Taliban Open Spring Offensive With Spectacular Attack On Kabul

As both the War on Drugs and the War on Muslims rage, Obama frets about the weakness of others who refuse to spent trillions in futile battles that are fatally impossible to win. The spending of this trillions and trillions on futile wars keeps many businesses afloat.  Money spent on ‘security’ is a bleeding sore for any society.  The less that has to be spent to keep harmony and peace, the better.


Instead, profits from wars of every type keeps these wars growing since this makes the businesses richer and brings more money into the hands of their owners.  So there is zero motivation to stop anything.  Ever.  So the only brake on increasing spending on ‘security’ is bankruptcy and incidentally, this is exactly what kills all empires. The other empire killer is for the gulf between the rich and the poor growing ever greater.


We have to admire the bravery and focus of purpose of the Taliban.  They have taken on not one but two of the world’s mightiest military powers of the last 100 years and slew one and are in the process of destroying the other:  Taliban hits Afghan capital, other cities in rare coordinated attack – The Washington Post


Insurgents attacked cities across eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, including at least two prominent targets in Kabul, in a rare coordinated attack spanning some of the country’s most important urban centers. The Taliban called the effort the beginning of their spring offensive.


By early afternoon, insurgents were still firing rocket-propelled grenades and rifles from an unfinished commercial building in central Kabul. From their perch, at least four men fired in the direction of the German embassy and NATO’s military headquarters, both of which were just a few hundred yards from the attackers.


The warmongers who run the pathetic Washington Post dare not post any pictures.  Some other news services have done that:  Taliban lay siege to Afghan hotel; 19 killed – CBS News

The International Hotel was where the world’s news media hanged out in the past.  It is pretty much wrecked now.  This is in the very deepest heart of the most heavily protected point in Afghanistan.  The US has spent over a trillion dollars trying to control Iraq and Afghanistan and has failed utterly in both places.


Recently, Putin won the Russian election with the US media howling with rage.  The claims that he isn’t a good leader stands in stark contrast with the US where all our leaders go insane the same way due to being entirely in the pay of Zionists who are definitely insane.  Putin does take care of Russia and protects Russia’s sovereignty whereas our ‘leaders’, all in the pay of foreign governments, refuse to look after their own nation, the pathetic USA which is being led to the slaughterhouse.


The Zionists ruling America are total failures.  The recent revolution that overthrew the Zionist planted dictator there has been under heavy fire to install a new dictator who will work against the desires of the average Egyptian.  So, Egypt bars key candidates from elections – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Farouk Sultan, the head of the Supreme Presidential Election Commission, said on Saturday that those excluded include Hosni Mubarak’s former spy chief Omar Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood chief strategist Khairat el-Shater and hard-line lawyer-turned-preacher Hazem Abu Ismail. He declined to give details on the reasons for their disqualification.


The military leaders want a new dictator so the billions coming from US taxpayers will go to them.  But the Egyptians now know their true strength and I expect in the next three months for the Muslim Brotherhood to stage a second, much more violent stage of the revolution.  All revolutions do this.  Very seldom do they end with the simple overthrow of the previous despot.  There is usually a faint stab at parliamentary reforms and then the violence breaks out.


Generally, it takes one to five generations to get the hang of democratic forms.  I predicted last year that the Egyptian revolt would eventually turn much more violent once the Muslim Brotherhood is locked out by Zionists.  And here it is.  As the US prepares for war with Iran, we can’t let the Muslim Brotherhood control the Suez Canal!  So of course, our government has to spent billions bribing Egyptian generals to stage a violent coup.  Unfortunately for us, the Muslim Brotherhood has figured this out already.


While Kabul burns and Egypt is about to blow up in our faces, Obama is in South America: Drug legalization not answer to cartels.  Good lord.


This is pathetic.  South America is where we host military coups nonstop.  And these suck down billions and billions of dollars in this fake war on drugs.  When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, no opium was exported.  We invaded and a flood of opium poured out of there!  Ditto with the faux drug wars: the more money we give to the military in foreign countries, the more they export drugs to the US!


