US Media And Government Totally Hypocritical About Racism

The global collapse in first world national banking systems continues to unwind all affairs at all levels.  The sudden rush of the very rich and very powerful into commodities markets to make their wealth ‘grow’ has caused the price of existing to shoot upwards while incomes fall across much of the world leading to conflicts, riots, revolutions and desperation.  While the West coddles open racist ethnic/religious cleansing by Jews, the bankrupt leaders of NATO decry ‘racism’ at every turn in Europe, the US and of course, any Muslim countries in Asia or Africa.  The shattering noxious nexus of this is causing countries to break apart and this certainly is going to happen to Europe and North America.


The NATO countries continue to be violently agitated and able to kill or intimidate millions of rebellious people only by running on ever-higher deficits which takes me back to the banking system: it runs sans capital.  The human capital is beginning to flee, fight back or commit suicide (particularly in Asia and Eastern Europe).  The overhead costs of stopping this is bankrupting more than one first world nation.  The one nation that particularly has to worry about going bankrupt fighting billions of angry people is the US.  Due to our support of Israel, the numbers of ‘street’ Muslims (not their rulers, of course) that hate the US grows daily.


Anyone looking at headlines today can see how the US is going to be bankrupt in the near future:  US Offers $10 Million Bounty for Founder of Pakistani Militant Group is just one of many examples.  Why do this?  If he is annoying people in his vicinity, they would kill him without any money from Zionists running our government.  But the problem is, no one wants to kill him for free.  So, mercenaries have to be paid to be assassins and trust me, this is just another ‘assassiNation’ going on.  That is, the US is the Old Man on the Mountain leading a gang of assassins.


No one does assassin attacks better than Muslims who hate the US:  Suicide Bomber Kills 10, Including 3 NATO Troops in Afghanistan.  They aren’t cowards using bribes or drones, they do it personally and with hearty abandon.  We cannot win this game since they play it harder and longer and with much more enthusiasm.  Since nearly everyone hates us in Afghanistan, we can’t tell who is friend or foe because frankly, they view all of us as foes.  This is similar to Vietnam.


As the US drones on and on about Syria, here is our assassin war in Yemen:  Yemen: 43 Suspects Killed as Shelling Continues in South.  The fighting is now non-stop and the Saudi fears of Iran are huge since these are Shi’ite warriors even though the US pretends this is al Qaeda.  Which reminds me: all our assassinations of members of this former-CIA operation isn’t stopping it at all.  It is an idea, after all, not a real organization. The more martyrs we create, the happier are the ones who choose to fight onwards.


As gas prices in the US climb above $4 a gallon and Americans get madder about it, news about who created this rise (Wall Street, Zionists and our own politicians) is leaking out.  Meanwhile, the Valkyrie from hell continues yodelling her bloody songs demanding death for all Shi’ites:  Clinton: New Demands For ‘Commitments’ From Iran.  And what are these?  Like the Wicked Witch demanding, ‘Surrender Dorothy’ they can’t surrender since this simply means the US will, once able to insure Iran can’t fight back, will definitely attack like we attacked Iraq and Libya and of course, NATO is paying the ethnic rioters and fighters in Syria.  So is Saudi Arabia who hates the ruler there who is not a family member of the rulers of the Gulf States, all of whom butcher and beat up Shi’ites at every turn, with the US turning a blind eye to that while whining about Iran or Syria doing the exact same thing.


As for being mean to minorities, no one beats the hypocrisy of the US/Israeli efforts:  Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel is all about destroying the homes of Bedouin and putting them into the driest part of Israel in ghettos and replacing them with more Jewish settlers.  These Bedouin are ‘citizens’ of Israel which means they have zero civil rights.  Jews in America love to rattle on about civil rights and then turn and do the exact opposite in their ‘home state’.


As I have pointed out before, the International Criminal Court is an imperialist operation aimed at savagely punishing Africans, Serbians, Russians, Chinese, South Americans who get in oil contract fights with the US and other targets of our ruling elites.  So, when the Muslims asked for Israel to be indicted for war crimes, the ICC Rejected Palestinian Bid to Investigate Israeli War Crimes — News from


In an official statement, the ICC said that “the current status granted to Palestine by the United Nations General Assembly is that of ‘observer,’ not as a ‘Non‐member State.’” Under the ICC’s founding treaty, the Rome Statute, only recognized states can join the court.
A State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks revealed that potential investigation by the ICC is one of the primary reasons Israeli officials block Palestinian statehood. Military Advocate General for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Avichai Mandelblit met with U.S. Ambassador James B. Cunningham in February of 2010 to discuss investigations into allegations of misconduct during Cast Lead.
Mandelblit seemed to deflect allegations of war crimes, not by denying they took place, but by dismissing them via a legal technicality. Accompanying Mandelblit was IDF Head of the International Law Department Col. Liron Libman who “noted that the ICC was the most dangerous issue for Israel,” reads the cable.


