Korea Is #1 Woman Suicide Nation, US #1 Crazed Killer Culture

The Japanese yen is now 86 to the dollar and Japan’s exporters are sighing with relief.  Meanwhile, Fukushima…radiation so high – even robots not safe – YouTube

It is increasingly and painfully obvious, there is no way to fix Fukushima.  None.  The concept that something is unfixable is hard for humans to understand.  Yet, it has happened to Japan.  The Japanese hope to export more and more again and thus, fix what is broken but what broke is internal as well as external.

This thinking of mine comes after roaming around parts of Tokyo via Google maps.  In the news in Japan, increasingly, are stories of people killing each other and committing suicide or killing children or children throwing themselves off of roofs or in front of trains as everyone there is mentally stressed out and facing a sense of unescapable doom.

We might even think that Japan is the most suicidal nation on earth but it certainly is not.  Here is the list:  WHO | Suicide rates per 100,000 by country, year and sex (Table)

Most are former Soviet states.  One of the iron rules of history is, when a major empire collapses, this is both external and internal.  The government ceases, things go backwards very rapidly and people go into despair.  Or rather, MEN go into despair.  The ratio of men killing themselves is three to four times higher than women who have the natural hope of having children to keep them going.  A biological imperative that is quite powerful.

Kill that and everything goes and this is exactly what is happening to…Korea.  The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea – Suicides Rising Sharply Among Women, Elderly, Educated

Korea’s suicide rate has skyrocketed since the Asian economic crisis and is now 2.3 times higher than the rate of death from traffic accidents. In the 1990s, about 7.3 people for every 100,000 committed suicide, but that has soared especially among women, the elderly, highly educated people, professionals, and divorcees.

The number of women who killed themselves rose 2.8 times from 1,853 in 1996 to 5,237 in 2010, and among men 2.5 times. The suicide rate for women was 19.7 for every 100,000 people in 2009, the highest in the OECD and 25 times greater than in Greece.

Women are less prone to suicide than men, but whereas in the U.K. and Germany the suicide rate among women is just a quarter or one-third of that among men, in Korea it is 50.7 percent.

What is going on there?  I like to look at statistics and numbers before going into any conversation because we never know what is really going on.  We all operate on various assumptions.  Korea stands out like a sore thumb due to its women killing themselves at double the rate of the worst suicidal nations.

Here is some random street shots from Google maps in Seoul, South Korea:

I roam around Japan a lot looking at how they actually live.  Tokyo, when one leaves the center, is amazingly shabby with extremely narrow alley-like streets and there is this profound sense of alienation there.  Looking at Seoul, it is better organized with straighter streets but it looks very similar to Japan with the jumble of houses all crowding as close to the street as possible while being closed off from the street, psychologically.  Also, there are more cars in Korea compared to comparable neighborhoods in Japan.

Today, I strolled around Adachi, Tokyo due to it being in the news as a crime location this last week.  Yesterday, two drunk ladies got in a fatal fight at 3am and one killed the other with a shot glass to the face.  Here are some street shots chosen for sheer whim:

This is a temple.  Adachi was once a group of small villages.  Each had its own clan burial grounds and all over Tokyo are these shrines with graves.  The graves are crowded in the front and sides like buildings in the modern neighborhoods.

All over this neighborhood it is collection day and no garbage cans.  I saw only bags all over the place.  Note the very narrow street and no sidewalks (those are rare in Japan) and the funky stripped sign.  You can see the cross street in it and these things are all over the place because of the narrow roads that twist and turn at odd angles.

Two days ago, a man was arrested for running over a 16 month old child allowed to ramble in the narrow street by his mother when she put out her bags of trash (or so she claimed).

Here is another temple.  A work crew is there with men guiding traffic.  Except there is virtually no traffic.  Unlike where I roamed in Korea, here, there are bikes everywhere.  And very few cars.

An early morning on a shopping street.

Same shopping street with artwork.  All over Japan are these cartoon characters.  It is as if the country has turned into a continuous daycare center.  As children vanish, as women give up, these things denoting a lost childhood proliferate.  There is something very wrong going on in the former Soviet countries as well as the most capitalist parts of Asia.  China be forewarned: China has both elements.

