Gangsta Culture/Crazed Cop Culture Clash Violently

I used to organize and work with a street patrol in Brooklyn during the worst of the ‘bankruptcy’ years when the city basically allowed public services to either rot or vanish.  The police in my precinct basically sat on their hands deliberately and ceased patrolling and I had the captain reassigned and Captain Hill took over and worked with me to stop rampant street crimes.  It worked and Park Slope went from being a dangerous community to one of the most popular places to raise children in Brooklyn thanks to our work.  


Not that everyone loved me!  Al Sharpton tried to start a riot against me in particular when I was lecturing to a community group, how to organize street patrols and curb crime and force the police to do proper patrols.  Al and his gang came into the auditorium and accused me of being a member of the KKK.  An elderly black gentleman who I knew personally, stood up and said, ‘If she is in the KKK then I am the Grand Dragon!’  This made everyone laugh and saved me a lot of trouble and to this day, I am intensely grateful for him being courageous enough to defy that loud mouth troublemaker.   After making or assisting in over a dozen arrests, I moved to New Jersey.  A year later, the Bernhard Goetz shoot up in the subways happened:


Goetz fired an unlicensed revolver five times, seriously wounding all the alleged muggers. Following this incident, he was dubbed the “Subway Vigilante” by the New York press, and was both praised and vilified in the media and in public opinion.   He surrendered to police nine days later and was eventually charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and several firearms offenses. A jury found him not guilty of all charges except an illegal firearms possession count, for which he served two-thirds of a one-year sentence. The incident has been cited as a contributing factor to the groundswell[6] movement against urban crime and disorder, and successful National Rifle Association campaigns to loosen restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms.

Bernie was a geeky kid.  I used to ride the subways as part of a patrol and one time, I had an entire car of high school kids arrested for vandalism.  I even went to court and they were advised by their lawyers to plead guilty because I keep good records of everything and obey all laws when it comes to arrests. Namely, I announced they would be arrested, contacted the subway cops (I had the ability to do this) and they showed up and took in everyone!   No guns needed to do this!  Bernie was not being mugged outright, he assumed they would do this and freaked out but also, he wanted something bad to happen.
Whereas, I had disarmed a gunman (jewelry robber) using a broom and even then, only sat on him until the detectives ran up and took over the case.  I wouldn’t have done that if I knew the robber had a gun.  He pulled it on me so I put him in a total lockdown hold.  Today, I can’t possibly do this, I am much too old!  Back then, I was young and strong.   Here is some information I am glad Wikipedia has about the Bernhard shooting:


In an opinion poll of New York City residents taken the month after the shootings, more than half of those surveyed said crime was the worst thing about living in the city; about a quarter said they or a family member had been a victim of crime in the last year; and two-thirds said they would be willing to pay for private security for their building or block.