The original crime here is the European Jews going into Palestine and doing 70 years of open ethnic cleansing.  Claiming that doing this is OK so long as the efforts are successful is a great fun thing to do while yelling about other nations doing less and above all, arresting the leaders (such as the Serbs) and putting them in prison for this.  Now, on to the US and our endless race wars: this is heating up since fixing the social and demographic problems here is not possible anymore since our country is going bankrupt fighting Muslims:


Here in upstate NY we have headlines today:  Drug sweep strikes at ‘heart’ – Times Union


Flanked by representatives from various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies from the task force that participated in the criminal probe, Hartunian described how the gang toted around guns to protect their turf, used Facebook to perpetuate that ruffian image, and tagged buildings with graffiti to mark their territory in the city’s Central State Street neighborhood.


Some of the violence alleged in court documents includes five instances where gang members fired at rivals. On other occasions, they robbed people at gunpoint, the indictment states. Hartunian said crack cocaine and heroin from a downstate supplier were sold on the streets at huge profits.


In Troy, NY, last month there was a gang shooting near my ex-husband’s home.  Black on black, of course.  Around half of all US murders are this.  In Trayvon Martin rant, Pat Buchanan misses the truth – PostPartisan – The Washington Post is an editorial by Colby King, a black man, complaining about Buchanan, a white right winger, discussing black murder statistics.  At no point does King deny the facts, he just wants to shoot the messenger.  This little brush up happened the same day I independently published all those graphs and statistics about the spiraling crime catastrophe that has engulfed the black community.


Obviously, there is little desire at the top of the black political power pyramid to do anything about this except complain about ‘racism’.   Meanwhile, the US black leaders starting with Obama refuse, except for a few outstanding members, to champion the Palestinian cause and demand the US cease paying for and protecting racism in Israel.  If Mr. King were to do this, he would lose his job and he knows this.  More from my home region’s news:


Last week, a state Attorney General-led probe netted dozens of reputed Albany gang members and associates in a large-scale take-down of a violent multi-state drug ring tied to shootings and killings, officials said.

All told, 52 defendants, including alleged members of the South End-based Original Gangsta Killas and Bloods street gangs, were charged.

On Tuesday, Hartunian said removing violent criminals plying their illegal trades from the streets in “high impact cases make a difference” in upstate communities.

Specifically, he mentioned the May arrests on nearly three dozen members of another violent Schenectady street gang named the Four Block Gang, who are rivals of the Uptown or Gunners Gang.

Many of the Four Block defendants, who were accused of running roughshod in Hamilton Hill, were indicted on drug trafficking and federal racketeering charges. Since then, they have either pleaded guilty or are scheduled for trial soon, said Hartunian.


The youth in black communities worship gangst culture.  Movies, videos and other venues of entertainment join in since these gangstas represent zero danger to the state or industries.  When it gets too hot, the authorities come in and sweep up the members who then join gangs in prison and the process goes on.  Prisons have totally given up on reforming their mainly-black population.  Meanwhile, the white working class, falling off the SAME cliff as the black working class, are doing the same thing which is why things are deteriorating in the US with our government wasting billions on prisons and the US has the world’s largest prison population of any nation per capita.


The cure for drug dealing is legalization.  Indeed, a sane solution for rulers is to pump drugs into the lower classes to keep them stupefied.  But they need the cheap labor still so they have to keep this population semi-sober half of the time, at least, during working hours.  Like in Japan:  Death of security guard at foreign ministry recognized as overwork: lawyer – The Mainichi Daily News.  Worked to death.  The 40 hour workweek died long ago in Japan and workers now die from overwork there like in any third world dictatorship like say, the way Chinese workers are treated.  This is the goal here for our leaders: kill the 40 hour work week and work them to death so they can’t retire but still pay into Social Security for the middle class workers.


Back to the destruction of the black community:  Will gang war end? – Times Union


As a result, dozens of young men — self-styled assassins, wannabes and minor-league drug peddlers — find themselves facing serious prison time once again. Are the streets really safer?

