AIPAC Warmongering May Lead To US Military Coup Against Congress And AIPAC

AIPAC this week is working hard to push the US into a Jewish war.  The most evil dictatorship on earth aside from North Korea is doing the same: Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi/Zionist alliance is not going to work in the long run.  It makes the Saudis even more suspect and viewed as tools of Zionists than before and is already causing civil unrest in that draconian oil pumping nation.  Obama knows that a war with Iran will kill our economy but dares not say that in public lest he end up like Jimmy Carter: invisible or maybe even like Kennedy: dead.  We all know after that Jewish publisher slipped up and talked about hearing Netanyahu’s gang discussing assassinating Obama, that this is indeed, a strong probability.  


Mossad isn’t dumb.  They can’t openly do this but they can have the FBI and SS ignore others who want to assassinate Obama and then ‘leave the door open’ for some assassin to come in and do the deed.  Like with the 9/11 Atta gang, funding these assassins, giving them tools and leaving security lapse is how the operation will be done.  In New Zealand, for example, a Secret Service guard left Obama’s security details and itinerary in the gutter…literally.


Israel is rapidly eliminating civil rights and liberties of even the minority of Palestinian Muslims and Christians in order to enforce a Saudi-style religious dictatorship.  Meanwhile, the Jews who are both rich and powerful in the US continue to stir the toxic stew of religious warfare.  Typical is this piece, Iran, Israel and the United States –  This noxious little editorial is from the owner of that little rag:


Pentagon analysts estimate that even a sustained Israeli air campaign would set back the program by only a few years, drive it further underground and possibly unleash a wider war.

It would also cast the Iranian government as the victim in the eyes of an otherwise alienated Iranian public. It would tear apart the international coalition and undermine an increasingly tough sanctions regime, making it even easier for Iran to rebuild its program.

Israelis have every right to be fearful and frustrated. For too long the world ignored Iran’s misdeeds and shrugged off Israel’s alarms. But while President George W. Bush blustered and made no progress, Mr. Obama — with a sharp nudge from Israel and Congress — has had increasing success rallying the international community to isolate and punish Tehran.

…The United States military is far more capable of doing serious damage to Iran’s facilities than the Israeli military, but the cost would still be high, with many of the same dangers and uncertainties.

Mr. Obama is right that military action should only be the last resort, but Israel should not doubt this president’s mettle. Neither should Iran.


The world has resoundingly condemned Israel’s misdeeds!  The only reason the ‘world’ is backing this insane isolation of the world’s #4 oil export power is because the US threatens to cut off all US trade with all our darling trade partners who run huge trades surpluses with us!  They would otherwise refuse to back any US boycott of Iranian oil.  The boycott is hurting China.  It is beginning to hurt India.  Japan is being killed by it and has gotten astonishingly, a privilege of buying Iranian oil!  The EU is being literally strangled to death thanks to these many oil wars and then there is the US: inflation in food and energy is destroying our economy here at home, too.


This is one immensely expensive series of wars that cost us a trillion+ dollars so far and will end up destroying America.   All so the paranoid Jews in Israel and the US feel ‘safe’.  Well, they wont’ be safe when there is a generalized revolt against all of this.  The dreams of stealing lots of oil are fading fast and I would strongly suggest it may vanish if the Gulf oil wells are all completely destroyed in a major war.


Here is an interview the NYT would never dream of hosting from the organization the DC Knesset wants to silence and defund:  Voice of America— Palestinians Unhappy With Netanyahu, Obama Focus | News | English


Ashrawi expressed regret that Obama did not focus on the stalled negotiations aimed at ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which many see as a root cause of much of the instability in the Middle East. “Many things Israel is doing, particularly the occupation are detrimental,” she stated. “Not just to the Palestinians, not just to the Israeli moral fiber, but also to the American interests and standing and credibility.”


Naturally, our DC Knesset has decided to destroy this operation. In general, the rule is, the Palestinians are not a ‘people’ as the GOP has loudly proclaimed, so why interview them?  Why let them talk directly to the US people?  Back in the 1960’s when I was studying Russian and German, I used to read Pravda which I had access to—back then, we were not allowed to read any ‘commie’ newspapers but due to my father’s position in the CIA, I could.


I formed a rule of thumb by 1968 after living in Europe: when Pravda talks about US actions overseas, they are often correct.  When the US media talks about Russia’s actions overseas, they, too, are correct and Pravda wrong.  This double mirror was useful for sifting out information of what was really going on.  When it came to China, neither the US or Russian news had any useful information.  I got that directly from the Chinese who were actually, due to isolation, pretty easy to pump for information, even naive about being questioned.