Why is that?  THEY ARE REWARDED FOR THIS!  That is, when drugs flow, more money is sent there to ‘fight’ the drug lords…many of whom are the military itself!  Duh!  Want to kill off this?  Stop spending money on the War on Drugs.  All my life, I have felt that all addicts should have drugs to whatever level they want including to death.


Why?  Well, they choose this and want this and will be quite violent until they get this.  So why not give it to them all?  If they want to stop, they can.  If not, tough luck.  Crime in the US would plummet.  Spending on prisons will fall to nearly nothing.  True, we will see many addicts dead but…they are dying anyway.


I recently was given a huge prescription for pain killer medicines because of my surgery.  I didn’t even use half of the pills!  I don’t like being on drugs and so I chose to have a fair amount of pain instead and slowly the pain faded as the body healed.


This was my choice.  Other people who have only emotional pain want to be drugged up and who can stop them?  No one.  Darwin’s laws of nature are very much in force here: determination to survive is key.  Severely disabled people can often survive better than seemingly intact people because of their sense of survival skills are superior.


Our draconian drug laws are very much a Talibanistic thing: it is a moral imperative that is destroying not just the US but much of the world as illegal drugs flow into our dying empire.  This is because perfectly healthy Americans can’t stand living here anymore and are giving up and driving themselves deliberately off the cliff and using drugs is the best way to commit suicide while having ‘fun’.


The collapse of the US working class as factories were moved overseas, the collapse of the US family due to lack of father’s being able to support their children, the collapse in finances due to raging inflation is killing our families and destroying our society.  Free trade killed the US.  Meanwhile, it revived communist China:  China moves on currency after growing US pressure – Telegraph


Analysts said the slowdown may have actually spurred Beijing to make the change, because the Chinese government knew it could introduce the larger band without causing a spike in the yuan’s value.
“The central bank chose a good time window to enlarge the trading band. The market’s expectation for a stronger yuan is weakening,” said Dong Xian’an, chief economist at Peking First Advisory in Beijing.
Nonetheless, The People’s Bank of China took the unusual step of issuing its announcement in English rather than Mandarin.


For the last decade the US has demanded this and the Chinese waited until the best moment to do it.  This is due to China’s rulers being sovereign power people and not owned by foreigners.  They used free trade to make China much, much richer and vastly stronger.  They fully intend to continue doing this.


But both the US and UK have gone the other route and are both much weaker today and have far less sovereign power:  UK For Sale: Britain Has Sold More than Half its Companies to Foreigners « Zen Haven


And the pace is escalating. In the face of political indifference, foreign companies acquired £30billion worth of British enterprises in 2009. In 2010, that rose to a value of £54.5 billion.


Foreign corporations also currently control 39 per cent of UK patents. This is far more than the percentage of foreign-owned patents in the U.S. (11.8), Japan (3.7) or even the European Union as a whole (13.7).


At this rate, it’s been said, it won’t be long before we’re all working for foreign companies. So how did we become so attractive to overseas predators? The answer is that it happened in stages, starting with the removal of regulations on overseas investment by former Tory Chancellor Geoffrey Howe in 1979.


This was followed in 1986 by what’s known as the ‘Big Bang’, when a raft of restrictive old practices in the City of London were swept aside. Soon, foreign banks flooded into the City, gobbling up venerable British minnows such as SG Warburg, Robert Fleming and Schroders.


The British people have stood aside and watched with open mouths as the elites destroyed Britain.  All protections, barriers and restrictions were removed systematically and now the crown of a former global empire is nearly entirely owned by aliens and former imperial appendages.  In particular, Russians have been buying up Britain but so has India and the Middle Eastern rich.


Stupidly, the US has been aping the UK.  With the identical results.  90% of the previous year’s creation of new jobs in the UK, for example, were handed over to foreigners.


