Massacre Soldier Was Fraud Stock Trader

So, it turns out that the mass murderer was also a cheater who conned people out of their life savings.  Maybe Sgt. Bales can replace Mr. Smith who recently stormed out of Goldman Sachs and denounced them for being a bunch of crazy crooks!  Also, US bonds will cost more and more and since the US government funds the mortgage markets, interest rates on mortgages will go up, too.  Bad news for people hoping this massive, historic housing bubble will be fixed via cheap loans.


For a while, the killer who rampaged in the homes of foreign people we claim we are protecting, all the testimonials were about what a fine person he really was.  But now the bad news comes:  Bales was found liable in financial fraud

For the staff sergeant held in the Afghanistan massacre, a career as a stock trader appears to have ended months after he was accused of engaging in fraud while handling the retirement account of an elderly client in Ohio.


A recent study suggested that at least 10% of the guys running Wall Street games were sociopaths.  Perhaps 50% are sociopaths and 10% are outright homicidal psychopaths.  The massive wreckage of our entire banking system, our political system and our foreign affairs can be traced back to Wall Street’s greed.  If a flood of money didn’t pour into the maws of the top elites of Wall Street, they would not have the huge funds available for bribing Congress or meddling in our elections or running for President.


ZIRP loans won’t last forever.  In Japan, they got away with two dozen years of ZIRP but that entire system runs on fumes now and is in full collapse.  Here, we still have some input from reality, that is, our government, unlike Japan, sells bonds overseas.  So, Don’t Ignore Quiet Surge in Bond Rates | Fox Business

The nature of inflation is, it takes off like a rocket.  The energy builds up.  The governments go into denial.  Then, they do stupid things (print more money, start more wars, refuse to tax the rich) and it shoots up quite suddenly.  I still remember Nixon’s ‘wage/price controls’.  The owners of our businesses were quite pleased with the wage control part but hated the price control end.


Today, they have a perfect world: wages go down and down due to free trade forcing us to compete with foreign labor and foreign currency exchanges that are not in our favor while businesses can raise prices to their heart’s content.  And up and up goes the prices and now we can buy, thanks to dropping wages and rising prices, only survival things like food and fuel.  Both of which shoot relentlessly upwards.


Now, thanks to the warmongering of the US and Israel, we have very high oil prices going up and up and Iran is threatening to make it impossible to ship oil from any of the Gulf states.  Up it goes, yet again!  So, just like with Nixon, just like with Carter when two separate wars caused sudden oil price spikes, we will get raging inflation since wages can’t drop even more.


Treasury Selloff Continues, Yields Jump | Fox Business

“The backup in the 10-year U.S. Treasury bond yield since late February certainly reflects mounting confidence in the strength and sustainability of economic growth,” Ed Yardeni, president and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research, wrote in a note.

On the other hand, a sudden leap in Treasury yields could slow the economy by raising the price of credit linked to the 10-year note such as mortgages.


So, the Treasury Selloff Continues, Yields Jump | Fox Business


The U.S. government debt market last week suffered its worst week since June, as pension funds, insurance companies and other large fund managers began re-allocating money into stocks and other growth-oriented investments.

Afternoon selling by mortgage companies pushed bond prices to session lows, analysts said. Mortgage companies typically sell their hedges that use Treasuries and interest rate swaps because they lose value as yields are rising quickly.


This is a classic catch-22: interest rates are not rising due to things going well.  They are rising due to high oil costs driving basic inflation.  This is ‘stagflation’ a word invented during the Ford Presidency when he wanted to ‘Whip Inflation Now!’  Maybe I am the only American who remembers WIN.  A lot of the things happening now happened back then and naturally, this is why virtually no news articles or even blogs explaining things mention Nixon, Ford and even Carter when talking about the future.


Well, the future is what it was back then: a repeat including the US wanting a massive Cold War with Russia and China while fiddling in the oil fields of the Middle East.  Back then, Iran was the Evil Empire, too.  And cut oil exports.