Today, if we want real news about Islamic nations, we have to read a number of online national news media outlets and then sift and shovel everything around until some inkling of the truth emerges.  Reading Israeli news is very useful.  They openly discuss what is totally hidden here by these same Jewish powers!  Here is a NYT article that takes up a story running huge in Israel and I am astonished the NYT even brings this up since it gives Americans a dim idea of what sort of horrors are perpetrated on Israeli citizens who are not Jews:  Anger and Compassion for Justice Who Stays Silent During Hymn – by Ethan Bonner, a dual citizen who loves Israel more than the US:


What happened was this: after the departing chief justice, Dorit Beinisch, issued her final rulings at the court and made her farewell speech — her eyes tearing as she recalled the deaths of grandparents in the Holocaust — she, her colleagues and others gathered at the president’s house for more speeches, rising at the end to sing the national anthem.


As the television cameras panned, they showed Salim Joubran, the only Arab among the court’s 15 justices, standing but not singing. It did not take long for a controversy to ensue.


“He spat in the face of the state of Israel,” asserted David Rotem, a member of Parliament with the nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu Party, speaking of Justice Joubran’s actions. Those who object to the Zionist hymn, he said, “can find a state with a more appropriate anthem and move there.”


How insane is this?  A Jew living in Russia wrote an ‘anthem’ for Jews only and it expressed an open desire to move Russians to Palestine and take over.  And it is quite explicitly for Jews only.  It is a war anthem more along the lines of ‘Deutschland Über Alles’ and then demanding the French sing it.  Actually, the Nazis forbade victims of their invasions from singing former national anthems.  In Israel, ‘citizens’ who are kept an artificial minority are forced to endure the braying of this Jewish anthem mocking them.  They are not allowed to protest loudly but even standing silent is treated noxiously by maddened Zionists:


“The time has come for Israel to consider changing the words of its anthem so that all Israelis can identify with them,” the newspaper Haaretz said in its Friday editorial.

It added, “The lyrics of Israel’s anthem were written in 1878 by Naphtali Herz Imber as an expression of the national sentiments of the Jewish people, and the Jewish people only. No Arab citizen who had any self-respect, political awareness or national consciousness could sing these words without committing the sins of hypocrisy and falsehood.”


Most others, however, including colleagues of Justice Joubran, who has made no public comment on his actions, said they saw no reason to change the anthem or to criticize Arabs who prefer to remain silent during it.


“Arab citizens should not be required to sing words that do not speak to their hearts and which do not reflect their roots,” Justice Elyakim Rubinstein said at an academic conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Justice Rubinstein, a conservative, said that those Arab citizens who sang “Hatikva” should be welcomed, but that the decision was a personal one.


How generous of these vicious judges who are Jews!  HAHAHA…they will happily let the natives stand silent while the judges bellow this belligerent foreign song.  Of course, what should happen is, the Palestinians should then be allowed to sing about how they, too, dream of driving out the Jews and taking over the Holy Land.  Then it would be even-steven and fair, no?


Of course, the Jews won’t allow this.  Only they can sing their blasted song.  In the US, right wingers tried to force victims of US aggression, that is, the native Indians and descendants of slaves who were viciously oppressed and without any rights or liberties to sing the national anthem written during the War of 1812.  ‘Land of the free’ was a total lie even in the 1960’s when I began refusing to sing it unless the US gave the people oppressed by our government equal rights.  That emphatically included me, my rights were much expanded in the last 50 years thanks to the Civil Rights Act and recent elections revolve around attempts at eliminating my rights.


I am happy to report here that Ron Paul blurts out the truth yet again: “I Think Sanctions Give Iran Motivation To Want A Nuclear Weapon”.  Good for him!  Brave of him, too.  Stating the obvious is as dangerous here as it was in the Soviet Union.  Of course, US and Israeli pressure is driving the people of Iran into the arms of the Mullahs and making them mad…at us, not their own government that defies the US aggressors.


And we are aggressors.  Due to our economic power which is suicidal…running trade deficits with nearly everyone…we can engineer all sorts of crimes and count on our trade partners to cheerfully roll right along with us.  The price is the destruction of our own economy!  All of these forces are being used to dismantle the US interior and tortured by this and by the loss of buying power as the Federal Reserve funds these wars by debasing the currency at home, Americans are getting literally poorer and poorer.