“It’s had a significant effect on all of our violence in the city,” Police Chief Steven Krokoff said Tuesday. “What draws us to these people are these weapons. Drug-dealing is fairly placed throughout society — we’re all aware of it, and there’s more drugs than there are police officers. But once the nexus to violence is there, that’s going to draw my attention. So I do believe by removing the most violent from society, we are as a result going to see a less-violent society.”

At Third Avenue and Teunis Street in the South End, the heart of OGK territory, a young couple said they see a neighborhood that has become safer in the past year.

“Hell, yeah,” said the 20-year-old man who, in a telling sign, still did not want to give his name for fear of retaliation. “I can walk anywhere down these streets … and pretty much feel that no one messes with me. Since I’ve been living here (one year) there’s pretty much no gunshots anymore.”


Getting rid of ganstas is popular.  But will these arrests make it less violent in the future?  Obviously, no.  The drugs need to be sold and will be sold.  Fighting for market control means killing.  Enforcing illegal contracts means killing.  Killers who don’t mind doing this will rise to the top of organizations selling drugs and there it is: Mexico.  We wanted the drug war there to heat up and it did and the only result was stronger, more powerful gangs who are much more violent.


Back to the issue of racism, here is a headline in Europe that didn’t make it to the top US news media organizations:  ‘If you don’t believe in climate change you must be sick’: Oregon professor likens skepticism to racism | Mail Online


The professor, who holds a B.S. in biology and a master’s and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistance’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognised and treated’ as an aberrant sociological behaviour.
Resolving skepticism about climate change alarmists, she added, is a challenge equitable to overcoming ‘racism or slavery in the U.S. South’.

In the last 30 years, Norgaard said, climate change has been seen as either a hoax or fixable with minimal political or economic intervention.

‘This kind of cultural resistance to very significant social threat is something that we would expect in any society facing a massive threat’, she said.


Ever wonder how the Soviet Union worked?   This is a prime example: ‘intellectuals’ who are really mindless robots claiming that anyone who disputes science with them is ‘insane’.  Many were sent to ‘insane asylums’ in the USSR for arguing about politics or science.  The global warming issue is one thing that stops people from supporting liberals in general.  Because people sense, just like with the disaster of bussing for school integration killed liberalism 35 years ago, this push to save the planet really is a tool for extracting taxes from the masses while doing nothing useful.


I see no offers to put solar panels on roofs, for example.  I see only taxes looming, taxes on energy needed to heat the northern climate people in particular.  This woman flew to England to say these odious things and like the shameless hussy she is, her own CO2 belching is OK since she will simply pay the extra tax.  Killing people by freezing them: she doesn’t give a damn, we know if she wants to be warm she will be warm, to hell with the polar bears.


And to hell with nation building, the other thing ‘liberals’ support:  AFP: Mali Islamist advance alarms world leaders


World leaders scrambled to stop Mali’s descent into chaos Wednesday, two weeks after a coup in Bamako touched off a sequence which saw Tuareg rebels backed by radical Islamists conquer half the country.
The United Nations Security Council was to make a statement on the crisis amid warnings Al-Qaeda-linked militants were on the verge of creating an Islamic state on a territory larger than France.

Three of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s top leaders were spotted in the fabled city Timbuktu, where the new rulers ordered women to wear headscarves and threatened to cut off the hands of thieves.


The corrupt Saudi Royals are freaking out over this: they are target #1 of Al Qaeda!  From day one, no less.  The military coup there is failing fast.  And for good reason just as it is floundering in Libya.  The US and Israel are already in hysterics about the Muslim Brotherhood, after they looked over Egypt carefully, deciding to run someone for President there.  Imagine that!  Horrors, real democracy even if it is an intolerant religious bigot party…sounds like the US or Israel, actually.  Hypocrisy strikes again like lightning to a lightning rod. Saudi man splurges $136,000 on vintage bubbly in Dubai is pure fodder for the Islamic rebels.

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42 responses to “US Media And Government Totally Hypocritical About Racism

  1. emsnews

    This just in: after 11 years of unconstitutional flogging of prisoners, the US finally is charging these victims of torture and illegal abuse with cooperating or planning 9/11.

    So, we have a trial where no one is allowed to dispute the charges and then the US plans to execute these men and then create more martyrs for their cause which is spreading, not shrinking.

    The time delay here plus the fact the men put on trial can’t charge our government with crimes (torture) turns this into a Soviet Union style show trial.

    And people who think 9/11 was an inside job (in a way, it was: an ‘open door’ job to allow attacks on the US by inaction or even stealthy CIA assists) will not be convinced by information at this show trial.