The same characters who came out of the woodwork to go after Bernie went after me previously but I was entirely in the right and legal in all my actions at all times and went to great lengths to be legal so attempts at stopping me from talking about race and crime failed.  So they latched onto this case to make their case for lawlessness.  Yes, that is their goal and I know this from words and actions taken against me when I tried to get the laws honored in my neighborhood!  They were against this!
This reign of lawlessness, this anarchy, is extremely deadly for the black community on nearly every possible level.  All the forwards motions of the Civil Rights movement are being ruthlessly wrecked as lawlessness engulfs the black communities and the thug/gangsta culture envelops the youth there and renders them antisocial and eventually, in prison or the grave.  It is a vast, monstrous crisis which is a total, complete disaster for African Americans.
The vigilante who was Hispanic/white killing in Florida plays into the playbook of these anarchists seeking to eliminate all restraints on blacks acting like gangsters.  The guy trailing after Trayvon was stupid, a bully and a fool.  I trailed many, many potential criminals.  We called them ‘swivel heads’ becuse they are looking here and there, looking for opportunities to commit crimes.   Our patrol would passively observe them.  Often, way too often, we would then witness an actual crime: a mugging, attempt to break into a window or door or an assault, etc.  During this observation time, we would take notes of clothing, size of criminal, actions, time of day, etc.  The minute the law was broken, we would summon the police and an arrest would be made.
The danger from the patrol side is force: since things are weighted on the side of the cops, they have to seriously obey the laws and respect citizen’s rights and in the last dozen years in particular, police brutality is on the way up and up and up.   This is due to gangsta culture on the rise.  The illegal drug business fuels gangsta culture in not only blacks but Hispanics, whites, Asian, whoever.  This is due to the profit margins being insanely high.  Many, many young people of all types are joining this culture because traditional jobs for high school drop outs and non-college kids are collapsing or being taken by illegal aliens.  So, kids graduate to crime school: the streets.
Back in the 1970’s to 1980’s, I would go to high schools and talk about the dangers of the gangsta culture and encouraged kids to not dress like gangsters or think like them but to get good jobs and we sponsored scholarships and apprenticeship programs to back up our talk about being honest and hard working.   But we can’t compete with stupid drug laws that make criminal sales so lucrative.  Since the 1960’s, I have lectured about how drug laws encourage crime.  Addicts steal to pay high prices for drugs, just for one major example.
 I always believed, if someone stupidly wants to be an addict, let them.  If they get all screwed up, they can clean up and go straight again.  Exactly how we treat people addicted to cigarettes and drinks.  But the money made off of the prison complex/police business enthralled everyone so nothing gets fixed and the money flowing in this bloody, messy river of crimes continues and is now steadily destroying Mexico, for example.
The recent clash between a Hispanic and black adults (both men were adults) is now causing the black leadership to embrace the dress, emblems and chatter of gangsta rap culture which is why we are seeing all this stupid ‘hoodie’ business:  Philly Holds ‘Million Hoodie March’ Rally In Response To Trayvon Martin Case « CBS Philly.  It is everywhere now.  We are supposed to ignore the message of the clothing and pretend these wanna-be gangstas are OK as we try in vain to avoid any contact with the real gangstas who dress the same!   The point is, the gangsta culture that this victim of a deranged vigilante is the true cause of death.
When anyone in the media mentions this truth, they are savagely attacked and forced to retract the truth.  We all know when we see some guy walking along dressed like a mugger, we avoid them.  Teens LOVE this and hope we do this because they feel powerful.  They feel the fear and sneer inside, ‘At least I am strong now!’ even as they render themselves impotent at nearly every social level and are aimed towards being either dead or behind bars.  So long as people flee them, move aside, flinch or look away, they are happy, being teenagers.
This is due to deep feelings from back when we were still apes.  Young male apes thump their chests and challenge each other and push around younger ones hoping to grow up into a big he-man ape with more sex than the less intimidating ones.  This is a primal feeling and teenagers, awash with many dangerous hormones driving them to seek power and sex, fall for the allure of the gangsta.  Why repress dangerous feelings?  Live it up!
And the Hispanic killer in this case in Florida was flooded with the exact same feelings only he was a wanna be cop, not gangsta!  They played out on the street the drama that the cops and young blacks play out every day in every community as the youth slide into this dangerous culture created by the police state anti-drug wars.
Right now, fights rage about who was doing what and what boxes we can put them into.  Originally, the family of the victim tried to turn him into some sort of innocent angel.  As the truth has come out, they either lie about the JD record of this dead teen or they refuse to face the truth that they lost control of him and he was actually turning rapidly into a criminal, a gangsta, sucked into the drug wars.
Trayvon Martin case: He was suspended three times and caught with ‘burglary tool’.  He was on suspension when shot dead because he was caught in school with gear for smoking pot.   The stupidest war on drugs is the war against pot.  It was stupid from day one.  But was a great way to criminalize teenagers back when I was a teenager.  Heck, I smoked pot!  The problem for the black community is, this is the alluring door to the criminal underworld thanks to the War on Drugs launched mainly by Nixon.  Trayvon definitely was going downhill, fast, as we see from his twitter account: Trayvon Martin Tweets | Twitter Account | The Daily Caller Twitter
Note the name: ‘no-limit-nigga’.  The self-hate jumps at us.  Most news stories (mainly overseas, of course) carried this news but had to disguise the word with asterisks.  But this dead teen was proud of his name so it should be in the news in full.  The black community still cannot face the truth about this self-hatred.  The prouder the teen is of being a gangsta, the more he or she hates themselves because everyone hates them back.  That is, it is fun to be the scary teen wearing pants dragging the ass and looking mean but then, when one wants service or help or entry into anywhere, the doors bang shut.  People don’t want them shopping, eating or visiting places because they assume these gangsta types are dangerous!  So anger builds: why is everyone so unfriendly?
If you read the actual tweets of this young gangsta-teen, it is obvious he is preparing himself not for college but prison:  Second Trayvon Martin Twitter Feed | The Daily Caller


The photo Martin chose to represent himself on Twitter as “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3″ depicts him in a black Polo cap, looking into the camera and extending his middle finger. The photo’s file name on Twitter’s server indicates that it was taken on the afternoon of June 17, 2010. At least one website issued a retraction this week after mistakenly linking Martin to a middle-finger-salute image on a Facebook account corresponding to a Georgia teenager who shares Martin’s name. This image, however, was uploaded to Twitter by the teen himself.

