Galactic Riddles And Alien Genes In Our DNA

Peering across the universe, we see galactic clusters all the way back to right before the ‘Big Bang’.  It is now obvious that the cosmology stories are not operative.  I will try yet again to explain how our position in the cosmos gives us inaccurate ideas about how the cosmos is constructed.  Also, the genetic code we have is actually mostly a lot of viral and disease-related genetic junk that is a parasite system within our cells.  These, in turn, drive rapid evolution when the climate or environment changes suddenly.

Japan astronomers find most distant galaxy cluster ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

“This shows a galaxy cluster already existed in the early stages of the universe when it was still less than one billion years into its history of 13.7 billion years,” the team of astronomers said in a press release…They found a “protocluster of galaxies”, which is expected to help scientists understand the structure of the universe and how galaxies developed.


Absolutely everywhere our increasingly acutely focused instruments look we see the same exact thing: galactic clusters.  Everywhere we probe what we are actually seeing is galaxies falling towards each other in the distant past or near past.  The structure of the universe seems to have some iron rules one of which is, galaxies prefer each other’s company.


They are attracted to each other!  This means the momentum that moves them is quite powerful and it is not straight line travel but rather, follows a curved path which causes all matter to move towards more matter.


The picture above illustrates what is really going on as far as the human point of view of the universe: it is inherently on the ‘edge’ of events since we are far removed from the big galactic clusters that look ‘far away’ in time and space.  That is, our position inherently gives us bad information since we are not the center of the universe but on the outside, so to speak.


The above picture presumes we are in a cosmic baseball game:  We can’t see past our own galaxy which is the ‘batter’.  We can see the ‘pitcher’ who threw out the galaxies in the first place.  We can see various galactic clusters that aren’t hidden by the Milky Way.  We also can see the ‘outfield’ which is the very distant galaxies.


If we stand where the pitcher is, we would see all time and space equally!  If we are in a distant galaxy in the outfield, the pitcher would be much larger…AND CLOSER…than our galaxy which would be very dim indeed.  So our reading of time and space is warped by our point of view.  We are ASSUMING that these distant galaxies are from close to the Big Bang when actually they are on the other side of it.


That is, equal distant to it as we are.  I superimposed a time spiral on the baseball field to show the true flow of time.   Does light travel this route or is it straight?  We know that looking at the giant galactic cluster systems, light is tremendously warped!  This means SPACE is warped, too, and light is not traveling in a straight line at all.


What we know and what we see do not match.  This is due to assuming that our here and now is the defining point when calculating time.  It obviously isn’t.  When someone comes up with a better model, it will be due to picking a different metaphor to imagine time and space.


The recent meteorite visit to our atmosphere reminds us of the #1 reason to have a space program: to save us from catastrophe if something celestial hits our planet:  Rare type of meteorite found along fireball’s path in California.  People are looking for pieces of this rock.


We are so fortunate it didn’t hit. Earth Impact Effects Program is a fun tool if you want to know what would happen when something hits.

Now on to our other mysterious universe, our genetic material that creates us as living things:  BBC News – Ancient virus DNA thrives in us


“We suspect that these viruses are forced to make a choice: either to keep their ‘viral’ essence and spread between animals and species. Or to commit to one genome and then spread massively within it.”


The study shows that the viruses involved have lost a gene called Env, which is responsible for transmission between cells.


Known as endogenous retroviruses, these micro-organisms have gone on to become 30 times more abundant in their host cells…One of the viruses was found to have invaded the genome of a common ancestor around 100 million years ago with its remnants discovered in almost every mammal in the study…This raises the extraordinary scenario of our DNA serving as an environment in which viruses can evolve – a micro-ecology within the double-helix of our genetic material.


There is evidence that they can provide positive services. For example the protein syncytin – derived from a virus – helps develop the placenta.


Actually, our cells are obviously conglomerations of more than one early creature that ended up colonizing the Single Cell Creature which most multicellular life forms are built.  That is, we exist thanks to parasitical invasions.  We, almost all living things, are collectively able to exist thanks to invaders entering the Proto-Single Cell Creature more than half a billion years ago.


Here is A Typical Animal Cell

It even looks in this cut-away diagram like some sort of pod for alien invaders!  HAHAHA.  And…it is!   No one really knows how, say, The origin and early evolution of mitochondria happened.  All we do know is, it is ‘alien’.


People love to imagine aliens are invading from outer space.  Except the invaders are internal and go way back in time.


