Israeli Jewish Scientist At Yale’s Sex Arrest Hidden In US News

I was leafing through the rather scrummy parts of UK news when I saw the story of ‘MIT researcher busted in undercover sting after setting up sex meet with a 12-year-old girl through her federal agent mom’ at the Mail Online.  This happened yesterday and I waited over 24 hours to see if the US media owners who are mostly Jewish would pick it up.  Well, they dropped it down the Memory Hole, fast.  It really never made even one headline in the US, not even the back pages where crime stories go.


This story made the hair stand on the back of my neck since I was raped by exactly this sort of person back in 1957.  He got away with it only to die three weeks after confessing to me in 1989.  I had a nervous breakdown afterwards when all the memories suppressed by survival instincts flooded back in.  Here are some details:


Agents first became interested in Segal in early February when he was seen in chat rooms where titles including ‘childslavesex’ and ‘ChildRapeTortureBrutality’ were being used…In one email sent in February, Segal included a link to a website selling sex toys he wanted to buy for their upcoming lewd encounter. He told her during a phone call that he would take ‘a dildo, small vibrator for the youngest child’….Segal has worked in the MIT Photovoltaic Research Laboratory since last year after completing his doctorate at Yale University’s applied physics department.


Here is the wannabe rapist’s stats online:  Yaron Segal | LinkedIn

So, in between seeking out children to rape, he was a big money-go-getter for Yale.  He was here in the US for only one year and I wonder how many children he raped in Israel.  We know that the entire Palestinian population has near zero civil rights and if they commit crimes, like black people under Jim Crow here in the past, they are arrested and put in prison a long time including small children.  Whereas the elite tribes get to do as they please and not be arrested except if they commit crimes against fellow tribal members.

Here is how the news about this rapist appeared at the NYT and WP:

Here is another rapist story that hasn’t made the news in NYC at all:  Brooklyn DA accused of failing to tackle Orthodox Jews’ cover-up of sex abuse | World news |


A systemic cover-up of child sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclaves continues to obstruct justice for young victims, despite claims by religious leaders and the Brooklyn district attorney that the problem is in hand.


A long-standing culture of non-cooperation with secular justice by Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox Jews keeps many child sex offenders out of the courts and at large in their communities.


Victim advocates say Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes has failed to wrest control from rabbinic leaders, who continue to hamper efforts to uncover abuse. Hynes’ recent claim to have radically increased prosecution rates for these crimes has drawn scorn from critics.


Brooklyn’s Jewish communities, home to the largest number of ultra-Orthodox Jews outside Israel, are insular and close-knit. They maintain their own shadow justice system based on religious halachic law, enforced by religious courts known as the beit din. In recent years, they have also established their own community police force, the Shomrim.


The Catholic Church was protected the same way by the Vatican’s political power and it ended up being a nest of rapists and looters over and over again throughout history due to no one monitoring them for criminal behavior.  As all of these rapists mutter and moan and spit hatred about sex demanding we (the victims) are responsible for luring them into rape, as they demand we put on veils, cover our hair, live in fear, they go about raping us.


The entire GOP has been handed over to rapists who want to prevent us from having abortions after they attack us, for example.  They want to control when we have sex, who we have sex with and why while they rape whoever they wish whenever they want.  This dual system whereby the religious bigots get to rape us while we are punished for having sex for fun is a core issue between religious fanatics, tribal overlords and those of us who are sane and mind our own business.


More news (I live in NY) about NY from England because this news isn’t here in the US:


Hynes’ office says that between April 2009 and November 2011, there were 85 arrests with 47 of those cases pending. Of the 38 closed cases, it said, six had gone to trial, 23 had ended in plea deals and nine with acquittals or dismissals. These figures contrast sharply with the negligible prosecutions in the years between Hynes taking office in 1990 and the start of Kol Tzedek.


But they also represent a mere fraction of the incidents of abuse that advocates say they hear about. Because of scant reporting, there are no statistics for child sexual abuse in these communities. Most, however, believe the numbers are at least consistent with broader society if not higher.