The crusade to make this increasingly lawless teen an angel is floundering now but the entire discussion has been totally off the track from the first minute.  Encouraging more gangsta dressing, more scary black men stalking the streets with hoodies pulled over the face for crime purposes, to hide identities, is STUPID.  It has to stop!  Just like rap songs: the spread of antisocial songs are infecting young people with bad ideas about society and how to cope with life.  As the elites remove jobs for them, they are increasingly isolated in these deadly communities where the crime rate of blacks killing each other has shot through the roof: this is the thing that black elected leaders should be absolutely hysterical about, not the occasional vigilante killing.   Just at random, I found this story:  Inside Criminal Justice



On the evening of March 12th, two Philadelphia teenagers were machine-gunned to death while riding a stolen ATV. They were riddled with more than 30 rounds from an AK-47, as well as shots from a Glock. A few hours earlier, a man in his 40s was shot to death with children playing nearby at the Belfield Recreation Center. The victim, 43, was shot twice in the neck, once in the face and once in the head. Police said he died at the scene. It was, tragically, not an unusual day in the “City of Brotherly Love.”


…In an interview with The Crime Report this week, Ramsey claimed that—despite the surge of March homicides–the new crime initiative has already made a difference in getting “bad guys off the street.” “There is a 22 percent increase of individuals being held for illegal gun possession this year over last year,’’ Ramsey said, noting that the strict enforcement of mandatory prison time for gun possession had swept up many repeat offenders. “We (were) arresting the same people over and over again—people who are on probation [and] who get away with carrying a gun,” he continued. “There (was) very little incentive for them to stop doing what they’re doing if there’s no jail time imposed.”

I had to deal with the infamous spinning door problem in the past.  We tracked these guys and I would show up in court to insure they were punished properly.  I forced changes in the laws that let parolees run amok.  This does no one any favors, letting them do as they please.  In the Florida shooting case this week, a Black Panther guy stupidly put a price on the head of the shooter and was arrested (gansta stuff, again!) and then a very stupid Hollywood star decided to be tough and now Spike Lee settles for retweeting wrong address terrifying an innocent family who was nearly killed.  I hope it was more than a million dollars, he paid.
This sort of bullying behavior is exactly what black politicians should condemn but the silence is loud.  As more bad stuff about the killer is dug up like this:  George Zimmerman lost job as party security guard for being too aggressive, ex-co-worker says  we see that the ‘aggressive, abusive cop’ culture is equally stupid as the gangsta culture:


The source said Zimmerman, who made between $50 and $100 a night, was let go in 2005. “He had a temper and he became a liability,” the man said. “One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted,” he said. “It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.” The year 2005 was a bad one for Zimmerman: he was arrested for fighting with a cop trying to arrest his friend for underage drinking, and he and his ex-fiancée took out protective orders against each other.

The chaos of the killing continues to worsen as supposed witnesses turn out to not really be witnesses:  TEEN WITNESS TO TRAYVON MARTIN’S SHOOTING ‘COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING:’ MOM is just one example.  Everyone has stuck their noses into the affair to the point, it is impossible to have a fair trial if the killer is arrested and charged.  Some are looking to see if the killer said anything ‘racist’ before hand so they can pin that on him and convict him.  This is silly.  This crime was due to two people being set up by society to kill each other.  If the vigilante wasn’t arme Caught on camera: Teen girl attacked during soccer game – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC Video Landing Page – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC
The black soccer girl tripped up and instantly leaped up and yanked the white girl by the hair and mercilessly pounded her face.  Now, she is being charged with assault which is the correct charge in this case.  The white community in the south is very angry that they have to behave while blacks there think they can misbehave and be violent.  This is a dangerous thing because we know that ALL parties can be VERY violent and the way to avoid this is for people to behave correctly rather than lashing out all the time and the chip on the shoulder attitude being excused in the black community is leading to a loss of civil rights as a backlash builds.
Meanwhile, the thought police are hard at work trying to make everything as nice and neat as possible by avoiding ‘conflicts’ or ‘distress’:  New York city schools want to ban ‘loaded words’ from tests – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs


Divorce. Dinosaurs, Birthdays. Religion. Halloween. Christmas. Television. These are a few of the 50-plus words and references the New York City Department of Education is hoping to ban from the city’s standardized tests. The banned word list was made public – and attracted considerable criticism – when the city’s education department recently released this year’s “request for proposal” The request for proposal is sent to test publishers around the country trying to get the job of revamping math and English tests for the City of New York. The Department of Education’s says that avoiding sensitive words on tests is nothing new, and that New York City is not the only locale to do so. California avoids the use of the word “weed” on tests and Florida avoids the phrases that use “Hurricane” or “Wildfires,” according to a statement by the New York City Department of Education.

