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Televangelists Sued Over Rich Life Styles

The easiest way to get rich is to con people into believing something really ridiculous and then keep them captive to this belief system and tell them all other people are evil and the money will flow in effortlessly.  People love to believe stuff.  We are hard wired to believe we are good and others are evil.  This duality belief system is easy to exploit and we see this in politics, for example, with the ‘good versus evil’ game played by nearly everyone.  The best scams of all are religious con games because they are not taxed.  This is why L. Ron Hubbard created his ‘religon’: to evade taxes.  Modern hedge funds and bankers do this via bribing Congress. Continue reading


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Understanding Global Bond Markets: The Anti-capitalist Systems Wreck Bonds

Most people, when thinking about bond markets, snooze.  It isn’t the most exciting topic on earth but understanding its nature and process is life and death for all of us for we live in a government-debt/banking bond system that reaches every aspect of modern economic systems.  And these bonds have been turned into money-generating systems with the goal of enabling the creation of money out of thin air via increasing debts of various types and then using this to create more debts. Continue reading


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French Assassin Is Al Qaeda

Now it turns out that the assassin in France is ‘al Qaeda’.  The wars we run in this Muslim country or that Muslim territory all comes back home to bite us all.  The entire excuse for invading Afghanistan was to ‘break al Qaeda’ up’. But the organization was first funded by the CIA to run assassination attacks on Russians.  Everyone at every turn of the screw screams about how they are victims of assassins and then…retaliates by using even more assassins.  This will never end unless we choose to act more civilized. Continue reading


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Massacre Soldier Was Fraud Stock Trader

So, it turns out that the mass murderer was also a cheater who conned people out of their life savings.  Maybe Sgt. Bales can replace Mr. Smith who recently stormed out of Goldman Sachs and denounced them for being a bunch of crazy crooks!  Also, US bonds will cost more and more and since the US government funds the mortgage markets, interest rates on mortgages will go up, too.  Bad news for people hoping this massive, historic housing bubble will be fixed via cheap loans. Continue reading


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More French Assassinations Probably By Fascists

Since we get so little information in the US, I went to French chatter about the recent spate of assassinations going on in southern France.  It looks very much like this is a far right wing fascist operation.  Of course, in the US, we are to automatically assume ‘Muslim terrorists’ are always assassins even as the US and Israel have made assassinations the key form of battle and virtually our only diplomatic tool.  In the case of France, the anger over ‘aliens’ is as strong there as it is in England and many other countries…a typical condition when economic chaos causes millions to move to foreign lands, seeking jobs and wealth. Continue reading


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Japan Elites Want ALL Of Japan Covered With Radioactive Pollutants

Watching the global action or rather, INACTION concerning Fukushima is most amazing except when we remember that the elites who run the nuclear disaster of international banking systems are the same clowns who run the nuclear industries…this is astonishing in awfulness.  That is, it is amazing to see how deliberately stupid people can be…and these same elites are screaming about Iran going nuclear?  Fukushima seems to have fallen off the US media radar while the same media screams ‘You are all going to die!’ when it comes to Iran’s nuclear programs. Continue reading


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US Being Shoved Out of Afghanistan

After killing over a million Muslims in the last 10 years, the US and Israel and their NATO co-killers have been running nonstop demands to save the Syrian people via bombing one side in a civil war.  These ‘rescues’ always kill far more people than the regimes being killed off, of course and always leads to the country being ripped to shreds as we see in Libya.  Civil wars are always ugly as the US knows from its bloodiest war, the Civil War.  The anger lives for centuries afterwards as we see in the US to this day.  But here is a collection of headlines from the last two days about our bloody intervention in Afghan civil wars which has led to bankruptcy, loss of moral compass and the destruction of our military troops as they go literally insane or commit suicide. Continue reading


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