NATO Hates Democracy And Wants Demonstrators Dead

Iran bans imports from 100 European companies in retaliation over sanctions – Tehran Times: As the US and EU both struggle to climb out of the credit bubble collapse created by free trade and the floating fiat currency regime, the US decided to push NATO into a huge trade/military war with Iran.  Iran, as it warned, has retaliated.  Instead of waiting passively for the US to tighten the screws until the inevitable invasion, the Iranians are proactive.


The last thing Europe needs right now is what Iran is dishing out: a pre-emptive applications of NATO trade war tactics.  The Iranians are not stupid.  They are actually highly educated.  And they read the economic tea leaves and know that high oil prices coupled with trade losses will harm Europe enough for them to beg the US and it is Israeli rulers to please stop.


Right now, the main populations in Europe and the US are still mostly doing self-destruction activities such as committing suicide or killing each other over drugs to fight off their own rulers.  This allows the rulers to ignore the harm this Iran boycott business is causing.  Individual businesses being decimated are bleeding very little for the moment but this is brief.  The pain will now seriously begin.


Meanwhile, as the US media reports daily about Syria and oh, how evil it is for Syria’s rulers to violently suppress violent uprisings (HAHAHA…take that, Occupy Wall Street!) the US media studiously ignores the killing going on right outside the gates of one of the biggest overseas US military naval bases:  Teen protester ‘shot in chest’ in Bahrain – Middle East.  Every day, people are killed there, gassed there and beaten there right in front of US military guns that passively watch.

NSA Bahrain Morale, Welfare & Recreation:  Here is the naval site’s news:

No news is no news!  That is, the base doesn’t report anything that is really going on there.  Instead, they parade around ‘Freedom Souq Courtyard’ and smell the tear gas that comes over like a daily fog from the screaming demonstrators running from the guns shooting at them.


Despite all this, FIA says F1 Bahrain Grand Prix to go ahead  so all the rich guys across the world can race gas-guzzling fast cars.  Little stuff like dying demonstrators be damned.  The dainty hysteria over dying demonstrators in either Syria or say, previously in Libya becomes hard-nosed trampling on the dead when it is in say, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.  Or England or the US, for that matter.  No mercy!


In the past, the people there have demanded democracy only to lose it once the US moved its base there:  History of Bahrain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


After World War II, Bahrain became the centre for British administration of the lower Persian Gulf. In 1968, when the British Government announced its decision to end the treaty relationships with the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, Bahrain joined with Qatar and the seven Trucial States (which now form the United Arab Emirates) under British protection in an effort to form a union of Arab emirates. By mid-1971, however, the nine sheikhdoms still had not agreed on the terms of union. Accordingly, Bahrain sought independence as a separate entity declaring independence on August 15, 1971, and becoming formally independent as the State of Bahrain on December 16, 1971.[45]


At independence, the permanent Royal Navy presence in Bahrain ended and the United States Navy moved onto the 10 acres (40,000 m2) previously occupied by British operations. The installation later grew into Naval Support Activity Bahrain, headquarters for the United States Fifth Fleet.


The US never gives a rat’s ass for democracy when it clashes with the need to control people so we can do as our corporate rulers wish.


Based on its new constitution, Bahraini men elected its first National Assembly in 1973 (although Article 43 of the 1973 Constitution states that the Assembly is to be elected by “universal suffrage”, the conditional clause “in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law” allowed the regime to prevent women from participating). Although the Assembly and the then emir Isa ibn Salman al-Khalifa quarreled over a number of issues: foreign policy; the U.S. naval presence, and the budget, the biggest clash came over the State Security Law (SSL). The Assembly refused to ratify the government-sponsored law, which allowed, among other things, the arrest and detention of people for up to three years, (renewable) without a trial. The legislative stalemate over this act created a public crisis, and on August 25, 1975, the emir dissolved the Assembly. The emir then ratified the State Security Law by decree, and suspended those articles in the constitution dealing with the legislative powers of the Assembly. In that same year, the emir established the State Security Court, whose judgments were not subject to appeal.


