crosses the Syrian Rubicon: £63m to buy weapons for the rebels | World news | The Guardian


Qatar’s remarks this week, as well as Saudi Arabia’s claim last Friday that arming the Syrian rebels would be an “excellent idea”, clearly shows a new reality. The Rubicon has been crossed. Hopes of resolving Syria’s raging insurgency through patience, or dialogue, have evaporated.


From the early days of the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi, Qatar was running more weapons to Libya’s rebels than any other state. Throughout the war, giant Qatari military transporters regularly disgorged tonnes of weaponry in plain view at Djerba airport in Tunisia, not far from the Libyan border.


The Qataris sent jet fighters to bomb Gaddafi’s armour and special forces to train rebels. They opened a military operations room in Doha and hosted the regime’s highest-profile defectors, as well as rebel leaders to whom they provided with money and mentoring.


And here are some tweets from the same source about ongoing anti-dictatorship demonstrations in Bahrain which the US Zionists hate to talk about or protect.  We are siding with the nastiest of the Muslim dictators in this matter because the demonstrators are Shi’ites:

Right now, as I type, Saudi mercenary soldiers are shooting at demonstrators in Bahrain.  We have a huge military base there than could protect the demonstrators.  But our Zionist Democrats and our End of Times sex fiend Republicans both think that THESE demonstrators should all die.  Both parties hate them.  Fear them, in fact.

Speaking about fear, the Pentagon fears this news service:  Stars and Stripes Staff Worried About Move to Military Base –


The newspaper has angered Pentagon and military leadership over the decades by giving voice to complaints from military personnel. In 2009, it was awarded the prestigious Polk Award for articles about the military’s decision to hire a contractor to assess journalists in Afghanistan, although the series was criticized by the Stars and Stripes ombudsman at the time.


The newspaper also beat the civilian media in raising questions about a Pentagon-sponsored program, “America Supports You,” which was designed to focus awareness on the sacrifices of the troops and their families — but which became the subject of an official audit over financing irregularities.


To balance the budget, we throw away a trillion dollars fighting angry Muslims who have the same sex-bizarre god as most Americans in one way or another (same basic desert male god, that is) but we will save a million dollars by isolating this news service on a military base?  HAHAHA.  I read that paper, it actually has BETTER news than the US media and tells the truth far more often.  So, Congress will kill it, of course, while keeping alive money for Israel.  A thousand Stars and Stripes could be published for the cost of just one US jet given to Israel for free.sunset borger

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41 responses to “GOP Screams About Sex And Guns While Both Parties Scream For More Wars

  1. Being There

    The lunatic fringe now runs the discourse in this country. The moderate, patrician candidate, Willard Romney doesn’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth, but that’s what makes him so dangerous.
    He will say and do whatever it takes to out right-wing the rest of the crazies. If and when he ever gets into power he will have no other choice but to follow through on campaign promises. What a miserable presidency it will be for us and him!

  2. Paul S

    @Being There: I don’t think, if Romney is elected (doubtful, imho), that the Mittster would in ANY way feel bound by his campaign promises. For one thing he has flip flopped on so many issues–the Obamacare/Romneycare issue for one–that it’s hard to tell what his REAL position is on an issue. Second, like all members of the US elite, Mitt Romney does not feel even a shred of obligation to the poor saps he conned into voting for him. Like “Dubaya”, Romney’s attitude towards elections is that they are a necessary, BS part of the job of running the country.

  3. Bullshit baffles brains.

    The GOP operators are bypassing Brains on purpose. No matter how irrational or false or lying their message is, the believers will believe them because they are believers, they simply don’t care about what is true or rational they just identify so strongly with their hate, frustrations and fears which they project on the “Other” whomever that happen to be – “liberals”. “muslims”, “communists”, “gooks”, “hippies” etc etc ad nausem. The ‘other’ is always dehumanized.

  4. melponeme_k

    The Great Library of Alexandria was given the coup de grace by Christian fundamentalists. I remember reading about it as a child (already I was having doubts about religion) and feeling heartsick over it.

    I have no doubts in my mind the minute the Christian fundamentalists gain power here, they will burn all our public libraries. Every one and finally rid themselves of the scourge of Mark Twain. Why they have it in for poor Mark Twain, I never understood.

