End Of Civilization: US Soldier Goes Mad, Massacres Afghani Families

The US war in Afghanistan just turned yet another bloody, ugly corner.  A US soldier finally went totally insane and ran off in the dead of night to butcher Muslims in bed.  This is yet another death-knell for our ‘liberation’ of the people there.  Papering over our criminal behavior, we pretend we are saving women and children even as we butcher them in cold blood exactly like we did in Vietnam.  And then we wonder why they hate us.


We are going to have to leave soon.  Just as we left Vietnam.  All the deaths of American soldiers will be for absolutely nothing.  To this day, my town, for example, flies the childish ‘POW’ black flag because they couldn’t believe they were sent on a fool’s errand to hell.  They vote mainly for more wars even as these wars ravage the community and destroys families.  They vote for this because it is the last remaining jobs available for their children.  Fighting for the imperial eagle in distant lands even the Romans feared to deal with in the far past.


US soldier open fire on Afghan civilians in Kandahar – KHAAMA PRESS | Afghan Online Newspaper


ISAF officials said, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A), in cooperation with Afghan authorities, will investigate this incident and release additional information as appropriate.
The source did not disclose further information regarding the incident and those Afghans who suffered from the incident saying, “Requests for information regarding Afghan casualties should be referred to the Ministry of Interior.”
According to reports the soldier was suffering a nervous breakdown before the attack and had surrendered himself to the US military.
The incident took place around 3:00 am local time at Zangabad area in Zherai district after the US soldier stepped out of the military base in this province.

They are literally going insane.  I used to work at the Free Clinic in Berkeley during the Vietnam war.  We had more than a few soldiers including Marines come to us for help.  I would ask them to tell me about Vietnam and I heard the most hair raising stories.  The worst of it all was, the soldiers had no choice but to be cruel.


They were fighting peasants who didn’t want them to be there and no one on earth is more stubborn than peasants when they finally decide to revolt against foreign invaders.  They are the backbone of any nation in the end.  Attached to the land, they resent anyone coming in and ordering them about once they lose the yoke of their rulers.


The fiercest fighters on earth are not ‘savages’ but peasants.  Peasants will literally dig in and go at it for years.  We saw this during WWI, for example, when millions of European and Russian peasants were given shovels and ordered to hold their ground.  They did this grimly and tenaciously.  Just as the former peasants of Palestine grimly hang on, a very valid example of this and there are many such examples.


Afghanistan is a network of peasant farming populations with a floating population of herders.  They will not go away, they will grimly hang on while the US hides in various fire bases exactly like Vietnam, sending out patrols who end up going insane like with the My Lai Massacre.


There were thousands of My Lai massacres.  This one happened to have a shocked witness.  The Vietcong saw it happen from far away or maybe even not so far away, their eyes were always on us.  They didn’t stop the massacres because this encouraged the peasants to hate Americans more and more. And they certainly hated us.


Note that today, they don’t hate us!  Amazing, isn’t it?  We left, we stopped killing them, other people killed them and now they love us!  So will the Afghanis.  I remember when they loved us in the past.  Afghanistan was Hippie high happy land!  They were generous and had great artwork and lovely handmade goods and I have quite a few things from back then including the Afghan shawl I used while nursing my two children.


All destroyed by the Cold War.  The Afghanis we see today are the suffering, crushed culture that barely survived the horrors of the Cold War which continues as the US fights China and Russia still for control of this part of the earth.


The Iraq and Afghan wars killed many of our soldiers without firing a shot:  From 2010, nearly two years ago:  Suicide Rivals The Battlefield In Toll On U.S. Military : NPR

Every Army suicide investigation ends up in a conference room in the Pentagon. Army commanders, including medical officers, meet at the suicide senior review group once a month to go over each case.

Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army’s vice chief of staff, leads the two-hour meeting.

…The details present portraits of troubled men, but in most of the cases commanders didn’t know someone’s background, his medical history, his disciplinary issues or his problems with alcohol.

One soldier was diagnosed with both depression and bipolar disorder, was medicated, and then sent to Iraq.

By the end of the briefing, Chiarelli is visibly angry. He directs one of the medical officers present to peel back the layers on this case.

Later, he says the suicide rate is part of a much broader problem. One of the most obvious causes is the repeated deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I think you have to have your head buried in the sand to not think a lot of them come out of 8 1/2 years of war,” Chiarelli says.


