NATO Driving Muslim Nations Into Islam Radicalism

CIA Secret Prison: Polish Leaders Break Silence About Black Site: Szczytno, Poland

Poland finally admitted, after the government changed hands in the latest election, to assisting the US in running secret torture prisons.  The US used NATO allies to commit war crimes because the CIA and government (our lovely DC Knesset) didn’t want to be regulated by US laws and treaties.  So we got allies to do our illegal stuff for us!  Now, the torture prisons are finally being exposed to the light of day which does nothing to change the ongoing destruction of Islamic liberalism movements which are being relentlessly destroyed.


And replaced with radical Islamic religious fanaticism.  Now, when and why did this start?  Ah, that is a great question and to look at European imperialist actions to radicalize Muslims so they overthrow more liberal governments goes way back in time to WWI.  Before WWI, Turkey was becoming much more secular and liberal with the revolt of the ‘Young Turks’ who wanted to ‘Westernize’ their country and make it more modern.


Saudi nationals attacked the US on 9/11.  The only people allowed to fly in the sky after this odious event were Saudi nationals.  Not even Clinton, trying to come home from a foreign tour, could fly.  Today, his wife is kissing up to the Saudis:  U.S. commitment to Gulf nations is ‘rock-solid,’ ‘unwavering,’ Clinton says.  Why?


They are, by far and away, the most illiberal, vicious Islamic rulers on earth.  This is no accident.  They were put in power by the British royals, after all.  Here are two videos from an excellent British TV series about WWI that talks about how the Brits created the Islamic reactionary revolution against the increasingly Westernized/liberal Turkish empire in order to break it up into tiny pieces and then control the various tribes:

The.First.World.War.(04of10) – YouTube

23 minutes into this episode of the same series they talk about Lawrence of Arabia:  The.First.World.War.(08of10).Revolution.1917 – YouTube

Most Americans and maybe some Europeans think the West has been struggling mightily to bring liberalism and reforms to Muslim countries once dominated by the Turks.  But anyone looking at history sees the exact opposite.


Nasser of Egypt, for example, was very liberal and quite secular.  NATO hated his guts and wanted him gone.  Saddam was, compared to Saudi Arabia, extremely liberal and women had significant rights there far, far ahead of virtually all Muslim nations.  Now, this is gone.  Iran’s liberals were destroyed by NATO when it backed the Shah’s repression of liberal demands for civil rights.  Then the harsh religious radicals took up the cause and won.


The PLO was also very secular and quite liberal and women had better rights under that organization but it was destroyed by Israel and NATO and now Hamas, a radical religious fundamentalist organization is dominant and every year, the Muslims are radicalized to be more religious and intolerant and filled with hatred.


The NATO nations think, spreading sectarian hatred and tribal rapine and rioting will weaken anyone trying to do anything in Muslim nations and this is true only…it is leading to something much scarier: jihad springing up out of every corner of the earth.  So, deep in Europe, across the US, in Russia, in China, in India, in Africa, we see millions of jihadists fighting vicious battles.  And as the NATO nations feed this, it grows.


Rather than making anyone safer, this support of radical Muslim warfare in order to lure Muslims into battles by killing off all liberals (Syria’s ruler, for example, is very secular!!!!) is backfiring if the NATO populations imagine this will make everyone safer.  This is the insanity of the whole business: the policies today guarantee jihad, not end it.


Here is an interesting if somewhat crazed video made by a Turkish group:  Stoopid Arabs who betrayed the Ottoman Caliphate (1917) – YouTube

I sometimes look at Iran’s news to see what is being hidden here:  Hegemons seeking to hinder progress of Iran and Turkey: Ahmadinejad.  The US seldom attacks the religious rulers of Iran but goes after Ahmadinejad as hard as possible.  This is because he is much more modern and liberal than the religious leaders who are now warring openly with him.  The US did cover the news about the liberal demonstrations in Teheran but trust me, every action our government takes is aimed at killing them off, not helping them.


If the US became more friendly with Ahmadinejad he would be more friendly to us.  But this is never pursued, of course.  The military menace of the NATO forces is driving the people there away from the US, not embracing us.  The Saudis want this because they want no freedoms.  They are scared of Shi’ite people in Saudi Arabia demanding more civil rights!


Saudi troops attack student protesters, injure six – Tehran Times

The protest came one day after university students in the capital, Riyadh, held a rally and boycotted classes to protest against poor educational facilities.

They also called for university teachers and security guards to treat students well.

Over the past few days, students across the country have been holding sit-ins in several universities, demanding better treatment by teachers and the morality police.


Remember the pictures splashed all over the place when liberals in Teheran demonstrated?  The women wore light scarves and some threw them off!  They wore Western dress.  Look at these poor women.  Cloaked entirely in black.  Faceless.  And were beaten for daring to demonstrate even briefly.  And no mention in the US nor any excited analysis by Zionist tools talking about how cruel the Saudis are.  Not a peep.


There was news about how Azerbaijan was accepting US dollars from Israel to let the Jews attack Iran from their airbases but in Iran, here is the headlines:  Azerbaijan denies report it will grant Israel access to air bases near Iran.  The other news being hidden is how the BRICS nations recognize Iran’s right to peaceful use of nuclear energy and the Kuwaiti emir says Iran has right to nuclear energy.