  5. Being There

    Why they have it in for poor Mark Twain

    They don’t like independent thinkers. Or anyone who thinks outside the box and instructs others to do so.
    –But of course you know, we’re going to be innovators. We hate science, but we’ll always lead the world in scientific and technological breakthroughs.

    Hey Rick Santorum attacked the classic protestants too a few weeks ago, because they are progressive and think helping the poor is the Christian way. Jim De mint actually called the Europeans godless and I’m curious what he thinks the Pope is.

    I didn’t hear any response from the Presbyterians, Episcopalians etc.

    What the far right wants is to repudiate the last century. These are scary people and those in the party who don’t agree remain mum–this is the worst part of all. Nobody in the Rep party will stand up to Rush Limbaugh, Gover Norquist or any other loudmouth bully.

    There is no ameliorating them. If you don’t call them down on what they’re saying they’ll only over-reach further. Give’em an inch, they’ll take a mile.

  6. DeVaul

    The religious fanatics hate Mark Twain because he went after one of their cults right before 1900. The cult of Scientology, or Church of Science, or something. I read his satirical trashing of that crazy religion and laughed really hard. Most of his readers loved that kind of writing, and many were disappointed when he wrote Huckleberry Finn. No hypocrit was safe from Mark Twain. He skewered them all.

    “Does the human being reason? No; he thinks, muses, reflects, but does not reason…That is, in the two things which are the peculiar domain of the heart, not the mind,–politics and religion. He doesn’t want to know the other side. He wants arguments and statistics for his own side, and nothing more.”

    – Mark Twain’s Notebook

    “Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion–several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven….The higher animals have no religion. And we are told that they are going to be left out in the Hereafter. I wonder why? It seems questionable taste.”

    – “The Lowest Animal”

  7. emsnews

    Hearts to Mark Twain!

    Religious wars are more dangerous than any other because people fight to the death. And generally, it is fought within countries, not just without them.

  8. DeVaul

    Elaine was right. We should have been looking for asteroids. Now it is too late:

    This one will pass between Google’s satelite and earth, assuming it does not hit us. There is not enough time to do anything now.

    RT claims that finding asteroids is a matter of chance, but people have been following this one for three years now. No one listened to them.

  9. emsnews, All wars are fought to the death!

    If you are implying those that’d destroy their own homeland to win a war,
    thats another story.

    The latter is the ‘far’ left in Europe, helping turn Europe into Eurabia
    knowing its the end for them [the left] as well once its muslim ruled.

  10. zip

    not only religion…

  11. Alstradomus

    Watch Zeitgeist to understand the solar Messiah myth( virgin born blah blah etc. etc.). The Minoan Empire was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano on Santorino ( 1586 BC) .

  12. Concerned Liberal

  13. Alstradomus

    Rebuttal to legalistic fundamentalists of any religion: Since I go on and on about astro theology a friend once asked me about the ” gay” question. I told him if to deny what is the truth about his nature would make him a liar denying the truth. The wise teacher said do not deny the truth but let the truth set you free. The hardest line against sexuality is that any sex for purposes other than reproduction is sin and deviates from the original purpose; Has anyone out there ever deviated from the original purpose? He or she that without sin may cast the first stone, for in one way or another we are all sexual deviates.

  14. alex lemas

    ya, what he just said

  15. LoquiVeritatem

    Sex is a gift from God. He does not hate it. It is humans who are hung up about sex, not God. The purpose of sex is for man and woman to become one, and of course to make babies. Ideally it should be reserved for men and women committed to each other and ready to raise a family. Other uses of sex do not fully support the dignity of the human person. Other purposes such as only as pleasure for the self often objectify the “partner” and lead to emptiness. “Virgin” Mary means she did not have sex, duh. God does not have physical “sex” with anyone, since God is pure spirit, again duh. God is not against women. Jesus was one of the few people in a sexist / patriarchical society that associated with women and treated them like human beings. Repeatedly telling lies does not make them truths. Hating God or religion does not bring one peace.


    ELAINE: All gods are humans. They are created by humans and in the last 3,000 years, humans have basically done away with astral gods and inserted humans in their stead which is why Mohammed, Jesus and Buddha are all worshiped like gods or treated the same way as gods.