Weed?  HAHAHA…drug wars lingo isn’t allowed even when talking about regular weeds?  HAHAHA….Florida can’t use ‘hurricane’?  Wow.  This is the definition of insanity: as our children rush out to join the violent world of gangstas, we have to worry about scaring them with the word ‘weed’ or ‘hurricane’?  They watch violent shows, play violent video games and talk dirty by age 12!  When I worked in a daycare center in NYC 35 years ago, the filthy gutter language of some of the children was ear-splitting.
In the real world, wars and conflicts continue to broil and far from everyone talking nice, people are out to kill each other so this is the annual Clashes as Palestinians mark ‘Land Day’ in the woefully misnamed ‘Holy Land’.  And in the EU, we have young people rightfully enraged at the loss of jobs with a 27% unemployment rate there for them:  Spain engulfed by nationwide anti-austerity strike as nation teeters on edge of economic chaos.  This happens to be the same or better rate of employment than black kids face here in the US.  We don’t see strikes and marches about the rapid loss of jobs for black youth simply because…they are going into business as gangsta drug dealers!  Duh.  And when will we see Al Sharpton and the others doing something about that?
My suggestion: the black community should be making an alliance with the Hispanic community to get rid of all the drug laws so the profit incentive for crime vanishes.

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48 responses to “Gangsta Culture/Crazed Cop Culture Clash Violently

  1. What years did you do Patrol in Brooklyn? What streets?
    I grew up in the Slope.


    ELAINE: 1975-1983

    I lived on Prospect Place right off of Sixth Avenue back when the blackout caused riots that burned most of 5th Avenue which became a total ‘no man’s land’ back then. Not to mention, years earlier, two passenger jets collided over the neighborhood and three doors down from me, two homes were destroyed.

    Back then, we had running, raging drug territorial wars there. On my block one year, we had three murders. After I took over, basically, we had zero murders and I helped get the supermarket built on 5th Avenue via Mr. Rosen. Just for example. I hope you got to know Captain Hill during those years…he did a heroic job reforming the 67th Precinct.

  2. ‘Bernie was not being mugged outright, he assumed they would do this and freaked out but also, he wanted something bad to happen.’
    OK, but what did his victims go on to in later life? More Crime?

    Treyvon was 17.5 y.o.a. so technically he was not ‘legal’.
    Reports have him at 6 foot or 6 foot 4, so he was an adult from that perspective.
    Have you sen the U of Austin cartoon about this? It was in the NY Daily News! You might get a kick out of it!

  3. Vengeur

    Maybe if you had been pummeled by one of the hoodlums you and your group tailled in your old neighborhood in NY, you would have more empathy for Zimmerman.


    ELAINE: Ahem…one guy slugged me in the face and I was carrying a metal bed frame so I hit him with it. He then got to think about this while in jail.

    I have taken some hard blows over the years mostly because I did ‘play fighting’ with swords, etc and even broke my arm fighting in a medieval war. Today, I am very much retired. I used to wrestle with cows and horses but sold them off or they died of old age. Can’t do that so well anymore, alas. Still can shoot.

    About guns: learning when NOT to use them is key.

    Also: I would say in a loud voice: ‘You are under arrest.’ And generally speaking, people would either run like hell or surrender. If they ran, I simply tailed them from far away or watched closely where they went. Zimmerman didn’t do this. He was stupid.

  4. Duski

    From my point of view, Elaines message here is very balanced. She does not take sides.

    From what I gather, it is possible that Zimmerman was attacked before he shoot to kill, but still… just being there, closing on someone who you consider dangerous, arousing him to attack you and then killing him… it takes certain intention to get into that situation in the first place.

    Anyway, he might have had the right to shoot in the situation, time will tell more details.

    But focusing on that event is missing the big picture: Gangstas vs. increasing vigilantes and police brutality. It is batshit crazy that media pours fire to the flames as it has, it’s like they want black / hispanic people to riot and all hell break loose.

  5. The gansta culture is a reaction to the community being oppressed. When the collective is suffering the individuals look to build up an ego image of superior strength and indestructability to distance themselves from the reality. They don’t want to be part of the collective suffering and associated with weakness. This ego illusion of constructed strength of course only serves to strengthen the collective weakness and the media and self serving politicians etc are quick to fan the flames. It is another form of divide and conquer/control.


    ELAINE: As I keep on pointing out, the lack of honest work is killing both the Hispanic and black communities, big time. Drug money is the main outlet for their desire to make money and I can’t blame them. But it is destroying Mexico, destroying the inner city, destroying everything. It is very bad. Legalize drugs, kill off the profit motives! And bring back our lost jobs in industries.