Here in the US, Obama Clears Way for Measures Against Iran -by pretending Saudi Arabia can up oil pumping and shipping to make up for the loss of the world’s #4 oil export power:


The goal is to sap the Iranian government of oil revenue that might go to finance the country’s nuclear program. Already, the pending sanctions have led to a decrease in oil exports and a sharp decline in the value of the country’s currency, the rial, against the dollar and euro.

Administration officials described the Saudis as willing and eager, at least since talks started last fall, to undercut the Iranians.

One senior official who had met with the Saudi leadership, said: “There was no resistance. They are more worried about a nuclear Iran than the Israelis are.”

Still officials said, the administration wanted to be sure that the Saudis were not talking a bigger game than they could deliver. The Saudis received a parade of visitors, including some from the Energy Department, to make the case that they had the technical capacity to pump out significantly more oil.

But some American officials remain skeptical.


One of the paradoxes of all this is, Saudi Arabia is being forced to pump all its oil as fast as possible now.  This means, when the Hubbert Oil Peak bites harder, they will be drained of wealth whereas Iran, forced out of markets today, will have huge in ground reserves in the future that will be far more valuable than today!


A word about the Hubbert Oil Peak: the thing is very real.  We have maximum oil exploration going on and it is in harder to tap places, it is more difficult and expensive to do, it is in poorer and poorer situations.  The Peak is when HALF the oil is extracted, not when there is no more oil.  We are at the peak and it is more expensive and wars over oil make it much more expensive than it would be otherwise.

The destruction of secular Libya is continuing with Muslim radicals taking over and others departing to conquer other African nations:  Tuareg rebels enter key Malian town

Mali has experienced Tuareg uprisings in the 1960s, 1990s, early 2000, and between 2006 and 2009, all of which centred around the nomadic people demanding recongition of their identity and an independent state.

In the latest rebellion, insurgents have organised themselves under the banner of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), a movement founded at the end of 2011 by a fusion of rebel groups. It has been spurred by the return of hundreds of well-armed and experienced Tuareg returning from fighting for the late Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.


Mali had a coup this month with a US-trained officer taking over but he is very unpopular while the tribes from the desert pour in to fight.  These tribes are religious fanatics who are quite ‘medieval’ who now use modern weapons for Jihad.  They spread these everywhere and the uprisings and Islamic battles are spreading rapidly across all of the north half of Africa.


Then there is Afghanistan.  In the WWI documentary at the top, they talk about British and German plots to use Afghanistan to start or stop jihads:  Afghan Policeman Kills Nine Fellow Officers in Paktika Province — News from


Asadullah was awoken at 3:00 AM for his turn at guard duty. He killed nine sleeping police with an assault rifle, looted all the weapons at the post, loaded them into a pickup truck and drove off.


Just like the US soldier woke up at 3 am to do his dirty work, so did his mirror only unlike the American, this guy went after military people, not children and sleeping mothers.  The jihadists in Afghanistan are becoming quite clever in how they operate and no longer do battles in the open but rather, slay sleeping dogs, so to speak.


The US can’t stop this, we can only try to extract ourselves from this like Germany, Britain and Russia have done in the last 100 years.  The Taliban radical jihadists were created by the CIA and we can’t complain when they hammer us into the earth.  The entire radicalization of Islam is driven by EU/US policies for the last 100 years in the first place.


Iraq’s leaders have legitimate complaints:  Sistani: UN Must End Saddam-Era Sanctions on Iraq.  Yes, even after invading and putting in a puppet regime, we kept the NATO sanctions to keep the country poor and crippled.  Libya, for example, is awash in garbage because there is no government services anymore and the people are just beginning to realize that social systems and services are gone forever thanks to NATO.


Abu Rami hails from Lebanon, but his heart is in Syria these days. The 40-year-old is one of hundreds of Arabs who are fighting against the Assad regime at the side of Syrian insurgents. Many of these volunteer fighters are veterans of the Iraq war, who have now brought their holy war to Syria…


…Radicals among Lebanon’s Sunnis view the insurgency in their neighboring country as a welcome opportunity to put an end to Damascus’ influence.”The struggle for freedom in Syria is our own struggle for freedom,” says Sheik Masen al-Mohammed, one of the most important Sunni religious leaders in Tripoli. “We Lebanese are part of the Syrian revolution, part of the rebellion. If Syria gains its freedom, then we will also win in Lebanon.” In addition to the political reasons, the sheik also has a key reason for encouraging Lebanese to fight in Syria.


“Assad is an infidel,” the sheik says, noting that the Syrian dictator is part of the Alawite sect, which splintered from Shiite Islam hundreds of years ago. Sheik Masen views Assad as an enemy rather than a true Muslim.