Astonishingly, only 1.5% of the genetic material in our cells codes for human life. Half of the rest is sometimes described as “junk DNA” with no known function, and the other half consist of genes introduced by viruses and other parasites.


There is no ‘junk’ DNA material.  What that stuff is: a record of time passing.  These are elements sucked into our cellular pod and left there and since it doesn’t inhibit our reproduction abilities, it gets passed on and on through time.


For years, I have used the obvious example of the very necessary invaders, our mitochondria, as alien and here is the latest research on this issue:  The origin and early evolution of mitochondria


Recent debates about eukaryotic cell evolution have been closely connected to the issue of how mitochondria originated and have evolved [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. These debates have posed such questions as the following: Did the mitochondrion arise at the same time as, or subsequent to, the rest of the eukaryotic cell?


Did it originate under initially anaerobic or aerobic conditions? What is the evolutionary relationship between mitochondria and hydrogenosomes (H2-generating and ATP-producing organelles that are found in eukaryotes lacking mitochondria)?


Is the amitochondrial condition in these organisms a secondary adaptation or is it evolutionarily primitive – or, in other words, did any organisms diverge from the main line of eukaryotic evolution before the advent of mitochondria?


Whereas the issue of how the eukaryotic cell arose remains controversial [8,9], current genomic data do allow us to make a number of reasonably compelling inferences about how mitochondria themselves originated and have since evolved.


Much evidence supports the conclusion that the mitochondrial genome originated from within the (eu)bacterial [8,9,10], not the archaeal [11], domain of life. Specifically, among extant bacterial phyla, the α-proteobacteria are the closest identified relatives of mitochondria, as indicated, for example, by phylogenetic analyses of both protein-coding genes [8,9] and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes [12] specified by mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).


Imagine you are the Proto-Single Cell moving in random ways in the primeval seas here on earth.  You are surrounded by all sorts of stuff created in the chemical stew.  Some, you eat.  Others pass through your membrane and you can’t eat them so you eject them.  But some…stay!


You can’t get rid of them!  They divide into new cells along with yourself so all your identical offspring have the identical genetic invaders, too.  Over time, they provide many useful services in helping digest things you might not entirely want but which keeps THEM fed!  So your ‘skill set’ grows as these invaders make demands.


Interestingly, this pushes evolution along a LOT faster than if the Proto-Single Cell was genetically ‘pure’.  This ‘rule by committee’ runs all our cells and any interference with this causes dangerous defects usually leading to an inability to reproduce or die too quickly.


So just remember: much of our genes are actually alien hijackers we can’t get rid of or we die.  Isn’t that a fun thought!  I love it.  Explains why we are all so weird.  sunset borger

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6 responses to “Galactic Riddles And Alien Genes In Our DNA

  1. CK

    We could be just sitting in the cheap seats up in the seventieth row pretending that we are where the action is and that we are damn straight going to catch that next long foul.
    But you are getting closer with the spirals, now just make them into chaotic orbits and remove that big bang maguffin. ( yes you can fractalize them if you want. We all know Fracking is good for the economy).
    A better telescope will show us galactic clusters 20 billion light years away which will really screw up the candle count for the next birthday party. The old babe is older than the best telescopes will ever see.

  2. emsnews

    Actually, all assumptions of the ‘age’ of the universe are flawed due to the way light is warped as it struggles to travel in time through space which is neither flat nor smooth.

  3. csurge

    Ah, Elaine. I love you, dear. I really do. LOL The truth is an ugly thing, is it not? This reminds me strongly of Agent Smith’s epiphany in The Matrix…


    Gads. It’s enough to make a sane man shoot himself in despair.


    ELAINE: Then you will LOVE my latest posting about how my oak tree tried to kill me but failed. All about religion and living in the Here and Now and trying to stay alive in a hostile universe filled with gods that are probably CATS as the Egyptians clearly figured out thousands of years ago!!!! HEH. 🙂

  4. Christian W

    I quite enjoy the fact that we humans have to use our imagination and intuition to piece the universe together, where our “rationality” or “reason” comes up short. We are not really Homo “Sapiens” are we? (“thinking” man or “wise” man or “knowing” man)


    ELAINE: All other creatures call us ‘the Troublesome Animals’. Except maybe cats. We are ‘Pray or prey’ depending on if we are tending to their needs or chasing them off.

  5. csurge

    I’d transcribed Smith’s little monologue, but for some reason it didn’t appear. Ah, here it is from the source. Hugo Weaving at his chilling best.

  6. emsnews


    Note how computers have the same problems, too, from us. Heh.

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