Runaway Freight Trades: Too Fast Causes Wall Street Crashes

It seems that once again, someone batty, running a high speed computer program for trades screwed up the stock markets this time with Apple and the risks of trading 29,000 times per second – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech:  That is, someone, somewhere, once again, goofed and put in a wrong trade and this caused a sudden cascade plunge event which the Board had to manually erase due to this being yet another ‘accident’.


The clowns who did this were the BATS Global Markets guys: BATS is shorthand for ‘Better Alternative Trading System’.  Snark.  Its debut was a monumental crash.  And to think, this operation is being done in Kansas, Dorothy should drop her house on the Wicked Witch there and kill the creature.  I hope everyone hurt by today’s crash sues these idiots in Kansas.  Teach them a lesson.  And they should be investigated and SHUT DOWN.  Because you can’t trust them.

These sudden, unforeseen toxic nuclear meltdowns have suddenly begun to happen not once a decade but once a YEAR.  This began when the big computer centers were built in Jersey City and lower Manhattan and filled with computer complexes that simply play ping-pong endlessly not once an hour or once a minute but chopped up in fast-moving segments of tiny fractions of a second.  A million trades can happen in the matter of minutes!  Now, a number of exchanges have been set into motion all over America to ape these giants…with terrifying results.


So…it is ‘erased’ but this is another bullet in the heart of the entire system: when speed approaches warp speed when it strives for infinity, it crashes to zero.  This concept of putting brakes on lending, capital accumulation, political power, magical religious powers, the printing of money, the energy in a nuclear power plant, the size of bombs used in wars, etc. is a matter of life or total annihilation.  There has to be limits on speed, power and mass.


The refusal to acknowledge the need for brakes is troubling.  Imagine driving down a steep mountain with no brakes.  You crash and die.  Imagine getting into a vehicle that only goes faster and faster until it disintegrates.  The insanity of letting things run wild should be painfully obvious.  The board of directors of Wall Street are guilty of letting things run with no brakes.  We see the near future here: any slight event that causes the markets to move fast will, in less than three minutes, go hyperspeed to total zero.


Since this starts to happen accidentally, imagine a panic where the parties really want to sell!  We know from the Great Depression, the markets had to be closed for several days so the paperwork could catch up on things and the brutal bear market roared onwards for a long spell afterwards.  But if the markets suddenly go to ZERO, how do you recover anything?  It is, of course, impossible.


Toying with total destruction is why we don’t let children play with guns or matches.  We suffer adults doing this.  And have laws that strive to stop them or at least make people think twice before doing stupid things.  But we know from human psychology, this doesn’t work unless systems have brakes on them which is why we can’t buy nuclear bombs and throw them around when irritated.


And because the Halloween BATS people are 10% of the ‘equity market sales’ there is all the more reason to punish them severely.  Everyone on Wall Street and in Tornado Alley should be scared to death of making even slight errors.  Got that, guys?

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11 responses to “Runaway Freight Trades: Too Fast Causes Wall Street Crashes

  1. JT

    “Since this starts to happen accidentally, imagine a panic where the parties really want to sell! ”

    That is a good point.
    People don’t have time to panic and sell.
    That’s why they pull the plug when this happens.

    Murphy’s law is so strong when dealing with IT systems that I doubt they even control it anymore.
    They just restore the backups and reboot.

  2. MI


  3. I remember the book ‘Future Shock’…if you dont it was all too Prophetic.

  4. Being There

    Yes 90404, I often refer to Alvin Toffler when talking about the global trends, the end of govt. power and transnational corps and banks as the new world powers with their own private armies….
    About the computer glitch, I recall something like this happening 2 yrs ago in the spring….

    What is emerging is a pattern of those on top who are risk immune. I don’t know how they are affected by the public stock market, because they have a risk averse system called “Portal” for which you need many $millions to invest and it is exclusive and private.

    It’s hard to get any real info about–believe me I tried. I learned about it on CNN when Chrysler went private in the summer of 2007. There was one article I was able to find that explained what Portal is, but otherwise it was too arcane and obscured when I tried to follow more leads.

    The decision makers will not put the global economy on the right track again because they are getting everything they want. They won’t give up the unfair trade, they won’t give up off-shoring, they won’t give up TBTF, and the bubble economics.

    Jaime Dimon told congress that he explained to this daughter that these bubbles burst every 5-7 years! —And the cows in congress thinks this is fine.

    So, the question is: do those in the top echelon who make the decisions to use these super computers ever lose?

    Are they Icarus– or have they placed themselves in a position where the laws of gravity don’t affect them anymore?—The Untouchables..

  5. @being there

    It is Full Spectrum Dominance, only us normal mortals are not invited to the party (as in “Portal”).

    In military terms FSD means: “The cumulative effect of dominance in the air, land, maritime, and space domains and information environment that permits the conduct of joint operations without effective opposition or prohibitive interference.”

    The same FSD doctrine is being applied to financials and politics ie the rich elite, the military ofc is but a tool of the rich elite.

    “…without effective opposition or prohibitive interference”. That is us plebeians without voice or means to protest effectively.

  6. Claire Voyant

    Why is it that these ‘fat finger’ or ‘false print’ mishaps always crash the market, where an instant downside benefits the hedge funds?

    Ever notice there are no similar ‘errors’ on the upside?

  7. Being There

    Full Spectrum Dominance Military and financial

    Hey, Christian

    Agreed. The US believes it will stay on top playing this game–Let’s just say eventually this has to run out of steam.

    That’s just what it is and it’s global. Since it’s global, the sovereign nations get nothing. The people pay into a tax system that will not serve them in any way.

    Accordin gto Milton Friedman’s neoliberalism and the Chicago School of Business: Everything must be privatized. There should be no regulations imposed by governance. In esence there’s no rule of law and nothing to protect citizens–no social contract.

    Non-stop war will continue. Rachel Maddow just came out with a book called “Drift”, which addresses the ongoing wars being fought, decoupled from American life.

    Everything is being decoupled from the traditional relationships. The stock market is manipulated separately from the larger economy, sovereign states including our own are decoupled from their resources. Everything is boiling down to the advantage of a few global entities who are successfully decoupled from their origins.

    The price of oil is not factored in by supply and demand. Prices are arbitrarily manipulated by those who say what oil is worth.

    Max Keiser has a good interview on his website re: oil prices with Chris Cook, former oil market regulator.

  8. DeVaul

    So… the libertarians were right. The markets are controlled by an “invisible hand” after all. It happens to be a bank of supercomputers in the back room of a non-descript building somewhere around nowhere. Who could have guessed?

    Speaking of computer stuff, it appears that all software will remain hackable per orders of the government, which wants unlimited access to computer files everywhere:

    No wonder Anonymous is having a field-day with government websites.

  9. Joseppi

    “…imagine a panic where the parties really want to sell!”

    Here is an interesting article from Andy Xie that lays out why he thinks the BofJ will conduct a devaluation of the Yen – because of it’s failing export economy and excessive debt. This will be an overnight game changer, and put stress on the financial systems of especially Asia.

  10. emsnews

    Japan ALWAYS has ‘weakened the yen’ for decades! This is their entire system in a nutshell.

  11. JT


    I think this crisis hits Japan next.
    First a few trillion dollars, then a few trillion euros and next 10 trillion yen.

    I fear there might be a recovery.
    That is when the inflation will really explode.

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