Japan Voters Have No Choices, Either

Massive smoke from between reactor 2 and 3 | Fukushima Diary

2号機3号機の間より白煙 2012-02-28(TBS/JNN/福島第一原発ライブカメラ) – YouTube

There definitely was a flare up of some sort.  It looks dangerous to me.  Japan has continued to hide the true nature of Fukushima.  The government of Japan doesn’t represent the people and has become so inept and dysfunctional, its game of musical chairs at the top moving faster and faster…yet nothing changes.  This accelerated speeding while staying in place is similar to the US which has a pretense of choice for voters while offering no changes at all for the masses.  It serves foreign and domestic masters, the various elites just like dying Japan.


From day one, TEPCO and the government of Japan lied about what was going on at Fukushima:  ‘Mind-Boggling’: Far more cesium released from Fukushima than previously thought says Japan gov’t agency — 40,000 trillion becquerels estimated -Asahi


The figure, which represents about 20 percent of the discharge during the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is twice as large as previous estimates by research institutions both in Japan and overseas. […]

While the latest study said 15-20 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 was released into the atmosphere, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency estimated the amount at 8.8 quadrillion becquerels. […]


Every time we get more accurate information it is many times worse than the official information.  This happens in the US, too.  We are definitely told lies when it comes to nuclear power or nuclear bombs.  Just as the people who run DC have a secret stash of nuclear missiles and bombs hidden in Israel.  AIPAC is meeting in the US and our ruler, Netanyahu, is there to supervise the nominal President, Obama.


Obama ran on a platform promising change.  His sponsors who paid his way didn’t want any changes to Wall Street or Israel sucking down US tax dollars while shoving us into endless wars with Muslims.  Today, an Orthodox Jew runs the White House and screens anyone who wants to see Obama.  As with all his ilk, this means keeping out anyone AIPAC disapproves.  Even so, the GOP top runners except for Ron Paul all campaign against Obama claiming they would be even more traitorous and more likely to wholesale betray US interests in favor of Israeli/Jewish dictates.


In Japan, the government works for the high elites who own the big corporations there.  This is why the Prime Minister might talk about taking over TEPCO but never does a thing since TEPCO has taken over the government long ago.  This is probably why the top people at TEPCO haven’t committed suicide: they are not being blamed.  The people may blame them but not the government leaders.  They make excuses for the Fukushima disaster.


There is constant bad news from experts about the catastrophe, most of whom are ignored by both the Japanese and US leaders:  *Listen* Top US Nuke Official: Melted core penetrates concrete at 2 inches per hour — No doubt containment is lost during blackout — Manual tells you everything except how to stop it — Mark I worst of all (AUDIO)


Stupidly, Tokyo Starts to Burn Onagawa Debris in Earnest at Incineration Plants for Regular Household Garbage in 23 Special Wards | EX-SKF:  That is, the radioactive materials stuck on this debris will be re-released to the air, this time, in the capital city itself.  Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima | Fukushima Diary: why this self-destructive activity?  I would suggest that like in ancient Rome, when it conquered all its neighbors and controlled millions of helpless slaves, the government became an imperial dictatorship with an emperor at the top.


This meant that nearly all Emperor went insane.  Yes, they were mad!  Destructively mad.  Yet, the imperial system ran onwards, seemingly unhindered by the unhinged people at the apex.  But the decline of Rome began quickly.  Only because there were no rival powers, did it run along for several hundred years until it shuddered and totally collapsed.  What it left behind was lurid stories of insane leaders and 1,000 years of utter social and physical desolation.


Here is yet another Fukushima fact for this week:  6,800 tons of radiation-tainted rice straw left lying in 8 prefectures


So, what are the various place-holders for the elites doing in Tokyo?  Well, one thing is certain, the voters should be allowed no real choices!  DPJ, LDP reportedly considering grand coalition after election ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Media reported that Noda and LDP chief Sadakazu Tanigaki held a secret meeting at a Tokyo hotel on Feb 25 to discuss a possible dissolution of the lower house and how the two blocs can work together to raise the consumption tax in order to fund social security…A secret agreement would be in stark contrast to the public exchanges between the two camps.