All the blather from our sex-crazed politicians howling about women having sex…and here is the key point to the above news story: it isn’t news in the US.  It is hidden news.  And yes, rape is probably HIGHER in hyper-religious communities than with saner people who don’t believe in a crazy sex-addled god that dictates all sorts of bizarre behavior, most of which hits women very hard and doesn’t protect children from rape.


Hirsch points to the DA’s blanket refusal to release information about recent arrests and convictions, his controversial plea deals and the number of cases that by the DA’s own admission have collapsed due to witness intimidation.

The DA’s spokesperson, Jerry Schmetterer, said it was policy not to discuss child sex crimes with the media in order to protect the victims’ anonymity.


HAHAHA…the Jewish prosecutor is protecting the victims by…hiding the rapists!!!!  And he admits that cases collapse due to ‘witness intimidation’ but this intimidation is being done by religious leaders who serve this bizarre god that seems to love rapine so much.  Anyone reading the Bible can see clearly, this is a murderous god indeed as all gods, pagan or not, are murderous.  Gods are scary and the trick of the last 2000 years trying to make these gods friendly can’t cover up their true nature as the various religious groups go head over hells into sexual repression of women and rapine kept secret while lecturing everyone about ‘morals’.


The Jewish DA refusing to publicize Jewish rapists stands in stark contrast with non-Jews being arrested openly and displayed to the public.  The UK article details several cases kept secret whereby Jewish rapists got off light and were kept out of the news due to deals made with fellow tribes members in the government.  This scandal doesn’t even begin to bother the Jews who run the media here.  They actively collude with rapists of children to cover it all up.


As a child rape victim, I can testify to the horrors that follow being raped: the Church and my family made it clear, I was a dirty child and no one wanted to touch me or hear my story, they all wanted me to shut up or die.  I nearly succeeded in killing myself at age 16 but that day, as I stood on a hill with a knife in my hand, ready to do the horrible final deed, a paganist spirit overtook me and I threw down the knife and embraced my new beliefs that came in a flood.  So what, if I wasn’t a virgin?


I was at one with the Goddesses of Nature and to hell with the other god, the one that enables rapists!  And this also energized me into being a militant feminist fighting for the civil rights of children, I worked hard to get laws passed giving children more power to bring abusers to trial or to stop parents from abusing them.  Even so, children still have far fewer rights to protect themselves from rapists whom the parents trust and bring into the home.


The football rapists finally are being brought to trial after years and years of adults around them knowing perfectly well, they were raping boys (HOW MANY GIRLS TOO????) and this scandal moved many college kids to…side with the rapists.  Disgustingly.  And this is the point: even as the ‘football culture’ people tend to overlap with the right wing GOP political landscape, the support of child rapists is HIGHER rather than lower than in liberal communities.


Back to the Jewish community allowing vast crimes to be perpetrated by themselves while complaining about the past:  US Holocaust Legislation: German National Railway Fears Flood of Lawsuits:  Yes, they want more money from Germany and France for the Holocaust.  Meanwhile, they want to starve Palestinians to death and steal what little they have and oppress and rape the ones who are ‘citizens’ of Israel and certainly will pay no sin money for this.  Going about the world bullying everyone while using our government’s power as a club is going to backfire hugely.

Hiding news about tribal crimes will do the same as the information leaks out.  Stormfront – White Nationalist Community is one of the five news sites that carried the Yale arrest, for example.  The fact that our mainstream news owners covered up this crime just like they didn’t cover the story of the Jewish newspaper owner who called for Mossad to assassinate Obama, proves Stormfront right.  Naturally.  It justifies their position.


The Jewish people should realize, hiding their own crimes backfires, big time.  It makes their own community more criminal and it feeds the perception that Jews want to be criminals and glory in this and think this is funny because they can openly abuse people while nothing happens to them whereas anyone else says or does the slightest thing to annoy or irritate them gets hounded mercilessly: this feeds anti-semitism and strengthens it, not weakens it.