    And the information itself came via torture which makes it illicit. Of course, this is one more step towards aping the Soviet Union the last step being, the US going bankrupt while stuck in Afghanistan.

  2. JT

    “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
    – Alexander King –

    “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.”
    – Timothy Wirth –

    “I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.”
    – Al Gore –

    I don’t like being lied to for the “right” reasons.

    Maybe they should put me in a mental institution for being this way.

  3. CK

    So It is an idea!!! I am reminded of a line from that great and grand movie V for Vendetta.
    “V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.”
    Now about legalizing drugs, do you realize how many very wealthy apple carts the legalization of drugs would upset?
    The cartels would be very upset, when they get upset they kill lots of people.
    The banks that stash and flow the cash proceeds from drug sales ( I have yet to find a dealer who takes checks or swipes credit cards ) would be irate. For almost a year ( 2008 ) the drug trade money was all that kept the banks afloat until the govt bought their useless “assets.”
    The narcs would be hurt. DEA agents would have to go back to trade school to be retained, local cops would have to face rapists, find murderers, retrieve stolen property; instead of rousting users and getting to play junior special forces agent in their spiffy SWAT unis and spiffier swatcars.
    Parents would be hurt because they would have to actually explain to the anklebiters why a martini is a fine thing but a doobie is the devil’s first step.
    Schools would lose massive amounts of funding for useless anti drug seminars and specialists. The specialists and seminar-givers would have to go back to juco to be retrained into something useful; pedicurists or dog walkers comes immediately to mind.
    TV producers, casting agents, writers, etc, the whole L&O franchise, way more fabulists, fantasists, psuedo-novelists would be bone dry and empty of plot topics and morality twists.
    The race jobbers would be upset, with drugs legal, many black entrepreneurs would appear. The gimme gimme gang would be decimated.
    Rap song writers would need a new bitch to slap.
    The CIA would be beyond irate at losing its best concealed source of monies and power.
    Liquor Wine Beer and cigarette manufacturers would be up in arms ( they alread were in CA last year ) about the potential loss of sales, and the drastic increase in the average age of their customers.
    Bartenders would fume because the non smoking laws now in place would mean that the fine oregano aroma would not be happening in their establishments, no drinky no tippy.
    On the other hand, auto insurance agents would probably be very happy because there would be way fewer drunk driving accidents and deaths to pay out for.

  4. JT

    Besides it will not work.
    Psychohistory only works if:
    * the population whose behaviour was modeled should be sufficiently large
    * the population should remain in ignorance of the results of the application of psychohistorical analyses
    * that Human Beings are the only sentient intelligence in the Galaxy.

    I do not believe any of those will be met.
    * because this thing was only bought by EU (of course run by former communist like Barroso). They know that the only way to back their stuff is to doctor statistics and put sceptics in jail
    * internet
    * we can’t be the only intelligent ones


  5. Watch this discussion on Israeli reality TV. There is more honest discussion in Israel about the occupation than is ever allowed on western TV:

  6. ‘The professor, who holds a B.S. in biology and a master’s and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistance’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognised and treated’ as an aberrant sociological behaviour.’

    YES ELAINE, the ‘Liberal, Carbon Credit’ Nazis are aiming their guns at you!
    You say Pat B is a ‘right winger’, maybe, after all hes for limited immigration and environmentalism! Not phoney ‘carbon credits’.
    One of his best sellers is ‘ HOW THE RIGHT WENT WRONG’.

  7. Elaine, this is a long ‘cut and paste’. I did look at the Wash Post link.
    It mentions Bobby Rush. Many do not know this about him:

    ‘Alex Rackley

    a group of Black Panthers decided that a fellow black panther named Alex Rackley needed to die. Rackley was suspected of disloyalty.

    Rackley was first tied to a chair. Once safely immobilized, his
    “friends” tortured him for hours by, among other things,
    pouring boiling water on him.

    When they got tired of torturing Rackley, Black Panther member
    Warren Kimbo took Rackley outside and put a bullet in his head.
    Rackley’s body was later found floating in a river about 25 miles
    north of New Haven, Conn.

    Perhaps at this point you’re curious as to what happened to these
    Black Panthers. In 1977, that’s only eight years later, only
    one of the killers was still in jail. The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed
    to get a scholarship to Harvard. He later became an assistant dean at Eastern
    Connecticut State College.

    Isn’t that something? As a ’60s radical you can pump a bullet into
    someone’s head, and a few years later, in the same state, you can
    become an assistant college dean! Only in America!