  16. seraphim

    One should not forget that in Minoan Crete women had sex with bulls! They were queens so they could afford to do as they pleased. And Cleopatra to sleep with 100 men in one night. Wow! Don’t forget Queen Medb.


    ELAINE: My ox team loved me greatly and would moo to me and lick me with their huge, rough tongues.

  17. Alstradomus

    When did we stop breeding and start f**king? I was raised on a farm and watched the male graze beside the female without concern until she was ready to conceive (in heat) and then breed, and then graze beside her without concern. Somewhere in the evolving of the species, humans changed. Addiction to the estacy of sex and the relentless search for psuedo sex (religion) has made us the most dangerous animal on the planet. Instinct, appetite, compassion and logic…..From the groin, to the stomach ,to the heart, to the mind the upward spiritual journey. Let creation reveal its secrets, bye and bye, when the light that is lost within us reaches the sky.


    ELAINE: That is false. Males play sex games all the time if you watch closely. Dogs would, for example, try to hump say, cats. In general, males shove each other around when not having sex with females. Females spend their time dealing with children of various sorts unless they have other games to play (spiders, for example).

  18. ‘This week in the heartland, One dead, 4 wounded in Ohio school shooting while ‘Joshua Smith, 14, shoots mother Tamiko Robinson to death as she slept’ in another place there. So, those of us who live in the Heartland of America, supposedly the finest place on earth, live with tornadoes, hurricanes’
    Are you talking the heartland or the Hood?
    Are you aware most killers in USA are from 3% of our population?

  19. I think sex has become a symbol standing in for other things, and it’s the other things which people mostly crave. People desire affection and intimacy, but we find ourselves in a culture which looks down on those things as weakness unless they lead to intercourse. So people convince ourselves that it’s intercourse we want. Desiring intercourse is acceptable, and the beautiful flaw of humans is that we adapt ourselves very well to what’s expected of us.

  20. Being There

    Back to the Civil War?

    Listening to the rhetoric of the right, it seems that there is a desire among some to take this country backward. This may really be a referendum
    on the Civil War, where the North-South issues transform into red and blue.

    Some people hate to lose-but I mean really—

    I often think they want to take us back to a time before progressivism. Somewhere in my readings, I read that the progressive movement actually began in the latter part of the 1800’s, so the idea of this is not so bizarre.

    The fanatical hatred of “big” government which collects national taxes tahat are pooled together for the common good and which can’t do anything becomes a fait accompli.
    This is the nexus where two forces come together. Government has been infultrated with leadership who do not believe that they serve the people. In fact they claim their client is the banks. This is described by William Black on Guns and Butter this past week where he discusses the Reinventing Government Movement of the Clinton administration.

    They furthered globalism that freatures a neoliberal global market that doesn’t want governance getting in the way of profit. These people believe the nation state will wither to become just another trade zone that specializes in services meeting the needs of transnationals.

    The other part of the equation are those who want a state’s rights solution on all matters and the Federal Government which sets standards for education and other practices should dissipate. That means you can teach your children religion instead of science, for one example.

    About women and contraception, the religion issues are a place where emotions run deep, but I believe in these high unemployment times, the right wing would like the ladies to leave the workplace to make room for the men.

  21. JT

    “I’m not anti-Prius and I’m not anti-Volt,” the candidate continued. “I am for the principle that if you go to work and you earn a living and you have after-tax income, it is your money and you ought to be allowed the buy the kind of car that you want, not the kind that Barack Obama wants.”

    I agree with Newt.
    You can buy whatever car you want.

    But with 10 dollar a gallon oil you can’t afford to drive the pickups.

    Prius is quite a marvellous piece of kit (a friend of mine has one, it is very reliable, cheap to fix with toyota parts, good in winter too).
    Toyota was ahead of its time 10 years ago.
    Now every manufacturer has a hybrid, but there is only one reliable one with years of experience.

    Just tax the gas, put the money to health care, education and public transportation.

    Era of cheap oil is now over and even the religious bully children have to face the facts of peak oil.
    At this point giving cheap oil to people is like giving free alcohol to alcoholics.