This dynamic endangers liberal Jews who don’t want to do this but nothing will change unless liberal Jews, like myself, go after these lunatics who are hiding Jewish crimes.  The only reason Madoff made the news in a fairly big way was because he ripped of mostly Jews and they were very mad at him but then resumed the cover up of news about Jewish crimes after the hysteria died down.  This belief that if they hide things, they can still parade about as victims is a HUGE psychological problem in the Jewish community and blindness as to how their bully behavior in the Middle East is exposing them to being seen as criminals overall is a tragedy.


The fact that anyone points this out is attacked is a crime, not a tragedy and has to stop.  But I doubt that will happen.  Any Jew who goes after the Tribe to stop this madness is expelled and expunged and never appears in the news, either.  They vanish, like I have, in the same fog that hides Jewish criminals.  No news=more crimes!

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17 responses to “Israeli Jewish Scientist At Yale’s Sex Arrest Hidden In US News

  1. Being There

    Elaine, Sorry to hear of your experiences.

    I want to add to this very interesting piece. I have no idea why these stories are suppressed, but on Sunday morning I woke up to this tidbit on CNN where Nicholas Kristoff was interviewed about his story in the NYTimes. Here’s what I wrote in response to the story:

    Caught Red-Handed doin’ God’s Work

    Why am I not surprised that Goldman Sachs has till last week a 16% share in an adult classified page of the Village Voice, which has listings for prostitution including underage girls? In one recent case in New York City, prosecutors say that a 15-year-old girl was drugged, tied up, raped and sold to johns through Backpage and other sites.

    Back in the 1980’s I dated a guy who told me that the use of high end prostitution was endemic in the Wall Street crowd and high- wheeling lawyers. That’s why Nic Kristof’s column fits in well with all I say about our present criminal state.

    [This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are.
    That mystery is solved. The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake.]

    Of course, GS is mortified and will be pulling out of it’s stake in the company after six years. A former managing director Scott L. Lebovitz sat on board meetings and GS had stakes in the company before Village Voice took the company over.

    let’s put it this way, Goldman Sachs is everywhere you don’t want them to be. From aiding Greece to lie about it’s assets to join the EU down the line. They claim they are doing God’s work, that is they play god in the world financial arena, but how does one define God’s work?

  2. DeVaul

    This article reminds me of the one and only time I watched a TV show called “special victims unit”. It featured a group of detectives who were trying to solve the rapes of young school kids in a certain New York community, and they suspected a member of an ultra orthodox religious group (black hats with dreadlocks run by a priest or somebody) that did not want anyone around them.

    The show led you to believe that a young man who was a member was the culprit, but he was just trying to find a place to be alone with his girlfriend, which was forbidden by the group.

    The culprit turned out to be the school-age boy of a white truck driver whose wife had abandoned him or died, thus forcing him to leave his two sons alone at home while he was away working. The boy watched porn on TV and tried to imitate it on his friends.

    At the end, when the boy was sentenced, the priest, who had stonewalled the police the whole show, was sitting in the back of the courtroom and gave his nod of approval to the detectives, which led you to believe that religious groups know more than the police do about crime.

    I never watched this ultra sick show again.

  3. CK

    Dick Wolfe the producer of the L&O franchise shows is half jewish.
    None of the L&O crime shows in any way match the reality of the city that co-stars.

  4. JT

    Extreme religion = artistes rápistes

    Whenever men start meeting wearing dresses and behind closed doors it should be stopped immediately.
    When they start growing beards and feeling holy call the swat team.

  5. What about the Orthodox Jews in NJ and the Mayor [who had been mayor for a week?] and the selling of bodyparts?
    Remember that from a few years back?

  6. JT


    Guess where they harvested them.

  7. shockuhzulu

    I believe Drudge or Rense had a link to this story in the British press, but it never mentioned the fact that he was an Israeli to my knowledge. Money is power and the Rothchilds-Warburgs-(insert other Jewish Banking Families here) criminal empire has bought lots of protection over the years for their tribal co-conspirators.

