IAEA Refuses To Update Fukushima Report Since June

Yesterday, I visited the official IAEA website for official updates at the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log.  Here is the page:

The last update is…June 2, 2011!  Nothing added since then.  This is the goofy international organization that is supposed to be the world’s nuke cops!  They are supposed to be protecting us.  They are the ones the US and Israel have been using heavily to howl at Iran nonstop.  But is this criminal outfit yelling at Japan?


No?  HAHAHA…no.  The ideology of the people running this scam operation is all about petting the nuclear industry and weapons people in NATO countries and other important US allies.  Even if one of these entities does something horrible or incompetent, the IAEA pats them on the head and ignores the mess.


So, time to savage the IAEA for being incompetent and even dangerous since they claim falsely that they are monitoring nuclear businesses and nuclear weapons.


On 17 May 2011, TEPCO provided a status report against the TEPCO “Roadmap” showing progress since the Roadmap was issued on 17 April 2011. While the basic policy and targets defined in the Roadmap remain, several changes were made to account for new information obtained and progress made to date.


Nitrogen gas is still being injected into the containment vessel in Unit 1 to reduce the possibility of hydrogen combustion inside the containment vessel.


In Units 1, 2 and 3 fresh water is being continuously injected both via the feed water system lines and the fire extinguishers lines into the reactor pressure vessel; temperatures and pressures remain stable.


To protect against potential damage as a result of future earthquakes, TEPCO started work on 9 May to install a supporting structure for the floor of the spent fuel pool of Unit 4. TEPCO has formulated the hypothesis that the damage to the Unit 4 building could have been caused by hydrogen generated at Unit 3 that flowed into Unit 4.


Fresh water is being injected as necessary into the spent fuel pools of Units 1 – 4. Water supply from concrete pump trucks is being gradually replaced by the Fuel Pool Cooling and Clean-up system in Units 1 to 3. However, closed loop cooling has not been yet established.


A lot of irradiated water has flowed under the bridge since the IAEA ceased updating things!  Leaks in the haphazard pluming, for example, continue to spew poison into the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline of Japan.  I saw pictures of the pipes used to move this toxic water out of the broken units and they are simply plastic accordion tubing like the sort I use to channel water on a farm.


Since the IAEA ceased reporting Fukushima, there have been dozens of fairly big earthquakes there.  The instability of the structures especially #4 continue to degrade and deteriorate.  The ability to do much of anything including monitoring the place is very compromised still.


Even more: the temperature of all these units is NOT stable at all.  Nothing there is stable.  Pretending it is now under control, the IAEA walks off to resume freaking out over Iran.  Back to Iran: the IAEA should be loudly warning the US and Israel to NOT bomb Iran lest they bomb the nuclear power plants and create a second Fukushima.


As the IAEA keeps their heads buried in the ground, other people are warning the world of future dangers is the holding pools at Fukushima collapse or have any problems for nothing there can be removed, there are NO TOOLS to do this on the ENTIRE PLANET and if tools have to be created, this will take precious time.


And the nuclear clock is ticking and it is only three minutes to midnight:  Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident » Akio Matsumura


Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, was invited to speak at the Public Hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 22, 2012, on the Fukushima nuclear power plants accident.


Before the Committee, Ambassador Murata strongly stated that if the crippled building of reactor unit 4—with 1,535 fuel rods in the spent fuel pool 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground—collapses, not only will it cause a shutdown of all six reactors but will also affect the common spent fuel pool containing 6,375 fuel rods, located some 50 meters from reactor 4.


In both cases the radioactive rods are not protected by a containment vessel; dangerously, they are open to the air. This would certainly cause a global catastrophe like we have never before experienced. He stressed that the responsibility of Japan to the rest of the world is immeasurable.


Such a catastrophe would affect us all for centuries. Ambassador Murata informed us that the total numbers of the spent fuel rods at the Fukushima Daiichi site excluding the rods in the pressure vessel is 11,421 (396+615+566+1,535+994+940+6375).


Note how Obama and the GOP all ignore this.  Note how the US is increasing its exposure to nuclear disasters by relaunching the nuclear energy program.  This restarted thanks to people yelling about global warming nonstop.  We just had a warm winter this year unlike last year’s Ice Age climate:  Economists: Good weather artificially inflated jobs data.


Yes, warm weather without a dozen feet of snow means the economy ran better.  And obviously, people here in the cold north weren’t complaining, all I heard here was people happy as hell, it was warmer than last year.


We live in a curious political climate.  I know that one of the top topics at the Bilderberg gang meetings in Europe the last ten years has been, how to exploit global warming fixes so these would make them all much richer.  This is how they concocted the idiotic idea of the CO2 pollution derivatives market.  The idea of levying heavy energy pollution taxes on the first world masses was another ideological ‘solution’ they embraced.