Heartbreaking, isn’t it?  The brave Marines who stormed Iwo Jima are now reduced to despair and are killing themselves after they fought a bunch of barely-armed peasants.  Our religious war there is a total failure.  Muslim belief systems are growing stronger, not weaker.  Liberalization is a failure.  Kabul was more liberal in 1968 than today and I know this for absolutely certain.  It was more liberal than say, Alabama back then!


I was not scared of going to Afghanistan and was terrified of going to Alabama!  Alabama was hippie hell while Afghanistan was our heaven!  Today, we have a worldwide heroin epidemic thanks to the US invasion which is identical to Vietnam which led to a huge surge in hot pot grown in the jungles there that was far better than Mexican pot and I know this for absolute certain, too.  Pass that joint!


The religious wars continues and Netanyahu mocks the Muslims after meeting with Obama who toed the AIPAC lines about who is the criminal here.  That is, he lied to AIPAC people lobbying our DC Knesset and said there are no Jewish war crimes, no US war crimes against Muslims.  So, Israeli Air Strikes Kill At Least 18 Palestinians as the Jews think this gives them a red light to be even nastier war criminals.


Both the US and Israel scream about Iran having bombs while bombing everyone around them.  This sucks.  Our soldiers are rapidly committing suicide as they are the front lines of this insane series of needless wars.  Desperate soldiers gave lots of money to Ron Paul only to see him fall further and further behind as the war drumming in the media rises to yet another Zionist crescendo.  Hope is fading fast for them and I expect mass murder/suicide events to erupt more and more in the US and in places where these poor people are stationed.


The more the US  and Israel fight Muslims, the more they fight everywhere on earth, being increasingly radicalized by this:  Suicide car bomber detonates explosives outside Catholic church in central Nigeria.  Just as our bloody wars made communism expand, so it is now.  When we stopped fighting, communism vanished like fog in the morning sun.


Suicide murders are a HUGE problem for our empire and just in one area, supposedly safe, our schools, it is out of hand:  SchoolShooting.org

Suspect ID’d in deadly Ohio school shooting – CBS News

Armin Jahr Elementary School

Cummings Middle School

Cape Fear High School

Reflections on the Florida Episcopal SchoolShooting

US shooter had no ID, fingerprints yield nothing

Hospitals see this, too.  Government offices see this.  We have ‘security’ all over kingdom come and are less and less safe each year.  The Muslim freedom fighters don’t have to attack us: we are attacking ourselves more and more.  Soldiers come home and attack and kill their own families.  And themselves.  Children going to school gun each other down for no reason at all.


10,000+ deaths each year which is also the Japanese suicide rate, by the way.  Gun violence in the United States 

Homicide rates among 18- to 24-year-olds have declined since 1993, but remain higher than they were prior to the 1980s.[17] In 2005, the 17 through 24 age group remains significantly overrepresented in violent crime statistics, particularly homicides involving firearms.[30] In 2005, 17- through 19-year olds were 4.3% of the overall population of the United States.[31] This same age group accounted for 11.2% of those killed by firearm homicides.[32] This age group also accounted for 10.6% of all homicide offenses.[33] The 20- through 24-year-old age group accounted for 7.1% of the population,[31] while accounting for 22.5% of those killed by firearm homicides.[32] The 20 through 24 age group also accounted for 17.7% of all homicide offenses.[33]Those under age 17 are not overrepresented in homicide statistics. In 2005, 13- through 16-year-olds accounted for 6% of the overall population of the United States, but only accounted for 3.6% of firearm homicide victims,[32] and 2.7% of overall homicide offenses.[33]


I own firearms and use it mainly on vermin and such.  And have used it to aim at humans when I needed protection though the dogs did a great job on chasing off unwanted visitors.  But our nation is going mad.  We are unhappy.  Even when surrounded by mountains of worldly goods, we never have enough.


Jews in Israel are in the same boat.  They need more and more of everything including ‘security’ and every time they kill someone for this while stealing stuff, they become less secure.  And the US: the more we try to steal oil or control parts of the earth for ourselves, we lose our security and oil costs more.   This is called ‘digging your own grave’ and our war on drugs is an even deeper grave that is killing Mexico and Central America as well as Afghanistan and Columbia, etc.