  6. Contrast this with MKL who operated in the collective sphere and united and strenghtened the collective. That is why he was such an enormous threat and was eliminated. When the collective moves as a united whole it is very hard to stop. As individual ‘drops’ they are easy to deal with.

  7. Sage

    Elaine is correct. Look at black culture when there was blatant and obvious racism in the 50s and 60s. I mean real segregation. Look at their music, the way they dressed, their family structure, etc. Today, we have a back president, Oprah, Michael Jordan/Jackson….hell even Magic Johnson just bought the Dodgers for billions yesterday. ENOUGH!! My city has been destroyed by the “thug” culture, whereby idiocy or ignorance is encouraged at school, lest you be considered an “Uncle Tom”, rap music denigrating women and espousing violence and drugs. Racism exists here for the same reason it exists in most places. Not because of skin color but because of CULTURE. Unless you are in the deepest, racist parts of the South, you will be a pariah among even whites today for disliking someone simply due to skin color. It is because of THUG CULTURE.

    The Trayvon Martin case exposed the media for what is really is….scum. If there ever was a modern case of “yellow journalism” this is it. The shooter was initially “caucasian” with a name like Zimmerman, you would think. But alas, he is HISPANIC who speaks SPANISH. Doh!! So now they call him “caucasian hispanic” to try to salvage an ounce of their reputation. I usually see “hispanic caucasian” when I read the news……yeah, right. If Zimmerman is white, so is Obama, and we are all still waiting on our first black president. MLK said to judge others by the content of their character and not skin color. I do exactly that. Which I why I judge “thug” culture the way I do. It is horrific, and don’t expect sympathy from anyone for clinging to it. Live the thug life, expect to reap the consequences.

  8. JT

    racist hispanic-caucasian hate crime?

    no that cannot be, hate crimes are for white people only.

    hispanics do (gang related) shootings and (drug cartel related) executions.
    muslims do terrorism and state terror.
    mafia just kills people in internal disputes
    motorcycle gangs do murders
    US does surgical strikes where only in rare cases there are dead children (which are collateral damage).
    1500 Palestinian children have died in Israel attacks to Palestine since 2000. They have just died, no special word for that.

    We had a case like this here a few years back.
    4 people died in a fire was started in a pizzeria run by a couple of Iraqis.

    Social democrats were organizing a march against racism the next morning.
    All media was full of Aryan brotherhood, 1930’s germany stuff (we really do not have that here at all).

    Until the police caught the guys next day and found out that it was an insurance scam by the owners.
    It’s a common joke here nowdays.
    (Like with the french case; “Hey, has someone called the social democrats to call off the rally against racism tomorrow.”)

  9. Dave


    Cudos again for you Elaine, a personal inpiration of sanity in a mad, mad world. I couldn’t live without you, thank you.


  10. floridasandy


    couldn’t agree more about the media.

    just when things seemed to be calming down, the media happens to get a hold of the arrest video and announces that it doesn’t look like george had any injuries at all.

    whoever released that video should be fired, but it probably won’t happen with the newly installed black sheriff who, no doubt, was hired because of his qualifications.:)

    we already have the increasingly common response of using this tragedy as an excuse to either throw a party (empty skittles bagholders get in free) or bum rush a walgreen’s and loot it.

    the media KNOWS this will happen and continues to try and fuel the fire.

  11. floridasandy


    i loved your line:

    If Zimmerman is white, so is Obama, and we are all still waiting on our first black president.

    i don’t see the media pointing that out at all.

  12. Christian W

    This “Thug” culture is really a reflection of a larger “Screw you” culture.

    “Screw you, I’m rich.”
    “Screw you, I’m saved.”
    “Screw you, I’m the biggest baddest motha around.”
    “Screw you, I’m smarter – bigger – stronger – whiter – blacker – harder yaddayadda
    “Screw you, I’m more well connected – entiteled – deserving – this/that”

  13. Tron HonoH

    “According to Japanese maps officially published before 1895, the Diaoyu Islands were never drafted into Japan map” Ju Deyuan said.

    “And changes on lots of Japanese maps tell the real ownership of the Diaoyu Islands.”

    In 1945, the Japanese Government accepted the Potsdam Declaration, which stipulated that Japan must return all territories it seized from China. From then on, the Diaoyu Islands were deleted from Japanese maps.

    “Such changes actually mean Japan has returned the Diaoyu Islands to China” Ju Deyuan said.

    “However, in 1971, the Japanese Government announced that the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan, which showed that Japan is in conflict with its commitment to the Potsdam Declaration.”