The latest news that 98% of income growth this last three years went to the top 1% is shocking news.  And ignored by most of our media since they don’t want us to bellyache about the destruction of our home state thanks to these dumb wars and the looting of our Treasury by Wall Street and the military/industrial complex.


In Israel itself, some are openly wondering if this will backfire on the Jews and I know there are smart Jews there who understand my message to them: they are building the basis for a destructive form of Naziism to rise up in the US and cause the Christian allies of the Jews to suddenly and violently turn on them:  It’s just a matter of time before U.S. tires of Israel – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


For the past few years the Israeli cricket has been chirping “Iran,” and the world responds with a muffled echo. It isn’t that Iran is only an Israeli problem, but North Korea could endanger Japan just as much as Iran endangers Israel – and the world has not come running to Japan’s side. Netanyahu’s Israel has dictated the global agenda as no small state has ever done before, just as its international standing is at its nadir and its dependence on the United States at a zenith.


To the miracles of the rebirth of the Hebrew language after two millennia, the establishment of a thriving country of immigrants in the Land of Israel in such a short span of time and the invention of the kibbutz, we must now add another, much more deserving of a place on the list of the seven wonders of the world than the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, than the Roman Colosseum or the Great Wall of China: Israel’s wondrous power in the face of the United States. There is no rational explanation.


Israel features in the American presidential campaign as no other foreign country does, with the candidates vying for the sobriquet of “biggest Israel-lover” to the point where it often seems to be the main issue. Rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson donate enormous war chests to candidates for the sole purpose of buying their support for Israel, while the president of the United States, who won with a message of change, was forced to fold up, at lightning speed, the flag of planting peace in the Middle East simply because Israel said “No.” If last week a British member of the House of Lords was forced to resign from Parliament after daring to criticize Israel, in the United States she would never have even considered making her views known.


As the Jews abuse their power here, international love of Israel drops like a rock across the planet.  But also here.  It doesn’t show up in polls because the way polls are worded.  Put out a poll that asks this question:  ‘Which country to you support more, the US or Israel?’  Or how about this:  ‘Do you think a foreign government should dictate US State Department policies?’  It is obvious why these questions will not be asked: they would reveal the true danger of Zionist control of Congress.  Congress is one of the least liked institutions in America: a very dire situation.


For years, the Jewish media would mock us about this and suggest that WE are responsible for Congress never changing despite our anger towards Congress as if this were our fault, and not the fault of our media owners in collusion with AIPAC.  The more AIPAC controls Congress, the less popular Congress is with voters.  But thanks to money poured into elections, a huge amount of which, I think around 40% comes from Jewish Wall Street entities and gambling empires run by the Jewish Mafia,  others who have made fortunes in our country but don’t love our nation, we have ridiculous elections with lots of attack ads and virtually no talk about what ails us.


This election is typical: most of the talk is about pledges to aid Israel and cut services to Americans living in the US.  To keep voters divided and riled up, religious stuff is talked about like crazy and discussions about our sex lives dominates our media and our politicians happily play along with this game while keeping a close eye on the money pouring into their campaigns if they please these Zionists who got rich in America.  Back to the Haaretz editorial:


For now, Obama may be unable to prohibit Israel from a military adventure in Iran without offering serious quid pro quo. After all, we are talking about the prime minister of Israel. But one day the rope could snap and the whole thing could blow up in the face of power-drunk Israel: Israel doesn’t know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result.


And what will snap the puppet strings controlling our government?  The liberal left is helpless.  It still struggles with even mentioning AIPAC and always has to say, ‘But there are liberal Jews who support fascism in Israel but not here!’ without realizing, if fascists take over Israel and justify ethnic cleansing and our own people are propagandized into believing it is a good thing, this ethnic cleansing, then definitely, it will happen here, too.


There will be a Christian coup with the military which has very few Jews, far fewer than the general population, suddenly eliminates all the Zionist dual citizens working inside the Pentagon.  Then the soldiers will march into the Congress and arrest all the Zionists there which seems to be nearly everyone.  Christians who took AIPAC bribes will denounce this themselves and side with the coup.  The Catholic/Evangelical/Mormon unity will break out into open warfare with each other and they will then cut up the US into provinces where religious ideology will be brutally enforced.


To prevent this we have to cut AIPAC entirely out of the government and have Congress pass real restrictions on funding elections via bribes but alas, our Supreme Court is dead set against this and loves the system they set into motion whereby floods of money foreign and domestic can come from the super rich in order to control our elections.  This is why the GOP candidate will probably be the clown who outspent his rivals by many, many millions of Wall Street dollars will be running for office this year.  His main job is to corrupt Ron Paul and keep out the religious fanatics who are Evangelical.


