Time For An Honest Conversation About Race And Crime

A host of social and economic forces are colliding with ernest liberal guilt feelings to create a strange world that will end up with race wars raging out of control in all NATO countries.  This is very ironic since most political actions by NATO leaders has been to encourage ethnic/religious warfare in China or Muslim countries so they disintegrate.  The sins of the West in creating slavery and the kidnapping of millions of Africans in order to exploit their labor hang heavy on the heads of the Western powers.


But the mess this created in the past is causing society to collapse as social forces drive everyone into direct conflict.  It is mostly forbidden for us to discuss this honestly by both the right and left parties.  Just like discussions of the history of antisemitism and the Holocaust is nearly impossible without people responding in mindless ways, these historical sore spots cause a lot of distress and can’t be easily fixed without first trying to understand why it happened in the past and why things are not fixed today.


That is, the solutions are no solutions, they make things worse and being unable to discuss things rationally leads to more anger rather than finding a solution.  One thing is sadly certain: all of Africa needs better solutions, all of South and Central America, under the hammer of US coups and repressions and thefts and European enslavement and looting still reels from the hammer blows of the past while Africa is being actively destroyed to this day.


Meanwhile, the more the Chinese pull themselves out of their own destruction at the hands of their own past rulers and foreign invaders, the angrier the NATO leaders grow.  So, I am going to throw out a ton of statistics and some graphs today to discuss the disintegration of the black community in the US and how cries of racism are destroying blacks even as they feel the need to go on the attack to ‘stop racism’.


First, a good review of the past is this show:Video: Slavery Full Program | Watch Slavery by Another Name Online | PBS Video.  That is, PBS has a nice review of Jim Crow which was a hideous system of abuse and power.  Of course, the video makes no mention of black slaves, once freed, didn’t rush out to become middle class families, there was a lot of lawlessness due to the fractured nature of ‘families’ when they were not allowed to be real families.


But the cruel neo-slave system set up to exploit the labor of any blacks arrested for even the most trivial reasons was a crime and it took the Civil Rights Act nearly 100 years later to fix it legally.  Once this happened, the black community in the US rushed out to finally join what was once white-only unions and neighborhoods only to see these collapse and die.


The internal collapse of the black community as this happened, fixed it so the decline would be precipitous and pernicious.  It simply gets worse and worse each year.  For example, the right wing now allows blacks to own guns and Hispanic drug gangs are very much heavy users of firearms so there is a General in the Pentagon suggesting that the U.S. may export terror war tactics to fight drug gangs.


What we do in Mexico via proxies, we shall see here.  What we do to Afghanis directly is what we shall see here, too.  And the ‘tribal people’ who will be on the receiving end of the barrel of these military guns will be blacks and Hispanics.


The handwringing in both the US and UK over ‘race hate crimes’ has many ugly facets in particular, ‘protected’ minorities can commit openly racist crimes and get away with it in say, London:  Muslim girl gang, who kicked Rhea Page in the head yelling ‘kill the white slag,’ FREED | Mail Online


A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by in a city centre walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.


The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.


Miss Page, 22, was left with a bald patch where her hair was pulled out in the attack and was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement.


There is a great deal of ‘white rage’ over this story.  A surprising number of ‘minority’ young people are quite aware that they can do as they please to white people while no one can even cuss them out while they attack their victims.  Here is yet another example, like the story I linked to about the kid who was put in jail for joking about a black soccer player:  ‘Racist woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars ‘for own protection’ | Mail Online


A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in custody for her own safety.

Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.


The Daily Mail is the scruffy side of Fleet Street and the mainstream media which is more ‘uptown’ are steadfastly ignoring these stories because it doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’.  That is, only whites are racist or mean.  The gangsta culture which is both male and female in black and Hispanic communities in the US knows they can play the race card to protect their criminal activities and this is why the demonstrations on behalf of the kid killed in Florida is so damaging: he was striving to ape gangsta street gangs and the black leadership in the US is demanding we not stop the garb, language or attitudes of gangsta blacks because we are ‘racist’ if we warn them to stop doing this.


Now for some graphs and statistics:  www.colorofcrime.com/colorofcrime2005.pdf

• Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
• When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
• Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
• The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.
• Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.

• Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty- five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

• Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
• Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.
• Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
• Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


Interesting stats, no?  Because the victim of the Zimmerman vigilante killing was falsely portrayed as an innocent school child and not a boy who was suspended from school and left his mother’s house because he was being difficult, we didn’t have a national discussion about the pernicious nature of the media-fed gangsta culture and how it is rapidly destroying black youth even those who are in the black middle class.


Here is more from the crime study above:


The government’s treatment of hate crimes is misleading in one obvious way: Hispanics are a victim category but not a perpetrator category. If someone attacks a Mexican for racial reasons, he becomes a Hispanic victim of a hate crime. However, if the same Mexican commits a hate crime against a black, he is classified as a “white” perpetrator.
Even more absurdly, if a Mexican commits a hate crime against a white, both victim and perpetrator are reported as white. And, in fact, the 2002 FBI figures—the most recent available—duly report that 130 so-called whites committed anti-white hate crimes. They are likely to have been Hispanics, but it is impossible to know. Sloppy racial categorization is particularly obtuse in a report that is supposed to shed light on the level and nature of racial friction.
In 2002, there were 8,832 bias crimes reported to the FBI, of which 5,738 were crimes of race or ethnic origin. The rest were for reasons of religion, sexual orientation, or disability.46 The FBI says there were 5,119 suspected hate crime offenders whose race was known.


Of that number, 3,712 were W&H and 1,082 were black.  It is widely believed that blacks are generally victims rather than perpetrators of hate crimes, but they are actually more likely than W&H to be offenders. On the basis of offense rates—number of offenses divided by population— blacks were 82 percent more likely than W&H to commit hate crimes of all kinds, including those based on religion, disability, etc.


If this is true, then the black political collective should be lecturing black youth in particular about their own hate crimes, no?  Of course, the whole business of ‘Who is Zimmerman’ became very important since he couldn’t be considered a Hispanic or it would ruin the expression of wild rage being thrown at the white community.  Now on to some interesting graphs:


Bureau of Justice Statistics Homicide trends in the U.S.: Intimate homicide

Most homicide victims are white women.  We are attacked by intimate people we know, by strangers, by seemingly everyone.  As homicide rates of black and white males continues to fall (except where drug wars rage, of course), even black women have seen some fall though not as great, white women seem to suffer this the entire time with very little drop!  Seems like white females need more protection, no?


These graphs show how blacks are far more likely per population size, be involved in criminal actions and put in prison.  The War on Drugs impacts the black community very hard but then, many of the perpetrators are making money this way so it is no surprise to see these statistics.


Another thing is, whites doing drug dealing in white communities keep a much lower profile (less ‘on the street’ sales, of course).  The lure of the street dealing system is ripping apart black communities because, it being out in the open, more of them go to prison over time.


Now for a graph showing the disintegration of first, black families and increasingly, all families in our country due to the destruction of the ‘job for life’ system which unions created in the past:  Out of wedlock childbirth » Graphic Sociology

Anyone watching ‘Teen Mom’ on MTV can see how destructive this is in all communities.  Many of the males in these ‘life story’ shows have ended up in trouble due to illegal drugs (black and white boys) and the females are in and out of jail, too, or lose custody of their children over time.  Only one, so far, has given up her child for adoption.


Adoption Statistics: Placing Children


The percentage of premarital births placed for adoption has decreased since the 1970s. Analyses of three cycles of the National Survey of Family Growth show the following trend:

From 1952 to 1972, 8.7% of all premarital births were placed for adoption.
From 1973 to 1981, this percentage fell to 4.1%.
From 1982 to 1988, it fell further to 2%. (Bachrach, Stolley, London, 1992)

Less than 3% of white unmarried women and less than 2% of Black unmarried women. (Mosher and Bachrach, 1996)
Of Black women with premarital births,
From 1952 to 1972, 1.5% placed their children for adoption.
From 1973 to 1981, this percentage fell to .2%
From 1982 to 1988, it rose to 1.1%.