Back to Wall Street:  Goldman Rejects Claims Made by Outgoing Executive and do note the guy’s name is Mr. Smith, not Mr. Goldstein.  That is, he isn’t a tribal member so he told people what is going on seemingly innocently.  That is, as an outsider, he saw what lay inside the cocoon.  And it is ugly.  Really ugly: total greed, like the massacre soldier, no regard for humanity or honesty and on a rampage.  Naturally, the gnomes running the joint are angry someone is holding their paws to the fire so they put out this  Goldman Memo: We Were Disappointed to Read Assertions.


Tut, tut.  How dare anyone accuse them of asserting that they are a bunch of frauds, crooks or sociopaths.  Talking about fraud and sociopaths, here is this last quarter’s Derivatives Report from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency:

So, in this table, these contracts’ value rose over 50% in the most recent quarter.  No wonder Wall Street was so happy this winter.  As the Occupy Wall Street protestors were all violently removed, the sneers of the traders and operators were on full display.  When the hedges of the banks operate on one end of the teeter totter, the other end goes up or down the opposite degree.   So 53% positive fair trade becomes 53% derivative payables.

Look how the interest rate swaps grew!  In 1990, they were miniscule.  In 2001, only 40 trillion.  By today, 200 trillion.  This is insanity, of course, and Wall Street knows this.  The game they are playing is called ‘hide the capital’.  That is, all capital moves to the PRIVATE accounts of the Wall Street game players while it is cleverly replaced with derivative deals which run in the multiple trillions while having virtually no capital base left, it being eaten away by the operators of the markets.  THIS is the real scandal, not just the fact that Goldman Sachs, for example, cheats chumps wanting to ape the operators and strip us of all capital.

And Goldman Sachs is very deeply involved in this stripping of capital!  Even so, today’s derivative exposure is less than in 2009.  But it dwarfs all the other top game operations run on Wall Street.  By a long shot.  And so when is Congress going to hold hearings about all this?


The same day they decide to hold hearings about how AIPAC controls our State Department, naturally: never.


And the Bank of America stumbles onwards with rumors biting its tail:  Bank of America Shares Dive After Crossing $10 – Deal Journal – WSJ


While those concerns might not be scary enough to justify the stock trading at $5, they are concerning and don’t exactly justify a soaring price, many analysts have argued. Wall Street’s average price target remains below $9, according to FactSet, and has shown very little movement even as the shares have kept rallying recently.


Morgan Stanley, for instance today, upped its earnings estimates in the first quarter and for 2012 for BofA, but even as it lifted its price target it only moved it to $9 from $7.


And of course, the Bank of America is still one of the top 5 holders of the Derivative Beast:

$55 TRILLION exposure.  Good lord.  The three top banks are the three biggest game players and this is Russian Roulette which is why all the bankers in the West, the NATO countries, were in hysterics about Germany, which has capital, save them all from any and all defaults.  And yet, the defaults are still lining up and coming one after another!  Many, many countries are now in deep trouble due to funding their home banking systems without capital.


One nation doing this is the UK:  David Cameron unveils plan to sell off the roads | Politics | The Guardian


The prime minister will say: “We need to look at innovative approaches to the funding of our national roads – to increase investment to reduce congestion. Road tolling is one option, but we are only considering this for new, not existing, capacity. For example, we’re looking at how improvements to the A14 could be part-funded through tolling.

“But we now need to be more ambitious. Why is it that other infrastructure – for example water – is funded by private-sector capital through privately owned, independently regulated utilities, but roads in Britain call on the public finances for funding?

“We need to look urgently at the options for getting large-scale private investment into the national roads network – from sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and other investors. That’s why I have asked the Department for Transport and the Treasury to carry out a feasibility study of new ownership and financing models for the national roads system and to report progress to me in the autumn.”…

Cameron will say: “The truth is, we are falling behind … our competitors. And falling behind the great, world-beating, pioneering tradition set by those who came before us. There is now an urgent need to repair the decades-long degradation of our national infrastructure and to build for the future with as much confidence and ambition as the Victorians once did.”


The US has been doing this for a long, long time.  Bit by painful bit, parts of the public infrastructure are being sold off to foreigners and then the tax revenues or the fees and tolls are sent overseas.  This is exactly what the Spanish Empire did until it went bankrupt and stayed pretty much poor…for several hundred years.  Yes, when a government goes bankrupt, they don’t retain their empires, they become POOR.  For a long, long time.  This happened to China, too, and Rome.  It is an old story.