This costs a fortune and saves no one.  Yet it, too, rolls relentlessly onwards, too.  Expensive and futile: a recipe for bankruptcy and suicide.  When will this stop?  I do support Ron Paul on ending the war on drugs and the anti-Muslim wars!  But alas, many in our nation are happy with both.  Alas.  How sad.

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45 responses to “End Of Civilization: US Soldier Goes Mad, Massacres Afghani Families

  1. JT

    “Gradually the men rose from potholes. In silence, they watched with weary eyes as the one who had lost his mind was being taken away.
    The war was over.”
    Vaino Linna
    -Unknown Soldier –

  2. Paul S

    Reuters is reportring that it was more than one soldier who did the shooting.

  3. N00b

    Vis-a-vis fighting and killing unarmed peasants we now have this
    Yes, yes the US has made such a difference there. Am I the only one who remembers that another one of the reasons we went into Afghanistan was because we wanted to “free the women from oppression”? As my brother said, “Why don’t they come here to free the Amish women?”
    This kind of “progress” is right in keeping with the continuing oppression of American women, who don’t seem to be paying attention. In Georgia we have that snorting pig Terry England, who is comparing women to cows and chickens.
    In Kansas, we have this:
    “The latest bill — which is scheduled to be discussed by a legislative committee for a second time on Wednesday — contains a number of provisions which would give the state one of the most sweeping anti-abortion laws in the nation. Among the provisions is one which would exempt doctors from malpractice suits if they withhold information — in order to prevent an abortion — that could have prevented a health problem for the mother or child. A wrongful death suit could be filed in the event of the death of the mother.

    Other provisions include requiring women to hear the fetal heartbeat prior to an abortion, taking away tax credits for abortion providers and removing tax deductions for abortion-related insurance. The bill also requires that women be told that abortions would increase the risk of breast cancer, a controversial theory that the World Health Organization, the National Cancer Institute and gynecological groups in the United States and the United Kingdom have said is incorrect.”
    So doctors can lie to their patients and not be called on it. The quote I provided does not tell you this, but this is also a sweeping tax bill. The abortion proceeding itself could be subject to a tax of $200-$300. And EVERY ancillary proceedure would also be taxed. So–follow-up visit–taxed. Medication–taxed. Lab test–taxed.
    It is becoming as frightening to be a woman in the US as it is in Afghanistan.

  4. Being There

    I heard about this in the morning and thought t myself that this is what happens when a society goes off a cliff. He is really a mirror reality of what we are doing in the world. When your great democracy turns into Murder Inc., what do you suppose the people will be like?
    Charles Hugh Smith discussed the fractals idea that I posted about on this site a few weeks ago. The people living in a given society behave like the leadership

    The horror, the horror

  5. Alstradomus

    Blinded by patriotism and false religious myth….., Just two of the demons we are deceived with…….,Our media pundants hide the truth with sweet bait….,Nationalistic zeal,anger,anxiety,and hate….,You can tell a tree by its fruit isn’t that what I read?…..,This fruit from evil trees, to feed the spiritually dead.

  6. DeVaul

    This is really sad. I guess I don’t understand why he had to massacre innocent women and children. Why not attack his own officers or fellow “legionairres” or somebody at least remotely responsible for all this?

    Why always women and children?

    He claims he had a nervous breakdown, but he had time to leave the base and go hunting for innocent people sound asleep in their homes. When these men return, they will do the same here. They will attack women and children, not police officers or paramilitary units. That is when the average American will understand that war does not pay and that silence is complicity. It took just that for the Germans to finally understand.

    This man will not be convicted of anything. He will claim mental insanity and get a ticket home. At most, he will spend some time in an American mental hospital, then he will be set free — like all the others before him.

  7. bamaearl

    And then we wonder why they hate us. Continue reading →

    Hope Spring eternal

  8. bamaearl

    emeinel… ZIRP ‘TIL 2014… I just heard… I hope you and your family have good health throughout the year and beyond… I built no fires this year (I only heat with a wood burner)… oh to live in the DEEP south where you have to be dummer than me to die from the freeze…

  9. bamaearl


  10. Ed Hoarse

    the returning soldiers have already been preying on women, children and the homeless , unless you have chosen to ignore the news over the past 5 years and the cries of abuse of friends and family of military personnel.

    The domestic security apparatus is tightening to allow the Zionist war plans to proceed.

    I commend Elaine for staying in the fight where lesser men have fallen.