Then there is the US: we go for mass murder, not suicide.  Our suicide rate is very low.  But our murder rate or murder/suicide rate is very high.  When someone in Asia or Europe kills themselves, usually it is themselves.  Here, they take their entire families and assorted strangers.  For every suicide in the rest of the world, we have multiple murders.

I would suggest our own self-destruction is similar to the chaos in say, Africa, which has mostly a low suicide rate but a high rate of other forms of destruction including, of course, wars.  Which the US seems addicted to, also.  Then there are our inner cities: when I roam these in the US, it is very depressing.  Much worse than Asia or the former Soviet states.

Nothing beats our internal destruction of Detroit.  And then there is Haiti: a very low suicide rate and it barely exists as a society.  How odd it is, how people can cling to the Raft of the Medusa there and still struggle to survive whereas educated women in Korea kill themselves or then there is the crazed Korean gunman here who went berserk and instead of killing himself, slew innocent bystanders.

Easy to do in the US.  All too easy.  And here we are, watching a debate about one killing in Florida while the river of blood and despair flows like the Mississippi River dumping all the gore into the Gulf of Despair.

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15 responses to “Korea Is #1 Woman Suicide Nation, US #1 Crazed Killer Culture

  1. JT

    What would he say defines the Finnish character? “Melancholy,” he says instantly.
    He glugs back another glass. “I more or less know I will kill myself, but not yet.” What would make him do it? “Misery.” I am beginning to feel protective of him. You are too much of a romantic, I protest.
    “Yeah, yeah. So I don’t shoot myself in my head, I shoot myself in my heart.””


    It cannot be explained.
    If you are over 40, male and single. You are a dead man walking.
    Not sure if it has anything to do with economics.

  2. CK

    If you are single because it is your wish to be single, then you are not a dead man walking. Chosing to refrain from giving hostages to the future is wise.
    If you are single because you are a beta, have no game, and pedestalize women, yes you are a dead drone walking; and no great loss with or without romanticism.
    Of course all of us who have been born are dead folk walking, we just don’t know how long the walk will be.

  3. JT


    It is a statistical fact here, over 40, single, heavy drinker, many will not hit 55.

    Beginning of may is when it hits;
    a lowest vitamin D-levels
    b spring is around and you feel that you cannot bloom like everything around you
    c more dopamin to your brain and you are more active (who has the energy to hang himself during winter)

    No sunlight takes the wind out of even the most positive man.
    Fish oil tablets seem to have done the trick we are dropping like a stone on that chart.

  4. CK

    Heavy drinking is a demanding occupation with a short career expectancy.

  5. ‘We might even think that Japan is the most suicidal nation on earth but it certainly is not’
    OK so we were wrong!

    Elaine, how much Japanese fallout is over USA?
    And how bad will it be for the Japanese?

    I read Jim Rogers 2 books [He was Soros es biz partner]. He made a case that were it not for the USA, Korea would all be ‘North Korea’.

  6. JT


    “Here is some random street shots from Google maps in Seoul, South Korea”

    Have you considered at what time the google car was there?
    It’s pretty quiet during daytime in the suburbs.

  7. emsnews

    No, it was early morning probably on a weekend but deep inside Seoul right next to the huge apartment and business towers. No suburbs.

  8. I lived in Seoul 3 years and taught English to over 3000 Korean students. I have to say that the overwhelming number of young Korean women lived in a state of psychological trauma. Hard-core hierarchical Confucian culture which dominates Korea places women on the bottom. Middle aged Korean women seem to delight in torturing their daughters with constant – and I mean daily – reprimands and questions about when are you going to get married. Girls start hearing when they are as young as 20 and continues relentlessly until they go nuts. There is a also an epidemic plague of “beauty clinics” in Korea where girls go to get plastic surgery. The message is always one of self-hatred towards girls. They are never pretty enough, have funny bumps under their eyes, odd skin tone, strange shaped eyes, small breasts and on and on…It is actually sickening to see it and the massive numbers of Korean ladies who pay top dollar to these predatory charlatans who sometimes mutilate their victims – both physically and psychologically. Korean girls also always wear high heels. I don’t have anything against high heels, but going out to buy some eggs, doing the laundry, or dropping a letter at the post office is not a reason to wear them.
    And the work culture is close to insane, too. 12 hour days or more are the norm, and ladies often take the brunt in the workplace. And if a woman is sexually harassed in Korea she will often receive less than zero acknowledgement or assistance from the culture at large. Failure to follow these strict social norms will result in social ostracization, and in Korea this is akin to death. I lived in Kangnam, surrounded by skyscrapers. People would joke about which buildings someone had jumped off most recently. One student jumped out of my work building. Another dude jumped from a nearby building and killed a lady walking down the street when he landed on her. I’m just saying that being Korean is tough and being a Korean woman is particularly tough.

