Romney’s Silver Spoon Solution

Mitt Romney Tells Otterbein University Students To Borrow Money From Their Parents

Richie Rich’s solution to our children’s struggle with school debts!  The fact that half of the voters probably will support this Bush Jr. clone is quite sad.  When Bush Jr. ran for office, he said that the budget was balanced so why not cut taxes?  So taxes were cut and instantly, we ran huge deficits.  Not a peep from any Republican during the entire time as the tax debt doubled and redoubled.

Suddenly, when a Democrat comes into office, this is all they howl about.  Naturally, their solution is to…cut taxes even more.  This appeals to Americans who want to not pay taxes but the huge overhead expense of our empire isn’t being reduced by even a penny so the debts will continue to pile up while cutting social services.

One thing that has happened in the last three decades is how public spending on universities has fallen while the cost of education is increasingly a debt burden for our kids.  So, they graduate from school with the equivalent of the price of a new home being owed to banks.

Romney’s solution is to go to daddy who will pay for everything.  And this, in a nutshell, is the rich solution to our debt problems: if you have a sugar daddy, you can even go to him for some seed money for starting a business, too, on top of him paying for school.  Cool!

The Democrats have been trying to lower the interest rates on student loans.  The GOP is against this as are the bankers who make a lot of money this way since the differential between their overhead capital costs and loan returns is huge.

To kill this popular bill, the GOP snuck in a ‘poison pill’ by making the funding for this come from women’s reproductive healthcare costs:  Obama threatens to veto booby-trapped student loan bill as Rove pitches youth vote.  The GOP huffs and puffs about talking about their war on female reproductive systems but there it is: they want us out of school, pregnant and making their beds.

Mitt Romney’s aides point to candidate’s lighter side – The Washington Post

Pressed to reveal the lighter side of Mitt Romney, his advisers on Saturday recalled the time when the former Massachusetts governor had a laugh over a prank involving the purported firing of a chambermaid.

The then-governor was traveling around the state with his protective detail when one of the troops short-sheeted his hotel room bed, recalled senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. Romney then composed a letter, addressed to the governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts by the hotel management, “apologizing for the bad housekeeping and the short sheeting of his bed.”

The letter “informed him that we had taken action to fire the chambermaid,” Fehrnstrom said. “And he showed that to the trooper that had short-sheeted the bed, and of course his face went white.”

He and his staff must have spent HOURS trying to find some humorous story to tell.  Naturally, it involves him firing someone or at least, pretending to fire her.  This is a win/win joke: not only is a lowly underling ‘fired’ but another lowly gangsta-style guard protecting his Boss-man is scared of being fired but also the person they use in this joke is a woman who has to work hard while raising children, always in fear of being fired by goons like Romney!

I suppose the next joke will be about beating slaves while they pick cotton.  The lack of humor in the GOP is due to circumstances: there is a lot about them that is funny to outsiders but within their cult, it is a grim world indeed.

Romney’s principled, radical view for America – The Washington Post

But Romney, unlike Clinton, is not offering a program through which government would take specific steps to solve the problems he catalogues. Instead, he is calling on voters to share his faith that our difficulties would go away if the state simply got out of the way, allowed the market do its thing and counted on the success of the successful to lift up everyone else.


Romney is right in saying he has “a very different vision” from Obama’s, and this is where the magic comes in. He envisions “an America driven by freedom, where free people, pursuing happiness in their own unique ways, create free enterprises that employ more and more Americans. And because there are so many enterprises that are succeeding, the competition for hardworking, educated, skilled employees is intense, so wages and salaries rise.”


Even the highest educated graduates are seeing their wages fall.  And the mountain of debt most of them who don’t have Romney’s dad as a parent, is making them all much poorer.  Even if your income is higher than a high school graduate, the overhead costs for the first 15 to 20 years after school are down by $400-800 a month to pay off ridiculously expensive student loans.


As for all the ‘freedom’ stuff about creating jobs: we had thirty years of increasing freedom for capital flight, offshore accounts, free trade ravaging our industries and destroying US jobs and we now are on our knees and the solution is more of the same insanity?


WH Economic Adviser: “We Need a Global Minimum Tax” – YouTube

And yes, taxing this foreign profits made from selling stuff here in the US is part of the solution.  Even easier is to send our expensive navy to tour all the island and port tax havens most of which owe allegiance to either the British Royals or various Emirs and Sultans and take over them entirely.


They, not Iran, menace our very survival as a nation.  This is really important to think about: who are our allies?  Obviously, to me, the Crown of England is hostile. Ditto, the Gulf royals.  They are draining our nation of its wealth.  As for our other ‘allies’: if we have a trade deficit with someone, the last thing on earth we should do is also militarily protect them while they spend nearly nothing to do this, themselves.  End NATO.