    Erica Huggins was the lady who served the Panthers by boiling the water
    for Mr. Rackley’s torture. Some years later Ms. Huggins was elected
    to a California School Board.

    How in the world do you think these killers got off so easy? Maybe it was
    in some part due to the efforts of two people who [incredibly] came to the defense
    of the Panthers. These two people actually went so far as to shut down
    Yale University with demonstrations in defense of the accused Black Panthers
    during their trial.

    One of these people was none other than Bill Lan Lee. Mr. Lee, or
    Mr. Lan Lee, as the case may be, isn’t a college dean. He isn’t a
    member of a California School Board. He is now head of the U.S.
    Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

    The other Panther defender was, like Lee, a radical law student at Yale
    University at the time.

    She is none other than the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate
    from the state of New York—-our lovely First Lady, the incredible
    Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Let’s not forget about Rep. Bobby Rush, founder of the Illinois Black Panthers, arrested for possession of guns is now a member of Congress’.

  8. JT


    That was a wonderful video.
    Of course in my neck of the woods we used to be for Palestinian state.
    Now with the new right wing president I’m not sure.

  9. JT: `I don’t like being lied to for the “right” reasons.’

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change comes out with a big report every few years. If you’re after ‘the truth’ about climate change, I believe that’s as close as a person can get to finding it.

    If someone gets asked “How big a problem is climate change, really?” on the evening news, and they’ve got 30 seconds to answer, and they’re determined to tell the truth, then I suppose they’d say “Well we have a 1500 page report that tries to answer that exact question, and it’s available online at http… I really encourage your viewers to read through it and draw their own conclusions.” A thousand people would download the report, and 8 would read through it and draw conclusions, and politically nothing would happen at all.

  10. JT

    @steve murgaski

    Global warming has been grossly exaggerated in the media and by politicians.

    I know the planet is getting warmer.
    I know nobody understands how the climate of planet earth works, they have studied only on aspect which they cannot prove by measurements only by computer models.

    I know why this was popular with politicians and how it was sold to energy companies.
    And I know why they think this is a good idea even if we will not die of CO2.

    Now we are at a point when we have to make the white lie into a law in order for it to continue.

    This is the death struggle of global warming agenda and a huge loss for all environmentalists.
    A lot of good stuff will go with the bathwater.

    Bad strategy.

  11. JT

    @steve murgaski

    I have a few friends that are scientists.
    It’s a common joke in europe.

    If you want a grant you have to include climate science to your application.
    So if you want to study squirrels, you make an application for “Effects of climate change on Finnish Squirrels.”
    Now after that you kind of have to have a paragraph about climate change in your findings, whether there are any or not.

  12. Elaine, its significant George Z.s Dad defended his son, but on grounds hes not a Racist! Nowadays thats worse than being called a murderer. Dad could have said its ‘justifiable homicide, not murder’

    Theres a blog that counters Obamas recent ‘divide and conquer’ speech.
    Its related to a double murder in Fla.
    Anyone want to comment on it?

    Ex-Army – Libertarian Nationalist: Another Obama Son?

    He also has Uncle Omars Mugshot at his blog.

  13. JT, do you agree that we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? If yes, what do you think would be a good strategy for achieving that, politically?

  14. emsnews

    YES, we should use alternative fuels. YES, we should have solar panels on every house.

    HOW we do this is the question and the solutions being offered by our rulers is…go die, pay more taxes. The ideology that if you make oil more expensive (hello, Iran!) then people will conserve (freezing to death, for example).

    Not one thing is being planned to make life better for people who need energy to stay warm, for example. So, the Great Die Off will start with people living in cold places.

  15. JT

    @steve murgaski

    “do you agree that we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels? If yes, what do you think would be a good strategy for achieving that, politically?”

    Yes of course.
    A good strategy would be to tax fossil fuels in order to make energy investments more profitable, give tax breaks for energy efficiency investments for households, make new stricter building codes.
    And put the money from taxes lets say to improving public transportation in large cities.

    But you see that will not happen there as it did not happen here.

    They will give the polluting companies free money, they will make the energy more expensive and give the energy companies free money for their energy investments.
    The polluting companies will move production elsewhere where there are no environmental laws at all, the energy companies will make a bundle of money, you will be told you cannot heat your house with wood since it releases particles and that you cannot build a windmill because it ruins the landscape.
    Your only choice is to pay the energy company whatever they want and suffer.

    And CO2 emissions globally will go up, not that they matter.
    Whatever oil you save will be burned up by the Chinese.
    So what you give up is for the benefit of trade balance.