  11. DeVaul

    Unlike our traitorous leaders (in Tel Aviv) and corporate CEO’s, Russian military contractors are not stupid, and will not give China technology without a hefty pricetag attached as well as anti-copycat contractual provisions. Russian negotiators can stare down Chinese negotiators anyday, while ours bend over and hand them whatever they demand.


    Sovereign wealth countries can negotiate as equals and even walk away from the table if necessary, but not debtor nations.

    China is building assault stealth bombers now — a much greater threat than Iran’s imaginary nuke.

  12. Being There

    The reasons why we bend over backwards to accomodate the Chinese is that we thought we could turn China against Russia and to allow the CEOs of transantionals to get their cheap labor and currency exchange differentials.
    You have to sweeten the deal, somehow and since the top dogs don’t see this as anything but a trade zone, they aren’t interested in protecting the workforce here. Hence even Adam Smith’s classic economic theory is thrown out the window. esp. barriers to entry to protect your labor.

    This global neoliberalism is some fundamentalism and these guys are the only ones on earth that aren’t trying to protect their own country.

    Yeah, if Obama hadn’t bailed out the auto industry, the Chinese would have been building our cars and military hardware and software too!

  13. Paul S

    What I find curious about these kinds of tragedies is who is NOT attacked. Of course I do not in any way, shape or form advocate violence, but why aren’t the warmongers, the people who sent these soldiers into combat attacked? Why, for example, didn’t we hear about a Viet Nam veteran attempting to attack Robert McNamara? Why haven’t we heard of any attempts by Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans attacking Rumsfeld? Or Cheney. THESE are the people who are truly responsible for the current status of US soldiers and their mental health.

  14. Being There

    Why haven’t we heard of any attempts by Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans attacking Rumsfeld? Or Cheney.

    Power means never having to say you’re sorry—they are “The Untouchables”.
    They are the guilty and they never have to pay.

  15. DeVaul

    @ Paul S

    That’s my question too. I hinted at it above. I do not know of a single instance of an insane soldier going after one of the bigwigs. It is always a group of random, innocent people. It is incomprehensible to me that not one warmonger has ever been assassinated or an attempt made on them.

    Being There’s response does not really answer our question. It just describes the mindset of those who should be the targets of these men they drove insane with their warmongering.

    The question still stands: why don’t the soldiers go after the officers and leaders responsible for their own predicament?

    Killing women and children will change nothing. It will only make the situation worse.

  16. The soldiers started to frag officers in Vietnam. That is the next step here. Interesting that the war profiteers get away with it so often. The times they don’t is when the revolution starts up.

    But the military has ensured that murdering muslims is a non-crime. The soldier(s) will just plead temporary insanity, due to too much pressure blablabla, and they will walk away free men. Nice safety valve for the US.

  17. Being There

    why don’t the soldiers go after the officers and leaders responsible for their own predicament?

    Obviously, They are not accessible.
    Try getting near one. They have secret service security.

  18. Scenario for 2012-2022:
    US becomes involved in Iranian ME war. Gas skyrockets. Riots, cities burning, economic collapse, martial law, government becomes dictatorial. Starving masses placed in camps. Russia finally attacks NATO and the US. War goes nuclear and global. China later comes in and cleans up the mess. Result. 3 billion dead from nuclear attack, radiation poisoning, chemical warfare, famine, disease, and general chaos. And then it will WORSE. Enjoy the 21st Century–TEOTWAWKI.

  19. adam mateyko

    Only 2 links that can advise on this wendigo or Wind-Ego phenomena, one is the thesis the other the antithesis ergo synthesis,, or as Icke takes it problem reaction (false) solution….

    and a longer more esoteric psychic or psychological viewpoint:

    Nuff said… crazyness of the psychic sort. Archons maybe?

  20. adam mateyko

    Oops the second video got lost, here it is:


  21. adam mateyko

    OK this is getting odd, the video link went back to that Austin video, one more try: sorry about that…. Em pls delete the above one if you want to.


  22. adam mateyko

    BTW the Chinese call this the “hungry ghost” that can never be satisfied. They know it well… the US is the hungry ghost….

  23. DeVaul

    “Obviously, They are not accessible.
    Try getting near one. They have secret service security.”

    What good are Navy Seals then? Can they only handle housewives?

  24. DeVaul

    This comes as no surprise to me:


    I was astonished to learn that Al Jezeera was run by an Arab sheik on 60 Minutes a few months ago. This means that it is totally compromised — as in New York Times compromised. No wonder the staff are leaving.