The shadow transport secretary, Maria Eagle, said: “Motorists already suffering from record fuel prices now face a road charging free-for-all, adding to the cost of living crisis facing households up and down the country.

Instead of easing the burden on drivers and boosting our stalled economy through a temporary cut in VAT, ministers look set to let private companies take over the strategic road network and charge drivers for access.


And then there is climate change: the idea is not to give us better energy systems or help us buy better transportation, it has become all about eliminating our participation in various systems.  We are to shiver in the cold, walk everywhere and live in misery as peasants while the elites drive fast cars, fly jets and live in immense palaces, all of which are funded by stripping away public systems into private hands while funding loans at super cheap rates via government fiat while at the same time, stripping all capital from systems and holding it for themselves just like Steve Jobs held billions in accounts rather than spread the wealth.


This ‘hoarding’ factor is huge.  The rich are never happy with immense wealth because their brains go into high gear and want infinite wealth and thus, the richer they are, the harder it is to share with anyone, even family members.  This is part of the ‘sociopath’ thinking epidemic on Wall Street and in the richest people on earth who are not happy sharing even a crust of bread with the rest of humanity.

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46 responses to “Massacre Soldier Was Fraud Stock Trader

  1. Joseppi

    “print more money, start more wars, refuse to tax the rich”

    An concise diagnosis that is at the heart of the beast’s bad behavior of thrashing fearful peasants worldwide and degrading the planet.

  2. ‘We are to shiver in the cold, walk everywhere and live in misery as peasants while the elites drive fast cars, fly jets and live in immense palaces,’ [Well you noticed]

    I am in Santa Monica, where one must pay for a paper bag at the grocery. SM is a ‘sustainable’ city.
    However its not a ‘tax’ technically because the people/voters wouldnt vote for it so it was enforced with other terms. One example of liberalism run amok.

  3. ‘the guy’s name is Mr. Smith, not Mr. Goldstein. That is, he isn’t a tribal member so he told people what is going on’

    You never know. I know Jews with last names like Gordon for instance.
    Tim Wise is as rabid as any of them, and hes 1/2 goy.

  4. Being There

    The idea of fractals stands in this case. A morally bankrupt nation produces a shyster in finances who wipes out an elderly couple, goes to war for Murder Inc. and ends up massacring women and children. It is the logical extension.

    He kills the innocent because, of course nobody can get to the untouchables….

    Even the rich can’t escape what’s happening. It’s not enough to be rich to be safe, you have to be connected…

  5. bamaearl

    Hope Springs Eternal in 2012.

    Pretty Lady, may this Spring be your best!

    James Earl Carter Jr. (39) is my favorite, thanks for his mention.

  6. chop

    mr smith plays the drone .

    try all drones for murder

    the drone program has savaged the savings of a nation .

    old women , old men..

    the nation gets all upset about the killing of innocents by mr smith.. mums the word about a drone attack..

    of course mr smith did not act alone .. reports are coming out that at least many more were involved ..

    how does one man rape some kill some and burn some over a couple villages.. racing here their .. not enough time for one to do the work of twenty.

    a quorum of 20 as symbols of a drone attack

  7. Congress approves Drones over USA!
    chickens home to roost, eh

  8. floridasandy

    your “sociopathic thinking” is just as prevalant among the poor.

    they always want “more”, something for nothing, handouts, and no taxation.. it is human nature- so do you think if you have a pile of money you stop being human? when liberals get wealthy, they turn into bono, creating fraud charities and/or sheltering their wealth from taxes.

    jobs has every right to determine how the wealth he created is distributed.

    at least that wealth was EARNED wealth, with people choosing to buy his product, rather than forced wealth (like the government has) where money is involuntarily confiscated.

    note that the wealth is not equally confiscated because if you have government connections you don’t even have to pay anything-at least, until you are appointed treasury secretary. 🙂

  9. floridasandy

    the difference on the soldier is that he will have to pay for his crime, unlike all those criminals connected to obama-who will retire wealthy somewhere.

    that soldier’s life is over as he knew it. (and deservedly so), although i do also blame those who would put him on his 4th tour of duty-when he had known anger management issues, lost part of his foot, had a brain injury, and saw his friend killed or injured. (whatever it was).

    where is the trial for those who would do that? i guess the government is running out of people who are willingly going to sacrifice themselves for the “greater good”.