They know he won’t be elected.  Romney’s wife recently remarked in between driving her several Cadillacs, that $250 million isn’t very much money at all.  These Marie Antoinette’s are figureheads set up to stop GOP distress from reaching the top.  By schlepping aside anyone who might rally the voters on the right, this insures they will be kept puppets of AIPAC so the looting can continue.  The Jews cynically know that the people who will die in their next war will be Christians from America…again.  And frankly, they don’t care.  One less bothersome Christian, as far as the Jewish right wingers are concerned!


Of course, once again, Jewish media in Israel tells the truth about their own people who dislike being driven into another war, too:  Middle East Online::Israeli Public Less Hawkish on Iran:.



Only 22 percent of Israelis believe that a military strike by Israel would delay Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons by at least five years; another 22 percent estimate a delay of three to five years. Nine percent of Israelis believe the delay would be only one or two years. Thirty percent of the respondents believe a strike would either have no effect on the Iranian program or would accelerate it.


Asked what the effect of an Israeli strike would be on the Iranian government, respondents were evenly split between those who believe a strike would weaken the Iranian regime and those who believe it would be strengthened.


On the key question of whether Israel should launch such a strike notwithstanding the fact that the United States and powers advise against it, only 19 percent of Israelis favor a strike even in the face of US opposition. Thirty-four percent oppose a strike no matter what. A plurality — 42 percent — would back a strike only if it had at least the support of the United States.


More than half of Israel’s Jews support a war with Iran even with the US supporting the Zionists!  Wow!  Do they also don’t want the US to do this war, alone?  That is the key question here.  I would suggest that Netanyahu knows this poll and is very, very anxious to shove the US into a war with Iran while Israel stands totally outside, sneering at us.  This is why our media beats the drums as wildly as drunks in a frat house.  They have to manufacture a war with Iran!  This is why the news that our boycott is directly responsible for a huge rise in world oil prices is kept carefully hidden from US media watchers.


I watched CNN while at the pharmacy yesterday.  Two clueless young people hired by Zionists were chatting about how mysterious it was that the Iranians refuse to surrender to US powers.  How dare they defy us!  And the chatter was all about how Iran was going to attack us!  How insane is that?  We strangle them and then scream when they shove us aside?  This assault is entirely one sided.


And back to the Arab Spring:  the cynical invasion of Libya will backfire as Libyans will be driven into the arms of Muslim radicals who will promise to kick out the NATO invaders:  How the West wrecked Libya | Patrick Hayes | spiked



Protests have been taking place in Tripoli to restrict the carrying of firearms by militias, but these rebels without a cause have so far been unwilling to hand over their weapons, demanding that first they are properly rewarded by the interim government for their service in the uprising. Abdul Naker, commander of one of the largest militias in Tripoli with 20,000 men, told Reuters that the rebels would not ‘join the government initiative until they clearly know what are the benefits they will receive… The people need higher salaries, economic stability, medical insurance, houses and cars, young single men want to get married. We want Islamic, interest-free loans so that we can live in prosperity. Why doesn’t the government give us loans of 100,000 Libyan dinars ($60,000) to realise our dreams?’


Militia from Libya’s third-largest city Misrata currently control Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, in a way that some describe as being like an occupation. Much of the city – once one of the most developed in the whole region – has been reduced to rubble and there seems little desire to invest in rebuilding it. Even the rebuilding of Libya’s oil-extraction infrastructure, crucial for the regeneration of the country’s economy, is proving to be a slow process, with analysts estimating that a return to the pre-conflict level of 1.6 million barrels extracted per day is unlikely to happen for a few years.


Gaddafi’s family was a bunch of looters.  But they also shared the loot.  Libya was one of the more equal societies before the invasion with the highest standard of living, the most education and lots more freedom for women than any other African nation.  Now, it is destroyed.  The rioters who wanted an Arab Spring didn’t want a loss of all the oil money.


They expected the NATO looters to give them goodies!  So, they thought they would have interest free loans?  HAHAHA.  Only the top bankers get that from the US and Japan!  They thought they would get higher salaries.  From the West?  HAHAHA…our rulers are all about cutting wages!  Medical insurance???? HAHAHA…nope.  Certainly not from the US invaders!  We are all about not insuring people or making them pay through the nose.


Thanks to the Zionist media and Israel and AIPAC bribes, the US is being rushed into a war with Iran even though the oil from Libya still isn’t flowing.  This miscalculation goes to the top of our government.  They seem utterly unable to see how this is hurting all of us but the backlash isn’t far off into the future, it is around the next corner.