    They know there will be no real investigation of the mass murder in Afghanistan, nor will they be allowed to cover the demonstrations against the sheik right there where they live.

    I never did go there for news anyway.

  25. Paul S

    @Being There: Nobody is truly immune from being attacked, no matter how much protection they have. As I said before, I don’t in any way, shape or form adviocate violence However, if a person is motivated enough–as in, they don’t mind dying in the effort– it can be done.

  26. JimmyJ

    Dick Cheney cancels speech in Canada due to fears of violent protests:


    Cue Harper introducing a made in Canada ‘National Defense Authorization Act’.

  27. Joseppi

    Shockuhzulu’s itinerary for the future is one that I can’t refute, but sure would like to see modulated a little by a peasant revolt.

    In the meantime, how’s your investments in US dollars?

    Here’s the evil master mind of the financialization of the US economy under Clinton admitting he has too many dollar based investments……How about you?

    Robert Rubin, who as U.S. Treasury secretary in the 1990s promoted a stronger dollar, said he has too much of his personal investments in the currency.
    A “disproportionate amount” of his assets are in cash and he “should be more allocated away from the dollar,” Rubin, 73, said yesterday in a speech at the TradeTech conference in New York.


    Here’s Iceland putting ice on the dollar too after saying “”farðu til fjandans” to the bankers of Europe who wanted to have the citizens of Iceland pay for their bankers greed……


  28. Joseppi

    Just as Elaine has been saying….

    Here we see the Japanese taking their currency reserves of US dollars from years of an export advantage to the US because the Japanese manipulated their currency to by devaluing it through years of ZIRP – Now they are jumping ship and joining up with China by taking their currency reserves of dollars and exchanging them for the Chinese yuan.
    Why – because the future of Japan lies with it’s economic relationship with China, which is growing, while the trade relationship with the US is declining.


  29. JT


    “Former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney has cancelled an April appearance in Toronto citing concerns Canada is too dangerous.”

    Great thinkers and humanitarians are not popular in Canada?

  30. Being There

    As to the issue of going after the right people, There’s a world of difference between the kind of planning for real retribution to take place. The soldier who killed the Afghans was not rational. Those who would mete out justice would have to be strategic and tactical in their plans. Navy seals?

    McNamara admitted he ginned up Vietnam and although he might be reviled for this, there was no attempt on his life.

    Outside the country there are those who want the members of W’s administration arrested, don’t know about killed.

    The civilian culture in this country is criminal and the military will be ruined by them. They want their wars for profit, but don’t like public funding for the veterans, so they are starving the beast, which is anything in the public domain. What happens when things collapse is anyone’s guess, but the Republicans are at war with all that is held by the people and they fail to recognize this.

    The criminals want the middle class to fall here, as it is clear that they are destroying the value of the dollar and refuse to change anything that reverses their global neoliberal agenda. Business is not doing well, which is why Obama is not doing well with the people. He too is neoliberal and global, but does it with a modicum of kindness that the Repbulicans don’t have. If the Americans vote in the Reps, I say, Welcome to the theater of cruelty…..

    They have repudiated and lied about Keynesianism but will not even utter the name of Milton Friedman. They’ll tell you a mixed economy is socialist and against freedom, but they are corporate communists and will do nothing to stop the graft on the top. They are owned by the top 1%.

    All the sudden government can’t do anything right. It only produced the Manhattan project, Darpa and the internet, sent a man to the moon through NASA—Built the Hoover Dam, but we must destroy government. Why? Cause they say so. And when they say something with authority it make it so.

    Economist, Michael Hudson lectured Iceland how to avoid the austerity route and is also helping Italy in that way. There are choices, but in this country there’s a total lock-down on the ideas that made this middle class great when we were competing with the Soviet Union.

  31. emsnews

    As Europe, the US and Japan all go bankrupt at the same time, this will not bring happiness and freedom a la say, Iceland, a tiny island with little population, many of whom have fled recently…

    NO…this would bring WWIII.

  32. Steve Murgaski

    There’s an interesting Vince Flynn novel called Term Limits, about US soldiers organizing to take retribution on elected officials. It seems to be working in the beginning, but then other groups use the chaos to start assassinating for different purposes. It’s a good read.