Of White women with premarital births,
From 1952 to 1972, 19.3% placed their children for adoption.
From 1973 to 1981, this percentage fell to 7.6%.
From 1982 to 1988, it fell further to 3.2%. (Bachrach, Stolley, London, 1992)

When they become pregnant, very few teens choose to place their children for adoption. In a 1995 survey, 51% of teens that become pregnant give birth; 35% seek abortions; 14% miscarry. Less than 1% choose to place their children for adoption. (ChildTrends, 1995)


One thing that many liberals love to say is, poor minority females don’t give birth to get more welfare money.  Well, I used to be a super in an apartment building in NYC in the past and yes, they did do this quite openly.  Proudly, even.  A parade of males would pass in and out of the lives of the women on welfare but they  had their monthly payments from the government so there was no way in hell, they would put up the poor children for adoption.


Being ‘pay checks’ there was often few expressions of affection or even regard for raising the child so the kid would be functional or even safe.  So I called the Child Protection Services people pretty often.  Not to mention, feeding and giving medical attention to these pay check children.  Liberals like to think they are loving and kind but the welfare system, as it was run in the past, was just plain cruel.  And no one seemed interested in fixing it.  Nor do the conservatives want any sane fixes.


They want to go back to Jim Crow!

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46 responses to “Time For An Honest Conversation About Race And Crime

  1. JT

    Heh, Oh Elaine you have no idea how crazy that is here.

    In Helsinki 50% of rapes are commited by immigrants (2% of the population).
    (It’s a very low crime city…)

    The solution by social democrats:
    *stop publishing rape statistics based on ethnicity completely (in 2007)
    *and the explanation why there is a 100x difference?
    the official answer was that finnish husbands rape their wifes at home and these cases are not reported to police, so if they are taken to account there is no difference.

    I bet you have not gone so far overboard yet?

  2. JT

    When you ask your government to do something about rapes and the answer is a trick question “Have you stopped raping your wife?”.

    Then you have arrived to socialist heaven.

  3. The liberal position is that ‘race’ makes no actual difference, so the differences due to race that we observe MUST actually be caused by other factors. I.E., there is no such thing as ‘race,’ but there is such a thing as ‘racism.’

    It may be true that immigrants to Finnland commit many more rapes, per capita, than people who’ve lived in Finnland all their lives. But a liberal won’t accept the theory that this is because people born in Finnland are ‘by nature’ less likely to rape. That idea isn’t logically defensible — though it may have strong emotional appeal to many people born in Finnland. “Just look at the stats! We’re superior! It can be proven scientifically!”

  4. CK

    Human Biodiversity, it’s a wonderful thing.
    Prof Putnam from Harvard published research last year ( that he had sat on for over a decade because the conclusions his research drew were not politically correct ) that showed the the more the diversity of a community the lower the levels of social trust. Which I supposed helps explain why Detroit is the way it is. Oh wait; Detroit is 85% black, not really diverse at all.
    It might be not only the degree of diversity in a community but also who are the majority that helps explain the lack of social cohesion.
    But overall, if you want to discuss human diversity expect to see the “waaaaycist” label be attached quickly.
    Have to love them useful semantic stopsigns.
    EMS you do know that any discussion of US victim/victimizer statistics is to indulge in the propagation of hate facts?
    Whole lot of bastards out there these days.

  5. rcaruth

    Biologically,there is no such thing as Race. DNA is identical in Whites,Blacks,and Orientals.
    So Race,like so many other illogical concepts,is purely a creation of human prejudice.
    Unfortunately, the Results of Human Prejudice are all too real.

  6. melponeme_k

    As rcaruth states, there is no such thing as race. It is a creation of prejudice.

    What we are dealing with in regards to different societies is a breakdown of culture. As the elites decide that they are above society and law there is an equal amount of people on the lower rungs who have decided the same. Being rich as midas scars the human psyche as much as being dirt poor. Both sides of the scale exult in piracy (one group because they can and the other for revenge).

    The unsocial ways of both the super elites and the criminal class must be addressed to stop this march toward a new dark age. Cried of racism must no longer be used as a shield to protect criminals (both rich and poor). The middle class and law abiding citizens who are black, hispanic and asian must separate themselves from the criminals. Because it is the criminals who are defining them not the other way around. The same for the American Jewish citizens who are being defined by Israeli warmongering.

    However I don’t hold much hope for any of this changing in the near future. We are heading for a new dark age just as soon as the oil stops arriving to the US shores.