And they very much embraced nuclear power.  So here we are: reality has slapped us in the face.  Now, these dreams of the Bilderberg gang are being killed, one by one.  The explosion of the derivatives markets killed the CO2 scam.  The revolt against taxes levied mainly on the lower classes is causing revolts.  And the nuclear scam was wrecked by Fukushima.


Here is a hilarious article from the Financial Times where a bunch of offshore hedge fund gnomes howl about how the derivative fund bankers are screwing them up:  Funds hit by JPMorgan’s CDX moves – FT.com.  The hedge funds are offshore because they are pirates.  The big Derivative Beast holders like JPM and Goldman Sachs are also pirates but operate legally since they own our government.


There are virtually no rules or regulations in this market which operates like a nonstop Fukushima spewing out toxic finances across the planet.  And can’t be stopped nor do any regulators want to really know what is going on as everyone scams each other and run schemes to defraud.


This toxic financial pollution should have been terminated in 2008 when the entire system collapsed.  Instead, the central banks pumped in endless gallons of dollars to cool the cores that melted down.  Now, they continue to be ‘hot’ even as the market has cooled.


The tank holding trillions of derivative swap deals is propped up by supports and jacks so it won’t spill into the environment and burn up all the money on earth.  But it can fall if there are too many earthquakes.  One of which could be a war with Iran causing the price of oil to shoot to $250 a barrel or more.


Here is one of the first nuclear power accidents on earth:  Lucens reactor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In 1962 the construction of a Swiss-designed pilot nuclear power plant began. The heavy-water moderated, carbon dioxide gas-cooled, reactor was built in an underground cavern[1] and produced 30 megawatts of heat (which was used to generate 8.3 megawatts of electricity).[2] It became critical in 1966 and the plant was decommissioned in 1968[citation needed]. It was fueled by 0.96% enriched uranium alloyed with chromium cased in magnesium alloy (magnesium with 0.6% zirconium) inserted into a graphite matrix. Carbon dioxide gas was pumped into the top of the channels at 6.28 MPa and 223 °C and exited the channels at a pressure of 5.79 MPa and at a temperature of 378 °C.

It was intended to operate until the end of 1969, but during a startup on January 21, 1969, it suffered a loss-of-coolant accident, leading to a partial core meltdown and massive radioactive contamination of the cavern, which was then sealed.


This is in a deep cave so it was simply closed.  But a report this year, in German,

Ehemalige Reaktorversuchsanlage Lucens: Tritiumwert in Entwässerungsanlage erhöht

In der ehemaligen Versuchsreaktoranlage in Lucens VD wird bei den Entwässerungsanlagen seit Ende 2011 eine erhöhte Konzentration des radioaktiven Isotops Tritium gemessen. Die Konzentration im Sickerwasser erreichte einen Wert von bis zu 230 Becquerel pro Liter (Bq/L). Dieser Wert liegt deutlich unter dem Grenzwert der Strahlenschutzverordnung StSV von 12‘000 Bq/L. Für Umwelt und Bevölkerung besteht deshalb kein Grund zur Besorgnis. Das Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG) verfolgt die Situation und die Entwicklung aufmerksam und wird entsprechende Massnahmen ergreifen.

That is, the tritium in the water has gone up, not down and this happened over the last half century.  We know that cleaning up nuclear messes is very difficult and it usually means shipping the noxious stuff to some deep cave and leaving it there and hoping it will die.  But perhaps it won’t ‘die’.  We know very little about the longterm effects of nuclear waste and what we do know is very bad stuff.  It is very hard to undo.


Back to the doddering, slack-jawed staff working at the IAEA:  here is their Factsheet:

Ah, the pyramid of power!  The bad stuff is the smallest square at the top.  But the IMPACT is inverse: the higher up the pyramid the incident/accident, the worse the effect and the longer it lasts which is, so far, seemingly forever.  That is, it NEVER ends a least on a human time scale.  On a geological scale, it is dreadfully long but on a cosmic scale, I guess, it is not so long, that is, over 10 billion years long.


Here is their ‘final report’ on Fukushima.  http://www.iaea.org/newscenter/focus/fukushima/missionsummary010611.pdf


The Japanese Government’s longer term response to protect the public, including evacuation, has been impressive and extremely well organized. A suitable and timely follow-up programme on public and worker exposures and health monitoring would be beneficial.  (WHERE DID THIS TAKE PLACE?  MARS?  VENUS???)