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37 responses to “AIPAC Warmongering May Lead To US Military Coup Against Congress And AIPAC

  1. Yeah, the SA royals are being idiots. Don’t they see they are next in line (or a few steps up the line) for the looting operation once Iran gets it? Libya’s loot is nothing compared to all the wonga the Saudi Royals have stashed in European and American banks. SA with no army and no nukes doesn’t have a chance.

  2. billibaldi

    I seems to me this is a “Guns of August” scenario. Nobody thought that they were going to lose in the First World War. The price of gas is only a small part of what will come.

  3. professacaterpilla

    Members of the Gaddafi family actually lived modestly compared to western corporate/capitalist standards. They tried to showcase his daughter Aisha’s home as being opulant and excessive, but any impartial observer could see it wasn’t so. (So what she had a couch shaped like a mermaid — so what, I’ve got a few really cool things at my house, and I only make $15 an hour at a hospital!) None of the gold was Gaddafi’s personal fortune! A few of his sons fought bravely by his side to the bitter end! In contrast, what cowards all the “West” are! One of the last things Gaddafi was trying to accomplish before the trouble started was to promote through their assemblies the creation of a law that would have direct payments of shared profits from the oil industry go to every Libyan on a per month basis. He really had a Native “anarchism” born from his Bedouin roots. He was a revolutionary indeed, and is a hero to most of Africa and will long be remembered and honored there. So much of the West’s perception and image of him is distorted by propaganda. He was a Bedouin Arab, so sure, he was brutal at times to his enemies. (I wish America could get a little “brutal” with a few of her true enemies, not all the manufactured fake enemies. Lockerby was a total frame-up which is by now so obvious to any commonsense soul who might investigate. He also was about to recieve a prestigious award from the UN for human rights achievements before the CIA/Mossad organized rebellion against him. The NTA and invaders are all Monsters, Mutilators, Rapers, and Destroyers. Long live the Green Libyan Jamahiriya!

  4. Eso

    What a great rant!

  5. DeVaul

    I saw the Kati Curic (I think that was who it was) special where she gave us a tour of Ghaddafi’s “complex” (our enemies don’t live in “houses”). What I saw were things that would not be considered acceptable at the plush YMCA in Washington, DC. It all looked drab and rather poor in light of how much money his family actually had.

    At the same time, one could go to Yahoo News and see an article titled “Mansions of the Rich!” or “Homes of America’s Celebrities!”, all of which would put Ghaddaffi’s complex to shame.

    Hypocrisy in America is swiftly approaching infinity, and we all know what happpens when something tries to go to infinity.

  6. DeVaul

    Oh oh…. looks like Elaine was right again:

    Osama was not buried at sea, but taken to the US on a CIA plane, according to Wikileaks. Guess someone gets to have the body as a trophy or something. Wonderful.

    There is a curious reference to “the Tribe” in one email from Stratfor, but I cannot figure out who they are talking about. CIA is usually referred to as “the Company”, at least in the movies. Maybe it has other code names.

    Now I understand the urgency to capture the heads of Anonymous.

  7. DeVaul

    Here is another scary article, one that points out that all of our wars in the Middle East started on a Jewish holiday:

    It also talks about AIPAC and its total control of America. So, we have, what… two days before the attack begins? I thought we would have more time. I hope they wait until next year.

    Time to go fill up the truck.

  8. “The Tribe” of Israel, is what the Zionists call themselves. Funny that the American in the email admits the murder of Osama bin Laden was a crime!

  9. Also there are rumours that 13 French officers have been caught in Syria. Interesting if it turns out to be true.

  10. Being There

    Just to remind people on this blog, globalism is anew form of imperialism and as David Rockefeller is famous for saying Nation-state should be decoupled from their resources.

    Please don’t think we are run by AIPAC and Israel. I am informed by big game thinkers including:

    from Global Research, Michel Chossudovsky

    [The conflict between the US-led powers and Iran has wider ramifications. It is part and parcel of Washington’s bid to engineer the social and political upheavals across the Arab World in order to redraw the region in its strategic interests. It is no coincidence that fresh from NATO’s conquest of and regime change in Libya, the focus has quickly shifted to Syria – a key regional ally of Iran.
    “The road to Tehran goes through to Damascus”. Regime change in Syria would serve to isolate Iran. Subjugating Iran and returning it to Western tutelage is the prize that Washington and its allies have been seeking for the past 33 years ever since their client the Shah, Mohammad Rezā Pahlavi, was deposed by the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

    Iran is an energy-rich colossus, with oil and, more importantly, natural gas reserves that put it, with approximately 10% of global reserves, in the world’s top three oil economies alongside Washington’s client states of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In sharp contrast, the US has less than 2% of global oil reserves.