Imagine the cheek of these robed people there wanting democracy?  How dare they!  At least, this is how our media owners and US Knesset and the Zionist State Department regards this business of democracy.  ‘Democracy’ in Muslim nations is ‘Do the rulers serve Israel and the US or not?’ which is why the US and its ruling elites in Tel Aviv are freaking out right now as any Muslim nation that frees itself from this rule opt for the Muslim Brotherhood.


Last year, America rebukes Bahrain after violent crackdown on demonstrators in a very mild rebuke but n no teeth.  That is, they mouthed the right words and then did absolutely nothing at all and indeed, secretly worked to crush the demonstrators by giving the rulers of Bahrain the equipment to do this.  This hypocrisy bites back.  If and when the people overthrow their rulers, the US will be kicked out.


The US cannot afford this.  Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions

The red ships in the picture above are all oil tankers.  Iran controls almost the entire east side of the Persian Gulf.  The US naval forces stuck in Bahrain are deep inside the ‘sack’.  That is, can be easily bottled up by Iran.  This is a MAJOR strategic error, putting our Fifth Fleet in this position.


And other world powers who have many nukes notice this:  US Missile Defense in Gulf Signals Strike on Iran – Russian Lawmaker.  Both Russia and China allowed the US to ape the British Empire but now that things are rapidly evolving, both will now reduce our power by various means.  The US plans to fix this by spending incredible amounts of US taxpayer-backed debts which are sold to both Russia and China as well as Japan, to have the world’s biggest and by far, most gold-plated expensive global rule.

And look at how raw power to butcher people at will is turning Clinton into a hag:  Clinton starts diplomatic drive in Riyadh; Syria says ‘terrorists’ get arms from Lebanon


Saudi Arabia and its neighbor Qatar have called for arming the Syrian opposition, but the United States and Turkey now agree on the need to send “non-lethal” aid to Syrian rebels, including communications equipment…
“She will discuss the full range of bilateral and regional issues, including ongoing security cooperation in the region, as well as the international community’s continuing efforts to stop the bloodshed in Syria,” Nuland said.


Of course, Saudi forces are in Bahrain right now butchering unarmed civilians.  Syria’s ruler is fighting armed insurrectionists who are exactly like the ones fighting the US puppets in Yemen, Bahrain and countless other places not to mention, Palestinians fighting their oppressors.


Clinton is NOT putting the slightest effort into stopping the violence in Syria, she is one of the sponsors via the CIA and Mossad!  Duh!  She has to pretend she isn’t doing this and is this humanitarian hausfrau.  But her face gives proof to the contrary.  She looks every bit as cruel as any despotic ruler in history.  For cruelty is stamped on the face like A Picture of Dorian Grey.


Some in England see the hypocrisy of all this:  The war on terror is corrupting all it touches | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian


On Monday the Modern Spies programme substantiated an extraordinary allegation that suggested how far the war on terror has descended into legal abyss. The claim was that MI6 rolled the pitch for Tony Blair’s bizarre 2004 hug-in with Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi by apparently arranging for the CIA to kidnap Gaddafi’s opponent in exile, Abdel Hakim Belhaj. He was seized in Bangkok, where he and his wife were en route to Britain. It’s been suggested they were “rendered” via the British colony of Diego Garcia to Tajoura jail in Tripoli. Belhaj spent six years, and his wife four and a half months, at the tender mercies of Gaddafi’s security boss, Moussa Koussa. Belhaj’s pregnant wife was taped like a mummy on a stretcher, and he was systematically tortured. Koussa himself denies any involvement in torture.


With this gift came a covering letter from MI6’s Mark Allen, offering Koussa congratulations on the “safe arrival” of the “air cargo [Belhaj]. This was the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years.” Within two weeks Gaddafi was welcoming a fawning Blair in his famous desert tent, and announcing that he would abjure terrorism and set aside his “planned” weapons of mass destruction. The plans were spurious, but the deal allowed Blair to walk tall in Washington at a time when the Iraq invasion was turning sour.


The US and UK both happily kidnapped many people and sent them here and there to be tortured.  In the case of the man and wife who opposed Libya’s dictator, they were hideously and illegally abused so that the oil corporations could sign contracts with Gaddafi.  Then, when the time was convenient, these very same people then stabbed him in the back and destroyed Libya which is still sinking further and further into chaos and looting.  With the NATO powers leading the looting.