  7. Paul S

    I think there is one point in Elaine’s posting here that seems to me to be missing. Elaine says that the current ‘anti-terror’ tactics used in places like Afghanistan will be imported here into the United States to be used on Blacks and Hispanics. True, but it goes further than that. These ‘anti-terror’ tactics will also be applied to white people who dare to criticize the government. Of course the ruling class will never come right out and say that, they will use Black and Hispanic gangs as a cover for squashing dissent–from every ethnic group, be it White Hispanic, Black or Asian. This is because the REAL cause of the strife is the conflict between the very wealthy and everyone else.

  8. Ali

    A lot of you ARE actually racist (JT, CK and Murgaski). The point is, there ARE differences in culture and race but what the hell do you want to do about it? We all have to live together and even if you really believe that you are superior, others still have the right to be treated equally. No one wants slaves because this will destroy your own culture by making you inhuman and evil.

    Besides, if you follow your logic (and even if you don’t others will e.g for Hitler even Eastern Europeans werent white enough), blondes with blue eyes are the pinnacle of human evolution and therefore anyone without the combination is inferior (even white people with brown hair) and therefore should be extinguished for fear of polluting their perfect gene pool. The blondes don’t want that – I’ve spoken to them all about this. Theyre always like “no, no, we are really happy God made us pretty and we certainly don’t want to piss him off by killing all the ugly people … and to be honest, we’re not really evil at all.”

    Just get over yourself. If you are superior then stop trying to take advantage of those inferior to yourself and instead HELP THEM! This includes ‘tough love’ you can’t mollycoddle them like the liberals, but let’s not persecute people. You don’t want to mate with them or mix with them – thats fine BUT you can’t wish them away so get real, get involved in your society because theyre part of it one way or another.

    Blessed is he, who shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness….

  9. Being There

    melponeme_k and Paul S

    I think you’re both onto something there…
    It’s called the art of misdirection—crime of every sort will become overwhelming in times of deprivation. Today I got in my email a great article from Chris Hedges called: “Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You”.
    On CFN a month ago or so, I wrote :

    Stasi Meets Reality TV

    What is the state of the union–you know, the one that Obama would never tell you in his address? I have referred to this country as the nexus where Stasi and reality TV meet, but I will build on it a bit, thanks to Max Keiser and Charles Hugh Smith, his guest on Keiser’s posting yesterday. (poss. Feb 19?)

    Yes, this country has moved from being the military industrial complex that produced wealth to a military security complex, thanks to our economic theorists in the laboratory of think tanks and universities. We are now a globalized “post-industrial-service economy”. The open borders you all discuss, the highly managed trade where the banks and transnationals are risk-immune –all dubbed free market trade. It’s all about driving down the costs of human resources globally.

    The ketonic economy does not produce wealth, but instead sucks wealth up to the top and the top in turn monatizes all human activity. Hence the surveillance economy that has mushroomed ever so quietly in the name of the War on Terror. I also mentioned this phenomena re: Dana Priest coverage of “Top Secret America” where even the Congress doesn’t know how much of our tax dollars have gone into this–for security purposes you know. They are utilizing the web, google and social networking sites as their way into our daily lives to scrutinize out activities.

    While our Rep. spinmeisters call their brand LIBERTY, they tell us that we have to cut government spending and they are going to draw more blood from the middle class, never mentioning in the discussion this new bureaucracy developed after 911 for our own good. And we all thought the Reps hated bureaucracies. Untold Billions of dollars are being poured into this so people in the tony outskirts of DC, who Keiser points out have a 1.4% unemployment rate can walk to work and keep track of our lives for gainful employment.
    So far only the government agencies have produced anything having to do with security, but that hasn’t dampened the trend.

    This is what happens when a country’s leadership goes rogue. They become paranoid and feel they have to make sure nobody will counter them. As I always say everything gets set-up for the eventuality and in this case, Obama signed the The Defense authorization bill. Games set and match…. American can be treated like terrorists, law enforcement will have access to drones to fight crime. Yesterday I heard that on MSNBC that the elite now global NYC police are tracking the activities of Islamic student in Pennsylvania! Our liberties are truly on the chopping block all in the name of the war on terror.