This is why I despair about Syria: this is typical sectarian warfare paid for and fostered by the EU and US in order to destroy social services and eliminate civil rights in yet another Muslim secular nation.  Syria: Assad’s wife Asma, family added to sanctions list by Canada


Asma al-Akhras was born on August 11, 1975, in London, to Fawaz Akhras, a consultant cardiologist at the Cromwell Hospital, London, and Sahar al-Akhras (née Otri), a retired diplomat. Her parents are Sunni and of Syrian origin, originally from Homs.[3][4] She grew up in Acton where she went to a local Church of England school[5] before moving on to a private girls school, Queen’s College. Having attended King’s College London, she graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Diploma in French Literature.[6]

After university, she started work at Deutsche Bank Group in the hedge fund management division with clients in Europe and the East Asia. In 1998, she joined the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan.[7][8]


The poor woman was invited to Bilderberg gang meetings and thought they were her secret friends!  She is very liberal!  She even works for the Big Bankers!  Like Gaddafi, her husband thought he was being accepted when in actuality, the more liberal and generous he was, the more reforms he pushed through, the more ‘Western’ he became, the greater danger he was for the West.


He showed that Islam can be tamed and brought to order.  But he also supported the Palestinians!  So, he had to be destroyed like Saddam who gave the PLO money and political backing.  All liberal Muslims will be destroyed if they don’t push hatred and a return to medieval thinking.  Alas, this retreat from liberalism is happening in the US with religions here trying to destroy women’s rights, for example.  Religious bigotry and illiberalism is destroying Israel, too.


This is huge blow-back for the Jews who, at least the elites and intellectuals, were by far THE most liberal people on earth!  Now, they are vanishing and being replaced with the exact opposite even as political Jews in the West push hard to radicalize Islamic people and divide them.  The more Islam is divided, the more the Jews are divided internally with various levels of fanaticism there fighting each other ever more viciously and openly.


It is a trap for everyone.  A very dangerous trap, one of the greatest dangers on earth is the destruction of the concept of country, citizenship, civil rights, equality before the law and freedom of speech and to watch the most powerful Jews in Israel, Europe and the US working hard to destroy all of this is shockingly stupid.

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11 responses to “NATO Driving Muslim Nations Into Islam Radicalism

  1. Another paradox, Syria was used by Cia for torure too, so Syria an allie.?

  2. This is all rooted in Israel and Oil of course. The Muslim Brotherhood is pan-Arabic, in contrast to the West who does all it can to splinter the ME into as small fractions as possible. I think the Muslim Brotherhood, or some other form of pan-Arabism, will win in the end and the Arab nations will unite against Israel and foreign influence over their business.

  3. This is now a very confuse issue at least according to mdeia reports, An assad minister is quoted as saying ,in effect ,the the MB is good for Israel in terms of Arab disunity. Arabs need to get their act together, theres a quote from the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia” ,,

    T.E. Lawrence: Sherif Ali. So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people; a silly people; greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.”

  4. JT

    Muslims have nothing on me.

    I’ve been having black magic spells put on me by all the neighbourhoods kids today.
    (here kids go trick or treating as witches on easter sunday).
    For candy or coins you get a willow twig and a spell.

    “Virvon varvon;
    be fresh;
    be healthy;
    for coming year;
    twig for you,
    pay for me!”
    “Happy easter!”

    What made me laugh is what they say unless you pay up.
    “Oh, this is the house where you only get debts.”
    (I listened to the girls giggling when someone did not open their door.)

  5. emsnews

    How very cute! Love it.

    Legal begging: straight out of the Middle Ages via pagan festivals from the Dark Ages… 🙂

  6. CK

    Straight Twig Enterprises
    Manufacturer of fake scars, realistic missing limbs phoney rheumy eyes, and any other need for the enterprising mendicant.
    Crud plated tin cup free with every purchase.

  7. emsnews

    Monty Python’s Holy Grail Corporation: Bring out your dead. 🙂

  8. DeVaul


    That is great! The opposite time here in America. You know, I saw you take the twigs, but… I did not see you pay them.

    You know what happens to those who cheat Mother Nature! 🙂

    The problem with sociopaths and pyschopaths is that they move so much faster than the rest of us. By the time we find out what they have been up to, there is nothing but a moonscape left behind.

  9. “Nasser of Egypt, for example, was very liberal and quite secular. NATO hated his guts and wanted him gone.”

    The British hated him especially, for nationalizing the Suez canal, and for pushing them out of the Middle East generally. Eisenhower thought he might be useful — Eisenhower sort of wanted Britain out of the Middle East too, and probably thought Nasser could be controled. He was secular, and in favor of pan-Arabism, and not afraid of doing business with the Soviets. Still though, on the whole I think Eisenhower turned out to be right.

  10. JT

    “straight out of the Middle Ages via pagan festivals from the Dark Ages”

    Why so gloomy?
    A magnificent instaspell, no strings attached, no guilt, good for one year, we accept chocolate easter eggs or cash.
    That is how religions should work.

    “I did not see you pay them”
    That is the basis of my operation, hustling willow twigs from young witches.
    They never learn.
    Life is hard up here in the north.

  11. DeVaul

    Hahaha! They say back on the Emerald Isle that there is a “witch born every minute.”

    You might want to take a look at your twig stash out back to make sure they aren’t chanting spells behind it and giggling while your neighbors watch.

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