Naturally, the story of this kidnapping which apes Mossad’s style, makes zero news in the US.  Meanwhile, this is also news overseas and not at home:  US: Drone Strikes Against Pakistan Will Continue.  Pakistan is moving swifter and swifter into the arms of China and Russia.  The US will continue to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty and kill Pakistani civilians and even now, still ruminates as to how to apologize for illegally butchering Pakistani soldiers who were on their own soil.


Can’t find the right diplomatic words for saying, ‘I am sorry but to hell with you, I can do as I please so shut the hell up.’  So the Bitch from Hell says nothing.  Instead, with vacuous eyes, she mouths various words about democracy and civilians while stomping in the head of infants lying under her high heels.


Israel is in hysterics that civilians might peacefully protest their Nazi ethnic cleansing!  While the US media screams at everyone to ape Martin Luther King and Gandhi and have peaceful demonstrations, demonstrators all over the world are viciously attacked and stomped if they protest US or Israeli activities.  So, Airlines Cancel Suspected Protesters’ Tickets to Israel which, again, makes absolutely no news in the US.


Jews own a huge hunk of our media but everything Jewish isn’t broadcast here since Jewish crimes have to be hidden so this means hiding most news from Israel.  Indeed, Israel barely is in the news at all, anymore!  This self-censorship is going to backfire over time, of course.  Turning an entire country into North Korea with all news coming out being boycotted is…hilarious, actually.  Sad.


The real news is, foreign airlines are being forced by the US and Israel to censor their own citizens and prevent them from traveling.  Not because they are terrorists but because they are humanitarian peaceful demonstrators who might embarrass Zionist Nazis when they go about brutally killing peaceful Palestinian demonstrators.  If Israel doesn’t want these Gandhis to come to Israel, they can arrest them and deport them, demanding everyone prevent demonstrators from showing up is dead wrong and a violation of the sovereign rights of citizens in Europe and the US.


As for disarming everyone Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US wish to oppress or loot is causing more US spending on war machines for this purpose:  The $7 billion dollar warship built to maintain American naval supremacy over China in the 21st Century | Mail Online

Yes, $7 billion more in spending which we are not paying for via taxes on the rich.  And as if China doesn’t have the rising knowledge to equal anything we concoct?  All over the world, people are increasingly demanding that the US begin disarming since our shrieking Valkyrie, Hillary seems so hysterical about the dangers of nuclear war…while Germany is encouraged by the US to sell Israel nuclear-armed subs…yes, the hypocrisy is going to bite us all very hard, all too soon.

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12 responses to “NATO Hates Democracy And Wants Demonstrators Dead

  1. Peter

    How may Sunburners can the Chinese build for 7 billion?? A lot!!
    Just imagine these 3 destroyers(that’s all the american can afford) sitting in the China sea off the Chinese coast,would you want to be on one of them?

  2. Paul S

    Elaine: you show how the US Navy’s 5th fleet is bottled up in the ‘sack’. I have to come right out and ask it: does Iran possess the capability to militarily threaten the 5th Fleet? Not just with underwater mines, but more aggressive measures such as anti-ship missles? Is it possible that Iran has military hardware–non nuclear–the US and/or NATO don’t know about? What are some good sources for this kind of information? IF Iran is entertaining the possibility that they may have to engage the US 5th Fleet, it seems to me the Iranians have the US Navy, right where they want them, even though it’s safe to assume that Iran would only use its military as a last resort. They seem to be winning the battle without using military hardware.

  3. @Paul S

    Peter gives a hint in the previous comment. Sunburn missiles. See the following link:

    “The Sunburn can deliver a 200-kiloton nuclear payload, or: a 750-pound conventional warhead, within a range of 100 miles, more than twice the range of the Exocet. The Sunburn combines a Mach 2.1 speed (two times the speed of sound) with a flight pattern that hugs the deck and includes “violent end maneuvers” to elude enemy defenses. The missile was specifically designed to defeat the US Aegis radar defense system. Should a US Navy Phalanx point defense somehow manage to detect an incoming Sunburn missile, the system has only seconds to calculate a fire solution not enough time to take out the intruding missile. The US Phalanx defense employs a six-barreled gun that fires 3,000 depleted-uranium rounds a minute, but the gun must have precise coordinates to destroy an intruder “just in time.”