No talk of taxing the very rich, of course.  The two parties attack each other over these tax issues only to do the exact same thing: tax the poor and vanishing middle class.  The US parties do the same: their battles are over who controls the goodies to be handed out to party faithful.  Serving the public is dead last.  True, they will hand over some cultural victory, birth control rights by Democrats and denial of birth control rights by the GOP.  But aside from a short list of funky social issues, the two parties are identical.


Both are killing unions.  Both are destroying our children’s futures by forcing them to pay ruinous costs for a college education.  Both are importing foreign workers to displace US youth who pay for an education only to see their jobs vanish or wages fall so low, they can’t pay off their loans.  Both parties are 100% pro-war.  Both support Israel far more faithfully than anyone or anything in the US.  Both want us to pay for Israel and to bribe despots in various countries to service our foreign policies all of which are actually Israeli policies imposed on our own State Department.


The US elections are worse than Japan: the huge sums needed to run for office means going to AIPAC and Wall Street for donations which are actually bribes.  So, the more we have these noxious ‘choices’ the less choice we have since the chefs preparing these starvation meals are all hostile to us.  They hate us, in fact!  They wish we would all go away and just have direct bribes of our government a la ancient Rome.


There, the elites found that bribing the emperor was far cheaper than having appealing elections that would rile up the public.  So, they had bread and circuses which is why, in the US, governments seem to endlessly spend money on Roman style stadiums where gladiator games rage:  Saints Paid Bounties for Injuring Opponents: NFL – Bloomberg.  Seems the coaches of nearly all teams paid their gladiators to cause great physical harm to selected victims in order to win bloody contests.


Few football professionals live past the age of 60.  Most are bankrupt by age 40.  They die for the emperor and his entourage.  Both political parties support this blood sport.  Everyone professes to love it and find it manly exactly like in ancient Rome and like back then, former slaves or outright slaves toil in the dangerous games (basketball and football being played more and more by the descendants of slaves).


I went to the Chinese news as usual and was very amused to read this headline:  China’s lawmaker election system fits in reality: NPC spokesman.  HAHAHA.  At least they are realistic!  Chinese have no choices, either.  But at least this is naked.  The US huffs and puffs about democracy while kissing Saudi ass, for example.  We are told that this secular Muslim leader and that secular Muslim leader is evil but the Saudis are good guys due to being what?  We see Hillary whining about women’s rights in secular Muslim nations where they enjoy far greater rights than in our best ‘allies’.


Hillary screams about religious freedom in China which has little of that while saying nothing about the religious dictatorship of say, Saudi Arabia.  Here is another Chinese news story:  Law amendment to balance human rights protection, penalty in criminal procedure: NPC spokesman.  How different is this from the US?  Great difference: rights are growing in China due to the people actively demanding this.  In the US, our rights are rapidly vanishing thanks to our endless wars with Muslims.


Here is one of zillions of examples:  Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal — RT The vote was 388 to 3.  Congress has certain areas where it is nearly totalitarian in voice.  Yes, you cannot protest against anyone anywhere the Secret Service happens to be.  You can bet, they will have more and more SS agents all over America and in every government building and the SS will be the Nazi SS in no time flat!  Note the unity of the vote.  Obviously, Wall Street and AIPAC feel they need this law.


Back to Japan’s collapsing government which the elites want to replace with a Daimyo:  Food poisoning incidents significantly higher than in official statistics: report.  The government is concerned about things like this news:  12-year-old girl killed after lying down on railway tracks so the Gov’t enlists AKB48 as ‘gatekeepers’ for suicide prevention.  This large group of scantily clad young ladies dressed to look like sexy prostitute school girls lip synch to sugary pop music.  They are an embodiment of what has really gone bad with Japan and hold up a hopeless mirror for all 12 year old girls who are emotionally distraught.