    In the Keiser CHS interview Smith discusses his idea of fractals and suggests that in a country run by criminals we can only expect that sensibility to filter down throughout society.

  10. I don’t even understand why those racial profiling boxes that pop up here and there in forma are in place, you know those “race” boxes – caucasian, asian etc.

  11. JT

    @christian w

    Pretending that there isn’t a problem is not the solution.

    “And Spitznogle has been attacked in the Norwegian media for saying what many will not: that the assault rape problem is primarily Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. And any woman who does not dress modestly and wear the Muslim headscarf could be considered by some Muslim men to be “fair game.”

    “For some the hijab is a symbolic marker that separates the submissive proper Muslim women from what they see as the Norwegian ‘whores.’ When I say ‘whores,’ I’m really just referring to their own words. This is what they told journalists.”

    “We have a problem,” he said emphatically. “All deny. Nobody says that we have a big problem. But this will give a bad result in the future.”

    As in other European cities, parts of Oslo are now Muslim zones and may be subject to Sharia law or to the rule of local imams.

    “Most of the areas where the Muslim is the majority, the Norwegian feels that they are not in their country, that they’re not in Norway. They feel like a Muslim country,” al-Kubaisi said.”


  12. JT


    According to this chart, the percentage of rapists among Pakistanis, Norway’s largest immigrant group, is about their percentage in the population. However, by Somalis their rape percentage is 3.5 times their percentage in the population, and by Iraqis it’s 10.39 times as high.

    It’s not the religion or race.
    It is the the code of ethics and religious traditions of different nationalities.
    Now what should be done about that?

    And there is the question of rights of muslim women.
    By law their parents cannot discriminate them based on sex.
    What should be done about that?
    Move all muslim girls with strict fathers to fosterhomes?

    Here the equality issues are far more important than any religious freedoms.

    It’s not that easy is it?

  13. Living in Norway I have seen the problems Somalians have to integrate into Norwegian society firsthand. Traditionally in Somalia men do not work much, the women do most of the work, or the ever popular “foreign workers brought in to do the jobs the natives see as below them” (we all know about that one – “gastarbeitern” is a popular theme in the US/west) or even slaves.

    It is not easy for the men to find themselves in a situation where all the norms and values that have been drilled into them during their upbrining is turned upside down and inside out. The men are brougth up to have a good, strong ego and suddenly having to bend and conform to ideas and norms that are alien to them triggers their defense mechanisms.

  14. JT

    @steve murgaski

    “But a liberal won’t accept the theory that this is because people born in Finnland are ‘by nature’ less likely to rape.”

    Yes. But immigrants from Pakistan, India, China or Turkey are less likely to rape than Finns.

    So it is not by nature, race, skin colour or religion but by….
    Denying the problem is not the answer.

  15. How do you define the problem JT? And what do you think are the causes?

  16. JT

    @christian w

    Cultural habits of certain muslim countries and ghetto culture.
    Unemployment perhaps, but it is not the only problem.
    Turkish guys are quite popular (they work, they speak english and are secular (drink), so they get pu*sy just fine).

    In Norway they started talking about this after Breivik.

    You have to understand how low the crime rates are here, so these things stick out like a sore thumb, in the US they propably get lost in the background noise.

    In Oslo all sexual assaults involving rape in the past year were committed by immigrants.

    Norwegian news:

  17. Rape is rarely about sex is it? From my understanding it has to do with other things than ‘getting pussy’. Some researchers says rape is a crime of violence rather than having sex.

  18. EC

    Thanks for an excellent, thought-provoking post, highlighting so many interesting racial, gender, and cultural issues.

    It’s so sad when a child is “unwanted” by their parents. What is worse: being born and being neglected and/or abused, or being aborted? A big reason for the decline in adoptions is due to laws permitting abortion.

    What’s the answer? A little self-control and planning? Birth control? Free abortion on demand? A return to traditional values? Less sexualization in our culture?

    The founder of Planned Parenthood thought the “Negroes” and others that are “unfit” should ALL be given birth control. The goal of birth control, according to her is to stop the “multiplication of the unfit.”



    Maybe Sanger was right, everyone should be on birth control and parents should have to apply for a license to have a child …

    Or maybe we should all be free, and do the responsible and moral thing.