  10. Being There

    I noticed you used Steve Jobs as an example of a person who earned his fortune. Nobody argues about that kind of earning, btw not lliberals, not nobody, although one can point to salve labor in China at Foxcom where workers are so exhausted they had to put up nets so people couldn’t jump to their deaths!
    You chose not to point out the fraudsters in finance and the 15% taxes they pay thanks to the lowered capital gains tax that the govt and cronies came up with against those who work for a living.

    These are the real arguments, not your canard about free hand-outs.
    The top dogs are getting way more welfare than the poor in this country and the TBTF got 26 trillion dollars!—Now that’s corporate communism, but I don’t hear you complaining about that.

  11. CK

    Maybe he just hated them for their religious customs the same way that they just hate the US for its entertainments.

  12. Chris Hedges has a very good comment again.

    He quotes an psychological study that says that after 60 days of continuous combat 98% of soldiers go insane. The other two percent were insane already to start with…

    I think the US needs to think again about this Eternal War concept. It is obvious a lot of ‘leaders’ in the US and Eternally at War Israel are completely nuts, but to let them lead you into their own nightmare is not such a hot idea.

  13. @CK

    The Afghanis are reacting to US violence in their nation. If anything, they hate you for your “war as entertainment” mentality, that is blighting their nation and has for over two decades. Anyone would take umbrage when culturally superior people invade to “bounce the rubble” of your nation and indiscriminately murders children and innocent civilians and worse, don’t you think.

  14. DeVaul

    @Being There

    I believe you are rather new here.

    Floridasandy is an ultra-conservative who specializes in throwing out canards and cliches and, occasionally, a platitude here or there. She does not engage in direct logical arguement, but prefers to wage asymetrical semantic warfare instead, as it slowly wears down her opponent and eventually causes him to go mentally bankrupt and/or insane — or both.

  15. JT

    “He quotes an psychological study that says that after 60 days of continuous combat 98% of soldiers go insane. The other two percent were insane already to start with…”

    It takes about 4-5 days of no sleep for everyone of us to go a bit insane.
    Throw in bombs, mutilated children and fallen comrades so you are screwed for at least 5-10 years after that.
    That is if you are a healthy individual.

    Frontline is frontline.
    And it has nothing to do with ordinary soldiering that 90% of military people do.

  16. JT

    “There were many words that you could not stand to hear and finally only the names of places had dignity. Abstract words such as glory, honor, courage, or hallow were obscene.”

  17. I just learned what may be old news to some.
    Obama has voted in record high Military Budgets every year he has been in office.

  18. Paul S

    @floridasandyy: “our “sociopathic thinking” is just as prevalant among the poor. they always want “more”, something for nothing, handouts, and no taxation.. it is human nature-…” Your analogy is false for two reasons. First, the poor do not have thousands of paid lobbyists in Washington DC to give them multi billion dollar tax breaks and loopholes. The uber wealthy do. Second, comparing the uber wealthy getting “something for nothing” involves MUCH bigger sums of money than a poor person on Food Support getting maybe $30–$40 a month extra that they may not be entitled. You are a typical Republican. You parrot the false and/or dishonest talking points you are fed through right wing media. You focus on, as another said here, cliches and stereotypes about the poor. Strangest of all, you complain BITTERLY over perceived unfairness the poor receive, but you FIERCELY defend the advantages of the super wealthy!!?? I have to say it: WTF is up with that??? One thing it isn’t is a rational point of view.

  19. Paul S

    Correction: I meant to say: “Strangest of all, you complain BITTERLY over perceived unfair advantages the poor receive…” I wish we had an ‘edit’ feature here.

  20. Being There


    I’m used to it. The right-winger inverted logic was much worse on CFN than here.

    I used to blog under a different screen name there, but this baby got thrown out with the bathwater when JHK tried to block a troll.

  21. DeVaul

    I see. Well, I wasn’t sure. I just wanted to warn you because it can be exhausting to argue with someone who turns a blind eye constantly to the plundering of the rich while bashing the poor relentlessly.