    The Sunburn’s combined supersonic speed and payload size produce tremendous kinetic energy on impact, with devastating consequences for ship and crew. A single one of these missiles can sink a large warship, yet costs considerably less than a fighter jet. Although the Navy has been phasing out the older Phalanx defense system, its replacement, known as the Rolling Action Missile (RAM) has never been tested against the weapon it seems destined to one day face in combat. Implications For US Forces in the Gulf

    The US Navy’s only plausible defense against a robust weapon like the Sunburn missile is to detect the enemy’s approach well ahead of time, whether destroyers, subs, or fighter-bombers, and defeat them before they can get in range and launch their deadly cargo. For this purpose US AWACs radar planes assigned to each naval battle group are kept aloft on a rotating schedule. The planes “see” everything within two hundred miles of the fleet, and are complemented with intelligence from orbiting satellites.”


  4. Hillary is starting to look creepy and demented in a similar way to Tony Blair, who also sold his soul for blood money.

  5. mike

    any truth to the totally unreported if true news that Iceland cancels all mortgage debt and says the banking system is/ewas criminal..?

  6. CK

    Any government that can cancel any and all legal debts has the power to impose any and all financial pain it might desire.
    The Sunburn is 8 year old tech. Better things are available.

  7. mike has the icedland story and a film of a beautiful Icelandic girl showing the sights…seems the claim on 25 plus years of worldwide economic gain and its slave induction has been negated at the icelandic new world order banker plantation…! the new land of the free….complaints range from the sucessful slaves..

  8. Joseppi

    War game cheaters exposed……

    Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: ‘I had to speak out – lives are at stake’

    Soldier wrote detailed report claiming US generals ‘have so distorted the truth … the truth has become unrecognisable’

  9. Paul S

    @Christian W: Thanks for that information. I’m no military planner, but by the looks of the map posted here it looks like the US 5th Fleet is vulnerable to an attack, and a devastating one at that–IF a potential enemy, such as Iran has the ordinance and ability, to deliver it. I believe it would only take one relatively major mishap to the US 5th Fleet for the mercenaries (contractors) working on those ships to either demand higher pay or simply refuse to be posted in such a dangerous area. This points out, imho, a fatal flaw in US military strategy: the soldier who is fully committed to a cause for reasons that have NOTHING to do with making money or profit, who is willing to die for his/her cause if need be, is a deadly enemy. An enemy that almost always can’t be bought off. Negotiating doesn’t go too far either with an enemy who couldn’t care less about making money.

  10. mike

    legal debts includes the 100 times the amount of all assets created at “criminal” banks….?

  11. kenogami

    You won’t see anymore most of the Iranian oil tankers on these maps (Ships maps) : the Iranians have switched off tracking systems aboard its tanker fleet:

    As for Iranian defenses, I don’t know if the following is true, but it is certainly possible:

    “Russia did sell Iran S-300. Russia wanted to get the best of both worlds so they received the benefit from US on not selling S-300 to Iran, so instead they sold it to Venezuela who sold it to Iran, meaning Russia sold it to Iran via Venezuela, which there is nothing US can do about. Iran even showcased it in their military parade you can look it up on youtube. US target isn’t Iran, it’s Russia and China and everyone involved in that equation knows this very well. The war between Iran and Isreal is really a war between (US/UK) against (Russia/China). Both Russia and China have secretly sold Iran all thoughts of weapons/technology. Iran has a secret stealth fighter program jointly with Russia, who pulled out from it in 1997 due to financial issues where China took over and it’s been on ever since, just like Fidel Castro said Iran has purchased high number of highly advance stealth fighters. There is a good reasone why US doesnt touch Iran.”

  12. Being There

    Agreed, K
    The middle east has always served as a proxy for the cold war and may finally take place after many years of the two sides jokeying for power. I always thought (since the ’70’s) that we would eventually find ourselves in the dark ages again when this thing blew up.
    Right now it’s all about posturing, I’m hoping it will never get beyond the psy-ops phase.

    As far as truth?–It’s always been the first casualty of war.

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