  8. JT


    “a paganist spirit overtook me and I threw down the knife and embraced my new beliefs that came in a flood”

    “When my loving mother left me,
    Young was I, and low of stature;
    Like the cuckoo of the forest,
    Like the thrush upon the heather,
    Like the lark I learned to twitter,
    Learned to sing my simple measures,
    Guided by a second mother,
    Stern and cold, without affection;
    Drove me helpless from my chamber
    To the wind-side of her dwelling,
    To the north-side of her cottage,
    Where the chilling winds in mercy
    Carried off the unprotected.
    As a lark I learned to wander,
    Wander as a lonely song-bird,
    Through the forests and the fenlands
    Quietly o’er hill and heather;
    Walked in pain about the marshes,
    Learned the songs of winds and waters,
    Learned the music of the ocean,
    And the echoes of the woodlands.

    Many men that live to murmur,
    Many women live to censure,
    Many speak with evil motives;
    Many they with wretched voices
    Curse me for my wretched singing,
    Blame my tongue for speaking wisdom,
    Call my ancient songs unworthy,”

  9. Keep telling people about the story.
    Some people know the news is doctored.

  10. shockuhzulu

    As a side note, I wish I was as dedicated a Christian as you are a pagan.

  11. DeVaul

    Why don’t you just turn your back on the middle eastern death god? I did.

    When I could no longer take the bizarre requirements and beliefs, which conflicted with my own inner beliefs regarding the spirit world, I just let it go and never looked back. I lost some good friends from high school, who could not accept that I did not want to follow Jehova anymore. They had worked so hard to convert me and get me to go to their meetings and listen to their long, tiresome lectures on morality and their god.

    I just went back to my father’s religion and I have never regretted it. There is no arguing about old writings, no tirades, no one “left behind”, like my pets or the trees or any other living things. Yes, a human can sell his soul and maybe disappear into oblivion after death, but even that is not known for sure, although I do personally believe it.

    My wife is a Buddhist, and she participates in the seasonal fire offerings with me without complaint, and I do the same when we go to Thailand and visit the temples of the gods there. Unlike the jews, we are at peace.

    The Jews will never be at peace with themselves or with anyone else.

  12. EC

    Peace is a nice thing, but it only comes from love and forgiveness. Some people never find peace because they are unable to let go (of their hurt, of their selfish wants), to forgive, and to love others.

  13. shockuhzulu

    There is no turning back for me Devaul. The scriptures are all that make any sense in this world to me. I am a hopelessly brainwashed believer in the Bible.

  14. DeVaul

    “The scriptures are all that make any sense in this world to me.”

    Well, then my advice for you is to try not to argue about them with others, as I see all my neighbors and their fellow church people doing until they decide to “split” and form separate groups, which then “split” again, and so on.

    I haven’t seen anything good come from it, just a lot of bitterness. As for fogiveness, no one is required to do that for terrible wrongs committed against them or their loved ones. A young boy sitting in the crater that was once his home among the mutilated bodies of his family members is not required to forgive those responsible, nor is he required to “love” them.

    Only a god that loves death and destruction would “require” that.

  15. shockuhzulu

    “Opinions are like A-holes. Everybody’s got one.”

    This is why I base my reality on the scripture. If I just rely on OPINION, then mine is not better than yours, and yours is not better than mine. And eternity is a long time to spend being wrong.

    From what I have seen and experienced I consider truth to be what I know, not what I think. That’s what I mean when I say only the scriptures make any sense to me. The gospel is more felt than tell’t. “for the gospel is not in word only, but in POWER.” If it has no power it’s nothing but empty words.

  16. Mark

    so all blacks are criminals, all Hispanics are users, all Germans are Nazis, and so on. ONE Israeli sicko gets arrested for a crime and his crime does not make front page and we analyze that in the Israeli-Palestinian context.
    You are ALL severe idiots. I am SO happy I live in Beijing!!

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