• The planned road-map for recovery of the stricken reactors is important and acknowledged. It will need modification as new circumstances are uncovered and may be assisted by international co-operation. It should be seen as part of a wider plan that could result in remediation of the areas off site affected by radioactive releases to allow people evacuated to resume their normal lives. Thus demonstrating to the world what can be achieved in responding to such extreme nuclear events.  (BUT THERE IS NO ‘PLANS’.  WORSE, NO POSSIBILITY OF ANY ‘PLANS’!)


• The tsunami hazard for several sites was underestimated. Nuclear designers and operators should appropriately evaluate and provide protection against the risks of all natural hazards, and should periodically update these assessments and assessment methodologies in light of new information, experience and understanding.  (THERE NEVER ARE ANY REALISTIC ASSESSMENT OF DANGERS AT ANY TIME!)
• Defence in depth, physical separation, diversity and redundancy requirements should be applied for extreme external events, particularly those with common mode implications such as extreme floods. (EXTREME EVENTS CAN HAPPEN FROM ANY NUMBER OF CAUSES THAT ARE INFINITE)
• Nuclear regulatory systems should address extreme external events adequately, including their periodic review, and should ensure that regulatory independence and clarity of roles are preserved in all circumstances in line with IAEA Safety Standards.  (HAHAHA…RIGHT.  IN A RAT’S ASS.)


• Severe long term combinations of external events should be adequately covered in design, operations, resourcing and emergency arrangements.  (HAHAHA…IMPOSSIBLE.  TOO EXPENSIVE!)
• The Japanese accident demonstrates the value of hardened on-site Emergency Response Centres with adequate provisions for communications, essential plant parameters, control and resources. They should be provided for all major nuclear facilities with severe accident potential. Additionally, simple effective robust equipment should be available to restore essential safety functions in a timely way for severe accident conditions.  (TOO EXPENSIVE.  PEOPLE RUNNING THINGS WON’T DO THIS.)
• Hydrogen risks should be subject to detailed evaluation and necessary mitigation systems provided. (CLOSING THE NUKE PLANTS FIX THIS PROBLEM.)
• Emergency arrangements, especially for the early phases, should be designed to be robust in responding to severe accidents.


No government on earth wants to warn people enough.  They lie about the dangers and the IAEA, being run by these same crooks, does the same.  Fukushima’s residents were NOT evacuated immediately, they were told to stay indoors.  When they were evacuated, they were lied to and told, it was only for a few days.


I called the government on this and said, on day one, they were lying and they were hiding the real dangers.  Only after it was painfully obvious, did the government do the proper things and only when everyone was yelling at them.  The reason they kept no notes of  meetings was, they were desperately trying to find ways to lie about the disaster.


Some officials are fighting their own government and doing what the government refuses to do:  Local official measures alpha radiation on bridge railing — Up to 1,000 times more dangerous than beta or gamma (VIDEO)橋の欄干でアルファ線を計ってみた。 – YouTube

The radiation is spreading in Japan.  When I read the final report from the IAEA, it was blase about the pollution spreading.  ‘No one is dying’ is the lie they now tell knowing full well, the deaths will come later.

Scientists Link Rare Gene Mutations to Heightened Risk of Autism – NYTimes.com and what causes mutations?  One thing that does this is the radiation the Japanese official found on the bridge.  Alpha rays.  sunset borger

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19 responses to “IAEA Refuses To Update Fukushima Report Since June

  1. Being There


    Thank you for keeping up with the Fukushima disaster which is in reality operationally a global issue.
    Few are following the complete lack of responsibility in all respects from our so-called leadership.

    We can watch the corporate fascist response to the pink slime in our beef to making political prisoners out of those who practice civil disobedience. There is a concerted effort to stop dissent against the slow poisoning of the people on this planet, that is supposed to support the ever-growing population.

    The answer to all of these evil doings boils down to the simple statement from the simple-minded: “W” “Sometimes money trumps everything.”

  2. emsnews

    Both the left and the right are manipulated by the elites. Easily distracted and guided artfully into various uncompromising positions, the elites play both ends of the spectrum like a piano.

    Meanwhile, the ‘middle’ sits frozen in place, confused. Having no sane leaders from the left or right, they opt for passively allowing the elites to run things off the cliff.

  3. Japan is part of the west, so it gets kid glove treatment. Chernobyl happened outside the west, so it was a huge event.

    I wonder if we human beings NEED in-groups and out-groups at some basic psychological level, to give us a sense of identity.

    The things you quote in that IAEA report could so easily be written as criticism of Japan.
    “The Japanese Government’s longer term response to protect the public, including evacuation, has been impressive and extremely well organized. A suitable and timely follow-up programme on public and worker exposures and health monitoring would be beneficial.”