    The conquest of Iran’s oil riches is the driving force behind America’s military agenda. ]

    This, again is all being done for the transnational oil companies. The banks and transantionals are clients of the US govt. (we the people are not)

  11. JT

    So you guys don’t bother with the UN resolutions at all anymore?

    Israel has no right under any circumstances to attack Iran.
    Nor has the US.

    It is just that simple.

  12. melponeme_k

    This man has been working to stop religious radicalization in the US military. However I always thought the missing piece that he refused to investigate was that radical Christians were being supported by radical Israelis Jews. The wars that we are involved in are almost certainly religious and further radicalize our troops.

    If there is a military coup against the US, it will almost certainly usher in a right ring Christian fundamentalist government.

  13. “The road to Tehran goes through to Damascus”. That’s a neocon/Zionist mantra as well. The neocon’s have been allowed to get some political power because their schemes fit right in with the schemes of the old ruling elite (ie non Jewish/Zioinist elite), no doubt about that.

  14. It was the Bushes (Dubya) that brought in the neocons (the so called ‘crazies’). Crazy is the new normal.

  15. adam mateyko

    Gen. Petraeus has been quiet at the CIA for the past few months. If Obama acquieces to Israel attacking Iran in a big way; watch for an “accident” in the WhiteHouse. OR if once this thing is set off, after a short while; the CIAPENTAGON will step in as the only adults in the room. Its a reprise of the USSR in a way, but the US has more systems to cope with such a case. There will be no US Yeltsin, it will go straight to the US version of the KBG complex. Selfpreservation in the face of self destruction, or rather subterfuge by outside forces aka AIPAC etal has a limit. We are near that line now.

  16. melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    True about the Bushes. But not in recent time frame.

    They began the neo-con radicalization of the christian fundamentalists in the 1970’s. I have no doubts that was when the radicals started to receive all kinds of support by elites like Bush and overseas support as well.

    They were one of the main reasons why the senile Reagan rode into power in the 80’s.

  17. melponeme_k,

    I did look briefly at the link and the link[s] at his site….
    I am aware of this guy, I think …he wrote a book on ‘anti semitism’ at one of the ‘Killing’ academies.

    Having look very briefly Id say if [his links to]
    Huff Post
    Ny Times , etc are where you ‘stand’ then hes yr man.

    One of his commenters gave this riposte:

    ‘They (“psychologists”) say that when individuals and groups are isolated their minds can be more easily influenced, swayed and even reversed on even very fundamental beliefs.
    “Brainwashing” is the conventional, though somewhat outdated term for this.
    But, yes, “diversity” makes it sound so reasonable and fair. Keep up the the good work, generals! We’ll achieve our goal of a New World Order before you know it!’

  18. DeVaul

    Wow. I just saw the president speak at a news conference (what the news showed us, at least) and I am amazed. I don’t know what he told Bibi, but he basically has tabled any more talk of war with Iran. He also admitted that no president has ever been re-elected when gas prices shoot through roof.

    I knew he was against war because of the gas problem, but for the news to openly admit that tensions with Iran were behind the rising price is unusual. It may be that there has indeed been a huge break between two factions within the government: the Zionists and the Americans.

    I am still trying to make sense of his war mongering before AIPAC and his trashing of the GOP candidates for “banging the war drums” while not being in harm’s way this very evening.

    I can only see one thing that makes sense based on the joint announcement with Bibi about Israel’s sovereignty: Israel must attack alone without US support until after the elections, unless the Iranians bomb our so-called “strategic interests” (read Saudi oil fields or Bahrain naval base) before then. Hope Iran gets the message too (if that is the message).

  19. seraphim

    The “Great Game” is all about Russia, the “Heartland” of the “World Island”. It was after the First WW that Sir Halford Mckinder launched his famous slogan: “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island; Who rules the World Island commands the World”. He was apparently advocating the creation of the “buffer” states between Germany and Russia. Incidentally it was in sync with the old idea of the League of East European States proposed by the Zionist Max Bodenheimer since 1902 as a client Confederation of the German Reich in which the Jews “liberated” from the Russian yoke would be dominant. It certainly had a view on the Caspian an Persian petrol, on the “Silk Road” and further to “Shambala”.
    The Nazis operated in the frame of the “Great Game”. Americans took over the relay. The only impediment was the existence in that region of a backward and savage people called Russians who would have none of it.