  19. OT.

    Meanwhile in the Drone world the powers that be want to make nuclear powered drones… o.O


  20. CK

    By definition, rape has to be “about sex.” By definiton rape, is the crime of violent sex on an unwilling victim. In the USA the highest incidence of rape is male on male rape in the US Gulag. That is the extra special sauce the US justice system gives to its product. Some researchers say things that are obviously idiotic. The quality level of research in the US has declined drasticly.
    no we do not have to live together.
    No we are not all equal. The only forced equality is the birth canal and the grave in between we are mostly different most of the time.
    We might all be created by the same old fashioned method but the results are each distinct and different.
    If you believe in genetic expression then you believe in races.
    I personally have no need to “get over myself” I am good at some stuff inept at other stuff, same as all individuals. I help those I want to help.
    Enjoy the first ten minutes of this superb documentary:

  21. JT

    @christian w

    “Some researchers says rape is a crime of violence rather than having sex.”

    Yes. That is true.
    These are brutal crimes, beating, kicking and slashing with knives.

    And they are not rage, they are cultural (as men they have the right to do this to disrespectful pagan women).
    Which makes the social services totally unable to cope or even admit the problem.

    I guess the tide turned a bit here.

    When a father of an underaged rape victim writes to parliament he deserves an honest answer.
    “The police cannot target people based on race or ethnicity.”

    The answer,
    “There is no problem. Have you stopped raping your wife?” did not fly here.
    They had to close pretty much all comments sections in newspapers after that.

    And that was my point.
    You cannot lie about the problems, it turns against you.

  22. JT

    @christian w

    Or to be blunt.
    If you emigrate from the country that is last in the Human development index (way behind paradises like North Korea, Afghanistan or Iraq) to the country that is nr 1.

    Maybe you should be told that since your culture is doing worse than all the other ones on this fu*king planet, you might want to consider adapting and trying new things.
    Since statistically everything else you try should work better.

  23. emsnews

    Being the victim of rape when only a child (by a white professor, no less!) I know how much damage this does to a girl (two operations to fix the organs he damaged…I nearly died).

    That is, I became a hunter rather than hunted. My very first citizen arrests were men trying to be rapists in Berkeley, California. I would go out ‘hunting’ by walking alone at night in a miniskirt and then would take down attackers (plenty of these!) and I enjoyed this so much, I called it ‘Cheap thrills’.

    By 1970, things became rather violent when I moved to Tucson again. The attackers there used guns and knives so I did, too. Even so, I never had to shoot anyone.

    Generally speaking, if someone says, ‘Halt. You are under arrest’ in an authoritative voice, back then, people really would stop.

    By 1980, this didn’t work in NYC, they would run faster.

    It is interesting to see, over 50 years, how things have changed. Women’s best ally today is her cell phone. Even so, many women are too shy to call 911 when people are growing menacing or stalking, etc.

    Back to my point in this article today, there were far, far fewer out of wedlock children BEFORE abortions were legalized. And in addition, as the numbers of out of wedlock children soared to the heavens and is approaching 50%, adoptions have collapsed to near zero. Babies who are adopted by two married parents do much better than out of wedlock children born to teen moms, for example. By a million miles.

  24. CK

    And one wonders why defense attorneys make such a big issue of how the female vic was dressed. Cockteases sometimes regret their behaviour after the act. I am quite certain that you were a competent ass kicking babe decades before that became the nerd model of television and movie babedom. A Laura Croft before her time as it were. SCA is always fun
    The Law and Order franchise has pretty much jumped its shark. The fantasy of the Great While Villain does not match up to the quotidian police blotter. After a while even the most nonchalant of whites turns off the idiot box.
    Now about abortions, they were always legal in NY and several other states, long before Roe v Wade was decided. Today, there are huge incomes to be made in being “anti-abortion.” Incomes too high to risk by actually doing anything that might do away with abortion. Hell there are people who have had a 40 year career bitching about while carefully doing nothing to actually endanger the abortion status quo.
    I remember in junior and senior high that every summer there was a girl or two who had to spend the summer with her “cousins” in NY. They always returned less paunchy than when they left. I do not know what they did with the fetuses, they may have aborted them, they may have had the child and given it up for adoption or left it with family.