    If you just change the order of those two sentences, the paragraph would become a criticism. Had this happened in China, it would certainly be a priority to point out that long-term health-monitoring wasn’t being done.

  4. ‘Chernobyl happened outside the west, so it was a huge event.’
    Bah Humbug.
    I remember that meltdown. The only honest reports I recall were in the “NATIONAL ENQUIRER” and some [1] article that took the Green party to task.
    The GP said nothing [at least that I heard] AFTER ALL IT WAS A COMMUNISTS MELTDOWN.
    Has the GP covered this? Only EMS seems to be.
    Not Yahoo news.

  5. emsnews

    Russia didn’t report Chernobyl, monitors in Europe caught the radiation data as it spread and there were demands that Russia tell everyone what happened.

    Fukushima: everyone with knowledge downplayed what was going on. When people like myself claimed there was a nuclear reaction explosion, we were told this was stupid. Only later did anyone admit the truth. The IAEA never mentions any of this in their biased and useless report.

  6. “The ideology of the people running this scam operation is all about petting the nuclear industry and weapons people in NATO countries and other important US allies. Even if one of these entities does something horrible or incompetent, the IAEA pats them on the head and ignores the mess.” – MOST regulatory bureaucracies get “captured” by the industries they are supposed to regulate. This “regulatory capture” ensures jobs for the old boys in the industry once they are done with their regulatory stint. It is a well document phenomenon, causing all sorts of catastrophes, including in the financial industry.

  7. I wonder what the world will look like filled with mutants from this catastrophe. Will poisoning of Planet Earth end all life?

    Deformed dandelion found a few days ago near Tokyo:

    Stunted, 2-headed larval salmon hatched under controlled conditions in Japan:
    This was one of 50 eggs hatched. Normal incidence of such an oddity: 1 in thousands or 1 in tens of thousands.

    Hideously mutated tomato (?) harvested last June in Saitama


  8. Being There

    Diplomat Akio Matsumura is warning that the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan may ultimately turn into an event capable of extinguishing all life on Earth.



  9. An explosion of the nuclear materials at Fukushima, is likely to occur very soon, resulting in millions in Japan and the world being contaminated; evacuation of Japan should begin immediately with destination assigned throught the world, in particular to southern hemisphere countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Uraguay, etc. An inquiring mind asks, could the earthquake and tsunami, that originally occured at Fukushima have been caused by a nuclear bomb explosion on the sea bed off Japan?


    ELAINE: Absolutely zero chance of that. It was pure tectonic plate movement event from top to bottom.

  10. Chernobyl dumped right on top of me. My mother has had cancer of the kidney, as has a cousin of mine. A disaster many magnitudes larger than Chernobyl is hard to grasp.


    ELAINE: I have lost a family member just this month to cancer which probably was hatched when my parents were hanging out at the nuclear test sites during the 1940’s. I was lucky, I was born far away from there. My condolences.

  11. Being There

    Claire Voyant,
    A few weeks ago I posted on this blog a review of a photography show I attended at NYU that depicted the aftermath of the earthquake and Tsunami on Fukushima. This is part of it:

    Fushushima Mon Amour one year later…

    […Other pictures sadly showed the animals left behind, many dead, the ones still living bony and starved after weeks unattended to.

    There was even a shot of a rabbit born a few months later without ears.

    Also included were disturbing images of vegetables that were exposed and huge streams of milk that had to be thrown out because of radiation.

    Children play in school yards where areas of radioactive dirt are covered in plastics in designated areas. Imagine exposing children to such a thing. So dangerous and so banal. How do people organize themselves after this kind of devastation?]……

  12. timothy carroll

    oh, the horror of it all! where shalt i go thither from here?

  13. CK

    @Tim Caroll

  14. emsnews

    That plant is the same as Fukushima…on the ocean, in an earthquake/tsunami region…so that when things went wrong there this year, they are scared enough to shut the damn thing down.

  15. Jim R

    Elaine, they shut down the reactors at Fuku Dai when the earth shook as well. Further, we are informed that unit 4 over there was empty of nuke fuel for mainenance. It was in “cold shutdown”. And the NRC has declared that there is zero chance of any bad event happening in the Spent Fuel Pools. So of course unit 4 must be in perfect condition (ha).
    It’s good to know that nothing bad can happen to San Onofre if they simply shut it down.

  16. Joseppi

    No more Nori for you

    Sounds alarmist (and it should), but the article assures us that there is no danger to human health. There was one crack in their assurance and that is the mention of the radiation concentrating as it goes up the food chain, amidst the fact that Fukushima is still spewing out radiation. At least someone is measuring.

    Fukushima radiation found in California kelp


  17. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about jobs lesotho.

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