    Here is something I find disturbing: both the CIA and Mossad have publicly stated several times now via reports that Iran has no nuclear weapon and is not even close to developing one, yet the preparations for war continue unabated. I have never seen a complete divergence between the CIA and the Pentagon like this, so what is going on? Why is the CIA not falling into line like it always did in the past? And what about Mossad?

    Does anyone else find this strange?

  22. @DeVaul

    I find it strange that despite there being no evidence of Iran pursuing a nuke, the propaganda effort to the contrary has been immense. So much so that for no real reason, apart from warmongering by Israel, Iran is being cut off from the Swift banking system and have international sanctions imposed on them. All for an imaginary nuke program that only exists in the head of Netanyahu and zionist spin doctors. The power Israel has, through weilding the US military and MSM propaganda machine, is enormous.

    I believe the simple truth is that the truth doesn’t matter to these idealogues and warmongers. They are fascists and they want their wars. The people saying there are no facts supporting the warmongering are only covering their backs. They know there will be war anyway.

  23. Being There

    From my daily Gold Prices Newsletter I received this morning:

    Economic crises signal that the current system isn’t working as expected and needs improvement. When it comes to monetary systems, questioning their fundamentals can lead to doubts about whether the preferred medium of exchange will continue to be preferred for long. The large-scale whirlwind of economic trouble around the globe has pushed some to rethink the role of gold in the economy – and to actually move toward bringing it back.

    A month ago, a rumor that India is going to pay in gold for oil imported from sanction-struck Iran sent shockwaves through the markets. It was no small deal, both in principle and volume: India is one of Iran’s largest oil buyers, responsible for about 22 percent of total exports and worth about US$12 billion per year. China is next with 13 percent,

  24. DeVaul

    I understand how some individuals will want to cover their backs, but entire government agencies? These two agencies are not your standard governmental departments, they form the core of the global undercover wars and assassinations being carried out in the world today. Something is very fishy about their position on Iran given their past performances.

    Oh, and here is an excellent essay by Matt Taibbi on how most Americans became multi-millionaires and billionaires — not by inventing something or making something, but by being part of the financial tsunami of scam that washed over us these past 30 years:

    This article is just about Bank of America and its relentless scams. BOA is just one of many financial monsters that have ravaged our entire society.

    Floridasandy should read this article to see where all the poor people came from, but she will not. Her mind is so closed it cannot be opened even with the “jaws of life”.

  25. Here is another excellent article. Arundathi Roy describes how globalism/capitalism is carving up India – and she has an interesting historical look at the development behind it all as well. A lengthy article but very interesting.

  26. Concerned Liberal

  27. JT

    @christian w

    “they hate you for your “war as entertainment” mentality”

    When bombing civilians and children + invading countries there is plenty of more simple reasons to hate.
    I think that is your own reason?

    I dislike US policy because:
    a black and white thinking (good and bad guys have to be found always in every situtation)
    b bully tactics and total disregard for international rules, Geneva treaty, UN…. (due to Sovjet Union collapsing, no balance anymore)
    c the unability to deal with Israel at all (due to religious and superstitious reasons)
    d the unablity to raise taxes and control financial institutions
    e unability to provide even decent schooling and social mobility anymore

    I like US
    a still a western democracy of sorts
    b still freedom of speech, only platforms and mikes are controlled
    c still funding for silly projects
    d dynamic economy
    e russians, chinese and eurocrats are all worse
    f big guns

    But this out of control massacre banking unleashed on the world and total bully tactics and disregard for any rules created over the last 100 years.

    US is the good patriotic soldier who went mad.
    And I fear there is no cure for that except time.
    It takes decades to heal from this not years.

  28. JT

    Meet Mohammed Merah and his BMW.
    Not much different from the boys on the other side?
    Silly, brave, testosterone pumped, bright eyed freedom fighter.
    Like all the hundreds of millions that came before him over the centuries.

    We will never learn.