    What needs to be accomplished is to take your purchasing power away from you.
    The best thing for you would be fight globalisation and demand that you want expensive, durable goods that you use for the rest of your life that are made in a clean US factory.
    That’s one thing you will not see.
    The corporations and politicians took the loot and forgot about environment and climate the minute they got the money.

  16. JT


    They will want you to pay more for energy.
    But the overall consumption cannot go down or the amount of dollars spent.
    We gots to have growth.

    So no solar panels or windmills in anybodys future.

    The few producing companies still left that need to emit CO2, will sell their free carbon credits and sod off to Vietnam or China with your money.
    Where they can buy tax free oil for production, shipping and get free labour.

    Electricity and energy lobbyist will make sure you get no tax breaks for getting off the grid as you say there.

    You really should make sure that you tax energy, not convert the price incrase into funny money for the bankers and corporations.

  17. JT, I think you answered me with prescriptions, but without a strategy for how to achieve them in our political system. We don’t have politicians who lead; at best, they do what’s popular. I don’t think your ideas would even be popular. Most people would need some compelling reason to explain why we can’t just keep going on the way we always have.

  18. By the way, climate change isn’t just a convenient argument for reducing fossil fuel use, to me. I’m genuinely afraid of it. I understand that Elaine isn’t, and I hope she’s right.


    ELAINE: It is April. My wood stove is burning right now. It is still cold here.

  19. JT

    @steve murgaski

    “without a strategy for how to achieve them in our political system”
    If I knew that I would quit my business and be on the next plane over there

    “I don’t think your ideas would even be popular.”
    saving money is popular, giving it away is not.
    you can make a guarantee to refund every penny taxed on energy to households that save it.
    Give the carbon credits to Elaine and her wood stove heating plant.

    “Most people would need some compelling reason to explain why we can’t just keep going on the way we always have.”
    Well we need to come up with a new one.
    This CO2 horse has died, we should stop whipping it.


  20. Paul S

    About that $10 million bounty on the Pakistani: why does the United States even need to put a Bounty on ANYONE?? Setting aside, for the sake of argument, the moral questions a Bounty entails. Then ask yourself this: the US has THE most expensive, high tech, well-funded military at the present, probably in history and we can’t find this guy and terminate him? That really tells you something. The longest war in US history and we STILL have no f@cking clue as to where to find this guy. The warmongers in the US, be they military or political leaders, should hang their heads in shame over their incompetence. I have said this before: US ruling elites are the “perfect” blend of supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence.

  21. floridasandy

    paul s,

    i have always wondered why we couldn’t find bin laden all those years?

    either we have the most incompetent people in the US, or they found him a long time ago.

    americans have a lot of questions, but no answers.

  22. floridasandy

    did anyone see the greek call to revolution, after the tragic suicide?

    THIS is what happens when governments make promises that they have no intention of keeping. (or, if you like to see government as a benign force no ability to keep)

    coming to a country near you in the not so distant future

  23. melponeme_k

    “The warmongers in the US, be they military or political leaders, should hang their heads in shame over their incompetence.”

    All of them are getting rich on bribes. Just wait until China is in a position to dictate world commerce officially.

    How long before they tell the elites that they must be Chinese citizens if they want to keep their industries. And how much sooner after that will they be beheaded for treason against China. This is all assuming there is no uprising in the US and European nations. But if there is, all the sooner will they run to the Dragon’s claws.

    China right now is just doling out the hanging rope.

  24. emsnews

    The Chinese ruling elite plan hatched back in 1986 was exactly that: lure all the industries to China and then slam the door on the West’s fingers. BIG TIME.

    The trick is when. It is quite close now. ‘A trillion in debt’ was the exact words used back then. They own more than that of our debt now. ‘We will willingly lose this money if it means the US will go bankrupt’ they said to me back then.

    Anyone who doubts the plan can sit idle until it happens. The US right now imagines they can skip off happily after stiffing China. This is false and they know it.

  25. Elaine, it has been going on for awhile, yes?
    Besides the pirated software and ‘fake food’ [ containing chalk,plastic, even ground up aborted babies].

    I read long ago about some car or motorcycle company that built a factory there. W/I a year their product was on the streets, in a pirated version.
    Same look, but no respect for patents.
    If you go to Occidental hes got a great article on ‘Chinese learning French, and how huge the #s are of Chinese moving here.

  26. Then what?

    ‘‘We will willingly lose this money if it means the US will go bankrupt’ they said to me back then.’
    Since you know so much, can you write a piece on that?
    Then What?