  20. rps

    The White House has moved the G8 summit from Chicago to Camp David. Very interesting indeed. First, Obama has snubbed his ex-Chief of Staff, the now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Clinton was in town last week pushing some corporatist initiative last week for Emanuel of selling the city down the river. This week Obama has told Emanuel to “go fish.”

  21. DeVaul

    You know, sometimes you have to just move on. Not everyone who made a claim to fame was right about something, or even close to being right.

    Russia is not the centre of the world, and there is no “world island”. The middle east, on the otherhand, is where three major continents connect, so it is probably not surprising that so much warfare goes on there, and I would imagine that whoever controls that region also controls access to three other continents from that one area.

    People from England or America or France who think (like the evil prince of wales’ son) that they can “control” central asia are totally deluded and disconnected from reality, which is probably why all of their military adventures into that area have all ended in spectacular failure.

    This “great game” mindset exists only in the heads of has-been princes and wannabe imperialists. It is an outdated concept that needs to be thrown onto the trash heap of history, just like so many Roman concepts that no longer have any meaning today because the empire is long gone.

    It looks like we might have another year before war with Iran, and I am greatly relieved. Even gangsters can do the right thing if it happens to be in their own self-interest (getting re-elected). I don’t think Israel will attack on its own. They seem divided on the issue because they are actually afraid of fighting a war with their own planes and their own soldiers.

  22. seraphim

    @ De Vaul,

    Of course people who think they could control Central Asia are totally deluded and disconnected from reality, especially when they haven’t learned anything from history and think that they still can. Look at all the reports about Russia. One may believe that Putin lost the elections! Days before the elections it has been discovered that the “opposition” was busy fabricating videos of “voting frauds” dated in advance. No mater that they were under investigation, they still claimed after the election that they have “proof” of “massive fraud” de-legitimizing Putin! Remember how many days after the trouncing of the Georgian Army in just one day the press was expatiating about the pathetic weakness of the Russian Army?

  23. larry, dfh

    one’s for you, Elain, a jewess with a sense of humor!
    ain’t so funny.

  24. larry, dfh

    This is the web address which didn’t seem to go through:

  25. JimmyJ

    Bin Laden body not buried at sea but brought to US.

  26. Being There

    Great Game, Indeed,

    It’s all about the liquid war and pipelines criss-crossing the central plains of Asia.

    On Morning Joe in 2010 Erin Burnett said our troops were guarding Chinese miners there to mine rarer metals.

    From Pepe Escobar on Asia Times Online 2009:
    [What happens on the immense battlefield for the control of Eurasia will provide the ultimate plot line in the tumultuous rush towards a new, polycentric world order, also known as the New Great Game…….For Dr Zbig, who, like me, gets his fix from Eurasia – from, that is, thinking big – it all boils down to fostering the emergence of just the right set of “strategically compatible partners” for Washington in places where energy flows are strongest. This, as he so politely put it back then, should be done to shape “a more cooperative trans-Eurasian security system”] He sho controls the world’s resources wins…. To bad it won’t be shared with the tax payers who are footing the bill.

  27. emsnews

    I said day one, the body was at least decapitated and I seriously doubted the stupid story of dumping it at sea. The Skull and Bones coven needed bin Laden’s corpse very badly. Bush Jr even slipped up when he chortled about this matter in the past.

    The Skull and Bones/CIA connection is long, deep and even deeper still is the black magic stuff there. They worship nasty people or rather, they use these dead people who are pirates, revolutionaries, native resistors, etc. to gain access to the Outer Darkness.

    That is, the demonic forces that operate the Cave of Wealth and Death. There, their greedy wishes are granted…at a price which they don’t care about (souls and all that) and so they think they are quite smart and grand, getting their wishes.

    The downside is, this destroys everything. Geronimo, for example, is quite happy that they use his skull to pray to the Devil That Is Death. His goal is to destroy the US and…the things these clowns pray for are exactly stuff that will destroy our country.

    So even though the Apaches (who worked with me back in 1998) gave up their quest to get the Bush Jr’s uncle Prescott to return this skull, they accepted the fact that Geronimo’s revenge means leaving it in the Bush family’s hands.

  28. Being There


    With stupidity of the leadership, it’s no wonder that the country is imploding.
    Nothing like running your country on complete fantasy and perversion of reality.