  14. emsnews

    Thanks for all the comments.

    And the history lesson about the Diaoyu Islands!

    I was once dead center in a race riot. I stood my ground with a group of church ladies who were black women wearing their Sunday hats and their minister. We then held hands and walked through the burning disaster asking people to stop burning down our neighborhood. It was terrifying. (This was during the blackout that happened when Con Edison blew out during a thunderstorm in the late 1970’s).

  15. alex

    Bravo Elaine for stating the obvious….the whole “war” on drugs has been a complete failure. Follow the example of some European countries and treat it like a medical/social issue that addiction is, I find it amazing how many products at the turn of the last century had even heroinas an ingredient!!

  16. Originally, the family of the victim tried to turn him into some sort of innocent angel. As the truth has come out, they either lie about the JD record of this dead teen or they refuse to face the truth that they lost control of him and he was actually turning rapidly into a criminal, a gangsta, sucked into the drug wars.-EMS

    What nonsense Elaine. This “information” was cleary leaked by this alleged police department in an attempt to deflect attention from their obvious incompetence. Let’s be clear, Treyvon died while defending himself from a criminal attack. Treyvon was targeted because he was a black male in the “wrong” neighborhood by a fucking cop wannabe the police force has chosen to close ranks behind and protect. Try not to lose sight of this simple fact before spinning yourself off into irrelevant tangents about “thug” dress. You know absolutely zero about this kid, his relationship with his parents, or any significant thing about him yet you feel comfortable giving a diagnosis of his life and death. Very disappointing.

  17. ‘I lived on Prospect Place right off of Sixth Avenue back when the blackout caused riots that burned most of 5th Avenue which became a total ‘no man’s land’ back then. Not to mention, years earlier, two passenger jets collided over the neighborhood and three doors down from me, two homes were destroyed’
    So we were neighbors. Were you part of the Food Coop? Was it President
    st or Park Place? Just below 7th ave?
    I read the houses on the other side of Flatbush [Williamsburg?] are now a Million each!
    I was young and dont remember 7th ave and above being bad.


    ELAINE: By 1978, upper 7th Ave was finally OK. But the closer to 5th Ave which was mostly a burned out no-man’s land was hell. And 4th Avenue was very dangerous. When I bought my house, 46 Prospect Place., people told me I was crazy. My inlaws refused to visit because they were scared. We had several muggings a MONTH over there and the muggers would run down to 5th Avenue. This is why I told everyone, we were going to take over 5th Avenue with patrols.

    The worst point was the drug war in 1979. One drug gang threw a stick of dynamite into the first floor of the house on the corner of 5th Ave and Prospect Place and I was jolted out of bed and ran down the street to a girlfriend’s house to hustle her children out of their own home which was joined to the blazing building.

  18. ‘Legalize drugs, kill off the profit motives!’

    Corporations/ Big Pharma will take over and make a profit.
    Drugs are advertised now……pills, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco.

  19. NY Daily News relates, “The source said Zimmerman, who made between $50 and $100 a night, was let go in 2005. “He had a temper and he became a liability,” the man said. “One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted,” he said. “It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.” The year 2005 was a bad one for Zimmerman: he was arrested for fighting with a cop trying to arrest his friend for underage drinking, and he and his ex-fiancée took out protective orders against each other.”

    Mr. Zimmerman is a sociopath, all the signs are there, the rage, a lifestyle of confrontation, etc. etc. Four out of every 100 people is a sociopath. We live in a dangerous world.

  20. emsnews

    Yes, he was crazy and dangerous and the police are acting more and more crazy as the drug wars drag on and this is a system that is shoving EVERYONE into dangerous behaviors that are extremely explosive.

    The poor are not totally dumb. They instinctively know that keeping drugs illegal means, they can make money off of it instead of working at regular jobs or fighting the government to bring back industrial jobs.

    This keeps union organizing to a near-dead state when working in general is so debased! Luring everyone into being criminal drug dealers keeps the State strong. But it demoralizes everyone just like the spread of gambling demoralizes everyone.

  21. Being There

    Many years ago, I was on a jury that was trying a case on Institutional racism, At the time I didn’t buy into it, but this is the case that I think fits the bill.

    The media will always have a sensationalist effect, that’s a given, but in this case, I would have to say, that it gave a balance to the fact that this police department in Sanford Florida has had a few cases that were dismissed having to do with a son of a policeman killing a homeless black and not getting arrested. There was another case where a couple of white guys beat up on a black guy. So there is a disturbing pattern of behavior one can trace in recent years.

    Instead of attacking the media for it’s liberal bias, let’s consider the basic facts of the crime.