    ELAINE: My father was one of the very first Americans to follow Nixon into China. He was very deeply involved with Zhou En Lai (back then, he was ‘Chou Enlai’) and in the early 1980’s, the Chinese government asked me to instruct some younger party members in capitalist ideology and international economics. So I did, quite successfully. They actually lived in my house and had many ‘lessons’ in real life.

    One funny story: Zhen once said to me, he was going to make some easy money to supplement his government funds by going to Atlantic City to gamble. I warned him he would lose money but he went and…lost all his money.

    He had to borrow from me to survive and I made him work it off including interest rates added just to teach him about how debt works. He hated doing this because I made him do manual labor like shoveling snow.

    He swore he would never gamble again. Gambling is a huge problem for the Chinese, by the way.

  27. JT

    @steve murgaski

    “I’m genuinely afraid of it.”

    “When all the hope is gone, there is no reason for pessimism.”

  28. Being There

    Coupla comments.
    I don’t think we are in any war to win. It’s all about war profiteering. In the fog of war, people can steal. We haven’t won a war since WWII, yet war is our main export along with military weaponry which the faltering Greek govt had to buy even in the face of a financial melt-down.
    Just think “Shock Doctrine”, the rampant privatization program that is happening in the former “industrial world”.

    The idea here is to subjugate people who are undergoing turmoil. It can be a military operation or it can be a financial blow-up.
    If you read Naomi Klein, you can trace everything that has happened around the world that we imposed, and you will understand that this is a global class war.
    Since the rule of law=regulations are being vilified by the right, we can expect things to get much worse. The peak oil may not get us first, oddly enough.

    Real freedom would be solar panels on every home, like in Germany. Now that’s liberty, not imposing giant energy monopolies upon a nation. So the Republicans are liars and against liberty at all costs, but they think they own the word.
    I have little doubt that our elite and leadership understand that we are heading toward becoming a colony of corporations and banks and that the nation state will fall. They are surely pushing it over the edge as they take the money and run.

    Just understand they are stealing our wealth from under us. Anyone that hasn’t gotten the hint after 2008 is really not thinking.
    The stock market?—Whoa the only game in town outside of gold and silver, but when some group decides to clean-up—look out!!
    Remember that the financial thug, Jaime Dimon told congress that the bubbles pop ever 5-7 years.–Congress nods their heads in acceptance.

  29. Paul S

    @Being There: your comments remind me of what Willie Sutton, the bank robber, said when asked why he robs banks. Sutton’s answer: “cause that’s where the money is”. This is EXACTLY why the private sector wants to shrink the role of government. But like any con they have to figure out a way to package their con job so the suckers (meaning: taxpayers) will go for it. Hence the CONSTANT babbling about how ‘big guvmint’ can’t do anything well. It’s why Bush II deliberately sabotaged relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. There has always been criminals who wanted to get their hands on government funds and rip the taxpayer off. The American Revolutionary War had its war profiteers. Ripping off the taxpayer is a very old “game”.

  30. Being There

    Paul S.
    Ripping off the taxpayer–indeed. There has always been fraud. It’s just the way we’re built, but now the system is fraud and real economic activity doesn’t bring in as much. The whole system is now geared to allow global financial fraud with giant tax-payer bailouts, while wars are costing us other $trillions, but bringing in nothing to the state.
    Neoliberalism is a philosophy that is destroying government, but uses government to continue to deteriorate, while enriching a few.
    It will keep recycling around the world and in the meantime, new laws to destroy our freedom will continue.

    There is a new bill being introduced,[ H.R. 3523, introduced last year by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), purports to help safeguard American corporations from espionage and cyber crime by allowing the NSA and other federal spy agencies to work directly with large corporate players, funneling them classified information on threat assessments to enable companies to defend themselves.]
    SCOTUS just sanctioned strip search as a part of the arrest sequence. I call it SCOTUS meets Abu Garib, and don’t say it can’t happen here….

    In t he meantime, they will keep x-raying us to make sure we’re not terrorists, while giving us more accumulation of radiation. Can you spell CANCER?

  31. floridasandy

    paul s,

    the private sector isn’t shrinking government.

    you have that backwards.

  32. Elaine, thats another of yr fascinating stories.
    But what will the Chinese do to the USA? Remember 1/4 million of them are moving to US/Canada a year.
    [Occidental has an article].