Meanwhile, Japan, as we see in the story above, doesn’t sell off its patents hardly at all but has gone off an entirely different cliff.  The workaholic lifestyle has degenerated into useless churning to appear to be working while not doing anything at all.  And a childish misunderstanding of how finances work plagues the Japanese:  AIJ chief admits to overstating investment returns since 2003- 毎日jp(毎日新聞)


In his sworn parliamentary testimony on AIJ’s pension asset loss scandal, he also said his firm used assets entrusted by new customers to return assets to older customers who cancelled asset entrustment contracts with AIJ in view of its investment failures since April 2009.
But Asakawa reiterated that the practice did not amount to fraud.
“I had no purpose of defrauding customers of money,” he said at the House of Representatives financial affairs committee.
While admitting to using false investment records for soliciting customers, the 59-year-old AIJ chief said, “I was confident of recovering (investment losses). “I thought I should not return assets with losses to customers.”


He was running a classic Ponzi scheme.  Anyone with half a brain could see this.  His refusal to see this is due to the same problem that our own Wall Street has: he doesn’t want to see this.  All the fraudulent schemes of money managers are based on ‘never paying off’ anything.  That is, the money churns and no one has to notice it has no capital basis until it crashes.


The way to prevent crashes is to not allow this and this means supervising and overseeing these businesses very closely and having many rules.  And this makes less money for them so they don’t want no stinking rules!  So the rulers, beholden to these clowns, lets them do as they wish and no regulations so the inevitable crashes happen over and over again.

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16 responses to “Taliban Open Spring Offensive With Spectacular Attack On Kabul

  1. JT

    “Saigon Phenomenon”

    That was a term used by a politician here last week (never heard that before, so he must’ve picked it up somewhere abroad).

    Means that the friendly Afghanis will have to be evacuated next year.

  2. Ziff house

    They should try making love not war, send the Taliban free cars ,it would cost less and they would have so much fun they would demand a western lifestyle.

  3. Joseppi

    A study in which capuchin monkeys received either a grape or a piece of cucumber for a simple task.

    If both monkeys got the same reward, there never was a problem. Grapes are by far preferred (as real primates, like us, they go for sugar content), but even if both received cucumber, they’d perform the task many times in a row.

    However, if they received different rewards, the one who got the short end of the stick would begin to waver in its responses, and very soon start a rebellion by either refusing to perform the task or refusing to eat the cucumber.

    This is an “irrational” response in the sense that if profit-maximizing is what life (and economics) is about, one should always take what one can get. Monkeys will always accept and eat a piece of cucumber whenever we give it to them, but apparently not when their partner is getting a better deal. In humans, this reaction is known as “inequity aversion.”

    I actually don’t think the response is irrational at all, but related to the fact that in a cooperative system, one needs to watch what kind of investment one makes and what one gets in return. If your partners always ends up getting a greater share, this means that you’re being taken advantage of. So, the rational thing to do is withhold cooperation until the reward division improves.

    This holds an important message for American society which is becoming less fair by the day.

    The Gini-index (which measures income inequality) keeps rising and is now more in line with that of third-world countries than of other industrialized nations. If monkeys already have trouble accepting income inequality, you can imagine what it does to us. It creates great tensions within a society, and we know that tensions affect psychological and physical well-being. Some attribute the dismal health statistics of Americans (now #42 in the world’s longevity ranking) to the social frictions of an unfair society (see Richard Wilkinson, 2005: The Impact of Inequality).
    How much bonobos differ from chimpanzees was highlighted by a recent experiment in which apes were presented with a platform that they could pull close by working together. When food was placed on the platform, the bonobos clearly outperformed the chimpanzees in getting a hold of it.

    The presence of food normally induces rivalry, but the bonobos engaged in sexual contact, played together, and happily shared the food side by side. The chimpanzees, in contrast, were unable to overcome their competition.


  4. Elaine, I heard on AM radio Soros is puttting 10,000,000$ into a ‘Defeat Sheriff Joe’ campaign.
    The sheriff is against Obama and open borders.
    Does Soros fund ‘snopes’ ‘fact check’ ‘OWS’ Obama etc?

  5. ‘ Free trade killed the US. Meanwhile, it revived communist China’
    Our loss, their gain in a zero sum game.

  6. Paul S

    Anyone here care to respond to those who think ( I am NOT one of them) the Taliban is seriously weakened as a force, but have learned to manipulate the media so as to LOOK like they are still powerfull? You know, timing their limited number of attacks so as to gain maximum Public Relations value?

  7. larry, dfh

    Paul, They dismissed the Viet Cong similarly.