  29. floridasandy

    paul s-

    my point was about human nature, not about “the poor” specifically. what i am saying is that it is HUMAN NATURE to want something for free—, a perk.

    you offer the rich bailouts and they take them, and same with the poor. that’s all i am saying.

    do the poor really think that the government is concerned about them? have the poor areas gotten any richer? have we turned the economy around? have we developed energy independence?

    the poor seem to forget that they don’t have the money, and that money talks to our congressman. whose side do you really think our congressmen/women are going to take when push comes to shove?

    the poor were promised a lifetime of benefits in greece, and where are they now? the problem is that the government cannot actually deliver on the promises they make, .

    where are we now in america? does anyone really think that america can continue nonstop on this path of spending?

    rich crooks certainly need to be punished, and certainly didn’t deserve their bonuses. (which should have been taken back, as promised-it wasn’t a reward for a job well done.).

    -but let’s not mistake whose fault it is that they got away with it in the first place. IF NOT FOR THE GOVERNMENT BAILING THEM OUT, THEY WOULD HAVE GONE UNDER. (as they should have), and we wouldn’t have to be talking about what punishment is appropriate.

    we would not have socialized the losses on the backs of all americans.

  30. billibaldi

    “Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup – they all die. So do we.” Robert Fulghum. This applies to empires and civilisations. Some of these things are a part of the cycle of life.

    We do learn, the Germans haven’t invaded Russia in over half a century.

  31. JT


    What little we learn takes only 60 years to forget.

    We have ex-communists running EU politics.
    We have Goldman-Sachs running ECB.
    Trade and currency wars raging all over the place.
    Inflation is 10-15% round the globe, jobless and poor are everywhere.
    Right wing politics is on the rise.

    We are on the descent to creating the perfect circumstances for another world war.

  32. DeVaul

    JT is right. Nothing has been learned. But then, nothing worth learning was taught to us this past 60 years either. On the contrary, it was kept hidden from us by a small group of people who had their own agendas to push.

    Even if it had been taught to us, I suspect the lure of easy living that the climax of the industrial revolution brought to America would have persuaded most people here and in Europe to not think about the past much. That is, to not reflect upon our past mistakes and how we could avoid them again.

    A hundred years ago, before the internet, TV, radio, and all the other “info gadgets”, the average person was more informed politically than the average American today, and old newspapers show this very clearly. It is worth mentioning that our ancestors had time to read and reflect, something few people do today as they push madly on the buttons of their gadgets to exchange bits and pieces of meaningless trivia.

    As a Deaf person, I notice this. I have no gadgets attached to my head or ears or body. I often wonder what those around me are saying or typing with no pause — not even to notice they are walking across a four lane highway or making a left turn in front of you using their nose. (They cannot grip the steering wheel with their teeth because they are busy yapping).

    This may change some, as I noticed recently that here in Lexington the former bumper to bumper traffic has all but disappeared, even during the usual rush hours. It is not spring break here, so where did all the cars go? I suspect people have finally run out of money for 4 dollar gasoline and now they stay home. Has anyone else noticed a collapse in traffic?

    Lexington was ranked the number one worst city for carbon footprint per capita in the whole country several years ago. I was shocked by that but then our small city did not warrant so much traffic, so it may have been true. I am glad traffic is back to 1990 levels, but I know this means people don’t have money anymore. Driving is the last thing Americans give up.

  33. emsnews

    Thanks for all the great comments.

    I fell yesterday and smashed my front tooth badly and had to go to an emergency dentist in Bennington, Vermont.

    Well, he had just opened his office only three months ago, fresh out of school! I was not certain about him when he said he could stick my tooth back into place with his hands.

    I said, ‘Go for it!’ and HE SUCCEEDED! Wow!

    It made a loud snapping noise when he did it but he did it! I can’t talk too well right now because my gums are very hurt for the next two weeks.

    Anyway, I am now one of his patients for good. I will gladly drive to his house where his office is and he is a fun dentist, I might say.

    Anyone in Vermont needing a dentist, email me. I will give the address! All because of an emergency in that town.

    Life is so funny, how we find things literally by accident. The tooth that was damaged was one I was considering getting fixed, anyways. Now, I have a good reconstructive dentist right out of school…with great prices…to do the job.

    On the other hand, falling and smashing my face hurt a lot. OUCH. Life is full of opportunities and accidents and we make what we can from both, don’t we all?

  34. JT


    Have you seen this?
    A deaf rapper.