Japan has a terrible record of abuse of women:  Nagoya mayor’s controversial remarks only advance theory on Nanking Massacre toll – The Mainichi Daily News


Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura has stirred controversy with his comments effectively denying the 1937 Nanking Massacre, stating: “I think it’s unlikely there was any massacre of something like 300,000 people.”

The theory that the massacre did not claim 300,000 lives is probably the majority view in Japan. But when it comes to actual figures, theories in Japan range wildly from 200,000 down to zero.

For China, the accepted death toll is 300,000. The country says this is based on the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal and the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal, and the figure is accepted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government. If Kawamura thinks this is incorrect, the reasonable thing for him to do would be to voice his feelings to the Central Committee and the Chinese government. He won’t get anywhere by protesting to officials from the city of Nanjing that “the Central Committee’s historical perceptions are wrong.” In fact, a delegation from Nanjing that recently returned to China was reportedly hit by criticism online with one person questioning why they didn’t get up and leave right there and then.


The Japanese abused EVERYONE they came across.  The imperial army was on a massive rape and looting expedition and the main reason they did this was because they wanted slaves and sex with no responsibility of keeping people alive and happy.  Which happens to be what our present elites seem to want, too.  They still have to give us one or two things to keep us ‘happy’ but they would prefer a slave population with one set of rules for the slaves and one for themselves: Imperial Roman rules.


There are people who deny the Holocaust.  Hitler and his gang set out to annihilate huge swaths of humanity including Jews, gypsies, the mentally ill (Hitler killed his own aunt because she had schizophrenia like him!!!) and all Russians, all Serbs, all liberals, all intellectuals, all Africans, all…the list was obscenely long and happened to be the same length as the Japanese imperialists.  They, too, intended to kill everyone and repopulate the earth with Japanese.


Back then, German and Japanese women had few rights and social powers and had big families.  Now, they are refusing to have children at all.  So there is no push for expanding the Lebensraum via butchery and rape.  Now the elites focus on making themselves richer and richer while cutting down on services and supplies for the ‘excess’ populations.  They figure, a world of slaves is fine so long as they are not taxed which is how our own elites feel, too.


When these elites come together at say, secret Bilderberg meetings, they talk honestly about how to engineer this.  They are troubled by say, raging mobs of Muslims who are willing to fight and die.  They are worried about compliant Japanese nationals dying off rather than toiling endlessly and silently for these elites.  They worry above all about US populace which is armed and potentially dangerous, attacking them rather than each other.


Here is som reminders of how the Japanese imperial army treated all civilians: Tenko S01 E01.avi and Three Came Home (1950) – YouTube

An official apology from the Japanese government was given for the first time in…2009!  Japan apologizes for treatment of WWII POWs – YouTube

Japanese elites have thrown off all propaganda of being peaceful this last ten years as China rises in power:  Japan, Britain reportedly eye joint arms development


Japan, whose industries took years to recover after World War II, declared in 1967 that it would tightly control its foreign weapons sales.

The new rules allow Japan to develop and produce arms jointly with the United States and European countries and to export military equipment intended for operations such as U.N. peacekeeping.


The imperialism from Japan is astonishing when we consider the fact that the government there should be concentrating on domestic matters.  Ditto in spades for the US which shows very little interest in internal affairs, too:  China, Taiwan slam Japan for naming disputed islands.  Meanwhile, China military spend rises 11.2% because they have the funds and don’t go overseas for lending like the US.  The race to WWIII is on!


Our own imperial leaders informed us that North Korea surrendered on the issue of nukes but I think the NK government is reconsidering this rash move: DPRK protests against U.S.-S. Korean military exercises.  The US can’t rush in and crush North Korea because China won’t let us.  But we have to act as if this is what we are doing.  Indeed, any time any dictator gives in to US diplomacy, the first thing we do is threaten an attack AFTER they give up to us!


This is why Syria refuses to stop suppressing an uprising at home.  And trust me, try having an uprising here and watch the US military crush that, too!  Many radical Hispanic groups would like to have parts of the Southwest exit the US just like the slave owners wanted to exit once upon a time.  And if they had an armed uprising, they would be brutally crushed, too.