  25. Ali

    @CK ” no we do not have to live together.
    No we are not all equal. The only forced equality is the birth canal and the grave in between we are mostly different most of the time.”

    Im didnt say we’re all equal. We are not. Some people are cleverer than others, some people are stronger, some people are beautiful etc etc. We are equal in our right to benefit from our efforts. A person’s efforts and abilities should determine their success in life, equally.

    If your starting premise is that you want to hate certain types of people, then it’s a sad place to be. You’ll only end up hating yourself eventually. Not unlike Hitler, who in the end turned his hatred on the German people because he saw them as weak.

    As for the video you posted, it’s quite old. And it’s wrong. Human evolution favoured the strong (not the cleverest) and the violent. It favoured those who attacked first and didnt consider the feelings of those being attacked.

  26. emsnews


    OK: a swift history of human evolution: the brain got bigger and bigger and bigger. The teeth and arms became weaker and weaker.

    See a pattern here? Brains over brawn! Big time! To the nth degree, big time.

  27. emsnews

    MORE EVOLUTION: the ability to think and talk, to explain and to invent became greater and greater over time, the winners of the evolutionary race were not the swiftest or strongest but the smartest and the ones who could talk the best. And…plan ahead.

  28. floridasandy

    this is an interesting thread.

    certainly the smarter the race, the more advanced the civilization.

    a long time ago, america created a think tank of brilliant scientists to build a bomb unlike anything the world had ever seen to end a war.

    america then helped damaged countries rebuild, including japan, and much of the world had an extended period of peace after, and i believe that america was a force for good in the world.

    now, we are going literally backwards as a society, with leaders who push for wars, drones, destruction, and then appropriating our money to “rebuild” what we destroyed, and pay off the families of the dead.

    if that isn’t insanity, i don’t know what is.

    we obviously have unsustainable debt now at the rate we are going, that will never be repaid, and i often wonder what form the “default” will take, and how we will treat each other when it happens.

  29. Blame whatever you think is the cause [Crack, Guns, Gangs].
    If you chose them you are right!
    Add in Immigration from third world and things dont look good.

    The St Treyvon case is the Media stirring up blacks, with race baiters like Jesse and Al at the lead.

  30. ‘Most homicide victims are white women. We are attacked by intimate people we know, by strangers, by seemingly everyone. As homicide rates of black and white males continues to fall (except where drug wars rage, of course), even black women have seen some fall though not as great,’

    Most Black females are killed by black males, yes?

  31. @JT, it might be possible to defend an argument like `people of nationality x tend to look a particular way; and people of nationality x tend to be raised in a patriarchal culture which doesn’t respect women. Therefore, people who look like members of nationality x tend not to respect women.” Honestly though, I think that making the argument would do more harm than good. Human beings are really elastic creatures; we can change a lot, if we’re given the chance. But if we’re going to be prejudged no matter what we do, then what’s the point?

    Suppose it can be shown that white people have caused more violent deaths in the past hundred years than people of any other ‘race’. Even if it’s true, I’d object to being treated like a homicidal maniac because of my skin-color; and I think I’m justified in objecting. Because a statistic about my ‘race’ says nothing useful about me.

  32. Elaine, when Colin Ferguson killed all those people on the LI railway,
    Clinton didnt mention he was a ‘Black, Immigrant, Racist’ , he used the tragedy as a talking point for Gun Control!

  33. Ali

    overall that is true. But you can’t tell me, someone like Einstein would have been as successful during those periods. It is true that brains win overall but since early evolution, some guy who would have worked out how to make a smart weapon would not neccessarily be the one who used it to it’s best effect. The top 1% in terms of our traditional measures of intelligence would not have been as successful as someone who had more rounded characteristics like the ability to influence people.
    Anyway, I wasnt there..

  34. JT

    @steve murgaski

    “Honestly though, I think that making the argument would do more harm than good.”

    It’s not an argument it is a fact.
    Maybe the young men from nationality x should be given some extra councelling.
    And be told that raping young people of gender x is something that we do not approve at all whether based on religion or culture.
    It is a tad racist towards women.

    Denying there is a problem and lying about it does more harm than good.
    As does surrendering burroughs of cities to sharia law.

    Equality is a far more important value than freedom of religion here.
    Different in the states, I know.