Thanks to the incredibly stupid Iran oil boycott, the price of energy shot upwards this last year and so, as in all previous recessions in the last half century, Orders for U.S. Goods Decrease by the Most in Three Years.  The Washington Post frets that Shaky economic prospects threaten both parties 


The stagnation or decrease in wages is partly due to our multinational corporations, which historically have provided about one-fifth of U.S. jobs, and disproportionately more of our high-paying jobs. More and more, however, they are hiring abroad, not at home. Commerce Department data released last week show that U.S. multinationals increased their domestic workforce by 0.1 percent in 2010, while increasing their overseas employment by 1.5 percent. Sixty-eight percent of those companies’ employees were based in the United States in 2010, down from 75 percent in 1999. And that doesn’t include those foreign workers who, like the million-plus employees of Foxconn, work abroad for the contractors of U.S. companies, rather than directly for U.S. firms such as Apple.


With offshoring comes lower wages for those American workers whose jobs could be shipped to the Foxconns of the world. The steady decline of wages at many of our marquee manufacturers is one of the major stories of the current recovery. The $28 hourly wage that workers in unionized plants outside the South used to count on looks increasingly like a relic of the broadly shared prosperity that America used to enjoy. With private-sector unions now weakened by ineffectual labor laws and implacable employer opposition, manufacturing wages have been slashed to $14 an hour, or lower, in many places. Meanwhile, wages in retail and most other service sectors are unlikely to rise while historically higher wages in manufacturing continue to plummet. No wonder more and more Americans can’t afford to buy houses, despite record-low mortgage rates.


And so we should end the farce called ‘The Floating Fiat Currency and Free Trade’ scheme.  It has been a failure for the last 35 years.  A total, raging, huge, immense failure.  Except for one group of people: the very rich.  For them, coupled with endless tax cuts, this has been an immense bonanza.  They are quite delighted with this system and intend to keep it going.


In Europe, the distress is rising rapidly now that Spain has seen its debts degraded to lower BBB ranks and the many thousands of British workers who moved there to live easy lives while draining Britain of its wealth (money is shipped out of the country and spent elsewhere) are growing frightened as they see, accurately, future mob attacks as the Spanish go into full revolt.


France is having an election with the voters polarized, like in Spain, between the far right and the far left.  National socialism is on the rise as everyone can see it ‘works’ for Israeli Jews, for example.  This means more ethnic warfare, of course.  Which are extremely destructive.  Even in Israel which has one of the nastier military national socialist armies, teeters on the edge of destruction due to ethnic and religious hatreds.


One of the hidden aspects of the US elections is the desire to ape Israel and have social services only for the Chosen People (in this case, ‘white’ Republicans) while the ‘others’ are brutally suppressed.  And we see this clearly with Romney who has to pretend to not be racist while he is really an elitist and doesn’t give much a damn about ‘white’ GOP frightened voters.

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8 responses to “Romney’s Silver Spoon Solution

  1. JT

    The jobs are not coming back. Ever.

    Either you tax the rich and try to maintain some social stability and jobs by recycling the tax money, or then you don’t do anything at all.
    Doing nothing means 15% unemployment, crime and social problems.
    + the added bonus of no hope for the future.

  2. Christian W

    The Doing Nothing will not end with 15% unemployment etc. It will end in social upheaval as the momentum keeps getting worse and worse for the phony economy.

  3. nclaughlin

    I keep wondering, what is the breaking point? Shadow Government Statistics reports that the unemployment rate is over 20%. Is the breaking point 33%, the rate Robert Prechter believes will collapse the social safety net? How much will people take?

    I predict Romney will become President, and then we’ll see society break.

  4. Paul S

    I’m not so sure that, deep down inside, the Republicans REALLY want to win the White House this November. I think they are happy being what they are right now: the Party of NO! The Obstructionist Party. I believe they want the economy to more completely collapse when a Democrat is in the White House. True, in some ways the GOP would be happy to win the White House. But if they could choose, they really wouldn’t mind if Obama wins a second term. After the SHTF, the GOP will claim to have all the justification they need to do what they have always wanted to do, such as gut Social Security and Medicare. Republican-voting retirees won’t find out until it’s too late that they have been played for fools.

  5. I hope that’s true because I think Obama is finally learning that he can’t compromise with the likes of Romney and the teapartiers. He HAS to CALL THEM OUT every move they make and clarify the situation for the country every time. And when he does that we will have his back and we will boycott or do whatever it takes to make them listen and reform their ways.

  6. Joseppi

    The scary part of this years political dog and pony show is that Americans will feel righteous that they voted for the lesser of two evils. They will walk out of the polling booth thinking that they did a service for the country by voting for business-as-usual Obama, while forfeiting meaningful change, and clinging to false hope.
    Calloused political pragmatism or ignorance, will allow them to so easily ignore the hypocrisy of a non-transparent security state, state sanctioning of immoral torture, financial fraud and government collusion, and media manipulation that has permeated this country.
    The rigged voting process in the US is a ritualized collective betrayal by citizens who think that it’s the best they can do.

  7. emsnews

    It is even worse in Japan, believe it or not. Total gridlock with governments falling faster and faster while never changing a thing at all.

  8. nclaughlin…Most Black men in USA are unemployed, and many are in jail or on probation.
    Doubt me? Check the stats.
    Elaine, the Wash Post ? Graham is Jewish and Buffett was the richest person on the planet, officially [ I think the Queen was richer but the media didnt want to report it].

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