  29. @Adam, “If Obama acquieces to Israel attacking Iran in a big way; watch for an “accident” in the WhiteHouse.”

    I also think the CIA/”American intelligence community” opposes a war with Iran. They’ve basically said as much in the National Intelligence Estimates, including the recent one. But Obama isn’t part of the push to attack Iran. I imagine he could vito any war effort the bought-and-paid-for politicians tried to get through?

  30. floridasandy

    why would they hurt obama?

    anytime the saudis say jump, obama says how high?

  31. Being There

    Anytime the Saudis say jump any and all our presidents say how high?
    Remember “W” holding hands with Prince Bandar?

    Oil will do that every time. But remember nobody knows how much oil there really is in SA and SA ain’t say’in.

    Matt Simmons wrote “Twilight in the Desert” about peak oil in SA.

  32. Alstradomus

    I am reading a very informative article everyone should read. I am not educated enough to put the website here so you can just click it so I’ll do it old school:Go to “The Flaming Sword newsletter” look for the article ” The election charade continues by John S. Torell dated February 1 2012. The origins of AIPAC and more is very well explained. Enjoy!

  33. DeVaul

    There is no new world order. That is all just gibberish. If everything was “all about oil or liquid fuel”, then we could conveniently brush aside the rantings and ravings of religious fanatics who want to capture one more olive tree. Yet, we don’t and cannot. Instead, they control our foreign policy.

    The “experts” all have an impressive record of being wrong about things, and they are very clever at hiding their past mispredictions. I have been reading Elaine since 2005, and she is almost always dead on — and almost always at odds with the so-called “experts”. This is why they never link to her blog. Never. They link to each other, but not to her.

    It is hard to find good news outside of this blog, as everyone has an agenda to push that they do not reveal to their readers. Elaine has no agenda. She does not work for any government or control anything at all. Even Russia Times is suspect to me, as Russia is a major oil producer — something I must keep in mind at all times when reading their articles. Anything that will raise the price of crude oil is reported immediately at RT. We then must decide on our own whether the report is true or false.

    Whenever I see someone talking about “new world orders”, I just skip over it, as it is just not gonna happen. Religious fanatics do not cooperate with the purveyors of “new world orders”. In fact, they happen to be the major stumbling block to creating such a thing, as they refuse to cooperate and are willing to die rather than submit to some foreign overlord.

  34. Alstradomus

    Devaul, reading the articles and comments on internet websites is like panning for gold, gold being truth. Tons of panning may yield ounces of truth. I do not agree with everything in the article I mentioned by there is a lot of truth in it, and since Elaine chooses to expose the truth about AIPAC , that particular article has some interesting facts that one can further research and verify or disregard. I know many religious theories and ancient myths (is there a difference?) talk about an endtimes (not end of the world but end of an era or age) person or entity ruling. My personal theory knows that once solar and or geological events take or techno world back to a “dark ages” without global reach it would be impossible for one world entity to rule, but a spirit or motivation will take over all humans trying to survive that may go against the teaching of Christ and be our “Antichrist” spirit.

  35. emsnews

    I study empires. And look to the past to see the future. When one stands with one’s back to the future and peers hard enough at the past, one can see that all things remain essentially the same and thus, one can ‘see’ the future easily this way.

    The past is the present and will be the future!

    People hate this idea. They would like to think the future is something we create, not something that exists in itself which is why events ALWAYS run out of control the minute anything is launched with the hopes of escaping history.

    Remember the goofball so beloved by the media who announced in his stupid book, ‘The End of History’? I raked his book over the coals. Talk about a stupid man!

    But was ignored. Oh, they all do so very much want to have history end! A dangerous, dangerous wish which the goddesses who live in the Cave of Wealth and Death would be most happy to grant. Alas for all of us.

  36. Steve Murgaski

    I find it more useful to think in terms of a zeitgeist, as opposed to a “world order”. People can (and do) construct all sorts of hierarchies through which to issue their orders. It’s okay that they strive for supremacy like that. It keeps them busy. 😉 But what matters on the ground is which ideas get adopted into a culture and become part of its zeitgeist. If we focus on individuals, and even institutions, we can miss out on the more fundamental shifts in thinking that make more of a difference long-term.

    I like the quote Being There has attributed to David Rockefeller, about wanting resources to be decoupled from nation-states. That’s a fundamental idea about property that somebody is pushing for — the notion that there should be no “public property,” but only “private property”. Anyone who’s addicted to getting more private wealth will want to push that idea into the mainstream, and who does it, or how it gets done (within which “world order”) will be secondary issues to the addicts themselves.

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