  35. pulse

    Dear Mob:

    Time for those who would, so easily, brand a man ‘murderer’ to reflect on their knee-jerk accusations and adjust their habits of passion fueled accusation and character assassination.

    “To the race-baiters: Now you have problems”


    Very much to be taught in this incident, as we face growing intimidation from many influential dividers and deceivers.


  36. pulse

    … and BTW, apparently NOT a ‘skinhead’

  37. professacaterpilla

    The world DIDN’T have an “extended period of peace” after World War 2 “for a while”. The world went into evil hyperdrive! The CIA and other secret entities were created and unleashed everwhere. Any tendencies toward nationalist, socialist political movements in many countries in Europe and “3rd World” countries were sabataged and undermined by black ops terrorism by the ruling powers. (I’m not talking about phoney bogeyman type of “socialism” that is shrilly harped upon by all the idiots these days, I’m talking about any political movement that was trying to establish a government that used national assets and resources to primarily help their own people and nation.) Moderate secular leaders in the Middle East for example were sabotaged and assassinated left and right to keep their societies from becoming strong and independent, and instead these evil secret “intelligence” agencies used all sorts of evil tricks to promote backwards, easily manipulated and managed “islamist” types, (many secretly on the Empire and Zionist’s payroll as mercenaries and politicos), to keep these societies divided and weak, ripe for the predations of the Western transnationals and warlord thugs. All the secret wars, massacres, bloody mass murder etc. A more eloquent summation of the Empire’s, (and its vassals and evil allies), dirty deeds since World War 2, (and yeah, it does indeed go much further back than that), comes from the playright Harlold Pinter’s, (did I get his name right?), acceptance speech to the Nobel committee when he won the prize for literature a few years back. You can google it if you want. It’s a most wonderful rant!

    As far as “race” goes, I believe there is good in every “race”. However, I also believe any group, (race, nationality, tribe, country, society), can have a majority poisoned and delusional by false ideologies and webs of lies and denial. The truth has always been a blazing sword against lies, arrogance and brutality. Peace.

  38. emsnews

    The Cold War was very violent and often hotter than hell. Starting with the Korean war and the Chinese Revolution to Vietnam and a host of coups, uprisings and CIA actions in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. And Russia attacks in Europe, etc.

    Not to mention the near misses for nuclear war.

  39. floridasandy


    you see the US as evil in the past, but i don’t know how many other countries would have help the “vanquished” countries rebuild. americans had a lot of suffering in WW2 and they seemed to be pretty decent and forgiving, at least what i have read.

    we spent time and money rebuilding other countries, instead of conquering.

    i am not talking about what happened much later, as i do believe that america is being destroyed, and not from external forces.

    of course, i am completely off-topic now, as i often get.

  40. EC

    @Professa, “The world DIDN’T have an “extended period of peace” after World War 2 “for a while”. The world went into evil hyperdrive! The CIA and other secret entities were created and unleashed everwhere.”

    Reminds me of the book I’m currently reading about the Nazis, and what happened to them after WWII:


    Hint: they’re still running things. Book is full of interesting things, which may or may not be true. Solomon’s treasure, Operation PaperClip, secret German weapons, CIA/NASA conspiracy to kill JFK, …

  41. JT


    Yes, it is the nazis.

  42. @JT, I don’t believe in facts. Only arguments. 😉 Human beings come up with ways of looking at the world that help it make sense to us. If your way works for you, you argue its usefulness to other people, and they might adopt elements of it.

    I’m very cautious adopting theories about large groups of people.

  43. JT

    @steve murgaski

    la ti daa.
    I have no way.

    Some things are cultural realities even though they are not politically correct.

  44. Free

    Why didn’t you post this link?

    The truth is always in the pudding, eh?

  45. CK

    The Obama DOJ has required that in crime reporting, if a Hispanic is the victim they are counted as hispanic; if a hispanic is the perp they are to be counted as white. Some puddings have more truthiness than other puddings.

  46. MTipler

    Stats, stats always stats, they can work any
    way you want them to, all depending on who
    you ask, and were you take them.
    Its like the hunted and the hunter proverb
    of telling a story, like the word history itself,
    HIS(i,e,white man) story couple that with poetic liecenses, an’ what is the real story.

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