    And it is not the end of the world.

  22. floridasandy

    what i see in conservative chat rooms is people discussing the economy, and what needs to happen to try and fix it.

    what i see in liberal forums and liberal media is people discussing other people’s sex lives-what is right or wrong, moral or not, blah, blah.

    birth control and gay rights are certainly not the issues MOST americans are worried about right now, so maybe the media should quit talking about it during the debates, and ask the important questions on the economy for a freaking change..

  23. emsnews

    The right wing is who is talking sex, sex, sex all the time. The left talks about CIVIL RIGHTS. Thank you.

  24. JT


    Yes morality is so 19th century.
    During economic downturns people turn inward, start blaming everyone different for their problems and get more traditional.
    That is normal, but not very interesting.

    But getting the economy running is a complex question no?

    A you can push for better wages and human rights + unions for Chinese workers, in order to make US workers more competitive
    B you can push for lowering the standard of living for americans + destroy the Unions in the US, and try to compete with the Chinese wages
    C you can give up and just put everything on the credit card and hope that inflation will handle everything (wages in China forced higher, debts…)
    D you can try to put up trade barriers and import duties
    E you can try to educate the work force and compete with higher quality and productivity.
    F try to recycle the earnings and profits made in US back to US economy through taxes

    Which one seems like a smart move?

    I think it is a combination of all (except I would cut out B altogether as being against your own interests).
    Now it looks like you are choosing option B.

  25. JT

    When you realize that ther rights of Chinese workers are more beneficial to you than the rights of multinational corporations you have arrived at a conclusion where the moral and smart people are today.
    “All the workers of the world unite, for you have nothing to loose but your chains.”

    Not that anyone listens to them anymore.

  26. Alstradomus

    I agree with Steve about the substitute sex approach. If you were held and coddled as a child , you desire that physical touch and unfortunately our society turns that into something that adults can only acquire by! If you were fed or had a bottle stuck in your mouth every time you were distressed as a child, then as an adult you eat to sooth your frustrations, hence an overweight population. Now we are back to the inspiration focused on instinct (groin) appetite (stomach) or ascending to compassion (heart) or logic (brain). To demonize our instinct and use the induced guilt is the religious ploy to empower them and subjugate us.

  27. @Elaine:

    “The GOP knows that many people living in say,Tornadoes Alley are terrified by their God. This thing has a thing about sex. It hates most forms of sex except a very constrained sort which allows it to have sex with unmarried women named ‘Mary’ but we are all supposed to have one form of sex dictated by this strange god. So, people who are scared of this God that has some odd sexual beliefs have to restrain themselves mightily to have only the sex this thing likes to have MINUS having premarital sex with virgins named ‘Mary’ of course.”

    A very curious sex pervert god, that! Not only did it have sex with a virgin named ‘Mary’ but it also forced its son to let the Romans kill him in a similar manner: for the Romans usually crucified people on crosses that were equipped with spikes to sit on. And three of the gospels make it very clear that the son didn’t want to!

  28. Alstradomus

    A literal interpertation of the solar messiah myth that the Roman religion draped over the true nature of the man we know as Jesus will only leave confused and angry at the supreme being that we have been programmed to call God. We have been lied to, damn it! Watch Zeitgeist to see how the elite aristocracy uses the solar Messsiah myth over and over. Be it Horus born of the Virgin Isis or Jesus born of the Virgin Mary both on December 25, three days after winter solstice,blah, blah, blah. Don’t blame our spiritual Father because you have swallowed the BULLSHIT! Look at the creation itself and see the order and synchronisity of this realm we live in. He is revealing Himself to us every day. Don’t get pissed ladies if I call Him him as in the masculine sense. He gives life to us, we nurture it in us, we give birth to a new consciencnous and have a chance to partake of the divine nature. The Elite corrupt all teachers of truth Jesus, Confusious, Buddha,Zoraster, so on and so on. We know Jesus better than the others but all have a similar message; LOVE ONE ANOTHER LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  29. DeVaul

    I cannot believe Bibi is actually in our country now giving us orders. Normally, the president would be touring the disaster areas, but not when AIPAC is meeting. No sir! Be there or be dead!

    If there were an earthquake in Israel, Bibi would hang up on Obama without a second thought.