  8. Being There

    Perverse Incentives
    You’re hitting on something here when you discuss the private security contractors. Dana Priest, one of the best reporters at the Washiongton Post wrote and article and was featured on PBS Frontline in a segment called “Top Secret America” Which describes the way the Congress has allowed a runaway train to take off without any oversight. They are not allowed to know what the funding for these companies because of “national security”. The area of Wash DC is enjoying only 3% unemployment largely due to this phenomenon which will make all our lives a misery in order to stay in business.–BTW the govt. security like the NSA has a better track record than thee blood-suckers.
    The way Chertoff is able to make a killing on his airport x-ray machines and others like Guiani have made money on security companies operating in Iraq and other partts of the middle east is a disgrace and this is a microcosm of all that is perverse in this country. The proffit motivation in all of this means there’s no hope in turning this around by choice. It means we all have to suffer because of this bunch.

    When you follow the money, you really have to question what 9/11 was about.
    Even if the leadership of this country is perfectly innocent, it looks really bad.

  9. emsnews

    Note too how the more we spend on ‘security’ the more violent the crimes? And the more lawless the underclass becomes.

  10. Paul S

    @larry, dfh: Yes, I was struck by that too. I was merely repeating what a poster on another blog to which I post, responded to comments I made on the subject there. I suppose the warmongers don’t have the nerve to go around today saying things like, “Peace is just around the corner” or “Peace with honor”. Or maybe they do. It’s kind of interesting to watch the thought process work. The Taliban can set aside very longstanding grievances amongst themselves to attack US and NATO forces, and yet some people STILL cling to the notion that the TALIBAN are on their last legs. Kind of amazing to see such a distortion of logic. Reality doesn’t intrude on the worldview these guys use. Kind of reminds me of the story during the Viet Nam war where some brilliant officer had the idea of putting Piranhas in every rice paddy, sort of like having living land mines. I have the creepy feeling the guy who thought this idea up became Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff shortly thereafter.

  11. emsnews

    The Taliban have as many legs as a centipede.

  12. emsnews

    As for the Amazonian fish: I suppose the Vietnamese ate them all.

  13. floridasandy

    china has their own corruption. today’s story:
    The British businessman whose murder has sparked political upheaval in China was poisoned after he threatened to expose a plan by a Chinese leader’s wife to move a large sum of money abroad, two sources with knowledge of the police investigation said.

    It was the first time a specific motive has been revealed for Neil Heywood’s murder last November, a death which ended Chinese leader Bo Xilai’s hopes of emerging as a top central leader and threw off balance the Communist Party’s looming leadership succession.

    i think her kid is now at harvard-a future leader for america, i imagine, once the transcripts are destroyed.

  14. DeVaul

    I read that. Here is what else went on:

    The wife of the corrupt politician wanted all members of their “inner circle”, inlcuding this obsequious little British clown, to divorce their wives and swear allegiance to her. That is no joke. The British guy refused, but I wonder if the Chinese members of the inner circle did so. The WSJ did not say whether they did or not. (Now that would have been interesting cultural information, but the WSJ does not care about culture).

    I don’t feel sorry for this British clown. He went around bragging to everyone that he had become a member of the inner circle of this powerful party boss and that he had access to him and blah, blah, blah. He dug his own grave, and he should have seen that coming, but the British are not quite as sharp as they used to be.

    By the way, I am strongly anti-British. I hate the queen of England and her evil spawn, who have continued to meddle in the affairs of our republic to the point that we are no longer a republic. We are an empire that helps protect the queen’s possessions. Specifically, her pirate islands, which are used to eviscerate our economy while she collects royalties.

    So, I wonder, what does that make me? What is the technical term for an anti-Britite? The language group up there is not overly clear. There is the Celtic language group, the Germanic one, and even a Latin one, and they are all mixed together. Am I an anti-Germanic? Anti-Celtic? Or does the intermixing make me, for all practical purposes, an anti-Indo-Germanic?

    What am I?

    I’m also anti-Chinese.

  15. Pingback: Both DNC and GOP Screwed Up Afghanistan Losing Many Billions $ | Culture of Life News

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