    Zimmerman called the police 44 times in 56 days as a vigilante guard.

    A teen was shot and killed and his assailant was not arrested or properly questioned and processed.

    A frustrated cop on the scene wanted Zimmerman to be arrested and told a witness that she should read between the lines and know that this was a hate crime.

    Zimmerman was never tested for drugs or alcohol, but the body of the teen was. The body was left for 3 days before someone thought to check his phone to find out who he was.

    The state attorney didn’t want to file charges on Zimmerman for reasons unexplained.

    Judging from the tapes we saw, which should be released–why not? It seems that Zimmerman was not badly hurt. Whatever happened was in the heat of the moment, but clearly Zimmerman was told not to follow the teen and disobeyed the police. Things spin out of control when you act like the police, but have no authority or training to do so.

    BTW. Making a big issue about having traces of pot in a teenagers knapsack at school is not unusual for a kid Trayvon’s age and you all know it. Anyone born after 1945 has tried some. It’s been going on since the ’60’s and every president from the baby boom age has taken it. W did cocaine too!–So let’s not get so sanctimonious about that.

    Do I think it’s wrong for anyone from Spike Lee or Rosanne Barr to contact the father–you bet, but this is what happens when passions run high.

  22. Sage

    One black death consumes the news in the midst of hundreds every week. Just in case you thought this case wasn’t about race baiting, and generating much needed income for the MSM, I humbly submit this for your review from And you will be ticked off.

    In the NBC segment, Zimmerman says: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

    So Zimmerman is a racist, right? Uh, not quite.

    The full version, though, unfolds like this:

    Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

    911 operator: “Okay. And this guy, is he white black or Hispanic?”

    Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

    This is race baiting 101, yellow journalism, take your pick. And it is disgusting. Which is why I do not watch or listen to the MSM anymore.

  23. Here is a case in the UK where a black man recorded the conversation with the police when he was arrested. The police were making racist comments to him but didn’t know the man was recording everything on his cell phone:

    What is obvious is the same type of ‘closing the ranks and protecting our own’ reaction to the racist police by the authorities; no matter what the police do.

  24. Being There


    Whether this was a hate crime or not, the fact is that Zimmerman was over-reacting and not listening to the police to let them take care of the matter.

    I just heard that Zimmerman got into an altercation in 2005 with a policeman arresting people at a bar for serving alcohol to underage drinkers. The charges were dropped and he had to take anger management courses. He also has domestic violence and speeding violations.

    This guy should not have been allowed to carry a gun or act as a vigilante to begin with.

    The police dept. in Sanford has it’s own problems as I mentioned before.

    All of this has led to a tragedy and to call the media accounts as yellow journalism just doesn’t cut it.

    That said, the media could be more careful of what they cover and not act as if this was the only news in town–but that’s what they always do.

  25. emsnews

    Zimmerman was a SKIN HEAD. Many of our cops are SKIN HEADS and our military ENCOURAGES SKIN HEADS.


    On the other hand, the black community has gone crazy in general and out of control and the YOUTH CULTURE there is very heavily GANGSTA.

    So…this leads to catastrophes on BOTH SIDES.

    BOTH ARE WRONG, both are bad. Both are destructive.

    How simple is this to understand, everyone?

  26. DeVaul

    “Corporations/ Big Pharma will take over and make a profit.
    Drugs are advertised now……pills…”

    Yeah, this is insane. I don’t understand it at all, despite the fact that my ex-wife was a medical student who was wined and dined by pharma reps in the best restaurants in Lexington. She told me they were being bribed to use this drug, and I asked her if doctors were not supposed to use the drug most appropriate for the patient, and she told me yes, but there are many competing brands that do the same thing, so they try to bribe doctors to prescribe their brand regardless as to whether it is the best one for their patient. Wonderful. I got to eat beef medalions with bernaise sauce while some pharma rep talked about a drug that the students should have learned about in medical school and not in a restaurant. My wife admitted to going to the lecture only for the free meal.

    Speaking of sociopaths: if a hispanic man were pursuing me in my father’s neighborhood and he did not have a badge, a uniform, or even a hat, and he was armed with a gun, I would probably turn on him and shoot him dead. I hope all the whites and hispanics take notice of this, because they are next in line for “stand your ground” treatment.

    I notice that when a society starts to disentegrate or collapse, sociopaths start to reveal themselves. This is happening even at the law firm where I work. A crisis is what causes them to reveal themselves for who they really are. Longheld suspicions are suddenly confirmed by observable behavior.

  27. NYTimes ; Zimmerman a White Latino [I now read hes all latino, he was adopted by the Zimmermans].

    Elaine: Zimmerman is a Skinhead.