    Cheers Elaine and thanks for your blog.

  9. Jim R

    Way back a year ago, someone I think on The Oil Drum, did a back-of-the-envelope calculation, based on its power output and how long it has been operating, that the Fukushima Daiichi plant had about two metric tons of Cs137 in its cores and spent fuel pools. It’s good that the unit 4 pool still has water in it, and that it is still keeping the fuel rods from catching fire, but units 1 and 3 have prominently exploded, burned, etc. for weeks. Of course it probably had similarly large amounts of Sr90 and I131, but the Iodine would decay more quickly so not quite so much of it.
    The bottom line is, because Cs, Sr, and I are volatile elements, ALL of these elements from the contents of units 1 and 3 have been dumped into the atmosphere and ocean, assisted by stupid Tepco management which insisted on pouring water on the corium blobs. Apparently unit 2 is in a similar condition, but managed to avoid an explosion, so the building still has some of this crud in it.
    A news story the other day mentioned a figure of 70 Sieverts in one of the buildings. I don’t know right off how many trillion decays per second that is, but it’s in the range that kills humans and robots within a minute or two. So yeah, they should definitely give that she-bot a trash bag and set her to work picking up nuclear fuel in unit 2, but fit her with a thick lead space suit first!

  10. JT


    It’s not economics. We had the worst recession in ou history from 1991-1995 and during that time suicides went down 20%.
    1985-1989 was an economical superboom and they went up 20%.

    There was also a study that people are happier during recessions (they feel that is ok to be poor, sad and lonely).

    “The reoccuring depressions have showed, that democracy is the counterweight of free market economy.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “We don’t need leaders anymore. Money does the leading. There is nobody in the top floor.”
    – Aki Kaurismäki –

    “We work meaningless jobs for money that does not exist.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “We’re going to mars.
    When we get there the first order of business is to start a bank that operates tax free.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “We’re going to mars.
    Are you absolutely certain that there is oil in mars?”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “When capital has all the power, there is no longer a homeland to commit treason against.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “The poor are the ones, who do not move their funds abroad.”
    – Otto Ludvig –

    “The protest is real when cars burn in Monaco.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

    “The problem with current emperors is that tailors are few and far between.”
    – Ilkka Pasanen –

  11. JT

    If hear the calling of the pine in the garden.
    And you a male:

    a fish oil tablets
    b vacation in Florida in may
    c buy a fembot
    d get a dog
    e consider moving permanently to a sunnier climate
    f take it easy on the drinks, consider taking up marihuana

    If you are a woman in Korea, I cannot say.

    Hey that might be one reason.
    There is no marihuana being smoked here or in the former Sovjets.
    It’s better than alcohol if you want to escape reality.

  12. cub

    some stray thoughts:
    1) women getting raped en masse is something haiti is dealing with, just llike berlin after ww2, so i am surprised they don’t have more suicide– is it because there is no need, what with the high murder rate?
    2) if women are less successful at killing themselves, is it possibly due to a rape culture, which tells women that they don’t own their own bodies?– suicide being the ultimate statement of self-ownership.
    3) an examination of the nature of american so-called serial killings an possible links to vietnam-era operation phoenix can be found here:

  13. ‘women getting raped en masse is something haiti is dealing with’
    Yes Haiti is a wreck.
    USA now has 1 in 3? 1 in 4 of its people living here, beating children to death as exorcism. Endless crime. Elaine figured the shooting at the funeral was island gangsters, by the names.
    Sick what the zionist/ left / open borders crowd does to us.

  14. emsnews

    And all those ‘charities’ that used images of Haitians hardly spent a dime there fixing anything.

    Many charities exploit third world people this way. The guy who ran the scam about the ‘Afghanistan schools for girls’ was fined $1 million and is now being forced to pay the money out to the Afghan schools that got nearly nothing from him.

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