  33. JT

    @christian w

    “But the military has ensured that murdering muslims is a non-crime. The soldier(s) will just plead temporary insanity, due to too much pressure blablabla, and they will walk away free men”

    I wouldn’t blame the soldiers too much.
    Casualties of war;
    truth, innocence, sanity, children, women…

    War is hell and every one of the bastards who went will have nightmares for decades.
    Even the ones who can handle it.

    Nobody walks away from the frontline unhurt. Nobody.

  34. @JT

    That is why war is a supreme crime. How the hell does people in the west think it can get away with these bloody wars (against Muslims (at the moment)) without the tail end of the wars not turn around to bite them?

    We cannot be ruled by war criminal coorporations and their lackeys and expect to live in freedom and unmolested. If the CEO’s and politicians running these operations don’t care about the law and the death and destruction they wreak abroad, they don’t care about the law and the citizens back here at home either. They only care about their own power.

    Just saw that G4S is going to be part of the privatized police force in the UK. G4S is a big “security” operator profiting from conflicts everywhere.


    These people are also going to be the security at the Olympics in London this summer.

    Private police force, private jails, judges bought off by money and careers, politicians that retire to protected and cushy board room jobs on the war profiteering companies – or live of the spin off from talks rewarded with tax free money returning to their pockets by grateful business leaders…

    The only way to bust this racket is through the law, or a revolution.

  35. G4S is a big “security” operator in Afghanistan as well.

  36. Paul S

    @Being There: the globalist neoliberal agenda has never been about “Free” markets. It’s always been about robbery. Robbery on a grand scale, unlike anything seen before. Milton Friedman and his ilk have served as an intellectual cover for transferring HUGE sums of wealth from the taxpayers–mainly Middle Class–to the already wealthy, all under the guise of either keeping us safe (think War on Terror) or “free-er” (think deregulation). Of course, the “Free” marketers a la Friedman have NEVER been about safety or freedom. Acquiring enormous wealth is what they are REALLY after–always have been.

  37. US SOLDIER GOES MAD, yes the Military pushed him there:

    ‘The story of the soldier in the Afghan shooting is a true travesty.
    Why? Consider the soldier’s background:

    –3 combat tours in Iraq

    –Living under the constant threat of violent death from just about every avenue, at any time…for years

    –A few months of a new combat tour in Afghanistan

    –Suffered traumatic brain injury

    –Lost part of his foot to a battle wound

    –Saw a comrade lose a leg in combat

    –Fighting a war the public in his country do not support.

    –Fighting a dirty war where the enemy doesn’t wear uniforms, fights extremely dirty (uses children as suicide bombers, wears Afghan army uniforms then opens fire).

    –Being a member of a military that is stressed to the max after 10 years of war and a backlog of what must be hundreds of thousands of traumatized veterans needing sustained, long term help

    –Martial and financial problems’

  38. Yes, the soldier is such a poor little victim. O.o

  39. A victim of Bush / Obama. And he may die for ‘serving his country and
    being pushed beyond his sanity.

    How many in Senate / Congress have skin in the game ?
    Bush/Obama, Do they send their families into war?

    Eliane, Do you know jews are vastly under represented in the military?
    Gee big surprise, eh? those patriots.

  40. That soldier didn’t have to ‘serve’. He chose to. He was not a victim of Bush/Obama, he was a voluntary for the most aggressive, murderous, globalist military on the planet. He was a willing tool, not a victim.

  41. JT

    @christian w

    I have to disagree with you.
    He is just another casualty of a pointless war.

  42. This guy joined the US Army at the hight of the war crime that was the invasion of Iraq. He knew what he was doing. He may be stupid, he may be ignorant, but a victim he is not.

    Sure you may see him as a victim of war in a philosophical way, but that is like arguing that all the SS murderers were just a victim of society, upbringing, brainwashing, greed, racism etc. Of course they were, but that doesn’t make them any less guilty of war crimes at their own hands.

  43. The real victims are the people that are ground under the boots of people like this guy.

  44. JT

    @christian w

    Let’s hope none of us ever have to choose.

  45. JT

    @christian w

    Not sure it matters if you have fallen to a manhole in Kabul, hit by friendly fire or killed by a soldier who has lost his mind after 10 years of war.
    Of course you are marked in different categories:
    a KIA
    b civilian casualties

    We all like to think the “real” casualties all are hit by enemy fire while dragging their wounded comrades to safety but that is not the case is it.

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