    I say Skinheads are white.
    Zimmerman may have a shaved head, but hes no skinhead.

  28. ‘I hope all the whites and hispanics take notice of this, because they are next in line for “stand your ground” treatment.’

    DV, Most murders in USA are done by those w/i 3% of the general populace, Young Black Males.

    And yes MDs get $ for the number of people they drug! Like quotas.

  29. ‘Note the name: ‘no-limit-nigga’. The self-hate jumps at us.’

    I dont know about Self Hate in Saint Treyvons ‘handle’ but theres Hate.
    Clearly the media is stirring up Blacks thru this, presumably to help BHO get reelected. I pray it backfires and BHO is run outta office.

  30. emsnews

    You want Mitt in? Think about that.

  31. CK

    Do they still play lacrosse at Duke?

  32. The once prestigious New yorker mag. had a recent article by Adam Gopnik, that made clear that slavery is alive still, in the form of an enormous prison system that exploits blacks as cheap labor. They have reason to be angry.

  33. emsnews

    Insuring that they end up in prison is a bad tactic, no?

  34. Ziff house

    Bad for blacks ,but not for the system, shall we say?

  35. floridasandy

    have you noticed all the slavery articles popping up in an election year?

    just saying.

    i wonder why that is?

    this may backfire on the media big-time.

  36. floridasandy

    i bet spike lee got his checkbook out pronto after endangering people.

    problem solved.

    i think the fact that george’s dad was a judge probably had more to do with the treatment than the fact that he was white, whoops, hispanic.

  37. emsnews

    The Florida law is the thing that is stupid here. Gangsters use it when doing drug killings, for example. If they are ‘protecting’ themselves they get to shoot someone dead and they do this with great gusto.

  38. floridasandy

    i think the law is not the problem,–people breaking the law is the problem.

    if this is correct, george zimmerman shouldn’t have even been able to have a gun, based on the restraining order:

    i am sure that this disaster will be used to try and take self defense weapons away from law-abiding citizens, especially in light of the fact that we are now 4 more trillion dollars in debt.

    again, each trillion is one thousand billion.


  39. DeVaul

    You completely missed the point of my statement, 90404.

    It does not matter who commits the most crimes in America. If a white or hispanic person with no badge, no uniform, not insignia of state or federal authority pursues me towards my home with a gun, I will shoot him dead before he shoots me. The law is a two-edged sword (unless the all white/hispanic/black police force decides the law does not apply to you).

    This is important in Kentucky since most violent crimes in the rural areas (devoid of blacks and most of Kentucky) are commited by white meth-heads, and the police have just been told that they will not receive funding for cleaning up these mini superfund waste sites, which are hidden everywhere, even in cities now. In addition, many, if not most, fatal accidents on rural roads involve meth, and the death toll keeps rising.

    National statistics are irrelevant to where you actually live.

  40. emsnews

    As I point out, the drug dealing business is growing into every venue and destroying everything. It is a complete disaster not due just to the drugs themselves (drink is just as bad yet legal) but due to the profit motives.

  41. Elaine, you sound more like Catherine Fitts! Shes talked about how she lives in rural Tenn. and the car wash would not take [quarters? small bills?].
    The implication being that its a ‘laundry operation’, not a car wash.

  42. ‘The Florida law is the thing that is stupid here’

    What are the laws for use of Deadly Force? If someones reaching into their pocket can someone shoot them claiming they thought the person was reaching for a gun?

  43. Elaine, drug wars in the 1970s? Heroin? I recall the neighborhood 6th ave and above as safe at any hour.


    ELAINE: Between 6th and 5th Avenue it deteriorated VERY RAPIDLY. This is due to the black out riots: so many buildings there were gutted by rioters, the muggers and drug gangs hid out there and since we lived right next to this mess, they would trot around the corner and attack people all the time.

    IT WAS NOT SAFE AT ALL. Especially at night!

  44. Elaine, in answer to yr question ‘You want Mitt in? Think about that’ !
    I prefer Mitt over BHO.

    I just had a read at the Obama
    Just the file on the Fort Hood Shootings and what Obama did and said was enough.
    Let alone BHO having Rahmbo in the White house with him!

  45. emsnews

    You love being a slave to Wall Street and also the GOP wrecking everything again? Wow.

  46. floridasandy

    are you trying to tell us that we aren’t slaves to wall street with obama in office?


  47. emsnews

    No. But Mitt will destroy SS and our health care and I am on SS and same health care system. Ergo: he is out to kill me.

  48. I every time emailed this website post page to all my friends, for
    the reason that if like to read it then my
    contacts will too.

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