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9 responses to “Japan Voters Have No Choices, Either

  1. Urban Roman

    A tiny leak.
    Cold shutdown.
    Been that way for months.

    Just ignore your lying eyes, while we cook up some phony leukemia and thyroid stats…

  2. Being There

    This is what happens when “money trumps everything.”-W

    Thanks to the Neoliberal globalist system, all our lives are in danger. There’s a court case under review as to whether US transnationals can be sued when accidents occur and foreign workers die.

    If the corporatist courts vote in favor of the companies, it will further erode our job base in this country, till our leaders make laws saying Americans have no recourse when companies screw up and destroy lives and property.

  3. Elaine,

    Is Rambo really running things?

    The same woman who wrote in the LA Times that ‘Human rights are improving in China’ has a spouse with 100? Million dollar Business there!
    Here in Cali we have this trio…..


    In it I learned that Hillarys brother was married to Barbara Boxers daughter!

    Interesting trio we have here in Lala land…….Boxer, Feinstein, Harman
    Barbara Boxer on Immigration
    Nov 3, 2011 – Cosponsored DREAM Act: legal status from college or military. The candidates sparred over immigration.
    Rep. Jane Harman , the California Democrat with a longtime involvement in intelligence issues, was overheard on an NSA wiretap telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the Justice Department to reduce espionage-related charges against two officials of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel organization in Washington.
    Harman was recorded saying she would “waddle into” the AIPAC case “if you think it’ll make a difference,” according to two former senior national security officials familiar with the NSA transcript.
    In exchange for Harman’s help, the sources said, the suspected Israeli agent pledged to help lobby Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., then-House minority leader, to appoint Harman chair of the Intelligence Committee after the 2006 elections, which the Democrats were heavily favored to win.

    Dianne Feinstein – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Bertram Feinstein (deceased) … Website, Senator Dianne Feinstein … In 1956, she married Jack Berman (died 2002), a colleague in the San Francisco District Attorney’s … In 1980, Feinstein married Richard C. Blum, an investment banker

  4. ‘sugary pop music’
    If you want to see/hear go to Youtube and search ‘J POP’ and ‘K POP”.
    its quite something.
    Remember ‘the Chipmunks’?

  5. Flare up ? you could see the shock wave , maybe some welding tanks blew up , ,,,? ya right.

  6. Blissex

    While your arguments are well researched and your insight seems realistic, I think that you are too optimistic that the USA elites want to screw everybody else: the USA middle classes also want to screw everybody else, and are providing the mass of votes in their alliance with the elites.

    Frum summarizes it this way:

    «It’s fine to be unconcerned that the rich are getting richer, but blind to deny that middle-class wages have stagnated or worse over the past dozen years. In the aftershock of 2008, large numbers of Americans feel exploited and abused.

    Rather than workable solutions, my party is offering low taxes for the currently rich and high spending for the currently old, to be followed by who-knows-what and who-the-hell-cares.

    This isn’t conservatism; it’s a going-out-of-business sale for the baby-boom generation.»

    I think that it is different in Japan, and the Japanese middle classes are not complicit with their elites.

    But then there is a remote possibility that some of the Japanese elites are planning long term, and reducing (very painfully) the population load on their archipelago to its carrying capacity. The Chinese elites are trying to do that too (less painfully).

    The USA elites (with some exceptions) are only interested in asset stripping and running away with the loot towards better opportunities than the USA.

    This realistic interview with David Stockman:


    points at the colossal debt-to-GDP ratio in the USA. That implies that the USA is being LBOed, that is loaded with debt while management pay themselves enormous cash dividends and bonuses, and when the debt comes due they will buy all public assets at firesale prices and destroy public services.

  7. Jay Dorian

    Think AKB48 is bad. Have a look at the US’s attempt to copy Kpop (same as Jpop).

  8. I was listening to Radio today…and…..GET THIS

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