    Some things make me very proud of my country.

  35. floridasandy

    sorry elaine,

    i bet that hurt, and i hope you feel better.

    we disagree a lot, but i admire the extensive work that you put into your postings. (even if i don’t agree with every conclusion you draw–and i sure as heck agree with several of them)

    i wish that some day we could all be on the same page when it comes to solutions. i think a meltdown is increasingly in the cards in the future, probably less than 10 years to go.

  36. Christian W,
    That Ugly building in the link is his home and cost a BILLION DOLLARS!

  37. DeVaul

    Wow, JT. That was really interesting. Just watched it here at home on someone else’s wireless internet during early morning (site is blocked at work). It looks a lot like ASL, so I was surprised to see that it was related to Swedish Sign language at Wikipedia. Many of the hand motions were the same as ASL, but the hand shapes were different. I understood it better than Dutch sign language, though.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a constitutional amendment recognizing ASL and the rights of the Deaf. I want one and I even have a name for it: The Deaf Persons Relief Act. No chance of getting it past our corrupt congress.

    One thing I did notice in the video: the sign for “hate” is backwards there. Here it would mean something like “hating yourself” or “I hate myself”. If you add the sign for Jew to that, it becomes “self-hating Jew” in ASL. I bet the Zionists would love to learn that sign. They would probably make it part of their “protocols of Zionism” or something.

    Thanks for the videos.

  38. JT


    I don’t know if this guy “talks” other languages.
    I think I saw a video of him in NYC concert.
    Does he sign different here?
    I can’t follow it’s so fast?

  39. JT


    I think I spotted the difference.
    Come to think of it, this guy propably has to study “english” too since he went to college.

  40. DeVaul

    Ok, now that I can see it without it stuttering and stopping, it appears to be ASL with some urban slang thrown in and he is mouthing English words, so the person singing must be singing in English. How did he learn ASL over there in Finnland? Is he Finnish? Can you hear the song?

    Maybe Swedish sign language is base on ASL, but I thought it was different. ASL is based on Old French Sign language, but changed in the colonies and after the war of independence into something completely different. It went underground after the Convention of Milan, where Alexander Graham Bell got everyone to outlaw sign language everywhere. All Deaf teachers and educators were fired in America and not allowed to use ASL in public for more than 60 years. The Golden Age of Deaf education in America was terminated and never really recovered.

  41. JT


    I think he studied ASL in college.
    It’s just like everybody else, you have to study foreign languages.

    I googled a bit and they offer courses of ASL in universities here.

    Yes they are a team the other guy raps in english.
    They write their own music.

    Here’s his website:

  42. DeVaul

    I thought so. Wow. ASL is taught in Finnish universities. That just leaves me flabbergasted.

    The largest high school for the Deaf is located just 30 minutes from here, yet the largest university in the state will not offer any ASL instruction. I had to drop out of law school after losing my hearing because UK would not provide me with someone to transcribe my recordings of the lectures. The dean asked me if I could just “guess” at the answers on the final exam.

    A smaller university 30 minutes from here is the only one that offers ASL classes and a degree in ASL interpretation. Their students often drive to Lexington just to meet real Deaf people so they can practice their skills. We meet at the eating area of a mall twice a month, and the number of hearing people outnumbers us by 3 or 4 to one at least. All but one of my Deaf friends moved away from here, and I don’t blame them.

    Thanks for the videos.

  43. ‘Have you seen this?
    A deaf rapper’
    A white guy dumbly mimicking black ‘culture’.

  44. DeVaul

    Thanks 90404 for reminding me in such a subtle way that as a Deaf person I am nothing, like an American Indian. I don’t exist and have no right to do anything or ask for anything and certainly no right to mimick the culture of those who are above me — be they white or black.

    Since we are not allowed to have our own culture based on ASL, that pretty much leaves us with nothing — just like American Indians.

    Bask now in the glory of power and self righteousness, 90404. When you cross over into the Other World, it disappears.

  45. JT


    “A white guy dumbly mimicking black ‘culture’.”

    That is what you walked away with from that video?
    The guy likes it because he says he can feel the beat in his body even though he’s deaf.

    What type of music do you like btw?
    Since almost everything else is pretty much based on black culture.

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