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Dark Matter Does NOT Exist As I Predicted!

For several years astronomers and others made fun of me for claiming that ‘dark matter’ doesn’t exist but rather, is a trick devised to explain why galaxies are insidiously and universally falling TOWARDS each other rather than running away from each other as the present dogma of cosmos claims.  The news that all galaxies are falling inwards upset the status quo so to fix this problem, a fake solution was embraced.  Now, it has FAILED.  Totally and completely.  Hooray. Continue reading


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IMF Bailed Out By Countries Suffering Internal Collapse

This week, the news about a Tokyo mega-quake which would kill over 9,600, simulation shows has the Japanese public a bit more agitated than usual.  The government there is about to fall…again.  But the news about the IMF getting money from Japan to shore up its finances comes as yet another ‘shocku’ to the Japanese public.  Like the US public, the government claims it can’t do much of anything due to financial problems while internationally, acts the exact opposite. Continue reading


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Pentagon’s Afghanistan Whore Rages Onwards

Afghan government, Taliban condemn photos of U.S. troops with Afghan bodies: once again, the depravity of our troops stuck endlessly in the latest ‘big muddy’ are seen by the entire world.  The same exact insanity we saw during the long Vietnam War is seen today and for the exact same reasons. Continue reading


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Why Nations Fail: Ask AIPAC And Wall Street

A recent book has all our rulers in a buzz of happy self-justification.  According to the two MIT ‘economists’ Daron Acemoglu and Harvard Robinson, China, not the US, is an ‘extractive’ economy and thus, will soon fail unlike our lovely nation that is the Queen of Corruption in politics.  How bizarre this is!  China, which is madly building infrastructure, industry and education, is bad whereas our government which the rich run deep in the red deliberately, is seeing its infrastructure being sold to the Chinese or left to rot!  How can anyone miss this?

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NY Financier ‘Prince Charming’ Sued By Wife

Several years of bad luck for the rich financiers is taking its toll.  Here is the latest headline:  ‘Husband from hell’ financier forced wife into bizarre sex acts and was ‘turned on’ by her suffering… despite calling himself ‘Prince Charming’ | Mail Online.   Continue reading


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Substrata Megaliths: The Sinking Of Japan

Last night I watched this Japanese movie:   Sinking of Japan on You Tube.  Here is a screen shot of Fukuoka blowing  up:

Like many US disaster movies, the terrible events are fixed by humans doing various brave interventions even though mega-events like this will pretty much annihilate most humans.  In the movie, the Japanese try to move to say, China.  Which is absurd. Continue reading


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IDF Brutality Towards Peaceful Demonstrators Is No News

You Tube is censoring news of Jewish fascist brutality:

The only obscene thing in this video is the Israeli government officials who demanded that You Tube make it harder to view.  Luckily for us, if we read ISRAELI news, we can see the video on Haaretz: Continue reading


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