  33. Paul S

    @floridasandy: Fact: under Ronald Reagan, Republican, the size of government EXPLODED–along with the deficit. Under George W. Bush, Republican, the size of government EXPLODED–along with the deficit. What is up with that?? I have said this before and I will say it again: I am SOOO glad I got deprogrammed from being a brainwashed, right wing Republican like you are still ‘floridasandy’. Do yourself a favor, stop watching Fox.

  34. Paul S

    @Being ThereL One thing decent people have going for them is how DEEPLY incompetent US elites are. US elites have waged the longest war in the country’s history and have lost the war. NOBODY in the countries we have been invading want us to stay. The Generals have to put out notices to US troops to keep an eye on our Pakistani “allies”–because they have the nasty habit of shooting at their US “liberators. With all of the billions of dollars spent, and the sacrifice, and the time and effort, and we still can’t protect ANYONE in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Further, even the warmongers in the US should fell the need to hide their faces in embarassment over the fact they have to post a $10 million bounty on a Pakistani militant. Think about that. The world’s most expensive military–by far–and we have to post bounties on enemies. Seems we are paying for a military that can’t do its warmongering competently.

  35. emsnews

    And in today’s news in Pakistan: the cleric with the $10 million bounty on his head is now one of the most popular men there due to this!

  36. floridasandy

    paul s,

    do you see me defending george bush?

    the first rule is that if something isn’t working, you don’t do more of it.

    do yourself a favor and pay attention to what is happening in the world NOW.

  37. Paul S

    The $10 million bounty is just amazimg to me. It is so revealing. This country has spent 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars in that region. Pakistan Afghanistan is most likely THE most satellite photographed land on earth. We have drone planes. We can monitor cell phone transmissions. We have infrared technology so we can track bad guys at night. And absolutely without ANY question, US troops (and the mercenaries) have a massive, overwhelming firepower advantage. The US has bribed Pakistani, Afghani and Iraqis to the tune of billions of US dollars. Yet even with all of these factors, the US STILL has to post a bounty because, despite all of these enormous advantages, the US has to hope someone else can find one lousy Pakistani militant. Amazing. It’s evenmore amazing when you consider the very likely possibility that quite a few Pakistanis know precisely where this militant resides. The one source of hope in all this is that these are the very same US elites who think they can successfully impose martial law here in the US.

  38. emsnews

    We spent over a TRILLION dollars so far with no end in sight. And ZERO mention from fake conservatives or fake liberals about cutting that out of the budget.

  39. floridasandy

    ron paul could at least give us a shot in the right direction, but conservatives and liberals both don’t like accountability.

    i liked charles hugh smith on this today:

    the Status Quo’s success in masking the ultimate fate of the financial system for the past four years supports the belief that there is literally no limit to the Federal Reserve and Treasury’s power to keep the ship afloat, regardless of the cost. In other words, the Fed and Treasury are perceived as “unsinkable.”

    That illusion has cost trillions of dollars, trillions of dollars of new debt that now burden the taxpayers: $2 trillion added to the Fed balance sheet, $1.2 trillion in secret giveaways to the banking cartel, and $6 trillion in additional Federal debt/spending.

    Yet few of us are willing to entertain an exit from the belief system that supports the Status Quo. We are like passengers on the Titanic ten minutes after its fatal encounter with the iceberg: we can’t believe this grand ship could sink, so we do nothing while it is still possible to influence our fate.

  40. floridasandy

    “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  41. Sweeps hitting San Francisco and the newspaper makes them all criminals. I happen to know that a few are just kids caught up in the lifestyle trying to get ahead but find the lack of resources makes survival impossible.
    I used to think they whined too much.
    The truth be told once they end up in the system they struggle to get out.
    Often fines and restitution makes them hide just so they can survive.
    They find themselves slinging again on a corner if desperation gets bad enough.
    The groups like United Playaz in San Francisco are very important to help keep youth off the streets.
    You would be surprised who donates.
    I have solicited donations from many of the dispensaries getting them to compete. The old gangsters help and challenge the kids to create their own program and be careful who you befriend.
    It takes the entire neighborhood participating to raise kids.
    Hopefully they take the correct paths and do not end up being statistics.
    Never thought I would have the opportunity to be so close to this phenomenon when I was caught up in the system over medical cannabis.
    I won my appeal because I am not a criminal.
    The appellate courts said different.
    It was humbling and an education when the judge took away my freedom for six months.
    Confusing because San Francisco was giving us awards for harm reduction while Solano county was trying to lock me up.
    I was friends with the SF DA Terence Hallinan and abhored Dave Paulson the Solano county DA.

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