    I see Obama is trying to get re-elected by dragging his feet. He knows war with Iran will result in $10 a gallon gas, which means rural and suburban white people cannot even start their trucks up, and no war with Iran means all Zionist traitors will vote for Mitt (or whomever). Obama can only win if he procrastinates. I wonder if he can do it?

    I am actually rooting for procrastination this time around. When it is the potential end of the world we are talking about, procrastination is not really a bad thing.

  30. Alstradomus

    Not end of the world, beginning of a new age

  31. @JT

    Option B is the dream for the GOP/billionaries and the reactionaries. Option B is the American Dream don’t you know.

  32. JT

    @Christian W

    Yes option B+C is the dream combo of billionaires and corporations.
    I’d go with everything else and leave B out completely.

  33. JT

    @Christian w

    It seems weird that people stil don’t get that money is just a tool and at the moment there certainly is no shortage of money.
    Euro is lira (used to be DM), US dollar is weaker than propably ever in history and it’s reserve status is challenged (but it has not lost, not by a longshot yet).

    Money is meaningless really.
    When you print it is just a matter of how you divide the new dollars.

    In the US people are screaming “take it away from us, give it to the corporations, tax havens and rich Chinese people”.

    There are so many dollars in the world that saving them from teachers salaries is an pretty much meaningless activity.
    Infrastructure investments and increasing velocity/recycling of money in the US economy through taxes would be the way I would do it.
    If I was a dictator.

  34. emsnews

    The problem for us is, nearly as many dollars are circulating outside the country and of these, most are being hoarded in FOREX accounts to artificially keep the dollar more valuable vis a vis the currencies of trade partners.

    This is the danger: these withheld dollars suddenly circulating again! There is no such thing as ‘not enough money’ since a printing press can add infinite zeros to a currency. The problem is, distribution of wealth which is way off kilter in the US.

  35. JT


    “The problem for us is, nearly as many dollars are circulating outside the country and of these, most are being hoarded in FOREX accounts to artificially keep the dollar more valuable vis a vis the currencies of trade partners.”

    That is your blessing 😉 , the problem is if it they stop hoarding.

  36. Stop hoarding USD and the US goes to war! I have no doubt the US would claim that if someone let go of their USD Forex hoard all at once the US would claim it is a belligerent act design to overthrow the US economy; never mind the little fact that the USD were given away by the US in the first place and represent ownership of US productivity, rescources and equity.

  37. JT

    @christian w

    Sell one can of oil in gold, euros or yuan and run for the bunker.

    But don’t get me wrong. I believe the alternatives to US hegemony are all far worse.
    So I root for them.

  38. The alternative to US hegemony is the rule of sane domestic and international law controlling market excesses and warfare. Unfortunately that would mean the elite (including Israel in Palestine) couldn’t loot or make it’s economic killings so they make sure it’s a no go. Laisses Faire insider looting of land, resources and money and power (for the chosen and accepted players), is the norm now instead.

  39. JT

    @Christian W

    Yes. Laissez Faire -capitalism.
    That really crashed and burned.

    That is a bit like saying that childrens hockey games should not have referees.

    There is a millionaire here who really likes that term.
    He is one of those who thinks that he being rich is due to his “hard work” and exceptional intellect.

    Rich people are mostly rich because they take big risks and are lucky.
    That is hard for them to admit.

    Believing in your own exceptionalism when all you’ve done is win in the lottery is a folly they hold very dear.

    Banker’s and hedge fund managers folly.

    Gamblers over scientists and teachers.

  40. Alstradomus

    I once debated with a rich man that if his compassion for his fellowman was like the Christmind he could never obtain wealth. He could have charged less for his product or service, or paid those who helped make it possible for him a higher wage. Either way to obtain wealth to he excess that some have means to not listen to that small still voice. “Gold and diamonds cast a spell ..,it’s not for me I know it well.., the riches that I seek are waiting on the other side.., there’s more than I can measure ,in the treasure of the love that I will find.

  41. CK

    GM is closing down the Volt plant and laying off scads of employees.
    Seems the Volt is not a saleable car for some ( sticker price/ lousy driving radius/ugly as only Detroit can do ) reason.

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